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Chapter 12

Walkthroughs door: Louis Koot

The Bathysphere docks but the door does not open immediately. Through the window in the door we see Fontaine on the stairs and he gives you a demonstration of his strength. Fontaine's strength is based entirely on ADAM. Fontaine starts a fire and he rips a heavy door from his fishing rods and throws it away. Fontaine then goes away. The door of the Bathysphere will open and Tenenbaum screams that you must go and grab Fontaine.

So run up the stairs and run on. Fontaine then, to the left of the "Timetable" sign, sets an oil puddle on fire. 

So STOP and wait until the fire goes out automatically. In the meantime, you can loot the big chest.

When the fire is out, run further into the glass tunnel. The glass door is closed on the other side of the tunnel. Through the glass door you can just see Fontaine, who now sends 2 red Securitybots at you and runs away again. You cannot open the glass door, but the 2 Securitybots immediately start firing ....

Pull back a bit from the glass door because the bullets from the 2 Securitybots will shatter the glass door. If you can it would be nice if you could hack both Securitybots so that you have 2 green Securitybots that can accompany you for a while. But I wouldn't be too concerned if you just destroy the 2 Bots. Anyway .... Deal with the 2 Securitybots and then run on. There is a Gene Bank on the left, but forget that thing now. Go right through the gate into the next hall. You have then ended up in the Main Hall and here Fontaine gives you a brief demonstration of his strength.

A: Main Hal:

Ground Floor:

Fontaine knocks down a heavy pillar with remarkable ease, screaming that he will destroy Rapture if you keep chasing him. Then Fontaine disappears through the gold-colored doors and locks those doors. The gold colored door is the entrance to the "Proving Grounds". Tenenbaum is "not amused" that you let Fontaine escape, but then she comes up with a plan .....

You have to find and loot a Big Daddy corpse and it just happen that  such a dead Big Daddy here.

 In the "window" of the VITACHAMBER niche hangs the corpse of a Big Daddy and you can also see a "Power To The People" hanging there.

Walk to the Big Daddy corpse and loot the corpse. You get the "Suit Control System" from the Big Daddy

Tenenbaum reports again and she now explains her plan to you further.

That golden door through which Fontaine disappeared can only be opened on the other side. The only way to get to the other side of the golden door is through a "Little Sister shaft" but only a Little Sister can go through it. So you need a Little Sister to open that golden door for you. But Little Sisters only go with a Big Daddy ...... so to get a Little Sister to go with you, you have to BECOME a ..... BIG DADDY. You have to look like a Big Daddy, sound like a Big Daddy and you have to smell like a Big Daddy.

While Tenenbaum further explains her plan, you can walk to the "Power To The People" to pick up your penultimate Upgrade for 1 of your weapons.

 Don't worry about Tenenbaum if she screams you shouldn't.

B: Become a Big Daddy:

You already have the 1st part to become a Big Daddy, because that is the "Suit Control System" that you took from the Big Daddy corpse. The 2nd part is to start smelling like a Big Daddy and for that you now have to look for 3 bottles of Big Daddy Pheromones. Walk back into the Main Hall from the "Power To The People". The Golden Door is on the left, but on the right are 2 "normal" doors. Go through 1 of the 2 "normal" doors.

You end up in a hallway and at the end of the hallway is the entrance to the:

Little Wonders Educational Facility:

Find 3 bottles of Big Daddy Feromonen

Watch out ...... in front of the entrance there is a Freak pretending to be dead, but that is not the Freak because he jumps up when you approach the doors. Deal quickly with the Freak and then go through the doors. You end up in a short glass tunnel and Tenenbaum finds it necessary to honk in your ears again ...

So you have now been given the task to find 3 Big Daddy Pheromone bottles. Continue at the end of the tunnel through the door and ... duck IMMEDIATELY in the small room you will enter. The red door on the left is blocked. Right is a window and behind the window is a room with a TURRET and that Turret will fire at you if you stay upright. There is a chest and a table in front of the window.

So you are crouched in front of the window. You cannot leave this room through the red door. So you have to go through the window into the room where the Turret is located. While you're still crouched, smash the glass in the window. Then switch to your "Electro Bolt" and quickly zap the Turret and then quickly switch to your Grenade Launcher and blow up the Turret with a Grenade from your Grenade Launcher. Then climb up the chest and through the chest onto the frame of the table. Then duck and crawl through the smashed window into the Turret room.

You can grab a machine gun on the desk. Then leave this turret room through the doorway. You end up in a hallway.

The hallway goes around and contains Little Sister rooms. You can enter some rooms if you use the doorknobs. However, there are also rooms that you cannot enter because the doors are shorted. There's a Big Daddy with a Little Sister roaming around here. For me, the Big Daddy and the Little Sister came right out of the right-hand room. I immediately photographed the Big Daddy and immediately attacked and then saved the Little Sister.

With this Big Daddy I completed my Big Daddy Research and as a reward I received the "Photographer's Eye 2" Tonic

Follow the hallway around to the back. You will then come to a "Circus of Value" and the door of the "Autopsy" department.

Hack and use the "Circus of Value". Buy as much ammo as you can because you will need it. Then enter the "Autopsy" section.

There is a Gene Bank hanging from the wall. A security camera hangs above the Gene Bank. Zap the Security Camera with "Electric Bolt" then quickly run to the Gene Bank. Then look up at the Camera and hack the Camera. You will be notified that Hacked Cameras are working for you against the Freaks

So this Hacked Camera can take care of a few Freaks in a minute.

Walk to the back and ....... At the window is a Tonic on a desk and ..... your 1st bottle of Big Daddy Pheromones

Grab the bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromone Sample". You will be informed that you still have to find 2 of these bottles and Tenenbaum will also report again.

Don't forget to also grab the "Safecracker 2" Tonic and decide what you want to do with it. 

Look to the left. You look into a deep cupboard where the dirty laundry is stored. Walk into the closet and ..... you see the ghost of a Little Sister ...

The ghost scene of the Little Sister is a "Trigger" which will cause about 4 Freaks to appear in the hallway, and those Freaks are now really very tough rascals. So go back to the hallway and 4 Freaks pop up. Quickly ...... Retire to the "Autopsy" room and ....... The Freaks follow you into the Autopsy room but the Hacked Camera will send 2 Securitybots at the Freaks and those 2 Securitybots will quickly deal with the Freaks. Follow the hallway again to where you came out of the Turret room and then go up the stairs to the top floor.

At the top there is a "Circus of Value" on the left. Look right through the hallway and ...... further down the hallway is your 2nd bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromone" on a desk ...

Hack and use the "Circus of Value" and then walk to the desk and grab the bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromone"

You will be informed that you still have to find 1 bottle. 

Follow the corridor to the other side and watch out for a Freak who will "wake up" from the noise you cause ......

Let the Freak know how much you hate Freaks, so blow the fucker out of the game. 

On the front desk is an Audio Diary and on the back desk is your 3rd bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromone".

Grab and listen to the Audio Diary and in the meantime continue to the next desk where you will pick up your 3rd, and last, bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromone".

You will be notified that you have completed the assignment.

However, Tenenbaum is now screaming that you also need to find a "Big Daddy Bodysuit" and a "Voicebox" to sound like a Big Daddy too.

Tenenbaum thinks you can find that "Bodysuit" and the "Voicebox" in the other labs. We are done here now because you have now found 3 bottles of "Big Daddy Pheromones". You can find more bottles of "Big Daddy Pheromones". Down in 1 of the Little Sister rooms you can find a Teddy Bear with a bottle of "Big Daddy Pheromones". However, you only need 3 bottles ..... all other bottles you find are extra but not necessary

C: Main Hall: Top Floor:

Follow the hallway back to the "Circus of Value". You will then see the doors of the connecting tunnel to the 1st floor of the "Main Hall".

Walk up to the doors so that they open, but do not step straight into the tunnel ...... A red security camera hangs above your head.

The Camera looks the other way and cannot see you, as long as you do not continue walking.

You can destroy the Camera, but it is better to hack this Camera. A hacked Camera sends Securitybots at Freaks, who gets the camera in their sights.

So hack the Camera and then walk through the tunnel and disappear through the doors. You are then back in the "Main Hall" but now on the 1st floor.

In the left niche are2 Securitybots and there is also a Grenade Turret. So come up with your own strategy to hack or destroy those Securitybots and the Turret safely. Hacking is really a much better solution here than destruction because the 2 Securitybots and the Turret can serve you well in taking out Freaks, which will also show up here.

In the Turret niche you will also find a "Gatherer's Garden" and access to the "Failsafe-Armored-Escorts" section. Save the "Gatherer's Garden" for later when you sew some Little Sisters again. Do not enter the "Failsafe-Armored-Escorts" section yet, but turn around and cross over to the other side, where you will find the entrance to the "Optimized Eugenics" section.

There is a "Circus of Value" and the right door is blocked by an iceberg. Hack and use the "Circus of Value" then go to the "iceberg" door.

Use your "Incinerate" to melt the ice, including the icicles hanging above the door, then enter. 

You enter a deep closet. On the right there are 2 Trash cans"

 behind some posters. In the front Tras hcan you can find an Audio Diary.

Take the Audio Diary from the Trashcan and listen to it. You hear Suchong.

There is nothing else to do in the closet here, so go back outside. We are now entering the "Optimized Eugenics" department.

D: Optimized Eugenics:

 the Big Daddy Voicebox:

You can enter through the left door or the right door. The hallway behind the doors is circular, so essentially it doesn't matter which door you take. However, both doors first bring you into a "Decontamination" room where you have to wait until you are "disinfected" and the next door opens. I go in through the left door and come back out later through the right door

If you enter through the right door, then the order in which I  have dealt with this part will not apply for you.

In the "Decontamination" room, while you wait for the room to turn green, you get a message from Tenenbaum. The door will then open. 

Watch out .... right in the hallway there is a security camera. Quickly zap the Camera with "Electric Bolt" then run over to it and HACK the Camera.

The hacked camera will immediately send Securitybots at the Freaks that come out of the first room.

 Test Subject Storage

Here in the hall I immediately bump into a Big Daddy who then enters the "Test Subject Storage" rooms.

If this happens to you now, follow the Big Daddy into the "Test Subject Storage" rooms.

The Big Daddy walks in the 1st room to a "Little Sister shaft" to call his Little Sister. The Little Sister will then come out of the shaft.

Of course there are also some Freakies strolling around here, so watch out.

Well ..... I immediately attacked the Big Daddy again and escorted it to his final resting place and saved the Little Sister 

Check this room out, kill the inevitable Freaks that pop up, then head into the next room, where there's not much going on. Then go back to the hallway through the door. You have ended up at the back of the hallway, where the hallway goes around to the other front door of this department. Enter the Eugenic Analyst rooms here now

Eugenic Analyst

A Turret is set up on either side of the dividing wall. Fortunately, the Turrets "look" the other way. Zap / Hack or destroy the Turrets. 

Then go to the other side of the partition wall, where you will find a Gene Bank and ...... the very last "Power To The People" in the game.

If you want, use the Gene Bank to swap your Plasmids and Gene Tonics with Plasmids and Tonics you have saved

Then go get the last Upgrade for your weapons in the "Power To The People".

There is also a Safe here that you can hack and then loot.

exit this room back into the hallway. 

The hallway continues to the left and there you will see the 2 doors of the "Plasmid Processing" department. Enter through the left "Plasmid Processing" door.

Plasmid Processing:

at the steps is a Turret, a Freak and an Audio Diary.

Deal with the Turret and the Freak and then go pick up the Audio Diary, which is on the floor behind the Turret.


Listen to the Audio Diary as you continue to the right. 

You hear Suchong telling the number code of a room where he has stored Ammo. Write down the code 1-9-2-1.

Go back to the hallway through the door opposite the other stairs.

Now follow the left hallway to the "Live Subject Testing" section, but be careful because there is a security camera in the hallway.

Zap and Hack the Security Camera then enter the "Live Subject Testing" section.

 Live Subject Testing:

Go up the steps in the front room and then continue to the right and then disappear in the back through the door to the next room.

You are then in the "Live Subject Control" room. On a cupboard is a Tonic and on the wall hangs the "Voicebox Modification Machine".

Walk to the "Voicebox Modification Machine" and stand right in front of it and then press your "E-key" and ..

..... Well ..... Task completed .... You now have a voice sound like a Big Daddy.

Tenenbaum is happy with you but you are not there yet. You need another Big Daddy Bodysuit and the Big Daddy Boots. 

Turn around and go get the Gene Tonic that is on top of the filing cabinets here.

It is the "Alarm Expert 2" Tonic and I activated it right away. Okay ... you are actually done here in "Optimized Eugenics". However, prepare to help some Freaks out of there misere. There is another "U-Invent" here at the door that you can hack and use as you see fit. Then go through the door back to the previous room and ...... Oops .... a couple of Freaks attacks you 

Deal with the Freaks and then go back to the hallway. Follow the hallway to the left and at the end dive through the door into the "Decontamination room"

Wait until the room has turned green again and the outside doors open.

Then step outside. You are back in the:

E: Main Hall: Top Floor:

..you come out of the "Optimized Eugenics" department through the right door. Cross the hall back to the other side, where the entrances are to the "Failsafe-Armored_Escorts" department. To the left is the "Gatherer's Garden" and I believe this is the last "Gatherer's Garden" in the game, so spend your ADAM there to buy the last 2 Tonics. Then enter the "Failsafe-Armored-Escorts" ward through the left door.

F: Failsafe-Armored-Escorts:

Find the Big Daddy Helmet and the Big Daddy Body Suit:

Again you first enter a "Decontamination" room. While you are waiting, you hear Tenenbaum again

Also take a quick look to the right. 

Through the window you look into a Security room and there you see a Securitybot Freak and that Freak will immediately take you under fire.

When the door opens, the Bot of that Freak starts firing at you ....,., Quick ..... Zap the Bot with "Electric Bolt" and then hack the thing. The hacked Bot will then take that Freak under fire in the Security Room. Go help the Bot with this and then search the room where you can Hack and activate various deactivated Bots again so that they go with you. I advise you to hack and activate as many Bots as possible.

The corridor also runs around this department, from the left entrance door to the right entrance door. So I entered this department again through the left door and the left "Decontamination" room and I follow the corridor from left to right. So go back out of the Security Monitoring room and follow the corridor further. You will then reach the "Canditate Induction" department. Enter through the door:

Candidate Induction:

As soon as you step inside you will see various Big Daddy Helmets hanging in the back of the room and a Tonic is also waiting for you.

So walk on and grab the "Hacker's Delight 3" Tonic first and I advise you to activate this Tonic right away.

Then grab the "Rosie Big Daddy Helmet" and .......

 You immediately put the helmet over your head and from now on you can see everything through the visor of the Helmet.

You get another "Goal Completed" screen and Tenenbaum screams that you must now look for the "Bodysuit".

Continue to the right and through the large oil pool and then via the steps to the next room.

Take care of a few Freaks and then enter a hallway through the right door. Here in the hall and the hall I met the 3rd Big Daddy with the 3rd Little Sister and I immediately attacked and kiled the Big Daddy and then "Resque" the Little Sister again.

In the back room of this "Candidate Induction" section, go through the left door. 

You then end up in a room with an "El Ammo Bandito" on the left wall and further on you will see a pair of "Big Daddy Bodysuits".

Hack and use the "El Ammo Bandito" to replenish your ammo supplies and then proceed to the "Big Daddy Bodysuits".

There are 4 "Bodysuits" and behind the 3rd "Bodysuit" you see a Securis door. Behind the leftmost "Bodysuit" is a passage to the next room. In fact, it doesn't matter which "Bodysuit" you pick, just take the left "Bodysuit". You immediately put on the "Big Daddy" suit and get another "Goal Completed" screen and Tenenbaum screams that you now only have to find the "Big Daddy Boots".

Enter the next room behind the 2 left "Bodysuits". This room has a sunken part in the middle, which is, however, under water.

On the other side is a "Storage" room, but we'll end up there later. Walk to the left, to the door with the number code lock. In the "Plasmid Processing" section you found the "Extra Munition" Audio Diary and through that Audio Diary Suchong has given you the code for this door. So put the code 1-8-2-1 in the code lock and then click on "Done" and .......

......the door opens. Go in and grab all the ammo you can find. There are also a few Consoles that you can press the button of. Burners will start burning, but I have not been able to discover the use of this. When you are done with this, go back to the "Bodysuit" room. You will notice that all the "Bodysuits" that were hanging there are now gone. Now go through the Securis door to the next room.

You are now in a kind of engine room where there is really nothing to do, so go out of this room through the Securis door at the back.

 You are then in a hall. On the left you see a staircase and a door.

A Freak may appear on the stairs. Do not go up the stairs yet or go through the door yet. Turn around to the Securis door. On the right is the passage to the room where you just opened the code door. Go there again. So you have now ended up on the other side. In the corner is the door to a small storage room.

The door is blocked by an iceberg, so melt the ice with "Incinerate" and then enter.

In the storage room is a "Circus of Value" and again a few of those obscure consoles you can play with. On the right wall is a table with an Audio Diary on it. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it, hacking and using the "Circus of Value" in the meantime. When you have finished here, you return to the hall. Back in the hall you now go up the stairs to the top floor.

On the top floor, you first go to the other side of the wall where the screens hang.

On the other side of the partition wall is a machine and on the machine is an Audio Diary.

Grab the Audio Diary and while listening to it, disappear through the door and walk across the balcony to the other side. 

Go through the next door and follow the hallway.

Halfway down the hall there is a Gene Bank, which you can use to change your Plasmids and Gene Tonics.

Further on is a machine with levers and on that machine you will find an Audio Diary again.

Grab the "Mistake" Audio Diary and listen to it as you keep going and disappear through the door at the end of this hallway. You end up on a balcony again.

Walk across the balcony and go through the door on the opposite side. You are then in a more spacious corner room. Look right immediately. 

You see a desk and in front of that desk is a filing cabinet. On top of the filing cabinet is another Audio Diary.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen after it as you now walk the entire route across the 2 balconies and the hallway back to the room where you took the "Mistakes" Audio Diary. Then go down the stairs to the lower hall and then disappear, at the bottom of the stairs, through the "Canditate Conversion" door.

You are now in the last rooms of "Candidate Conversion". In the back room you will see a "U-Invent". Immediately turn clockwise because there are 2 Turrets here in this front room and they will blow you out of the game if you are not careful. Of course a few Freaks will pop up here as well.

Zap and Hack the 2 Turrets, if you succeed and then walk to the "U-Invent" and .......... 

Tenebaum report that at the "U-Invent" you should find the "Big Daddy Boots ".....

..... Unfortunately ..... The "Boots" are not there ...... fuck...fuck...fuck ........ Hack and use the "U-Invent ", if you feel the need to do so and then walk on to the desk. 

There is a golden Audio Diary on the desk. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it because this Diary tells you where to find the "Big Daddy Boots".

You hear Suchong report that the "Boots" are in the library. So you get a new assignment and that is to go to the Library now.

In the corner you can hack and loot another Safe here.

So now you have to find the library because that's where you will also find the Boots. Now go all the way back through the halls and look for a door with a monitor on either side.

Go through that door and you are back in the hallway.

Follow the"Main Hall" signs to the end door and then step through the end door back into the "Decontamination" room.

Wacht tot de kamer weer groen is geworden en de deur open gaat en stap dan de "Main Hall" weer binnen.

Wait for the room to turn green again and the door to open, then step back into the "Main Hall".

G: Main Hall: Top Floor:

If you have rescued the 3 Little Sisters in this chapter, a Teddy Bear is waiting for you at the "Gatherer's Garden". So go and loot that Teddy Bear .....

Continue from the "Gatherer's Garden" and then look to the left. In the corners you see 2 doors. Both doors give access to the Library.

Enter the Library through the left door.

H: Library:

 The "Big Daddy Boots":

Continue through the "Mandel Memoriam Research Library" into the library. 

Watch out .... inside there is a Security camera on the right and there is also a grenade Turret .....

Don't try to hack this Camera ..... Destroy the thing quickly. Turn around and then walk around the bookcases and then quickly destroy the grenades Turret.

Follow the "corridor" further and past the destroyed Turret you will reach the "middle square" of the library.

Watch out because a few Freaks pop up that you have to deal with quickly and professionally.

 On the reading tables is the "Damage Research 2" Tonic and .... the "Big Daddy Boots".

Grab the "Damage Research 2" Tonic and decide what to do with it and then go grab the "Big Daddy Boots".

You have now become a real Big Daddy and you will get the Goal Completed screen. 

Tenenbaum screams that you now have to go back to the Golden Door to get a Little Sister out of the shaft. That will now also be your new assignment.

I: Summon a Little Sistertje

Work your way back through the library back to the "Main Hall" and then cross to the other side and then disappear through the door in the corner back into the Library.

So you are now on the other side in the library. Continue and descend the stairs in the back to the ground floor of the Main Hall

So you are now back at the Golden Door through which Fontaine disappeared to the next chapter "Proving Grounds"

Tenenbaum tells you what to do to "score" a Little Sister.

So turn right and pull out your pipe wrench.

Continue to the "Little Sister Shaft" and bang on it with your Pipe Wrench and ...... A Little Sister crawled out of the shaft .....

You do not "harvest" or Resque" this Little Sister because she will now accompany you to the "Proving Grounds" to collect Adam for you.

Tenenbaum still screams that she hopes you won't hurt her little girls

. The Little Sister runs to the Golden Door and then crawls through a "Little Sister door" and she opens the Golden Door for you ..... 

So follow your Little Sister into the Airlock .....

Activate the "Bulkhead" door in the airlock and ...... after the Loading you and your Little Sister will end up in:

Chapter 13 and 14 and the Endings:

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot