2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 1: The Lower Floors of the Academy:

Chapter 1: The Pop of Celeste:

Mustavio the traveling trader:

  Lydia walks in the forest. She is on her way to Drakonvale to start her 1st school day. In the forest Lydia has a meeting with Mustavio, a traveling trader. 

From Mustavio you now get a short course on how to control the game. So listen carefully to Mustavio. If you have the Dutch version of Keepsake you will read everything in Dutch. If not .... well ..... I will not translate it all for you. Mustavio wants you to follow him to his covered wagon, so if Mustavio runs away you follow him to the next screen. Mustavio then continues with his explanation, now about the different cursors that you have to use in the game and about the "Hint-System". While Mustavio explains further, you automatically walk up the hill. Mustavio then continues on to his covered wagon. 

Follow Mustavio again. At the covered wagon of Mustavio he explains a few things about how to have conversations via the Exclamation Marker.

  When Mustavio finally keeps his mouth shut then you can start talking to him yourself to learn how that goes ... to have a conversation in the game. So click with your Exclamation Marker on Mustavio. 

You get 3 questions that you can ask. Set them all three and you learn about the Hand Cursor that lets you pick things up, the Gear Cursor that lets you use things, and the Magnifying Glass Cursor that lets you zoom in on items to view them up close. You then close the conversation screen via your conversation cursor in the Game interface.

  Well .... let's try out what you have learned from Mustavio. Under the covered wagon you can see, between the wheels, the doors of Mustavio's storage chest.

  Click on the doors with your Magnifying glass cursor and you will see those doors in close-up. Open the doors with your gear wheel. 

Next to small boxes, there is also a bottle in the storage box. Grab the Bottle with your Hand Cursor.


The Inventory window opens and you can read a description of the item that you have picked up. To actually store the item in your inventory, click on the arrow that you see at the bottom left. The screen then disappears. Now go out of the close-up by clicking the arrow button in the Game interface..... The bottle is put back in the storage chest. Apparently you cannot have the bottle, but this hassle with the bottle is the signal for Mustavio to leave and it is the end of your "training". Mustavio is leaving now. Follow Mustavio and by itself Lydia lands at the huge front door of the Drakonvale Academy.

Lydia knocks on the huge doors and calls and calls .... nobody answers and no one opens. 

You see Lydia standing on the platform in front of the huge front doors of the Academy. How to get in, she wonders. Perhaps she can find someone to ask for it? 

Walk, or run, back down the platform at the bottom right. Lydia is at the bottom of the platform again. At the bottom right of your screen you see one of the steps of the Clock fountain, which stands in front of the entrance of the Academy on the forecourt. You do not want to go there yet. Now go to the right by clicking on the right side of the screen. Lydia will then appear on the next screen and in front of the platform. 

On the right you see the path continue, between the trees. Click there and Lydia continues to the right and then stands before the forest path that goes through the forest to the river. Now just follow the forest path, over 3 screens, to the river. Mustavio is next to the river.

Walk to Mustavio and talk to him.  

Ask who he is. Mustavio now tells Lydia who and what he is. Then ask Mustavio if he knows how to open the front doors of the Academy. Mustavio does not know. Then ask: "Mustavio, you know if ......", but Mustavio is fed up with it. He now tries to convince Lydia that she has to buy some of his figurines. He says that "without these figures Lydia cannot play the game". Lydia does not have any money, so she cannot buy those figures, now, from Mustavio. 

Close the conversation via the button in the Game interface. Follow the forest path all the way back to the platform of the Academy. So make sure you end up in front of the platform on the forecourt. Below right you see that one staircase of the clock fountain. Now go down a screen, via the left bottom edge of the screen. Lydia walks down and is downstairs at the clock fountain. Here she had agreed with Celeste to meet her, but Celeste is not there. Walk to the right and .... you will now see the Clock Fountain in all its glory.

Open the Doors of the Academy:

Go up the stairs of the fountain. Lydia will then appear at the top in the gazebo. Walk through and Lydia is at the top in the gazebo. Zoom in on the column of the gazebo. 

You see, in close-up, a panel of the column. There is a round "hole" in the panel. Click with your gears on the round hole and .... The Column now turns around and another side of the column is now in front of your nose. You see 4 Golem figurines. They are going to hit the bells.  

 You now have to click on these 4 Golems in a certain order to open the large doors of the Academy. T

through the "Hint system" you can solve the puzzle completely. But of course you do not want to do that. Do the following:

  Click on the top right Golem B. Click on the Bottom Left Golem C. Click on the top-left Golem A. Click on the bottom Right Golem D.

As soon as you have clicked on each of the 4 Golems in the right order, it goes without saying. 

One by one the tube clocks come down and every Golem hits with the hammer on his own tube clock and .... The gigantic front doors of the Academy open. 

Double-click in the now opened entrance of the Academy and Lydia runs towards it and enters the big hall of the Drakonvale Academy. 

Lydia announces her arrival aloud but there is nobody who hears or answers her. Lydia stands at the huge Dragon fountain in the Central Hall. A staircase goes up on the left and right.

  Zak, the "fierce full Wolf"

Double click on the right staircase. Lydia now runs to the right, along the Dragon Fountain and comes to the bottom of the stairs on the right side. 

Do not go up the stairs now. Right next to the stairs is a gallery and there you see a passage to the garden. Double-click that passage and Lydia ends up in the right-hand gallery. Lydia  hears a sound and goes on automatically to the pillar in the passage to the garden. Click on or next to the pillar and Lydia is next to the pillar in the passage to the garden.


Now go to the right, via the arrow that you get at the bottom right, and Lydia is at the bottom of the stairs of the garden gallery. Go up the stairs. 

At the back of the gallery you can now see the gate of the Machine Room. Walk to the gate. Lydia stays in front of the gate because the sound she heard from the engine room before, and she does not trust it very much. Double-click in the gate and Lydia steps inside. 

A boy's voice asked Lydia to  hurry up. Lydia is now in the engine room. Walk to the bottom of the screen. You hear the voice again and now it calls HELP....he asks you to open the door. 

On the left wall of this room is a large cupboard. There are doors in the cupboard. Go with your cursor, from the stone wall, now over the bottom row of doors. On the 3rd door A you get the talk cursor and on the 4th door B the magnifying glass cursor. Above the 3rd and 4th doors you see blue-lit button C. Use your talk cursor on the 3rd door.

So you talk to the person who is locked behind the 3rd and the 4th door in the closet. Ask all the questions you can ask. 

You talk to Zak, a "mighty dragon". Zak says that the blue button, which sits above the doors, is a magical rune stone and that you have to touch it to open the door. Zak did not volunteer to be closed  in the closet. According to Zak, there must be hundreds of students and teachers present at the Academy. If you have requested everything from Zak, you close the conversation screen. 

Now zoom in on the 4th door B with your magnifying glass cursor. In close-up you will see both doors and the rune stone above the doors. Click on the rune stone and ....

  .... Lydia opens the right door and Zak, the WOLF comes rolled out. There is a short conversation between Lydia and Zak. Lydia does not trust Zak completely. 

Zak says that he is actually a beautiful Dragon, but that they have managed  him to drink a potion so that he has now become a Wolf. Lydia does not feel very comfortable, so close to a wolf, so she quickly runs away to the front of the room. Zak follows her and from now on Zak will keep Lydia company and help. Say .... did not Zak say that there was a bunch of keys in the cupboard that he was trapped in?

 So walk back through the bottom screen. The right door A of the "Zak cabinet" is now open. Zoom in on the left door B and then open this left door with your gear cursor. 

A ring with keys hangs from the left partition in the cupboard. Grab the keys. 

You zoom out of the close-up and the inventory screen appears. Close this window. So now you have a key ring with some heavy keys.

Now follow the same route back to the Central Hall.


Now that you have released Zak from the closet, this wolf will go with Lydia. Zak is from now on Lydia's helper. Every now and then Zak and Lydia will talk to each other. This happens automatically and at various predetermined moments. It depends on how quickly you move from screen to screen where exactly these conversations will take place. I will not always report this. These conversations happen automatically and then you can do nothing for a moment. They give you a lot of background information and sometimes you hear a really important fact, mainly from Zak. So always listen carefully to these conversations. You often hear the same conversations several times.

So go back to the Central Hall. In the Central Hall we can now take a closer look at the Dragon Fountain. If you are back in the Central Hall and are in front of the right stairs, go down in the middle below and Lydia will return to the Dragon Fountain. You can now see the Dragon Fountain from a top view. You can click on the Dragon with your magnifying glass cursor. There is a small pillar in front of the Dragon.

View the Dragon. Zak now talks about the history of the Academy and that the Dragon is the symbol of this Academy. Then walk on to the pillar, in the middle of the Dragon. The pillar is a pillar in the form of a "jukebox". In the middle of the pillar there is a large plate with symbols. Zoom in on that. Then view the symbols on the plate. 

Lydia cannot read these signs. According to Zak, this is a magic language and only the students of the Academy can read it. 

Zoom out and walk back to the Right Staircase of this Central Hall. Lydia is at the bottom the right staircase. The staircase consists of 2 parts. Walk up the lower part and then the 2nd part of the stairs. Lydia is then on the intermediate floor. However, there is still a staircase going up. Climb this 3rd staircase.  

  The Library Rooms:  

At the top of the 3rd stairs, Lydia comes into a corridor and right in front of the staircase is a large bookcase against the wall. We call this the "Bookcase corridor". To the left the corridor is a dead-end. So double-click to the right of the bookcase and Lydia goes to the right into the hallway and she stands at the right corner of the bookcase and in a hall. Let's call this hall the "Library Hall". You now also see a Gate and a large staircase in the gate. But you do not want to go there now. There is a wooden chair against the bookcase. Double click on that chair and Lydia goes around the corner to the left and stands next to the bookcase. 

Now you see, behind the bookcase, a staircase that goes down to a lower room. We call that downstairs room the "Lower Library Room". Double click on the stairs and then walk all the way down the stairs to the floor of the room. Lydia is standing at the bottom of the stairs and in front of a large blue tapestry. On the left, the stairs go down to the Water Pump Room, but that will come later. You do not want to go there yet. So double-click on the floor of the room, just above the Game-interface, and Lydia goes into the room to the left and she stands next to the stairs she has just descended. 

Against the stairs is a bookcase and further up you see a wide staircase that goes to the "Upper Library Room". On the right is a niche where there are also bookcases. Double click on that wide staircase and Lydia runs towards it and she is standing at the bottom of that staircase. 

Go up the stairs through the bottom left and you will reach the "Upper Library Room". Continue to the next screen, in the middle below. Lydia now stands for a wide gate that goes to the connecting bridge. On the other side of the connecting bridge is a large bay window. Wait a moment ..... right next to the gate is a bookcase against the wall. An open book is lying on the floor in front of this bookcase.  

  Zoom in on the opened book and then take the Book

There are pages from the book torn and Zak reports that this book is from Mya. Mya is, according to Zak, one of the students who are responsible for him being a wolf now. Lydia cannot read the book. The inventory screen appears and you see the book in it. At the bottom left you now see a purple button. Click on the purple button and the book will be big on your screen. Unfortunately, Lydia cannot read the signs and symbols in the book. You navigate to the next page via the arrow button at the bottom right and you close the book via the "red minus" button at the bottom left. Close the book and then the inventory screen.

  Now double-click in the gate and Lydia continues and then stands in front of the connecting bridge. 

Walk across the bridge to the left, via the bottom left, and we end up at the other side of the bridge and in the bay window.

 De bay window has 3 arches and in each niche there are 2 large wooden pews. In the left arch is also a nice wooden table. Walk to the table in the left arch

It could be that there is still a conversation between Lydia and Zak about the newly found notebook, but this can be done earlier or it will happen later. Zoom in on the table and ......

Zak tells us that this table is a game table for the "Minotaurus Labyrinth" game. It is the game that Mustavio also talked about and that every student should play. Zak explains the game and then the game board appears big on your screen. Unfortunately Lydia cannot play this game right now because she needs those figures from Mustavio and she does not have one. 

Zoom out and then walk to the 2nd, so the middle one, in the niche. "Ahhhh! Finally fresh air", Zak sighs.

Celeste's Pop and Lydia's 1st Vision:

  Lydia is now in the middle niche. There is nothing to do but now you see a staircase in the background. 

Double click on that staircase and Lydia will appear next to the 3rd niche and on the left of your screen you will see that staircase again.  

Click on the stairs again. Lydia now runs through and stands at the bottom of the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a door but we do not really want to go now. To the left of the stairs you see a small green bed. Double-click on the left of the stairs and then on that green bed, Lydia runs back down the stairs and then further along the stairs and then comes to stand next to that little perk. At the bottom of your screen a staircase goes down to the garden. 

Walk down through the middle below and Lydia is at the top of that staircase. You now see a piece of the garden and a garden path.

Double click, on the left of the stairs, on the garden path and ...... 

Lydia runs down the stairs and onto the garden path. Zak follows her and ...... now it goes without saying ....

 Zak smells something and follows his nose and Lydia runs after Zak and she finds .... the Puppet van Celeste. Lydia picks up the doll and ....


Movie ... Lydia now has her 1st Vision. We see Lydia and Celeste as 2 little girls. They swear eternal fidelity. 

Celeste gives Lydia the pendant that you have had in your inventory from the beginning. 

Lydia gives Celeste her most beautiful and favorite Doll. Then we see Celeste and Lydia as 2 teenager at the gate of the Academy. The gate closes and Celeste is gone.

After this Vision movie, Lydia is in the Central Hall and in front of a large gate that is closed by a fence. It is the gate through which Celeste disappeared at the end of the vision. Zak joins Lydia again and Lydia talks about her vision. You cannot open the fence in the gate because the electricity in the Academy is switched off. The inventory screen appears and it now contains the Doll van Celeste. Close the Inventory screen. Through the Doll button you can now, whenever you want and how often you want, watch the movie of the 1st Vision again. \

Chapter 2: The Hall of the Guardians

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.