2017:  Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

2019: This English Translation by: Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: Seadrift Island:

Smugglers Rest Hotel:

So now you are Poirot. ...But No .... that is not entirely true .... You are Hastings who plays that he is Poirot. In the Options Bar the photo of Hastings is now replaced by the photo of Poirot. If for some reason you want to return to the Poirot flat, click on the photo of Poirot in the Options bar. In Poirot's flat you are Hastings again. However, there is no reason to return to Poirot's flat now.

How The "Finger of Suspicion" works:

If, despite my walkthrough, you get stuck in the game, because you have forgotten something or because you play the game in a different order, then you may need a hint to help you get started again. You can then ask the "Finger of Suspicion" for a hint. To do that you have to return to the Poirot flat. To do so, click on the portrait of Poirot in the options bar and you will return to the Poirot apartment, at his desk. The "Finger of Suspicion" is on the desk in front of Poirot, behind the desk lamp. Click with your eye cursor on the "Finger of Suspicion" and Hasting asks if he can ask the "Finger of Suspicion" for a hint.  

You'll go in a close-up of the "Finger of Suspicion". The cards of the all suspects are next to the "Finger of Suspicion". In the edge of the "Finger of Suspicion" you see 5 possible hints: Talk, Assist , Observe, Search the room and Eavesdrop. Place the card of the person, of who you want a hint about, in the middle of the finger and ... ..... Poirot pronounces the magic spell and the finger turns and then points at 1 of the 5 possibilities. The possibility that the finger indicates is then your hint and it tells you what to do with the suspect whose card you have placed in the middle of the finger.

Poirot's room:

Look around in Poirot's hotel room. Behind the bed is the balcony door through which you come to the outside balcony. 

Through the outside balcony you can go to the rooms of the other hotel guests on this floor.

 That does not make any sense now because the balcony doors of those rooms are all locked.  

So go back to Poirot's room. Then walk down the bottom of the screen and you will see the hallway of Poirot's room.

The door on the left is the door to the bathroom, which Poirot will never use in this game. So click on the room door and Poirot lands on the gallery.


Poirot is standing on the gallery in front of the door of his room. The gallery is square and you can walk all the way around. To the left of Poirot's room door is the entrance to a corridor. On the right you see 2 room doors. Walk a screen to the right and we meet Gladys Narracott, the chambermaid who is busy brushing the banister. Talk to Gladys.  

Gladys is concerned that Poirot is complaining about towels that she has not been able to change in all rooms. Your call options appear. So continue talking to Gladys through the call options and use them all. Gladys is angry with Will Jenks, her friend, because she has seen him with another girl. Gladys wants to mention the name of that girl. Gladys also says that she does not like to walk across the island in the dark because she is afraid of the spirit of smuggler Tom Cutter, who wanders around the closed Pub.

After this conversation with Gladys you walk through another screen to the right. Poirot then stands before the entrance of the right corridor.

Walk into the hallway. The doors, left and right, are balcony doors so you can go back to the outside balcony.  

Continue down the hallway and Poirot then goes down, via the stairs, to the arrivals hall of the hotel, the:


Walk via the left side a screen to the left. You will then see the reception desk.  

Behind the counter stands Hillary Castle, the hotel manager. Go talk to Hillary Castle.  

Of course you use all the talk options you get. Hillary refers Poirot to a brochure about the island in which he can find more information about the island. Hillary herself is from London, but her staff are "locals" of the island. Because of the war, many guests are not there and Poirot is allowed to view the hotel register if he wishes. Hillary then retires to her office, behind the desk.

At the desk is the standard with the brochure that Hillary mentioned. Grab such a brochure.  

Then open your inventory. Double click on the Seadrift Island brochure. You will then enter the reading screen of your inventory. Via the curve arrow you return to the ordinary inventory screen. You can read the brochure via the magnifying glass, so click on the magnifying glass and read the brochure.  

In the brochure you read about Tom Cutter, a smuggler from the 18th century to whom many places on Seadrift Island are named. This Tom Cutter would even have hidden a treasure on the island. Click on the brochure to close it again and then click next to the reading screen to close your inventory again.

Click on the door behind the counter and Poirot lands in:


In the office, Hillary is looking through the window. Talk to Hillary again.  

Now that Poirot has read the Seadrift Island brochure, you get more discussion topics. Use them all again and you experience:

The hotel has a safe where hotel guests can store their valuables. Hillary has only been the manager of the hotel for a few months. If you ask if there is a golf course on the island, you hear the voice of Poirot, who tells Hastings, that he should not forget who he is here. Poirot does not play golf! Then Hillary tells that her tape recorder has been stolen. Hillary used the tape recorder to dictate letters. The tape recorder disappeared in the evening of the 19th. That same evening the famous actress Arlena Stuart arrived.

Leave the office when you have asked Hillary everything. Back in the reception hall Poirot is on the right side of the counter. Go a screen to the left. The glass door in the corner takes you into a hallway to the dining room, but you do not want to go there now. Go down a screen. You see Poirot from above, You have already noticed that in the middle of the reception hall a large round planter stands where the guests can sit on. Poirot is now in the passage to the entrance hall of the hotel. Against the left pillar of the passage is a lectern where the Hotel Register is located. Zoom in on the lectern with your eye cursor. Open the Register and Hastings copy the names of the hotel guests in your notebook where you can find them in the "Suspects" section. Zoom out.  

Open the Options bar and then the Notebook and click on "Suspects" and you will see that all names of all guests present are now listed here.  

Gladys Narracott, the chambermaid, has already been added to this. Close the notebook again.

Walk up a screen through the passage and you will be in the entrance hall, or the:


The glass door in the right wall is the door of the Hotel bar. The double glass door is the door to the outside. 

At the bottom of the screen is the seating area. There is a magazine in the chair.  

Grab the Magazine. It is an car magazine and Hastings is very pleased with it. Open your inventory and double click on the magazine. Then read the magazine through the magnifying glass. You read an instruction on how to clean the contact points of an engine. Close the inventory screens. Now go to the:


Barman Henry Baily is pacing behind the bar. Go talk to Henry.  

The bar is not open yet, so nothing is served yet. You experience that Henry has been working as a barman in the hotel for 3 years and that he is from Knightsbridge. Henry sometimes thinks Hillary Castle is pissed and he thinks Gladys has problems with her friend Will Jenks.

After the conversation with Henry, walk down a screen. You will then see the grand piano. You can watch the piano in more detail, but the thing does not play a role in this story. You also see the double doors to the outdoor terrace. To the right of the patio doors is a trash bin. Zoom in on the trash bin.  

There is an empty bottle in the trash. Grab the Empty bottle. It is an empty grenadine bottle. View the bottle in your inventory, so double click on it  

There are still a few drops of lemonade in the bottle. Close the inventory screens and then go outside through the patio doors. On the left you see a narrow door.


If you walk down a screen, Poirot ends up on the garden paths in the garden, but we still have nothing to look for in the garden.

So go back in through the narrow door and then walk down a screen through the corridor.  

The doors on the left will take you to the dining room and the door at the end will bring you back to the reception hall. Go through the left doors to the:

Dining room:

To the left of the double entrance doors is a serving trolley. A few coffee cans and an empty glass are on the serving cart.  

Grab the empty Glass. Walk further down so you have an overview of the dining room.  

Rosemary Darnley, one of the hotel guests, is leaning against one of the pillars. Talk to Rosemary.  

Rosemary is a famous clothing designer. Rosemary says that her typewriter was stolen, on the day of her arrival on 20 August. She did not report the theft.

Walk back a screen and then exit the dining room through the double doors. You are back in the hallway. Go through the narrow door back to the reception hall and then down again and through the passage to the lounge and click in the lounge now on the front doors and Poirot now lands outside in front of the hotel.

Outside the hotel:

Poirot is standing outside on the pavement in front of the main entrance of the hotel. Poirot notes that from here, with the stopwatch, you can record how much time it takes to walk to Cutters Cove, where the murder will take place. So open your options bar and click on the stopwatch and you automatically end up at the stairs that go down to Cutters Cove.  

Poirot reports that, from the main entrance of the hotel, it is a 25-minute walk to Cutters Cove. You will end up at the main entrance of the hotel again. From the main entrance of the hotel you can follow the paved road to the right. You also see 2 unpaved sand paths. The upper sandy path goes right round the hotel and the lower sandy path takes you to the sun terrace and the swimming beach.

We will now first explore the island.  

Go through the paved road, a screen to the right and then follow the road down and to the next screen and Poirot will arrive at the local pub, the:

Smugglers End Pub:  

A man stands on the road in front of the pub. He peers through the binoculars to the sea. 

Before you talk to this man, the following: During the game you sometimes get the opportunity to follow a person. You then get the so-called shadow cursor. You decide whether or not you want to follow the person and your choice influences the further course of the game. Your choice determines in part the storyline that the game will follow.

Go talk to the man in front of the pub and know that you should follow this man as soon as he walks away. The man's name is North and he is not particularly friendly. You will not receive call options and the conversation will only take a short time. North reports that the pub is closed. North then walks away and you hear Hastings and then Poirot asks if he will follow North now. Your Shadow cursor will appear on North.  

Quickly.... click with the shadow cursor on North and Poirot follows North to the Beach. We are at the landing stage of the ferry and North continues but Poirot refuses to follow North further because of the fashionable leather patent shoes he has on. He wants to continue on the beach but only with the tractor-ferry. In the "Suspect" section of your notebook, North is now added as a suspect, of a murder that still has to take place.

Beach: Beach tractor departure point:

Poirot stands for a green sign indicating the arrival and departure times of the ferry. Zoom in on it. Next to the large board is a telephone box and the note on the board reports that the beach tractor is not running on a fixed schedule. If you want to use the beach tractor, you can call the hotel's garage by phone.  

So grab the phone to call the garage, but no one answers up and Poirot hangs the phone back.  

 Zoom out and follow the road back up to the pub and then further back to the main entrance of the hotel.

The pebble beach behind the hotel:

Back at the main entrance of the hotel we now follow the upper sandy path. So click with your walking cursor on the upper sandy path and Poirot will end up on the path on the right side of the hotel. The path continues to the right, so follow the path further to the right.  

There is then a fairly large boulder in the grass next to the path. Grab the Bolder. The stairs lead to the balcony of the hotel and thus back to the balcony door of Poirot's room. If you enter the hotel through the door, left of the stairs, you enter a corridor that leads to the reception desk. The sand path, however, goes further down, so follow the sand path further down a screen and Poirot lands on the gravel beach:  

Here we meet Emily Brewster. Emily is staring at the sea on the pebble beach. Talk to Emily and use all call options again.

Emily is a ballet teacher. She has been staying at the hotel for 9 or 10 days to process the death of a loved one. Emily tells something about a number of her fellow guests. Emily prefers to bathe here on this secluded beach because she does not suffer from the staring horny glances of Major Barry, who is rather interested in the women in bathing clothes.

Behind Emily is another big boulder. When the conversation with Emily comes to an end, you take the big Boulder, that lies behind Emily. Click at the bottom of the ascending path to go back up and follow the sand path back to the front of the hotel. Back at the main entrance of the hotel you click with your walking cursor on the sandy path, at the bottom of your screen and Poirot lands on it:

Sun terrace:  

Walk down another screen via the bottom right. Christine Redfern is sketching on one of the loungers. Go talk to Christine and use all the options you get.

Christine tries to sketch a sailboat with a red sail sailing in the bay. During the conversation you will see an overview of the swimming beach and see Christine's husband, Patrick Redfern swimming in the bay.Christine also tells a bit more about a few of the other guests.  

When the conversation is over, Christine leaves

Opposite the sun loungers you can see the stairs that go down to the swimming beach. 

Click with your walking cursor on the stairs and Poirot walks towards the stairs.  

Then click with the Stairs Cursor on the stairs and Poirot descends the stairs and lands on the:

Swimming beach:

At the bottom of the stairs Poirot says that this is a good place to take time again from this swimming beach to Cutters Cove. Open the Options bar again and click on the stopwatch. Poirot arrives at Cutters Cove again and says it is a walk of 18 minutes to walk from the swimming beach to Cutters Cove. You return to the swimming beach yourself. On the swimming beach there are: George Strumm, the lifeguard responsible for the beach, and Major Montaque Barry, the guy who likes to watch the swimming and sunbathing ladies. To the left of the stairs is a small shed. Go talk to George Strumm

Strumm is responsible for the beach, the boats and the tennis courts. George is from Leathercomb Bay, has been working here for 10 years and is friends with the bartender Henry. George says that he saw the spirit of Tom Cutter a few days ago. George followed the spirit into the Smugglers Pub and into the cellar, where the spirit suddenly disappeared. George has been called up to serve in the army. Go talk to Major Montague Barry. Barry is on the island to show his dogs and has been at the hotel for a few weeks. The major comes to this part of the beach to watch the swimming and sunbathing ladies.

After these 2 conversations you go down a screen further, via the bottom of the screen. Poirot then looks out over the sea.

There are a few sun loungers on the left and right. At the left chairs is a rope, half hidden in the sand. Grab the rope.  

Walk back and click with your walking cursor on the small shed. Poirot walks to the shed but is stopped by George Strumm., Strumm tells the shed is used to store the rowing boat and the oars and that it is "of-limit" for the hotel guests. George also tells that an oar has disappeared from the shed. Click with the Trap Cursor on the stairs and Poirot climbs up all stairs again to the sun terrace.

Back above you follow the sandy path to the right. Poirot arrived at the viewpoint The Ledges. Poirot wants to take the time again from here to Cutters Cove. So click again on the stopwatch in your Options Bar and Poirot will arrive at Cutters Cove again. It is a 6-minute walk from The Ledges to Cutters Cove.

 The Ledges:

On The Ledges the couple Carrie and Oakley Gardener are talking to each other.  

Click with your Listen Cursor on the talking couple to listen to their conversation.  

Carrie Gardener thinks this is a wonderful place to celebrate her knitting arts. 

Oakley Gardener turns out to be a whimp because he only says "yes darling", to everything his wife says.

 After eavesdropping you walk to the Gardeners and click with the talk cursor on them to make a chat with them. Oakley is a retired theatre director and collects coins and his wife talks a lot and sees everything. After the conversation you walk back through the steps, right. Then click again with your listening cursor on the Gardeners to listen again for listening and hear what Carrie has to say about Poirot. Then walk through a screen to the right and follow the sand path then continue to the left and Poirot then reaches:

Cutters Cove:  

Poirot is now at the wooden platform above Cutters Cove. A metal ladder goes down here to the Cutters Cove beach. To the left of the platform are two wooden beams with nails. Grab both bars. You have to grab the 2 bars one by one. You can try to climb Poirot down the ladder, but Poirot has absolutely no appetite for that. The sandy path goes a bit further and then splits into a path to the left and a path to the left. So walk on to it:


The path to the left goes to the ruins of the Monastery. The path to the right goes back to the terrace of the hotel. The path up the hill ends on top of the hill in a sandy place where there is nothing to do, now. Now click right below and Poirot will return to the terrace of the hotel, behind the bar. The path that goes up to the left goes to the tennis court. Click with your walking cursor on the tennis court and Poirot walks towards it.

Tennis court:  

When Poirot arrives at the tennis court, Arlena Stuart leaves. Kenneth Marshall, Arlena's husband, addresses Poirot and gives him threatening letters that Arlena has received since arriving in the hotel on August 19. You get various call options again, so use them all again. The first threatening letter came August 20 and was pushed under the door. The second threatening letter was a day later on Arlena's dressing table. Then Stuart leaves because he has to type a few more letters. Hastings wonders how many people use a typewriter on the island and thinks that the disappeared typewriter from Rosemary Darnley was used to type the threatening letters.

NB: After Hastings and Poirot have made their comments, Poirot may say that it may be useful to know how long it takes to walk from the tennis court to Cutters Cove. If Poirot says this, you click on the stopwatch again in the Options bar and you will know that it is a walk of 20 minutes. Of course Poirot is back at the tennis court. It may also be that Poirot wants to do this later in the game

Click with your eye cursor on the tennis court. Hastings notes that there is a shallow spot in the track.  

To the left of the entrance is a basket of braided iron wire on the track.

View that basket. There is a rake in the basket to wipe the tennis court and according to Hastings the track is badly needed for a good sweep. Now let's first take a look at Arlena Stuart's 2 threatening letters. The two threatening letters can be found in the "Documents" section of your notebook. So read both the "First Threatening letter" and the "Second Threatening Letter" and pay attention to certain letters that differ slightly from the other letters. 

In the first threatening letter you read: "You have harmed too many ... Justice will be done"  In the second threatening letter you will read: "The forces that will spell your dome gather even now unseen and unstoppable".....Pay particular attention to the letter "e " , the letter "m" and the letter "H." The "e" is higher than the other letters, the "m" has a half leg and the "h" leans backwards.

Close the notebook and now return to the intersection of sand paths. So first go back down a screen and then a screen to the left and you are back at the crossroads. Click with your walking cursor at the end of the left path and Poirot will reach the ruin of the monastery. Walk to the ruin of the monastery

Monastery Ruins:  

A statue stands in a small round pond in front of the entrance. A well is located right next to the entrance. To the left of the monastery, the path continues down. View the statue and / or the well. Then walk through the gate into the ruin. Poirot wants to know how long the walk lasts from this ruin to Cutters Cove. So click on the stopwatch again and learn that it is a 12-minute walk from the monastery to Cutters Cove. In the courtyard of the monastery stands Stephen Lane in front of a circle of stones. Exactly in the middle of the circle someone has placed an oar. Talk to Stephen Lane.  

Stephen Lane was the minister of a church near Brixham. Lane stutters somewhat when he says he is recovering from a disease and therefore stays in the hotel. Lane gives Poirot bloody chicken feathers that he found at the edge of the stone circle. Lane goes on to say that this monastery was built on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the god Bacchus. Lane has discovered an entrance to the vaults. Unfortunately, the entrance is closed with a large stone.

Lane disappears. At the top of the screen you see a large round stone in the wall. View that big round stone. You come into the close-up of the stone. Click again with your eye on the round stone and Poirot tells you that this is the stone that closes the entrance to the underground vaults. Unfortunately, Poirot cannot roll away the stone with his bare hands. Zoom out. An ivy plant grows against the wall to the left of the gate. Click with your eye cursor on the ivy and Poirot will walk towards it and you get in close-up. Click with your grip hand cursor on the ivy and Poirot pushes the ivy aside and a narrow door appears.

Click on the lock of the door but the door is locked. Hastings reports that the door is antique, but that the lock looks like it has only recently been used. Zoom out the door and walk back through the gate and then click with your walking cursor at the end of the path, on the left side of the monastery. Poirot ends up on the path that continues to the left of the monastery. Continue a screen to the left, via the bottom left, and we end up at:

Sanctuary Cove:  

Sanctuary Cove is a small viewpoint. There are some sun loungers on the wooden platform. A staircase goes down on the right of the platform. Go down the stairs and .... Poirot wants to know how long it takes to walk from here to Cutters Cove. So click on your stopwatch again and you know that this walk takes 15 minutes. Back on the Sanctuary Cove beach you go to talk to Linda Marshall, the daughter of Kenneth Marshall, who is kneeling at the little grove.  

Linda stays at the hotel with her father and her stepmother Arlena Stuart. Linda wants to make a kind of screen of the bush so that she can watch the birds (Guillemots) from behind the screen. Poirot offers his help. Linda goes on to say that Arlena's idea was to come here. Linda does not like it here, but is glad she does not need to return to Mrs. Porters school. Poirot then reminds Hastings that there is a newspaper article in his files with the name of Mrs. Potter in it. Linda does not have it like Patrick Redfern.

Linda then disappears and there is a discussion between Poirot and Hastings about how Poirot has to make a screen. Open your inventory. Take, one by one, the following items from your inventory, then always close your inventory and click with your gear cursor on the heap of bushes in front of Poirot in the sand. So place on the bush: The 2 stones (Rock), the 2 wooden beams (Post) and the rope (Rope). Poirot places all these items on the ground and Hastings takes over, your screen goes black for a moment and then there is a nice natural screen behind which Miss Linda can hide.  

Now go all the way back to the swimming beach. I assume I do not have to show the route to it?

It is not that complicated to get back to the swimming beach from Sanctuary Cove. I'll see you there again.

Swimming beach:

Walk down the white stairs to the beach and down again you walk down a screen further down to the sea and ...  

Poirot sees how Arlena Marshall and Patrick Redfern float together in the sea .......

 They hang on a shelf in the water to float. Click with your eye cursor on Arlena Marshal and Patrick Redfern ....  

We zoom in on the floating Arlena and Patrick and see that it clicks between Arlena and Patrick.

  Christine Redfern also watches this scene from above and Christine has reason to be jealous.  

Arlena and Patrick decide to keep their relationship platonic any longer and Christine runs away in despair.

This is the end of Chapter 1. If you now have done everything you should have done, talk to everyone you should have talked with and looked at everything you should have looked at ... well .... then you will automatically go back to Poirot and Hastings in Poirot's flat in London.

If you do not end up in Poirot's flat now, it means you have simply forgot to do something you should have done in this first chapter. If you play the game in a different order than I do in this Walkthrough, you will also reach the end of the chapter at another point, but even then only if you have done everything you should have done.

London: 7 September 1940:

Back in the Poirot flat:

Poirot is satisfied with you. So far you have discovered everything there was to discover and got to know all the suspects. Poirot advises you to learn more about the inhabitants of Leathercomb Bay now. You could win the residents of Leathercomb Bay for yourself by doing some chores for them. Poirot now gives Hastings the 2nd hint for the "Finger of Suspicion" and that is LAMP. Click Hastings in the options bar to return to the Smugglers Rest Hotel. You end up in:

Chapter 2: August 24, 1940: Afternoon:

2017:  Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot          2019: This English Translation by: Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by: Louis Koot