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King's Quest 6: Walkthrough 2:

Another way to play the game, but much is the same as in Walkthrough 1 but you will score all 231 points. I assume you have played the game first according to Walkthrough 1.

So for the solutions of the puzzles, which are the same, I refer you to Walkthrough 1.

Isle of the Crown

After the intro, Alexander has ended up on the beach of the Isle of the Crown. Take the Royal Insigna Ring and click on the wooden beam to move it and then click on the box and take the copper coin. Leave the close-up of the box and put the wooden beam back on it. Walk to the 3-way junction and then on to the castle. 

Talk to the 2 Guard Dogs and then show them the Royal Insigna Ring, Captain Saladin comes out and then takes Alexander into the castle to meet villain Al Hasred. Alexander is evicted from the castle with the announcement that he must never return. Walk back to the junction and then on to the: 

Village and Harbor

Talk to the old Lamp man for a moment and then enter the Pawn shop and talk to the shopkeeper. Then give him  the copper coin and in exchange Alexander can choose from the objects on the counter. Choose the Mechanical Nightingale and exit the shop. Enter the bookshop and talk extensively with the bookseller. Look at the book that is on the counter and then click with the hand on the book to hear from the bookman that this is the Spell Book and that Alexander can have it in exchange for another rare book. Take the Poem Book from the poem section of the large bookcase t and then pick up the poem that falls out when Alexander puts the book back in the bookcase. Take the book from the table. This is the "Terrible Boring Book".

Exit the bookshop and go through the "key gate" and see the scene with Beauty in the garden of the house. Then walk on to the harbor. Again, do not accept the boy's invitation to swim in the water. Get on the ferry and knock on the door and talk to the ferryman to tell him the bookseller is sending you.

Talk more extensively with the ferryman inside the cabin. Then take the Rabbit's Paw from the table. Go back to the PawnShop and ask the owner about the Magic Map. Trade the Royal Insigna Ring for the Magic Map. Samir, dressed as an old man in a black dress, then takes a mint from the jar and goes to report to his boss Al Hasred. When you have control again, you also take a Peppermint from the jar on the counter.

Leave the shop and walk back to the junction. Wait a moment for the real nightingale bird to appear, which will then sit on the branch of the large tree. Then take the mechanical nightingale from inventory and click it on the real bird and ..... Alexander winds up the toy bird and puts the thing on the ground, thus gaining the confidence of the real nightingale. Alex puts the toy bird back in inventory. Now go back to the village. You now see the Pawnbroker throwing all kinds of things into the large pot, so search the large pot and Alexander will take out the empty Ink Bottle. Now go through the crossroad back to the beach and then use the Magic Map to travel to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

Take the black feather and the stinking flower here. Open the Magic Map again and travel to the:

 Isle of Wonders.

Wait for the unfinished Sentence, floating in the water, to float near the beach, then grab the unfinished Sentence, or play with the oyster first. Then talk to the front oyster, which is not sleeping. The oyster has a toothache. Take the Boring Book from inventory and click it on the oyster and when the oyster falls asleep, quickly take the Pearl. If you have the pearl and the unfinished sentence then you walk further up the island and ...... well ..... the 5 gnomes appear, so play the gnome game. If you no longer know which item to click on which gnome, you can look it up in Walkthrough 1.

When the gnomes have disappeared, walk one screen to the right, to the book corner of Bookwurm. Click on one of the book stacks to make Bookworm appear. Alexander talks to bookworm about the Rarebook, but he doesn't get it yet. Go back to the left and then walk to the swamp and then to the Vegetable Garden. Try to get the "Hole on the Wall", but that doesn't work now and the "Hole on the Wall" ends up behind the Wallflowers. Grab a head of iceberg lettuce. Go through the gate to Chessboardland. Try to get past the two horses and ...... the red and white queens will appear. Listen to the argument about the "Lumb of Coal" and when the two ladies have disappeared, pick up the red scarf. Go back to the beach and then travel via the Magic Mapto the:

Isle of the Beast.

Talk to the strange animal in the tree. Then give the animal the unfinished sentence and Alexander puts the animal in inventory. Continue to the hot water pool and then first throw the iceberg lettuce in the pool and then walk through the pool to the other side. Then take the oil lamp from the tree and walk to the garden. Do not accept the invitation of the "gardener" but wait until it disappears. Then pick up the Stone, which is in the lawn to the right of the gate. Go back to the beach and then travel back to the:

Isle of Wonders:

Go to the book corner and click on one of the book stacks again to make Bookworm appear again. Then give Bookworm the strange creature, which is his lost son, and Alexander will now receive the Rare Book. Look at the Rare book in inventory and Alexander sees that a page has been torn from the book. Look at the Spider Web in close-up. A fragment of paper sticks to the spider's web. A thread protrudes from the bottom of the web. Click with your hand on that protruding thread and ...... Spider gets angry and shoots down to repair the damage ...... Quickly ... take the piece of paper from the web.

This is the missing page of the Rare  Book and it has a word on it ..... LOVE ....

This word is the solution to the mystery of the Gate in the Underworld. 

You will immediately lose the paper, walk back to the left and now travel back to the:

Isle of the Crown.

Go to the PawnShop and exchange the mechanical Nightingale for the flute. Exchange the Pearl for the Royal Insigna Ring. Go to the bookstore and exchange the Rare Book for the Magic Spell Book. Read through the Spell book to find out what ingredients you need for the "Make Magic Paint Spell" the "Make Rain Spell" and the "Charming A Creature Of The Night Spell" Now Jolo, the castle's clown, is also in the bookshop. Go talk to Jolo but the clown does not want to talk because he is very worried about Cassima. Then show Jolo your Royal Insignia Ring and ...... Now Jolo wants to talk to Alexander, so listen carefully to this conversation .......

Jolo says that Cassima's parents have died and that he does not trust Al Hasred. Jolo also tells about the Nightingale Bird and that it is Cassima's bird. 

Jolo will then disappear back to the castle, but he will try to return to the bookshop later

When Jolo has disappeared, you also leave the bookshop and walk back to the junction.

 At the crossroads, give Alexander's Royal Insignia Ring to the nightingale and ...... We then see how the nightingale brings the ring to Cassima ....

Cassima gives her red hairband to the bird and sends the animal back to Alexander. Back at the junction, the nightingale drops the headband on the ground. So take the red hairband and then examine the hairband in inventory to take out Cassima's black hair. Now also give the Poem to the Nightingale and the bird will bring the poem to Cassima.

Cassima reads the poem and then sends the bird back with a note and the bird also drops the note on the ground. 

So pick up the note and you will hear the voice of Cassima reading her note. Now walk to the beach and then travel back to the:

Isle of Wonder.

Go to the swamp and pick up a milk bottle from the stems near the Dog's Head Tree. Continue to the Vegetable Garden and give the Milk Bottle to one of the "Baby Tears". The other "Baby Tears" then start crying. Click with the Oil Lamp on 1 of the 3 crying "Baby Tears" to collect the salty tear fluid. Take the Rotten Tomato. Walk to the chair and then take the teacup from the chair. Click with the Flute on the yellow Wallflowers to make them dance and then quickly grab the "Hole on the Wall".

Walk back to the swamp and do the "Swamp Ooze" thing now. So click with theTeacup at the Dag Head Tree  on the swamp. “Stick in the Mud” appears. Talk to "Bumb on a Log" and then give him the Rotten Tomato. After the event between "Bumb on a Log" and "Stick in the Mud" is over, click with the Teacup on "Bumb on a Log" to get the "Swamp Ooze" in the cup. Walk back to the beach and travel back to the:

Isle of the Crown.

Exchange the flute for Thinderbox in Pawn Shop now. Go back to the beach and now travel back to:

Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

Now climb the Logic Cliff, via the staircase stones ..... so solve the Logic Cliff puzzles. Once you reach the top, do the Cave, the Winged People and the Catacombs ..... 

If you do not know how this goes anymore you can do check this in Walkthrough 1. 

After Alexander has defeated the Minotauer in the catacombs he ends up at the Oracle and then he is dropped on the beach. Then travel to 

Isle of the Mist.

Walk to the left again and take the Scythe and a Coal from the fire pit.

Walk back to the beach and travel to 

Isle of Wonders.

Walk to the Vegetable Garden and now take the "Drink me Bottle" from the coffee table. Go through the gate to Chessboardland.

Give the Lumb of Coal to the white queen and you will get her Rotten Egg. Back to the beach and back to

Isle of the Beast:

Continue to the garden and click with the shield on the right archer to avoid the arrow and then continue to the arbor. The hedge closes. Pick a White Rose from the hedge and open the hedge again with the Scythe and then walk on to the Fountain ..... The "Beauty and the Beast" event will now play out. After the conversation with Beast, quickly go back to the beach and travel back to 

Isle of the Crown:

Go to the village but don't go straight to Beauty right now. First go back into the Bookstore because clown Jolo is back here now .....

Talk to Jolo and he will now tell you about the Lamp spirit Samir.

Jolo says that Samir is actually not a bad lamp ghost, but that Al Hasred has put a spell on him. Jolo has come up with a plan to exchange Samir's lamp for an exact copy of that lamp so that we can soon catch Samir in his own lamp. If Alexander can find an exact replica of Samir's lamp, Jolo could swap both lamps and then give the real lamp to Alex.

Jolo then goes back to the castle and will he not return here. Exit the bookshop and go through the key gate to Beauty. Give Beauty the white rose and then Beast's ring and Alexander then take the girl to Beast on the Isle of the Beast. Beast and Beauty transform into the Beautiful Prince and the Beautiful Princess and Alexander is given Beauty's old dress. So we are back on the Isle of the Beast and at the fountain of Beast.

Put the Holy Water in the oil lamp and then fill the oil lamp with water from Beast's fountain. Then "Cast" the "Make Rain Spell"

Walk back to the garden and pick another white rose. Follow the path back to the beach and travel back to:

Isle of the Mist:

The thing with the Druids will happen now. Alexander is thus grabbed by the Druids and is hanged in the cage over the fire.

With Beauty's dress, Alex tries to extinguish the fire but the dress burns. But then the "Make Rain Spell" works and Alex is saved. The conversation with the chief start and then the Druids disappear. When the Druids are gone, do NOT take any hot coal from the fire pit but walk back to the beach and travel back to the:

Isle of the Crown.

Walk to the crossroads. Give the nightingale the white rose and ....... The nightingale brings the white rose to Cassima.

Cassima is now fed up with receiving presents from Alexander and she orders the nightingale not to return to the crossroad. 

Go to the village. The old lamp man is back in the village street. Read Al Hasred and Cassima's marriage announcement, which is taped to the key gate wall. Enter the Pawn shopagain. Genie Samir is in the pawn shop again, dressed as an old man in a black robe. Alexander now wants to fool Samir and Al Hasred by pretending to be dead. Take the "Drink Me Bottle" from inventory and click on Alexander and .......

Alexander pretends that he has become desperate and cannot live anymore, now that Cassima is getting married to Al Hasred and ..........

.. Alex drains the bottle and ...... Alexander falls to the floor for dead ......

Genie Samir disappears to tell his boss Al Hasred that Alexander committed suicide. Samir's Oil lamp is on the table ....... Now remember what Samir's oil lamp looks like ...... it is a blue glass oil lamp. Al Hasred orders Samir to put himself away in his lamp, to prepare to pose as Cassima during the wedding ceremony.

But then we are back in the Pawn Shop and we see that Alexander comes back to life ..... the contents of the "Drink Me Botlle" had only made Alex seem to bedead ....... Now exchange the Thinderbox for the Paintbrush and go back outside. Now let us put the plan of clown Jolo into motion....... The old lamp vendor is back and he would like to exchange his new lamps for old lamps. Take the oil lamp from inventory and click it on the lamp man and ........ The lamp man then shows Alexander his oil lamps and says that Alexander may choose 1 in exchange for the old lamp .....

There are 6 lamps on the stick ..... number the lamps, from left to right, 1 to 6 and then choose the right lamp ..... Well ..... you know how the oil lamp of Samir looks like, so choose the oil lamp that looks exactly like Samir's lamp and that is lamp 5 ..... So click on lamp 5 and Alexander exchanges his old oil lamp for oil lamp 5 and .. ..... well ..... the lamp man is not happy ..... Alex's old lamp does not appear to be home to a genius. Go back to the beach and now travel back to 

Isle of the Mist.

Walk up one screen to the ceremony site and now use the skull to pick up a hot coal from the smoldering fire.

Then put Beauty's blonde hair or Cassima's black hair and the rotten egg in the skull.

Walk back to the beach and travel like a rocket to the:

Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

Climb up the first series of steps of the Logic Cliffs again to get to the top and ... Nightmare is here so open the Spell book and ......

......... "Cast" the "Charming A Creature Of The Night" spell and Nightmare then delivers Alexander in the:

Realm Of The Dead:

Play out this Underworld part as described in Walkthrough 1. So make sure Alexander avoids the wandering bent ghosts. On the 1st screen, speak to Cassima's parents, then walk one screen to the right and talk to the Floating Ghost about her lost son. Then walk to the Gate and get the Bone Key by playing the tune on the Bone Organ. Give the Ticket to the gatekeeper and Alexander may continue. Take the Knight's Glove and continue to Chadron, the ferryman.

Fill your teacup with the water from the Styx and give Chadron the 2 gold coins. We then end up at Gate ...... Solve Gate's riddle ..... the answer is LOVE and we end up at the Lord of the Dead ...... Click in the close-up first the Knight's Glove on Lord Dead and then the Mirror and Alexander "freed" Cassima's parents from the underworld and are dropped off by Nightmare on the beach of the:

Isle of the Crown:


Go to the side of the castle and do the "Make Paint Spell" on the side wall of the castle and enter through the door.

If you do not remember how to do this, you can take a look it up in Walkthrough 1.

Alexander ends up in the cellar of the castle, at the 3 cells and the door of the treasury. Enter the middle cell and give the Boy's Handkerchief to ghost to reunite him with his mother in the underworld. Exit the cell and walk one screen to the right. Alexander is then on the other side of the basement ... we see the stairs and we see the door of Jollo's room.

Watch out for guard dogs ... don't let Alexander get caught. Click with the hand on Jollo's room door and Alexander ends up in Jollo's room.

After the conversation, give Jolo the  oil lamp you got from the old lamp man ....... Jolo will exchange this fake lampe for Samir's genius lamp and he will give, when the fight with Al Hasred starts, real genie lamp to Alexander. Jolo disappears to exchange the lamps. Exit Jolo's room, watch out for guard dogs, and go to the Armor, by the guards door. Click on the right arm of the armor to open the secret door and .....

Play through this entire piece in the secret corridor just as you did in Walkthrough 1. So look through the hole in the wall to overhear the conversation with Saladin and his guard dogs. Then go up the stairs and then look through the wall hole into Cassima's room and, in the close-up, give Cassima the small dagger.

Then follow the secret passage and look through the wall hole at Al Harsed who is writing his letter.

Continue to the end of the hallway and enter the bedroom through the secret door.

Read the letter in the small box on the table and then open the large chest with the bone key and then take the letter out. Dive back into the secret hallway through the wardrobe and follow the hallway back and descend the stairs and step back outside via the bottom stone.

Go to the door of the treasury and enter ALIZEBU in the letter screen and look at the items on the round table in the treasury. Back outside and, at Jolo's room, go up the stairs and through the door into the large Hall. Then play the piece with Captain Saladin and in the throne room, so give the Letter from the bedroom to Saladin and in the throne room click 2 times with the talking cursor on Cassima (Genie) or first on the priest and then on Cassima.

Then quickly run after Al Hasred to end upstairs in the tower room and ..... now it will be differend then in walkthrough 1 again ......

Genius Samir appears in the tower room and then ..... Jolo appears and gives the real genius Lamp to Alexander.

Quickly take the genie lamp from inventory and click it on Samir and .........

Samir dives into his lamp and now stays alive.

When you regain control, take the Sword from the wall and click with the sword cursor on Al Hasred and the sword fight will begin. 

Cassima will stab Al Hasred again with the dagger and then you have to quickly click with the sword cursor on Al Hasred to really take out the villain .....

Sit back to look at the ENDING at your leisure ........ Alexander's parents are now also present at the ceremony in the wedding hall ....

.... wait until all the credits are finished, but that is no crime because the "Girl In The Tower Song" is a nice song to listen to for  the second time. 

You get to see your Score and that is this time it is  231 points and you can't score better ..... 

also take note of the fact that there is a 3rd way to bring the game to a successful ending

So do what the game suggested to you .... I will briefly explain this ... without pictures .....

The easy way to get to the castle.

Play the Game again as described in Walkthrough 2 until AFTER the Beauty and the Beast has happen. Or load this point from a Save Game just after the Beauty and the Beast event. DO NOT do the "Make Rain Spell" so DO NOT go back to the Druids on the Isle of the Mist. Make sure you have talked to Jolo twice in the bookshop.

You do have to go through the Catacombs and the Underworld again, so you need to have all the necessary items for those parts again. After you have freed Cassima's parents from the underworld and are back on the Isle of the Crown go to the Pawn Shop to exchange an item for the Mechanical Nightingale. Exchange the oil lamp for the fake Genie lamp at the old lamp man.

Then go to the castle and ..... don't do the "Magic Paint" stuff but now go into the castle dressed as a maid ... So at the main entrance of the castle click with Beauty's dress on Alexander so that he disguises himself as a maid in the guard house. In the castle we end up in the large hall.

Walk up the left stairs and then walk up the left hallway and ......... Guard dogs ...... To get past the guard dogs, click the mechanical nightingale on the floor of the hall ( when the guards walk away from you again), and then you quickly walk into the wall niche. Click with the HAND icon on the pillar and Alexander will go in hiding behind the pillar.

When the guards are gone, click on the painting to pull the nail out of the wall. Then go through the door opposite the wall niche and you are in the bedroom. With the help of the nail you then open the large chest to get the letter. In the box on the table you will find the letter with ALIZEBU. Go back to the hall and hang the painting back on the wall again. Walk to the next hall. Click the talk icon on the closed door. Conversation with Cassima. After the conversation, click the dagger under the door.

Go back to the wall niche and hide Alexander behind the pillar again and the guards will return. When they walk away again, you quickly run down behind their back and ...... Wedding music. .... Walk to the throne room. Captain Saladin appears. Give him the letter. In the throne room: address Cassima. In video you then click the mirror of the Beast on the false Cassima. Now you follow the end again as described in Walkthrough 1 or Walkthrough 2. The end depends on whether or not you talked to Jolo in the bookshop. If you don't get the lamp from Jolo, you have to click the peppermint leaf on the genie

2014 / 2020 This is an English translation from my original Dutch Walkthrough from 2014 by: Louis Koot