2018: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Myst 5 (V) End of Ages is the last game in the Myst series. It is really the end of an era that has lasted about 20 years and that gave us 5 beautiful games. 

If you manage to finish Myst 5 to the end, which is quite a difficult task, then I guarantee that you too will have to tear away a little tear ... the end is rather melancholic and sad........

The game keeps an eye on your progress because it saves automatically every time you exit the game. If you then restart the game, you can continue playing via "Continue", from the point where you were when you closed the game. But you can also save manually, at any time and at any point in the game. To do this, you first have to find the "Save Sphere" and the "Journal Book". From the moment that you have found the "Save Sphere" and the "Journal book" you can save and load manually. 

At the top right of your game screen you will find the "wrench key" to get in the Options menu and there are also all the books that you will find in the game, such as your Journal and your Save Sphere

When you start the game you enter the Start screen. Click on "Play" to start. After the usual intro movies and a LOADING you will enter the Main Menu screen. 

I would advise you to first go to the "Options" menu, to set the game settings to your preferences via the tabs "Video", "Sound" and "Control".

I would definitely turn on the Subtitles. In the "Controls" section you can check how you want to control the game. 

I myself have opted for the "Classic Plus" control witch means that in the game, 1 click with your left mouse button is one long step forward. 

If you have adjusted all settings to your satisfaction, return to the "Main Menu screen" and click on "New Game". Start a "New Game" via 1 of the "Player" possibilities and you can start with Myst V: End of Ages

The Game does not start with a fancy intro but with the voice of Atrus. 

You see a Letter fluttering in your screen and you hear Atrus.

Atrus is now an old and tired man. His two sons, Sirrus and Achenar, are dead and also his wife Catherine has already passed away a few years ago. All his books have been destroyed. His daughter, Yeesha, went away years ago and Atrus never heard of her again. The time of Atrus is over. This is his Farewell Letter. He has set his hopes on Yeesha to make up for the mistakes of the past. Will Yeesha be able to withstand the pressure or will she collapse?