2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 1: The Lower Floors of the Academy:

Chapter 3: The 1st Exam: The Test of Allegiance:

Back in the Central Hall you walk again to the Dragon fountain. Make sure you see the Dragon Fountain from above. At the top left, you can just see the bottom part of the Left Central Staircase. Double click there and Lydia runs towards  and then she stands at the bottom of the stairs. This left staircase has only 2 parts. Climb all the way up and go right into the hallway.

You will then see large "pews". Double click on the "pews" and Lydia walks in that direction. You will then see a large "church door".  

Click with your gears on the door and ..... Lydia automatically uses the small copper key to open the door and together with Zak she now lands

The office of the Manager:  

You see the desk. On the desk is a parchment and 2 scrolls. Zoom in on the parchment. You come into the close-up and see that the parchment is heavily damaged. 

There are large blue letters on the parchment,  the letters are m b f x. However, 2 letters have disappeared. Would it be a code? Take the parchment. 

There is a conversation between Lydia and Zak and you automatically leave the close-up. Zak becomes more and more entangled in his fabrications and half-truths. You can now see the room from the entrance door and see Lydia and Zak standing behind the desk and a huge wall map.

 Zoom back in on the desk and on the 2 scrolls that are still on the desk. Grab the scrolls. 

An unfinished letter from the Administrator to the Master will now appear in your screen. 

The Administrator writes that he, according to the instructions of the Master, has turned off the energy system and has locked all doors. 

Close the letter and then the inventory screen. Behind Lydia is a small cupboard in the corner. There is a staff against the cupboard. Zoom in on it and grab the Staff. 

You now have the Staff of Lydia and this is the "Wooden Spear" that the Golems were talking about and with which Lydia can open the 3 Stone Doors of the 3 Test Chambers. In the right corner is a Large Cabinet. Move your cursor over that cupboard from bottom to top. You get your magnifying glass on the second box from below. 

So zoom in on that box and .... you end up in the:  

Safe puzzle:

A diadem is in the safe. With the help of this Diadem, Lydia will be able to read the Runic Language. But then she has to take the Diadem out of the safe and the safe has to be opened. You see 5 number boxes. The number 1 is now in each box. There is a key under each box. By clicking on the keys below the boxes you change the number in that box. At the top right is the big key to open the safe door. Number the 5 keys, or the 5 boxes, 1 through 6, from left to right.

Click on each of the 5 keys and then see which box changes which key. You find out that:

  • Key 1 turns boxes 1 and 4.  

  • Key 2 turns boxes 2 and 3.

  • Key 3 turns boxes 3 and 5.

  • Key 4 turns box 4 and 2.  

  • Key 5 turns box 5 and 1.  

  • Key 6 opens the box

Now the right code. The code is a 5-digit number. You have seen a 5-digit number. On the small copper key and that number is 24345. So you have to put 24345 in the boxes. There are several possible solutions and the easiest way is to have it solved via the question mark. If you donít want to do that, here is my solution. First go out of the safe and then zoom in again. As a result, all boxes are reset and the number 1 is shown in each box. Now do the following:

STEP 1: Click 3 times on key 4. In the boxes there is 12141.  

STEP 2: Click 2 times on key 2. In the boxes there is 14541.  

STEP 3: Click 3 times on key 3. In the boxes there is 14342.  

STEP 4: Click 3 times on key 5. In the boxes there is 24345 and this is the correct code.  

STEP 5: Now click on the big key 6 and .... the safe door opens.  

Take the Diadem out of the safe. 

You have found the most valuable asset of the Manager. With the help of the Diadem, Lydia can now read the Runic Language and she tries this right out on the big wall map. 

Zak asks Lydia if she could also read the Notebook, the notebook that you found earlier but that is full of Rune signs.

So open the documents section, via the green plus button and then the magnifying glass button, and click on the Notebook. 

Read the 2 pages of the notebook by clicking on the round purple button of the inventory screen. 

You are now reading about the Transformation Potions with which a living creature can be transformed into a dragon. 

You read that the student wanted to try the drink on a girl. Tell ... would Zak have been that girl ??? Close all screens when you have finished reading.

Do you remember the Rune plate that sits on the column in front of the Dragon Fountain? Now Lydia can read the Rune script, she also wants to know what exactly is on that plate. So leave the Administrator's Office. Zak and Lydia believe they hear a sound as soon as they leave the office. Walk to the left into the hallway and then descend the 2 steps of the left central staircase and walk back to the front of the Dragon fountain in the Central Hall. So make sure you see the Dragon Fountain from above.

If you have not done it before in Chapter 1, it is now a good time to click on the big Dragon with your magnifying glass. Zak tells you then something about the Dragon and about the history of the Academy and this knowledge you need immediately at the 1st Exam. Then double-click on the pillar that is in front of the fountain and Lydia will stand there again. Click twice with your magnifying glass on the plate with Rune signs and .....

 Lydia now read aloud for what is written on the plate. Zoom out and return to the Gate to the Whispering Staircase, behind the Dragon Fountain. It is high time to take the 1st Exam.

The 1st Exam: The Test of Allegiance

Go through the big gate and then up the 2 lower wide stairs. You arrive on the first floor of the Whispering Staircase. 

Walk to the right and Lydia stands before the Stone Door of the Chamber of the Test of Allegiance. 

The Golems in the Hall of the Guards have explained what the procedure is to open the Stone Doors of the 3 Test Chambers. If you no longer know this, or have forgotten to ask the Golems, first go back to the 3 Golems, at the top of the Whispering Staircase in the Hall of the Guards, and ask it again at the Golems. The procedure is as follows: "Turn the Staff 3 times and then tap the ground with the end of the Staff, then point with the tip of the staff to the Jewel in the door". Ok ... you do not have to do this yourself. Lydia does it automatically. 

Click with your Cogwheels on the Stone door and ...... 

Lydia performs the trick with her Staff and ... the Stones By shattered and the 1st Exam Chamber is now open. 

So enter the room through the open gate and ..... We are in the:

Chamber of Allegiance:

Lydia is then on a balcony. At the balustrade of the balcony is a pillar with a blue Globe on it. At the bottom right of your screen you see a Lion and a Snake. Click with your Magnifying Glass on the Lion or on the Snake. Lydia walks to the Blue Globe pillar and then has a conversation with Zak. 

Zak says something annoying about Nathaniel and Lydia gets a bit angry about that. You will then automatically enter the Exam Screen:

You stand in front of the Blue Globe pillar and look at 3 animal heads, a "Goat", a Lion and a Snake. Click with your question mark on one of the 3 animal heads. It does not matter which one. The "Goat" will ask the 1st question, the Lion asks the 2nd question and the Snake asks the 3rd question. Each time you get 5 possible answers and from this you choose the correct answer.

Question 1: The Goat asks what the 3 basic principles of the Academy are. Answer = Wisdom, Power and Balance.  

Question 2: The Lion asks what you are willing to sacrifice to become a great sorcerer. Answer = Time.  

Question 3: The Snake wants to know what happened to Wizard Nightingale. Answer = He learned that absolute power without proper wisdom has no true value.  

  After answering the 3rd question correctly, you will see one of the Golems in the Hall of the Guardians withdraw from the platform between the 3 Golems in the floor. 

Lydia has passed her 1st Exam.

Go through the gate back outside and then through the bottom screen back down the 2 lower wide stairs of the Whispering Staircase again. Via the Big Gate again into the Central Hall and go to the Right Central Staircase. Climb all 3 steps of the Right Central Staircase up and Lydia is  back in the "Bookcase corridor". Turn right again into the hallway and you will again be in the "Library Hall". Now double click on the stairs in the left gate and Lydia runs towards it and then stands up, or just before, the stairs. 

Climb all the way up and at the top you come to a Wooden Door, next to the huge round window. Click with your Gears on the Wooden door and..........

Lydia and Zak go through the door and then stand on an outside ledge, high on top of the towers. Walk to the left, via the arrow that gets you above the green button of the Game interface. Lydia runs to the left but .... Zak is not going. Zak retreats to the right of the end of the ledge. Lydia runs back and asks Zak what is going on. Zak .... the mighty Dragon / Wolf, has a fear of heights and actually does not dare to go any further. Go left again and you will see the large front view of the towers of the Academy.  

Left, around the corner, you see the next Wooden Door. Double click there and Lydia runs through and around the corner and then stands at that Wooden door. Zak also comes, but Zak runs on to the left. Click with your Gears on the Wooden Door and Lydia and Zak go through this door again and are back inside again. They are on a connecting bridge. Walk to the bottom of the screen until you see Documents on the bridge. Zoom in on the Documents and grab them. 

It is the pages that have been torn from the notebook and you can read how to grow a Nigilis Tree and how to brew a Nigilis drink. You can read the pages again in the inventory screen. Close all screens and walk over the bridge, down the stairs and then click with your Gears on the Stone Door of the:  

  Chamber of Wisdom:

Lydia does her trick with the Staff again and this stone door is also shattered. Go through the gate into the room and ....... Lydia ends up on a balcony again. 

There is a hole in the balustrade of the balcony and Lydia wonders how in heaven's name she can go to the other side to reach the upper balcony. You will see a total picture of the room.

You see a staircase from the lower balcony on the other side to the upper floor on your side. Zak says that the teachers must always move the stairs to go to the other side. That is what has to happen. You have to move the Stairs and the Bridges to reach the upper balcony on the other side. But Lydia cannot do that alone. You see a big handle on the balcony. That handle is at the balustrade on the right side of the hole. Zoom in on the Handle and click on it with your Gears and ..... 

You see that the Stairs is being moved and becomes a connecting bridge. Zoom in on the lever again and click on it again .... 

Unfortunately .... a 2nd time nothing happens. Zak now says that you have to brew "his" magic potion.  

2 people are needed to move the Stairs and the bridges in the Chamber of Wisdom. So Lydia first has to turn Zak into a creature that can help her with the stairs and the bridges. Lydia has to start brewing the metamorphose potion, but for this she has to start looking for all the ingredients first

Leave the room of wisdom again and walk back over the bridge and through the wooden door back to the outside ledge. Zak runs straight through to the left. 

Follow Zak to the left and then go through the Stone gate in the large round window and Lydia and Zak are now in:

1st Study Room:

Walk further through the middle below. In the floor of the room there is a large metal plate. There is, in Rune signs a story written on the Plate.  

Click with your magnifying glass on the Plate and Lydia reads what is written on it. She reads the story of the Winter Owl and Nightingale. After this you walk to the left, via the arrow that you get again above the green button of the Game-interface. In the left wall is a large wooden door. Click with your magnifying glass on the door and ...... 

Lydia asks Zak why there is a puzzle hidden in this door. Zak and Lydia talk about this for a moment and then you end up in the:  

Dragon puzzle:

You see 3 Green and 3 White Dragons. The Green Dragons are placed on 3 white squares and the White Dragons are placed on 3 green squares. In the middle is 1 empty brown box. Well ... it seems clear to me. 

You have to move the Green dragons to the right and the White Dragons to the left so that the White Dragons are on the white squares and the Green dragons are on the green squares. Then the door will open. 

Number the Green Dragons, from left to right, G1, G2, G3 and the White Dragons W1, W2, W3. 

If you are going to slide with the dragons, the dragons will keep the number you gave them. By clicking on a Dragon the Dragon moves1 box to the left or to the right. Here is the right solution. Click on:

G3; W1; W2; G3; G2; G1; W1; W2; W3; G3; G2; G1; W2; W3; G1, and ......  

The door opens and an Owl flies into the hall. Zak gets scared and screams. The Owl flies away over Lydia's head. 

Go through the now opened door. Lydia ends up on a balcony. Go through the next gate and then follow the corridor through the middle below. You are then on a connecting bridge. Below you can see the connecting bridge between the Bay window and the Upper Library Room. Walk through and go through the next gate. Youíre  then outside on an ledge. Walk through the middle below and ..... 

You get a beautiful view of a part of the garden, deep under you.  

Zak is running through again, around the corner. Follow Zak around the corner and then go back through the gate into the large round window. You are now in the:

2nd Study Room:

This room is on a large balcony above the Central Hall. In fact, this balcony is above the Big Gate, so above the entrance of the Whispering Staircase. In front of the bookcases, which are on the right side of the wall, there is another Metal Plate in the floor. There are 4 tables and on the table at the bottom left are some documents. Click with your magnifying glass on the Metal Plate. 

Lydia runs towards it and reads the next part of the story about the Winter Owl and the Nightingale. When she is done with this, double click on the table at the bottom left. Lydia walks to the lower left table, but before she gets there you will be granted a view through the Central Hall. Then Lydia is at the table where the documents are on. Zoom in on the documents. Grab the Documents. 

It is again a page of the notebook and in this you read about a Talking and Walking Tree and about the Crown Flower. This crown flower is the last ingredient for the transformation of over drinks. Close all screens if you have read this page again.

Look for Mustavio again:

Lydia's Music Pendant must now finally be made and Mustavio is needed for this. Lydia must therefore talk to that Mustavio again. You now have to follow the entire route back to the floor of the Central Hall. So first go back to the 1st reading room and then back out through the gate in the round window of the 1st study room. 

Then follow the outside ledge to the wooden door on the right and enter through that wooden door again. 

Step down to the "Library Hall" and then through the "Bookcase corridor" to the Right Central Staircase. Go down the 3 steps of the Right Central Staircase to the floor of the Central Hall. Make sure you are back in the top view of the Dragon Fountain and then double-click in the middle of the screen. You then look through the opened front doors into the Central Hall. Double-click again in the middle and Lydia will be in the front doors and look at the Gazebo.  

Go outside and then walk down the steps of the platform and then go to the right. Click between the trees on the path and then follow the forest path to the river. 

Mustavio is still on the spot where you found him in Chapter 1 as well. Talk to Mustavio. You have to be smart about this conversation.  

Do not ask if Mustavio can repair the hanger. Now ask first all the questions in Capital letters Through all options with Capital letters you learn that Mustavio wants to have his crates and wine barrels back from the basement of the Academy. However, Mustavio is not a student, so he may only go in under the guidance of a teacher or the Administrator. He asks Lydia if she wants to look for the Administrator. If you have used ALL options with the Capital letters, the conversation will probably will end abruptly.

Immediately talk to Mustavio again and ask now: "I have broken my hanger, can you fix it?" Mustavio, however, wants to buy the broken hanger, but Lydia obviously does not want to sell the pendant. Mustavio would like to repair the hanger, provided Lydia can provide him with new parts to replace the broken parts. Then say: "I have not found the administrator yet".

Mustavio now wants to make a deal with Lydia. If Lydia can tell him where his crates and wine barrels are and if she can ensure that he can cross the river with his wheelbarrow, then Lydia will get the figures for the "Minotaurus Labyrinth" game from Mustavio. You already found the Boxes of Mustavio when you were in the cellars of the Academy. So say: "Mustavio, I found the boxes".  

Lydia now tells where Mustavio can find his crates and your screen will turn black for a moment. Then we are back by the river and the conversation is over again. Lydia must now search for the wine barrels of Mustavio and come up with a way to have Mustavio cross the river with his wheelbarrow. So we are going to do this in:

Chapter 4: Building a Bridge for Mustavio:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.