2015: Original Dutch  Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation and screenshots by: Louis Koot

NB: The Text that I have written on the Screenshots is in the Dutch language. Those screenshots come from my original Dutch walkthrough. I do not have this game anymore so I can't make new screenshots for this English version of the walkthrough, and I haven't got the energy to write also  English text on every single one of these screenshots. So you will have to make do with them.....

Chapter 4: The 2 houses beyond the Dam:

A: The Vandegriff House on the hill

Follow the path up the hill to the Portal house and continue to the front of the house

Enter through the front door. The house is in dilapidated condition and uninhabited.

You are in the hall on the ground floor. There is a letter on the stool. "Read" the letter

Restore the Rooms in the house to their original state

Click the note back to the stool and ...... In the doorway, on the left behind the stool, a blue haze appears with light stripes .... 

You have opened the Portals and this doorway is Portal 0 and it is your starting point through this Portals House. Walk through Portal 0 and ......

You end up in the staircase. You now have to go into all rooms of this house. You must do this through the blue portals via a certain route to restore the rooms to their original state. So you must go through the blue portals into a room to restore that room. However.....you must do this in a certain order and when you go wrong you'll have to start all over again from Portal 0. The doorways that have a blue haze are the portals......

Left behind the stairs you see Portal 1. On the Right is Portal 2. The staircase goes up to the 1st floor and to the 2nd floor. So it is a maze.

Let me explain this first

When you are standing in front of a Portal, you are looking into a room or into a corridor. A computer mouse appears with the word "Swap". With your left mouse button you can change the room you see into another room or another hallway .... you will  "swap" the room you see ..... In this way you always have to make sure that you enter the right room when you go through a Portal. So first look through a portal which room you see and then change that room in the right room via "Swap", by pressing your left mouse button.

When you have stepped into a good room you get a white light. If you enter a wrong room, you will see a red light. If you enter a wrong room twice, then this puzzle reset and you will have to go back to the stool in the hall of the ground floor. Then read the note again to activate the puzzle again. Portal 0 will appear again, so you can start again. Which rooms you will see when you look through a Portal I can not tell you because that is different every time ....But  I can tell you, and show you, which portals route you must take to get to the room you have to go. Eventually you will end up in the Secret Room of the Magician.

Walk to Portal 1 and continue straight ahead but do not step through the portal into the next room .....

Again.........when you are standing in front of a Portal, you are looking into a room or a corridor. A computer mouse appears with the word "Swap". With your left mouse button you can change the room you see into another room or another hallway .... you "swap" the room you see. At Portal 1 you must first enter the kitchen, so if you do not see the kitchen in Portal 1 now, click the mouse button until you see the kitchen. Then step through Portal 1 into the kitchen.

You have restored the Kitchen. Turn around ... in the doorway the blue haze has disappeared. 

Step out of the kitchen and walk back to the stairs. Behind the stairs you see Portal 2

Look through Portal 2 ......When you do not see a corridor with a small staircase through Portal 2 then "Swap" as often as is necessary to see a the corridor with the small stairs. 

Then step through Portal 2 and .... 

You end up in the corridor with the small stairs and got white light. On the left is Portal 3 and at the top of the stairs is Portal 4 

Look through Portal 3 ...... I see through Portal 3 the staircase on the ground floor again and that is not good. 

Change, so "Swap" so that you see, through Portal 3,  a Attic room where a large spider web sticks on the supporting beam and then step through Portal 3.

The attic room does not give a new portal, so turn around and step back through the doorway into the hallway with the small stairs. 

Walk up the steps to Portal 4. Look through Portal 4 and "Swap" to a room with a table and then step through Portal 4.

This room with table does not give a new portal, so turn around and leave the room. Go down the short staircase and then go straight back to the staircase hall

You are then back on the ground floor. Now climb up the stairs to the 1st floor. Immediately at the top of the stairs you turn left ... you are in front of Portal 5.

First look through Portal 5 ..... Do you not see a room with four windows and with a desk and two chairs, which stand at the left window in the right wall, then "Swap" again as often as needed until you see this room. Then enter that room through Portal 5.

You are in room 5 and you see Portal 6 on the other side of the room. So look through Portal 6 and "Swap" until you see the hallway again .... but it has to be the hallway on the first floor ... you can recognize it by the sign on the wall. If you see that sign, you step through Portal 6 into the hallway.

The staircase goes up to the 2nd floor. Behind the stairs is Portal 8 but first go up the stairs. At the top you turn to the right and ..... you see Portal 7, above the small stairs.

Look through Portal 7 and "Swap" until you see an attic room with windows and where there is a table in front of the middle window. Then step through Portal 7 into this attic room.

Turn right again and step back down to the hallway and descend the 2 stairs back to the 1st floor and now go to Portal 8.

Look through Portal 8 and then do "Swap" until you see a long corridor with a window in the back of the hallway. Then step through Portal 8 into that corridor.

On the left is Portal 9 and that brings you into the last room. At the back of the hallway is Portal 11. Look through Portal 9 and "Swap" to a room with two windows with shutters, a chest of drawers between the two windows and a spider web on the ceiling. If you see this room then you step through Portal 9 and .......

....... Turnaround right away and ..... the doorway that was  Portal 9 but is now Portal 10 and through the portal you now look into the Secret room

 .......  at least ...when you have followed the right route and always have "swap" to the right rooms

NB: It may be that you do not see a Secret Room now but a normal doorway ...... It happened to me a few times because I had to do this whole shit a few times over. If you do not see the Secret Room now, you can find 2 blue portals and go through them to return to the letter on the ground floor. Read that letter again to reset the puzzle and start all over again ..... Follow the route as described above but do not go straight through Portal 9 .... first go through Portal 11 .... you get red light ..... step into the hallway and go to Portal 9 and "Swap"  to the room with the 2 hatch windows and step inside and turn around ..... all chances are you then see the Secret Room through Portal 10 ...Well .... Step into the Secret Room .

This is the Magician's room ........

On the table is a letter ...... "Read" that letter ...... You read the story about a Magician .....

Click the letter away and ..... The room turns into a distillery room. There is a letter on the chest of drawers and when you turn around you see a piece of newspaper lying on a barrel. 

"Read" the letter and the newspaper article

Once you have read the letter and the newspaper article, and have clicked again, you hear Chad Carter talking to his nephew Ethan Carter. Turn around, "Open" the door and get out of the room ..... The Portals House turn into the decayed Vandegriff house again, as it was when you stepped inside.

You are on the top floor ..... You can just stand on the balcony to enjoy the panoramic view over the dam and the reservoir ....

Find the stairs and climb down to the ground floor and ........

...... leave the Portals House. Follow the path back down to the road

... Follow the bend in the road ..... On the right is an electricity house ..... you can continue to follow the road but that is not the intention.

On the left a path goes up to the big house, follow that left path up to the big house .... Walk to the tree and then enter the house through the front door.

B: The Chad Carter House

To your surprise, you will notice that the layout and rooms are exactly the same as in the Vandegriff house ..... so this becomes a "celebration of recognition" for you. Here, however, no portals and you do not have to change the rooms or go through a certain route through all the rooms ..... What you have to do inside is listening ...... Go through the whole house and in every room because in almost every room you will hear conversations between the various residents of this house ...... you only hear the voices ..... you do not see anyone ......

So you start on the ground floor in the stairwell. On the left is the kitchen and on the right the passage to the hallway with the small staircase.

At that passage there is a low cupboard with a table lamp on which there is a picture

Walk to the low cupboard and "Inspect" the picture, which is on the cupboard.. 

The picture shows the whole family of Ethan and on the back Ethan has written  the feelings of his relatives, on the day this photo was made .....

 "Travis was loud, Pa was sad, Tramp was quiet , Ma was crazy, Uncle Chad was mean" is what Ethan has written down.

Put the picture back and go to the kitchen. In the kitchen you hear a conversation between Missy and Dale ....... Dale is the father of Ethan and Missy the mother of Chad ...... Missy tells Dale that Ethan once again was in the abandoned Vandegriff house and claims that he has discovered a "secret room" there ....... Dale promises that he will speak to his son about it


Go back to the hallway and then through the doorway at the cupboard ... you're in the hallway with the small stairs

In the room on the left you hear Missy, who is shouting against Ethan ... Missy is worried that Ethan "woke something up in the Vandegriff house"

In the room above the small stairs you hear Chad and Missy ..... they are talking about .......

...."something that comes from the Vandegriff house" and that Ethan has disturbed the "Sleeper" and that Ethan must be "punished".

Back to the hallway and then to the 1st floor. In the room where the desk is on the right wall you hear Dale and Ed ..... they talk about the "Sleeper".

Go into the long corridor on the 1st floor. This is the corridor where the rooms / portals 9 and 11 were in the Vandegriff house.

In the back room you can hear Travis talking to Dale .... Travis tries to get Dale to deliver Ethan to the "Sleeper".

In the other room, room 9 in the Vandegriff house, you hear Ed and Travis ..... Ed warns Travis that he should leave his brother alone

Go to the attic room, above the small stairs on the 2nd floor ....  In the attic room you can still hear Ethan playing a game and then you hear Paul pulling his conclusions about what we have heard here in this house. Go back to the ground floor and out of the house through the front door.

Ok ..... we are going to take a long walk again because we have to go higher up the mountain, to the Church and the Cemetery. Follow the path to the left and then further up the mountain ..... it is a long walk and also a long climb. The path winds up the mountain between the trees and turns a number of times .....

.. but in the end you still reach the Church, completely out of breath, then the Church ... the cemetery is right behind the church

Chapter 5: The Church and the Cemetery:

2015: Original Dutch  Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation and screenshots by: Louis Koot