2019 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot   

Part Two

A: Get the Archive Key

Magician Hyssein

Clodomir has reached the lake house of magician Hyssein. There are two notes about mushrooms on the house that you can read. 

On the jetty, beneath the stairs, lies a "Splendid Red Wooden Triangle". Take that Triangle

You can look through the window into the house if you want, but it's quite useless, so and go through the red door to enter the house. There appears to be nobody at home, but when you click on something then Hyssein will appear. So click on something to let Hyssein appear and then talk with Hyssein

A magician appears when you touch or look at something. Talk to him. It is Hyssein. 

Clodomir offers to be the apprentice of Hyssein and he can be but first he must solve the puzzle of the puzzle box. 

That puzzle box stand on the ground, so when you're done talking with Hyssein use that box via the gear icon of the action screen

Box Puzzle

You must put the 6 objects which are under the box in there right hole in the box

Those 6 objects are the half moon, green apple, the gear, the cube, the star and the red triangle. If you do not have one ore more of these 6 items now then you must go get them first. You can look up in Part 1 of the walkthrough where you can find the item that you miss. If you do have all 6 objects now then you can solve this puzzle.  Click on an object and then click on the same shape in the box to put the object in that shape. 

When done you go out the close-up and........ Hyssein then asks if Clodomir really wants to become an magician, so say "YES" and..... Clodomir has fulfilled his second assignment and is accepted as Hyssein's apprentice. Talk to Hyssein again and now use all options that you get..

Hyssein does not know how Clodomir can get back to the surface, but he tells about the archives, where Clodomir could find something about in the oldest documents. Also Hyssein says that there's maybe something to find in the church. Horace has the key of the archives and he can be found in the café. Hyssein is very interested in the snail races of which Clodomir is a fan. Clodomir may use the Alembic device that is on the worktable.

There's an Alchemy Book ( Journal of alchemical experiments) and the Alembic on the work table 

Read the Alchemy Book. You can scroll through the pages by clicking on the left side and the right side of the book. On each page is an Alchemy Recipe. The first recipe is for a "Taste Enhancer", read witch ingredients are needed for that "Taste Enhancer". 

You already have Salt and a Sweet (Taffy) in inventory but not yet Pure Water. Go out the close-up via the red arrow on the right side of the book. 

There's also an Alembic on the table. Open up the action screen on that Alembic and then USE it  and...

You get in the close-up of the Alembic. On the work table a bottle of luminous material, a jar of luminous crystals, a jar of star cuttings and a jar of fried sticks. 

With these items on the work table you can mix items from the inventory in the "Mix" box. 

Clodomir must brew that Taste Enhancer but he doesn't have all the items for it yet. So go out this close-up. 

On the right side lies an Empty Vail on the ground..........Take the Empty Vial

Clodomir must fill the vial with pure water

Leave the house and......Hyssein will give Clodomir a bottle of Altar Wine for Aoum and a Bottle of Mush Spirit for mayor Horace

Outside you go up the stairs and you're back in the maze at the warning sign. The map is on your screen again. 

Go a screen to the right via bottom right to be back above the village.  There's a puddle of pure water on the rock

Use your Empty Vail o0n the puddle pure water to fill the vial with water

Go back through the caves to Hyssein's house 

Enter Hyssein's house again

Brew a Taste Enhancer potion

Use the Alembic again because Clodomir now have to brew the Taste Enhancer potion.

You are in the close-up of the Alembic....witch is the "chemical factory" to brew potions. 

Under the table is the "Mix box" where you can an item from the table with items from your inventory.

Click, on the table, on the bottle with Luminous power, to get some of that powder in the "Mix Box". 

Then click in inventory on the Salt Shaker, the Taffy candy and the Pure Water Vial to put those 3 items also in the "Mix Box:

Then click on the "Bottle Button" and.....when you have the right 4 items in the "Mix Box" then your Taste Enhancer potion will be mix and you get it in inventory

Zoom out and leave the house and now go all the way back to the:


Enter the Tavern and go talk with mayor Horace about the archive Key.

The son of the mayor does not eat his soup and the wife of Horace does not fill his cup if their son does not eat the soup. Clodomir can have the Archive Key if he can make Horace's son must eat his soup. Horace's son is the kid that sits at the grounded table.

When you're done talking with Horace then try to give the Mush Spirit to Horace........

........but  Cervoise that does not allow this. Go talk with Cervoise and ask her how to make soup taste better......

No go the grounded boy and give him the Taste Enhancer and........

The boy, witch is the mayor's son, now eats his soup and disappears........

Go talk with Horace again and say that you've solved the soup problem and ask him about the Archive Key again and.......

Horace has given the Archive Key to blacksmith Klang. So Exit the Tavern and go to the Smithy and talk with Klang

Klang has given the key to priestess Aoum to bless it. 

Well......go to the Church. Before entering the church go talk with Peige again and ask her about the new book that she's reading. Then go into the church and ask Aoum about the Archive Key

Aoum gave the Archive Key to Crok.  Give Aoum the Altar Wine

Leave the church and go to Crok....Crok isn't at his shed but the Archive Key is laying on the ground. A notice sign stand at Crok's door. 

Read the sign and then take the Archive Key from the ground

Go back to the Village and then to the Smithy.

Click the red arrow on the door, at the top of the stairs and......Because Clodomir has the archive key he now enters the:


Talk to the archive custodian...it's Cervoise the innkeeper of the tavern....ask Cervoise everything

Cervoise is too busy with her other duties to have read the books. She tells Clodomir to go talk with Peige, the reader at the church, about the books he's looking for

When you're done taking with Cervoise then look at he register, that's on the counter

The register doesn't help Clodomir much, so lets take Cervoice's advise to go talk with Peige at the church, so leave the archive and go back to the Church and talk with Peige Ask Peige everything. Peige says that in the 2nd and 4th part of the mayors logs are written about the upper world. Part 1 of the logs is lost and can probably be found at Hyssein. The 1st mayor was a woman, Olive Queen.

B: Find the Olive Queen's Journal

So Clodomir must find the Queen Oliver's journal. Go back to the Archives and ask Cervoise about Queen's Olive's journal.  But as Peige has already told, that Queen's Olive book isn't in the archives. Cervoise says that Hyssein has the book. So leave the archives again and go all the way back to Hyssein's House at the lake.  

Enter the house and click on an item so that Hyssein appears on the scene and then ask him about that Queen Oliva book

Hyssein says that he doesn't have the book but if you look at the stack of books, on the table at the bottom of the screen, you'll see that the Olive Queen's book is at the top of the pile.

Try to take that Olive Queen's Journal book....but Hyssein forbids you to take it. Clodomir can only take the book if Hyssein isn't around here, so Clodomir must think of a way to get rid of that annoying Hyssein.  Take another look in the "Journal of alchemical experiments", that's on the work table. Read or use that book to get in your screen

to the page where you read the recipe for making a smoke bomb.  The only ingredient that you do not have to make a smoke bomb is Coal. Go out the close-up.

Talk to Hyssein again and ask him about the Olive Queen's journal, but what ever you say.....Hyssein won't give it. 

Get some Coal:

Leave the house and go back to the Village and in the Village go strait to the Smithy.

 Blacksmith Klang is gone but he left a pickaxe that's laying on the ground at the anvil. Take the Pickaxe

Clodomir needs coal and he can find it in the Maze, so go back to the "Pocket Knife" cave en then go into the maze

On the second Maze screen go left to the next screen and here you'll find  a coal seam

Open up the Action Screen on the Coal seam and then use the Pickaxe and....

Clodomir gets a Lump of Coal in inventory.

Now back to Hyssein house. Go 2 times right to be back in the "Pocket Knife" cave

and then go to Hyssein's house via the right tunnel

Make a Smoke Bomb and steal the Olive Queen's journal

Enter Hyssein's house again. Hyssein appears when you click on something. If you don't know how to make the smoke bomb then you can look it up in the alchemy book. 

Use the Alembic and then make a Smoke Bomb by mixing Luminous Crystals with Coal, Lettuce Leaf and Saltpeter

You get the Smoke Bomb in inventory. Zoom out and..... the Smoke Bomb start to produce smoke almost immediately.....and Smoke fills the room and Hyssein disappears. 

You must be quick now.......Quickly take the Olive Queen's Journal and leave the house via the red arrow on the door

 Clodomir will suffocate if you aren't quick enough to leave the house before it's full of smoke

Outside open up the action screen on Clodomir and then use the Olive Queen's log to view it.

Well......Clodomir can't read it so he must find someone who can read the journal, so go back to the Village and to Peige at the Church. 

Talk to Peige and then show her the Olive Queen's Journal via the Action Screen

Peige only wants to read the journal when she has a bookmark to put in her other book, so Clodomir must get her a bookmark

Leave Peige and go to archives house and enter it again. At the table lies an used worn out bookmark on the ground, so take it 

 Run back to Peige and give her the worn out bookmark but she doesn't want it.....Peige want a brand new bookmark. So back to the archives and enter again and......Cervoise comes in now......Ask Cervoise for a new bookmark, but she want an old bookmark in return, so give her your old worn out bookmark and.....

......ask Cervoise again for a bookmark and now she gives Clodomir a brand new bookmark

Back to Peige and give her the new bookmark. Peige then read the Olive Queen journal and she says that there is something hidden in the book cover.

Talk to Peige again about her new book. Go to the Smithy and use the Crafting Table again....

On the Crafting Table combine the Olive Queen's Journal with the Pocket Knife and click the button and

 You get some Blank slips in your inventory. Zoom out.  Use the Blank Slips on Clodomir.....Clodomir wonders if they really are blank.

 Behind the anvil is the hearth and there's a fire burning in the hearth. Use the Blank Slips on the Hearth and.....

 ...............drawings appear on the papers........

Clodomir now has Revealed slips. Use those on Clodomir but he can't read them and says he should find someone who can read them. So....back to Peige. Give the Revealed Slips to Peige and she read them. The info is of no importance to Clodomir, but there should be more papers hidden at Olive Queens grave.

Talk to Peige again and she  gives a hint to talk to undertaker Crok about Olive's grave. 

So go to Crok but he's not at his shed, so go into the graveyard to search for Olive's grave yourself but....

.........Clodomir says that the graveyard is too large to investigate and that there should be an easier way to find Olive's grave. Crok, the undertaker s still gone.  

Find Crok:

Peige nor the other people from the village will tell you where Crok is. 

Go back to the Smithy.......At the Smithy you now see a book 'Translation for Dummies' book on the crates......

Take the Translation for Dummies book because Clodomir needs it in the church

  • Now go all the way back to Hyssein and enter his house. Click on something to let Hyssein appear and ask him where Crok is......

  • Hyssein says that Garcia might know where Crok is. So go back to the Village and to Guard Garcia and ask him where Crok is......

  • Garcia says that he sent Crok to Hyssein. So go back to Hussein......... Enter the house and talk to Hyssein again. 

  • Hyssein does not know where Crok is, but now he says hat Crok has something to guide him through the maze. He means, of course, the head

Leave the house and go up the stairs to the "Pocket Knife" cave....... You now must go through the Maze again to where you left the Head........So go into the maze and then a screen left, to where you found the coal. Then go back to be on the screen with the stairs tunnel.........the next screenshots give you the correct way through the Maze to the Head

Go up through the stairs tunnel and then 2 screens to the right to get at the Head

When you are at the HEAD then ask him where Crok is, but the Head doesn't know. Go back a screen and.....You will find Crok

Clodomir brings Crok back himself to his home. Talk to Crok. Crok says that Olive is buried in the church.

The 4 panels on the altar in the church indicate the place, but they are written in 4 different ancient languages. Enter the church. Look again at the altar.......... Use the translation book for dummies on the altar, but Clodomir want first ask permission from Aoum before messing with the altar. So talk to Aoum and ask for her permission

Then use the translation book for dummies again with the altar and........ 

Translate the Altar Inscriptions:

At the top you see the four inscription slabs, A, B, C, D,  that you must translate to be translated. Go over the 4 slabs with the mouse to read that they are now are unreadable. On the left you see an incomprehensible text in a cloud. That is a sheet from the book to translate one of the inscriptions. On the right is the translation book. Press the arrows at the cloud to get a sample of A, B, C and D in the cloud. Then click on A, B, C, D to translate them.....You read the translation at the Book for Dummies

When you have translated A, B, C, D then the pickaxe will appear on the right side

Click the pickaxe to select it and then click slab A to smash it in. Then repeat this with Slab B to also smash in slab B and.......

When you have smashed in A and B Clodomir automatically find and takes the Developers Plans from A or B

...and you're done here. Clodomir need someone who can read the plans, Say goodbye to Aoum, who wants that Clodomir first clean up the mesh he has caused, but Clodomir says that he will do this later. So leave the church. You can ask Peige if she can read the just found Developments Plans, but she can't.  Go to the Tavern........In the Tavern you see that the fruit bowls, on the bar, are empty now.....You can ask Cervoise where all the fruit has gone, but I didn't do this.

At Horace there's now a Lemon on the floor......Take the Lemon

 Leave the tavern.......Outside use the Developments Plans on Clodomir and he will say that he needs someone with a good sense of direction to make sense of the plans, and that of course would be the head. So go back to the screen above the Village and.....The Head is here now.....

Talk to the Head and then give him the Developments Plans

The head needs some time to understand the plans, so a timer appears

There's nothing you can do until the Head is done thinking.....it will take a while but then the Head says that there is a staircase behind the village and he wants to meet you there

The Head goes there, so go to the village and to the Smithy and then go to the garbage pile behind the Smithy and.......

The head is here and says that the stairs are under the garbage pile

To the Surface

The Head goes away...... It is not possible to clear away the garbage but if you look at it then Clodomir will know that it is a huge compost pile. Clodomir needs something to decompose the compost pile and maybe Hyssein has a suggestion about it. So go all the way back to Hyssein and enter his house again. Make Hyssein appear and ask him about the compost pile.

Hyssein suggest that Clodomir must brew a Digestive potion and that he can find the recipe in his alchemy book

So use the Alchemy book again and look up the ingredients for a Digestive potions. You'll see that you have all ingredients

Put the book away and now Use the Alembic again and brew the Digestive Potion by mixing Star Fragments with your Lemon, the Mush Spirit and the Can with the Mushroom

When the potion is in inventory zoom out and leave the house and go all the way back to the compost heap behind the Village and..

...Use the Digestive Potion on the compost heap and....

For safety reasons Clodomir will walk away to the Smithy, so walk to the heap and.......The Head was right.....There is a Staircase now

Well.....Click the Red Arrow on the stairs and......WATCH THE ENDING OF THE GAME......

Clodomir gets knocked down and......well is he dreaming that he reached the surface and win the Snail Race????

Is Clodomir dreaming that he gets a very Welcome Back Home Welcome????

.....after the Credits you'll see if Clodomir indeed has made it back to the surface.....

THE END, and your game has been removed from the save slot

2019 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot