2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Morpheus is a ADVENTURE game and it was released by "Piranha Interactive Publishing Inc" and the release was in September 1998


The game starts  with on introduction, in the 50's years of the 20th Century. 

You see and you here Mathew Holmes

After this introduction you find yourself on board a ship that has been trapped in the ice for almost 70 years now. You play a person who tries to find out the truth about the disappearance of his father. Your father was a passenger on the ship. Almost at the end of this game you'll find out what has happen with your father and with all other passengers and crewmembers of this ship. This ship has been baptized as "the Herculania" an it  was specially design by one  J.C. Pharris for his adoptive son, Jan, and his experiments with a machine he has named as "The NEUROGRAPHICON MACHINE". 

Six very special guests were invited to experience the maiden voyage of this ship, the HERCULANIA, as passengers.  None of these six passengers were aware that they would actually each play a role in Jan's personal quest. Each of the passengers plays a role in the live of Jan, J.C. or in that of each other. J.C. Pharris didn't  spared any effort or expense to provide the passengers with very comfortable accommodations on the ship and they found everything they could wish for. Each of their cabins on the ship was adapted to the individual needs of the resident.  Jan's assistant, Dr.Malherbe, has helped Jan to obtain the right serum for each of the passengers so that he or she could go on a Dream Trip. 

The Herculania begins its first journey on November 17, 1928 but already got stuck in the ice after about 5 days and has therefore been stuck all this time. Where is everyone? Have they been saved or have they been frozen to death or are they still on the ship? You will soon find out. A lot of the puzzles in the game are just plane difficult  or very difficult, but if you look carefully and listen to the VISIONS and  make notes  then you'll get through it.


Chapter One: Exploring the Herculania

Entering the Herculania:

After the rather long, and "cold", introduction you are on board on the afterdeck of the Herculania and standing on its afterdeck. 

Straight ahead you see the large round metal Cargo Bay Shutters in the floor of the deck.

Go forward 2 times, on the right side of the Cargo Bay shutters. You go ahead and end up in the right side corner of the ship.

 Go forwards 1 more time and then go to the back, to end up at  a blue / gray door. This door is the right-side exit/enter door. Zoom in on this door. You zoom in on the lock mechanism of the door.

 Press one of the two round buttons at the top. Unfortunately, you can not open the door. 

Zoom out and then turn right. In the corner, near the railing, you see a sort of column. This is the "DISTRESS CANISTER".....Zoom in and click on the Hammer. 

The hammer smashes the window and then hits the red button. As a result, a Balloon comes out of the tube and flies away. Unfortunately ..... the balloon gets stuck high in a mast. 

Turn around and go back 1 time Forward, to the Cargo Bay hatch on the back deck and..........You now see a vision of Dr. Malherbe who is hanging himself at the Cargo Bay. 

After this vision, turn slightly to the left and go 1 x forwards  to the Left stairs, behind the Cargo Bay shutters. Then go up this staircase and then turn right.  You are at the Steering Wheel. Left and right of the steering wheel you see a Control Mechanism. The Left mechanism is the LAUNCH CONTROL. With this you can fire Fire Arrows. The right Mechanism is for the opening of the Cargo Bay Shutters.

First, zoom in on the LAUNCH CONTROLS. You have to fire a Fire Arrow and the intention is that this fire arrow then hits the Balloon which, right in front of you, still hangs in the mast. With the Left part, the binoculars, you can aim the Fire Arrow and with the right part, the monitor, you determine the distance.   

So click on the binoculars and then hold down your mouse button and then move this binoculars DOWN and to the RIGHT, until you get the same Red Horizontal and Vertical SQUARE as in the image below. If so, click on the Monitor and also pull it to the right until the red squares are as shown in the picture below.

If you have set it all this way then pull the lever, in the middle,  down  and ...... A fire arrow will now be launched and it will hit the balloon in the mast. 

The balloon explodes and there is a Capsule coming out of it. This capsule ends up on the deck, just in front of the door where you can not get through.  

Now zoom in on the Mechanism, to the right of the steering wheel, and pull the lever in the middle to open the Cargo Bay Shutters. 

You see that this is not entirely successful, but still........... Zoom out and turn slightly to the right and go 1 step forwards and ........you go down the stairs again and you end up next to the Cargo Bay shutters. Go back to the door where you can not go through, then turn left and click on the Capsule to hear the emergency call from J.C. Pharris.

Turn a little further to the left and then go again 1 step forwards and........you will again stand for the path that goes over the Cargo Bay Shutters. 

Take 1 step forward over this path and then turn left. You now look over the shutters and at the two stairs of the back deck. Go 1 step forwards and ........

You fall down through the shutters into the hold of the ship and you end up looking at the corpse of the late Dr. Malherbe.   


Zoom in on the note that is lying on the floor before the corpse and read it. You are now experiencing something about a machine called the "Neurographicon" for the first time. 

Turn to the left to see 2 levers. Zoom in on these levers and then pull the right lever. 

Apparently you and the corpse are on a lift platform and it takes you down 1 floor now.  Zoom out and turn around completely and you will see a gray door. 

Go 1 step forward to this door, open the door and you go through it.  Look down.........

 Zoom out, turn around and go 2 steps forwards, to be back on the elevator platform. Turn left and take again 1 step forwards,  to the "ribbled" wall. 

Turn left and zoom in on the chest. O ... why does the Herculania have Radioactive Material on board? 

Turn left and take 1 step forward, back to the elevator. Turn left and zoom again in on the 2 levers and pull the right lever again and......... you go down 1 floor again. Zoom out, turn left and click on the stack of boxes. 

These boxes contain Rare Flowers from Indonesia. 

Turn slightly further to the left and then go 1 step forwards to the "ridges" wall and then turn to the right and zoom in on the door in this corner. 

Click on the door wheel and............ 

you automatically go through the door and through a thick tube and then you go up a metal ladder and suddenly you stand outside on the back deck again,  under the stairs. 

Turn slightly to the right and you will see the Cargo Bay Shutters again. 

Now go 2 steps forwards, along the left side of the Cargo Bay Shutters. You will stop at the left side of the ship. Take an other step forward and you end up in front of the left Access Door. 

First turn left and click on the CANISTER in the corner. You zoom in on the Bird's Nest that's on this CANISTER. The bird's nest contains 4 eggs. 

At this point I do not know what you can do with this information, maybe you'll need to make on omelet at some point in the game? 

Turn back to the door and now go through the door and....... finally you are:

  Inside the Herculania.

It's very dark in here, isn't it? Perhaps you need some light? Go forwards 3x and....

..you go through the next door and are outside again and......... you have a vision of a ghost of a girl that sits in a wheelchair

After this vision you go forward 1 step, towards the high aft deck. Do not go up the stairs but turn to the right and then go forwards 1 step, to go back in through the door. 

Still very dark inside. Go 1 step forwards and then turn to right. Make sure you'll see the forward arrow. Then go forwards 1 step and you will descent down a flight of stairs. 

Below you turn around completely and........ you see that you are indeed standing at the bottom of a large staircase. This staircase is divided into two stairs, by a balustrade in the middle. Zoom in on the front post of this balustrade and......... you will see a Round Device on this post. 

Click on this thing and ........ The shutters above you, that covered the glass shade, goes open and daylight flows in. You must  load CD2 now

The Neurographicon Machine

So you have light now. Do not go up the stairs but instead, turn left and go then go 1x forwards,  to go forward along the left side of the stairs. 

Then turn slightly to the left and go through the "stained glass" door. Then turn left again and 1x forward to go down the metal stairs. 

At the bottom of this staircase, turn right and go 1x forward, through the double doors. 

You are now in a downstairs hall. Turn slightly right and go 1x forward, to those double doors in the middle of the back wall. Go through these doors. 

In the back you'll see a Cabin.....it's a "taxi cab". Turn left and zoom in on the "SOLAR VOLTAIC CIRCUITS" Do not do anything with it, just look at it.

Then zoom out and turn right, all the way to the other corner and zoom in on the "A I V SEQUENCER". 

Press the most left button and.........That Cabin is coming to you now, so get in........

Now look at what you see before you. You'll see 3 sets of Controls, from left to right these Controls are: ATRIUM; INJECTORS and VENTRICLE. 

At the far left you see a Red Handle with a brown button. At the far right is also a Red Handle with a brown button. 

Now do the following:

  • Pull the right  red Handle. The Cabin goes forward 1 time 

  • Press the right brown Button. A Device comes up.

  • Pull the Red Button on this Device to the left. The light for ATRIUM will now light up.

  • Press the Left Brown Button and the Device will lower again. 

  • Pull the Right Red Handle again and the Cabin goes back

  • Press the Right Brown Button again. The INJECTORS are coming up.

  • Click on these INJECTORS. 

  • The light for INJECTORS will now also light up and the Injectors will drop slightly down.

  • Press the Left Brown Button again and the Injectors goes further down.

  • Pull the Right Red Handle again and the Cabin will turn completely.

  • Pull the Left Red Handle and the Cab goes in reverse.

  • Press the Right Brown Button again and the first Device comes up again.

  • Pull the Red Button of this Device back to the left. The VENTRICLE lamp will now also light up.

  • Click on the Left Brown Button to lower the Device.

  • Click again on the Right Red Handle and the Cabin goes forward again.

  • Then click the Right Red Handle again to turn the Cabin back.

  • Then click on the Left Red Handle and the Cabin goes 1x reverse.

  • Click the Left Red Handle again and the Cabin goes again 1x  Reverse.

  • Zoom out and you'll step out of the Cabin again.

Now turn right again and zoom again in on the "A I V SEQUENCER". You now see that the 3 buttons, A I V  are burning. 

So now you have supplied the ATRIUM, the INJECTORS and the VENTRICLE with electricity. Now pull, on the top right, the big Handle down and ....... 

You see a "flashback" of Jan and his father, Jonathan Cleveland Pharris, and they talk about this Neurographicon.  

By now you should know with what kind of device you're playing with. Turn around and go outside through the door. 

Turn left, 1 step forwards and go back up the stairs. Turn right and then go through the "stained glass" door again. 

You are back on the side of the grand staircase. Turn slightly to the left and then take 1 step into the Foyer.

Theater and Foyer:

In front of you is the Foyer and behind that you see the entrance of the Theater. In the Foyer there are 4 large pots, standing in each of the 4 corners

Those large pots are Projection Machines and each contains a movie that you MUST view because they contain clues that may be important to you.

 So, go 1 step forwards, towards the Theater entrance, and then turn to the right. Zoom in on the Projection Pot that stand in the corner to the right of the Theater Entrance. Then pull the lever of this machine all the way down and watch the video.

This first video is about the Herculania and in this you see that you need some codes to enter the cabins. 

After this video turn to the right and zoom in on the second projection pot, pull the lever all the way down again and watch the second movie

This second video tells  you about an expedition of dr. Malherbe to Indonesia and about the discovery of a dream ritual. 

You also learn about a mysterious potion and the 4 ingredients for this potion are mentioned, at least the first 2 because the 3th remains a secret. 

Turn to the right again, zoom in on the 3rd Projection pot and watch the 3rd movie of this pot

 In this 3rd video you get acquainted with the 6 passengers of the Herculania, and they are:  

  • Leo Galte, the stepfather of Jan Pharris, 

  • Belle Swan. the real mother of Jan Pharris, 

  • Claire Moon, the stepdaughter of Belle Swan and therefore a half sister of Jan Pharris, 

  • Billy Mexler, a childhood friend of Jan Pharris,

  • Grace Thermon, the housekeeper

  • Dr. John Malherbe, the assistant of J.C Pharris and personal doctor of Jan Pharris.

Then turn right again and zoom in on the 4th projection machine, on the left side next to the theater entrance

This last video will teach you something about the Dream Machine, the "NEUROGRAPHICON". 

When you have watched all the movies, then turn right and then go into the theater. Then turn around, so that you're facing the entrance again. You will see the movie projector. Zoom in on this projector and click on one of the buttons. Watch the short movie on the big screen. 

When the movie has "broken down", turn around again to the entrance.  You'll notice that there's something lying on the top step of the stairs. Zoom in on it. It is a postcard. 

Zoom in again and the postcard turns. It is a postcard from Claire Moon. Read it.....you also hear the voice of Claire reading the postcard.

  After this go 1 step forwards and......The ghost of Belle Swan appears and you also hear a dog barking, but you do not see the beast. 

Do you see those blue double doors, right in front of you? That are elevator doors. 

To the left and to the right you also see a yellow door and these are the doors of the cabin of J.C. Pharris (left) and Jan Pharris (right). 

You can zoom in on these two cabin doors, but you can not open them because you do not yet know the codes for the door locks. That will come much later. To the left and right of the blue elevator doors are the passageways to the Central Hall with the Central Staircase. Go forward to the elevator doors and then turn slightly to the left. You see a ghost again. Was that J.C Pharris?  

Go 1 step through the passage, left of the elevator, and you are back in the Central Hall with the Central staircase. Go again 1 step forward and you are standing in front of the double doors, at the bottom of the stairs. Go through this double door and.......... you are now in the corridor with the cabins of the passengers.

Cabins hall and the Fountain hall

You stand in a hall and before a model of the Herculania, that stands under glass in the middle of this hall. To the left and right you see cabin doors. In the back of the hall are also 3 doors, 2 for passenger cabins and a door to the next hall. But where you are now, so in the hallway, there are also 2 guest cabins.

Turn left and zoom in on the door. This is the door of Clair Moon's cabin but you can't go in. Zoom out and turn around to the right door. Zoom in on it. This is the door of Belle Swan's cabin.....you can't go in. Zoom out and turn left and go forward to the left side of the Herculania Model. Then turn left to the door and zoom in on it. This is the door of Leo Galte's cabin but you can't go in. Zoom out and turn left and go back to the front side of the Herculania model and then turn around to face the model again. Now go to the right side of the Herculania model and then turn right to the door. This is the door of Grace Thermon's cabin and.....well...you can't go in. Zoom out again and turn to the left and now go to the back of the corridor. Turn left and zoom in on the door of Billy Mexler's cabin.....it's getting tiresome but you can't go in. Zoom out and turn around to the door of Dr. Malherbe, but you know....you can't go in. 

But here's a thought...... including the 2 doors of the cabins of J.C. Pharris and Jan. Pharris, you now know where all 8 cabins can be found. You now know also that you can not just enter a cabin. Each cabin has its own code which you have to set at the lock of the door to open the door. So you have to find these 8 door codes.

 Right behind the Herculania model is a door you can go through, so go through that door to enter a somewhat more spacious hall with a fountain.

There are 3 doors behind the fountain, but there is also a door right and left. On the left is the door to the MUDROOM, where you can take a mud bath. On the right is the door to the HERBAL LAB. 

Go to the 3 doors behind the fountain. The left door gives access to the "Frigidarium" and that is the deep freezer room. 

The Middle door gives access to the "Vaporarium". The right door gives access to the "Tepidarium". All three doors have a yellow plate . 

Zoom in on each of these yellow plates and then click on the small round button. The "THERMAL LOCK" of the door will then appear and you'll see that all 3 of these Thermal Locks are set at 0 degrees (zero) now. 

You can set  the right temperature for each door via the right dial, but you can not do that now because you do not know these temperatures yet.

Turn around to the fountain, so you look at the back of the fountain. Zoom in on it. You'll see 3 panels, each with a colored stripe. 

The colors of these stripes correspond to the colors of the name plates on the 3 doors behind you. According to those colored stripes, the left panel belongs to the "Frigidarium" door, the middle panel to the "Vaporarium" door and the right panel belongs to the "Tepidarium" door. If you click on the panels, water will flow from the 3 pipes under the panels. If you click on the left panel, only water comes out of the middle pipe. If you click on the middle panel, then water flows out of all three pipes. If you click on the right panel, then water comes only from the right and the left pipe. 

What to do with this knowledge? I could not tell you at this time.

Herbal Lab:

Take 1 step forwards, along the side of the fountain,  to stand back again between the Herbal Lab door and the Mudroom door. Turn left and then enter the Herbal Lab through the Herbal Door. 

Zoom in on the big green "dentist" chair for a Grace Thermon Vision who gets a shot from Dr. Malherbe. 

Then turn to the right of the green chair and zoom in on the box, on top of the low boxes. In the box you'll see a skeleton of the frog....click on it.. 

Zoom out and turn all the way to the left,  past the green chair ..... Ooooo .... what kind of machine would that be? 

Is the Dream Serum be prepared in this machine? We do not know yet, so leave it alone for now. Turn to the door and go back into the fountain hall. Turn left and then go back through the door into the cabin hall. Go all the way through here and in the back go through the door to be back in the Central Hall, at the bottom of the grand staircase.  Turn to the right and then take 1 step forward, along the stairs and then again 1 step forward and you are back in the Foyer. Turn all the way around and go to the elevator. 

You automatically enter the elevator. Turn to the elevator buttons. You see that you are apparently on Deck 3 now. 

You want to go to deck 2 now, so click on the button with the number 2 and you will go up and out of the elevator again.

The Ballroom, the Orchid Garden and the Bridge:

You are in a corridor with walls that have the color of red wine and you are standing straight before a red wine colored door. There are portraits hanging on the walls. 2 portraits are on the left wall and 1 portrait is on the right wall but you see also an empty photo frame. Go to the door but DO NOT go through it. Turn around and look at the elevator again. 

To the left and to the right of the elevator are also a red wine door. Go to the elevator and then turn slightly right and then take 1 step forward and...... you go through the door, right next of the Elevator, and you see a ghost who has some trouble with the dog of Belle Swan.  You are now on the balcony, at the top of the Central Hall. Go forwards, to the doors of the Ballroom. At the doors turn slightly right and zoom in on the Announcement of Belle Swan's performance.

Zoom out and.......at the doors Belle Swan and J.C. Pharris appears.   

Enter the Ballroom through the doors. You "bump" your nose against the announcement of a " Masked Ball".  Go to the Wheelchair, that you see in the back. 

Zoom in on the Wheelchair and.... watch the long vision of Claire Moon and Jan Pharris

Then click on the Jester Hat, that is lying on the floor, left of the wheelchair, and you will see another Vision. 

Go to the door behind the wheelchair and then go through this door. You are now in the

 Orchid Garden. 

Take 2 steps forwards, then turn slightly to the left and go again 1 step forward. Then turn around. You now see a large double door with ,left and right, the two exits to the Ballroom. 

Go 2 steps forwards and...... you go through the large double door to be in a kind of closet. Zoom in on the Drawing on the Wall. This is a map of the Orchid Garden.

You need to know the lay-out of the Orchid Garden but you can't take this map with you, so make your own drawing of the map.  

Zoom out and then click on that little engine, that you'll see in the lower right corner. You learn that the watering system for the orchid garden still works. Zoom out again to step out the closet and be back in the orchid garden. Turn Clockwise until you get the forward arrow and then take 1 step forwards. Then turn Clockwise until you see the forward arrow again and go again 1 step forwards. Then turn slightly left and click on the "Yellow Ball". This appears to be a name plate for the Orchids group behind it. 

There are various types of orchids in this garden, each with a yellow name plate in front of it. Walk around through the garden and find all off these yellow name plates and write down the names of the orchids and where in the garden these orchids are to be found. If you do this well then you will have found 8 Orchid species, namely: Sleeping Orchid; Dappled Orchid; Lady's Tear Orchid; Blood Orchid; Valley Orchid; Spider Orchid; Black Orchid; Canopy Orchid. You'll also find a name plate for the "square glass dome", which stands right in front of the cupboard doors.  

If you click randomly somewhere in the garden then you just might see a vision of dr. Malherbe who's trying to catch some butterflies

When you have you found al the places were the Orchids are to be found, then go through the door, on the right side of the closet, to be back in the Ballroom. In the Ballroom the wheelchair is all the way to your left. Go 1 step forwards and then turn slightly to the right and you will see the two last tables with the green chairs. Aim your forwards arrow between these two tables and then go forwards 1 time, to the right wall. 

Then turn slightly left and then go forwards to the gray door and go through the gray door to the outside. You are outside on the side deck of the ship again.  

Go 1 step forwards and then climb up the outside staircase to the higher deck. 

Go forward to the 2 deckchairs that are standing in the back of this deck. At the two deckchairs, turn slightly left and you will see a green colored wooden bench. 

Go to the bench and click on the Handkerchief that's lying on this bench and......You'll see a vision with Grace Thermon.  

Zoom out and go forwards, beyond the wooden bench, to the end of this deck. Turn left and go through the blue / gray door. You are now on the Bridge of the Herculania. There are various devices here on the Bridge and you can view them all, but the most important thing is the Recording Device. Turn all the way to the right and click on the last device in the corner.

Listen to the spoken log book of J.C. Pharris. When finished turn back to the left and "on the way" out  you can zoom in on the steering wheel for a vision of someone steering the ship 

Leave the Bridge through the door opposite the door that you came in, and you are on the other side of the Herculania. Turn  left and then go 2 steps forwards over this deck. 

You end up in front of the stairs that's going down to the lower deck and there you'll see a lifeboat. 

Go down.........You end up standing next to that lifeboat. Turn to the right and then zoom in on the Ice, on the right side of the lifeboat and.....In a Vision you'll see what Leo Galte has done with Belle Swan's little dog

Turn back left and go to the door and then go through the gray / blue door, to be back in the ballroom. 

1 step forwards, then turn left and you'll see Claire Moon's wheelchair again. 

Go, left of the wheelchair, 1 step forwards and then 1 step forward to the large entrance door between the stairs. Go through the door and you are again on the balcony of the Central Hall and you look at he big clock. Go down by one of the stairs and when you are down go into the foyer

Turn around to stand before the blue elevator doors again and step into the elevator and go up to the 2e deck again. You'll end up in the hall with the portraits on the wall and the door to the gymnasium

Chapter Two: Leo Galte's Dream World

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot