2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Chapter 11

If you're one of those boastful Freaks who always wants to finish a game with 100% Achievement points and then boast about it on internret forums, then don't forget to photograph the Freaks, Big Daddy's, Security Cameras and Securitybots with your Research Camera. I am someone who is already satisfied if I make it to the end at all, so I never worry about those Achievement points that much. So here and there I will not reach 100% for every Freak. By the way  I play the PC version and I can't find those Achievement points anywhere in my game. Could it be that those Achievements only play a role in the XBox version of the game?

Your Plasmids are still unstable. Every few seconds your screen turns blue because your Plasmids automatically switch in your left hand. So you still have no control over your Plasmids. You can, however, use the firearms. So you have to find a 2nd dose of "Lot 192" in the lab of that monster Suchong. Since you cannot rely on your Plasmids now, I recommend that you leave the Big Daddy's with the Little Sisters in this level alone for the time being.

When the door of the airlock has opened, step forward. On the right is a VITACHAMBER.

Go up the stairs to the left. You end up in the "porch" of Apollo Square. Before you go through the gate you can hack an use the "Circus of Value" on the left.

Between the "Circus of Value" and the large poster is an Audio Diary in a briefcase. There is also an EVE hypo in the briefcase.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it and grab the EVEhypo if you can use it. Go through the gate and you end up in a tram street again.

You will probably meet a Big Daddy / Little Sister in the tram street ...... The Big Daddy will get into a fight with some Freakies, but those Freaks will also focus their attention on you. Try not to hit the Big Daddy or get in the way, because then the Big Daddy will also focus his attention on you and you want to avoid that because without your Plasmids such a Big Daddy is too big a job for you. So follow the tram street and kill the Freaks you come across. At the end there is a "News" kiosk by the wall that is covered with photos. A Freak is admiring those photos.

Kill the Freak and then, left or right of the photo wall, continue and ... you will end up on the large

Apollo Square:

Apollo Square turns out to be the execution square of Rapture because in the middle of the square a gallows has been built on which a number of corpses hang.

Watch out because mountains of Freaks roam around here. You can climb the gallows installation to loot the hanging corpses, but beware ... a Turret is set up across the street. The route to Artemis Suites is on the left but you can first go to the right side of the square because there you will find a "Gatherer's Garden", an "El Ammo Bandito" and a "U-Invent".

Until you have found the 2nd dose of "Lot 192", you cannot use the "Gatherer's Garden". Tenenbaum will tell you this as you approach the Gatherer's Garden. But there is an Audio Diary at this "Gatherer's Garden". So pick up the Audio Diary and listen to Diana McClintock. Turn your m and hack and then use the "El Ammo Bandito" and on the left you can also hack and possibly use the "U-Invent".

When you're done here, carefully continue to the right around the square. Beware of the Turret which protects the entrance to the "Hestia Chambers".

Destroy this Turret and walk further around the square you reach the corridor to "Artemis Suites".

Follow the "Artemis Suites" corridor and behind the wall you will end up in a Tramstraat.

BEWARE ...... Right behind the front pillar is a Turret and on the next pillar hangs a Camera, which you can not see yet. It's also swarming with Freaks here. Quickly destroy the Turret and then continue to the 2nd pillar, which is covered with photos. On the right is a Tram car on the rail, but I wouldn't go in there.

Jump at the 2nd pillar on the left rail and then peek carefully upwards and .... You will now see the Camera hanging. Quickly ..... destroy the Camera. If the Camera manages to raise the alarm then you will also have to deal with an endless stream of Securitybots and you better prevent that ..... So quickly destroy the Camera.

Several Freaks must have turned up by now, so fight for your life and run to the end and go through the "Artemis Suites" gate. T

here is a VITACHAMBER in the hall. Continue to the right and ..... you will end up in the hall of the "Artemis Suites".

Artemis Suites:

Ground Floor:

At the back of the hall, to the right behind the "Circus of Value", is a security camera that you have to destroy quickly if you don't want to have to deal with a horde of Securitybots. So quickly destroy the Camera and fight the Freaks. Hack and use the "Circus of Value" if you need to. Left behind the "Circus of Value" is the stairs to go up to the 1st floor.

 1e floor:

So go up the stairs to the corridor of the 1st floor. Then follow the ramp to the door of Suchong's "Free Clinic"

Suchong's Clinic / Laboratory:

The 2nd Dose "Lot 192"

Well .... enter Suchong's clinic and .... Quickly .... immediately look to the left and quickly destroy the security camera.

When you destroy the Camera, jump over the "Trapwire".

On the right is the door to the "cutting rooms" and on the left is a corridor with a Gene Bank but also a Turret.

Destroy the Turret and then turn around and enter the bloody operating room through the door. Search the operating room.

At the back you will find the "Medical Expert 3" Tonic in 1 of the wc cubicles

Grab the Tonic and decide what you want to do with it and go back to the hallway where the Gene Bank hangs and the Turret was. 

Now walk to the back of the hallway. You end up in a hall where the right door is locked with a padlock chain.

So go through the left door and ... you are now in Suchong's Lab .......

On the operating table lies the deformed corpse of wretched Suchong. On the floor is an Audio Diary and ....... in the back, on the lab cabinets, is your coveted 2nd Dose "Lot 192". Grab the Audio Diary and listen to Suchong as you continue to the cabinets on the back wall. Then grab the bottle of "Lot 192" and .........

Your screen turns yellowish for a moment and then Tenenbaum reports again with the message that you are now free of Fontaine's "Mind Control Plasmid".

Fontain no longer has a hold on you and ........ You now also regain control over your PLASMIDS .....

From now on you can switch between your Plasmids again and you can use them safely again.

NB: In fact, you are now done in this chapter and could now go straight to the Bathysphere and take it to the next Chapter: Point Prometheus. But then you miss the 2 Little Sisters in this chapter and a lot of other things. So we're going to "milk out" this Chapter 11 for a while before we take the Bathysphere to Chapter 12.

Leave Suchong's Lab, back to the 1st floor circulation ..... on the way you will most likely have to kill 1 or 2 Freaks ...

2e floor:

Back on the track it appears that a Turret has been placed on the right. 

So quickly take out that Turret, but it is better to Hack the Turret because then it will catch several Freaks for you.

So Hack the Turret and then turn around again and walk back to the door of Suchong's lab and then follow the passage further and then go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. When you arrive at the 2nd floor circulation, follow the roundabout to the left. On the left is an apartment where you can enter but beware ..... in the corner is a Grenade Turret ....

The apartment houses several Freaks and you can hack a Safe and score some Ammo and Films for your Research Camera. The Freaks will give you Research Points again, so if you feel the need, go and search this apartment. But first go hack the Grenade Turret because it will help you kill Freaks. If you're lucky, the hacked Turret will immediately fire a grenade through the open window into the apartment to defuse 1 or 2 Freaks for you. Then enter the apartment and search the rooms. On the far left, in the kitchen, a Bitch Freak is doing something near the oven ........

Kill the Bitch and then go through the apartment to the other side ....... Kill the Freaks you meet on the way. The right-most room of this apartment houses the toilets and is decorated as a kind of dark room. Here is also a Safe and in the 2nd part of this red-lit room you can pick up various Cameras to replenish your stock of Film for your Research Camera.

When you have completely looted this apartment, go back outside and descend back to the ground floor of this Artemis Apartment building. Back on the ground floor, in the left wall, past the telephone, you see another door to an apartment. Above this door hung the security camera, which you already destroyed when you arrived here.

Ground Floor:

Enter the ground floor apartment and search the rooms. 

To the left behind are the toilets and there is a Turret and a Freak Bitch who likes to let her tickle tickle through the barrel of the Turret.

Do whatever you want with the Bitch and the Turret, then work your way back to the front door. You can then hack a "U-Invent" in the right part of this apartment, but that only makes sense if you have collected a lot of Junk because otherwise such a "U-Invent" is not worth hacking. You are done here in the Artemis Suites, so return now, through the hall and then the Tramstraat to the:

Apollo Square:

At the kiosk 2 Freaks are warming up by a fire, a 3rd Freak is pretending to be dead.  Treat the Freaks to some grenades from your Grenade Launcher or come up with a better tactic to deal with them. So there is a Big Daddy with a Little Sister roaming around here.

I recommend that you wait here now until the Big Daddy and his Little Sister show up here and then kill the Big Daddy and take care of his Little Sister. If you leave the Little Sister alive then Tenenbaum will notify you again that a Teddy Bear will be delivered to the "Gatherer's Garden. Since your Plasmids are now restored, you can use the" Gatherer's Gardens "again. There is such a thing on the east side of Apollo Square and there you can find the Teddy Bear.

So go to the Gatherer's Garden and loot the Teddy Bear, which contains a Gene Tonic in addition to ADAM. Decide what to do with the Gene Tonic

Then use the "Gatherer's Garden" and buy the few Plasmids that are still available with your ADAM, such as "Insect Swarm". Here in this niche also hangs a Gene Bank, an "El Ammo Bandito" and a "U-Invent". So if you need supplies and you have enough Dollars and / or Junk you can use the "El Ammo Bandito" and the "U-invent". When you are done here, go to the right side of Apollo Square because there you will find the passage to "Hestia Chambers", where you destroyed the Turret earlier.

Hestia Chambers/Rapture Metro:

Go through the "Hestia Chambers" gates and then take the right passage at the wall. On the other side of the wall you end up in a Tram Street again and here is also the entrance to "Rapture Metro". BEWARE ..... To the left behind the kiosk is a security camera on the wall, so peek left around the kiosk house and then quickly switch off the security camera.

Stay to the left and walk further ahead ...... Past the front "Rapture Metro" sign the street goes down and ...... 

From the "Rapture Metro" underpass some Freaks come up and 1 of those Freaks will have a Security bot with him.

Do your best to survive the Freak attacks here and you will probably also get to see a ghost scene here ...

When everything is quiet again, walk to the end of the street, to the entrance of the 

"FONTAINE'S CENTER for the Poor"

As you approach the entrance you get a message from Fontaine explaining what he has done with this Center. While you try to ignore Fontaine's bullshit you keep walking. The glass door opens and you end up in the central staircase of the Center. Immediately stand still ......

On top of the balcony is a Grenade Turret, but if you have already earned and activated the Invisibility Tonic, the Turret will not see you as long as you stay still. 

That also applies to the Freaks who come down the stairs.

Of course you can't stay still here forever, so move again and ..... The Turret starts firing Grenades at you ... Use your "Telekinesis" to catch the Grenades and go to to throw the Freaks. Freaks will also appear at the top of the stairs coming out of the 1st floor apartment. So catch the Turret's Grenades with "Telekinesis" and throw them at the Freaks. Finally, throw the Grenades back to the Turret to destroy that bloody thing with its own grenades. If you have survived this too, turn right into the corner for a moment. In the right corner is a "Steamerkist" in which you can find an Audio Diary ....

Play the Audio Diary ..... you hear Diana McClintock. Walk back. Down here in the stairwell there is a "U-Invent" to the left and a "Circus of Value" to the right.

In any case, hack the "Circus of Value" and replenish your supplies of ammo ... you will need it.

The "Fontaine Center" has 4 floors and the "Little Sisters Orphanage" is located on the 1st and 2nd floor. Climb the stairs to the:

1e floor: Little Sisters Orphanage

On each of the 4 floors there are searchable rooms for ammo, U-Invent, an Audio Diary and a Power To The People. Each floor also has some Freaks in the rooms, so you can here also screw up your Research a bit if you still need to. There is also a Big Daddy roaming around and he keeps walking back and forth, according a fixed route,from one "Little Sister shaft" to the other, to summon Little Sister to come out But  I haven't seen a Little Sister all the time I've been here in this building.

On the 1st floor you enter the rooms through 1 of the 2 gray doors. I took the right door, so the door past the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Search the rooms and kill 1 or 2 Freaks. There is also a staircase to the cellars in the middle room, so check out the cellars as well. 

There is also a Freak in the cellars, who is probably satisfying his hunger at a Freak corpse sitting at a desk.

In the basement you will also find a "U-Invent", which you can hack and use. 

Then go back up the basement stairs and search the remaining rooms and then go back to the main hall. Climb further up to the:

2e floor:

On the 2nd floor you can only enter the rooms through 1 door, so go through that gray door and search the rooms.

Also here are a few Freaks in the rooms, so kill them. You have a chance that you will bump into the Big Daddy here because here is a "Little Sister shaft" that the Big Daddy will pound on. Do not try to provoke the Big Daddy because there is no point in attacking a Big Daddy who does not have a Little Sister. However, do research the Big Daddy with your Research Camera. When you have searched the rooms here again, go back to the hall and climb further up to the:

3e Floor:

However, you cannot enter the rooms on the 3rd floor as both gray doors are barricaded with planks and chains

. You have a chance that you will bump into the Big Daddy, so retreat to the hallway.

4e Floor:

There is a telephone and a "Bot shutdown" on the 4th floor. 

The door in the left hallway is barricaded, so go through the door in the right hallway and ..... you will end up in Atlas Headquarters

Continue to the table, but beware ..... There is a Freak here and a security camera in the right corner. Kill the Freak and destroy the Camera. The kitchen is closed off by a fence on the left. In the kitchen there are a lot of things, such as machine guns, cans of food and much more. Stand in front of the gate and then use "Telekinesis" to pull the items towards you and then press your "E key" to get the item ....

When you are done, turn around and walk to the other wall. Where the security camera hung you will find the stairs to descend to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor:

You end up in a large dormitory with beds. In front of each bed is a chest that you can loot and on the wall hangs a "Power To The People".

Loot the chest and the corpses that pop the beds and then go get another Upgrade for 1 of your weapons in the "Power To The People".

 If you have used every "Power To The People" I have pointed out to you so far, there are now only 3 Upgrade options left.

This means that after this "Power To The People" you only have to find 2....Well......  you only have 2 chapters to go.

When you're done, walk to the left, into the back room.

A guest sits on the floor in the back room. There is a Safe and on the desk you will find an Audio Diary and a free Tonic.

The lifeless body of Diana McClintock lies by the wall.

Grab the Audio Diary and then listen to Fontaine, grabbing the "Focus Hacker 2" tonic and deciding what to do with it ... Save to the Gene Bank probably. 

Then walk over to Diana McClintock's corpse and loot her seductive shapes. The McClintock corpse contains an Audio Diary ...

Hear Diana's sad story as you Hack and loot the Safe in the meantime. You are then done here and you can now go back to the hall in 2 ways. Either you jump through the hole in the floor to the 2nd floor or you walk back to leave these rooms through the door. I simply jumped down through the hole in the floor.

Anyway .... Get back into the hall and then descend all the way down to the ground floor and then exit this slaughterhouse through the glass front door.

Back outside you walk to the "Rapture Metro" gate

Go down the stairs and down you walk to the right elevator, which opens automatically when you approach the elevator ...

Enter the elevator and activate the elevator button and the elevator will take you down while bastard Fontaine is ringing in your ears ...

The elevator has arrived downstairs, so get out and go through the Securis door and .... you have arrived at the platform of the "Rapture Metro."

Continue to the right of the "Timetable" board and kill 1 or 2 Freaks for a moment and then continue and descend the stairs to the Bathysphere ...

Step into the Bathysphere and activate the Lever, then select "Point Prometheus" from the Location screen.

NB:, if you have killed that Sander Cohen  In Chapter 7 and then looted his corpse, you also own the "Sander Cohen Musicbox Key". So you could go back, with the Bathysphere, to Fort Frolic to pick up that Musicbox in the Atrium. I have done this but I am not going to explain this further. There was something strange about it because I couldn't get the Musicbox myself, I could just loot it, and I had to fight that Sander Cohen again and then I got that Musicbox Key again. So you have to know for yourself ..... If you decide to go back to Fort Frolic first to open that Musicbox, you will do so without my help. I will now proceed to:

Chapter 12: Point Prometheus

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot