2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 2: The Upper Floors of the Academy

Chapter 13: The Art Room, the Smithy and the Ghost Books:

Art Classroom Western Tower

The Paintings Puzzle:  

There are 5 niches in the wall and each of those niches is full of paintings. However, there is painting missing in the left niche, because there is an empty picture frame at the top of the left. In the wall, to the right of the window, is the big Runes button that you have activated here before. Walk back to that Rune sign button and zoom in again. However, make sure that you do not click the button again with your gears, because then you turn this button off and you should not. Now, however, take a good look at the white symbol in the middle of the button. Take a very good look of the symbol because you have to remember this sign.  

Then zoom out again. Now open your Documents inventory via the Green Plus Button and then the magnifying glass button. Click in your Documents inventory on the Tapestry from the Library where the 16 colored circles are placed. In the small inventory screen, click on the purple button to view this tapestry large in your screen. 

At the bottom of this tapestry you can now see the Symbol that is also on the Rune sign button. Now look for the 4 circles on the tapestry in which you also see this symbol and then note the colors of those 4 circles. Do this in the right order, from top to bottom.  

The color order is therefore: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. 

Close all inventory screens and the game interface and then walk back through the middle bottom. On the left is the Easel of Zack in front of the table on which you see the paint pots. When you were here the first time, Zack told me that he painted a Dragon on the canvas that is sitting on the easel. Lydia only saw a blank canvas. Zoom in on the Easel.

 Indeed, we see a Blank cloth on the easel. On the table are 4 big pots with paint. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Now click with your gears on these paint jars in the order of the 4 circles of the tapestry in which you saw the Runic button symbol. So click on: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. Every time Lydia paints a big blob of paint on the canvas that magically turns into a beautiful landscape.  

The painting that Lydia has made disappears from the easel and is placed in the frame at the top of the left painting. You are zoomed out of the easel and look back at the five niches. Zoom in on the 5 niches now. You now see not only the 5 niches but also in a separate screen at the top right, the 2 picture frames that hang in the top of the cupboard. The cupboard stands at the right in front of the niche wall near the window. Number the 5 Niches, from left to right, A, B, C, D, E and name the screen on top right F.  

At the top of Niche A is now the painting of Lydia. Click now, with your magnifying glass, on screen F and ..... you switch to those 2 picture frames.  

In the top right corner is screen F, where you now see the 5 niches. So by clicking on screen F each time you switch back and forth between the cabinet and the 5 niches. What is the intention: Well .... you now have to pick 2 paintings from the niches and place them in the 2 frames of the cupboard. These must be paintings that belong together. For example: Dragon and Fire. In the picture below I have named the paintings that you have to pick out of the niches

let's start. Now click on screen F again to switch back to the 5 Niches:


Bottom left in Niche B is the Flame Rune . Zoom in and grab the Flame Rune from the list.  

Zoom out. Click on Screen F to return to the closet. Click in the frame on left side of the cupboard and the Flame Rune is inserted.  

Click on Screen F again to return to the niches. In the middle of Niche C hangs the Blue Dragon. Zoom in on it and grab the Blue Dragon.  

Zoom out. Click on screen F again to return to the cabinet. Click in the frame on the right side of the cupboard to put the Blue Dragon in it.

Both frames in  the cupboard now turn around and in the left-hand list you see the green Plant Rune and in the right-hand side a Flying Dragon.  

you know how it works now, so I'll describe the next steps less extensively.

Step 2:

Click on the Green Plant Rune. This disappears from the frame, back to Niche B.  Click on screen F. Now take Lydia's painting from Niche A.  

Click on F. Place Lydia's painting in the frame on the left side of the cupboard. Both frames turn around again. 

On the left is now a picture of the Academy and on the right again a Dragon.


Take the Dragon from the right frame. Click on F.

In the middle of Niche E there is a round painting with the black figure of Death .  

Grab the Death. Click on F. Place Death in the frame on the right side. Both frames turn around again.  

On the left now a painting of a forest path and on the right a portrait of Celeste.  

STEP 4:  

Take the Forest path from the left frame. Click on F. Celeste is located at the top left of Niche D. Take Celeste. Click on F.

Place Celeste in the left frame. Both frames turn around again.  

The left-hand frame is now empty and in the right-hand frame you now see, very briefly, a falling star.

A Holder of the Gods now appears on the cupboard containing the Dust of Souls.  

Lydia automatically grabs the holder and reads what is written on the bottom.

you have discovered the hidden item and obtained one of the 4 items again

You are done with the paintings. on to the next puzzles and those are in the Smithy. There are 2 routes you can take, from the art room to the smithy. It is important that you take the right route. Leave the Art Classroom and walk outside to the left, so that Lydia will come to the Transmitter Gate via the stairs. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS GATE, but follow the staircase that goes around the outside of the tower to the Transmitter Gate on the other side of the tower. Go through this Transmitter Gate and then through the gate on the right and climb all the stairs again to the LOOKOUT-ROOM. 

Use the Red Teleporter. Lydia ends up on the balcony with 2 Red Teleporters. Use the front Red Teleporter and Lydia and Zack end up on the balcony of the Tiled Floor Room. 

Enter the tile floor again and walk to the left. The Nightingale Spirit now appears in the Tile Floor Room by the chairs. 

The Spirit tells Lydia that she must hurry to find the missing 2 items. Time is running out. A few question options will then appear. For me these were 2 Hint questions, which I will not use anyway. But you may get other question options. In any case, I did not ask the Spirit for anything, but I simply closed the "conversation" via the button in the game interface.

Continue to the left and then along the Yellow Transporter to the wide steps again. Then follow the route to the top floor of the Atrium and then go to the Blue Teleporter, at the top of the Right Staircase. 

Use the Blue Teleporter and Lydia and Zack end up on the balcony of the Smithy. Go inside.  

The Smithy:

Zack now starts to nag that he wants to be a normal Human again and Lydia promises that she will take care of that. But Zack also says that he couldn’t find nowhere the formula for a drink with which a Dragon can be turned into a Human. However, it is now also necessary that Zack remains a Dragon for a while, otherwise you cannot solve the puzzles here in the Smithy. Three puzzles have to be solved here in the Smithy. The order in which you will do that is not important. Only when you have solved all 3 puzzles will you get the 3rd item you are looking for. Let us first use the fact that Zack is still a dragon and can fly.

Puzzle 1: The Lights puzzle:  

In the wall on the right above the bookshelves is that big circle with 8 niches. Below the bookshelves is the Rune sign button that has already activated. Click on the Rune button again with your magnifying glass. You zoom in again. DO NOT click on the button but immediately zoom out again. Now Lydia stands for the wall and above the bookshelves you can see the big circle with 8 niches again.  

Click with your magnifying glass on the large circle. Zack asks if he should investigate that circle. Lydia herself cannot reach them, so she says: "Of course Zack, go and see, but be careful". Zack now flies up and you are zoomed in in the circle. A flame now appears in 4 niches. The 8 niches are actually lights and you have to make sure that a flame is lit in each light. Number the "lights", from the top clockwise, 1 to 8. 

If you click on one light then this also has an effect on another light. Several solutions are possible. 

If you have not done anything yet then you can use my solution:

Click in 5: 5 goes on and 2 goes off.

Click in 2: 2 goes on and 3 goes on.

Click in 1: 1 goes on and 4 goes off.

Click in 4: 4 goes on and 7 goes on.  

All lights are on but go off again but in the middle of the circle a Blue Flame appears and stays on. 

You will leave the puzzle automatically.

On to puzzle 2. Go back through the middle below. You are back on the overview screen of the smithy. Take a look at the situation. There are 4 ovens, top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. The ovens are connected via the floor tiles that form a CROSS. There is a Pillar in the middle of the cross. There is a Rune sign button in front of  each oven, you can click on that button  

The Rune sign button of the upper left oven is called A, The Rune sign button of the upper right oven is called B, 

The Rune sign button of the lower left oven is called C, The Rune sign button of the lower right oven is  called D.  

You call the pillar in the middle of the cross E.

Puzzle 2: The Pillar puzzle:

Zoom in on pillar E. You see 9 gray circles. If you click on a circle, red Runic characters appear in a number of circles. They are the rune signs that also appear on the tapestry on which you saw the words Fire, Water and Air. You must now make one of these words in the circles, in Rune language. Since we are here in a Smithy, with furnaces, it seems likely to me that you have to make FIRE. Number the 9 circles, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 9:  

Pay attention because it goes fast. Click on these circles in this order: 8, 5, 6, 7, 8 and ...... 

You automatically zoom out and you hear Lydia exclaim that nothing is happening. Do not worry about that. You have solved this puzzle.

 You can check that because you cannot click on pillar E anymore. Now the last puzzle:

Puzzle 3: The Cross puzzle:  

The cross on in the tile floor consists of 2 lanes. Between oven A and oven D all 6 tiles should turn red and between oven B and oven C all 6 tiles should turn yellow. You have to do this by clicking on the Rune buttons A, B, C and D in the correct order. You have to click on a Run button several times, but every time you click on a button you zoom out of the button. 

You then have to zoom in on the button to be able to click on it again.

  STEP 1: Zoom in Rune B. Click this button 3 times. 

After each click you automatically zoom out, so zoom in again. After 3 clicks all Yellow Tiles are out.

            STEP 2: Zoom in Rune button A. Click also 3 times on Rune button A. 

All Yellow Tiles between B and C are then on and all Red Tiles between A and D are off.  

      STEP 3: Zoom in on Run button D. Also use this button 3 times and all Red tiles are on.

 A Golden Holder now appears on pillar E and there is AN ETERNAL FLAME.  

Lydia automatically picks up the Eternal Flame and has a conversation about it with Zack. 

Ok .... you're done in the Smithy. Leave the Smithy via the balcony. On the balcony Lydia does not feel well again and she now gets her:

6th Vision: We see Celeste. Celeste is ill ........ dead sick. Celeste's father almost represses himself in self-pity.  

After the vision, Lydia landed at the Access to the Mountain and here is Zack again. Lydia needs to talk with the Nightingale Spirit about ghost books in the Secret Cave. But the spirit is not here .... The Spirit is in the Tile Floor Room of the Main Tower .... you remember. So walk through the middle under to the Transmitter Gate and go through it. Lydia and Zack are back on the balcony of the narrow tower where you can find the Secret Library. Click on the left of the tower and then walk over the connecting bridge to the Lookout Room.  Use the Red Teleporter again to return to the balcony with 2 Red Teleporters. 

Use the front teleporter and you are back on the balcony of the Tile Floor Room. 

Go inside and walk on to the Spirit that is still floating by the chairs. 

Click with your talk cursor on the Spirit and then first ask the following questions: "Have you found a way to turn Zack back into a person?". After the answer of the spirit you continue with: "I have discovered a peculiar library in a secret room". After the answer of the spirit you say: "Hurry up, you must know the password, it is vital". Now the Spirit tells the spell with which Lydia can activate the Blue Ball in the secret room and with which she can then touch the Ghost Books. The saying is "Nitarius Anoretun". Then ask the spirit the remaining 2 questions, about the Orb and the Sanctuary and then the conversation automatically ends.

 So you have to go back to the Secret Cave to solve the Ghost book puzzle. So first to the Office of Nathaniel. You do this with the Red Teleporters to end up in the Lookout Room. 

Then use the Yellow Teleporter in the Lookout Room to enter the Sculpture Room and then walk over the connecting bridge to the Nathaniel Office. 

Then use the Secret Teleporter in the office and you will be back in the:

Secret Cave.

The Ghost books puzzle:

First, zoom in on the Floating Blue Ball, which floats above the table. Then click on the Blue Ball and Lydia pronounces the new spell and the Ball is now activated. 

The Ghost Books are now also activated. Zoom out and zoom in on the bookcase. The bookcase has 8 shelves. Number the shelves, from bottom to top, so 1 to 8. On each shelf there are Red, Green and Purple books. However, there is also a WHITE book on Shelf 7 and a BLUE book on shelf 1.  

It is intended that you bring the BLUE BOOK up to the WHITE BOOK. So the BLUE BOOK must end up on the WHITE BOOK. You have to do that by clicking on the books that are always on the left and the right against the Blue Book. It goes like this:

  • A Red Book brings the Blue Book up or down.

  • A Purple book always moves the Blue Book 2 positions to the right on a shelf.

  • A Green Book always moves the Blue Book 2 positions to the left on a shelf.

You always click with your Gears on the book that is left or right against the Blue Book and of course we start on shelf 1. Here we go:

STEP 1: Click on the Purple Book. Blue moves 2 places to the right.

STEP 2: Click on the Red Book. Blue goes up to shelf 8.

STEP 3: Click on the Green Book. Blue moves 2 places to the left.

STEP 4: Click on the Red Book. Blue drops to shelf 3.

STEP 5: Click on the Green Book. Blue moves 2 places to the left.

STEP 6: Click on the Red Book. Blue goes to shelf 6.

STEP 7: Click on the Purple Book. Blue moves 2 places to the right.

STEP 8: Click on the Red Book. Blue goes to shelf 5.

STEP 9: Click on the Green Book. Blue moves 3 places to the left.

STEP 10: Click on the Red Book. Blue drops to plank 2 and now stands between 2 Red Books.  

STEP 11: Click on the RIGHT RED BOOK. Blue now lands on Plank 7 and is 2 positions to the left of the WHITE book.  

STEP 12: Click on the Purple Book and .....

The Blue Book is now merging with the White book. All Ghost Books disappear and on board 2 the Magic Book of Grandmaster Nightingale appears which Lydia picks up automatically. 

it's time to turn Zack back into a normal human boy. For this we first have to go back to the Solarium. But we are all going to do this in the last chapter of this walkthrough and that is:

Chapter 14: Make man of Zack again and Chapter 15: Finale

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.