2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Chapter 1.

After your swim and your underwater trip in the Bathysphere, the Bathysphere has delivered you to the Docking station. However, you cannot leave the Bathysphere just yet. That Johnny, whom you heard talking to Atlas during your trip with the Bathysphere, is standing outside and you get the impression that he is not completely at ease. Johnny is apologizing to some "Lady". Johnny hesitantly approaches and then suddenly that "Lady" shows up. Well ..... that is not a "Lady" because she is a Splicer with large sharp hooks instead of hands

Unfortunately for Johnny ....... The Splicer shows you in what for place you ended up by briefly "neutering" Johnny. The Splicer has also caught you in here eyes and she is hungry for such a tasty "fresh" snack. But because the door of the Bathysphere is still shut shut, she cannot get to you. So she climbs on top of the Bathysphere and tries to "open" up the roof.

It shakes and vibrates for a moment, but the Splicer is unable to penetrate the Bathysphere, so it takes off, but you will "meet" her again soon. 

That Atlas then reports and he wants you to pick up the RADIO. So turn left and grab the Radio hanging on the wall of the Bathysphere.

From now on you will carry the Radio with you because it is your connection to Atlas, who will help you from now on with directions to leave this Rapture Hell alive and well. But you still have a long way to go. As soon as you have taken the Radio, Atlas will open the Bathysphere and tell you to get to "higher ground", which is your first assignment.

Okay .... Just like in my Bioshock 2 walkthroughs I sweep all the Splicers and other freaks you encounter in this game into 1 pile and call them all FREAKS. I will always call the Big Daddy's, Big Sisters and Little Sisters by their name. I am also not going to explain all the machines, such as the Gatherer's Gardens, because, again ...... It all works exactly like in Bioshock 2, so check out my Bioshock 2 walkthroughs for more explanation about tbhose things.

The Bathysphere is now open and you have the radio. Atlas will guide you over the radio and provide tips and hints. You don't have a weapon yet. Exit the Bathysphere and go across the bridge to the large windows. On the right is your first VITA CHAMBER, which you will end up in when you die in this first part of the game.

Turn left and follow the path further ahead, into the blue mist. Through the fog and then up the stairs. 

You end up in the welcome hall. Jump over the boxes that are right in front of you and ........ The game takes over for a while.

Atlas reports because, in the back of the room, that Splicer freak appears again. But don't worry ... a Securitybot now deals with this Freaky Lady .......

The Freak stays behind the barricade and is attacked by a Securitybot. Freak tries to avoid her fate through the wall but unfortunately for here and lucky for you the security bot deals with the freak. You regain control and Atlas yells that you should find a crowbar or something similar.

So continue to the barricade and then jump over it. Right in front of you you will see an exit, but it is completely blocked by debris. 

But just before the exit is a nice big and orang Pipe Wrench. So walk to the pipe wrench and then grab the thing and .......

Well ..... it is not a gun or rifle but for now you will have to make do with these pipe wrenches to deal with the first couple of freaks......

The exit is blocked by debris. First, use the Wrench to remove the debris from the exit. So walk up to the rubble and then use the Wrench to smash the 2 thick standing concrete beams. Then duck and then crawl over the rubble under the door but BEWARE .... from the top of the long stairs a Freak will throw a burning couch down and it is advisable to avoid it.

So crawl under the door and then quickly get back up and avoid the burning couch, which is thrown down by the Freak. Then run up the stairs and ......... At the top that Freak attacks you ..... The Freak comes from the right, so turn right and smash his brains in with your wrench. Then search the Freak corpse and you get your first EVE Hypo and your first First Aid Kit.

You have survived your 1st Freak ..... You will have to kill many more. The Securis door to the glass tunnel is closed and has a short circuit. 

Walk to the Securis door and then turn around. Above the entrance hangs an upper balcony that is accessible via 2 flights of stairs.

However, the left staircase is blocked. At the right staircase you will see a "Plasmid arrow" pointing up. So go up the right stairs to the balcony.

On the balcony, turn right and ...... you will now see your first so-called "Gatherer's Garden" machine, these are the machines where you can buy Plasmids if you have harvested enough ADAM, which is not the case yet. This "Gatherer's Garden" is broken but someone left the "Electric Bolt Plasmid" for you on the thing. So you get this "Electric Bolt Plasmid" for free

Walk into the "Gatherer's Garden" and then grab the "Electric Bolt Plasmid" and ........cut scene......

Je injecteert de Plasmid in je de pols van je linker arm en.......

You inject the Plasmid into the wrist of your left arm and .......

......... You get sick, weak and dizzy, but Atlas tells you not to worry. The Plasmid is changing your DNA. Anyway .... it does bother you for a while because when you are dizzy you throw yourself off the balcony and then you lie unconscious on the floor for a while. A few Freaks come to sniff you, while you lie helpless on the floor. The Freaks argue whether or not they will kill you, but then the Freaks quickly run away because a Big Daddy appears with his Little Sister.

The Little Sister wants to put her big syringe in you to "Harvest" your blood plasma, which is ADAM. Forget your pedophile tendencies towards such a Little Sister, because they are the vultures of Rapture. The Little Girl will notice that you are not dead yet .... You are not yet an "Angel", so the Little Sister and her Big Daddy will leave you alone for now. You come back to your senses and notice that you now have access to the "Electro Bolt Plasmid", in your left hand.

I shall now briefly explain the operation of Plasmids and how to switch between Plasmids and normal weapons.

From now on you can switch between your regular weapons in your right hand and Plasmids in your left hand. I do that Switching between Weapons and Plasmids via my right mouse button. You fire a Plasmid, just like your regular weapons, with your Left Mouse Button. So you don't have a separate fire key for Plasmids and Weapons, as is the case in Bioshock 2 .....If you have fired a Plasmid and you want to use your regular weapons again, you have to switch back to your regular weapons via the key that you have set for this ..... I switch between Plasmids and Weapons via my right mouse button, but you can choose another key for that. 

Plasmids need EVE  and you can find EVE in the form of EVE Hypos, here and there in the game and you can also buy it at the various "Vending Machines" that you will encounter in the game. You can wear a maximum of 5 EVE Hypos. At the top left of your screen you always see your red Health meter and your blue EVE meter. If your Health meter is empty you will die, if your EVE meter is empty your Plasmids will no longer work. But you will automatically replenish your EVE stock if you have collected enough EVE hypos.

If you die, it is not the same as "Game Over" because you end up in the last VITA CHAMBER, from which you can continue immediately. You don't have to SAVE at a VITA CHAMBER because the game "remember" that you have reached another VITA CHAMBER. You don't even have to see such a VITA CHAMBER. Everything you did before you died stays done, so you don't have to do it again. You only have to follow the route from the VITA CHAMBER back to the point where you died and then you can continue from there. 

You now own the "Electric Bolt" and your wrench is automatically stored. The "Electric Bold" is  ready to fire. So zap the sparking mechanism of the Securis door with the "Electric Bolt" and the door will open.Then walk into the glass tunnel and  the fuselage of the plane enters the glass tunnel and water flows into the tunnel.

Well ..... don't panic .... you woun't drown ...... Follow the tunnel, but do this first on the right side of the tunnel to get past the swirling body of water. 

Then go between the airplane seats and follow the tunnel further. The tunnel descends slightly and then bends to the right ....

Follow the tunnel further. To the left is a Securis door that, due to the pressure of the water, is about to burst, but you just go straight ahead

Up the stairs and through the next Securis door, which will open automatically. You are then in a hallway.

In the back the "Airlock" door is closed and you can't open it. On the left is a VITA CHAMBER room and on the right a room with a corpse in front of the windows.

Enter the right room and continue to the Freak body. 

There is an EVE Hypo by the nuts of the corpse, so pick up the Hypo and control your urge to suck the corpse's penis. This is not that kind of game.

Go back to the hall and ..... You see a Freak flash past and Atlas will report this too and give you some instructions on how to deal with that Freak. 

The Freak will come to you from the left room. Quickly zap the Freak with your "Electric Bolt"

The Freak will be paralyzed for a moment. Quickly ... switch to your Wrench and use it to smash in the freak's brain

Search the Freak corpse for useful items. As soon as you have killed this Freak, the "Airlock" door will open and a fresh Freak will storm at you.

Well .... repeat the procedure just followed to also kill the 2nd Freak  and then search the body again. 

Then go into the left room because there you can collect a EVE Hypo, which is on a few pillows.

Back to the hall and now go through the "Airlock" door and then continue up the long stairs and you end up in the Lounge.

At the back of the lounge is a door, under the clock, but as soon as you step in here, a few things explode and a Freak storms in and that Freak is on fire. Take care of the burning Freak and then continue through the door, under the clock. You end up in an end hall and here are the lifts to the various other parts of Rapture. However, only 1 lift is usable and that is the only open lift on the left side.

So get in the elevator and ........ the elevator then takes you a long way up and in the meantime that Atlas starts whining at you.

Atlas tells that he has a wife and children and that they are also here in Rapture. However, Atlas cannot reach his wife and children because of the Freaks. So Atlas wants you to go find his wife and children and he says you can find them in a place called Neptune's Bounty. You get your new assignment and that is to go to Neptune's Bounty. The game now also gives you a notification about the Compass Arrow. From now on you have a triangle arrow at the top of your screen and the tip of that arrow always indicates the direction you need to go, but that does not mean that you can not deviate from the route.

To the left is a door that you cannot enter, but you can pick up a Firts Aid Kit there. 

Go right and ..... you will see a hallway that leads to the Restaurant and on the wall you will see the shadow of a Freak who is crouching over a pram.

Switch back to your "Electro Bolt" and continue and zap the Lady Freak at the pram and then remove here from the game "ready" with the Wrench.

Your first gun is in the pram and it is the Revolver. Grab the Revolver and loot the Freak corpse and listen to Atlas for a moment.

Continue and enter the Kashmir Restaurant through the door:

Kashmir Restaurant:

For now, be careful with the use of the Revolver because you only got 6 bullets and it will be a while before you will find new bullets. The "normal" Freaks you encounter here are best zaped first with the "Electro Bolt" and then you can kill them with the wrench

The Kashmir Restaurant consists of an upper floor and a lower floor and you are now on the upper floor. At the back left is a round table with chairs and on one of those chairs you can find a First Aid Kit. To the right is the stairs down to the ground floor and next to the stairs is a hall where the telephones and toilets are. First go and grab the First Aid Kit, which is in the back left of a chair. Then go to the stairs and start descending the stairs carefully ......

Halfway down the stairs you see, below you, a Freak ramming on the closed kitchen door. Quickly zap that crazy freak with "Electric Bolt" and while the Freak is paralyzed, shoot a bullet through his brain with your Revolver. If you decide to not use the revolver but the wrench then you have to quickly run to the freak while he's still paralyzed and then smash his brains in with the wrench....I don't think that you can make this, sho it's best to kill this one with the revolver from the stairs

Then quickly run further down the stairs and in the meantime switch the Revolver for the Wrench (Mouse Wheel Up or Down). Go, to the right of the stairs, to the door where that Freak was banging on and ...... Oops ...... the door opens and a chick Freak storms out of the kitchen.

Well .... You know the drill now, right? Zap the chick freak an "Electro Bolt" in her private parts and then finish the job with your wrench Loot the corpses and then enter the kitchen through the door. Continue to the back of the kitchen where cookie is "parked" against the wall

There are some Dollars on the stove and you need money to be able to buy Tonics and other stuff, so grab the Dollars. If you are thirsty then you also drink the bottle of wine. Loot the cookie corps and go back through the kitchen and then back into the downstairs room of the restaurant. Atlas then reports that there are 2 Freaks playing in the pond and he also tells you how to easily deal with those 2 Freaks. So fire your "Electro Bolt" into the water to "energize" the 2 Freaks and ...... the Freaks will be electrocuted.

There is a table in the pond, to the right of the window, but do not go up to it yet.

To the left of the pond is a counter and behind the counter is a cash register that you can plunder to get another few dollars.

Loot the cash register and then walk into the pond and go to the round table, which is in the water by the right windows.

You will then find your first AUDIO DIARY on this round table.

These Audio Diary's tell you the background story of Rapture. If you are not interested in the story and just want to blast and kill your way through the game you can forget about those Audio Diaries. However, if you are interested in the story of the game, I advise you to find as many Audio Diary's as possible. However, you need to find some Audio Diary's because they provide important information, such as door codes.

This first Audio Diary is entitled "New Year's Eve Alone". Take the Audio Diary and then press your "T-button" to hear Diane McClintock's story. In the meantime, grab the Dollars and the EVE hypo and empty the water bottle. You do not have to wait for the story to end because while you walk on, the Audio Diary will simply run the story.

Go back out of the pond and search this downstairs room further. However, there is not much to get here anymore. On the left is a stage where the "live music" used to be played for the guests and there are two large stage speakers on which you can find some useful stuff. At the back left is access to the "Footlight Theater", but that access is completely blocked.

You will receive a message witch tells you that you need to find another entrance to the "Footlight Theater", or you already received this message when you walked out of the pond again. So go back up the stairs to the upper room of the restaurant and ....... Zap the Freaky Bitch and ram her brains in with the wrench.

Fuck the bitch corpse, you necrophilic basterd,  and then go right and to the phone booths. In the right phone booth you can pick up a First Aid Kit and some Dollars.

Then turn around and go into the toilets and go to the Ladies Toilet first.

In the ladies room you will be treated to a ghost, but it will disappear on its own. Continue to the back and pick up your 2nd AUDIO DIARY, which is in the rubble. Press your "T-button" again to listen to the Audio Diary. You hear Steve Baker asking a certain Brenda what that hole in the wall of the men's room is all about.

Also take a look in the rear toilet cubicle because behind the toilet bowl is a First Aid Kit for the taking.

Now go to the Men's Toilet but first take care of the Freak who now pops up  from the front toilet cubicle.

Hopefully this Freak had wiped his ass well first

Loot it Freakly corpse and now go to the Men's Room and walk to the rear shit shed and ..... just like you heard from Steve Baker, the back wall has disappeared from the rear toilet cubicle and you can now get it through this hole  into the" Footlight Theater

So walk into the cubicle and then through the wall holet and .... you are now in the:

Footlight Theater:

You are on the gallery above the theater hall and Atlas screams in your ear that you have to put your weapons away for a while and that will happen automatically. 

Peek down over the balustrade and ...... Below you, on the floor of the hall, a Little Sister is busy harvesting ADAM.

You also have to go down but the stairs are on the other side. However, you cannot follow the gallery to the other side because it's is blocked on the left and right by large chunks of debris. Above the hall, however, are the metal rails on which the stage lamps hang. Such a stage lamp rail is called a Catwalk. Close to you, part of the balustrade has disappeared and there you can step on the bottom Catwalk.

So get on the bottom Catwalk and follow the Catwalk to the other side. In the meantime, Atlas will tell you a bit more about the Little Sisters. 

So follow the Catwalk to the other side, where you have to bend down to avoid bumping your head on the Catwalk that hangs above you.

The route is simple, but you can see it in the 4 images above. Once on the other side, look for the stairs and descend it.

Once down you cannot enter the room because a fence prevents you from doing so. 

There is nothing you can do for a while, so see what happens to the Freak who wants to "pedophile" the Little Sister.

The Freak thinks that this Little Sister does not have a Big Daddy as a body guard, but the Freak is very wrong.

The Little Sister screams and ..... her Big Daddy shows up and takes care of this stupid Freak in a very efficient way.

The Big Daddy throws the dead freak over the balustrade and he and his Little Sister disappear from the theater. So the Freak corpse hangs in front of you and you now also see the sliding gate that is locked with a padlock. Loot the Freak corpse and you'll get ammo for your Revolver.

Pull the Wrench and use it to break the padlock of the fence and the fence will slide open.

So follow the hallway and ..... well .... On the left you can enter the hall of the "Footlight Theater", where the Little Sister was, but there is really nothing for you there. 

So immediately go right, to the VITA CHAMBER.

On the left you can loot a body near the rubble, but your route continues to the right. Just follow the corridor and if you then turn left, another bitch freak will appear.

Zap the bitch and then put your wrench in her brains and loot the corpse and continue and if you turn left again, a Freaky guy will appear that you also have to deal with.

Follow the corridor further and at the end turn right and you are at the top of a staircase.

This staircase takes you down to a large distribution hall, but halfway up the stairs there are 2 Freaks playing in the water. 

Well ..... you now know how best to take out Freaks in the water. Walk down a few steps and then zap the water with your "Electric Bolt" to electrocute those 2 Freaks.

Wait a moment until the water is no longer electric and then loot the two corpses.

The bottom part of the stairs has disappeared, so jump down and you will end up in the water hole, in front of the VITA CHAMBER. You are now in the

Main Hall:

This is a distribution hall. On the left is the gate to the Medical Pavilion and on the right the entrance to Neptune's Bounty. 

The men's toilets are also on the left and the women's toilets on the right.

Stand in front of the VITA CHAMBER for a moment ....... Atlas has asked you to find his wife and children, who he says should be in Neptune's Bounty. Well, on the right is the passage to Neptunes Bounty, but don't go there yet. The gate in Neptune's Bounty is open but when you enter that gate the alarm will go off and the gate will slam shut. The gate to the Medical Pavilion is now also closed by a gate. If you immediately try to go through the Neptune's Bounty gate, you will get stuck here and you have to fight with about 6 Freaks. So postpone this for a while.

First enter the Men's toilets. In the men's toilet you will find a few bandage packs at 1 of the toilets.

You may have taken some damage on your way here, so get the bandages

Via the Men's toilets you can also cross to the Ladies toilets because a part of the partition wall has disappeared at the back.

You can pick up another First Aid Kit at the washbasins in the Ladies' toilet.

When you enter the hall again from the ladies room then you now enter the Neptune's Bounty gate and walk to the opened gate and ....... 

Oops ....... the alarms go off and the light turns red and the gate of Neptune's Bounty slams shut.

Quickly now ........ pull the "Electric Bolt" and walk back to the VITA CHAMBER. The gate to the Medical Pavilion is also still closed, so you are now trapped here and now have to survive a few waves of Freaks. The Freaks will come down the stairs, so wait for them to jump down the stairs and into the water, then quickly zap them with your "Electric Bolt".

In my game it were always groups of 3 Freaks that came down the stairs and always 3 Freaks ended up in the water but........

....... the 3rd Freak always jumped over the water and I had to finish it off with the Revolver or the Wrench.

At the 2nd wave of Freaks, Atlas will scream at you and he screams that the Freaks are being sent at you by Andrew Ryan. Atlas then screams that he has opened the gate in the Medical Pavilion and that you should go there. So survive the next wave of Freaks and then run through the Medical Pavilion Gate. The gate in that gate is now open, so follow the hallway and jump over the barrier in the hallway.

You then end up in a room with a lot of monitors and where the iron door of the Airlock is open.

Walk up the steps to the opened door and ..... WHAM .... the iron door will close and the light will go out. It's pitch-dark for a while, but then you hear Andrew Ryan's voice and it gets a little lighter.Turn around to the large window behind you. You now see a projection of Andrew Ryan who is now going to talk to you for a while.

When that Andrew Ryan is done talking, a few Freaks will appear behind the window.Those Freaks are going to ram on the window, but luckily it's armored glass.

Atlas then succeeds, from where he is, to open the lock gate again

So turn around quickly and walk up the steps again and go through the now opened lock door. You end up in the Airlock.

Walk to the panel where the turning wheel is in and then press your "E-button" to open the door and .......

......... You have reached the END of Chapter 1 and you are now in:

Chapter 2: Medical Pavilion

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot