2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 3: The Old Lake

  You end up in the room with the table where the green book is on. Go up the stairs and then turn left down the stairs and follow the corridors to the back door of the castle. Leave the castle and go down the stairs in the garden to the gazebo. Cross the gazebo and follow the route to the large statue


    At the statue you step back into the cart, press the button on the base once to turn the cart in the right direction.

Look forwards in the cart and you should see the rails that run right along the statue. Press the red button and enjoy the short ride.


    Get out of the cart and walk to the blue gate and enter the code you just found in the castle., In the box in the secret room


  Name the buttons from top to bottom 1 to 3. My code is now: button 2, button 2, button 2, button 3, button 3.


  The code is different in your game. So I press 3 times button 2 and 2 times button 3.

  The fence drops down. Go through the gate and follow the path, you come to a junction. On the right you see a gate but it is locked so go to the left.


  You now come to a lake and you have to go to the other side. Continue to the jetty, you will see a few of these platforms on the other side.


Cross the lake

  How do you get to other side of the lake? Turn to the right and there you see a small staircase to a piece of stone. 

Walk up there and behind the lump of stone you see a button, press the button and a stone plate slides up.


  Go to the front of the stone slab and you will see 23 crosses.


  3 crosses at the top and 1 at the bottom have green legs. These are the platforms that you can now see, the rest is still underwater. The crosses work as follows: when you press the top of a cross, the platform comes up. If you press the bottom leg, the platform goes down. Now press 1 x on the upper leg at all crosses without green legs. Then go back to the jetty and ........ You will see all the platforms in the water.


  On every platform stand a pole with two buttons, up and down. You need that to get to the other side. Now take the 2 notes A and B that you found in the corridors, those with the arrows and those with the numbers. The arrow indicate the route you have to follow to go to the other side. The note with the numbers indicates in which position each platform should stand when you start the crossing.

   Position 0 is on the water surface and you have position 1, 2 and position 3 above it. You now have to combine those 2 notes and note which position each platform must have when you start crossing the lake.

  Now go back to the stone slab because you have to set the right position for each pole. You do this by clicking on the top leg of a cross.

  It is easiest to start at the top of the stone slab, so on the other side, because then you can clearly see in which position the platform comes. You also see that the platforms rotate when they go up, there are also other connecting plates on the side. Remember that position 0 of the platforms is on the water surface. The 2 left platforms, on the other side, are on the land and they are actually already on position 1 ......

  Louis Koot: On the image, below, I have indicated how often, on the stone slab, you have to click on the top leg of each cross to get the platforms to the right height.


  Did you do this then go back to the START platform

 It seems that there is no path to the other side, but during the crossing you have to let the different platforms rise or fall. On each platform there is a Pole and on that pole you will find 2 buttons. The top button is to raise the platform and with the lowest button you drop a platform. That way you can reach the next platform.

When you have everything right, then you walk up the first platform (START). Stand right in the middle of the platform and then turn around to the Pole and then press the top button twice to raise the Start platform 2 times. The following screenshots show you how to increase the platforms via the platform over the lake ....... Think about it ...... the screenshots do NOT give you the exact route across the platforms, that would have become too many screenshots.

  You must always be in the middle of the platform otherwise it will not go up or down if you press the pile buttons


  During the ascent or descent of the platforms they also rotate ..... so you always have to make sure that a plank of the platform you are standing on is connected to a plank of the next platform you have to go to, so you can cross to the next platform


  This way you have to adjust the height of the platform each time, there is only one next platform that you can reach. You may have to stay at the same height or have to go up or down, but only one platform can be reached. If you do not remember it, look at the drawing with the arrows.


    If you cannot reach a next platform on the way, because that platform is not at the right height or because there is no plank protruding, you have made a mistake on the stone slab. You are in trouble because you cannot reset this puzzle to the starting position. The best thing you can do is to enter the code xsrp on your keyboard and then press your enter key ...... after a few minutes waiting time the game will load the last save moment and hopefully the moment you've reached the lake for the first time, so you can start all over again with this puzzle

On the other side of the lake


   When you are on the platform across the lake you have to press the button down twice. You can only go one way and that is to the right, go down the stairs and over the bridge. You see a boat / raft on the left.


  Walk through the stone arch and turn around, you will see a button on the right column. Press the button to lower the bridge, otherwise you will not be able to get to the lake with the boat / raft.

  Turn around and go up the stairs, follow the path and then down the stairs.


  You are now in front of the gate, of course locked. Turn to the left and walk to the rock, walk around the boulder and there is a passage to the back.


  There you will find another puzzle, you have already done 2 of them but now there are more balls.


  22 balls and you have to make sure that the device has to take the last, golden ball. The device and you can also take a maximum of 3 balls, but you also have to take 1 ball. The magic number is 4, the sequence then becomes: 1 + 4 = 5 + 4 = 9 + 4 = 13 + 4 = 17 + 4 = 21. The red numbers are the number of balls that you have to leave for the machine. There are 22 balls, the first number that you have to pass is 21 so you have to take 1 ball. Press the bottom red button to grab 1 ball. There are now 21 about it. The device now packs a number, up to 3, so you have to count again how many balls are left. If the device has 1 you take 3, the device 2 then you also get 2 and if the device takes 3 you take 1. That way you leave the right number of balls every time. 17, 13, 9, 5, 1 and then you win from the device.

  The green light is now on, go back to the gate. Click on the gate to open it.


    On the left in the corner is a low table, on the right on the table is a book.


 Read this book carefully, it is about the Tic Tac Toe games. There are 3 types:

Type 1 are the easy, easy to solve


Type 2 are difficult, occasionally you get a chance


Type 3 almost impossible to solve, only one combination is possible.


To solve a type 3 puzzle you need to consult a crystal ball with a red dot

  In the middle is a crystal ball with a blue dot on the table. You have previously read in a book how to deal with such a crystal ball: In a sphere with a blue dot, you have to click on the sphere, you will then hear tapping. After 4 taps, click on the ball again and click on the ball again after 3 clicks. The fog in the sphere dissolves and you see that you have to find something behind a barrel. But which barrel?

  The Spiders puzzle

   Walk slightly to the right and you will see a fence of 4 rods with 13 tubes on the ground behind it.


  Also on the ceiling hang 13 tubes, from that come spiders that put golden balls in the tubes or they get the golden balls from the tubes.

  You now have to click on the ground on these tubes to see if there is a golden ball in it.

  If you have clicked on the right number of golden balls, the rod will open, if you click on an empty tube, the tubes will be reset. I do not know but it seems random, sometimes you need 6 golden balls, then 3 and sometimes only 1. You have to do each rodseparate, the first two are not that difficult because the spiders are slow. The last 2 are more difficult, just keep clicking because I do not know what the intention is, I do not see any logic. When all 4 of rods are out the way you walk through the opening,


  Then go to the right and under a stone arch. Walk to the edge of the water and turn to the right, there is a jetty where the boat / raft is located.


Sailing across the lake and through the canal

  If you have previously forgotten to lower the bridge then you have to walk back to the bridge and you do this as follows: Back under the stone arch, through the spinning gate to the stairs. Cross the path and then down the stairs to the bridge, then press the button on the stone pillar.

Did you lower the wooden bridge earlier then  you walk up the jetty and you step into the boat. There is a pole in the boat. A handle protrudes at the rear of the pole and a wheel protrudes at the front.

  You can click the lever to the right and to the left. Now click the lever to the right and then click on the wheel and .........


  ...... now enjoy the boat trip over the lake ..... this takes a while because the boat sails slowly slow

  NB: you can increase the speed of the boat by clicking on the wheel again during sailing


  The boat sails to the other side of the lake and moors at a jetty.


  Get out and walk to the room, in the middle you see a chest with a golden ball on it. In the middle of the box is a push button, press here and the golden ball is then transported to the secret room under the statue.


    Turn to the right and there you will see the barrel that you saw in the crystal ball.  

Go look behind the barrel and there you will find the code for a gate. Take a picture of it


Back to the Statue

   Walk back to the boat and now turn the lever to the left and then click on the wheel.


  The boat sails back to the temple but does not moor at the jetty but continues through the canal.

    In the end the boat moors at another jetty,

  Get out and walk upstairs. Climb up the slope and walk to the wooden gate, slide the latch away and open the gate.

    Walk through the gate and go to the left because on the right you come to the bridge over the lake puzzle. Follow the path and you are back at the cart,


  Step into the cart and turn the cart with the button on the base. Then press the red button in front of the cart and you will return to the statue.

  There are also rails between the statue and the rock, you have to go on that now. Press the button on the pedestal and the cart turns to the rails, press the red button on the cart.

    You come to a known place, here you have gone down the stairs.

   Press the button on the base twice to turn the cart 2 times ....... the cart is on the track to the right.

  Press the red button on the cart again and enjoy the ride again.

  You now come to a red gate. You can now try the code that you have just found behind the barrel on this gate, but this code does not work here. There is another gate, yellow, near where you started the first generator.

    You can now drive back but you can also walk across the gap to the other gate .... do this and then press the button on the right.

The gate opens, go through it and turn to the right. Walk right along the pond and you are back at the Tower where you did the ball-in-the-hole game


  Walk to the tower and then to the left, there you see the yellow gate.


  Walk to the yellow gate and enter the code, I can write my code here but in your game it is different.

Explanation from Louis about this Gate code

On the left pillar you see 3 buttons. The buttons are below each other. Name those 3 buttons, from top to bottom, A, B, C. On the other side of the lake you have found a code behind the barrel. You took a picture of it. Take a look at that photo of that code

The code is displayed as 3 rows of 7 rounds each and in some circles there is a dot ..... In your game the code will look different but for the explanation it does not matter. The 3 rows are therefore the buttons A, B, C of the yellow gate. Now divide the circles drawing into 7 columns and then look in each column which round has a dot and you know the order in which you now have to press the 3 buttons ...... According to my code this is so  

   So I press the 3 buttons in this order: C, B, A, C, C, A, B and ..... my yellow gate will open.

  Go through the gate and follow the path to the Cave. Step down and walk straight ahead, you come to a pedestal on which a book is located. 

Read the book carefully, you read what you have to do here.


  There are different elements, from the basic elements you have to make other elements. You will encounter examples of combinations of basic elements and which element you can make with them. There are 4 fundamental forms: the sphere, the cone, the cylinder and the cube. There are also 4 basic colours: red, green, blue and gold.

   When you have read the book, put it back and turn around. Walk back a bit and go right on the path, walk to the end. There you see a lift cage,


  go into the cage and press the bottom button on the left.

    The cage closes, you also have 2 buttons in the middle. Press the lower button and the lift will lower. 

Below you press the bottom button on the right and the cage opens. Leave the cage and look around for a moment.

Chapter 4: Cave: Fabricating the Elements

  2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot