2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 2: The Upper Floors of the Academy

Chapter 11: The Telescope puzzle:

The Observatory:

Lydia and Zack are back in the Observatory and you can see them standing in the gate of the balcony. Click with your cursor on the stairs, left, and Lydia walks to the stairs. 

Climb the stairs all the way up to the round balcony and then walk a bit further. On the round balcony there is a conversation between Lydia and Zack in which Lydia tells Zack the Legend of the Falling Star. Lydia is now close to the little pillar where you can make the 8 Constellations visible.  Zoom back in on the pillar.

 At the top of the pillar is a large Rune sign button on which you can click. If you do that, a Zodiac sign will be drawn in your screen. You can display a total of 8 different Constellations. But to be able to solve the Telescope puzzle, you only need four constellations. You can know which 4 constellations you should have if you know how to correctly interpreted the Riddle of the 1st Tapestry from the Yellow Room of the Library. I will explain this at the Telescope. For now ..... make sketches for yourself of the 8 constellations that you can make visible with this pillar. You do not need to draw the figures, only the lines that connect the stars in the figures. 

To save you some work, here are the 4 figures you need to sole the telescope puzzle

Have you done with this, then zoom out of the pillar. Walk to the right and climb the next stairs completely to the large Telescope. 

Walk to the back of the Telescope and stand on the Moon Tile. It will be Night again.

Zoom in on the back of the Telescope and you will now find yourself in the most complex puzzle of Keepsake, the:  

Telescope Puzzle:

I will try to explain this puzzle to you, but it is very complicated. If you donít understand my explanation then use the question mark button and ask all the hints and if you still understand nothing of it ... then solve this puzzle by the question mark.  

  • You see a system of rings. Top left of the rings is the viewing glass of the Telescope and bottom left you see a square with 16 numbers. 

  • The Ring system consists of 4 rings in which 16 numbers are also included. Those are the numbers that are also in the square but in the circles they are mixed up.

  • There is a Yellow Ball at the top of the outer ring. By clicking on that Yellow Ball the Ball goes to 3 o'clock, to 6 o'clock, to 9 o'clock and back to 12 o'clock. The Row where you put the Yellow Ball is then the Selected Row.

  • The 16 numbers in the square are 8 coordinates of 4 numbers each. So there are 4 horizontal Coordinates and 4 vertical Coordinates these are the same numbers that you received when you solved the puzzle in the Watch Room cupboard.  

  • Start by naming the 4 circles, where the numbers are, from the inside out, A, B, C, D. The numbers are in the circles in the RAYS of the Circles.

  • So there are 4 RAYS at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Every ray goes from the outside to the inside

Use the Hint system to find out how the circles work. These circles work as follows:

  • If you click in Circle A, the Horizontal numbers, i.e. the numbers that are between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, shift 1 position to the right.  

  • If you click in Circle B, the numbers that are IN circle B move 1 position counter clockwise.  

  • If you click in Circle C, then the Vertical Numbers, ie the numbers that stand between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, slide down 1 position.  

  • If you click Circle D, the numbers IN Circle D shift 1 position clockwise.

If you really want to solve these Telescopes completely and do not want to solve this puzzle via the Hint system, then it is important that you find out how the numbers in the Circles shift when you click in each Circle. For example, try to get the numbers 24, 62, 86, 11 in the 12 hour radius. The order does not matter.

What is the intention?

You're supposed to find the 4 numbers of the Coordinates of the Secret Constellation. And you have to do this now by setting the Coordinates of the constellations Scorpio, Griffin, Mermaid and Minotaurus in one of the 4 Rays of the circles. This must therefore happen one by one. It does not matter if you put the 4 numbers of a Coordinate in the correct order or not

Then you place the Yellow Ball in front of the radius where you placed the Coordinates and then you look through the sight glass and then you see the constellation that belongs to the coordinates at the Yellow Ball. In the constellation click on the RIGHT STAR to highlight the RIGHT NUMBER. The riddle that you have read on the Tapestry in the Yellow Room of the Library tells you which 4 Constellations you need to recognize. Here's this riddle again and this time I have made the words that you need, red:

"Once the gift of a life is considered self-evident

Ultimately, even the heart of the strongest will be hurt.

The spirit will be poisoned by grief and pain.

Until the happiness is only tangible in swirling beautiful memories "

"the gift of life" = This refers to the NAVEL of the Mermaid

"the strongest" = this refers to the Minotaurus and in particular to his strongly muscled arms.

"poison" = this refers to the poisonous sting of the Scorpion (Manticore)

"Whirling" = this refers to the wings of the Griffin.

So the 4 constellations that are involved are the: Scorpion, Griffin, Mermaid and the Minotaurus.  

To save you unnecessary work, I will give you the Coordinates of these 4 Constellations.

      Scorpion = 62, 33, 46, 25.

Griffin = 87, 25, 68, 95.

    Mermaid = 86, 59, 73, 68.

    Minotaurus = 11, 47, 32, 85.

We start with:

Scorpio: (Manticore)

Set the 4 numbers of the Coordinates for Scorpio on one of the 4 Rays of the Circles. It is easiest to always try to get the Coordinates in the 12 hour Radius. Then you do not always have to move the Yellow Ball.  

The Coordinates of Scorpio are: 62, 33, 46, 25. If you have succeeded in putting the numbers 62, 33, 46 and 25 together at 12 o'clock, then click with your magnifying glass on the blue sight glass of the Telescope. In the sight glass you now see a large circle with the Scorpio Constellation. There are numbers again in the edge of the sight glass. 

You now have to click on one of the stars of Scorpio so that the RIGHT NUMBER lights up in the border, so it turns white. The enigma gives you the solution because the riddle refers to the Sting of the Scorpion. So click on the little star at the top left because that is the sting. In the border the number 33 turns WHITE. Do you have this? Then zoom out.

We continue with:


Set the 4 numbers of the Coordinates for Griffin on one of the 4 Rays of the Circles. The Coordinates of Griffin are: 87, 25, 68, 95. Then look in the sight glass again. You now see the Griffin Sign of the Zodiac. The Riddle refers to the WINGS of the Griffin. So click on the top right Star of the constellation. In the border the number 87 turns WHITE

Do you have this? Then zoom out.

  We continue with:


Set the 4 numbers of the Coordinates for Mermaid to one of the 4 Rays of the Circles. The Coordinates of Mermaid are: 86, 59, 73, 68.. Then look in the sight glass again. You now see the Mermaid Zodiac sign. The Riddle refers to the NAVEL of the Mermaid. So click on the right asterisk. In the border the number 73 turns  WHITE  

Do you have this? Then zoom out.

The last one is:


Set the 4 numbers of the Coordinates for Minotaurus to one of the 4 Rays of the Circles. The Coordinates of Minotaurus are: 11, 47, 32, 95. Then look in the sight glass again. You now see the Minotaurus Zodiac sign. The Riddle refers to the Arm muscles of the Minotaurus. So click on the right asterisk. In the border the number 47 turns WHITE  

4 numbers are now white in the edge of the sight glass and that is: 33, 47, 73, 87 and these are the Coordinates of the Secret Star System. You see a movie of a shooting star and you automatically leave the Telescope and Lydia has a Holder with a Fragment of a Star in her possession.  

From the click spot in the Minotaurus system with which you let the number 47 light up, I am not sure because the sight glass went away too quickly and the video started. But you can click on each star and if 47 is not white then you click on another star, after you have first erased the wrong number

I sure hope that you understand this puzzle and my (Louis's) explanation of it. Again .... it is very complicated. Especially to understand how to put the coordinates in the circles because of the peculiar way in which the circles work. But ... as said .... you can always solve this puzzle by the Hint system if you really cannot figured it out any more.

Well ... This puzzle is solved.  Take a look in your inventory to see  whether you really have the Holder with the Fragment of a Star. We now go back to the Office of Nathaniel to solve the "Ship in the Bottle" puzzle. So go back to the front of the telescope and walk over the Sun Tile. It will be day again.  Go down all the stairs to the lower floor of the Observatory and then teleport, via the Blue Teleporter on the balcony, back to the:

Sculpture room:  

Back in the Statue Room you can now first change the season in the Solarium and you do that through the big Glass Globe. Walk from the Blue Teleporter to the front of the Group of Statues. 

I assume that at the end of Chapter 10 you have already activated the Floating Blue Ball, to the right of the Yellow Teleporter. Did you forget that then you need to do this now. Go to the big Glass Globe, on the left behind the Statues. Zoom in on the Globe. In the Globe you can see the big tree that is on the top floor of the Solarium. Behind the globe you see a narrow tower. In the slot, around the Globe, there is a small ball. Because you have activated the Floating Blue Ball at the Yellow Teleporter you can now change the seasons in the Solarium. In the Solarium it is now Summer. You can see this on the tower behind the Globe. Click with your gears on the Globe. In the Globe it is now autumn and also on the tower it is now autumn. Click again on the Globe. In the Globe, and on the Tower, it is now WINTER. Leave it that way.  

Zoom out of the Globe and go back to the front of the Statues. Then go through the steps and then left to the connecting bridge and via the connecting bridge to the office of Nathaniel.

Chapter 12: The "Ship in the Bottle" puzzle:

Office of Nathaniel:  

Lydia stands before the big office of Nathaniel. The Blue Ball floats to the left of the large bottle. Zoom in on the Blue Ball and then click again with your gears.

 Lydia speaks the spell again and also this Blue Ball is activated and therefore also "The Ship in the Bottle". 

Zoom out and zoom in on the big bottle. Then click with your gears on the bottle and ......

 Lydia and Zack now arrive.........


You see everything a little blurry. Next to Lydia is another Bottle. Behind Zack you see a door. First zoom in on the Bottle, next to Lydia. In the Bottle you see a miniature of the Office of Nathaniel. If you click on this bottle now you will return to the office and that is not the intention yet. A Treasure card is located next to the bottle.  

View the treasure map. The sailing boat has to go through the dotted line to the large cross at the top. Try to remember the route that the dotted line takes. So: up, right up, right down, right up,, left up, left up, right up. You have to take this route in a moment yourself. Zoom out. Now click with your gears on the door, behind Zack and ..... Lydia ends up in the:  

Climb the Mountain puzzle:

Lydia stands on a plateau on a mountain. You see 3 stairs.

 Now, according to the route you saw on the treasure map, Lydia must go up the mountain, via a stairway route.  Zack did not come along. Here we go:  

STEP 1 = Go up via the top staircase.

STEP 2 = Go up via the stairs on the right.

STEP 3 = Go down via the stairs on the right.

STEP 4 = Go up via the stairs on the right.

STEP 5 = Go up via the stairs on the left.

STEP 6 = Go up via the stairs on the  left.

STEP 7 = Go up via the stairs on the right and ....  

Lydia is now on top of the mountain and here is a miniature of the Nathaniel Office. Lydia is greeted by Zack. Enter the office through the gate. Lydia is standing in front of the desk.

You now see the 2 drawers, right next to the big chair. There is now a Crank in the upper drawer. Zoom in on the top drawer. 

Then click with your cogwheels on the crank, on the part that sticks into the drawer. 

The Crank turns around a few times but otherwise nothing seems to happen. Do not open the top drawer now but zoom out. Zoom in again on the large bottle that stands on front part of the desk.  Click again with your gears on the bottle and Lydia and Zack now go OUT THE BOTTLE and are back in the real Office of Nathaniel.

Again Lydia stands in front of the desk and again you see the drawers. Zoom back in on the top drawer and ... click with your gears on the top drawer and .... 

NOW the drawer opens. A portrait of Celeste is in the drawer. Grab the Portrait of Celeste. 

You automatically are zoomed out of the drawer and you hear Zack tell you he does not see a portrait of Celeste but a Dragon on a Mountain. Say .... was that not the case also in the Art Classroom.... Then Lydia saw nothing on the painting by Zack. Because you are zoomed out of the drawer you have to zoom in again. You can do that by clicking on the desk with your magnifying glass, to the right of the stack of books. Do that and open the top drawer again. In the drawer is now a thick book with a lion on the cover. You also see a Blue button.  

Click on the Blue Button and ..... you automatically zoomed out of the drawer and .... the large bookcase slides away. Lydia has found a Secret Teleporter.

Use this teleporter and Lydia and Zack end up in the:

Secret Cave:  

We have landed deep underground. There is a Table and, above the steps, a large Bookcase. In this bookcase are books that have different colors.

 Zoom in on the table. There is a letter on the table and next to the letter a Blue Ball is floating. Grab the letter.

You zoom out of the table and Lydia reads the letter to Zack. With this note someone asks forgiveness to Celeste for what he / she intends to do. Nathaniel ??. 

You cannot zoom in again on the table and Zack is annoying in the way so you cannot zoom in on the Blue Ball. So first zoom in on the bookcase. All books in the bookcase are transparent and Lydia cannot touch them. They are GHOST BOOKS, according to a, now, frightened Zack. Lydia wants to ask the Spirit of Nightingale about it. Now Zack floats next to the table and now you can zoom in on the Blue Ball again. Find the table with your cursor until you get the magnifying glass again and click and you are zoomed back in on the Blue Ball. Click on it again with your gears and Lydia speaks the spell again ... but this time it does not help. Lydia cannot activate this Blue Ball with the Dragonus spell. Use the Teleporter to return to the Nathaniel Office.  

Now we are going to do the Paintings puzzle in the Art Classroom. Therefore, Lydia must return to the Art Classroom in the Western Tower. Leave Nathaniel's Office and go over the connecting bridge back to the Statues Room. Now use the Yellow Teleporter and Lydia and Zack end up in the Lookout of the Northern Tower. 

Back in the Lookout Room, click with your white asterisk on the end pillar of the balustrade, to the left of the red teleporter. 

 Lydia is at the top of the narrow stairs. Descend all these stairs now and then go through the transmitter gate and follow the outside route long the tower to the Art Class room

Lydia and Zack are back in the Art Classroom of the Western Tower. Zack tells us something about Nathaniel. We can start on:

Chapter 13: The Art Room, the Smithy and the Ghost Books:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.