2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 1: The Lower Floors of the Academy:

Chapter 5: The Nigilis Tree:

Plant the Nigilis Seed:

  Lydia has just won the Minotaurus game and she is now in possession of the Nigilis seed. The seed must be planted in the right place. Lydia is still in the left Bay window.

Walk to the right and then click on the stone staircase that goes up to the dining room door. Lydia then comes to stand between the middle and the rear niche in the Bay window. Now click middle left and Lydia will be next to the stone staircase. At the bottom of your screen you see the top of the garden staircase again. Click there and Lydia stands in front of the green bed and at the top of the garden stairs. 

There is a staircase in the bottom left of your screen. Through that staircase you can go up to the gigantic Dragon Statue. But you will not do that. Walk down the stairs and then straight on over the garden path to the stairs at the bottom left. The garden path then goes to the left and then further around the corner and runs all around the Dragon Statue.

  You end up in the garden area behind the gigantic Dragon Statue and your screen shows this area in top view. You also saw this area from the ledge when you walked to the 2nd study room.

You see the giant Dragon standing on its six-sided plinth. Via a staircase you can go up to the tower that runs around the dragon. We do not do that yet. You also see an Island. You can go to that little island via a bridge. On the Island you see a Stone Circle with 3 smaller circles in the edge. There you have to plant the Nigilis Seed. A deep, but dry, moat runs around the island. So there is no water in the canal now. To the left of the bridge is a round stone platform with a pillar on it. There is a big handle on that platform. 

Double click on the Island and Lydia goes up the island via the bridge and she stands before the stone circle.


 In the 3 smaller circles you see a symbol. Zoom in on each of those 3 smaller circles and then listen to Lydia. 

The green symbol represents the Seed. The blue symbol represents water and the brown symbol means light. 

Lydia  has to plant the Seed, but to allow the tree to grow Magic Light and Magic water must be brought to the seed.

 Click with your Gears in the middle of the big circle and ..... Lydia will automatically plant the seed in the big circle.

The seed is planted. But now the seed has to germinate and grow into a full-fledged Nigilis tree. Light and Water is needed for this to happen.

Let the Magical Light shine on the seed:

  Double click on the bridge again. Lydia will then stand on the bridge and you will see the area again via the top view. Now double-click at the top of the stairs that go up to the large Dragon statue. 

Lydia then comes to stand on the tower at the top of the stairs. 

Walk through the upper left and Lydia is on the platform and next to the 8-sided plinth on which the Dragon stands. There is a niche in the pedestal. 

Zoom in on the Niche. You end up in the:

Magic light puzzle:

  You see 8 sliders. If you click on a slider, it will slide to the right and you will see a part of a symbol in the circular circle where you put the Seed in. 

You have to shift 3 of the 8 sliders so that the Rune or Light symbol appears in the round circle. Number the 8 sliders 1 to 8 and then..........

 click on Slider 2, Slider 5 and Slider 6 and .....

  From the eyes of the Dragon comes the Magic Light ray and this magical beam of light shines on the Seed in the circle and in the circle now the Seed symbol glows. 

Now you have to get water in the ditch so that the seed can grow into a tree and can make fruit.

Provide water for the Seed:

  At the bottom left you see the wider staircase that goes back down to the front of the Dragon statue. Go down this staircase and you will see the staircase that goes to the green square and the Bay Window. Now follow the route back to the left, to the niche where the table of the Minotaurus Labyrinth stands. When you are there, you go through the large gate to the connecting bridge and then over the connecting bridge to the "Upper Library Room" where you picked up the Notebook from the floor in Chapter 1. Then continue through this room and then down the wide staircase to the "Lower Library Room". Walk through the lower room to the other side. Lydia is again standing by the large blue tapestry hanging on the wall.

You've been here a few times before and know that there is a staircase going down here, left. Go down those stairs completely. 

There are 3 stairs. At the bottom of the 2nd staircase you walk through the middle below and you will see a Wooden Door.


Click with your gears on the wooden door. Lydia then descends the 3rd staircase and then tries to open the door. She does not have a key, but Zak tells her how she can open this door with the help of a bent key that she has attached to her key ring. Lydia nevertheless opens the door and we end up in the:  

Water pump chamber:  

Lydia and Zak are at the door and at the top of a staircase that runs down the wall. There is also a shorter staircase to the balcony and the Water Pump Machine on the balcony. Click with your magnifying glass on the brown wooden lid of the machine. Lydia and Zak walk towards it and after a conversation between Lydia and Zak you end up in the:  

Water pump Cogwheels Puzzle:

You are zoomed in on the square wooden lid of the machine. Click with your gears on the lid and it will open. Now you see 16 boxes. There is a lever at the bottom right In some squares you see light blue cogwheels. These cogwheels are in the wrong place. You now have to put the Cogwheels in the right place by 2 boxes changing place with each other,  You do this by clicking on a box and then on the box with which you want to change it.

Number the boxes, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 16. Here is the solution:  

  • Swap box 12 with box 14.  

  • Swap box 16 with box 10.

  • Swap box 8 with box 9.

  • Swap box 12 with box 5.

  • Swap box 8 with box 1.

  • Swap box 16 with box 6.

  • Swap box 16 with box 7.

  • Swap box 4 with box 11.

  • Swap box 2 with box 15.

Now click on the Handle that is on the bottom right, and........

The cogwheels will now turn and the lid will close again. You zoom out automatically. Unfortunately .... the cogwheels are running now but the water pump is not working yet. Now go down the stairs along the wall. At the bottom of the stairs you reach the "balcony" at the huge wooden wheels of the huge water pump. There is a handle for the wheels. Zoom in on the lever and click on it with your Gears and ........  

The huge water pump is now running and you can see that the water is being sent to the garden area where you have planted the Seed on the island, through all kinds of canals and fountains.

You have to go back to that area where you have planted the seed on the island. So just follow the same route again. First go back up the stairs again and through the door to the outside. Then up the 3 stairs to the "Lower Library Room" and then via the "Upper Library Room and the connecting bridge to the Bay Window." From the Bay Window then to the area behind the enormous Dragon statue. When you are in top view of that area zoom in on the round stone platform to the left of the bridge and zoom in on the lever, click with your gears on the lever .... see what happens now:

The moat around the island is now filled with water and ... on the island now the enormous blue NigilisTree arises out of the ground and the tree is full of beautiful round silver colored fruits. Lydia has to pick such a silver fruit from the tree, but she cannot reach it. Even the lower fruits are still too high. 

You will see that the top of the tree reaches all the way to far above the ledge where the entrance to the 2nd Study Hall is.


So you have to go there now, because from that ledge you can pick a fruit from the tree.

Pick a Silver Fruit from the Nigilis Tree:

  So you have to go all the way back to the entrance of the 2nd Study Hall and that is a long walk. First go back to the Blue Tapestry in the "Lower Library Room". When you are there, you go up through the stairs along the wall and you are back in the "Library Hall". Go to the right and then climb through the long staircase, in the left gate, all the way up to the Wooden Door next to the huge round window.

Go through the door and you are outside again on the 1st long outside ledge. 

Well ... follow the ridge all the way to the left, turn the corner and then left to the end and enter the 1st Study Hall through the Gate in the Round window. 

Walk to the Plate in the floor and then to the left and through the Dragon Puzzle door back out again. You are back on the balcony after the Dragon Puzzle door. Go through the gate and over the hallway / bridge to the 2nd outside ledge and follow it to the entrance to the 2nd Study Hall and ......

 On the balcony in front of the 2nd Study Hall Lydia is at the crown of the Nigilis Tree. Zoom in on the crown and then grab the beautiful round Silver Fruit.  

  Follow the ledge back to the 1st Study Room. If you have come to the connecting bridge before the 1st Study Hall, you will see Mustavio coming out of the Bay Window 1 floor below you. Mustavio walks via the connecting bridge to the "Upper Library Room" and he will wait for Lydia in the "Lower Library Room". Continue and cross the 1st Study Hall and then follow the outside ledge back to the right wooden door. Enter the door again and go down the long stairs to the "Library Hall". Walk to the left and you will see Mustavio standing next to the bookcases in the "Lower Library Room". Double-click next to Mustavio on the floor and Lydia will go to him in one go.


  When you are at Mustavio in the "Lower Library Room" you click on him with your question mark to talk to him. After Mustavio has finished his welcome tune you say: "You still have not told me why you were looking for me". Mustavio has found parts for Lydia's hanger and wants to repair the pendant for free, provided Lydia can provide him with the appropriate tools. Then ask "Where can I find the tools you need?". Mustavio does not know. He only knows that the Administrator had this type of tool, but where the Administrator saves this tool, Mustavio does not know. Close the conversation now.

To fix the Hanger:

Lydia needs a well-functioning hanger to talk to the Entree. So she has to find the right tools so that Mustavio can repair her pendant. Mustavio will wait here until you can give him the tools. Fortunately you know where you can find the tools. Do you remember where the room is where you freed Zak in Chapter 1? Well .... there you will be able to find the tools. So go back up to the "Library corridor" and then via the "Bookcase corridor" and the stairs of the Right Central Staircase down to the floor of the Central Hall. 

Go to the right gallery, so right next to the Right Central Staircase and follow the route to the front room of the Machine Room, so to the room where you have taken Zak out of the closet. As soon as you are back in the room chest, you look at the 2 shelves hanging on the left wall. On the top shelf you find the tools you are looking for. Zoom in on the tools, grab them and zoom out again.

Well .... you have the tools you need now, so return to Mustavio in the "Lower Library Room". Talk to Mustavio again and say, "Will these tools do?"

Mustavio now fixes the hanger and he disappears to his covered wagon. The pendant plays the lullaby and it seems as if Zak knows this melody well.

Elvandar, the Ent Tree:

Now that Lydia's pendant works again nothing stands in her  way of talking to Elvandar, the Ent tree. So now return to the spot near the river where Mustavio always stood and if you are there you walk to the river. Then cross the "Creeper bridge” to the pole with the direction signs and from there you follow the path to the right and then to the tree bridge over the ditch. 

Go over the tree-trunk bridge and follow the path to the clearing where Elvandar de Ent is. Walk to the Ent tree and click with your question mark on the tree.


In the conversation screen you click on the only option you get now and Lydia lets the Hanger play the melody and .... Elvandar wakes up.  

There is now a long conversation between Elvandar and Lydia in which you experience that Elvandar Lydia cannot help. 

You will also experience that a student has cut a piece of Elvandar's bark and took off with it. Then your questions will appear.

·       The most important question that you have to ask Elvandar is this: "Where can I find a Headen Flower".

 If you ask this question to Elvandar, Elvandar will conjure up the Crown Flower and give it to Lydia. 

You automatically have the Headen flower in your inventory. The conversation with Elvandar is then right at the end.  

      If you want to experience more about Celeste and Zak, then you can save the Headen Flower question to the last and first ask any other questions you can ask. You can also do this after you have received the Headen Flower, but then you have to click on Elvandar again with your question mark. So make sure you get the Headen Flower from Elvandar by asking the Headen Flower question on the tree.    

      Lydia has the Headen Flower, all the boxes of her inventory have been filled in. It is time to brew the Metamorphosis Drink. You have to go back to the large kitchen,  behind the large Dining Room, now. There are several routes that you can take from Elvandar to get back to the dining room and the kitchen. I am not going to explain you these routes again. But the most obvious route is to go back over the "Creeper Bridge" and then back to the Academy and then follow the route via the Right Central Staircase to the staircase beyond the Bay Window. 

  I'll see you there again to continue our quest in.....

  Chapter 6: The 2nd and the 3rd Exam:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.