2017:  Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

2019: This English Translation by: Dick Leeuw      Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: August 24, 1940: Afternoon:  

Seadrift Island

Inside the Hotel:

We are back in the hotel room of Poirot / Hastings. Gladys, the chambermaid, has hung clean towels and she tells Poirot in a rather brusque tone.  

Gladys is clearly upset about her friend Will Jenks. Gladys disappears.

Go to the bathroom. 2 clean towels are on the shelf, right next to the sink. Grab the towels and go back to the room.  

Leave Poirot's room through the room door. Poirot is standing on the gallery in front of his room door. To the right of Poirot's room door is now the cleaning cart of Gladys. Zoom in on the cleaning cart with your eye cursor. Grab the Scissors and the Scrub Brush that is in the bucket, from the cleaning cart and the Soap (detergent) pack, which is on the bottom of the cart.  

Zoom out and go back into Poirot's room. Walk back to the bed and then leave the room through the balcony door


Poirot is standing on the balcony in front of his room. Next to the room of Poirot there are 3 more rooms on this balcony. You can also walk a screen to the left via the balcony and then you reach the balcony stairs where you found the first boulder in chapter 1. To the right of Poirot's room is the room of Major Barry, and on the left are the rooms of Stephen Lane and ......... Click on Stephen Lane's door and Poirot goes inside.

Stephen Lane's room.  

On the table that stands between the beds is a Bible. The Bible is open. Click with your eye on the Bible. Poirot walks towards it and sees that the Bible is open on Revelation 2:20. We hear Hastings give a brief explanation about this chapter of the Bible. Revelation 2:20 deals with men who fall for the temptation of a woman.  

Walk down a screen and you will see the hall and the bathroom door. Hastings now report that you are in Stephen Lane's room. Enter the bathroom. A medicine cabinet / toilet cabinet hangs above the sink. Click with your eye cursor on the box and Poirot opens it.  

On the top shelf is a Bottle of Oil (Mineral Oil). Grab the Bottle of Oil. On the bottom shelf is a tubule with pills. Grab the canister with pills and Poirot takes out two pills and then put the canister back in the cupboard. Zoom out and leave the bathroom. Walk back down to the beds and exit Lane's room through the balcony door. Back on the balcony, click on the door of the room to the right of Poirot's room, so on the door to the rightmost room. Poirot lands in:

Major Montague Barry's room:  

There are 2 betting slips on the bedside table. Click on the betting slips and Poirot announces that the major is not very lucky with his bets. Walk down a screen and Hastings report that you are in Barry's room. There is a suitcase on the bed. Click with your eye cursor on the suitcase to get in the close-up. The suitcase is tied up with a leather belt. Click again with your eye on the suitcase and Hastings reports that such a leather belt might come in handy. Take the Scissors from your inventory, close the inventory and then click with your gear cursor on the leather strap of the suitcase and Poirot cuts a large piece of the leather belt. In your inventory you now have a Section of Leather Strap.

You can also click on the pillows. Poirot then slides the left cushion away for a moment but ..... there is nothing under the pillow. Zoom out of the bed and leave the room now via the door to the hallway. Poirot is standing in the hallway that is to the left of his room and thus in front of the door of Major Barry's room. A spiral staircase rises at the end of the hallway. Click on the spiral staircase with the staircase cursor and we end up in the:  


Via the arrow cursor, at the edges of the screen, you can move left or right.

Turn 2 screens to the left, or to the right, and you will see Hillary Castle, which scans the wide area through binoculars. Talk to Hillary Castle.  

Hillary says she saw the boat of Horace Blatt at sea and she suspect that Major Barry is on his way to Monk's Hood at Leathercomb Bay. Use all  options again. 

Hillary peers through her binoculars in search of German U-boats, so sshe's on the look out for for submarines, and she claims to have seen them as well. She suspects that there is one just off the coast now. Monk's Hood is a pub and the only bar that is open. The pub is run by a Albert Bagley. Colonel Westen has the key to the Smugglers End pub.

Coincidentally Colonel Westen is an old friend of Poirot and by coincidence the colonel is now stationed on the island. Ask Hillary if you can borrow her binoculars, so ask "May I borrow your binoculars?". Hillary does not want to give up her binoculars and she asks why Poirot needs the binoculars. Answer that you want to view the birds, so say "To observe the guillemots at the sanctuary of the birds". Hilary does not give in and Poirot now talks about his meeting with North. Hillary does not know North and he is not a guest of the hotel. Say that you want to help her to search for submarines, so say "To help in the watch for U-boats". Now Hillary gives the binoculars to Poirot with the demand that Poirot will record all observations so that she can pass them on to Colonel Westen. She also asks Poirot if he wants to bring a book back to the library. This last request will be recorded in your notebook and in the section "Poirot's Instructions".

Hillary disappears to fulfil her duties as hotel manager again. In your inventory you now have the binoculars and a book entitled "Love's Captive". Turn right twice. You are standing in front of the gate of the spiral staircase. Take the Binoculars from your inventory, close the inventory and click with your gear cursor on the blue sky that you see through the windows. Through the binoculars Poirot sees the sailboat of Blatt sail past.  

Then turn right once again, take the binoculars from your inventory again, close the inventory and click again with your gear cursor in the blue sky.

Now Poirot sees the periscope of a U-boat going through the screen.  

Turn back 1 time left and click with the staircase-cursor on the spiral staircase to descend back down to the hallway. Click with your walking cursor in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and Poirot continues and then he stands in front of his room door on the gallery. The cleaning cart of Gladys is still there. Go again 2 screens to the right and Poirot is again at the entrance of the right corridor. Walk into the hallway. Now do not go down the stairs to the reception, but now go through the right glass door and.......

........ we end up on the balcony that runs all the way along the front of the hotel. Poirot is on the far right of the balcony.  

Arlena and her husband Kenneth each have a separate room. The most beautiful room of the hotel is for Kenneth and that room is located directly above the main entrance of the hotel. Arlena's room is the corner room. So click with your door cursor on the balcony door above the main entrance and Poirot walks towards it. The door is locked but Poirot hears voices in the room and asks Hastings if he is willing to be a eavesdropper. So click with your eavesdrop cursor on the door and ......  

We hear a conversation between Kenneth and Arlena. Arlena does not like it, Kenneth has informed Poirot about the threatening letters. 

She admits that Patrick Redfern is crazy about her, but calls him a puppy and says she only loves Kenneth. 

Walk a screen further to the left. You will then see the last 3 rooms that end up on this front balcony. 

Try out the 3 balcony doors to see where you can and cannot enter. It turns out that you can only enter the middle room, so do it. You are in:

The room of Rosamunt Darney:

Walk straight through via the bottom left. There is another suitcase on the bed here. View the suitcase in close-up. The monogram above the handle is RD. Open the suitcase.  

There are clothes and blank typing paper in the suitcase. Grab the blank type paper from the suitcase. Zoom out of the suitcase and leave the room through the room door. Poirot arrives back in hallway with the spiral staircase. Go through, via the bottom left, 2 screens to the left and then again into the right corridor and then descend via the stairs down to the reception hall. Go to the reception desk and back into the office through the door behind the reception desk.


Hillary Castle is not in her office now, so Poirot can now look around here nicely. Click with your eye cursor on the desk. Poirot walks around the desk and you come into the close-up of the right part of the desk. On the desk is a calendar and a photo frame. There is also a bust of Tom Cutter on the desk. Under the Tom Cutter bust you can see the edge of the green felt bottom protrude.  

Click with your eye cursor on the green piece that protrudes under the bust and Hastings tells that the bottom of the bust seems to be loose. Zoom in on the calendar. You see the days of the month of August. Hillary has placed a U on some days. These are the days on which she observed a U-boat. These days are 2, 11, 17 and 21 August. Zoom out of the calendar. Click on the photo frame. Poirot slides away the photo frame and a key comes out.  

Take the key and click on the photo frame again to slide it back to its original location. Click again with your eye on the edge of the green felt bottom that sticks under the Tom Cutter bust. Poirot pushes the bust on his side now and you see the green bottom. Click with your eye on the green bottom of the bust. Poirot pulls the green felt loose and you now see a metal plate with a keyhole. Use the key just found on the keyhole and ...... In the hollow bottom of the bust is a larger gold key and Poirot takes this key by itself.  

There are 2 drawers underneath the desktop. Open the top drawer and then take out the floor plan.  

View the map in your inventory. It is the floor plan of the first floor of the hotel and you see the rooms of the guests and read which guest has which room. Close the drawer and zoom out of the desk. The safe is in the corner. If you cannot see the safe now, you have to let Poirot walk to the door. Click with your eye on the safe to get into the close-up. Take the golden key from your inventory and then click on the keyhole of the safe and the safe will open.  

An oil lamp is located at the top of the safe. Under the oil lamp is a Morse code book and at the bottom is a green German 2-way radio. View the oil lamp. Hastings tells you that it is an ordinary signal lamp. Poirot does not want to take the lamp now. View the book. It is a Morse code book. View the radio. Hastings is shocked at the fact that the Castle woman owns a German radio and he wants to talk to Hillary about it. Poirot does not think this is a good idea and says that they should not do anything for the time being. He does note the codes from the Morse book

Poirot does not want to take anything out of the safe, so zoom out. In the "Documents" section of your notebook you have the "Code Book Notes". Take a look at them and then leave the office again. Go to the Lounge and then into the Bar. Walk down the bar and leave the bar again through the patio doors. You thus end up on the terrace behind the Bar.


Kenneth Marshall and Rosamund Darnley are in discussion here. Click with your eavesdrop cursor on them to listen to their conversation.  

Rosamund asks Kenneth why he and Arlena do not get divorced. She thinks Arlena is not a good mother for Linda and not a good wife for Kenneth. 

But Kenneth is a "Until death separates us" kind of man and therefore does not think about getting divorced.

Outside the hotel:

Open space up on the hill:

Walk down a screen and then a screen to the left and Poirot is back at the crossroads of sand paths. Now click on the top of the path that goes up the hill. Poirot lands at the open sand spot. Oakley Gardener is here now. Gardener seems to be looking for something here. Go talk to Gardener.  

Poirot asks if he has lost something but Gardener says he is viewing the grass. Use all call options again. Oakley now suddenly realizes that today is August 24 and that he and his wife are married for 29 years today. Gardener forgot to buy a present. Poirot promises to do this for him and in return Gardener will tell why they came to the island. Buying a gift for Gardener's wife is added to the Poirot Instructions.

Walk back down the hill to the crossroads and then follow the left path to the monastery. Do not enter the monastery but left along the monastery to:

Sanctuary Cove:

Go down the stairs again to the beach and .....  

Linda Marshall pops up and thanks Poirot for the screen from which she can spy on the birds. Linda then makes Poirot aware of a bird whose wings are covered with oil. Linda wants Poirot to save the bird from the clear oil death, but both Poirot and Hastings have no idea how to save the bird's life. Hastings makes the suggestion to ask someone in the village. In your Poirot Instructions you now also have the task to save the bird.

After the video you can see Linda standing behind the screen and the oil-smeared bird is on the bottom left. Click with your eye on the bird.  

Hastings thinks that if you had a fishing net you could catch the bird. Unfortunately ... you do not have a fishing net.

Follow the route back to the crossroads and then take the down path to:

Cutters Cove:

Patrick and Christine Redfern are now talking on the platform above Cutters Cove. Listen to their conversation via the eavesdrop cursor.  

Christine accuses Patrick of knowing that Arlena was here and therefore wanted to go to the island. Patrick denies everything and Christine climbs down to Cutters Cove. Talk to Patrick Redfern.

This is the first time that Poirot talks to Redfern. Redfern came to this coast as a child and says that at the bottom of Cutters Cove there is also a cave called Cutters Cave. The metal ladder here is safe, but you can also reach Cutters Cove from the swimming beach by boat. The Redferns met Arlena in London and according to Patrick, it is a coincidence that they are here on holiday together.

When the conversation is over you follow the path further 2 screens to:

The Ledges:

Carrie Gardener is now knitting on the bench here. Talk to her, so walk up the viewpoint and then click with your talk cursor on Carrie Gardener.  

Carrie is knitting a scarf and during the conversation she finished the scarf. Carrie says that Oakley is already retired, because the theatre, which he owned, went bankrupt. He contracted a star, paid a lot of money for it and then did not show up. Carrie also forgot the wedding day and therefore has no present for her husband. And this time Poirot promises to provide a suitable gift and this task is also noted in the Poirot instructions.

After the conversation Carrie Gardener goes back to the hotel. Continue along the sandy path to the stairs of the swimming beach. Then descend the stairs.

Swim beach:

The swimming beach is deserted, so the lifeguard George Strumm is not here now. This gives Poirot the opportunity to poke around in the small shed. Click with your eye on the shed and you get into the close-up of the barn door. Open the door by clicking on it with your door cursor. Poirot does not step into the shed.  

In the shed stands a wooden raft against the wall. Above the raft hangs an oar and on the middle shelf is a pot of boat paint. Grab the Boat-paint, the Wooden Raft and the Oar. If you catch the pot of boat paint then Poirot reports that he cannot open the lid of the pot and even though Poirot grabs the raft, he is not going to go out on the sea. Zoom out of the shed and then walk another screen down, to the sea. You see a board floating in the sea in the distance. Take the binoculars from your inventory and then click with the gear cursor on the board, which floats to the right of the rock in the sea.  

To take the binoculars from your inventory, you must first scroll through your inventory using the scroll arrow at the top of the inventory.

Poirot says something is stuck to the shelf. Hastings thinks it is a life buoy. Since Poirot is afraid of water, he really will not dive into the sea to swim to the board. Go back to:

Cutters Cove:

Patrick Redfern is still standing on the platform here nervously, waiting for his wife to rise again. Talk to Redfern again and Poirot asks him if he wants to swim to the shelf to see what is attached to it. Patrick wants to but his swimming goggles are broken. Poirot gets the broken goggles and promises to repair the thing. Another task that is written down in the Poirot Instructions. You now have a number of tasks in the Poirot Instructions that have to be executed. The most urgent thing is of course to make the swimming goggles of Patrick Redfern so that they can swim to that board.

Repair the Swimming Goggles:  

Follow the path back up to the junction and then to the right, back to the hotel terrace behind the hotel bar. Walk onto the terrace and then enter through the terrace doors of the bar. There is an ice pick on the bar. Grab the Ice pick.  

We are now going to combine a few items in inventory. 

  • Open your inventory. Scroll through your inventory items to the Leather Belt that you cut from Major Barry's suitcase.

  • Then pick up the piece of leather belt from the box and scroll to the swimming goggles.

  • Click on the goggles with the gear cursor and Poirot will put the leather strap on the goggles.

  • Then take the Ice pick from his inventory box and click on the swimming goggles with the Ice pick and ... 

  • the swimming goggles has been repaired.  

Leave the bar again through the patio doors and return to Patrick Redfern at Cutters Cove. Talk to Patrick Redfern and Poirot will return the repaired swimming goggles to Redfern and ..... video ....

Patrick Redfern swims from the swimming beach to the shelf in the sea. Major Barry pops up and Redfern returns with a broken life buoy.

Hastings reports that there are bullet holes in the lifebuoy.  

Poirot quickly disappears because Major Barry begins to understand who has cut the leather belt of his suitcase.

Poirot then stands on the sun terrace in front of the hotel. View the broken lifebuoy (Ruined Life Buoy) in the viewing screen of your inventory. The buoy is in 2 pieces but Poirot can just read the word "Parsimony" on the side. Walk back down a screen and then follow the sand paths back to the:

Monastery Ruin:

Go through the gate into the monastery courtyard. Zoom in again on the large round stone in the wall so that you can see the stone in close-up again. Take the oar from your inventory and then click with the gear cursor on the round stone and .... with the help of the oar Poirot / Hastings succeeds in rolling the large round stone aside. The entrance to the tunnel is now open.  

Walk into the tunnel. Hastings reports that no one has been in the tunnel for a long time. Several Roman columns can be seen in the tunnel. Walk down a screen and then continue through the tunnel. Poirot then arrives at a crossroads of tunnels. Poirot, however, does not want to get lost in the tunnels. At the entrance of the left tunnel is something small and glistens on the ground. It is a Gold Coin. Pick up the Gold Coin.  

Go back through the right tunnel and through the tunnel entrance back out to the courtyard of the monastery.

Gift for Oakley Gardener

Go back to the crossroads and then to the terrace of the hotel bar and then enter the hotel through the terrace doors of the bar. 

Walk through the bar and leave the bar to the lounge and walk to the reception hall. Go a screen to the left and then up the green stairs to the first floor.  

Open your inventory and view the floor plan of the first floor and see which room of the Gardeners is. That turns out to be room 3.  

Walk through the hall to the gallery and then go to the right. You will then see the room doors of Emily Brewster and the Gardeners. The names of the guests will now appear at the bottom of your screen when you place the cursor on a door. Click on the door of room 3 and Poirot knocks on the door.  

Carrie Gardener opens and asks Poirot if he has a present for her husband.  

Poirot gives Carrie Gardener the golden coin and Poirot gets the knitted scarf from Carrie Gardener.

Go back outside through the hotel bar and follow the sandy path from the terrace to:

Sanctuary Cove:

Walk down the stairs to the beach. Linda is still behind the screen and the oil-soiled bird is still left below.  

Take the scarf  from your inventory and click on the bird and .... video:  

Poirot throws the scarf at the bird but misses and the bird leaps away with fright.  

The scarf is splashing into the sea, but Linda pulls the scarf quickly out of the water.  

Poirot tries again and this time it is possible to throw the scarf over the bird. Linda takes the bird.

Poirot tells Linda that she has to bring the bird to his bathroom and have to wait for him there.

Go back to the crossroads and then follow the down path, past Cutters Cove and The Ledges and the sun terrace, to the main entrance of the hotel. Do not enter the hotel, but follow the upper sandy path to the right of the hotel, where you have found the first boulder. Major Barry is standing here and is shocked when he sees Poirot appear.  

Barry was peeping somewhere. Walk through a screen to the right and Poirot will return to the:

Gravel beach:

Arlena Marshall is now sunbathing here and it is abundantly clear that Major Barry was peeping at Arlena. Talk to Arlena.  

This is the first time that Poirot talks to Arlena. After the introductory conversation you use all the call options you get. Arlena received a 3rd threatening letter and that is why she is now ready to talk to Poirot. She gives this 3rd threatening letter to Poirot. However, Poirot does not think that the threatening letters mean that Arlena's life is in danger and Arlena does not want to accuse anyone of writing and sending the threatening letters.

After the conversation you read the Third Threatening letter in the "Documents" section of your notebook. You read "The day of your punishment is at hand" Go back to the main entrance of the hotel and then follow the paved road to the Smugglers End Pup and then on to the Tractor-Ferry departure beach.

The Tractor Ferry:

Zoom back in on the green departure time board. Then grab the phone and ...  

.... Will Jenks sign up and asks if you need the Tractor. Click "Yes" and ..... movie:

The Tractor Ferry will pick up Poirot to take him to Leathercomb Bay.  

During the trip Will Jenks, who drives the tractor, complains about the fact that the army does not need him.

The Tractor-Ferry stops at the garage of Will Jenks and Poirot gets out. We have arrived in:

Leathercomb Bay:

Will's Garage  

The tractor-ferry stops at the garage of Will Jenks. On the right, under the window, hangs the phone, with which you can call the ferry again. Click on the narrow white door of the garage and Poirot enters the garage. Walk a screen to the left. Will Jenks is standing at a red car. Talk to Will Jenks.  

Will now introduces himself and Poirot once again shows how "modest" he cannot be. Use all the conversation options again. Will denies that he has laid it up with another girl, but says that Linda Marshall follows him all day and that he does not like it. He also suspects Linda of having stolen his shovel. Will also tell that Linda is kicked out of school. Poirot promises to talk to Linda, so Gladys has no reason to be angry with Will. The task of talking to Linda is added to the Poirot's instructions.

There is a work bench between the red car and the blue car that you can zoom in on. There are tools on the workbench, but if you try to get the tools, Will screams that you have to "stay away from his tools". So as long as that Will is in the garage, you cannot do anything else here. Zoom out of the workbench and walk back a screen to the right and then leave the garage again through the narrow white door. Outside you click with the walking cursor on the sandy path, where the sand path disappears into the forest, and .... Poirot ends up in:


Hastings reports that the village is practically deserted. On the right you see a large half-timbered house with 3 pointed roofs.  

It is the local store. Click on the door of the half-timbered house and Poirot will enter.

Drugstore / library / post office:

Walk to the left. Poirot is then between the 3 counters of the store.

On the left is the post office counter, in the middle is the drugstore desk and on the right is the lending desk of the library section.

Talk to Adelaide Hughes, who is standing behind the drugstore counter.  

You do not get any talk options now but Adelaide says that the last days letters are mysteriously disappearing.

On the counter there is a Spatula. Grab the spatula. Adelaide says that Poirot may borrow the spatula. Right behind Adelaide is a microscope and a rack with test tube, on the bottom shelf of the cabinet. View these test tubes with your eye cursor. Adelaide shouts that you have to keep your hands off. Above the rack with test tubes is a red bottle, on the middle shelf. Click with your hand cursor on that red bottle and Poirot may have the red bottle for nothing. It is a bottle of Cough syrup.

Take a step backwards, via the curve arrow cursor at the bottom of your screen. Then walk to the library desk. Adelaide also runs to the right and is now the librarian.  

Talk to Adelaide again and now you get all kinds of call options. First ask "Do you have any books on the caring for the wild birds?". Adelaide lends Poirot the book "Birding on Devon Shore's" for 50 pence per week. Then say "I am returning a book for Mrs. Castle" and Poirot gives Adelaide the book of Hillary. Ask Adelaide finally "Do you have any books suitable as an anniversary present for a wife?". Adelaide goes to see and lists a number of possibilities, which Poirot rejects and finally offers Poirot a book with knitting patterns. The book costs 1 pound and 6 shillings and Poirot does not have that. Poirot has to contact his bank.

Take another step back and then go to the post office counter. Adelaide is now the postman. Talk to Adelaide again and Poirot says he wants to send a telegram. Adelaide says that he has to fill in a form on the desk. So zoom in on the stack of forms, on the left, and then click on "To Fagin and Sons New Commerce Bank, London S. W. 1 ...." and ..... the rest goes automatically. Adelaide will send the telegram immediately.  

Behind Adelaide is a red cat on the mailboxes table. Click with your eye on the cat and Adelaide tells that it is her cat and that she is called Chloe. On the left side of the mailbox box you can see an envelope sticking out. The tail of Chloe always comes against the envelope. Click with your eye on the envelope and Hastings says that there is an envelope behind the box. Poirot does not dare to take the envelope as long as that cat Chloe is here. Take another step back and then go back a screen to the left. Poirot is standing in front of the store again. To the right of the door is a rack with brochures.  

Grab a brochure from the rack. It is a "St. Patricks brochure". View the brochure in the reading screen of your inventory. The brochure tells something about the "St. Patrick in the Combe Church". Close the inventory screens. Now open your notepad and click on the "Poirot's Instructions". If all is well, some of your "tasks" have already been crossed out because you have already done these tasks. Also check out the list of suspects. Click on each name in the suspects list that turns red when you put your cursor on it to read the details about that suspect.

NB: You should always make sure that you read everything in your notebook that you can read and that all Poirot's Instructions have been crossed out. If at the end of a chapter you do not automatically return to the Poirot flat, you still have "outstanding"  instructions or there are still documents that you have not yet read.

Go back outside and then continue through the street to the next screen. The corner house, left, is then the:

Monk's Hood Pub:  

Go inside. At the door is a big dog, next to a barrel. A lifebuoy hangs above the dog.  

Click with your eye on the bar and Poirot continues and is face to face with Albert Bagby, the bar owner. Talk to Albert.

Albert asks if Poirot wants to play a game of darts with him. Poirot does not feel like it. Use all  options that you get.  

The dog is called Baskerville and is Albert's watchdog. Baskerville has never had to bite a difficult customer. Growling is enough for Baskerville to discourage possible troublemakers. Tom Cutter was also a good dart player. And today, August 24, was the day on which Cutter was hanged. Albert knows nothing about the treasure of Tom Cutter. Albert goes on to say that Tom Cutter always overlooked the sea from the highest point of the island.

After the conversation you step back and walk down a screen through the bottom of the screen and we meet Colonel Weston, Poirot's old friend.

 A warm greeting follows and then you will see call options, which again you use them all.  

Weston says that submarines have been seen along the coast. The dates that Weston mentions, however, do not correspond to the marked dates on the Hillary Castle calendar. Poirot tells Weston about North, the guy who hung around the Smugglers End Pub. Poirot receives the key to the Smugglers End Pub from Weston. Ask Weston mainly for the stethoscope, which is on the table, and you may have it. According to Hastings you can listen to doors with the stethoscope. Weston would like to be kept up to date if a crime were to happen.

When the conversation with Weston is over, Weston disappears. In the corner Horace Blatt sits at a round table. Go talk to Horace Blatt.  

Blatt thinks Poirot is a hairdresser and that does not make our famous Belgian detective happy. When Poirot makes it clear that he is a detective, Blatt is clearly nervous. You will not get much wiser from this conversation. Blatt is a businessman and an enthusiastic solo sailor. Blatt is the owner of the sailboat with the red sail. Blatt quickly disappears after the conversation, but it is important that Hastings and Poirot have noticed that Blatt became nervous when Poirot said that he is a detective and not a hairdresser.

If you feel like it, you can see how bad Poirot is with the darts. You do not have to, but you can play a game of darts against Albert. If you feel like it, click with your eye cursor on the dart board hanging on the wall. In the close-up of the dartboard, click on Albert's name on the green scoreboard and Albert asks if you want to play darts. Say no or yes. You do not have to play the game of dart yourself because it goes without saying ... and Poirot always loses.

Leave the pub. You can go through another screen to the end of street. You then arrive at the fountain at the end of the village street. However, there is nothing to do at the fountain and the door of the big white house is locked. So walk all the way back to the garage of Will Jenks. Enter the garage again through the white door and then walk on to Will Jenks. Click again with your talk cursor on Will. Will asks if you want to return to the Seadrift island. That's what you want now, so say "yes, please" and ... With the tractor-ferry, Will returnsPoirot back to the island and drop him off at the green departure board.

Seadrift Island:

Cleaning a bird:  

Follow the paved road up the hill to the main entrance of the hotel. Enter the hotel and then to the 1st floor, via the green stairs in the corner of the reception hall. Go upstairs to the gallery and look for Poirot's room door.

Go inside and into the bathroom. Walk in the bathroom through a screen, to the bath. Linda Marshall is kneeling in front of Poirot's bathtub and she has already put the oil-smeared bird in the bath.  

Open your inventory and double click on the bird book (Birding on Devon's Shores). Read on page 33 of this book what you need to do to safely clean an oil-contaminated bird. You have already done points 1 and 2 of this list, because the bird is safely caught and put in the bathtub. So you still have to do the following:

  • Put mineral oil on a brush and apply the oil under the feathers to dilute the lubricating oil.

  • Put detergent on the brush and remove all oil.

  • Use clean running water to remove the remains.

  • Dry the bird with soft cloths.

We are now going to clean the bird.

Step 1: 

Open your inventory and now combine the bottle of mineral oil (Mineral oil) with the brush (Sturdy brush). Then take the brush from your inventory. Close the inventory screen and click with your gear cursor on Linda. In a video you see that Linda rubs the bird in with the brush.  

Step 2: 

Combine the brush with the soap (Box or detergent) in inventory. Then pick up the brush again and close the inventory screen. Click again with the gear cursor on Linda and Linda lathers the bird to remove the lubricating oil.

Step 3: 

Click on the tap, next to Poirot, to rinse the bird.

Step 4: 

Take the Fresh Towels from your inventory, close the inventory screen and click on Linda again. 

Linda rubs the bird dry and she thanks Poirot  

Linda brings the clean bird back to Sanctuary Cove. Well ... again one of Poirot's Instructions completed. Leave Poirot's room and leave the hotel through the main entrance. Follow the paved road, downhill to the

Smugglers End Pub:

Take the Smuggler's End Pub key from your inventory and then click with the gear cursor on the front door of the pub.

Poirot opens the door and enters the deserted pub.  

A dart board hangs above the fireplace on the back wall.

Click with your eye cursor on the dartboard. Hastings sees letters on the dartboard, an N on the numbers 19 and 20 and an E on the 15  

Zoom out from the dartboard. At the bottom left is the staircase to the basement. Go down a screen via lower left and then down the stairs.

In the basement you can see a drawn dartboard on the wall. Zoom in again.  

Look at the number 20. Under the number 20 see 3 small holes in the edge of the middle ring, exactly the spot where Albert said that Tom Cutter got his points. Click with your eye on those 3 holes and Poirot asks "What have we here, Hasting?", But Hastings does not answer. Zoom out. To the left of the dartboard wall are 2 barrels on each other. Zoom in on the 2 barrels and in the close-up you click with your eye on the tap of the upper barrel. Poirot asks "What have we here, Hasting?", But Hastings does not answer again.

Zoom out again, click on the stairs to go back up and then walk through another screen to the right. Leave the pub and follow the paved road further down to the Tractor-Ferry departure point. Call, with the phone next to the departure timetable, Will Jenks answers again and say "Yes, please", to the question if you want the tractor. Will Jenks picks up Poirot again and delivers it back to his garage. On the way, Will tells us that there is a strong current in the bay, making it a lot safer with the tractor than with a boat.

Leathercomb Bay:

Go back to the village and enter the store again and ...... video ...

Linda, who has a box full of candles in her hands, scares when Poirot steps in and she drops the box of candles from her hands.  

After Linda has picked up the candles again, Poirot tells her about Gladys and Will.

Linda promises to go to Gladys to talk, because she only uses the tractor ferry so often to get away from ... the island.

Then walk to the post office counter. Adelaide appears. Click with your talk cursor on Adelaide and Poirot will ask if there is a telegram for him. That is true and the money has been transferred. Poirot now has another stack of coins in his inventory. Step back and walk to the library desk.  

Talk to Adelaide again and ask again "Do you have any books suitable  as an anniversary present for a wife?", And Poirot now buys the knitting book. To the right of Poirot is a brown sketchbook, in a standard, on the desk. Click with your hand on the sketchbook and Poirot buys the sketchbook for 5 pence. Step back and leave the store and walk back to Will Jenks garage. Enter the garage again and walk on to Will. Speak to Will and say "Yes, please", to his question if you want to be brought back to the island and Will delivers Poirot back to:

Seadrift Island:

Follow the paved road back to the hotel and then the bottom sandy path to the upper part of the sun terrace. Here is Oakley Gardener.  

Talk to Oakley Gardener and Poirot will then hand over the knitting book to Oakley and ..........

........ again you have completed all tasks in the Poirot Instructions and you will automatically return to:

London: 7 September 1940:

Poirot's flat:

Poirot is very pleased with the fact that Hastings has extended his research to Leathercomb Bay.Poirot advises Hastings not to forget the murder of the girl and the ritual. Poirot also says that Hastings must eliminate the false traces (red herrings). Hastings admits that it seems as if everyone has something to hide. Poirot gives the third hint of the Finger of Suspicion: DESK. Hasting concludes that, given the 3 instructions he has now received, the Finger of Suspicion gets its power from the Poirot's desk lamp. Click on the Hastings portrait in the options bar to go to Seadrift Island. You end up in:

Chapter 3: 24 August 1940: Evening

2017:  Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

2019: This English Translation by: Dick Leeuw      Screenshots by: Louis Koot