2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 2: The Upper Floors of the Academy

Chapter 14: Make a human of Zack again:

Lydia and Zack are still standing in front of the bookcase in the Secret Cave, where Lydia has just obtained the Magic Book of Nightingale. Use the Teleporter to link back to the Office of Nathaniel and then go back to the sculpture room via the connecting bridge.  If you have not previously changed the climate from summer to WINTER in the large Glass Globe, left behind the Images Group, then do this now. It saves you an extra trip between the Solarium and the Sculpture Room. Use the Yellow Teleporter to link back to the Lookout Room and then use the Red Teleporter to return to the balcony of the Tile Floor Room.

Enter the Tile Floor Room and go the Spirit of Nightingale. Talk to the Spirit again and tell him that you have his Magical Spell Book. 

The Spirit asks him to give him the book and Lydia does that. The Spirit is now writing down how you can turn Zack into a human being and gives back the book. 

The Spirit is now disappearing from the Tile Floor Room. Now follow the route to the Atrium and then, on the right, go through the gate and you are back in the:


The Plants puzzle

it is now winter here, so it’s cold. Go down the stairs behind the tree to the bottom floor and then continue to the Arbour underneath the tree. 

You have to solve the Plants puzzle.  Open your documents inventory and look at the tapestry with the plants. 

Make sure that this tapestry is large in your screen. You must try to interpret what you see on this carpet properly. 

You see Red, Green, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange plants. If you interpret correctly then see that:

  • Red and White do not go together. 

  • Red and Blue do not go together. 

  • Green and White do not go together. 

  • Green and Purple do not go together. 

  • Red and Green go together. Orange, 

  • Pink and Yellow are neutral. 

So you can conclude that the "enemies" of Red and Green are each other's "friends". So they are Blue, White and Purple. It is therefore the intention that you grow White, Blue and Purple flowers. But there are plants that grow in different  seasons. It is now Winter in the Solarium so now you can only grow White and Blue flowers

NB: If you want to find out for yourself which flowers grow in which season you have to change the season 4 times in the Solarium through the Glass Globe in the Sculpture Room. Fortunately, I already did that for you. That is why I advised you to let it be Winter here.

There is a fountain in the Arbour. Zoom in on the Fountain. 

After some explanation from Zack you are zoomed in on the 3 hanging baskets hanging above the fountain. In each hanging basket is now only earth and green leaf. If you click on a hanging basket, flowers grow. In every hanging basket you can get White, Blue and Red flowers, because it is Winter. Now make sure you have White Flowers in one of the hanging baskets and Blue Flowers in a second hanging basket. Leave the 3rd hanging basket empty.  

Purple flowers do not grow in the winter, so you have to change the season now, you have to change it to SUMMER. So zoom out and now go back to the Sculpture Room. You should know the  now. In the sculpture room you go back to the big Glass Globe, behind the Sculpture group. Zoom in on the Globe again and change the Winter into the SUMMER. That is 2 clicks.

 Zoom out and return to the Solarium and zoom in on the Fountain again. The White and Blue Flowers are still in the 2 hanging baskets. 

Click as often as needed in the 3rd hanging basket, the empty one, to get the Purple Flowers and ....  

... a Holder containing a Gigantic Pearl appears that is automatically taken by Lydia. Ready here and on to the Laboratory. Go back upstairs to the tree and leave the Solarium through the gate again and then go through the dark gate to the other side of the Atrium. Climb up the stairs to the top floor of the Atrium and then go to the Red Teleporter at the top of the left stairs. 

Use the Red Teleporter to return to the balcony of the tower in front of the Laboratory. Walk to the front and then via the connecting bridge to the:


Click again with your magnifying glass on the distilling cupboard in the middle of the table. The Owl appears and flies out of the lab, Zack goes behind the Owl and catches the Owl. Zack delivers the Owl to Lydia in the lab. Talk to the Owl and make sure you ask all the questions you can ask the owl. 

The Owl tells us that Nathaniel, Celeste, all students and teachers are in the Holy Chamber. Zack says this Holy Chamber is the Sanctuary. The Owl also tells us that although he is the helper of Nathaniel, he has now become terrible afraid for Nathaniel and that everyone in the Sanctuary is floating in the air. If you have really asked everything of the Owl, Lydia will send the Owl back to his master Nathaniel.

We are going to turn Zack back into a Human and that has to happen in a number of phases. Here we go:


Click again with your magnifying glass on the distiller cabinet. Lydia now cuts off one of Zack's toenails. 

Click again on the distiller cabinet. Then choose from the 2 options: "Brew a potion of Aleunder carrots, a Nigilis fruit and yew leaves" and ....  

Zack is an Wolf again. Lydia takes some wolves mucus from Zack's mouth.

  STEP 2:

Click again on the distiller cabinet. Now choose: "Brew a potion of Taxus leaves, a Headon flower and a Nigilis fruit".

Zack becomes a Cat again and Lydia picks up some Hairs from Zack's skin.


Click again on the distiller cabinet.

Now choose: "Brew a magic potion from Wolves Mucus, Cat’s Hair and dragon claw" and ......  

Zack is a MAN again.  

 Now Zack is human again we can start with:

Chapter 15: Final:

Leave the laboratory through the gate to the connecting bridge and then cross the connecting bridge to the Red Teleporter. Use the Red Teleporter and Lydia and Zack are again on top of the Atrium's Left Stairs. Go to the Tiled Floor Room and from there to the balcony of the Tile Room. Then use the Red Teleporters to get back to the Lookout Room. In the Lookout Room you go to the wide stairs, bottom left, and then over the connecting bridge to the narrow tower. Go to the right side of the narrow tower and look with your cursor for the spot on the wall where you get the gears.

Double-click with your gears and Lydia and Zack go through the hidden Transmitter Gate again and end up at the:

Access to the Mountain:

Walk forward until you are between the stairs. Then go up the right stairs. Lydia and Zack walk together until halfway up the stairs. 

Then click at the top of the stairs and ..... Zack now only goes further because only Zack is allowed to enter the building. Lydia stays outside.

Enter the building through the gate and then walk through the bottom screen. You will see 4 niches in the wall and a Plate above the Niches. Zoom in on the Niches and read what is on the Plate. So click with your magnifying glass on the Plate.

 Zack reads what is on it. It is a mystery and it goes like this: "From the highest heaven to the deepest sea, humanity has managed to turn the elements into its own hands". Ok .... do you understand the riddle? Well:

  • Upper Heaven refers to the Fragment of a Star (Meteorite).

  • Deepest Sea refers to De Pearl.

  • Humanity refers to The Dust of Souls.

  • Elements refers to The Eternal Flame.

Zack must now place the 4 Holders containing the 4 elements in the Niches and this must be done in the correct order. Number the 4 niches, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Look in your Items inventory in which holder is which element. So watch what they look like. Then do this, the order does not matter that much:

Niche 1: Click in Niche 1 as often as necessary to place the Fragment of a Star (Meteorite) in it.

Niche 2: Click in Niche 2 as often as needed to place The Pearl in it.

Niche3: Click in Niche 3 as often as necessary to place The Dust of Souls in it.

Niche 4: Click in Niche 4 as often as necessary to place The Eternal Flame in it  

If the right holder has been placed in all four alcoves then you automatically return to Lydia, at the bottom of the stairs at the closed gate. You can now start:

Open the Gate of the Sanctuary:  

Zoom in on the big Circle that is on the Gate. In the circle you see 10 Ornaments and in the outer circle there are 10 Star buttons. You can click on each Star button. The points of the Star Buds are White and Gray. It is intended that you make all 10 Ornaments and the outer edge of the circle light up. You have to do this by clicking on the 10 star buttons in the correct order.

 Number the star buttons, from above and then clockwise, as 1 to 10. 

Then click on the star buttons in this order:

1, 1, 3, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 9, 10, 10

and ..... the gate is "open". The circle is now such a swirling blue Transmitter gate. 

Click with your magnifying glass and ... Lydia and Zack end up in:


Lydia automatically continues through the hall. All students and teachers are here but they are motionless. Lydia walks on and arrives at the Altar. 

On the altar is ..... Celeste and ..... Celeste is dead. Behind the altar stands Nathaniel and Lydia touches Nathaniel in an attempt to stop what Nathaniel is doing. We now get into a white world and see the altar, Nathaniel and Lydia Nathaniel tells us that with the Orb he has collected the memories that everyone has on Celeste and is now trying to bring Celeste back to life. Unfortunately there are not so many memories of Celeste and Nathaniel is angry about this. Lydia then proclaims that she wants to prove "That Nathaniel is wrong” and you have control again.  

  • There are 6 balls on the altar.

  • Each sphere contains a reminder of Celeste.  

  • They are small pieces of the 6 visions that Lydia has experienced.

What should you do now?

You have to click on those 6 balls in the right order. Each time you see a fragment of the vision and then there is a conversation between Lydia and Nathaniel in which Lydia proves the wrong of Nathaniel. You always have to zoom in on the balls and then click with your magnifying glass on the right ball and then click with your gear on that ball.  

Zoom in on the 6 balls and number them, from left to right, 1 to 6:  

The correct order in which you have to click on the bulbs is: 3, 6, 2, 1, 4, 5

So you first click with your magnifying glass on a sphere and then with your gears. Every time you click on a Sphere with your gears, you see a short piece of a Vision. Then you automatically return to Lydia and Nathaniel and you hear the conversation between them about that piece of Vision.

Then zoom in again on the spheres and click on the next sphere and repeat until you have clicked on the last sphere.

After you have clicked on all the balls you will see the FINISH. We are at Celeste on her dying day and at the end of this vision Celeste is dead. 

Hereafter, Lydia and Zack are on one of the connecting bridges for the last conversation between them. 

You see a falling Star in the starry sky and after that a constellation of stars.

Is it the 

Stars of Celeste?


2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.