2018 : Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This game is classified as a casual game but you play it as an adventure game....some will call this a "adventure light" game. 

For me it's just a regular "point and click" adventure game and it's a very nice game to play. You can buy the game at Denda games .

NB: I'm Dutch, so in the options of the game I have set the language to Dutch......Original this is my Dutch Alicia Griffith Lakeside Murder walkthrough that I made in 2017. The language on all the screenshots therefore is Dutch....I'm not going to change that, but I don't think that this would be a problem.........Enjoy the game, I did.........Louis Koot

The game starts with a short intro ....... a woman is chased by a guy in a leopard skin in a dark forest. Leopard skin grabs the woman and takes her to a forest hut by a lake

When you start the game you can choose which difficulty level you want to play the game on. You can choose from "Easy", "Difficult" or "Challenging".

Easy = In your game screen "hotspots" are marked by sparkles.  The Hint and Skip button is quickly activated again to get hints and to skip puzzles. The Task list has been expanded.

Difficult = No "Hotspot" marking. The Hint and Skip button is quickly activated again. The task list has been expanded

Challenging = You have to figure out everything yourself. No task list and it takes longer before you can get a new hint and skip a puzzle.

Chapter 1: Lakeside:

Chapter 2: Turmville:

Chapter 3: Schultz Mansion:

Chapter 4: The Underground Temple

2018 : Walkthrough by: Louis Koot