2014 / 2020 This is an English translation from my original Dutch Walkthrough from 2014 by: Louis Koot

King's Quest 6: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is the 6th game in the King's Quest series and it is one of my All Time Favorite games. Unfortunately, since the end of the Windows 95 era, I have never been able to play the game again, but now I have regained possession of the series up to King's Quest 8, and including King's Quest 6,  via www.gog.com

Walkthrough 1:   

Alexander first goes to the castle.

A: Isle of the crown:


Alexander has washed up on the beach of the island and has no idea what kind of island this is. Alexander hopes his crew has also managed to save their lives.

 If you move the cursor up, a bar will pop open in which you can open the various functions of the game, such as the cursors, the inventory and the menu screen.

So you have a Walk cursor, a Hand cursor, an Eye cursor and a Talk cursor. You don't have to keep opening the bar to change cursor because you can also do that by clicking your right mouse button. Alexander's bag serves as the Inventory that stores all the items you pick up in the game. From the Inventory you can then take items to use them in the game, at the place where it is needed ... your cursor will be that item.In the screen, to the left of the inventory, you will always see the last item taken from inventory. 

When you open the Menu screen you can change some game settings in that menu, you have the Save / Load option and the Quit option. The Menu screen also keeps track of the number of points ...... because you can earn points by collecting the right items, doing the right conversations and solving the puzzles correctly. There are a total of 231 points to "score" in the game, but it is not necessary to achieve all 231 points to complete the game.

Alexander is standing on the beach and here and there is some wreckage from his ship lying around. Behind Alex, a path goes through the dune to the 3-way junction. Don't let Alex walk into the sea .... Alex can swim but he'll drown and it's a shame if you start the game with a "Game Over" announcement.  First look at everything here with your Eye cursor. The broken crow's nest mast floats in the sea, and just before the top point of the mast, Alexander's Royal Insigna Ring lies in the sand. To the right is a heavy beam on the beach. 

Change your eye cursor to the Hand cursor and then left click on the Ring and ........

 Alex picks up the Royal Insigna Ring and the thing is then in Inventory.

Click with the Hand cursor on the heavy wooden Beam and ....... Alex lifts the beam and moves it a bit and .....

under the beam is a wooden box ..... click with the hand cursor on the wooden box ..... you will see the box in close-up ......

... there is a Copper Coin in the box. Take the Copper Coin from the box

There is nothing else to do here now, so change your cursor in the WALK cursor and then walk up a screen via the dune path and .... Alexander ends up on the:

Three-way junction:

Look at everything with the eye cursor. The left path leads to the village and the right path goes to the castle. The down path goes to the beach. There is a hollow in the thick old tree. When you have looked at everything and listened to what the storyteller tells you, click with the walking cursor on the castle because Alexander wants to go there first now.


The castle gate is guarded by 2 Guard dogs ........ Walk through and then talk to the guard dogs, so click with the talk cursor on 1 of the 2 guards

You have to click the talk cursor several times for the conversation to continue.

Alex tells who he is but the 2 guard dogs don't believe him when he says he is the Prince of Daventry

So open the inventory and take out the Royal Insigna Ring and then click with the ring on one of the 2 guards and .....

..... The dogs now believe Alexander and one of them goes into the castle to get his chief, main watchdog Captain Saladin, and he appears

Saladin then takes Alexander inside and we now meet the villain of the story ..... Vizier Al Harred .......

Al Harred is "not amused" by the arrival of Alexander ... and Alex is told that he can not speak with Cassima ..... Al Harred reports that he and Cassima are engaged and are getting married. Alexander is then thrown out of the castle by Saladin with the message that he must not risk coming back again

Walk back down one screen, to the three-way intersection, and then take the left path to:

The Village

First look at everything again with the eye cursor and listen to the narrator. A lamp man shouts that he is exchanging old oil lamps for his new ones, which he has lying on a stick in front of him. On the right there are 2 shops, a Pawn Shope and a Bookshop. In front of the pawn shop is an old wooden box that is closed with a lock. Between the steps of the pawn shop and the bookshop is a large round pot. If you click with the hand cursor on the large round pot Alexander searches the pot but he does not find anything in it that he can use ..... But the narrator then tells that this large pot is used to put all kinds of junk in it. Via the large "Keygate" it continues to the harbor via an intermediate screen.

Go and talk to the Lamp Man ... The old smart lamp man is hoping to obtain an old oil lamp with a "Ghost in the Lamp" in it.

Pawn shop:

Enter the Pawn Shop by clicking the hand cursor on the door of that shop and inside go talk to the Pawn shop owner.

The pawn shop owner says that dark things are currently going on in the Land of the Green Islands. When you talk to the man again, the man will ask if you want to buy something, but you don't want that yet so go back outside and enter the Bookstore now.


Ali, the bookshop man, greets Alexander and then he go stand behind his counter.

 Also present is a mysterious old man dressed entirely in black. First go and talk to Ali the bookseller.

Friendly Ali explains to Alexander about his country and tells about the various islands that make up this strange country. Ali also says that it is currently quite dangerous to go to the other islands and that is why the ferry is no longer sailing. The bookseller nevertheless advises Alexander to talk to the ferryman.

On the counter is a very old book and when you look at that book the narrator tells you that this is the "Magic Spell Book".

 Click with the hand cursor on the "Magic Spell Book" and ......

........Alexander asks how much the book costs, but Ali does not want to sell the book for money. 

But if Alexander comes up with another very rare book, Ali is willing to trade his "Magic Spell Book" for that book.

With the eye cursor look at all the sections of the bookcases, from left to right. The low bookcase, in front of the shop window, contains a collection of children's books. In the large bookcase we find, from left to right, cookery books, travel books and biographies, weird guidebooks and, in the rightmost section, a collection of poetry books. 

Click with the hand cursor on that poetry book compartment of the bookcase and ...... Alexander takes a book with poems from the shelf and reads a few poems, which are told by the narrator ...... When Alexander returns the book into the bookcase, a piece of paper falls out of the book and onto the floor.

Pick up the piece of paper ... it turns out to be the poem that Alexander liked so much and Ali  says that Alexander he can keep the poem.Try to talk to the black and mysterious old man, but Alexander just ignores him. On the small table, just in front of the shop door, is also a book .... Look that book .... the book is free to have, so pick up the Free book ......

Bookseller Ali is delighted that Alexander wants the free book. Click, in inventory, with the hand cursor on this book ..... Alexander then reads a piece from the book and almost falls asleep because this is an incredibly Boring Book ... no wonder that bookseller Ali likes to get rid of it want.  Exit the bookstore and then change the cursor back to the walk cursor. Click with the walking cursor in the key gate and .... 

On the next screen, past the key gate, we see a "Cinderella" scene in the garden of a house.

When the stepmother and the girl have entered the houseagain, click with your walking cursor behind the palm trees, on the edge of the screen, and ......

.......Alex continues and we end up at the:


A boy dives into the sea from the jetty and he challenges Alexander to also dive into the sea ...... Don't do it ..... Don't dive into the sea because then Alexander will drown because the kid is not just a kid ..... Just keep looking and .... after a while the kid disappears with a BOOM in a cloud of smoke. 

If you do dive into the water, you will see Alexander drowning and then enter hell through the Hell Gate. 

You must then load your last save or restart the game from the beginning.

I'm assuming you weren't so hideously stupid as to accept the kid's invitation. 

First look at the wrecked ferry again with the eye cursor and then walk onto the deck via the gangway. 

Click with the hand cursor on the door of the cabin and Alexander knocks on the door and the ferryman appears.

The ferryman asks what you want, so quickly click with the talking cursor on him and Alexander then says that the bookseller Ali has sent him and Alexander may enter. 

In the cabin, click again with the talking cursor on the ferryman to continue talking to the man

The ferryman gives all kind of information about The land of the Green Isles. The ferryman tells, among other things, that the ferry is no longer sailing, and that no other boats are available. The only way to go from island to island would be a magic map. The pawnshop owner can tell Alexander more about the Magic Map.

If you then click on the ferryman again with the talking cursor, he will tell you some of his memories from the "good old days" .....but you can skip this. There is a rabbit's foot on the table. Click with the hand cursor on the rabbit's foot and ...... Alex can have the rabbit's leg because the thing didn't bring the ferryman any luck. Don't forget to grab this rabbit's foot because Alexander needs the thing to access the Isle of Wonders and we won't come back here. Hand click on the cabin door to say goodbye to the ferryman. Back outside on the deck of the rickety ferry, change the cursor back to the walk cursor and walk back to the:



Enter the pawn shop again and ... Hela ... that mysterious black-clad old man is here too ..... it seems as if the black guy is following Alexander. 

Talk to the pawn shop keeper again and ......

Alexander now asks about the Magic Map and the pawnbroker takes out the map and tells something about it. The pawn shop owner is willing to trade the map for any item of any value that Alexander has. The pawn man also says that he has some worthless things and that he will soon be dumping those items in the large jar outside.

Take Alex's Royal Insigne Ring from inventory and give it to the pawn shop man and ...

Alexander now exchanges his ring for the Magic Map and ........ the old man waddles to the counter and steals a mint from the jar, that's on the counter. 

And then we see that the old man is not an old man but that it is Samir, the henchman of Al Harred.

Back in the pawn shop you look at the things on the counter again ..... On the left of the counter is the jar with mints, but there is also a toy Nightingale on the counter. 

Look at the Nightingale with your eye and ... you get into the close-up of the things that Alexander can buy.

Click on each item and the pawn man will tell you something about it ... From left to right you can choose from the Nightingale, a Flute, a Paintbrush or the Tinderbox (flint / lighter). Alex has 1 copper coin and for that he can now buy the Nightingale, so click with your hand on the Nightingale and ..... the Pawnbroker tells you that all items are of equal value and cost 1 or 2 copper coins ....Give the Copper Coin to the pawn shop ownerand then click, in the close-up screen, again on the Nightingale and Alex has then bought the Nightingale.

Click with the hand cursor on the Peppermint jar to take a Mint from the jar..... don't forget this now.

Leave the pawn shop and see ... the old lamp man is gone. Walk through the Key Gate to the house / garden screen again ... you will see the "Cinderella scene" in the garden of the house again. When "Cinderella" and her stepmother have gone back inside, you walk back to the village street and ......... You see the pawnbroker puttingsome unnecessary stuff in the big pot.

Click with the hand cursor again on the large pot and ....

Alex searches the pot  again and now he finds an ink bottle, which the pawnbroker has just put into the pot, and the ink bottle ends up in the inventory. 

Go back to the:

Three-way junction:

A real Nightingale is now chirping on the right branches of the large tree. The bird is a bit nervous. Take the toy nightingale from inventory and click on the real nightingale to gain the bird's trust, and it also earns you a point ....... Alexander winds up the mechanical nightingale and places it on the path and the toy plays a tune ...

The real nightingale likes the toy nightingale andit goes sit on a lower branch to listen and stare at Alex. When the tune is over, Alex picks up the toy bird again. The real nightingale will now always sit on the bottom branch, whenever Alex appears here at the crossroad. Change the cursor back into the walk cursor and now go back, via the down path, to the:


Back on the beach, open the inventory and click with the hand cursor on the Magic Map and .....

the Magic map will then appear large on your screen.

Alexander can travel quickly from one island to another via the Map. To be able to use the Map, Alexander must be on a beach, so by the sea, otherwise the Map will not work. The Land of the Green Islands has the following islands: Isle of the Crown, Isle of Wonder, Isle of the Sacred Mountain, Isle of the Beast . Click on an island and Alexander will end up on that island. 

We are now going to visit all those islands and we start with the Isle of the Sacred Mountain so click on that island and ... Alexander ends up on the:

Isle of the Sacred Mountain: 

Alexander ends up on the beach of the island. High rocks prevent Alexander from continuing here, but that is not the reason that we are here now. On the beach are 2 objects that Alexander needs to get further on other islands. On the left is an ugly stinky flower and on the right is a black feather. Take the Stinky Flower. Take the Black Feather. We will come back here later and then we will climb the cliff but now we will first go to the Isle of Wonder. So open the inventory and click again with the hand on the Magic Map and now travel to the:

Isle of Wonder:

Alexander has landed on the beach of the Isle of Wonders. An object floats in the water and to the left, near the rocks, oysters are sleeping. In the background is the swamp and a screen to the right is the book corner. Wait until the object, floating in the water, floats just in front of the beach and then grab it out of the water with the hand cursor ...

The floating object turns out to be an unfinished sentence and the sentence reads "Where are you going ......".

The front oyster has its sleepy eyes half open. Click with the talking cursor on the front oyster ...... Alexander asks the oyster why it is not sleeping and the oyster says that she is very sleepy but cannot sleep because of a severe pain in the mouth. Oysters usually contain pearls and Alexander needs such a pearl, but in order to take the pearl from the oyster, the oyster must open its mouth. Take the Boring Book from inventory and click it on the oyster and ..

....... Alexander then reads the oyster a boring story from the book and because of this the oyster has to yawn ......

Quickly ..... as soon as the oyster yawns, quickly click with the hand cursor on the oyster to take the pearl ....... As soon as Alexander has taken the pearl from the oyster, her mouth pain is over and she also falls into a deep sleep. If you are unable to get the pearl, you just try again, until you get the pearl. When you get the pearl then SAVE your GAME .....

The Gnomes:

Change the cursor back into the walking cursor and then you click with the walking cursor on the forest / swamp and ....... Alexander walks towards the forest path but he hears someone coming from the forest and  5 Gnomes now appear. The 5 gnomes declare a rhyme and then they line up in front of Alexander.

You have to get rid of these 5 gnomes now, otherwise you will not be allowed to explore this island further. You should also not wait too long because then the gnomes will throw Alexander into the sea and is it Game Over. Each Gnome has a certain property and you have to give each gnome a certain item to fool the gnome. Name the Gnomes, from right to left, A, B, C, D, E. Click first with your eye cursor on the front gnome to hear his problem and then give him the correct item from inventory. If the item was good, the front gnome goes to the back of the row.

  • Gnome A has a huge nose. Click with the Stink Flower on Gnome A. Gnome A smells the flower and is then convinced that he has a flower in front of him.

  • Gnome B has huge ears. Click with the toy Nightingale on Gnome B. Gnome B disappears to the back of the row.

  • Gnome C has a huge mouth and tongue and he is sticking it out now. Give the Peppermint (Mint) to Gnome C. Gnome C goes to the back.

  • Gnome D has enormous hands. Give the Rabbit's Paw to Gnome D and he will also be satisfied

  • Gnome E has huge eyes. Click with the Ink pot on Gnome D or on Alexander himself and ...... well ...... Alexander pours the inkwell over himself and this makes him invisible.

All gnomes are now convinced that there is no danger and they disappear again. From now on Alexander can move freely around this island.

Spider and Bookworm:

Walk one screen to the right and we then reach the Book corner.

Bees buzz above the books and a spider sits  in her web. Go talk to the Spider. In the close-up of the spider we see that the spider has collected a number of books in her web. There is also a piece of paper in the web. At the bottom of the web, at the bottom of the left books, a thread protrudes from the web.

If you try to take the piece of paper from the web, the spider will kill Alex. If you click on the protruding thread, with the hand cursor, Alexander pulls the thread out of the web and spider does not like that, but Alex does not die. Click with your hand cursor next to the web to exit this close-up screen. View the book stacks with your eye. Click on a stack of books with the hand cursor and .........

Bookworm appears and he wants to know where you get the guts to steal his books. Alexander asks the bookworm about a Rare book. The bookworm does have such a Rare Book, but Alexander currently has nothing he can exchange for that book. Walk back one screen to the left and then enter the forest via the forest path and ..... Alexander ends up in the:


Look at everything with your eye and listen to what the narrator has to say about everything. At the bottom left of the screen is a tree trunk ..... you see a head on the tree trunk ... that head is the "Bump on a Log". In the big tree you see the face of a dog .... The tree is a "Dogwood Tree" ... a Dog Tree. Stems of "Milkweed" grow between the roots of the tree ... they are small bottles of milk. You can talk to the dog's head in the tree for a moment ... the dog's head will then slightly come out of the tree and then growl at Alexander. Take a Bottle of Milk, so click with the hand cursor on the "Milk Bottle Stems" to pick 1 bottle of milk.

Vegetable Garden and Chessboard land

At the tree, walk through one screen and ...... Alexander ends up in the vegetable garden and at the wall and gate of Chessboard Land.

Again.....look at everything with your eye and listen to the narrator. In the left lawn are bunches of red tomatoes and "Baby Tears". Behind the front bunch of red tomatoes is a bed of iceberg lettuce. On the wall to the left of the gate, blue grapes and green lianas grow. In the right lawn is a small coffee table and further you will find colored "Snap Dragons". At the right wall are yellow "Wall flowers" and these flowers are somewhat shy. There is also a chair by the wall and in the wall is a black hole, it's a "Hole in the Wall". If you look at that hole in the wall with the eye cursor, Alexander will look through the hole and we see what's behind the wall ...... It's Chessboard Land.

When Alexander walks onto the right grass field, those "Snap Dragons" get nervous because they can't stand Alexander getting so close to them. The yellow "Wall Flowers" also get quite nervous when Alexander comes too close. Try to get the "Hole in the Wall" ..... That won't work because the "Hole in the Wall" shoots away and hides between the "Wall Flowers" .............

Try to take the "Hole in the Wall" again but ..... the "Wall Flowers" protect the "Hole in the Wall" ..... you need the Flute, from the pawn shop, to get the " Hole in the Wall "but Alexander doesn't have the Flute yet. There are 3 bunches of red tomatoes in the left lawn. In the front cluster of tomatoes, the bottom right tomato is rotten .... take that Rotten Tomato. Also grab an ice cold head of Iceberg lettuce.

Click with the hand cursor on the yellow gate doors and ....... Alexander opens the gate and enters Chessboard Land.

Chessboard Land

A White and a Red Chess Knight stand guard at the entrance to the hilly Chessboard Land. If you try to continue, the 2 Knights block Alexander's way because only Chess pieces are allowed to enter Chessboard Land ....... The White and the Red Queens then appear and argue about a "Lumb of Cole" and a rotten Egg.......

The Queens ask Alexander for advice but he does not know what to do. 

The 2 Queens then disappear again but the red Queen drops her red Scarf and completely forgets about it. Take the red scarf. 

Walk back down to the garden, then further down to the swamp and then on to the beach. Back on the beach, open the Map and travel to:

 Isle of the Beast:

Don't let Alexander fall into the water. A weird little creature dangles from a branch of one of the trees. Go talk to the weird creature but  the creature talks a bit weird. Take the Unfinished "Where are you going" Sentence from inventory and give it to the weird creature and ....... the creature finishes the sentence and it wants to go with Alexander. Alexander takes the creature and puts it in inventory. Walk on and ..... Alexander will end up at a steaming pool of water that blocks his way

Above the pool an oil lamp dangles from a branch of the tree. If you want to see what happens when you let Alexander walk into the pool, I recommend that you SAVE your game first. The water in the pool is really steaming hot, so Alex will be boiled alive if he tries to wade across the pool to the other side. The pool must therefore be "cooled down" .... Well ..... Alexander has collected a head of ice-cold iceberg lettuce on the Wonder Island. So throw the Iceberg lettuce in the pool and ...... the ice-cold lettuce cools the water sufficiently so that Alexander can now wade through it .... Click with your hand on the Oil Lamp and ..... Alex skips quickly through the still quite hot pool to the other side and then "picks" the oil lamp from the branch of the tree.

Continue to the next screen and .... we end up at the


The gardener invites Alexander to come into the garden but don't do that because the gardener is Samir, the sidekick of villain Al Harred. Samir tries several times to seduce Alexander to walk into the garden, but if you just keep waiting, Samir will disappear automatically. Even if Samir has disappeared, do not enter the garden through the gate .... we will do that later. To the right of the gate is a stone in the grass. Take the stone. When you have taken the stone, you walk 2 screens back down, through the pool to the beach. Back on the beach, open the map again and travel back to:

Isle of the Crown

Pawn shop

Go to the village via the crossroads and re-enter the pawn shop. The black-clad old man is back in the pawn shop, pissing at the pawn shop owner that the jar of mints is empty. The old man then angrily disappears from the store. As you know, Alexander has exchanged his Royale Insigna ring for the Magic Map here. Alexander now wants his ring back and he also needs the flute to get the Whole in the Wall. Take the Pearl from inventory and click it on the pawn shop owner and Alexander exchanges the precious pearl for his ring

The mechanical nightingale has also had its use, so take the mechanical nightingale from inventory and click it on the pawn shop owner and ..... We get back in the close-up of the box with items from which Alexander can choose 1 item again, in exchange for the nightingale ...... Now choose the Flute here, so click on the flute and ......

Alexander returns the nightingale and now receives the Flute. Exit the store and go back to the crossroad. Back at the crossroad take Alexander's Ring from inventory and click with the ring on the nightingale that is now whistling on the bottom branch of the thick tree and ........ The nightingale takes the ring from Alexander's hand and flies away with it, towards the castle.

NB: Giving the Nightingale the Ring is Optional ..... you don't have to do this, but it will be more fun for the story if you do.

Continue to the beach, then open the Magic Map again and travel back to:

The Isle of Wonders:

Vegetable garden

Walk from the beach, through the swamp, to the Vegetable Garden. The Hole on the Wall is still in between the Wall Flowers on the wall and those Wall Flowers will twist together again when Alex tries to get the Hole on the Wall ..... So those Wall Flowers have to be distracted so Alexander can than take the Hole on the Wall. Take the Flute from inventory and click it on the Wall Flowers and ........

Alexander will now whistle a tune and the Wall Flowers and the Snap Dragons start to dance to the melody and the Hole on the Wall shifts along the wall to the right ....... Keep paying attention because suddenly Alexander stops whistling but the Wall Flowers and the Snap Dragons will continue to dance ..... Quicky ..... as soon as you have the cursor back, change the cursor in the hand and click on the Hole on the Wall and .. ....

........ if you were fast enough, Alexander now grabs the Hole on the Wall and puts the thing in inventory .........

 If you were too slow, the Hole on the Wall shoots back to the protection of the Wall Flowers and you will have to try again.

Bookworm: Rare Book: 

When you have taken the Hole on the Wall you return to the beach and on the beach you continue to the right, to the Book Corner. The weird creature that Alexander has taken from the Isle of the Beast is the offspring of Bookworm. Click again with your hand on one of the book stacks to make Bookworm appear again .........

Bookworm asks if Alex already has anything he can trade for the Rare Book. Take the Weird Creature from inventory and click on Bookworm and ... Bookworm has his son back and Alexander now gets his Rare Book. Look at  the Rare Book in inventory with the eye cursor ... it is a Riddle Book. Click in inventory with the hand on the Rare / Riddle book ....

The book then opens and we see that a page has been torn from the book and that is exactly the page with a riddle that Alexander needs. Click on the book to leave the close-up. We have seen a piece of paper sticking into the Spider's web ... would that piece of paper be the missing page? How to steal that paper from the web? Walk back to the beach and then travel back via the Magic Map to the:

Isle of the Crown:

Continue to the crossroad and ..........The nightingale is back and puts a red Hair band on the path. Take the red hair band ....... is it Cassima's hair band?

Examine the red hair band in inventory, so click with your hand on the red hair band in inventory and .......

........ a black Hair comes out of the head band and Alexander will need this black hair later for one of the spells.

NB: You will only get the red head band with the black hair if you have previously given Alexander's ring to the nightingale. If you have not given the ring to the nightingale, you will not get the red hair band and therefore not the black hair. But that's okay because you get a blonde hair from Beauty later in the game and that's okay too. As said .... giving stuff to the nightingale is Optional. You can do one more optional thing here and that's this ..... Take the Poem, which Alexander picked up from the floor earlier in the bookshop, and give the poem to the nightingale and ...... Nightingale flies away with it and will bring back a note from Cassima the next time Alex returns here.

Go back to the village and back into the pawn shop. Return the Flute to the pawnbroker and then choose the Thinder Box from the item box in exchange for the flute.

Exit the pawn shop and re-enter the bookshop. There is now a guy in the chair reading a book.

Give the Rare Book to the bookseller and Alexander will get the Spell Book in return

In inventory, you can open the Spell Book by clicking on it with your hand ..... the Spell Book is full of Magic spells. If you have the Thinderbox and the Spell Book then return to the c roasroad and, if you had previously given the poem to the Nightingale, the Nightingale drops a piece of paper onto the path. Pick up the paper .....

It turns out to be a note from Cassima in which she warns Alex about Abdul and his sidekick Samir.

Walk to the beach again and then open the Magic Card again and travel back to the:

Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

Climb the Logic Cliffs:

Alexander has returned to the beach of the island. It seems as if we cannot continue here, but that is an illusion. We were here before to pick up the Stink Flower and the Black Feather. Now we have to climb the cliffs to explore the island further. If you look closely you will see words on a large stone in the cliff.

Inscription Stone 1:

Look at that stone with your eye and .... you read what is written on the stone ..... it says: "Ignorance kills. Wisdom takes you higher" .... 

Change the cursor in the hand cursor because you now have to click on the letters in the stone. You now have to make the word RISE

Click in the word "IGNORANCE" on the R .... you will hear a sound.
Click in the word KILLS on the I .... you will hear another sound.
Click in the word WISDOM on the S ... you will hear another sound.
In the word ELEVATES, click on the E ... and ..

... stones are now sliding out of the cliff and those stones are the first part of the Stone Stairs.

 Move Alexander to the right so that you can see the bottom extended stone. Then click with the walking cursor on the bottom stone and ...

Alexander will stand on the bottom stone. Now you have to bring Alexander, via the stones, to the top stone and you do that by clicking on the next stone with the walking cursor. Alexander will always jump to the next stone ...... But if you do not click exactly on the stones then Alex jumps too far or too short and then he will fall down and it is Game Over ... so save often after each succesfull jump

If you do not click properly on the stones, Alexander will give you a warning in the form of "Whooo .... wait a minute" ...... When you have reached the second top stone, Alex will automatically continue. and you end up on the next screen with the next set of stones. So continue to the top stone. On the top stone, Alex stands in front of an inscriptionthat is etched into the cliff.

Inscription Stone 2

Click again with your eye on the inscription and ..... In the close-up of the stone you will see a lot of squares with symbols. Above the symbols you will read "A Master of Language Will - - - -". You must complete this sentence with a 4 letter word that means "Elevate" and you create that word by clicking on the 4 correct symbols. The word to enter is S.O.A.R. With the game you got a Game Manuel, in the download or on the CD. You will also find that Manuel as a PDF file in the game folder. In this Manuel you will find a page with all these 26 symbols and an explanation of what they mean.

So look up the symbols for the letters S. O. A. R in the Manuel and then click on the stone on these 4 symbols.

If you don't have the Manuel or you can't find it, then number, on the stone, the Symbols as 1 to 26, like this:

Click with the hand cursor on the following symbols: 9, 10, 20, 22 and ....... the next series of stones are extended.

Well ...... Climb, with the walking cursor, up again via the stones and Alex reaches the 3rd inscription stone, on the next screen.

Inscription Stone 3:

Change the cursor back into the eye and click on the inscription stone.

4 circles are etched in the stone. You have to press the circles in the correct order with the hand cursor.

Number the circles, from left to right, 1 / to 4 and then click on circles 4, 1, 2 and ...

.......... the next series of stones slide out of the cliff. Save Game and then climb further up to the 4th inscription stone.

Inscription Stone 4

Click with an eye on the inscription stone and you will be in the close-up again. You get the stone with the 26 symbol tiles again and you now have to click the 4 symbols that together form the 4 Holy Unity or the Sacred Four. In the Game Manuel you can look up which 4 symbols these are. Look for the numbering of the symbols on the large picture at the 2nd Inscription stone

Click on the symbols: 25, 10, 15, 16 and ......... the next set of stair stones will extend, so climb further up to the 5th, and last, Inscription stone.

Inscription Stone 5

Click again with an eye on the inscription stone to get in the close-up.

4 sentences are written on this 5th stone. You have to create the word ASCEND here by clicking on the correct letters for each sentence.

Number the sentences, from top to bottom, 1 to 4.

Click in sentence 1 on the A and the S.
In sentence 2, click on the C and the E.
In sentence 3, click on the N of Noble.
Click in sentence 4 on the D of Boulders and.

..... the last series of  stones slide out, so click further up again via the stair stones and ...... Hooray ....... Alexander will end up on top of the cliffs

A nice old lady invites and greets Alexander and invites him to eat some red berries from the bush that stands by her. Those bessies can make Alex fly ..... Don't pick the berries because this old woman is Samir again, the sidekick of villain Al Harred. So don't do anything and the old lady will disappear automatically. The large door on the left is the entrance to the Catacombs. The berry bush stands at the entrance of the cave. So do not pick berriesbut enter the cave by clicking with your hand in the entrance of the cave.

It is pitch dark in the cave, so open the inventory and take the Thinderbox out. Click with the Thinderbox in the screen and ...... Alexander takes the candle from the Thinderbox and lights the candle with the flints of the thinderbox and ....... then we have a little bit of light. Right click to put the Thinderbox back in inventory.

The cave consists of 2 cavesand Alex is now in the front cave. On the right you see the crawl opening to the rear cave, so click with the hand cursor in the round opening and ........... Alexander crawls into the rear cave. In the rear cave, light enters through a window and so Alexander extinguishes his candle. In the window grows a bush of Peppermint leaves ..... Click with the hand on the green bush of Permunt leaves and ........

Alexander picks a peppermint leaf. Crawl back to the front cave and click in the front cave again with the Thinderbox in the screen to light the candle again and then crawl back out of the cave .... back outside Alex automatically put the candle away again. Change the cursor back into the loop cursor and then click with it on the high white mountain in the background and ........ Alexander ends up at the:

The Winged One's:

This piece goes without saying because it's a long cutscene. Watch and hear what the Lord and Lady have to say about these winged people. 

After this, Alexander is taken to the Catacombs to kill the Minotau and rescue the daughter of this winged couple.

NB: Alexander will only be taken to the Catacombs if you have now collected all necessary Items in inventory, needed to survive in the catacoms. If you do not have all those items, Alexander will return to the beach and you must collect the items you are still missing. Only when you have collected all the necessary Items you can again climb the Logic Cliffs to return to the winged couple. But if you've followed my walkthrough so far, Alexander now has all the necessary items to survive the Catacombs, so Alex is now taken to the Catacombs by the 2 winged guards.

Catacombs: Part 1:

The catacombs are a maze of rooms. You walk through the gates to the next room. Some rooms are End rooms and some rooms have only 2 or 3 gates. You have to go through this maze via the correct route and solve some puzzles and pick up certain items along the way. Save often and if you get lost load your last good Save. Alex can also die here so Save often. We will start in Room 1 and I will guide you through this maze the right way. Straight ahead is always through the middle gate, left is always through the left-hand gate, right is always through the right-hand gate and down is always through the bottom of the screen.

We start in the start room: Go straight ahead 2 times, then right 2 times, straight ahead and .......

Alexander has then ended up in an End Room. There are a few skeletons here and a Skull. Take the skull.

Walk out of this end room again via the bottom of the screen and then go left twice, straight ahead, left and ...... Alexander is then in the:

Tiled Floor Room:

SAVE Your GAME: The floor has 20 tiles and each tile has a symbol. There are Rose tiles, Scythe tiles, Skull tiles, Crown tiles and Dove tiles. You must lead Alexander to the other side via the correct tiles. Always click with the walking cursor on the tile where you want Alexander to go. If Alexander lands on a "wrong" tile, it is GAME OVER. Number the tiles, from right to left, 1 to 20. Alexander starts on Tile 2.

The correct order to get through this room is: Tile 3, Tile 7, Tile 9, Tile 10, Tile 11, Tile 13, Tile 19, Tile 18 and through the gate. 

After the Tile Floor Room SAVE your GAME again. Then continue: Straight ahead (Middle gate) and ..... On the left wall hangs a shield .....

Take the Shield and go straight ahead 3 times and then left twice and ..... End room with 2 skeleton niches .......

In the right wall niche is a skeleton and on the eyes the skeleton are coins .... Take the coins.

Go back 2 times, Right, Down, Right and ...... Alexander ends up in the Trap Room ...... the doors close and the ceiling comes down slowly...Quickly ..... Take the Stone, which you have found on the Isle of the Beast, from inventory and yank the stone between the gear mechanism in the wall and .........

The mechanism is blocked, the ceiling goes back up and the doors open again. Continue 2 times Right, Straight, Right ..and ... End room and ... 

the floor opens under Alexander's feet ...... Alexander thunders down and ends up one floor lower ......

Catacombs Part 2:

It is pitch dark so quickly take the Thinderbox from inventory and click it in the dark screen to have light because with the Thinderbox Alexander lights a torch ....... 

don't wait too long because then it is GAME OVER

Now continue: Down 4 times and then 4 times Left, Down, 2 times Left, Straight, Left, 2 times Straight, 3 times Right and ......... Alex has ended up in an end room where the narrator voice says the sound is coming from behind the right-hand wall. Take the Hole on the Wall from inventory here and click it on the right-hand wall

Then look through the Hole in the Wall by clicking on it and .....

Alexander sees the Minotauer ........ You will now lose the Hole on the Wall, but that's okay because you don't need it anymore.

So on to the Minotauer and as follows ..... 3 times Left, 2 times Down, Right. Down, 2 times Right, Straight, Right, 2 times Straight and ...... End room. This is the room Alexander saw through The Hole On the Wall. On the right wall hangs a Tapestry ....... SAVE Your GAME again ........ Click with your hand on the tapestry and ......... the Wall will open.

So enter the Minotauer's lair and defeat the beast. and you do that as follows ...The Minotauer is in the corner torturing the kidnapped Lady Celeste.

Take the Red Scarf, from the red Queen of Chessboard Land, from inventory

Click with the red Scarf on the Minotauer to draw the beast's attention to Alexander.

The Minotauer drives Alexander to the fire. Click again with the red scarf on the Minotauer and .........

..... like an accomplished Toreador, Alexander then manages to drive the Minotauer into the fire

The game will now automatically continue for a while. 

Alexander frees Lady Celeste with her own dagger, which Alex is allowed to keep, and we end up outside  the Catacombs

Via Lady Celeste's mom and dad, Alexander then ends up at the Oracle

The Oracle shows Cassima to Alexander and tells that Cassima's mom and dad have been banished to the Realm of the Dead by Al Hasred and that Alexander must plead with the "Lord of the Dead" to let Cassima's parents go. But the Oracle has no understanding and knowledge of the Realm of the Dead and refers Alex to the Druids who live on the Isle of the Mist. The Oracle then gives Alexander a bottle of Sacred Water that he will need for one of the spells. Alex is then dropped off on the beach with the announcement that he may never come back here.

The Oracle has warned Alexander about the Druids of the Isle of the Mist. In order to talk to those Druids, Alexander has to prepare a Rain Potion and Alex must now collect the ingredients for this. Open the inventory and click in inventory with the hand cursor on the Spell Book. Scroll through the scroll arrow to the page where the "Make Rain Spell" is described.

Find out what ingredients are needed for the "Make Rain Spell" and how to prepare them. So for the "Make Rain Spell" we need:

A few drops of salt water, but not from the sea. 1 bottle of Holy Water. Water from a fountain (Falling water). For the preparation we need a Teapot.

Close the inventory. We have now collected 105 out of 231 points. Open the Magic Map and now travel to:

Isle of the mist:

The island lives up to its name ..... the island is shrouded in a thick cloud of mist. This is the island of the Druid people but we will not meet them yet. From the northeast comes the sound of drums. Walk one screen to the left via the left edge of the beach. Alexander ends up in the tree village. A house has been made in the trees and there is a fire pit between the trees.

A Scythe hangs from the left tree. There are coals in the fire pit. Take a coal from the fire pit and take the scythe. 

Do not continue exploring this island ..... Alexander is not ready for this yet, so walk back to the beach via the bottom of the screen. 

Back on the beach, open the Magic Map again and travel back to:

Isle of the Beast:

Beauty en the Beast:

When you arrive at the Beast island, follow the forest path, through the water pool, to the garden. Samir is not here now. On both gate halves of the garden wall are 2 stone Archers. The right archer has his bow and arrow ready and aimed at the path. Save your Game first and then try to walk through the gate into the garden and ........ The right archer pierces Alexander with his arrow .......

Ok .... load your save game. Alexander must protect himself from the arrow of the right archer. 

Take the shield, that you took from the Catacombs,  out of inventory and click with the shield on the right archer and ........

Alexander walks to the gate and catches the archer's magic arrow with the shield ..... The arrow destroys the shield but does not kill Alexander now. The Archer now has no arrow anymore, so now walk further into the garden and walk to the flower arbor and ........ When Alexander approaches the arbor, the hedge closes and the hedge blocks the path. White Roses grow in the hedge. Take a white Rose from the hedge .....

It doesn't matter whether you pick the rose from the left or right side of the hedge. 

When you have picked the Rose, take the Scythe from inventory and click with the Scythe on the hedge, where the hedge is now blocking the path.

Long CutscÚne ........ With the scythe Alexander then cuts open the path to the arbor again and ........ 

Alexander then ends up in the garden of the Beast and a conversation with the Beast follows. ......

listen very carefully to the Beast, who used to be a handsome Prince but, 100 years ago, was cursed by a villainous person and since then has turned into this Beast  ..... The Beast tells that the Druids stole his "Coat of Arms". The Beast also tells that Alexander will also turn into a Beast because he has cut down the Magic Hedge ......... the change will take place in a few hours. However, Alexander has 1 chance to break the spell and that is to give the Beast a tasty Virgin. The Beast then gives Alexander his Ring and Alex must give that ring to a virgin who is willing to marry the Beast.

You don't have much time ...... You have to go back to the Crown Island as fast as you can to seduce that "Cinderella" into marry the Beast ...... You don't have much time for this ...... if you wait too long or if you are too slow, Alex will change into a Beast and it's Game Over. So SAVE your Game now and get the hell back to the Isle of the Crown. So change the cursor in the walking cursor and walk down screens until you are back on the beach. Open the Magic Map and travel back to 

The  Isle of the crown:

Walk quickly to the crossroads and then to the village and then through the Key Gate to the screen with the House and the garden.

Cinderella, whose real name is Beauty, is sitting by the garden wall in the garden.

Take the white rose from inventory and give the rose to Beauty to gain her trust. 

Then take the Ring of the Beast from inventory and give the ring to Beauty and ...

Alexander now tells Beauty the sad story of Beast and Beauty is so moved by this that she decides to go with Alexander to the Beast. 

We automatically end up back at Beast and the spell / curse is broken. Beast becomes a handsome prince again and Beauty becomes his beautiful princess.

Beauty gives Alex her old Dress and the prince gives him a mirror. The spell is broken, even for Alexander.

Walk down 1 screen, back to the garden. If you have already done the optional things with the nightingale on the three-way junction on the Isle of the Crown, you can now take a new white Rose from the hedge. Then walk down the rest of the screens until Alexander is back on the beach, and then travel back to the:

Isle of the Crown:

Continue to the crossroads. If you have taken a second white rose a white rose on the Beast island, you now give the white rose to the Nightingale and ..... 

the nightingale flies away with the rose to the castle. First go back to the:


The old lamp man is now back in the village ..... Don't exchange your oil lamp you got from the Isle of the Beast because you still need that oil lamp. 

There is now an announcement on the wall of the key gate. View that announcement with your eye cursor.

It is the announcement of Al Hasred's wedding to Cassima and that wedding is already today. Click the cursor again to close the close-up. Enter the pawn shop again and exchange the Thinderbox for the Flute again. So click with the Thinderbox on the pawnbroker and then click on the flute in the box. Go back outside and walk back to the crossroad and then continue to the castle

Optional: In the Castle:

We see a group of maids entering the castle and this gives Alexander an idea for a ruse.

The maids are there to serve at the upcoming wedding party. 

This  next part is OPTIONAL ....... if you want to do this then I advise you to SAVE your game here now

Take Beauty's dress from inventory and click with the dress on the guardhouse, which is on the right side in front of the castle and Alexander retreats into the guardhouse for a moment to discreetly disguise himself as a maid and he is then allowed into the castle by the 2 guard dogs.

Alexander is then in the hall of the castle ..... a lackey comes out of the kitchen and orders Alexander to polish the silver in the kitchen, but Alex does not like that of course. Alexander takes the dress off and hides it in the right vase, by the right-hand staircase.

The double doors, under the balcony, lead to the great Throne Room. The door under the left staircase is the kitchen door and the door under the right staircase is locked. It doesn't matter what you are going to do here in the castle ...... Alex will always be caught by the guard dogs and then put in a cell and that is Game Over ...

For example:  briefly enter the throne room ...... Alexander is then caught and thrown in jail, so it is Game Over. Even if you go up via the right stairs or the left stairs and then walk up the left or right corridor it will be GAME OVER because guard dogs also walk back and forth at the top of the corridor and if you try to continue,  Alexander end up back in jail. 

You can not lleave the castle, but because Alexander is not yet prepared enough to do the things he has to do here in the castle, it makes no sense to continue wandering through the castle. So load your last Save and Alexander will be outside the castle. So this was not the right way to enter the castle. There must be another way to get into the castle unseen. Go back to the beach via the three-way junction and then travel back, via thne Map to the:

Isle of wonders

Vegetable garden:

Walk, through the swamp, back to the vegetable garden. There is now a bottle on the round table and a tea cup on the chair. Take the bottle.

Alexander also needs the Teacup, but if you try to walk to the chair, the Snapdragons or the Wall Flowers will prevent this. So take the Flute from inventory and click it on the Wall flowers and ........ Alex whistles the tune again, making the Snapdragons and the Wall Flowers dance again ...... Quickly .... as soon as you have the cursor back, change it in your hand and then quickly click on the chair to take the teacup from it.

When Alexander has taken the Teacup, go through the yellow gate doors to the Chessboard Land. The white and red Queens reappear and start arguing about the Lump of Coal again. The 2 Queens then notice Alexander again and turn to him again. Take the Lumb of coal from inventory and now give the coal to the white Queen and ...

... in exchange for the coal, Alex now receives the rotten Egg from the white Queen. Walk back to the:

Vegetable Garden and Swamp:

For the "Make Rain Spell" Alexander needs salt water but it should not be salt sea water. In the vegetable garden, in the left lawn, so-called "Baby Tears" grow. Earlier you had Alexander grab a milk bottle in the swamp. Take that milk bottle from inventory and click it on the front "Baby Tear" and ... the other 3 "Baby Tears" burst into jealous crying ... Baby Tears are salty so quickly grab the oil lamp from inventory and click on 1 of the 3 crying Babies and ...

... Alexander catches some of Baby's salty tears in the oil lamp ...

..... we have the 1st ingredient for the magic potion. Walk down the screen and we are back in the:

Swamp: "Swamp Ooze":

Take the teacup from inventory and click with the teacup in the swamp, where the path is the bank of the swamp, and ...

..... The "Swamp Ooze" event starts .....

Alexander wants to fill the teacup with some of the "Swamp Ooze" but before he can fill the teacup, "Stick in the Mud" appears in the swamp. "Stick in the Mud" screams that Alexander is not taking "Swamp Ooze" but "Swamp Mud". "Bumb on a Log" is also getting involved ...... "Bumb on a Log" and "Stick in the Mud" are brothers but absolutely no friends.

Talk to "Stick in the Mud" ...... Alexander asks "Stick in the Mud" politely if he can throw some "Swamp Ooze" at the his brother, but "Stick in the Mud" doesn't want to do that. "Bumb on a Log" gets involved again. Talk to "Bumb on a Log" and the quarrel between  "Bumb on a Log" and "Stick in the Mud" now erupts in full force.

When the bickering between "Bumb on a Log" and "Stick in the Mud" finally calms down, talk again to "Bumb on a Log". Then take the rotten Tomato from inventory and give the tomato to "Bumb on a Log" and ........ "Bumb on a Log" throws the rotten tomato to "Stick in the Mud" who will then throws deliciously smelly Swamp Ooze at  "Bumb on a Log" . The "Bumb on a Log" is then covered with "Swamp Ooze". So take the teacup again and click on "Bumb on a Log" to fill the teacup with the "Swamp Ooze".

Walk down another screen, to the beach, and then open the magic map again and travel back to the:

Isle of the Beast:

Follow the path back to the garden and then walk to the gazebo, Alex will end up at the fountain of the Beast again. 

Open the inventory and then pick up the bottle of Holy Water (from Oracle) and click with the bottle on the oil lamp to pour the Holy Water into the oil lamp.

Then take the oil lamp from inventory and click it on the fountain and ..... Alex fills the oil lamp with water from the fountain .....

 so this is the "Falling water" for the "Make Rain Spell".

All Ingredients for the "Make Rain Spell" are now in the oil lamp. As soon as you start casting the spell you have to be fast because you have to go back to the Isle of the Mist before the spell has worked out ..... if you are too slow then the spell will not work and you will have to do this thing again. So SAVE your game now before casting the spell. Then, in inventory, open the Spell book again and scroll to the "Make Rain" page again. To cast the spell, click with the "Cast cursor" on the right page and .........

Alexander casts the spell ...... it looks like nothing is happening but that is an illusion .....

 the spell needs some time to work, so now go back to the beach like a rocket and then travel via the magic map back to the:

Isle of the Mist:

It will continue automatically ... you don't have to do anything ... just watch and listen carefully.

On the beach Alexander is grabbed by 2 Druids and taken to the sacred ceremony site, where the Earth Druid pronounces the death sentence on Alexander.

Alex is hung in the cage over the fire to be roasted. In desperation, Alexander takes Beauty's old dress to try to blow the fire out

But the dress soon burns and it seems that Alexander will experience his final end here ....... but then ..... the Miracle happens ..... the heat of the fire causes it that the "Make Rain" brew will boil in the oil lamp and start working ...... your screen goes black for a moment and then a violent storm erupts .....

The "Make Rain Spell" has saved Alexander from his predicament and the Chief Druid now thinks that Alex is a great wizard and there is now an extensive conversation between the Druid and Alexander about the Realm of the Dead, the Lord of the Dead and about Nightmare, the winged black horse of that master of the realm of the dead. Chief dru´d tells that only horse Nightmare can bring Alexander to the realm of the dead, but that he must first trick that horse with the "Charming a creature of the night spell". The Druids then disappear, leaving Alex by the still glowing fire.

NB: If you have not done all that optional things with the Nightingale on the Isle of the Crown then you haven't obtained Cassima's black hair. But by burning Beauty's dress, Alexander now obtains Beauty's Blonde Hair because it was hidden in the dress. To be clear ..... if you already have Cassima's black hair, you will not get Beauty's blonde hair, or vice versa.

After the Druids are gone, open the Spell Book and scroll to the "Charming A Creature Of The Night" spell. Read what ingredients are needed.

For this spell you need: A Skull with a hot coal, some Sulfate and 1 hair of a Virgin. Well .... you already have 2 ingredients because you have a black hair from Cassima or a blonde hair from Beauty, and you have the rotten egg from the white Queen and that rotten egg contains sulfate. You only need a glowing coal

Take the Skull from inventory and click with the Skull on the gloing coals of the campfire and.......

With the skull Alexander scoops a glowing coal from the fire and that coal is then in the skull.

The skull is now hot. Combine the rotten Egg and the black or blonde hair with the Skull in inventory.

In the Skull you now have the coal, the rotten egg and the hair and the "Charming A Creature Of The Night" spell is ready to use but don't cast the spell yet. Now you have to be quick again  because you have to be on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain before the coal in the skull has cooled down. Walk down one screen, back to the beach and then travel back to the:

Isle of the Sacred Mountain.  

Alexander lands on the beach again of course. However, the Step Stones are still extended so you don't have to redo the "Logic Cliffs" puzzles. Click with the walking cursor on the bottom step stone and then on the next stone until Alex is at the top of this 1st screen and Alex does the rest himself. At the top we see the black winged horse Nightmare, who is eating the delicious red berries.

Open the inventory and see if the Skull is still glowing. If the skull no longer glows, the hot coal in the skull has cooled down and you can no longer cast the spell. You will then have to pick up a new coal from the Isle of the Mist. If the skull is still glowing, you can quickly open the Spell book again, browse to the "Charming A Creature Of The Night" spell and then "Cast" the spell and ......

........ Nightmare then takes Alexander to the:

Realm of the Dead

SAVE YOUR GAME and do it regularly here. 

Avoid contact with the wandering figures here because when Alexander comes into contact with these figures it is GAME OVER. 

You must therefore avoid those figures

You see 2 blurred figures and they are the mom and dad ofCassima. But immediately a number of curved figures appear and all these figures are walking around. You have to stay on this 1st screen because you have to talk to the 2 blurred figures first, but you have to make sure that Alexander is not touched by those curved figures. So walk around here to avoid those curved figures ...... those curved figures then continue to the next screen ... as soon as there is no longer a curved  figure in the vicinity of the two blurred figures, speak those 2 blurred figures via the talk cursor.

Listen to Queen Alria, Cassima's mother. Cassima's parents were murdered in their bed by Al Hasred, but their souls find no rest here and that is why they still wander here in this porch of Hell. Alexander says he is here to take them back to the land of the Living. The Queen then gives Alexander her Ticket to the Underworld.

When the conversation is over you quickly walk one screen to the right, via the right edge of the screen ...... if you wait too long then one of the curved figures will touches Alex and then it is Game Over. So quickly walk one screen to the right and ..... A ghost will float in the screen. Talk to the floating ghost ....

This floating spirit is a sad mother who has lost her son ..... the soul of the son has remained in the land of the Living. 

Alex promises this grieving mother to bring her son to her. Alexander then receives a Handkerchief from this Floating Spirit. Walk to the:

Gateway to the river Styx:

When we arrive at the gate we see how a Spirit hands something over to the Gatekeeper and then is allowed to enter the gate. The front left Gatekeeper has a Key dangling from his finger, but Alex can't just steal that Key. At the bottom right are some bones ..... those bones are in a row, like the keys of an organ. There are also 2 smaller bones. Click with the hand on those 2 smaller bones and ...

Alexander then drums a tune on the big bones and this makes the skeletons do a dance, causing the left front skeleton to drop his key on the floor ....

Once you regain control, quickly pick up the key.

When you have the key, take the Ticket from inventory and give that Ticket to the right-hand Gatekeeper and ...

Alex can go through the gate and.......

We end up at the

River Styx:

Alexander has landed on a path that crosses the river Styx ..... the river of the Underworld. On the right is a Knight. 

Continue to the Knight and look at the Knight with your eye ... You will then enter the close-up of the Knight ..... 

Take the Glove from the Knight and ......

...... the narrator then tells the rhyme. 

Continue along the path to the next screen and we arrive at Charon, the ferryman of Hell. Charon's ferry is already filled with the poor souls he has to sail across the river Styx to Hell. Alex also has to board the boat, but he first has to pay the necessary ferry money. However, first take the teacup from inventory and fill the teacup with the filthy smelly water from the Styx. Then take the 2 gold Coins from inventory and give them to Charon and ........

Charon then sails Alex to the other side and Alex is at the:

Gate of Hell:

Walk to the gate and then touch the gate with the hand cursor and ....... the gate comes to life. Talk to the Gate and ......

Alexander orders Gate to let him through, but Gate only wants to eat Alexander. Alex then explains why he is here and Gave then gives a riddle to which you have to give the correct answer ..... the answer is a word of 4 letters and it is LOVE and you have to click these 4 letters in the screen that appears, so click on the letter L, O, V, E and ......

The gate opens and Alexander ends up at the Lord of the Dead.

Lord of the Dead

Walk to the Lord and ..... We end up in the close-up of the Lord, who then asks Alexander to kiss his ring, but of course you don't do that. 

Take the Knight's Glove from inventory and click it on the Lord and Alexander then challenges the Lord. 

When you regain control, take the Mirror from inventory and click with it on the Lord and .........

Alexander shows the Lord the truth in the mirror and the Lord sheds a single tear and Cassima's parents are brought back to life and are allowed to return with Alexander to the land of the Living. Nightmare delivers Alex to the beach of the Isle of the Crown, then flies off with Cassima's parents to take them to the Isle of the Sacred Mountains.

Isle of the Crown:

Walk to the junction and then on to the village street. Enter the pawn shop again and exchange the Flute for the Paintbrush


The path that goes to the front door of the castle also continues to the left, past the castle. Now follow the path to the left and .....

Alexander then ends up on the next screen, atthe left side of the castle. However, there is no side door here, but perhaps something can be done about it. Read the "Magic Paint Spell" in the Spellbook. With the "Magic Paint Spell" Alexander could paint a door in the side wall of the castle and we already have the ingredients for this spell as we have the "Swamp Ooze", the "River Styx water" and the "black feather".

The teacup already contains the "Swamp Ooze" and water from the Styx. Now put the black Feather in the teacup ....... Alexander stirs with the feather the stuff in the teacup and mixes it with the black color of the feather. Take the paint brush from inventory and click it on the castle wall and ......... Alex paints a door on the wall.

Open the Spell book and now "Cast" the "Magic Paint Spell" and the painted door really becomes a door.

Well ...... click with the hand on the door and ...... Alexander ends up:

In the castle:


Save your Game. Alexander has ended up in the "cellar" of the castle. 

In the right wall are 3 cells and in the left wall is the door of a room .... at the back of the hallway you see a armor.

You have to watch out for the guard dogs here in the castle. If Alexander is caught by the guard dogs he will be locked up in the cell. The narrator will always report when a guard dogs arrive and then you better let Alexander take shelter in a cell or a room quickly.

Now first enter the middle of the 3 cells here, so click with the hand on the middle cell door and Alex enters. On the cot in this middle cell appears the ghost of the mother's son whom we met in the Underworld ..... The boy keeps calling for his mother. Alex has promised the mother to sent her son to her so take the Handkerchief from inventory and click it on the ghost and ...

A conversation follows in which the little ghost Alexander tells about a secret door behind the "Man of Steel". 

Then the ghost takes the handkerchief and disappears to join his mother in the underworld.

Alexander now knows that there must be a secret door somewhere. Exit the cell. In the back of the hallway is an armor. Continue to the Harnas and then to the right into the hallway. Alexander has then turned the corner and is standing by the armor. To the right of the armor is the door to the guard dog room ..... you can look at the door with your eye and then the narrator will read what is on the sign on the door. Do not enter but look at the armor ..... The ghost in the middle cell has told that the right arm of the "Man of Steel" opens a secret door ..... The armor has a spear in his left hand. ..... Click with your hand on the right arm of the armor and ..... in the wall, between the armor and the door,  the secret door will open .......

Alexander then goes through the secret door and ends up in the secret corridor. Alex hears a voice .... There is a hole in the right wall. Look, with your eye, through that wall hole and ...... Through the hole in the wall Alexander looks into the guard room and hears the 2 guard dogs that are here reporting to Captain Saladin

The guards and Saladin are not happy to have to carry out Al Hasred's orders but Saladin thinks they have no choice ..... 1 of the guard dogs then tells about a door to a room that is protected by a code sentence ... ..Alexander now hears the 1st word of the code sentence and that word is ALI.

When you have gone out of the close-up again you walk, via the walking cursor, up the wooden stairs ..... To do this, first click on the bottom stairs and then at the top of the top stairs .... Alexander comes up the next screen and is at the very top. Here too there is a hole in the right wall and through that hole Alexander hears a girl crying in the room behind the wall. So look through the hole here and .......

We look into Cassima's room and a conversation follows between Alex and Cassima ......

When you have control again, take the small dagger from inventory and then give the dagger to Cassima ......

Cassima screams that someone is going to enter her room and Alexander automatically pulls himself out of the close-up. 

Walk a screen to the left and then, at the back of the hallway, go left around the corner and ...

..... In the left hallway wall you will see another hole in the wall.

Look through the hole and ...... we peek into Al Hasred's room and see Al Hasred writing a letter and telling out loud what he is writing.

When you regain control, walk to the back of the hallway. 

In the back of the hallway you will see, on the left, the contours of a door, so click on it with your hand and ..........

Alexander ends up in the bedroom of Cassima's parents, which has now been taken over by Al Hasred as his bedroom.

 In front of the bed is a chest and by the fireplace is a table with a box on it. The secret door through which Alexander entered is therefore in the wardrobe.

Click with the hand on the box that's on the table ....... In the box is a piece of paper with a word written on it.

Alexander does not want to take the paper, so look at it with your eye and Alexander then reads the word and that word is ZEBU. Leave the close-up and then click with your hand on the chest in front of the bed. Unfortunately the chest is locked. Take the Bone Key, from the skeleton from the underworld, from inventory and click it on the chest and .... the chest opens ... In this chest is a Letter .....

Take the Letter and ....... the narrator will read the letter aloud so listen carefully to the narrator ...... Do not go outside through the room door but click with your hand the wardrobe and ....... Alexander ends up back in the secret corridor. Follow the hallway back to the stairs and then descend back down the stairs.

Then click with the hand on the gray stone at the bottom of your screen, and Alexander steps out through the secret door and is back in the basement hall of the castle. Walk to the left and to the locked door opposite the 3 cells. Click with your talk cursor on the door and ......... well ... the door is protected by a sound lock and you now have to pronounce the correct code word and that is of course ALIZEBU.

So click, in the letter screen, on the letters A, L, I, Z, E, B, U and ... the door opens and Alexander enters and is then in the Treasury of the castle. In the center of the room is a table covered by a cloth. Click on the Cloth with your hand to remove it. There are various objects on the round table ..... Look atall those objects with an eye and you will hear which objects they are.

So on the table are Beast's "Coat of Arms", the "Golden Fleece" of the Winged Men, and the "Singing Stone" of the Isle of Wonders, and the "Miniature Oak" stolen from the Druids. ..... Al Hasred has stolen all these items and thus incited the various islands against each other ..... You cannot take any of the items with you, so leave the room via the bottom of the screen. Back in the hallway Alexander hears music ... it is the bridal march ... the wedding ceremony is about to begin. Walk into the right-hand hallway and ....... We then see the stairs and a room door and you might see a guard dog

If you now see a guard dog, you wait until the guard dog has gone around the corner and then you quickly click with the walking cursor in the stairwell and .....

 Alexander then walks up the stairs and is at the top of the door .... The watchdog will now appear again ...... Quickly ... click with the hand on the door and ......

Alexander ends up in the main hall of the castle and automatically walks through to the doors of the throne room and then ......

Captain Saladin comes out of the throne room and threatens to string Alexander by his sword .....

Quickly ... take the letter that you took from the large chest in the bedroom from inventory and .....

Click with the letter on Saladin and ......

Alex shows Saladin the letter and now tells him that Al Hasred is the great villain .......

 Saladin is almost convinced but not quite and he takes Alexander to the throne room where the wedding ceremony is already in full swing ... .

You have to act quickly now ..... If you hesitate too long, Saladin will stab Alexander to death with his sword ......

click with the talking cursor on the priest who has to perform the marriage and then immediately click with the talking cursor on Cassima

Both times Alexander screams  that the marriage must be ended and we end up in a close-up .......

Al Hasred is not happy with Alexander's interference of the ceremony and he orders Saladin to kill Alex ... Saladin refuses at first but then Cassima gives him the same order ....... Just as Saladin wants to carry out the order, Cassima's parents appear on the scene and it turns out that ...... Cassima is not Cassima but that it is Spirit Salim who has disguised himself as Cassima ....... Al Hasred runs away through the door in the back the hall ........

When you regain control you should not wait but immediately run after Al Hasred ...... if you wait too long Alex will be killed by Salim so quickly go after Al Hasred ..... We end up in the staircase and we don't see Al Hasred disappear yet, so run up the spiral staircase and the next and .......

We then end up in the Tower room. Al Hasred is waiting for Alexander and here is also the intoxicated Cassima sitting on the floor and she is peeling an apple with the dagger you gave her earlier. Behind Alexander hangs a large Sword on the wall and Spirit Salim also appears here. Al Hasred orders Salim to kill Alexander with a magic spell, but you don't let it get that far.

Quickly open the inventory and take out the green Peppermint leaf and click with it on Spirit Salim and ..... see what happens to Salim ...

Salim is crazy about peppermint and he takes the green leaf and chews on it ..... however .... the peppermint leaf makes Salim go completely crazy and he shoots a fireball across the room but ... ... the fireball bounces off the walls and ...... Salim is then killed by his own fireball. Al Hasred doesn't like all this and draws his sword to attack Alexander with it.

So when you regain control, quickly take the large Sword from the wall ....

..... The sword is actually too heavy for Alex. Your cursor is now a Sword cursor ..... Quickly click with the Sword cursor on Al Hasred and .....

.... the sword fight between Alexander and Al Hasred is about to start ..... Stay tuned because you have to act quickly again ....... Alexander is not a great swordsman and therefore no match for Al Hasred .. .... Al Hasred seems to be winning the fight but then ...... Cassima comes to her senses and she runs towards the fighters and ..

...... just as Al Hasred wants to inflict the death blow on Alexander, Cassima stabs Al Hasred in the shoulder with her dagger ......

Quickly ... as soon as you regain control, click very quickly with the sword cursor on Al Hasred and .....

...... Alexander wins the fight and the rest is now automatic ...... Alex receives his reward from Cassima ....

...... the treacherous Al Hasred is arrested and taken away by the guard dogs and a week passes and Alexander and Cassima then get married

..... Cassima goes back to Daventry with Alexander to be his Queen and the Credits are about to begin. At the end of the Credits you will see your score ...

well ... 211 of the 231 points is not a bad score, but you can do be better if you play the game again but in a different way, which I will explain to you in

King's Quest 6: Walkthrough 2:

2014 / 2020 This is an English translation from my original Dutch Walkthrough from 2014 by: Louis Koot