2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Myst 3 Exile is the 3rd game in the Myst series. Originally the game was released on 4 CD-Roms. When I played the game again in 2013, to make the Dutch walkthrough, I  did it with the 2001 DVD version of the game, so I didn't had to worry about having to change CD continuously. Unfortunately, now in 2018, the original 4 Cd-Rom version and the 2001 DVD version will not install and play on my Windows 8.1 x64 bit computer because both version are made for the Windows 32 bit versions. Therefore I can't play this game anymore, so I can't make new screenshots. You just have to do with the old screenshots and my English translation of my own 2013 Dutch Myst 3 Exile walkthrough.

To select the spoken language in the game and to select the language of the subtitles, first go to the Options on the Start screen.

 Then put a check in the Options at the Language of your choice and also at the Text and Subtitles of your choice.

The game is completely Mouse controlled....it's a "Point and Click" game

Myst 3 Exile opens with a introduction video in which we see Atrus who puts the finishing touches to his Releeshan Age book.

 Releeshan is the Age that Atrus wrote for the D'ni people who survived the Riven drama. 

Atrus muses about what new opportunities he has got and then the introduction is over and the game starts.

Prologue in: Tomahna

When the game starts, you are in Tomahna, high in the desert mountains. Tomahna is the place that Atrus has built to start a new life with his wife Catherine and their newborn daughter Yeesha. Here Atrus wrote his Releeshan Age after you saved Catherine from the clutches of Atrus's father Gehn, in Myst 2: Riven.. Atrus did not sit still because not only did he wrote his Releeshan Age but he also found time to conceive a daughter with Catherine and they have named her Yeesha. You will then gain control over the game. 

Turn to the left, or wait until you turn to the left automatically, and .........Catherine, with her newborn baby daughter Yeesha in her arms, will welcome you warmly.

Catherine says that Atrus will come to greet you too in a minute. Atrus is still checking everything in the house before going on holiday to the Releeshan Age where the survivors of the former D'ni civilization now live. Catherine invites you to wait in Atrus's study. 

When Catherine is sitting on the left side of the garden bench to play with the baby, click one by one.

Wait a few seconds, or turn to the left yourself, because Catherine will tell you more.

Sitting on the bench Catherine tells us that due to recent suspicious events, Atrus is worried about the safety of the house, during his absence. 

When Catherine has nothing more to say, you will enter the Study Room of Atrus through the left door (not the door where Catherine came out).

When you are inside, go to the right and behind Atrus's desk. You'll see a leather-bound book on a nicely crafted standard. Click on that book

The D'ni emblem on the cover of the book may be familiar to you. It is the number five. It is the book about Gehn's Fifth Age Riven. 

When you open the book you see the sea of flames that remained after Gehn's fragile work was destroyed.

Close the book again and look, left, at the interesting, but otherwise completely unimportant, objects on the shelves in the cupboard. 

Then move your cursor down to the Atrus desktop. There is a Letter on the desk. Click on the Letter to read it.

In the letter Atrus expresses his concern about the safety of Tomahna. It seems that some disturb person has broken into the Study Room of Atrus and that person has read all the diaries of Atrus. You also get a brief overview of the history of Myst and of  the 2 bad sons of Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar.

After looking at all the other objects on Atrus desk, go forward to the circled globe that is on a stand on the other side of the room.

Notice the fiery orange-red gemstone that hangs on the right of the frame. It is a D'ni marble, a source of light and enormous energy.

Click once on the glass globe to see the Releeshan book in Close-up. The Book has a security lock. 

Click again to leave the close-up and ....... you are greeted by Atrus who offers you his apologies for letting you wait.

Atrus gives you his most recent Diary about the Releeshan Age. Then Atrus walks to his desk to give you the key to the Releeshan book, which is in the glass globe. 

At that moment, Atrus is suddenly interrupted by a wild looking man, who pops up here through a Linking Book, and who is apparently crazy. 

This madman calls himself Saavredo and he grabs the fire marble  and throws it at the draperies, which hang next to Atrus's desk, causing a fire. 

The glass of the bell jar breaks and the intruder picks up the precious Releeshan Link book and uses his own linking book to link away again. 

The thief's Linking Book falls on the floor....

.whether  you like it or not, you have to go after Saavredo, because as usual Atrus turns out to be completely useless again. 

So click with your hand on the Linking Screen in the book and ...... 

After the "bird's-eye video" you are in........Chapter 1: J'Nanin: 

Chapter 1: J'Nanin Age
Chapter 2: The Voltaic Age
Chapter 3: J'Nanin Age: Edanna Age Linking Book
Chapter 4: Edanna Age
Chapter 5: Amateria Age
Chapter 6: Narayan Age and all Endings

Original Dutch Walkthrough from 2013 by: Louis Koot

2018 English translation, screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot