2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot

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     Chapter 4: Cave: Fabricating the Elements

  With the cage lift you have gone down and then you have stepped out of the elevator. Behind the cage you see a broken cart, go there and look into it.

You see 3 elements in the broken cart, in every game this is different. With me it is this time  2 red cubes and a red ball ...... 

With the left element and the element in the middle you make the right element. So with 2 red cubes you make a red ball. 

This is one of the combinations that are possible, as you have been able to read in the book, not every combination is possible.

  Turn to the right and walk to the underground lake,


  On the left you see a gate that is locked. In the lake you see the rotating temple on top of a pole.


  On the other side you see a platform, you have to go there but to get there you have to make some elements. Turn to the right and walk along the lake and you will reach a building.


  The building is the Factory and above the entrance you can see a number of elements.


  The elements you see here are the "Advanced Elements", in every game you see a different combination, but it is the elements that you have to make here, in this game there are 4 ..... I got here ..... A red ball, a blue cone, a golden cone and a red cylinder. 1 combination you have already found in the cart, the other 3 combinations you will find in this building. For the sake of clarity ...... In your game you probably have to make other elements here.

  Enter the building, with 2 machines immediately on the left. Further along the left wall is a cupboard. Right across the entrance you see a fence, of course, the gate lock and on the right you see 4 machines.


  With these machines A and B you will now make elements here. Walk to the cupboard, on one of the shelves is a note, click on it to read it.


  At top left of the note you can see the constellation Leo and below 3 lines with arrows.


 Take a picture or sign it because this is a code for a box that you need later. The code is different in every game.

  On the other boards you see combinations of elements, this is different in every game.


  With me there are now 3 combinations in the closet:  

  • Red cube + green cone makes red cylinder  

  • Golden cube + red cube makes golden cone

  • Golden cube + green cylinder makes blue cone

  • And  in the broken cart I got 2 red cubes plus a red ball.  

I explain it further on the basis of the elements combinations that I have received in the game and the combinations I will get later. You will most probably get other combinations in your game because this is determined by the game

With the machines A and B I have to make a red ball, a blue cone, a golden cone and a red cylinder.

Go to the machines A, at the entrance, the other machines B work the same. The machines have a green button, a red button and a blue button. With the green button you select an element, there are 4 elements in the machine. All machines have the same elements. The elements in the machines are different in every game. When you press the red button the element disappears and with the blue button you make elements.  

I got this combination in the broken cart, at the lift cage: red cube + red cube = red ball. So with 2 red cubes I have to make a red ball. I press the green button on both machines A, so that I have a red cube on both machines A.

Then I press the blue button on both machines A to put the two red cubes back into the machines.

Now walk to the machines B, on the other side of the room, and press the blue button of one of the four machines B and .... The disk will rise and come down again later but now with a new element and that is for me the Red Ball.

Ok .... this was the combo I got in the broken cart and I have now made the first of my 4 elements that are above the entrance of the factory. You now know how to use the machines to make those elements, so continue with the 3 combinations that you have here in the closet ....... I'm going to make the red Cylinder first

Red cylinder


  Then I make the

Golden Cone


  and finally I make the

 Blue Cone

When you have made all 4 elements that you see above the factory entrance via the 4 combinations you have earned 1 point again and the fence in the back gate of the factory is gone. You get a point for fabricating the 4 "Standard" elements but this is not true because you have just made the "Advanced Elements" ....... error in the game.

NB:Note from Louis: If you cannot manufacture these 4 "Advance Elements" then you can put my Save 1 Factory Elements in your game

 Before you go out through the open gate you first go back to the 2 machines A and press the blue button on both machines to lower the last 2 elements out of the 2 machines A ...... Do not forget this because otherwise you will not be able to fabricate new elements in other machines. In the next area are even more of these machines and if you have the first 2 machines A the elements are still at the top of the machine you cannot put any other elements in the machines above.  

You have now learned how to make new elements, the working method is:

  • On a machine, select the left element, then select the middle element on another machine.

  • Press the blue button on both machines, the elements are inserted into the machine.

  • Walk to a third machine and press the blue button, the new element is now created.

  • Then press the blue button on the first 2 machines to remove the elements from the machine.

  Go through the gate and walk to the stairs, go upstairs.


  After the first staircase on the platform you will find a note on the ground on the right.  

At the top left you see the sign of the Libra and below that there are 3 lines with arrows, take a picture of it again or write it down. This is also a code for a box.


  Continue up the stairs. You come on a path that ends up on another path, here you can turn left or right.


  Go to the left and enter the room there, here you see 4 of these machines again, 2 machines are on the left and 2 are on the right. These are the Machines C


  Turn around and walk across the path to the other side, just before the room you will find a path on the left. Here you go later.

    Enter the right room, there is only a closet. On the shelves are again a number of combinations of elements and a note is on one of the shelves.

  Take a picture of the note or write it down as it is again a code for a box. At the top left is the sign of the Scorpio and below there are 3 lines with arrows.


 In the cupboard there are again 3 combinations of elements ....... these combinations are different every game. Here again, you can make the right element with the left and the middle element. As you can see on the screenshot, Louis now has 3 combinations here, but that is different in every game. The combinations that Louis now got in the closet are: golden cube + red ball makes red cylinder and blue cylinder + golden cube makes green cube and golden cone + golden cube makes green cylinder You have to make 3 new elements here and that requires 5 machines. But above there are only 4 machines C in the left room so you have to use the machines A and B, down in the factory. So you will have to walk back and forth a couple of times between here and the factory downstairs.

  Note from Louis:

The screenshots show you how it was in my game. I can only explain this piece on the basis of the combinations that I got here in the closet. In the 4 machines C, which are in the left room, I get none of the elements I need to make a red cube, a green cube and a green cylinder. So I had to use the golden ball, the red ball, the golden cube, the blue cylinder and the golden cone that are in my game in the Machines B of the factory.

Red Cylinder

  I'm going to make the red cube first and that's why I first have to go back down the stairs, because I need the golden cube and the red ball I made on the machines B.

  So at Machines B I have to put the Red Ball and the golden Cube back into those 2 machines B by pressing the blue button on those 2 machines


  Then I go back upstairs to Machines C in the left room. I press 1 of the machines C on the blue button and ...... the red cylinder appears.


  I donít push on the buttons of this machine C anymore. Now I have to make the green Cube

  Green Cube

  None of the 2 elements I need for a green cube are in my game in the machines C. So I have to go down to machines B again

  First I make sure that the red ball and the golden cube come out of the machine via the blue buttons of those 2 machines.


  Then I put the blue cylinder and the golden cube back in those 2 machines through the blue button of those machines


  Now back up and to Machines C in the left room. I press the blue button of 1 of the 3 remaining free machines C and .... the green Cube is made

  Now I must make the green cylinder

  Green Cylinder

  Also the 2 elements for the green cylinder, golden cone and golden cube, are in my game not in the 4 machines C, so I have to get them down again in Machine B

  First retrieve the blue cylinder and the golden cube and then load the golden cone and the golden cube into the machines via the blue buttons.


  Back to top and push on the blue button of 1 of the 2 remaining machines C and ..... the green cylinder is made and I get 2 points for the fabrication of the "Advanced Elements"


 I will say it once again ..... the combinations of elements you get in your game will be different than in my game because this is randomly determined by the game. Whether or not you get the necessary elements in Machines C is also arbitrarily determined by the game, but you will always have to use the machines B, and maybe also A, down at the factory.

 Before I continue, I first go back downstairs to retrieve the golden cone and the golden cube from the 2 machines B by pressing the 2 blue buttons .......... forget this not if you also had to use the elements of Machines B. Also in the game you have to create new elements in 2 other places and if you now forget to "empty" Machines B you will run into problems later on.



 When you are finished with your 2nd series of elements in your game, you have again got points for making "Advanced Elements". There is some confusion now because here you get the points for Advanced Elements but in fact you have created the Experienced Elements here. When you are still downstairs in the factory, you go back up again via the stairs and then to the right to the room with the closet, just before the room you turn to the left ..... you see a passage and a down path to the Dome. Walk on the path down, there you see a dome with 2 pillars in front of it.


  On top of the pillars you can see 2 elements, these are "Secret Elements".


The combinations for these elements can be found below in 4 closed boxes. There is also an element on the left table, this is also a Secret Element.

  Note of Lion: I think that it is even possible that you can have 4 Secret Elements here also an element on the table on the right.

  Note which 3 elements you see here now. because you have to make these 3 elements later. On the left pillar you see a button, press the button and the dome rises. Go down the stairs in the dome, below you see 4 of these machines and 4 chests The 4 machines that are here are therefore Machines D


  On those chests you see the signs that are also on the notes with the arrows, but you still miss the note for 1 chest, but it is here on the floor so grab it and take a picture of it or draw it


  Go to a box and look at the note that has the same sign as that box.


        You must now enter the code of the note on the lock of the box.


        Look at the lock on the box, you see a button and a red line.


        When you press the button, the red line goes to the left.


        If you press the button again, the line goes to the right


        Each time you press the button, the red line goes the other way.


        If you hold down the button, the red line moves several places to the left or to the right depending on which direction it is.

  Look at your note for that box and you see, for example, there are 4 arrows to the left, below there are 2 arrows to the right and again below 3 arrows to the left.

        Now press the button so that you know that the next time you press the button, the red line goes to the left.


        Then press and hold the button until you are 4 places to the left, then release the button.


        Press again until the stripe has 2 spots to the right, let go and press again until the red stripe is 3 spots to the left.


        Release the button and click on the lid. If you have done well, the box will now open.

  So you do that for all crates, in two crates you see a combination for the "Secret Elements". Louis, however, got a combo of elements in 3 cases because he has to make 3 Secret Elements.



 You now have to make the 2 elements that are on top of the pillars. And if you also have an element on your left table in your game, you also have to make that element here. This is what you do here and also with the elements that you have made earlier, but you have to make sure that these  "Secret Elements" are made down here in the dome.. You have to make others Elements with these 2 elements here in the dome later in the game.


  When you have made the secret elements, and also the element that may also be on the left table in your game, you press the button, on the base behind one of the boxes.

  The roof of the dome is now lowering and you are locked in the dome. But if you look closely you will see that there are 2 stairs in the dome. 1 staircase goes all the way up but you can do nothing on that now, the other staircase goes to a platform. Climb up to that platform via that 2nd stairs.


  On the rear pillar you see another push button. Press the button and the dome and also the platform, with your on it, go up.  

  Above you can step on the rock from the platform. Remember that pillar button because you will also have to go down again later.

  You are outside again ..... Turn to the right and walk to the rocks, then to the left and over the rocks to a staircase. Walk further and keep left, you will see another room.


  Stop and look up at the roof, there you see 1 or 2 elements. In my game this is a green cone and a blue cube, but in your game it is probably 2 other elements. These are the 2 "Master Elements" and they have to be made with the  "Secret Elements" that you just made down in the dome. In the room, under the  "Master Elements", you will find the 2 Machines E where you then make the 2 "Master Elements".

      Whether there are 1 or 2 elements on this roof, there are 3 combinations possible to make this and you have to try it out.


      If you now have 2 elements A and B on this roof, then the possible combinations are: A + B, A + A and B + B.


      If there is only one element on the roof you have to make the same element on the machines in the room below.


      You need 2 Master Elements to eventually make the Supreme Element. If there are 2 elements on the roof you have to make both here,

  So you first have to go back down in the dome to put the "secret elements" into the machines and then make the "Master elements" on the machines E here in the room.

  When you have made both Master Elements you have to go back to the machines at the bottom of the dome. There you press the blue buttons to get the elements down again from the machine. Then go back to the platform and press the button. Above you walk to the room with the 2 Master Elements and press the blue buttons to slide the elements into the machines. You have to make the Supreme Element somewhere else, in the revolving temple.


  Exit the Machine E room and now follow the other path to the left. Almost to the end is a path to the left, enter here and go up the stairs.  


  You then come to the platform that you saw from the other side of the lake. On the table is a book and a note, take pictures of the book and read it carefully. You will need this later for directing the light rays. Then look at the note, you see 2 kinds of arrows, thick and thin arrows. The thin arrows point in 4 directions and the thick ones in 2 directions. Mark this for a moment because you need this.


  Then walk down and go to the left, you will come to a path with a device at the end. Behind that you see the rotating temple and you have to go there.


  Walk to the device, you see 7 buttons. The 4 buttons in the middle are for the thin arrows and the 2 buttons on the left are for the big arrows

   The button at the bottom right is the confirmation / execution button. After each press of 1 of the 6 other buttons you have to press the button at the bottom right.


  Follow the instruction on the note from top left to bottom right. If you do this correctly you can step into the revolving temple, you will find a machine again.


  Press the blue button on the machine and if it is correct a golden ball will come down.


  Back to the Red Gate

The revolving temple sinks down, down is a jetty in the water. Walk across the jetty to the side.


  On the left you see the wooden gate, but first walk straight ahead to the room in the rocks. You see a chest there, go into the room. On the left is a golden ball on a box, press the button on the front of the box. The golden globe is now transported to the secret room under the statue. On the right is the crate with next to it a plate for a Tic Tac Toe game. The box is locked so just play a game, you can win it. After a number of games you win and the box can now be opened.


  In the box you will find a note with the code for the red gate. Write down the code, it is different for each game.

  Go out and walk to the gate, slide the latch to the side and open the gate. Walk through the gate and a little further you go to the right, you are again at the lift cage.


  Enter the elevator cage and press the button at the bottom left to close the cage, then the upper button. When you are at the top, press the button at the bottom right, the cage opens.

  Walk across the path and then to the right, go up the stairs. Follow the path to the yellow gate.


  Then walk in the direction of the tower, go to the right to the small gate. Step into the cart, if it is not here, press the red button on the pedestal. The cart now comes here, get in and turn the cart over.


  You have to go over the right rails to the red gate.


  Step out and enter the code at the red gate, go through the gate and follow the path.


  Chapter 5: The area behind the Red Gate

  2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot