Uru Ages Beyond Myst: Expansion pack 1:

The Easter Egg

2018: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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In almost every game, the game makers will have put in some "Secret" things.  In the gaming world  they call those "secret things" an "Easter Egg" There is such an "Easter Egg" hidden in the Expansion Pack of Uru and you can play this after you have open the "Egg Room" in Bevin. There are, however, a few things that you need to know before you can start the "Easter Egg" and there is no guarantee that it will work in your game

  • You must have played Uru Ages Beyond Myst completely and then not have removed it from your computer. 
  • Everything in the 4 Ages must be exactly as it is after you have finished " Uru Ages Beyond Myst" and then start the 1st part of the Expansion pack, To "D'ni.
  • In addition, it will be to your advantage if you have played Uru Ages Beyond Myst according to my Walkthrough for the game. 
  • Then you can easily travel to the different parts of tall he Ages, that are important to solve the "Easter Egg".
  •  It is also important that you have read through all the books that you have found in " Uru Ages Beyond Myst" and in the " Expansion Pack", .....
    ......or at least know where you can find them because you will know how to translate the D'ni into our
  • In addition, you must of course have the Expansion Pack installed.

When you have completely played Uru Ages Beyond Myst, so that you have the Desert book in Relto with the Rain desert and the Sun desert, and you have played the Expansion Pack 1 " To D'ni", then you can try to solve this  the "Easter Egg" 

Here we go:


You start, as always, in your own personal empire...... Relto. Enter your house and go to your left bookcase. Yank the Bevin Linking book the bookcase and scroll through the book to the picture of Square 1. 

Click on the link photo and ............. You will return to:


You are back on Square 1 of Bevin. Pass through the square gate to Bridge 2 and walk on to the 3 colored buttons, which stick on the left handrail.

Now press the 3 colored buttons in this order: Green, Orange, Orange, Green, Green, Orange.

When you ready with the 3 buttons then you cross the bridge to Square 2 and ....... you can see that now the door of the "Egg Room" has a burning Blue Button.

You have provide the Egg Room with Power with the color buttons. The Egg Room is the second door on the left side of the square. 

Go to the Egg room door and press the blue button. The door opens, so go inside. As you know from To D'ni, the Egg room has 5 niches.

Unlike the Egg Room in Kirel, there are now no Linking Tablets in the 5 niches of the central column. 

Here in Bevin you will find a letter in each of the five niches and you will also see a beautiful Easter egg. Go into each of the 5 niches and click in each niche on the letter that is in it.

You can not read the 5 letters because they are written in D'ni language. So you will have to "decode" those 5 letters into our language. Each of the 5 letters contains an assignment that you have to carry out. Some of the letters contain two assignments. These assignments must be carried out in a certain order, otherwise you will not l "unlock" the "Easter Egg Mode". I can now give you a very complicated explanation about how to translate these letters, and how you can find out what the order is in which you have to do the assignments, but I will keep it simple.

The 5 letters are written in a simple code. You just have to know how many letters you have to count from in each D'ni letter. For example, if you take the letter in Niche 1, then you have to count 5 letters for each letter you see on this letter. So the W then becomes the R, the J becomes the E etc. But it is true that this is different for every letter. In one letter you always have to count 5 letters and in the other letter only 2, 8, 4, 7, so you write down all 26 letters of our  alphabet and then you look up the D'ni sentences that appear in letter 1 and you replace D'ni  letters with the letter that is 5 placed back in our alphabet in 5.  How many places you have to count for each letter can be found in the various books that you have found here and there in Uru and that you really should have read carefully.

The translation of the letters is as follows:

1. Return to the last goal of Eder. Once the light has been lid , turn of the light. 

2a. Once you have completed all the steps in the Riven look into the remnant. Egg maze is set. Once you leave the dessert Egg maze will reset.

2b. Find the pillar room in Kadish. Stand near the previous elevator. Turn off the glowing floor above. 

3. Go to the Gahreesen power root. The power must be on. Stand on the place that raises The Stone. 

4a. Enter the Teledahn prison. Clear off Gehn's favorite plate completely. Stand on it. 

4b. Link to Eder Kemo. Get your light source. Enter the door of the journey. 

5a. Go to the dessert in the rain. Look at the left symbol of the Original Code. Set all four of the imager to it. 

5b. Wear the reward of Yeesha. Keep it on until you are done. 

So you have to do all this The order in which you have to do it is: 

  1. Wear the Yeesha Reward and keep it on until you are ready. 

  2. Go to the Power room of Gahreesen. The power has to be on. Stand on the spot so that the Stone rises. 

  3. Go to the prison of Teledahn. Find Gehn's favorite platform and make sure there is nothing on it. Then stand up yourself. 

  4. Go to the Pillar Chamber of Kadish and then to the previous lift. Turn off the glowing floor above.

  5. Return to your last assignment in Eder. When the light is on you switch it off again.

  6. Go to Eder Kemo and get your Light Source. Then go through the Journey door

  7. Go to the Desert in the rain. Look at the left symbol of the original code. Enter this symbol 4 times on the imager.

Let's just run this list: 

1. Wear the reward of Yeesha and keep it on until you're done.


At the end of Uru Ages Beyond Myst, Yeesha has given you a new shirt. This shirt is now in your clothes wardrobe. 

So link back to Relto and in your house you open up the large wardrobe. You will then enter the Avatar screen.

Click on Yeesha's shirt to put this on and keep it on now.

2. Go to the Power room of Gahreesen. The power has to be on. Stand on the spot so that the Stone rises.


 In Relto you pull the Gahreesen Linking book out of your bookcase. Do NOT click on the "Journey Cloth" in this book but browse to the link photo of Gahreesen.

Click on the link picture and you will end up in the hexagonal starting room of Gahreesen.


Go through the hallway to the hole in the wall and then through the wall hole into the room. 

Climb up the iron bars in the left wall to the ledge and then follow the ledge to the broken wall. 

Make sure you climb back up on the platform that above the broken wall and then walk across the board to the other side of the hole. 

Then go out of the room, into the hallway. You do not have to go through the Revolving Wall now, just follow the corridor, through the doors, to the large Round Power Room where the "3rd Journey Cloth" hangs and where you have solved the "Gear Puzzle".

 In the Power Room you stand on the floor grid, in the niche where the pillar rose from. When you are standing on this floor grid then you link back to Relto via your Relto book

3. Go to the prison of Teledahn. Find Gehn's favorite platform and make sure there is nothing on it. Then stand up yourself. 

Back in Relto you take the Teledahn Book from the bookcase and again you do not click on the "Journey Cloth" but browse to the hut photo.

 Link to the beginning of the Teledahn Age by clicking on the hut photo. 


In the hut you descend the ladder, in the floor hole, and then the ladder in the thick pipe. 

Run through the water pipe to the hole in the pipe and go through the hole  out of the pipe. 

Go up the stone stairs to the prison cave and enter. Ghen's favorite number is 5. If you have played Myst 2: Riven, you should know this. 

So go into the front cave of the prison to the pressure plate in the floor which has the D'ni number 5. 

If there are stones or other rubbish on pressure plate 5, you first remove it. Then stand on this no 5 plate yourself. 

You press down the plate with your weight. While you are standing onto plate 5, you link back to Relto via your Relto Book. 

4. Go to the Pillar Chamber of Kadish and then to the previous elevator. Turn off the glowing floor above it. 

Back in Relto, take the Kadish Tolesa book from the bookcase. This time you click on the "Journey Cloth" in this book.

Kadish Tolesa

The Journey Cloth in the Kadish Tolesa book has brought you back into the Vault. 

Now follow the route all the way back until you have come down again in the Pillar Room. In my Uru walkthrough I call this the "High Round Pillar Hall". 

You can simply descend the ladders until you are down on the floor at the 4 levers. 

Then go to, left of  4 levers, the left through the tunnel, until you reach the elevator with which you came down from the floor puzzle in the Pyramid. 

Do not go in this elevator. Next to this elevator is the blue button with which you can reset that floor puzzle in the Pyramid Room.

Push this blue button and you have reset that floor puzzle. Link back to Relto by your Relto Book

5. Return to your last assignment in Eder. When the light is on you can turn it off again. 


Your last assignment in the Eder Kemo / Eder Gira Age was to activate the 7th "Journey Cloth" in the upper cave room. You know, you had to do all that stuff with the fireflies. In the cave you had to turn on the 3rd light generator. Well, you have to turn it off now. Just rest assured, you do not have to play around with the fireflies again. If you have followed my Uru Ages Beyond Myst walkthrough then the "Journey Cloth" in the Eder Gira Book is the 3rd "Journey Cloth" of the Eder Kemo / Eder Gira Age. So pull the Eder Gira Book out of the left bookcase and click on the "Journey Cloth". 

Eder Gira / Eder Kemo

In Eder Gira you follow the path through the tunnel to the "Brain Tree" garden and then further through the rear tunnel and over the pond to the cave with the linking book.  Use the book to link to the Waterfalls

Enter the caves, behind the lower waterfalls, and then follow the tunnel to the upper cave. This is best done in the 3rd person, so with your Avatar in the picture.

 From the upper cave, follow the tunnel to the rock ledge. Follow the rock ledge to the end cave, you have to jump over the hole in the ledge again. 

In the upper cave you can also pick up a Hat / Helmet. 

Then switch off the light generator and link back to Relto, via the Relto book.

6. Go to Eder Kemo and get your Light Source. Go through the Journey door.

 Back in Relto you take the Eder Gira book from the bookcase and link back to the Garden Age via the "Journey Cloth".

 Eder Gira: 

You will end up at the 3rd Journey Cloth again. Go through the tunnel to the "Brain Tree garden" and find the fireflies cloud. 

Walk twice through the fireflies cloud and then go back through the first tunnel and then follow the path to the left to the Journey Door. 

Open the Journey door and walk through the door into the dark hallway with the fireflies still with you. 

You hear a sound and you lose the fireflies but that does not matter. 

Walk into the darkness and you end up in the Bahro Cave. Dive into the deep hole and you'll end up at Relto again. 

7. Go to the Desert in the rain. Look at the left symbol of the original code. Enter this symbol 4 times on the imager.

Pull the Desert Linking Book from your bookcase. It is in lock 1. Click on the "Desert in the Rain" photo. So that's the left picture. 

Desert in the Rain: 

You end up in the front room of Yeesha. Go to the door and look at the symbols to the left of the door. 

Draw down the left symbol. It may be that in your game the symbols are different than in my game. 

Turn around and walk back to the Imager with the blue button. You must now place that left symbol here on all four sides of the circle. You do not have to press the blue button. 

Then go outside and leave the Cleft. 

Go to the remains of the Riven Telescope, which is located on the right side of the volcano in the desert. Walk to the telescope. A small pipe sticks on the Riven Telescope. If you have now carefully followed and executed all 7 assignments, you can now look through the telescope through the small pipe. So click on that small pipe and ........... You will see a picture of the employees of Cyan and you will hear Sandi saying: "Another One?"

Go out of the telescope and now stand at a distance at the telescope with your back to the volcano. To the left and right of the telescope is a large metal plate. 

It is possible to jump over the BARBED WIRE FENCE via the left metal plate so that you end up behind the fence in the desert. 

NOTE: you can only jump over the barbed wire via the metal plate if you have completed all 7 assignments in the right order and in the right way, and only if you have been able to see through the telescope. 

If you have managed to jump over the barbed wire, run along the fence to the left. The fence then turns left around the bend. 

Follow it for a short while and then go to the right into the desert. Very far in the distance you see, very small, the TRAILER van Sandi. 

Run .... RUN ...RUN.... to the Trailer from Sandi ....... It's a long way, but in the end you'll see Sandi's trailer in the distance with Sandi on top of it. 

Walk on and ....... if you come  very close to the trailer then you can drive with the trailer, because your Avatar stops and you can now cross the desert with the trailer. 

You drive the trailer with your arrow keys and with both mouse buttons. You can drive the Trailer forward, backward, left and right. You slow down with your down arrow. 

Well ..... you can  cross the desert with the trailer for ever and ever...... You can also use the Trailer to drive through the barbed wire to drive to the Cleft and to Sandi's Caravan. You can try if you can attach the Caravan to the Trailer and then cross with  the whole combination through the desert. There is no end goal ... and you can not leave the desert. If you are tired of it, you can either link back to Relto via your Relto Book or you can close the game. Or you Crashed the Trailer, as I did, and then you shut down.

If you exit then the Easter Egg Mode reset to the starting position. Do you want to do this Easter egg again then you will have to do it all over again. 

Thanks for playing Uru Ages Beyond Myst and its Expansion Pack and using my walkthroughs

2013: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Louis Koot