2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 1: The Lower Floors of the Academy:

Chapter 2: The Hall of the Guardians

Provide Power:

To the left of the large gate you see a box on the wall. Zoom in on that box. In close-up you can see that there is a large handle for the box. Click with your gears on the handle and ..... 

No ... the fence in the gate does not open. Zak says that the power supply for all devices is in the Machine Room and that the Administrator is the only one who knows where the Machine Room is and has the key for it. You are zoomed out of the close-up.

Lydia must therefore turn on the power supply at the Academy and for this she has to find the Machine Room. So we are back in the Central Hall. You must now return to where you found Celeste's doll. First go back to the right-hand side of the Central Hall via the bottom right and then right, then go up the stairs again to "Bookcase corridor", 

From the "Bookcase corridor"  follow the route  via the "Lower Library Room" and the "Upper Library" Room ", back to the Bay window where the" Minotaurus Labyrinth "game is located. Then onto the green garden bed and then down to the garden path. Lydia is then under the spot where the green bed is and for a green tree. Continue to the left, until the end of this garden path and you are back where the Doll of Celeste was. In the corner you now see a Door. It is the door to the Cellar:  

Double click on the door. Lydia then walks on and stands on top of the staircase that goes to the cellar door. Double-click on the door again and Lydia descends the stairs and she stands in front of the cellar door. Click with your gears on the door and Lydia opens the door and steps through and she is at the top of the Basement stairs.

The Storage Basement:

The Basement has many rooms and it is quite a bit of a maze. You will often have to come back here during the rest of the game. So try to remember the layout of the basement floor. Go down the stairs via the bottom right. Lydia and Zak are then in the upper cellar space. Zak gets a bit scared of the dark and according to him ghosts wander around in the basement. Double-click in the corner left above Lydia and she comes to the top of the next staircase that goes down to the next basement.  

Click at the bottom of the screen with the arrow that you get there to descend the stairs. Lydia then stands against the balustrade. At the bottom left you see just a bit of the next staircase that goes down further. Continue to the left, via the arrow that you get just above the Game interface. Lydia then continues to the left and then stands for an archway. Double-click in that archway.

You go through the arch and you are right next to a stack of crates. Double click on the left of the stack of crates and Lydia runs into the left corner and ends up at the wall. Against the wall are the Boxes of Mustavio.  

Zoom in on Mustavio's crates. You will then see the boxes in close-up. 

You cannot open the boxes of Mustavio and you cannot pick up anything here, but you have now made sure that later when Lydia is somewhere else. A certain event will occur that will not take place if you do not zoom in on Mustavio's crates now.  

Close the close-up and go back to the stack of crates by clicking middle below and double-click on the right side of the stack of crates. Lydia is back at the stairs. Walk via the bottom of the screen and Lydia is at the top of the next staircase, look down to the next floor. Double click on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and Lydia also descends this staircase. On the right is a box next to an archway. Double-click in that archway and Lydia runs towards it. Another staircase goes down and Lydia is now at the top of this staircase.

Double click on the stairs in the archway and Lydia descends the stairs and then you go down through the middle below and on the next screen you continue via the middle below. You can then continue to the right or via bottom screen. Go to the right and Lydia will come to a wall with a big crack. Listen to what Lydia tells Zak.  

Lydia says the wind is blowing through the crack and that this is the sound that Zak is so afraid of. Double-click again in the crack and ...... 

Lydia and Zak will walk through the crack in the wall and .... they will crash down and land at the floor next to the underground river. Unfortunately, due to the fall, Celeste's music pendant is now broken. Lydia is inconsolable and she picks up all the parts and she and Zak walk to the right. The inventory screen appears and you can now see that the pendant is indeed broken. Close the inventory screen.

Waterway of the Academy:

Walk to the right, via bottom right and .... Oops .... what big. You now see the river and at the end the "lock" with the large revolving water wheel. You also see a gate. Double-click in the gate and Lydia runs through and comes to a halt immediately in front of the gate. Double-click again in the gate and Lydia continues and you will see a staircase in the gate.  

Go down the stairs by double clicking with the arrow that you get in the right center. Lydia then runs down the stairs and through the next gate and stands outside on the "balcony" in front of the big water wheel. Behind Lydia you'll see the Machine room door. Donít go to the door on the right but go to the left via the middle below.  

You then see another gate and in the wall to the right of the gate, 2 weights are hanging in the wall. Double-click on those weights and..... Lydia runs towards it and she stands for the weights. 

You also see a Gear mechanism that does not work at the moment. The river must supply the Machines in the Machine Room with energy and this is done via the gear mechanism. Because this cogwheel mechanism is now switched off, the river now does not supply the machines with power. A restart of the cogwheel mechanism is therefore necessary in order to lead the water back to the engine room, which means that one of the machines will be switched on again. Zoom in on the 2 weights in the wall. Zak warns Lydia to stay away from it, but Lydia does not care. You are now in the:  

Weight Puzzle:

You see 2 niches. In each niche a weight is hanging on a chain. The stripes in the niches indicate the positions on which you can hang the weights. At this moment both weights are hanging in their niche at the lowest position. Above each niche you see a wooden turning wheel. A small lever is placed to the left and right next to both wooden wheels.

 In the wall, between the two niches, there is a large round button and at the level of that button there are also 4 small round lights. The intention is that you first get the two weights between the lights and then lower them all the way down. Of course you can have this puzzle solved by the Question Mark, but it is more fun to do it yourself. 

Name the wooden wheel on the left Wheel A, the right wooden wheel you call Wheel B. The large round button you call C. Number, from left to right, the 4 small levers 1, 2, 3, 4.  

Solve this puzzle as follows:

  • STEP 1 = Click B. The right weight goes up completely.

  • STEP 2 = Click 3. The left weight goes up 3 positions and then hangs between the 2 lights that go on. 
    The right weight drops 3 positions.

  • STEP 3 = Click 1. The left weight sinks back down to the bottom position.

  • STEP 4 = Click 3. The left weight rises 2 positions and the right weight falls to the bottom position.

  • STEP 5 = Click on B. The right weight rises all the way up again.

  • STEP 6 = Click 3. The Left weight rises 1 position and the right weight drops 1 position.
    Both weights now hang between the lights and all 4 lights come on.

  • STEP 7 = Now click on C and .... 

Both weights now drop down to the bottom position at the same time and the 4 lights go out again and ......


You can now see that one of the machines is running in the Machine Room and you are automatically zoomed out of the puzzle. 

The cogwheel mechanism is now operational again and Zak says that you now have to start the next machines in the engine room. Now go back to that door on the other side of the big waterwheel, so double click on the left edge of the screen. Lydia comes to stand in the gate next to the Weights. Double-click again on the left side of the screen and Lydia continues and then stands on the "bridge" behind the water wheel. You see that big door again. It is the door of the Machine Room. Walk to the door. 

Click with your gears on the door and .... Lydia puts the garden tools away, which is against the door. 

Click again with your gears on the door and .... Lydia opens the door and steps through and she and Zak now end up in the:

 Machine room of the Academy:

Here in the Machine Room there are 5 machines and 8 gray metal pillars. You have switched on 1 of the 5 machines via the puzzle weights. You also have to start the other 4 machines and you have to do that via the 8 gray pillars. Now let's first look for the 5 machines and 8 gray pillars. 

Walk down the steps and to the next screen via the bottom of the screen. Lydia is standing by the ladder and in the corner, behind the ladder, is a machine. In the foreground you see a gray metal pillar. The machine in the corner is Machine 1 and this pillar is Pillar A. Walk through another screen to the left via the left side of the screen.

You now see the machines 1 and 2 and the gray pillars A and B. Now walk through the bottom of the screen twice. You come to the stairs. There is a staircase going up and a staircase down. 

Go down the stairs and you will come to Machine 3 and Pillar C. 

Machine 3 is the machine that you switched on via the Weight Puzzle. Go back up the stairs and go up the other stairs. Halfway up the staircase you reach Pillar D. 

Continue up the stairs via the bottom right and then continue to the right. You are then at Machine 4 and Machine 5. In Machine 4 stands Pillar E. In front of Machine 4 stands Pillar F

Go to the right and.......In front of Machine 5 stands Pillar G and Pillar H.

 You now know where all 8 pillars are. Zoom in on one of the pillars now. After Zak tells you something about it, you see the top of the pillar. Every pillar looks like this.  

So it is a ring with a handle. You see a schedule of the 5 machines and the pillars. The cogwheels are the machines and the circles are the pillars. The lever is at position 0 and that is now for each of the 8 pillars the case. You can move the lever to positions I, II and III by clicking on those positions with your gear cursor.

Those 8 pillars are Regulators and each of the 5 machines is connected to each other via the 8 regulators. So you have to put the lever of each regulator in the right position and if you do that at the last regulator then all machines will go on. The hint system explains all this. But if you let the whole puzzle be solved by the question mark then you only see the last step of the puzzle. You will not see all the previous steps. I will give you the right solution here:  

We start with:

  • Pillar H: Set the lever to position III.

  • Pillar G: Set the lever to position I.  

  • Pillar F. Put the lever in position II.

  • Pillar E: Set the lever to position I.  

  • Pillar D: Set the lever to position III.

  • Pillar A: Set the lever to position III.  

  • Pillar B: Set the lever to position III

  • Pillar C: Put the lever in position II and .....

All machines now switch on and work again, this has restored the power supply. 

So you are at Machine 3 and Pillar C. Go back up the stairs to Machine 4 and then go through the already opened door at the left and then walk through the middle below. 

You are back in the closet room where you have set Zak free out of the closet. From here you follow the route back to the Central Hall. You have done this before, so that should not be a problem now.

Lydia's 2nd Vision:

When you are back in the Central Hall you walk down to the Dragon Fountain so that you can see the Dragon from above. Then double-click on the floor of the Central Hall, just above the head of the Dragon and Lydia goes up and stands again next to the Dragon Fountain and looks back at the large Gate. Walk to the gate and when Lydia is back at the gate then you zoom in again on the big handle on the left of the gate. Click again with your gears on the lever and ....

 this time the fence in the gate will open. By itself you are zoomed out of the handle and you hear Zak say where you will come when you will go through the gate. 

Double click in the gate and then do that again and......


Lydia goes through the gate and then automatically climbs up the gigantic stone staircase. But halfway up the stairs Lydia stays and ... 

Lydia now gets her 2nd vision and in this we see Celeste and her father Nathaniel. It is a fairly long vision again, so look at it carefully. 

Hereafter Lydia is in a corridor standing in front of a staircase. Zak joins her again and tells us that we have arrived at the Whispering Staircase.

The Whispering Staircase:

There is another conversation between Lydia and Zak that you just listen to carefully. In the left wall of the corridor you see a gate. Click with your gears in the gate. 

Lydia walks towards it and you see that there is a heavy stone door in the gate. There is no lock or door handle in or on the door, so there is no possibility to open the door. Zak says that you can only open this door with Magic Force. This Stone Door is the door of the Chamber of Triumph where you will take the 3rd Exam. But that will come later

Walk back to the stairs. Double click on the stairs. Your screen changes and you see Lydia and Zak at the bottom of the stairs. Walk up through the middle below. Lydia and Zak walk up the bottom stairs and end up on the middle "balcony" of the Whispering Staircase. To the right is a deep recess which is screened off with a balustrade. Click with your magnifying glass above the balustrade to zoom in that deep niche. However, Zak refuses to look into that niche. In the niche you can see enormous tube clocks hanging. 

You zoom out again. Now double click on the rest of the stairs and Lydia will be there. Climb further up and .....

. At the top of the Whispering Staircase Lydia comes to a huge double Blue Door. Of course she knocks on the door.  

A heavy voice asks who this is who wants to get access to the Hall of Guardians. Lydia rushes back from the top stairs and then says her name. The heavy doors open and Lydia and Zak walk back up the stairs.

The Hall of the Guardians:  

Walk through the open big blue doors into the round hall. Now the game goes by itself for a little while. 

In the middle of the hall are the 3 giants Golems. They are the 3 Guards of the Top Floors of the Academy. They are here on behalf of Nathaniel. Only students and staff members are allowed to continue to the highest levels of the school. Newbies like Lydia, are not allowed to go to the highest floors of the school. Lydia talks about this with Zak. She now starts to seriously doubt Zak. Does he tell the truth? Is Zak, as he always tells, an enchanted Dragon and the confidant of a teacher or a stu

If you have control over Lydia again, talk to each of the 3 Golems. It does not matter in which order you do that. Ask every Golem every questions you can ask and you will then know what you need to do to continue on to the Higher Floors.

To go to the Higher Floors, Lydia must undergo the 3 Trials.So she has to come to an exam for every Golem and that Exam has to get themDe Golems explain for which exam each of them is responsible and what Lydia has to do to be able to do their exam.

The 3 Exams are:

1 = The Test of Allegiance. This exam tests Lydia's general knowledge of the Drakonvale Academy

2 = The Test of Wisdom. This test tests Lydia's mind.    

3 = The Test of Triumph. This exam tests Lydia's courage.

 The Golems also say that for every trial there is a Stone Door that can only be opened by means of magic and that a Spear is also needed.

The Administrator Key:

When you have asked the 3 Golems all there is to ask, you go back down the Whispering Stairs to the corridor at the bottom of the 2nd stage. 

You will then be back at the Stone Door of the Chamber of Triumph. Walk through the middle below and then descend the next stairs and when you have reached the bottom you walk through the bottom of the screen. You see a window. Zoom in on the window

Lydia looks through the window into the dining room. 

There is another conversation with Zak who suddenly runs away because he thinks he hears "something". Zak, however, returns after a few moments. 

Walk to the left and then descend the next staircase. There is then a key on the ground. Zoom in on the key. 

There is a number engraved in the key, 24345. Lydia asks if Zak knows where this key fits. Zak says he does not know. Grab the Key and close the inventory screen.

Continue through the middle below and then down another flight of stairs. Lydia then stands at the 2nd Stone Door and this is the door of the Chamber of Loyalty where you will be going to take the 1st Exam. Continue here in the middle and descend the rest of the stairs and Lydia steps back through the Gate into the Central Hall.

 We are going on in:

Chapter 3: The 1st Exam: The Test of Allegiance:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.