2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 1: The Lower Floors of the Academy:

Chapter 4: Build a Bridge for Mustavio:

Find the wine barrels of Mustavio:

From Mustavio, follow the forest path back to the forecourt of the Academy and go back into the Central Hall via the gigantic front doors. Go all the way up via the Right Central Staircase and then follow the route, via the "Library Hall" and the "Lower Library Room" ............

............and then up the stairs to the Bay window where the "Minotaurus Labyrinth" game is located.

Go right again out of the bay window and now go up the stairs that go up the wall and at the top of the stairs you now go through the Wooden Door.  

  Dining room:

 We are then in the large dining room. Walk through the bottom of the screen. On the wall, in front of you, you see a large banner hanging.

Click on that banner and Lydia walks towards it and she is standing next to the stairs leading to the downstairs room.

 Go down the stairs via the arrow that you get right in front of the Game interface and Lydia will come down below and through the large gate you will see the large kitchen. Wait a minute ... do not go into the kitchen yet. To the left of the stairs you see papers on the table. So walk to the left and zoom in on the papers that are on the table. Grab the papers. 

It is the last page for the notebook and you can read about the Taxes plant, the first ingredient for the transformation magic potion. Close the inventory screens when you have read this page and then walk back to the right and enter the kitchen through the large gate:


Walk straight to the back of the kitchen via bottom screen. The fireplace is then left in the corner. A Fireball "floats" above the fireplace.


 Click with your magnifying glass on the fireball and you will learn that this is the place to brew the metamorphosis potion, provided that Lydia has all the ingredients for it. And she does not have that yet. To the right, behind the cupboard, is the door to the storage room of the kitchen. So walk to the right and then enter the storage room through the gate. In the gray back wall is the goods lift with which things are brought up from the cellar. Walk to the elevator.


  Click with your magnifier and then with your Gears in the elevator. Lydia does not trust it and asks Zak if he does not want to go down the elevator first. 

Zak refuses this, so Lydia just creeps in the elevator and together with Zak we end up in the:

Wine Cellar:

  Lydia and Zak stand for the elevator. Walk through the bottom of the screen and then through the bottom right. Lydia then stands for 2 large wine barrels, and for a staircase that goes down. 

Below, on the left of the stairs, you see a door. Now, however, continue to the right. On the next screen you see another large wine barrel. 

Walk to the large wine barrel and .... you have now found the Wine Barrels of Mustavio.


The wine barrels of Mustavio are to the left of the large wine barrel. Zoom in to let Lydia really find the barrels now. (otherwise she has not found the barrels). 

Zoom out again and go back to the first 2 large wine barrels and the stairs. Now descend the stairs and then walk to the left. You see a large arch in the wall. The arch is half bricked up and half closed with a fence. Under the fence you see niches in the wall. Could that be a Secret Door? On the left in the corner is a large cooking pot. Click with your magnifying glass on the cooking pot and listen to what Lydia and Zak have to say about it. 

Such a cooking pot would be useful to brew the metamorphosis potion, but this pot is too heavy and Lydia cannot take with her. Now walk on to the wall with the niches. 

You will see that door again. Click with your Gears on the door and Lydia will end up in the:

  Lift machine room:

  It is a small narrow room and there is a machine. Behind the machine is a small slanted lift. There is a large handle for the machine.

 Zoom in on the lever and click on it with your Gears and .... 

you will see the elevator coming down. However you cannot go there. Go back through the door. 

Lydia has to go all the way back to where she found the Pop van Celeste to go through the door again to the Storage Basement to open a secret passage to the Wine Cellar. 

So ...... follow the route back, via the stairs and then at the wine barrels to the left, to the kitchen elevator and go back to the storage room via the elevator. 

Go through the kitchen to the dining room and via the stairs to the upper room of the dining room. Go through the upstairs room and out through the Wooden Door.


Lydia is again at the top of the stone staircase. Double-click, in front of the green bed, at the bottom of the screen and Lydia will walk via  the stairs , the platform and then stand in front of the green bed at the top of the garden stairs.( in the Steam version Lydia walks further to the place where she found the doll)  Click again on the garden path, left of the stairs and then follow the garden path to the end. In the corner is the door to the Storage Basement:

Enter the Storage Cellars again through the door. Go down the top stairs via the bottom right corner and double click in the corner at the top center of your screen. Go down the second staircase and click on the 3rd stairs, at the bottom left of your screen. Lydia is again at the top of the 3rd stage. Click on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and Lydia will also walk down the 3rd stage again. 

In Chapter 2 you went in the front arch, where the box stands, down the next stairs. You are not going to do that now. Walk to the back arch. You have to go through 2 times to get there. 

In the back wall you see a "Blue Eye" and under the "eye" you see 3 blue letters. Zoom in on that. You are in the:

Secret doorway Puzzle:

The "Eye" is the lock of the passage to the Wine Cellar and you have to open it now. You see the letters m, s, k underneath. Hula .... on the parchment that you found in the Administrator's Office there were also 4 Blue Letters? And there should be 6 letters.  

On the parchment are the letters: m, b,?, f,?,  x. So you search for the letters that belong to the place of the 2 question marks. So you search for a combination of 6 letters, but you already know m, b, f and x.

If you click on the m, s or k with your gear, 3 different letters will appear each time and you can click on them again to bring out 3 other letters. There are many combinations possible. Play it here and make sure that the letters m, s, k are on the wall again. This is best done by zooming out of the puzzle and then zooming in on it again. If you have the letters m, s, k on the wall again you solve this puzzle in the following steps:

  • STEP 1 = Click on the m. The letters c, s, b appear.

  • STEP 2 = Click on the b. The letters x, t, r appear.

  • STEP 3 = Click on the t. The letters f, m, k appear.

  • STEP 4 = Click on the f. The letters r, t, c appear.  

  • STEP 5 = Click on the c. The letters x, m, s appear.

  • STEP 6 = Click on the x and ...The wall will now open. .

You have now opened the secret passage to the wine cellar. Step through the passage for a moment and see that you have ended up at the cooking pot in the bottom wine cellar. 

Step right back through the passage.

You have found the wine barrels of Mustavio and you have now opened the passage between the storage cellars and the wine cellars. So Mustavio can now pick up his wine barrels without any problem. Before we tell him that, we will first make a bridge over which Mustavio can cross the river with his trade. You now have to go back outside to the Weight Puzzle at the big water wheel.

  Do you remember where the big crack in the wall is, here in the cellars? And how to get there? No? ....Walk back to the front arch and then descend the stairs in the arch. Then continue through 2 times bottom screen and then via top right and you are back at the crack in the wall.


  Go through the Crack again and Lydia and Zak fall down again and are again at the Waterway of the Academy. Follow the route to the right to the gate at the end. Just before the gate you now see that there are barrels to the left of the gate. Continue until Lydia is just before the gate and you see the stairs. 

You also see the corner behind the barrels and there are leaves on the floor. Zoom in on that. They are Taxes leaves and you need them for the metamorphosis potion. However, there are leaves in various colors, but according to Lydia the color does not matter. So grab one of the bunches of Taxes leaves

A Bridge for Mustavio:

 Continue through the gate and the stairs to the outer bridge behind the large water wheel. Then go to the left and to the wall with the 2 niches where the weights hang from the Weight Puzzle. You are back on the platform at the Weight Puzzle. Go down the stairs and continue to the right. A  path goes up to the forest


  Follow the forest path to the next screen and then continue to the river. There is a direction indicator pole at the river and Zak suddenly refuses to continue. 

Zak is scared again and runs away and Lydia now gets her 3rd vision

We see the Ent tree. The Ent tree is the talking and walking tree you read about in the last page of the notebook. We see Celeste, now as a teenager, and she has a portrait of her mother. Mother and daughter are looks-alike of each other. Then we see Celeste and Lydia, as a little girl, at the grave of Celeste's mother. Nathaniel is also there and slowly but surely you now realize what a heart-moist man Nathaniel is.

After the vision, Lydia is standing in a clearing in the forest. Zak has disappeared. Behind Lydia is the Entree. You can go to the Ent tree and then click on it with your question mark. The Ent tree will not talk but if you follow the talk options then you know that Lydia must use Celeste's music pendant on the Ent tree to bring the tree to life. But then Lydia must first repair the hanger and she needs new parts.  

Walk back from the Ent tree screen through the middle below and Lydia is back on the open spot. Now go a screen to the left via the arrow that you just above the green plus button and ..... Lydia comes to a tree trunk that lies over a ditch. Zak is hidden behind a tree and there is a little conversation between Lydia and Zak.


Click on the tree trunk and Lydia comes to stand right in front of it. Now cross the bridge, via the arrow on the right and then follow the forest path to the right and after 2 or 3 screens Lydia is back at the river and at the direction indicator. So at the place where she had her 3rd vision. Walk to the pole.  

Your screen changed. Lydia and Zak are now at the pole and you see that there is an island in the river. Zoom in on the pole now. 

There is a strange green jut on the pole. It is a piece of a Creeper. Click on it with your gears and ........ see what happens.

The Creeper on the pole grows and grows and .......grows to a beautiful Creeper bridge over the river. So cross the bridge, through the bottom right and you're back at Mustavio. 

Talk to Mustavio and say, "I have the wine barrels you asked for. Mustavio!". Lydia explains how Mustavio can get his wine barrels and as a reward for all her hard work she now gets the 2 Figures for the Minotaurus Labyrinth game. Close the inventory screen and notice that you can no longer talk to Mustavio.

Now that you've got the 2 figurines of Mustavio you can play the Minotaurus Labyrinth game. So go back to the forecourt of the Academy. So follow the route through the forest through the middle below. Do not go back over the Creeper bridge. Then enter the Central Hall again via the gigantic front gate and go back to the Right Central Staircase. 

Climb the 3 stairs again and then follow the route from the Book Chest hallway back to the Bay window and zoom in on the table where the Minotaurus Labyrinth game is located.  

The Minotaurus Labyrinth:

The 2 figures are of course placed on the game board. The left figure is the Goblin and the right figure the Minotaurus. You have to take the Goblin to the stairs, top left, without being eaten by the Minotaurus. Arrows appear around the Goblin. By clicking on those arrows you move the Goblin 1 space. The Minotaurus responds to this by moving two compartments each time. So you have to play it clever and make use the blockades to keep blocking the Minotaurus.

So there are 64 squares. The Goblin starts at section 41 and the Minotaurus at section 39.

Here is the solution:

  • STEP 1: Go up 2 boxes to section 25.  

  • STEP 2: Move 3 boxes down to section 49.

  • STEP 3: Go 5 boxes to the right, to section 54.

  • STEP 4. Go up 3 boxes, to section 30.

  • STEP 5: Go 1 box to the left, to box 29.

  • STEP 6: Go up 2 boxes, to box 13.  

  • STEP 7: Go 2 courses to the right, to section 15.

  • STEP 8: Move up 1 box to box 7.  

  • STEP 9: Go all the way to the left, to box 1 and ....  

  You win the game, the 2 figures disappear from the board and in the middle of the board a magical seed ball appears.

It is the Seed for the Nigilis Tree that you must now plant and grow. Lydia takes the Seed ball automatically and talks about it with Zak.

Chapter 5: The Nigilis Tree:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.