2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Part 2: The Upper Floors of the Academy

Chapter 8: Access to the Mountain:

Eastern Tower:

Lydia and Zack have been teleported to the Statue Chamber of the Eastern Tower. You can just walk through and walk around the sculptures group. On the other side of the Statue group you will find the Teleporter to the Observatory and also a large Glass Globe. But that is not interesting for now. To the right of the yellow arrival teleporter platform is another Blue Ball. 

Lydia now has to go to the left, to go to Nathaniel's office. So click with your white star cursor right in front of the Game interface and Lydia and Zack walk down the stairs and to the left and they stand in front of the walkway that goes to the office of Nathaniel.

There is another talk between Lydia and Zack. Double click on the tower room, on the other side of the bridge and Lydia and Zack end up in the:

Office of Nathaniel:  

On the big desk you see a big bottle. There is a white paper behind the bottle. Click with your cursor on the white paper and Lydia will appear next to the big chair. A Blue Ball floats to the right of the bottle. Zoom in on the white paper in front of the bottle on the desk. It appears to be a letter. Grab the letter. 

Despite the Diadem Lydia cannot read this letter and she shows the letter to Zack. Zack tells something about it and you now also tells something about the Glass Orb that you saw in the 5th vision that Zack took that out the box.  Nathaniel was very keen on getting that Glass Orb. Zack is the only one who can "read" this Orb. You now have a Magical Parchment.

 Zoom in on the Bottle. 

Zack tells us that the boat in the bottle is a magical boat and that if you pronounce the right magic formula you will shrink and end up in the bottle. You cannot do that now. Zoom out.

Walk back to the front of the desk again. You will see the desk from the chair and you will also see the drawers that are on the right side in the desk. Zoom in on the top drawer and then try to open this drawer. That is not possible because the drawer is locked and Lydia has no key here. Zoom out of the drawer and walk back to the front of the desk. Now click in the big gate and Lydia and Zack will land on the connecting bridge again. 

The Owl comes flying over again and Zack now tells that this Owl was the Confidant of Nathaniel. Walk back over the bridge to the Statues Room. Back in the Statues Room of the Eastern Tower walk to the left behind the sculpture group. You will now see the large Glass Globe and right behind the sculpture group you see the balcony with the Blue Teleporter.  

Zoom in on the Glass Globe. In the Globe you can see a miniature of the Solarium. 

You cannot do anything with it now, but later you can use this Sphere to change the seasons in the Solarium. So remember that this Globe is here.

 Zoom out and walk on to the Blue Teleporter on the balcony. 

Click with your Gears on the Blue Teleporter and ...... Lydia and Zack are now being teleported all the way to the top of the Eastern Tower and end up in:

The Observatory:

Lydia and Zack are now on the lower floor of the Observatory and this is the Classroom of the Observatory. There are 2 more floors. Well ... because this is a classroom there must also be a large round Rune Stone / button as in the Art Classroom. You will find this button on the blue wall, right next to the window

Zoom in on that Rune Stone / button and then click on it with your gears to activate the button.

 Zoom out.  in fact, this is all you can do here in the Observatory for the moment. 

Later you will have to solve the Telescope puzzle here, but that cannot be done now. But it does not hurt to look around here for a while now. 

In the middle of the room you can see the stars above the floor. Behind the Star Box is a deep niche with bookshelves and a lectern. You can walk into that niche but you cannot do anything. At the top right of the screen you see a part of the staircase that goes up to the top floor. Now go to that staircase via the bottom right and then bottom left and go up the stairs. Always search for the click places yourself to continue running  

You will initially end up on the round floor above the classroom. Walk to the left and you will see a small pillar. 

Click on it with your magnifying glass. Zack challenges Lydia to "try it out" and then you are zoomed in on the pillar. 

The pillar has a large round Rune button that you can click on with your gears. If you do that, one of 8 possible Constellations will appear above the pillar. 

So you can click 8 times to make 8 Constellations visible. However, you do not know what to do with this, but you can now find this pillar. Call it the "Star constellation" and zoom out again.

 Continue to the right and then continue up the next level to the top floor of the Observatory.  

Lydia and Zack are now all the way up in the Eastern Tower and at the enormous Magical Telescope. Before the stairs, the Sun tile is in the floor and on this side of the Telescope it is now day. 

To the right, behind the Telescope, is a Moon tile in the floor. Walk to the right and make sure that Lydia stands on the Moon Tile and .....

...... it is now NIGHT. While it is night you zoom in on the back of the Telescope to look through it......

You see the  Telescope puzzle in the telescope but you cannot and may not solve this yet. You have not gathered enough information and knowledge for this puzzle. So zoom out again Walk back to the Sun tile and stand on it and it will be DAY again. You've  seen pretty much everything that's important to see in the Observatory. You have activated the Rune button at the bottom of the classroom and you will find the "Star constellation" and the large telescope.

Go down the stairs back to the classroom and then click with your gears on the Blue Teleporter and Lydia and Zack will be teleported back to the Statues Room. Back in the Statues room you walk to the front of the sculpture group via the bottom right and then left above the green plus button. Click with your Gears on the Yellow Teleporter and ....We are back in the Lookout Tower of the Northern Tower and Lydia stands up, or in front of, the Yellow Teleporter.

Northern Tower:

 Walk down via middle below. You will see steps to the left of your screen. Click there and Lydia moves to the left and comes to those steps.  

The steps leads to bridge that connects the Northern Tower with the Secret Library of the Western Tower. As soon as Lydia steps out the Lookout onto the steps, she is "attacked" by the Owl. The Owl now steals the Diadem from Lydia and flies away with it. Lydia and Zack follow the Owl over the connecting bridge to a narrow tower and then ... The owl flies through the Wall and Lydia and Zack follow the Owl through the wall. 

It is a hidden transmitter port and they end up at the:


Access to the Mountain:  

The 2 staircases, which go up left and right of the round building, are Magic Stairs. In a moment you will experience why they are Magic Stairs. There is a large door at the bottom of the building and that door is closed. That door is the entrance to the Sanctuary, but that will soon be explained to you by the Spirit that you will meet. Walk to that closed door and ......

 Lydia goes up the right stairs but is called back by Zack. Zack has found Lydia's Diadem, the Owl has drop it on the left stairs. The SPIRIT now shows up and in panic Lydia and Zack run up the Magical Stairs and ..... Lydia and Zack can keep on climbing those Magic Staircase but the Staircase seems to go nowhere. Then Lydia and Zack are speaking with the Spirit at the Transmitter Gate. 

Click with your speaking cursor on the Spirit and ask him who he is.  

This is the spirit of Grandmaster Nightingale, one of the original founders of the Academy. There will be an introductory meeting and then you can ask all kinds of questions to the spirit. Use all questions, do not forget one. The Spirit will, through the questions you ask, explain everything to Lydia and Zack. You must ask the questions in a good order.

First the questions about the Orb and Zack and then about Nathaniel. The spirit tells about the Orb that Zack has taken from the box and has given to Nathaniel as you saw in the 5th vision. The Spirit says it is of the utmost importance to get that Orb back and store it in the box where it came from. The Spirit also explains how Lydia should do this.

Through the question about Nathaniel, The Spirit tells about  the Sanctuary and the gate at the bottom of the round building. You also learn much about the Magic Stairs and that Zack can climb those stairs, but then Zack must first be changed again in his human form. The spirit also tells about the Floating Blue Balls and that Lydia has to activate those balls. The Spirit tells Lydia the spell with which she can do that and that spell is: "Dragonus Enferinis".

If you have asked everything, be sure absolutely everything, to the Spirit, the spirit disappears to start thinking about a way to turn Zack back into a human being.

You can take a closer look at that gate at the bottom of the building and you can continue to run up the Magic Stairs until eternity, but why would you do that? Go back through the Transmitter Gate and Lydia and Zack stand again on the balcony around the narrow tower, in front of the wall where you have gone through to the Sanctuary.  Notice that you can now click on this wall with your gears, right next to Lydia and then you will return to the Access of the Mountain, the Sanctuary. So remember this.  You can go up to the Secret Library via the stairs, which you can see left and right behind the tower. However, do not do this NOW.

So click to the left of the narrow tower with your cursor to get back on the connecting bridge and then go all the way over the connecting bridge back to the:

Lydia has still a lot of thinks to do. The Spirit has told her that she must find 4 items that Zack must then place in the niches of the Holy Hall. In order to find those 4 items, she has to activate the Blue Balls. The Blue Balls will then activate the puzzles in the vicinity of the Blue Balls and Lydia has solve those puzzles. 3 of these Blue Balls have already been found by Lydia. She also has to find and activate 2 of those large round Rune Stone buttons and solve a lot of puzzles. 

Northern Tower:

Lookout room:

Zoom in again on the Floating Blue Ball that floats above the pillar of the railing. Then click with your gears on the ball and Lydia pronounces the "Dragonus Enferinis" spell and the Blue Ball is now activated

Zoom out. Because you have activated this Blue Ball now, the puzzle is also activated in the altar. Zoom in on the Altar and solve the.....

Celestial bodies Puzzle:

You see a grid that is divided into 4 times 4 is 16 squares. If you click in a  square, a Planet, a Star, a Moon or a Sun will appear. Around the grid there are 20 lights and the intention is that all those 20 lights will come on. You do this  by dividing the 4 celestial bodies over the grid. Horizontally, Vertically and Diagonally, you must always put 1 planet, 1 Moon, 1 Star and 1 Sun in the squares. It is not that difficult and multiple solutions are possible. Here is Louis's solution. Start with the 2 diagonals and then fill in the rest of the squares.  

If you have divided the 4 celestial bodies well over the 16 squares then they disappear from the squares and numbers appear in the 16 squares. 

The 16 numbers are then automatically shuffled together and eventually you see16 numbers in the squares and these are:  

Lydia has no idea what to do with those 16 numbers. You can write them down for yourself, but later in the game you will see these 16 numbers again. As far as I know, these 16 numbers are always the same numbers and they are always in this way in the squares. You have been zoomed out of the puzzle

 You know the location of 2 other Floating Blue Balls, 1 is at the Statues Group on the East Tower and 1 is on the desk in the office of Nathaniel. But we are now going to look for the 4th Blue Ball. For the 4th Blue Ball we first have to go back to the Tiled Floor room in the Main tower. So click with your gears on the Red Teleporter and ...... Lydia and Zack land on a balcony with 2 Red Teleporters.

Click with your gears on the front Teleporter, so the teleporter at the balustrade and Lydia and Zack end up back on the balcony of the Tile Floor. We are now back in the:

Main tower:

Enter the Tile floor room and walk 2 times to the left, to the Yellow Teleporter standing in front of the wide steps. 

Click with your gears on the Yellow Teleporter and Lydia and Zack now end up on the balcony of the:

Study room:      

Go through the gate into the study and then follow the green tile floor to the right. Lydia comes to the right in the room and she cannot continue. 

There is a large gaming table in front of the balustrade. You see gray boxes. Zoom in on the game table:  

Zack explains what the intention is but first you have to activate this puzzle by first activating the Blue Ball. 

When Zack and Lydia have finished talking again, you automatically zoom back in on the gray squares of the gaming table. Bottom right is the Blue Ball.  Click on the Blue Ball with your magnifying glass to zoom in on it and then click with your Gears on the Blue Ball. Lydia pronounces the spell again and the Blue Ball is activated. 

Zoom out of the Blue Ball and you're back in the gray squares of the table. You are in the:

Dragon's Lair puzzle

All squares now turn around and now contain a picture. At the top right is the Dragon and you have to bring the Dragon to its Cave bottom left.

You have to do that by exchanging two boxes a number of times. Number the boxes, from top left to bottom right as 1 to 16.You swap the pictures from place by clicking on them.  

If you click on 1 picture, the puzzle will show you the possible positions for that picture. You need 62 moves to bring the dragon, in the right way, to its den. It's a lot of work to do the 62 moves, even if you follow Louis's step by step solution. If you don't to do this then you can let the game solve this puzzle for you through the hint button. Firs ask all available hint and then ask the game for the complete solution and  the game will solve this puzzle for you

However.....the game doesn't solve the puzzle instantly but it does so by showing you al 62 moves, so you must sit this out.

If you want to try to solve this puzzle yourself then you can use Louis's  solution, that is based on the initial set-up of the puzzle, so it is assumed that you have not changed pictures yourself: 

Here we go, just follow Louis's STEPS SOLUTION in the table below:


Step 1: swap 1 with 5 

Step 21: swap 10 with 11

Step 41: swap 6 with 10

Step 2: swap 1 with 2

Step 22: swap 11 with 12

Step 42: swap 2 with 3

Step 3: swap 5 with 6

Step 23: swap 5 with 6

Step 43: swap 2 with 6

Step 4: swap 2 with 6     

Step 24: swap 2 with 6

Step44: swap 14 with 10

Step 5: swap 2 with 3 

Step 25: swap 6 with 10

Step 45: swap 10 with 6

Step 6 swap 6 with 7

Step 26: swap 10 with 11

Step 46: swap 6 with 7

Step 7: swap 3 with 7

Step 27: swap 1 with 5

Step 47: swap 5 with 6

Step 8: swap 11 with 12

Step 28: swap 1 with 2

Step 48: swap 6 with 10

Step 9: swap 7 with 11

Step 29: swap 2 with 6

Step 49: swap 10 with 14

Step 10: swap 10 with 11

Step 30: swap 5 with 6

Step 50: swap 6 with 7

Step 11 swap 11 with 12

Step 31: swap 6 with 7

Step 51: swap 6 with 10

Step 12: swap 12 with 16

Step 32: swap 3 with 4

Step 52: swap 2 with 6

Step 13: swap 6 with 7

Step 33: swap 3 with 7

Step 53: swap 3 with 7

Step 14: swap 3 with 7

Step 34: swap 1 with 5

Step 54: swap 3 with 4

Step 15: swap 6 with 10

Step 35: swap 1 with 2

Step 55: swap 2 with 3

Step 16: swap 5 with 6

Step 36: swap 2 with 3

Step 56: swap 3 with 7

Step 17: swap 10 with 11

Step 37: swap 2 with 6

Step 57: swap 6 with 7

Step 18: swap 6 with 10

Step 38: swap 1 with 2

Step 58: swap 2 with 6

Step 19: swap 6 with 7

Step 39: swap 1 with 5

Step 59: swap 5 with 6

Step 20: swap 7 with 11

Step 40: swap 5 with 6

Step 60: swap 6 with 10

                  After Step 60 the Dragon is in square 10 .You now have to do 2 more steps Step 61: Exchange 10 with 14    Step 62: exchange 14 with 13 READY

As a reward Lydia now earns a bunch of stinking Red Aleunder Roots and these roots are an important ingredient for the magic potion with which Zack has to be turned back into a human being. 

But first Lydia has to talk to the Oracle. So on to:

Chapter 9: The Oracle:

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.