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Chapter 2: 

A: Reception hall:

After the Loading, at the end of Chapter 2, you are still in the Airlock. The rotary wheel door is now open, so get out of the Airlock through the opened door and turn right and follow the hallway to the reception hall. Atlas reports again and talks to you about this Andrew Ryan and you get your new assignment

So you have ended up in the Medical Department of Rapture, the Medical Pavilion. Well ..... you have arrived in the large Foyer of the Medical Pavilion, the actual entrance is located on top of the balcony. As in any hospital, patients must first register at the reception desk. The reception desk is located between the stairs that lead to the balcony. At the reception desk you will find an Audio Diary and a First Aid Kit

So walk over to the desk and grab the Audio Diary entitled "Released Today" and listen to it. If you don't have more than 5 Firts Aid Kits yet, you can also grab the First Aid Kit. Behind the counter is a Corpse, a cash register, dollars and an EVE hypo on the floor.

Loot the till, but it is probably already empty. Take the Dollars. If you do not already own 5 EVE hypo, you can also pick up the EVE hypo. Loot the corpse and possibly grab the First Aid Kit that is near the corpse's head. Now go up one of the two stairs to the balcony and see ...... the entrance to the Medical Pavilion is closed off with a gate.

This gate needs to be opened but you can't do that here. Go back down and see ....... 

on the back wall is a "Circus of Value" machine where you can spend your hard earned dollars to buy ammo, EVE hypos and food and drink.

To the right of the "Circus of Value" is a door and that door opens and closes nervously because it is blocked by a broken Securitybot. 

Stand against the "Circus of Value" machine and then press your "E-key" to activate the thing.

You will then see what this "Circus of Value" has for sale ....

Well .....in Chapter 1, and here too, you have earned some dollars, so spend your money now to buy the items you think you will need. Your dollar meter is also in this screen and you can see how much money you still have. If you already have 5 EVE hypos, you cannot buy additional EVE hypos now and that also applies to the First Aid Kits. So I buy as much ammo now as possible. When you are done, close this screen.

B: Hack the Securitybot:

Go to the door to the right of the "Circus of Value". There is a broken Securitybot between the 2 door halves. 

You now have to fix the Securitybot and you do that by Hacking the Bot. So press your "C-KEY" to start the Hack. You will first see a start screen.

If you want to start right away, click the "Start button", but you may want an explanation first. Click on the question mark and then read the explanation briefly, in the red screen, so that you know what the intention is. Close the red screen to return to the start screen and then click on "START" and ..... you will see another explanation screen about this Hack .....

Click on "Close" and you will be taken to the Hack screen. You see the "engine" of the Securitybot. It is a screen with boxes containing question marks.

The intention is that you make a pipe connection from A to B so that the green energy flow can flow from A to B. Start by open up all the question mark boxes. Behind every question mark you will find a pipe piece. You pick up a pipe piece and then click it in the box where you want it. So make a connection from A to B with the right pipe pieces.

NB: While you are making the right connection, the green energy will already start flowing through the pipe. This is slow, but you have to hurry up a bit because if the green energy cannot flow through, you will make a short circuit and have to start all over again. This 1st Hack is relatively easy as there are no Bomb pockets in the panel. Later in the game the Hacks become more difficult, but then you also get the option to buy off the Hack with dollars

If you think your connection is good, click on "Increase Flow Speed" and ...

.... if your connection is good you will get the congratulations from the game and the Securitybot is repaired

C: Emergency Acces:

The Bot has been fixed and the door will now open completely. The Securitybot now has green lights and that's good because green Bots are on your side and go with you too. Red Bots are enemies, but you can Hack them to make them green. Take good care of this green Securitybot because it can serve you very well in a minute. Go through the now opened door and follow the short corridor and make sure the Securitybot keeps flying ahead of you. You end up in a fairly dark room with a desk in the corner. First turn right and ........

You look into a Foyer hall again and in the back 2 Freaks are bickering with each other. Stay here because your friendly Securitybot will take care of those 2 Freaks. But you can also give your Bot a helping hand, because it is certainly advisable to keep your Securitybot intact for a while. See for yourself ..... In any case, go to the desk because there is an Audio Diary on the desk

Grab the Audio Diary "Adam's Changes" and listen to Doc Steinman talk about ADAM. If you need the First Aid Kit, you can also take it from the desk. On the left is a chest that you can also loot and you can also loot the desk itself, but I didn't find anything else important here. Now walk further into the hall and you will see that here is the Neptune's Bounty Emergency Access, but unfortunately this entrance is also closed with a gate.

Turn around and then go up one of the two stairs to the balcony. The red door is closed on top of the balcony. Turn left and go to the console.

On the console you will find the "Emergency Access Control" lever to open the gate below. Press your "E-key" to activate the lever and ......

 Unfortunately, You are not authorized to activate the lever and the alarm will go off and the light turns red ............

Atlas reports again and screams that you need that Doc Steinman's "key" but he doesn't think that Steinman will just give you his key. You are instructed to obtain that Key from Steinman. Turn around and see .... the red door is now open. So drive your Securitybot through the now opened red door and then follow the thing, through the narrow red corridor and ..... Oops ..... You bump into the horny body of a freaky bitch.

Kill the bitch or leave this to your Securitybot. Loot the body and then take a look around here. So you are here on the 2nd balcony above the Reception hall. You can see the reception hall through the windows. The Machine Gun is leaning against the Console and on the Console you will see the Lever that opens the gate of the "Medical Pavilion" above the reception desk.

Okay ...... I hope that hacked Securitybot is still intact and with you because you will need that bot very soon. Go get the Machine Gun and "Equip" the thing right. Then pull the yellow lever and ...... Well ...... All Hell breaks loose ..... Through the windows you can see that, on the other side, the gate has opened but from the Medical Pavilion, a large number of Freaks are now storming into the Reception Hall.

The Freak will smash the windows at you, so you can already shoot some Freakies in the reception hall through the smashed windows. But some Freaks will also come to you via the 2nd hall and the short hallway, so quickly follow the route back to the Reception Hall, taking care of the Freaks along the way and your hacked Securitybot will do your great service here.

Back in the Reception Hall you will have to deal with a few more Freaks, where your Securitybot will help you again, provided it has been able to come with you unharmed.

When everything is calm again, you have some time to loot corpses.

Then go up again via 1 of the two stairs to the balcony and see ..... the access to the Medical Pavilion is now open ...

So now go through the gate and then around the thick column and follow the short hallway .... At the back of the hallway you will see a ghost appearance at the door.

You have to wait until the ghost is "resolved" again. The door is closed tight, but to the right of the door is the doorknob with which you can open the door.

So make sure you hit that doorknob with your cock and then smash your "E-key" to open the door. The door opens and you get another piece of bullshit from that Atlas in your ears.

D: Medical Pavilion:

D1: distribution Hall:

Well ...... step through the door and ..... you have now arrived in the large Dividing Hall of the Medical Pavilion. 

On the wall hang a few posters and an Audio Diary. Pick up the Audio Diary "Higher Standards" and listen to Doctor Steinman

You are in the main hall of the "hospital" and from this hall you can reach the other departments of this madhouse. Your task is to obtain the key to the "Emergency Bathysphere" from that Dr. Steinman. But this distribution hall is large and contains various "surprises" for you. The wall from which you removed the Audio Diary is an intermediate wall and you can go left and right around this wall into the further hall. However, be careful because there are Freaks roaming around and there are also 2 Turrets in the hall and you will immediately encounter the first Turret.

Hack the Turret:

Have the "Electric Bolt" ready. Press yourself against the wall and then sneak right and then carefully go left around the corner and ..........

... you will see a counter and ....... a RED TURRET. Atlas tells you what you can do with that TURRET .....

It hurts a bit but Zap the red Turret quickly with "Electric Bolt" then quickly run towards it and then press your "C Button" to try to HACK the Turret. 

A hacked Turret turns green and will no longer fire at you but at the Freaks. You end up in the 1st Hack screen:

I have to warn you because Hacking will get harder and harder from now on. The Hacks will get more and more complicated and you will have to be faster and faster. But from now on you can also buy off a Hack, if you have enough dollars. If you buy off the hack it will ensures that the Turret is hacked by the game, so you don't have to do the hack yourself. This Hack is going to cost you $ 40 if you want to buy it off. So if you find a Hack too difficult, and you have enough dollars, you can buy the Hack by clicking the "Buyout button". However, if you want to try it yourself, click the "Start" button.

You've already done a Hack and essentially the Hacks are, for now, all the same. You have to make a pipe connection from A to B so that the green energy can flow through the pipe from A to B. Only now there are also BOMB BOXES in the screen and you get less and less time to complete the Hack properly. While you are busy opening the boxes and making the proper connection from A to B, the green energy will start flowing through the pipe from A. If the green energy cannot continue or if the energy hits a bomb, you will cause a short circuit and the hack will not been successful.

If the Hack succeeds, you will see the congratulatory screen and the lamp on the Turret will be green. Green Turrets will not fire at you but they will take out the Freaks.

Step away from the turret, but watch out because behind you is a hole in the wall and there is another turret, in a deep cupboard. You must have to avoid the 2nd Turret for a while. Turn around and you will see that counter again. Go behind the counter. There is a cash register and an Audio Diary on the counter

Grab the "Parasite Expectations" Audio Diary and listen to it. Loot the cash register and go back to your green Turret and then continue to the left. You will see a sloping column in the corner, on which the names of various doctors are listed. Behind the column is a corpse and another Audio Diary hangs on the wall.

Watch out because some Freaks can pop up, which you then professionally deal with.

Take the "Limits of Imagination" Audio Diary from the wall and listen to it again. You hear that Steinman again. 

Do not go through the gate to "Enternal Flame" here, but go to the right and you will see a Healthstation hanging on the wall in a side hall.

Hack or Don't Hack the Healthstations:

Enter the side hall and go to the Healthstation. When you are close to the Healthstation you will see a large billboard for a Plasmid on the right. 

In front of that billboard is a large suitcase with another Audio Diary on it.

Via the Healthstations, which you will now find here and there in the game, you can replenish your Health, but using a Healthstation will cost you 16 dollars at a time. However, you can reduce the price of a Healthstation by Hacking them. A hacked Healthstation costs less and ...... Freaks who also use the Healthstations will die if they drink from a hacked Healthstation. The Hack of a Healthstation works in the same way as the Hack of the Turret. I will now show you this Hack one more time here.

Stand against the Healthstation and then decide what you want to do, Chop or pay 16 dollars right away.

If you choose Hacking then you can also buy off the Hack afterwards, via the "Buyout button" and that will cost you 10 dollars.

If you want to hack yourself, click on the Start button and then make another pipe connection from A to B. 

You have to do that fairly quickly because as soon as you start the green energy will flow from A.

This Hack has no bomb compartments, but if the green energy cannot flow through, you will make a short circuit again. 

If the hack is successful, you will receive the congratulations again.

A hacked Healthstation is not free, but you can replenish your Health at a reduced rate and you do that by hitting your "E-key".

When you are done with this Healthstation, go to the Audio Diary, which is located on the large suitcase near the Plasmid board.

Grab this "Love For Scene" Audio Diary and then listen to the message from Tenenbaum, who will play a bigger role in Bioshock 2. 

You can pick up some dollars behind the chair. Go back to the big hall and then further to the right and .... you will see a Supply room and in it is the 2nd Turret.

You can take out the Turret or you can hack the thing but the Hacked Turret can help you take out any Freaks that will show up shortly. 

In this Supply room you can also find a First Aid Kit. Leave this room again and ..... straight ahead you will see 3 gates.

Walk a little further and then turn right, through the gate on the right. You end up in a side hall and you see a "Circus of Value" machine.

Continue to the "Circus of Value". Besides the "Circus of Value" there is an Audio Diary on the chair.

Hack the "Circus of Values" and the "El Ammo Banditos, or don't hack them

Grab the Audio Diary "Vandalism" from the chair and listen after it. Then stand in front of the "Circus of Value" and decide whether you want to buy something or whether you want to hack the machine first. If you hack a "Circus of Value" first, you lower the prices of the items and you also get a free bonus item. Also, some items in a "Circus of Value" are only for sale after you have hacked the device.

Hey ..... you decide for yourself if you want to hack, but you can always buy off this Hack too.

If the hack is successful, press your "E-button" again to get to the item screen of this "Circus of Value" and then buy what you need, depending on how many dollars you have left. Then exit the screen and a bonus item will come out of the machine, but this will only happen if you hacked the machine, otherwise not.

Turn around and ...... in the niche on the other side you will now see an "El Ammo Bandito" ... Go there.

"El Ammo Banditos" are the machines where you can buy all kinds of Ammo for your weapons. To lower the prices, you can also Hack these machines first, or buy off the Hack. The Hack works exactly the same as the Turrets and the "Circus of Values", so I'm not going to explain this again. You decide for yourself whether you want to hack or not. If you still have Dollars then activate this "El Ammo Bandito" and buy what you need for your Revolver and your Machine Gun.

Exit this side hall and go to the right, through the gates and then turn left. You can then go down the stairs, but don't. Walk forward halfway along the stairs.

On the left there is another Healthstation, which you can use for 16 dollars or hack it first.

On the right is the Securis door to that Doctor Steinman's ward, the "Dr. Steinmam's Aesthetic Ideals"

Go through this Securis door and follow the glass tunnel and follow the tunnel all the way

On the way through the tunnel you hear Steinman and halfway through there is a Securis door on the right that does not open.

Follow the tunnel further and go through the Securis door at the back and you end up in the:

D2: Surgical Foyer

Go left around the corner and then quickly look to the right and .....

....... you see that crazy Steinman ....... But Steinman sees you too and he packs his bags and disappears through the "Surgery" gate.

From a balcony overhead, a Nitro-Freak throws grenades at the gate, blocking the "Surgery" gate. 

You will now receive various announcements from Atlas and a new assignment twice.

Atlas recommends looking for some of those explosive grenades and also to get the Telekinesis Plasmid. With the "Telekinesis Plasmid" you could catch one of those grenades from a Nitro-Freak and then use it to blow up the debris in front of the "Surgery" gate.

Your new goal is now two-fold .... You have to clear the debris in front of the Surgery gate and get the Telekinesis Plasmid.

D3: Get the "Telekinesis Plasmid"

The "Surgery" gate through which that wacky Steinman disappeared is now blocked by a large piece of debris. So you cannot follow Steinman yet because first you have to remove that debris at the gate. According to Atlas you need the "Telekinesis Plasmid" for that and you have to find it first. At the back of the hall you see a "Circus of Value" and there is a large billboard on the wall. Go to that billboard and read what's on it. You read on the billboard that the Dentist Department "Dandy Dental" is giving away a free Plasmid to the patients ....... Could that be the Telekinesis Plasmid by any chance?

To the left of the billboard there is also a Healthstation on the wall, so if you need Health and / or want to buy stuff in the "Circus of Value", you can take your chance here first, deciding whether you hack Healthstation and the "Circus of Value" first. Turn around and you will see, on the wall where the entrance to the tunnel is behind, another large billboard on which you read again about the free Plasmid that is in the dentists practice.

Exit this Lounge again through the tunnel and follow the tunnel back to the large distribution hall and smoothly clear out all the Freaks that you will undoubtedly encounter. When you have come out of the tunnel again, turn right. In the corner you will see a door that is completely blocked by a Ice..... At the door you will read on the sign that it is the entrance to the "Twilight Fields funeral home".

So you can't enter that "death crows" department because you have nothing to melt that iceberg with. Turn right and ...... 

You are now right in front of the entrance to the "Eternal Flame" Crematorium. Here is also the left staircase of the 2 stairs that lead to the Dental Department.

Do not go to the Crematorium yet, but now go down the stairs to the Dental Department and ...... Unfortunately,  when you have come down you will see that the entrance to the Dental Practice has been completely frozen over by a huge ice mountain. In the ice, however, is the "Freezing Pipes" Audio Diary and you can pull it out of the ice.

So grab that "Freezing Pipes" Audio Diary from the ice and listen to it. You hear McDonagh ranting at Steinman about the frozen pipes in this crazy hospital. You cannot enter the dental practice either, because of the ice. You have to melt that ice and you need heat for that. Upstairs is the "Eternal Flame" Crematorium and you might get fire there. Look to the right. At the back right you see a "Circus of Value" and you also see the doors of a "Supply" room. If you have money and need stuff, you can buy it at the "Circus of Value"

Go to the "Supply" room door. The "Supply" doorknob has a short circuit. Zap the doorknob with your "Electric Bolt" to open the door, then enter.

There are a few cupboards and chests in the Supply room and you can loot them. There is also a desk in the room and on that desk is an "Automatic Hack Tool".

Take the "Automatic Hack Tool" because with it you can automatically solve a hack once. If you want to know more about this, press your "M button" to get to the Help of the game. You can only use an Auto-hack tool once. Auto-Hack Tools are scarce in the game, so keep your eyes open to find them. Leave this storage room again and go back up the left staircase and go up to the front right in front of the "Eternal Flame" gate. Make sure you have the "Electric Bolt" ready and that you quickly switch to your Wrench or draw your gun because you have to deal with a Nitro-Freak in a minute.

Eternal Flame Crematorium:

Go through the "Eternal Flame" gate and then look to the left and ....... A bitch freak tries to enter the crematorium but she has a fight with a Nitro-Freak. The Nitro-Freak blows the bitch from the game and the door to pieces with 1 of his grenades. The Nitro-Freak will then spot you and if you remain paralyzed it will blow you up too.

So quickly zap the Nitro-Freak with "Electric Bolt" and while the madman is paralyzed, run up to him and smash his brain in with your wrench, or shoot him with your Revolver or the Machine Gun. But believe me ..... with the wrench it goes quicker. Then loot the corpse and enter through the doorway. You end up in the reception room of the Crematorium. You can raid the desk, but you probably won't find anything in it. Left and right are 2 billboards and under the left billboard you can pick up and listen to the "Surgery's Picasso" Audio Diary. You will hear that crazy Steinman again

Go through the door behind the desk. Now you are in the actual crematorium.

Beware ..... there is a security camera hanging here somewhere and it will sound the alarm if it spots you.

You are in the "washrooms" of the crematorium. There is a staircase on the right, but you cannot climb it because the bottom part of the stairs has disappeared. Very carefully, go a bit further forward through the hall and in the back there is a dim red lamp burning and it is also a bit "foggy". But there is a security camera in the rear niche.

Hack de Securitycamera:

Hack the Security Camera:

The security camera is still white because the thing has not noticed you yet. The camera will move back and forth and as soon as the thing "sees" you it will turn red and the alarm will go off. When the alarm goes off, a few of those red Securitybots will appear and then start attacking you. You have to prevent this and  you can do  this by destroying the camera or hacking the camera.

Whatever you want to do with the Security camera, it is inevitable that the thing will notice you, so you have to be quick .... Make sure you are just out of range of the camera, but that you still can see the camera. Wait for the camera to look away from you and then run towards it and then quickly zap the camera with "Electric Bolt". The Camera is then "frozen". Run to the camera and stand just in front of or below it and make sure you see the "Hack C" message and then press your "C Key" to open the Hack screen.

You have an "Automatic Hack Tool", which you found in the Supply room. You can now use this "Automatic Hack Tool" to Hack this Security Camer. 

You can also buy off the Hack with $ 10 or, if you are really a stingy miser, you can solve the Hack yourself.

If I were you I wouldn't use my "Automatic Hack Tool" right now but rather sacrifice $ 10 to buy this hack off. 

But as always .... you have to decide for yourself and if you are really completely insane then you can always try to solve this hack yourself.

A hacked Security Camera turns green and green Security Cameras are on your side and will not sound an alarm if they spot you. 

Green Security cameras sound the alarm when they see Freaks and will send the Securitybots at those Freaks.

The "Hackers Delight" Gene Tonic:

Anyway.....If you have, in any way, made mincemeat of the Security camera, then you stick through this niche to the other side and look to the right. 

You see the incinerator of the crematorium and there is a body ready to be sent to hell.

Next to the open hatch of the oven is the button to slide the corpse table into the oven. So go push that button and .......

The corpse slides into the oven and the oven closes. Wait until the combustion process is over. 

The corpse table comes out of the oven and ..... on it lies your first so-called GENE TONIC and this is the "Hacker's Delight" tonic.

Grab the "Hacker's Delight" Gene Tonic and activate the tonic right away in 1 of your 2 free Gene Tonic Slots by clicking the "Place in Slot" button in the screen that appears.

Gene Tonic's give you special bonuses / features in the game, but Gene Tonic's, like Plasmids, cost ADAM and can be bought in the Gatherer's Gardens, just like Plasmids. However, you get this "Hacker's Delight" tonic for free. You can also see in the screen that you only have 2 free Gene Tonic slots. If you collect more Gene Tonics you also have to buy Gene Tonic Slots and you can only do that if you have ADAM.

Okay .... now to find the:

Incinerate Plasmid:

Go back through the niche where the security camera hangs in and then go up the stairs.

At the top, quickly take out the Freak, who is frolicking in a large oil pool near the red door.

That red door is locked, but you have to enter that room. Take note of the big oil pool floating on the floor here. 

To the left of the red door there is a big "cat hole" in the wall. Stand in front of that square hole and then press your Crouch key to duck.

You can see that an outgrowth of the oil pool has entered the room through this square hole. Crawl through the hole and then press your Crouch Key again to stand up straight again. You are now in the office, behind the closed red door and here is a broken "Gatherer's Garden" on the floor. In front of the "Gatherer's Garden" the free Incinerate Plasmid  is on the floor.

Take the Incinerate Plasmid and activate the Plasmid immediately in your second empty Plasmid slot you have.

You will then be shown a short funny video explaining what the Incinerate does.

So you now have 2 Plasmids, the "Electric Bolt" and this "Incinerate". You activate a Plasmid via your right mouse button and you switch from one Plasmid to the other via your Mouse Wheel. As soon as this short video is over all hell breaks out because a few Freaks try to smash the windows and break open the door.

Stay calm because those Freaks can't get in. There is an EVE hypo on the desk.

Take the EVE hypo, if you can still carry it, then turn around to the square "cat hole". T

he oil has also flowed in here a little bit through the "cat hole" so ......... Light up the oil with your newly acquired "Incinerate" and .........

the fire sets the oil pool outside the office on fire and those Freaks are in the oil so they are toasted.

Wait until the fire is completely out again and then crawl through the "cat hole" back out of the office. You will receive a message from Atlas.

Walk to the back left, where you can pick up another First Aid Kit, and then go back down the EXIT stairs.

Exit the Crematorium and return to the main Foyer and to the door of the "Twilights Fields" funeral homes

Twilights Fields:

The entrance door to "Twilights Fields" is blocked by a mountain of ice. But now you have the "Incinerate" and with it you can melt the ice. So fire "Incinerate" at the mountain of ice to melt it, then step in through the door. You end up in the middle hall and there is a cash register on the desk that you can loot.

Behind the counter you can see the gray door of the "slaughterhouse". If you look to the right you will see another such door, but that door has a number code lock where you have to enter a number code. But what is the number code? Go to that right door and then quickly turn right and ..... you see a bitch freak who is mourning at the coffin of her Freaky child. Quicky ..... Zap the bitch with "Electric Bolt" and ......

....... Then remove the Bitch out of the game with your machine gun, revolver or wrench.

Look under her skirt to see if the bitch has hidden some useful things for you in her pussy. On the red bench is some Ammo and in the coffin you can also score some items. To the right of the coffin is an EVE Hypo on a piece of paper. Take he EVE hypo and then remember the number code that you read on the paper.

Turn around and walk back to the code door and set the code you just read on the code lock and then press the "Done" button.

The door opens. Walk in and grab the items waiting for you on top of the cupboard, including another Auto-Hack tool.

return to the counter. There is a left side room where you can score some stuff and hack a Safe. But when you go there, two Freaks will jump out of a chest.

Kill the Freaks then quickly run forward and dive behind the counter. Behind the counter are some items that you can pick up.

However ...... as soon as you have killed the 2 Freaks here, a gray door will open behind you. There is a wall safe in the niche, but there is also a Turret that will take you under fire

You can't Hack that Turret, so try to shoot the Turret. You can and you will eventually succeed, but it will cost you some health. When the Turret is disabled, run to the Safe. To open the Safe you have to Hack the Thing and this is quite a difficult Hack. The Safe does not contain that much, so you have to decide for yourself whether it is worth sacrificing 1 of your 2 Auto-Hacks for it or the amount it costs to buy the Hack. Whether or not you hack the safe and then loot it ..... go back to the counter and now go through the door behind the counter. You end up in the cutting room and the laundry room.

Continue to the refrigerator in the wall and then turn left and then step into the laundry room. A corpse comes floating towards you.

Step into the water and turn right. You will see a large shadow on the wall.

Continue to the wall, where you saw the shadow, and turn right and ..... You see a Freak diving into the refrigerator.

The "Security Expert" Tonic is waiting for you in the corner. 

The Tonic is free and that should appeal to you, so go grab the Tonic and activate the Tonic in your remaining Tonic Slot.

go back and ...... that Freak you saw diving into the refrigerator comes out on the other side, so Kill. Exit "Twilight Fields" and kill 1 or 2 Freaks in the large Foyer and then descend the stairs to the frozen entrance of the Dentist's Department. Use "Incinerate" to melt the icein the gate and then enter through the gate.

Dandy Dental: 

The  "Telekinesis" Plasmid:

You end up in the front hall of the dental practice ...... Quickly kill the Freak who is pissing against the "Kure All" doors here.

Do not enter the "Kure All" but go right through the gate to the large reception hall of the dental department. There is a corpse on the floor and ...... the Shotgun ......

The dentists here have found a really creative way to keep their patients quiet.

Grab the Shotgun and the light will go out and all entrances / exits will close and a number of Freaks will rush towards you.

So quickly take out the Freaks with your newly acquired Shotgun and kepp doing this until the light goes on again. Loot the corpses and also the so-called "Lockboxes" dropped by the Freaks. From this hall you can reach various other departments, but you now want to go to the Dandy Dental practice first.

So go left at the back, through the gate to the next hallway. The left red door is then the entrance to "Dandy Dental". To the right is the door of a Supply room, but it is locked. There is also a Healthstation in the alcove to the left of the Supply door. An Audio Diary is located in front of the Dandy Dental door. It's the "Useless Experiments" Diary. Pick up the Audio Diary and then listen to what that Tenebaum has to say

Then go through the door and .... you are in the front hall of Dandy Dental. On the left you can raid a cash register that is on the counter.

Then go right in the corner through the next door and look to the left. You will see a wide glass door.

Go through the glass door and continue down the hall to the pillar where the "Testing Telekinesis" Audio Diary leans against. 

Take the Audio Diary and listen to Suchong report that the Telekinesis Plasmid is working properly.

Look left and ...... On the broken "Gatherer's Garden"  theTelekinesis Plasmid is shining at you

So grab the Telekinesis Plasmid and ....... you will receive a message from the game that you no longer have an empty Plasmid Slot .....

So now you have to exchange your "Electric Bolt" or your "Incinerate" for the "Telekinesis", but that is okay because you will not really lose a Plasmid because Plasmids that you cannot wear are stored for you in the so-called Gene Banks, that you will come across later. Click the screen away and you end up in the Activation screen of the Plasmids.

Choose in the screen which of your 2 Plasmid you want to exchange for the Telekinesis ........ you have to decide this yourself, but I myself have chosen to sacrifice the "Incinerate" for a while. Click on the "Replace" button when you have made your choice. Later in the game, when you have harvested enough ADAM you can buy empty Plasmid Slots in the "Gatherer's Garden" machines and then you can activate your exchanged Plasmid in the empty slot again in the Gene Bank. But we are not that far yet. You get to see a funny video showing what you can do with Telekinesis.

Close all screens and turn around and walk back to the pillar. In the back of the hallway is a tennis ball machine that will shoot tennis balls at you if you press the red button on the pillar. So you can practice here with your newly acquired Telekinesis to get the hang of it. With the Telekinesis Plasmid you can collect items that are thrown at you and then throw them back. You can also use it to pull things towards you and then throw it away. Practice this here via the tennis ball machine.

So press the button and then, with Telekinesis, catch the tennis balls that the machine fires at you and then throw the balls back. You can also pull the golden cup with Telekinesis towards you and then shoot it away. Practice this for a moment and when you have had enough, stop it and go back through the glass door. It could be that another Freak shows up, so if it does, kill it.

Painless Dental Clinic

Return to the dentists' distribution hall, where you found the Shotgun, then go left behind the hallway, where the "Painless Dental" clinic has its red doors. The doors are locked so enter the corridor next to the "Painless Dental", but watch out for a turret, set up in "Painless Dental", that will fire at you through the windows.

The hallway ends at the "Chompers Dental" clinic, where a body hangs halfway out of the window. 

Behind you are the windows of "Painless Dental" and from that clinic a Turret is now attacking you, so press yourself  against the wall so that the Turret cannot see you anymore.

Turn around to the windows of "Painless Dental". There are 2 boxes in front of the right window. You will not see the Turret as long as you are not in sight of the left window or the middle window. The glass have now been shot out of the 3 windows. Climb, via the front b ox, onto the rear box and then duck and crawl through the window.

You are now in "Painless Dental". Behind the square pillar is a counter and on the counter is the Turret. 

Pull "Electric Bolt" and then peek around the pillar to the counter and then quickly zap the red Turret with "Electric Bolt".

Then quickly run to the Turret and get the "Hack C" message and then Hack the Turret, or sacrificing $ 10 to buy off this Hack.

The Turret turns green and is now on your side. Enter the practice room. There is an empty dentist's chair in the practice room ....

As soon as you walk into the practice room, it becomes very foggy and you hear stumbling. Then the fog clears and ...... Oops ..... Suddenly there is a patient in the chair. Just give the "Patient" an "anesthetic" from your shotgun just in case...... you never know ..... To the right is a lowered part and there you can pick up a free Tonic and an Audio Diary

So walk right down the stairs and then go to the table and first grab the Audio Diary "Plasmids Are The Paint" and listen to it.

The Tonic is the "Speedy Hacker" Tonic and it is free again. So grab the Tonic and place it in the free Slot

Turn around and ...... Oops .... where does this motherfucker came from? Doesn't matter, You haven't invited him and for uninvited guests there is only 1 remedy ....... Kill!!! .....

Go to the other side of the office chair and then look at the back wall. In the rear wall is a grille of a ventilation shaft. Smash the grille with your wrench

Then duck and crawl into the short shaft and follow the shaft, which is short and curves left. The other end of the shaft is also closed off by a grille and through it you look into the Supply room, which you could not enter from the hall. Through the grille you can see that there is a "babe" sitting on a bench in the Supply room. Blast the grille away and treat the bitch to a nice hot "Dildo" from your Shotgun and then lie back and enjoy the bitches frolicking as she "cums" .... Gosh ...how she likes it ........

Crawl out of the shaft. On the right desk you can score some items here, including your 3rd Auto-Hack tool

In the other corner is a desk where you can also score some items.

Leave this room through the door, which you open by pressing the red door button. You come out of the Supply room back into the hall where the entrance to "Dandy Dental" is. Go back to the hallway, next to "Painless Dental", and then continue to the end, to "Chompers Dental".

Chompers Dental Clinic:

The doors of "Chompers" are locked. When you press the door button you will be informed that you need the "Chompers Dental Office Key" to enter.

There is a window next to the door and a Freak corpse hangs in the window. Stand in front of the window so that you look inside. Watch out because a few Freaks will appear inside. If you look in through the window you will see the Office Key. Use your "Telekinesis" to pull the Office Key towards you and then press your "E-Key" to take the Key.

When you have the key, you will press the doorknob again and the doors will now open.

Step inside and then quickly turn left and look up. A security camera hangs in the corner, above the window.

NB: I didn't get the opportunity to hack the camera here so I quickly zapped this camera with "Electric Bolt" and then shot it with the Shotgun. But it may be a "Glitch" in the game and you can hack the camera. It does not matter ... but if you are too slow, the alarm will go off and you will have to deal with a few Securitybots. But you can also zap the flying Securitybots with "Electric Bolt" to hack them so that they turn green and then start working for you.

There will also be some Freaks popping up here that you need to deal with quickly and professionally. There are 2 "practice rooms", left and in the back. In the back room there is also a security camera, above a wall safe. If you don't feel like opening that wall safe, you can now also leave it. But if you really want to get the most out of the game, you now go into the left side room.

From the left room you go through the next door. 

You are then standing in the hall and look into the back room and there you see the 2nd Security camera hanging above the wall safe.

I couldn't hack this 2nd camera either, so I first zapped it with "Electric Bolt" and then shot it. So you have to see for yourself what you do. If the camera is disabled, you can open the safe and loot it. You have to Hack the Safe to open it, but you can buy off the Hack again. Loot the Safe and turn around and then go back through the left door to the front room and loot the corpses and the register and the cupboards. .

exit "Chompers Dental" and return to the large lobby. There is only 1 dental clinic left and that is the "Kure-All" clinic, at the entrance of this dental department. So go through the lobby to the entrance and  Kill the Bitch who shows up and who also wants to enter the "Kure-All" clinic to have a root canal treatment.

Kure-All Clinic:

Enter through the door and immediately run to hide behind the counter.

The counter is between v2 doors, but the left door is locked. Through the window of the left door you see that a Tonic is waiting for you in that room. Unfortunately, you first have to deal with a Grenade Turret that, from the right-hand side room, already fires Grenades at you. There are several ways to deal with that Grenade-Turret but here's how I did it. Use "Telekinesis" to collect the Grenades from the Turret, then throw them back into that room while running towards that room.

So as you run towards the Turret, use "Telekinesis" to catch the grenade the Turret fires at you and throw the grenade back. But only when you are really in the doorway can you destroy the Turret with 1 of its own grenades. As mentioned .... there are also other ways to deal with this Turret .... You can also try to Zap the thing with "Electric Bolt" first and then hack the Turret. Search the room for useful items and then return to the counter hall. Now go through the right door further into the clinic.

At the back of the hallway is a bloody folding screen. Behind that folding screen is an Audio Diary, but do not pick it up yet because then you will come into view of a security camera that hangs at the left rear. Turn right and then straight on down the stairs and then peek left around the corner

A security camera hangs from the ceiling above a wall safe. Zap the Camera and then run over to it so that you are under the camera and then look up at the camera and then press your "C Key" to Hack the thing. I have again chosen to buy off the Hack for $ 10, but you are of course free to try it yourself. If the hack is successful or has been bought off, the camera is green. Then hack open the Wall Safe, yourself or via a "Buy-out" and loot the safe and you can also pick up an EVE hypo from the examination table here.

Okay .... "All is Well" so now return to the main entrance and take a look behind that folding screen.

Pick up and listen to the "Enrage Trail" Audio Diary as you turn around and start walking back to the exit.

In the right wall of the hallway you will see the grille of a ventilation shaft.

Smash the grille and then crawl into the shaft. Pop the grille at the end of the shaft and then crawl out.

You are now in the room where you could not enter from the counter hall and here the "Wrench Jockey" Tonic is waiting for you.

Grab the Tonic and place it in the screen then in the free slot.

Before you crawl back out of the shaft into the hallway, you pop the bich a hot bullet between her legs.

You've had it with those crazy dentists here, 

So exit the dentist ward and go back up the stairs and through the "Dr. Steinmam's Aesthetic Ideal" door and the glass tunnel back to the start hall of the "Surgery" department.

D2: Surgery:

Kill Steinman and get the "Emercency Access Key".

You are back in the hall where that wacky Steinman previously disappeared through the door of the Surgery Department and where that Surgery door is blocked by a large chunk of debris. At the back of the hall is a balcony, in the corner above the "Circus of Value" machine. On that balcony, a Nitro-Freak shifts and starts throwing grenades at you. Well .... you now have the "Telekinesis", so with "Telekinesis" catch 1 of the grenades and hold the grenade and throw it against the blocked Surgery door and ........

...... Boom ...... The grenade blows away the debris and also the door and you can now enter the Surgery Department. But first clean up the Nitro-Freak on the balcony. So turn back to the balcony and catch another grenade that the Nitro keeps throwing at you. Now throw the grenade upwards, to the balcony ..... where you have to make sure that the grenade explodes above the balcony because otherwise it won't work.

So now go through the Surgery gate and ...... A victim of Steinman's plastic surgery is crying in his wheelchair. Well...... in our society we don't like our handicapped fellow human beings too much.  so ........ just commit an act of Euthanasia. An Audio Diary hangs next to the wheelchair freak.

Grab the "Symmetry" Audio Diary and listen to Steinman's insane drivel.

The corridor continues to the left, so follow the corridor. You come across a corpse where you can pick up a Pistol.

Grab the Pistol and loot the corpse and get ready to take out a Securitybot and a Turret. Follow the corridor further and ....... The corridor is then closed off by a fence and at the end of the corridor stand  crazy Dr. Steinman....... Press your nose against the fence and Steinman activates a Turret and also a Securitybot.

Steinman disappears to his "plastic" department and the gateopens but that Turret takes you under fire and the Securitybot comes shooting at you ........ 

Well ...... a dilemma ....... Quickly run back to the body where you took the pistol.

The Securitybot follows you, but at least you are out of reach of the Turret. Do not try to destroy the Securitybot, but try to hack it. So Zap the Securitybot with "Electric Bolt" first to "paralyze" the thing for a moment, then quickly run over and hack the thing. The hack is difficult to do yourself, so buy the hack off or use 1 of your 3 Auto-Hack tools that you have by clicking on the relevant button in the hack screen.

The hacked Securitybot will then work for you, so drive the thing back down the hall ahead of you. Make sure the Securitybot keeps flying ahead of you because the Bot will "catch" the fire from the Turret for you. Do not destroy the Turret, but also try to hack the Turret because you will soon have a lot of fun with it. So Zap the Turret with "Electric Bolt" first and then quickly run over and hack the fucking thing. This Hak is also difficult, so "Buy-Out" or sacrifice an Auto-Hack tool again.

The Turret will help you to clear a wave of Freaks out of the game when you leave here. Walk back through the hallway.

 On the left you see a Tonic between the rubble and on the right is a hole in the wall where water flows down.

Grab the Tonic ...... It's the "Static Discharge" tonic and the screen tells you what it does for you.

Place the Tonic in the empty Slot. In the water hole, behind you, you can score another EVE hypo and some ammo. 

Look towards the Turret again. The doors in the left wall are closed by a gate, but you can enter a room on the right.

That right-hand room has 2 doors. In that room you can score an EVE hypo, a Safe and an Audio Diary, but there is also a Security camera. If you don't find the Audio Diary's really worth your while and you also have enough EVE and ammo, you can skip this too. If you want to have those Audio Diary and EVE hypos, you can enter the right-hand room through the front of the 2 doors. In the back of the room is a desk in front of the window and above the desk is the security camera. There is also a Safe near the window.

I wouldn't try to hack this Camera ... it's wasted anyway, so run forward and Zap the Camera with "Electric Bolt" and then shoot the thing with your Shotgun. If you are too slow, the alarm will scream and you will have to deal with a number of Securitybots that come flying in, so prevent this by quickly switching off the Camera. Loot the till, grab the EVE hypo and the ammo and, if you want, hack open the Safe and then grab the items. Turn around and now go to the right part of this room because there you will find the "Aphrodite Walking" Audio Diary on a cupboard.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to Steinman's bullshit again while leaving this room through 1 of the 2 doors.

Back in the hallway, continue to the cross passage behind the Turret.

There are 2 doors to enter the "Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals" slaughterhouse. It does not matter whether you take the left door or the right door, but at the right door is a Healthstation that you may want to hack and then replenish your bodily fluids at a reduced rate. Get ready for your big fight against STEINMAN, who you have to kill to get his "Emergency Access Key". Enter through 1 of the 2 doors and ......

Kill Steinman:

Behind the armored window Steinman is having a field day torturing a Freak. You cannot go to Steinman through the 2 doors yet because those doors are locked. 

Continue to the window and look through the window to Steinman and wait ......

Steinman is now totally freaked out and he really tortures the Freak on the table until she is dead. Steinman raves and raves and shows you what he has hanging on the wall as "decoration". But then Steinman notices you and he pulls his machine gun and starts shooting at you, shattering the window.

Quickly jump through the window down into Steinman's Torture Chamber and chase Steinman and keep shoting bullets into his crazy body.

Keep chasing Steinman and pump bullets into him until you finally kill him. Steinman does not stand still, of course, ....... he is crazy but not so crazy that he is quietly waiting to be slaughtered by you. Steinman takes you through his torture chamber and even into the basement. So I don't know where you ultimately give Steinman the final blow, but I only really could take him out in the hallway at the Healthstation ......

When Steinman is dead loot his corpse to get the Emergence Access Key ...

You will then get the "Goal Completed" message and you will hear Atlas screaming that you must return to the "Neptune's Bounty Emercency Access" gate, where it all started for you. However, you can first go back to Steinman's torture chamber to see if you can find something you like there. You can then also go into the basement there again to crack another Safe that is full of First Aid Kits, but I left this alone. Go back to the Turret hall and ......... Freaks then storm into the hall but if you quickly dive into the side room then the Turret will take care of most of those Freaks.

You may have to kill a few Freaks yourself, who will also come into the side room behind you. Anyway ..... survive this wave of Freaks and exit this slaughterhouse back to the hall. You will then receive a message from Atlas stating that another glass connecting tunnel has collapsed somewhere and you also hear the noise of that collapse. Enter the Glass Connecting Tunnel again to go back to the large dividing Lobby of the Medical Pavilion and ....... You will see that, just before the exit, the tunnel has collapsed but luckily the side door has now opened. So go through the side door and ....... You see a Bouncer Big Daddy pop up through the window and ..... the Big Daddy doesn't survive and then lies like a pathetic pile of rubbish on the left side.

E: "Take" your first Little Sister:

Walk on to the window where the Bouncer Big Daddy has so inelegantly thundered through. 

You then see the Little Sister, who has now lost her protector, run away in fear. Atlas reports and tells you to go fuck the Little Sister ..... dirty pedophile he is .....

Loop door en ga dan door de "R" glas deur de zaal in en....de game neemt het eventjes van je over......dus kijk en luister......

De Little Sister is nu een wees want haar Big Daddy, die haar tegen de Freaks in Rapture moet beschermen is dus dood en een Freak meent dat ie hier profijt van kan trekken.....De Freak wil de Little Sister doden om de ADAM die het kleine meiske heeft "Geoogst" in bezit te nemen.

Walk on and then go through the "R" glass door into the room and ... the game will take over ...... so watch and listen ......

The Little Sister is now an orphan because her Big Daddy, who has to protect her from the Freaks in Rapture, is dead and a Freak thinks he can take advantage of this ..... The Freak wants to kill the Little Sister to harvast her ADAM which the little girl has "Harvested"

Little Sister begs the Freak for her life as she recoils. Freakje knows "No Mercy" but ...... just when Freak thinks he will deliver the final blow, a shot is fired and ..... The Freak falls dead. We turn and see the person has killed the Freak standing on a balcony. Meet Dr. Tenenbaum, the one who's in charge of the Little Sisters.

Tenenbaum screams to keep your dirty hands off little girl, but Atlas totally disagrees ....

As the Little Sister recedes further and further, Atlas tries to convince you that you must kill the Little Sister to get all the ADAM she has harvested.

However, Tenenbaum begs you to leave her girl alone and she wants to make a deal with you. Tenenbaum screams that there is another way to get enough Adam

Tenenbaum throws an ADAM Tonic at you and screams that if you don't kill the Little Sisters, she'll find a way to reward you. Atlas does not agree with this at all, of course. You regain control. The Little Sister has taken cover behind the couch and is crying So you "get" this first Little Sister for free, but for all the other Little Sisters in the game you will have to take out their Big Daddy first.

Walk to the Little Sister and bend over her and ..... 

You will now be given the most fundamental choice you have to make in the game. Will you save the Little Sister or will you kill her?

Kies je voor HARVEST dan vermoord je de Little Sister maar dan vergaar je 160 ADAM. Kies je voor RESCUE dan spaar je het leven van de Liitle Sister maar dan krijg je maar 80 ADAM. Aan jouw de keuze. maar bedenk wel dat de Game 2 EINDES kent......Een GOED EINDE en een SLECHT EINDE. Wil je dat de game je aan het eind het GOEDE EINDE toont dan mag je niet meer dan 1 Little Sister in de game doden, dus Harvesten. Dood je meer dan 1 Little Sister dan zul je vanzelf het SLECHTE EINDE zien, aan het einde van de game. Ik kies er voor om ALLE Little Sisters te redden, dus ik kies hier al gelijk voor RESCUE. Maar jij moet helemaal zelf weten wat je doet. 

Druk dus op je H-toets of op je L-toets, al naar gelang je het kleine kreng wilt redden of niet en.......
.........Je pakt de kleine Frankenstein op en aait er over der bolletje en.....

If you choose HARVEST you will kill the Little Sister but then you will collect 160 ADAM. If you choose RESCUE, you save the Liitle Sister, but you only get 80 ADAM. The choice is yours. but remember that the Game has 2 ENDINGS ...... A GOOD ENDING and a BAD ENDING. If you want the game to show you the GOOD ENDING at the end, you cannot kill more than 1 Little Sister in the game. If you kill more than 1 Little Sister, you will automatically see the BAD ENDING at the end of the game. I have choosen to save ALL Little Sisters because I'm a nice guy, so I choose RESCUE here. But off course you decide yourself if you want to be a nice guy/girl or a fucking pedofile

So press your H-button or your L-button, depending on whether you want to save the little bitch or not and .......

........ You pick up the little Frankenstein and stroke it on the head and .....

............ because I choose RESCUE ..... I put the girl down again and I earned "only" 80 ADAM. 

Tenenbaum gets hysterical with gratitude and screams that she will reward me later. The girl is "saved" and is grateful to me and disappears into the "Little Sister Shaft".

Atlas is less enthusiastic about the "rescue" of the Little Sister, however, and he let me know it.

When the girl has disappeared into the shaft, a curtain in the back of the hall opens and ........ TATATTA ....... A beautiful "Gatherer's Garden" becomes visible.

Atlas recommends that you spend your earned ADAM at the "Gatherer's Garden", so run to the "Gatherer's Garden".

Your 1st "Gatherer's Garden"

In front of the "Gatherer's Garden" there is an Audio Diary on the floor and there is also a briefcase.

Grab the "Gatherer Vulnerability" Audio Diary and listen to Steinman one more time. Also loot the briefcase and then look up at the "Gatherer's Garden" and ......

............. then press your "E-key" to enter the machine's screen ........

In the "Gatherer's Garden" you can buy Plasmids and Gene Tonic's and free Plasmid slots and Gene Tonic slots. It all costs ADAM and how much ADAM an item costs is stated for each item. This "Gatherer's Garden" only offers 2 Plasmids, the "Enrage Plasmid" and the "Armored Shell Plasmid". The other 3 items are not Plasmids but Gene Tonics. You now have either 80 ADAM or 160 ADAM, depending on whether you saved or killed the Little Sister. Buy at least the 2 Plasmids and if you still have ADAM left you can buy 1 or more of the 3 other things.

You will always see the Plasmid, or Tonic Activation screen. However, since you no longer have any free Plasmid Slots, you have to choose to exchange your current "Electric Bolt" and / or the "Telekinesis" for your new Plasmid. Or you choose to store your new purchases in the so-called Gene Bank.

I have stored the new Plasmids in the GENE BANK. You will soon encounter the Gene Bank everywhere in the game. In such a Gene Bank you can exchange your active Plasmids and Gene Tonics for Plasmids and Tonics that you have stored in the Gene Bank. But as with almost everything in Bioshock ..... you have to decide yourself what you want to do, but I would keep "Electric Bolt" active for now.

F: Back to the "Emercency Access" Hall:

When you are done with this "Gatherer's Garden" turn around and exit the hall through the door, next to the "Little Sister Shaft".

Follow the short hallway and go through the next door and ..... you are back in the large dividing lobby of the Medical Pavilion.

Go back through the lobby, so to the exit. Probably there are still a few Freaks wandering around here and you will of course get rid of them. You can also top up your supplies of Ammo at the 2 Circus of Value machines and the El Ammo Bandito. As you approach the exit of the Lobby you will hear the soft footsteps of a Big Daddy and Atlas announces that you now have the chance to "take" your 2nd Little Sister.

so you have to fight and kill the Big Daddy. As long as you don't attack or get in the way of the Big Daddy, the Big Daddy and the Little Sister will ignore you completely. So you will have to take the initiative for the fight yourself. How you think you can take out the Big Daddy is up to you, but a good tactic is to keep your distance and then always "Shock" the Big Daddy with "Electric Bolt" and then bombard it with the various Ammo. of your Shotgun. Hey ....find out for yourself what is for you the best tactic  to take out the Big Daddy ...... But you MUST KILL the BIG DADDY .

When the Big Daddy is convulsing lifeless on the floor, you can loot his corpse. 

Then go to the Little Sister, who is crying close to her now killed Big Daddy.

Choose again whether you want to "Harvest" or "Rescue" the Little Sister to "score" 80 ADAM or 160 ADAM. If you had already killed the previous little bitch and you still want to experience the GOOD ENDING of the game, you cannot kill any Little Sister anymore ...... But it is entirely up to you to make the choice. If you save the Little Sister, you score only 80ADAM and the girl flees into the "Little Sister shaft".

Since you now have ADAM again, you might consider going back to the "Gatherer's Garden", in the hall, to buy the Gene Tonics or something that you couldn't buy before, but I wouldn't worry about that because you will come across other  "Gatherer's Garden". Exit the Lobby through the doors next to the "Little Sister Shaft" and follow the hallway back to the entrance hall and in the meantime that Atlas will lean against you for a while. You will eventually end up on the balcony of the:

Medical Pavillion Foyer:

Run down 1 of both stairs to the floor of the Foyer

You can still use the "Circus of Value", but I don't think it has much for you anymore. If you still have "Telekinesis" activated, I recommend that you keep it ready in your left hand now. Continue through the right gate to the "Emercency Access" hall and ......

The hall is still lit red because of the alarm you activated here earlier. A Nitro-Freak shows up at the stairs to the balcony and starts throwing its grenades at you. So catch his grenades with the "Telekinesis" and throw them back. 2 grenades are enough to take the Nitro out for good. If you had exchanged "Telekinesis" for 1 of your newly purchased Plasmids, you will find out for yourself how to deal with this grenade throwing fucker. Run into the hall just before the still blocked "Neptune's Bounty Emergency Access" gate and then turn around and climb up one of the two stairs again to the balcony.

On the balcony is the console with which you have to open the gate downstairs and you can do that now because you have Steinman's "Emercency Access Key".

So stand with your nose against the console and then press your "E-key" and ........... The alarm is canceled and the gate will open downstairs .. ..... ....

You get the "Goal Completed" screen and Atlas also congratulates you.

Well ... what are you waiting for? Go back down and dive through the now opened "Neptune's Bounty Emercency Access" gate

Continue and walk into the Bathysphere and pull down the lever in the thing

You will now see a Location screen in which you have to click on the location where you now want to go with the Bathysphere.

However, there is now only 1 choice and that is Neptune Bounty so click on that and ........


A Loading follows during the Neptune Bounty screen. Also read carefully the useful messages that appear on the screen. Your game is saved and then you are in:

Chapter 3: Neptunes Bounty

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot