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Chapter 3:

The Bathysphere has delivered you in Chapter 3.

A: Lower Wharf:

Walk up the stairs and take a look at the corpse, which is nailed to the "cross" like a real Jesus. Well .... you immediately know how people welcome new guests here. You hear Atlas again, who now tells you a little more about Rapture's founder, Andrew Ryan, and how things could have gone so incredibly wrong here. Atlas alsolso report that his family is hiding in "Fontaine Fisheries. Your new assignment is to go to the" Fontaine Fisheries "

To the left of the crucified Freak you can pick up some ammo and a machine gun. 

Your route continues to the right of the corpse, so go in front of the corpse and then turn left and ... in the distance you will see a Gene Bank.

Next to the Gene Bank is a "Circus of Value" that you can hack to replenish your ammo and the like at discounted prices. 

You will have noticed by now that some items in a "Circus of Value" will only become available if you hack such a machine first.

The Gene Bank.......

Perhaps this requires some further explanation. You will see these Gene Bank machines regularly from now on. You can store Plasmids and Gene Tonics that you cannot use immediately in the Gene Bank. You can then exchange your active Plasmids and Gene Tonics in a Gene Bank for Plasmids and Gene Tonics that you have stored there. Activate a Gene Tonic with your E-key and you will enter this screen ...

At top left you can see which Plasmids and Tonics you have. This is STEP 1.

If you want to exchange Plasmids and / or Tonics, click on one of the options in the top left screen and you will see this screen ...

In this second screen you can then exchange your active Plasmids for Plasmids that you previously saved in the Gene Bank. As you can see my 2 active Plasmids are the "Electric Bolt" and the "Telekinesis" and I have saved the "Incinerate" and the "Enrage". If you want to exchange, click on the 2 Plasmids that you want to exchange. It works exactly the same with the Gene Tonics. You can also find out more for yourself via the Help screens of the game. You must of course always decide for yourself which Plasmid and Tonic you want to have active, but I advise you to keep the "Telekinesis" active for now because you will need it later to be able to disable a grenade Turret

when you are done in the Gene Bank and in the "Circus of Value" then we move on. To the left of the Gene Bank is a boat, or something, upside down. 

Walk across the boat and jump off the other side again and then disappear through the metal door.

You end up in a hallway and see the shadow of a Freak woman on the wall. If you continue, that Freak will jump up and disappear from sight.

Before you disappear through the next door, you can pick up another machine gun from the stinking corpse by the fire. Then disappear through the door. You end up in a short intermediate hallway. There is a Healthstation on the left, but you won't need it now. However, you can hack the Healthstation if you wish.

Disappear through the next door and ..... you enter the Lower Wharf and here you see the entrance to the "Fontaine Fisheries". However, you cannot enter "Fontaine Fisheries" here.

A Little Sister and her Big Daddy are roaming around here. Leave the Big Daddy alone for a while because he will get rid of a lot of Freaks here for you. The Big Daddy and his Little Sister walk down an "exit" and are then attacked downstairs by hordes of Freaks. The Big Daddy will of course not stand by to be slaughtered so he and his Little Sister will keep walking and will come up again. When the Big Daddy and his Little Sister have come up again, you quickly run down the "Exit" as well.

You are then down ... Watch out because there are 2 Turrets under the top floor. The 1st Turret is on this side under the floor and the other Turret is on the other side under the wooden floor. It would be nice if you could hack both Turrets because then they can help you take out the Big Daddy in a minute. So crawl under the floor and zap the Turret first with "Electric Bolt" and then Hack the Turret and then quickly run to the other side and crawl under the floor and find the 2nd Turret and Hack that too. 

It is dark under the floor but you can see the red light of an Audio Diary flickering so go there. If you still have enough Dollars and / or some "Auto-Hack tools" then you can buy off these 2 Hacks or use your Auto-Hackt ools for it. If you can't hack the 2 Turrets at all, you have to destroy them so that they don't attack you when you take out the fucking Big Daddy in a minute. Behind the 2nd Turret is an Audio Diary and also an EVE hypo. Pick up the Audio Diary and listen to it and also pick up the EVE hypo if you have less than 5 Hypos.

Then crawl out from under the floor, while listening to Sullivan talk about the Bathyspheres that Ryan ordered hem to provide with a "Genetic Device". In the meantime, back in the open space of the Lower Wharf, the Big Daddy will have dealt with quite a few Freaks, but it is by no means out of the question that more Freaks will not appear.

However, you need ADAM to be able to buy more Plasmids and Gene Tonics. By the way ... in the middle of this open space there is a free Gene Tonic waiting for you. It is the "Medical Expert" Tonic and it ensures that the First Aid Kits give you a little more health from now on. So pick up the Tonic and put it in a lock.

...... ADAM ...... ADAM ....I WANT ADAM ...You shout out happily with all the Freaks

... Well .... by now you know what to do to get the god damned ADAM ...... Kill the Big Daddy and then "Harvest" or "Resque" his Little Sister

So find the Big Daddy and the Little Sister and "Take Him Out" ........ Eh ..... this is a Rosie Big Daddy and he has a big RIVET GUN and that thing really hurts you ...... Well .... do your best and Kill the Daddy and when that is done  you grab the Little Sister in the neck and decide what you want to do with her, "Harvest" or "Resque" .. ....Your choice.

If you have "resqued" the 3 Little Sisters in the game until now, Tennebaum now announces that the Little Sisters want to reward you for this and you will see this screen ...

At the next "Gatherer's Garden" that you come across, you will find a TEDDY BEAR as a reward for saving the Little Sisters, which contains your reward.

Stroll around here to loot the corpses and pick up the scattered things. If you're lucky, like me, a 2nd Rosie Big Daddy will show up.

This 2nd Big Daddy does not have a Little Sister with him but he is on his way to pick up his Little Sister. So follow the Big Daddy, but keep a respectable distance. The Big Daddy takes you to a "Little Sister Shaft" in the corner and he will ram on it to summon his Little Sister to come out and it happens.

Well ..... take advantage of this great opportunity to harvest ADAM again right away.

So now kill this Big Daddy and how you intend to do that you have to find out for yourself. "Harvest" or "Resque" the Little Sister.

Your ADAM meter now almost overflow from the ADAM. Now to find another Gatherer's Garden to spend the ADAM

Find the exit to the UPPER WHARF and then go through that door and then follow the short "blue" corridor "

You end up on a large long and wide "balcony" with a wall in the middle against which a Gene Bank stands.

On the other side of the wall is the Gatherer's Garden but first you will have to settle a score here with some Freaks and ...... 

..........with a Grenade Turret on the left side under the big" Fontaine Fisheries "sign that will fire Grenades at you

I hope you still have "Telekinesis" active. If not, then first dive into the Gene Bank to exchange 1 of your 2 active Plasmids for the "Telekinesis". Walk to the edge of the balcony but be careful not to stumble down. Make sure Telekinesis is in your left hand. The Turret under the "Fontaine Fisheries" sign is going to shoot grenades at you, so catch the grenade with "Telekinesis" and then use "Telekinesis" to throw them back at the Turret.

If you've thrown back 2 or 3 grenades and aimed them right, the Turret across the street will be broken. Then turn around and see .......

 In front of the Gatherer's Garden your reward for saving the Little Sisterts is shining, it's a niceTeddy Bear

The Teddy Bear, the Gatherer's Garden and the Gene Bank:

Stand above the Teddy Bear and then press your "E -key" a few times to receive your rewards. Tennenbaum and the Little Sisters have put 200 ADAM and the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid in the Teddy Bear for you. The "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid can be stored in the Gene Bank in the screen that appears or you can exchange it for 1 of your active Plasmids.

You do not have a free Plasmid Slot at the moment, so if you are wise, you can first save the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid in the Gene Bank by clicking the appropriate button in this screen. Now activate the Gatherer's Garden machine via your "E-key" and buy what you think you need. You've now collected quite a bit of ADAM, so now spend it here in this Gatherer's Garden ...

In this Gatherer's Garden you can buy 2 free Plasmid Slots. Buy the 2 Plasmid Slots because you need them. It will cost you 200 ADAM. If you still have enough ADAM left, you can for example buy the "Winter Blast" Plasmid or the "Target Dummy". You can immediately activate your new Plasmids in your newly purchased Plasmid Slots or you can first save them in the Gene Bank. The "Eve Upgrade", the "Health Upgrade" and the "Eve Link" are Gene Tonics and not Plasmids. Read the description of these Gene Tonics and decide if you want them. When you are done, click the "Close" button to exit the Gatherer's Garden. Go to the Gene Bank, on the other side of the wall and press your "E-key" there again to get to the Gene Bank screen. You can then place your Plasmids and your Gene Tonics that you have saved in a free slot in the Gene Bank or exchange them with an already activated Plasmid / Gene Tonic.

Let me explain how to exchange Plasmids. You can see your active Plasmids at the bottom left. In the right screen you will find your saved Plasmids. To activate a Saved Plasmid, drag the Plasmid from the right screen to a Slot in the bottom left screen. This can be a free slot or a slot in which you already have an active Plasmid. In the screen above, you can see how I exchange the "Incinerate" for the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid. Well .... that's how it works for your Gene Tonics too.

When you are done with the Gatherer's Garden and the Gene Bank, go to the right of both machines. 

You will then see 2 deep niches. The left niche is closed by a gate. Stand on the ledge at the right niche and then look down.

You look in a "swimming pool" and out of the water an orange "mushroom" rises. The water is shallow so jump down and land on the orange "mushroom". 

Then immediately turn to the left because you have activated a security camera, which hangs from the ceiling behind you, between 2 gates.

Quickly destroy the Security Camera, or hack it. If you are too slow, 2 or 3 Securitybots will appear that you have to deal with. Wade through the water to the security camera and then turn around. To the right is the "swimming pool" with the orange "mushroom" and to the left is the deep niche that you couldn't jump into from above. In the left niche is a bright red corpse and a broken Securitybot.

Loot the red corpse and hack the deactivated Securitybot back to life. The Bot will then be green and will be of service to you in the next bit. You can do the Hack yourself or you buy the Hack or you use 1 of your Auto-Hack tools again if you still have it. You cannot climb back up here, so jump down through 1 of the openings, next to the Security camera.

You are in the "basement" and you see a staircase. Under the stairs you see a closed gate with an orange conveyor belt behind it. 

Go under the stairs to the closed gate. Behind the fence you see an orange conveyor belt. In the right corner is a hallway to a torture chamber.

Continue down the hall to the gate of the torture chamber. The gate is locked.

You have to enter the number code in the code lock of the gate, but you can also Hack the lock.

I have not found the code for this gate. I probably missed a note or something somewhere .... But what the Hell ......Hack  the code lock and the gate also opens. In the torture chamber hangs a corpse that has been horribly tortured. An Audio Diary is waiting for you on the smuggler's chest. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to Sullivan torturing the corpse to death here.

You can loot the smuggler's chest and behind the body is another room, which is also closed off by a gate.

 In that back room, however, some ammo floats in the water and you can pick it up with your "Telekinesis". Go back to the stairs and now go up the stairs.

You come up on the platform where that grenade Turret was and you are close to the entrance of "Fontain Fisheries". On the wall is a "Circus of Value". If you have little ammo for your so far collected weapons and also little EVE, I would just hack this "Circus of Value" to replenish your supplies. You will soon be dealing with a new enemy, the Spider Freak, and you will need a lot of ammo for that. When you are done with the "Circus of Value" you turn around. You will now see the stairs that you can take back up to the Gatherer's Garden and the Gene Bank.

To the left is a blockade of boxes and there is a round pole, which slopes upwards from the boxes to the roof of a corrugated iron shed. To reach the round post, you can climb onto the front box via the angled wooden pallet. Behind the boxes is the entrance to "Fontaine Fisheries". Walk to the stairs and then turn around and you will see the corrugated iron shed.

Walk up the sloping wooden pallet and then walk over the round post onto the roof of the corrugated iron shed. On it, turn around and jump down to the broken turret on top of the boxes. Then jump from the boxes to the door and go through the door and ... you enter the front hall of Fontain Fisheries:

The Witch is sitting against the thick pillar ..... the Witch is dead so don't worry. You can strip the Witch of her valuables if you want.

On the other side of the thick pillar is a Healthstation and in the back wall is the door of "Fontaine Fisheries". To the right of the door is the orange conveyor belt and above the conveyor belt is the cargo elevator, which is closed off with a fence. There are some items on the conveyor belt that you might be able to use. If you want, you can hack the Healthstation first, to make sure that the Spider Freaks will not be able to feed on it in a minute. And you may also need Health now. Then walk to the "Fontaine" door and knock on your E-key and ...... The hatch in the door slides open and you now meet:

Peach Wilkins

Wilkins is door Atlas al op de hoogte gesteld van je komst maar hij wil je toch niet binnen laten. Wilkins wil dat je voor hem Research Camera gaat zoeken, in het kantoor van de Wharf Master. Ook wil Wilkins dat je met de Research Camera dan een foto maakt van een Spider Freak. Als je dat voor mekaar weet te boksen dan zal Wilkins je binnen laten.

Terwijl Peach Wilkins tegen je aan lult draai je om en probeer je deze hal weer te verlaten en.....Oeps....je merkt dat je de voorhal niet meer uit kunt en Wilkins waarschuwt je dat je nu even wat Freaks moet zien te overleven. Spider Freaks vallen je aan en dit zijn harde noten om te kraken en eigenlijk heb je niet een goed wapen om je tegen deze Freaks te verdedigen. Je moet het dus doen met de wapens die je hebt.

Wilkins has already been informed of your arrival by Atlas, but he doesn't want to let you in anyway. Wilkins wants you to find a Research Camera for him in the Wharf Master's office. Wilkins also wants you to take a picture of a Spider Freak with the Research Camera. If you can manage that then Wilkins will let you in.

While Peach Wilkins talks to you, you turn around and try to leave this hall again and ..... Oops .... you notice that you can no longer leave the front hall and Wilkins warns you that you have to survive some Freaks. Spider Freaks attack you and these are hard nuts to crack and actually you don't have a good weapon to defend against these Freaks. So you have to do it with the weapons you have.

Survive the Spider Freaks:

Spider Freaks are mobile mongrels .... They keep jumping away and can also walk over walls and ceilings. Fortunately, they work alone and almost never in groups. But here you will have to deal with at least 3 of those Spiders. Zap them with "Electric Bolt" and while they are momentarily paralyzed, pump them full of hot beans from your Machine Gun, Shotgun or Pistol. Survive 3 Spider Freaks and Peach Wilkins then report that the 4th is too strong for you, but Wilkins has left you a nice present on the conveyor belt.

So go to the conveyor belt and see ......

 Wilkins has provided you with the Grenade Launcher and with this you can quickly and effectively bonjour Spiders out of the game.

Wilkins reminds you of the deal made with him while you pick up the Grenade Launcher. 

The exit has now been reopened. Maybe you need a sip of Health.? Well .... then use the Healthstation here and leave this front hall.

B: Find a Research Camera:

You are then back behind the stack of boxes and the corrugated iron shed.

Climb back up the roof of the corrugated iron shed via the round post. From the roof you look down at a number of Freaks who are arguing down by the stairs. Blast a few grenades at those Freaks with your beautiful new Grenade Launcher. Then jump off the roof and go up the stairs now and ...... Quickly kill the Nitro-Freak above. You are now back at the Gatherer's Garden and the Gene Bank.

Atlas returns and tells you that you have no choice but to do what Peach Wilkins wants you to do. 

So you have to look for a Research Camera and Wilkins has told you that you can probably find such a thing in the Wharf manager's office.

Go back into the hallway at the Gene Bank and ..... The gate to the "Upper Wharf" and the office to the Wharf Manager will now be open

So follow the sign "Upper Wharf and Wharfmaster", so go through the gate and ....... 

Quickly kill the 3 Freaks who come crashing down the stairs. 1 of those Freaks is a Nitro-Freak.

The corridor goes up a staircase, but you can score some EVE hypos and an Audio Diary down here. The Audio Diary is located in the crawl tunnel under the floor of the corridor. If you look at the stairs you will see a niche on the left and right. In the left niche you see pipes and you can probably pick up an EVE hypo there. There is a hole in the floor in the right niche because the floor grate has dropped down there. Go down through the collapsed floor grate and then duck and crawl into the crawl tunnel.

Follow the crawl tunnel all the way to the back. You might be able to pick up an EVE hypo on the way.

At the back of the crawl tunnel you will find the "Fontaine Mus Go" Audio Diary.

Grab the Audio Diary and press your "T-button" to listen to it. Crawl back through the crawl tunnel and you might be able to kill some Freaks walking overhead on the floor grids on the way back. Simply pop some bullets into those Freaks through the grates

Crawl further and then crawl out of the corridor again. Now follow the corridor further up the stairs.

Follow  the "Upper Wharf and Wharfmaster" sign to the right and .............

.......... up the next stairs and disappear through the door upstairs .... 

You are then in a blurry in-between hallway where you can pick up a few Proximity Mines for your Grenade Launcher and some other ammo and some Dollars.

Go through the next door and ... You are now on the:

Upper Wharf:

You are now in a larger hall that consists of 3 rooms. In the front room the sign on top of the stack of crates points to the right, to the "Jet Postal" Post Office.

 Behind the boxes is the middle room and the rear room and there is a Little Sister strolling around with her Big Daddy.

The Little Sister is "harvesting" ADAM from a Freak Corpse, but she and her Big Daddy will be attacked by a gang of Freaks of various persuason. In the back room you see a gang of pipes ..... Beware ..... To the right behind those pipes is a Grenade Turret that will fire its grenades at you when you get in its field of fire. A Little Sister means ADAM, but I don't recommend attacking the Big Daddy right away. Stay away from the Little Sister and her Big Daddy for a while. Let the Big Daddy fight it out with the Freaks first. Just make sure to take out the Freaks that are bothering you while trying to destroy that Grenade Turret as well. The Grenade Turret is to the right behind the pipes, in the rear room. Use the pipes as cover against the Turret. Have "Telekinesis" ready. Peek around the pipes at the Turret and then use "Telekinesis" to catch the Grenades and shoot them back to the Turret to destroy the Turret.

When you've destroyed the Turret and the Freaks here are all dead, it's time to grab the Little Sister.

The Big Daddy and his Little Sister are still frolicking around here, so attack the Big Daddy and kill him.

If you have the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" plasmid you can fire it at the Big Daddy to hypnotize him temporarily. The Big Daddy then thinks he belongs to you and you can more easily target him with your fire arms. However, the Hypnosis only works for a few seconds, so you don't get that much benefit from it. Anyway ..... Kill the Big Daddy and when that's done grab the Little Sister in the neck.

Decide again whether to "Resqued" or "Harvest" the Little Sister. Again ..... I am assuming that you "Resqued" all Little Sisters. The Little Sister is grateful to you again and disappears into a "Little Sister Shaft". Well .... now you can search this entire area for useful things. In the front room, where you entered here, you can find an Audio Diary, on the tables that line the wall.

It's the "Finding The Sea Slug" Audio Diary

Grab the Audio Diary and then listen to Tennenbaum .... Turning clockwise to the locked gate of the Jet Postal Post Office.

The gate is closed and you cannot open it. However, there is a security camera in the area behind the fence, so make sure that camera does not see you. Go to the middle room. The middle room is actually a large balcony and you can walk to the edge and look down. In the middle room, find the "Little Sister Shaft" and the Freak Corpse that the Little Sister was working on to get the ADAM out when you entered here.

Right next to the "Little Sister shaft" is an Audio Diary. Go pick up that Audio Diary and listen to it. It is the "Masha Come Home" Diary and you will hear Mariska Lutz. Mariska Lutz has lost her daughter Masha and uses the number code for the door of her room in the "Fighting McDonaghs" hotel. The numerical code is 7533 .... remember this code.

Now find the body that the Little Sister got ADAM from. 

This Freak Corpse also has an Audio Diary .... It's the "Picked Up Timmy H" Audio Diary and you get it by looting the corpse with your "E-Key".

You hear Sullivan torturing Timmy H in the torture chamber and he calls the code 5380 which is the code for the torture chamber gate.

 But we have already been there because we hacked that code lock. Go to the back room. Beyond the pipes you will be stopped by a closed gate.

The gate is the entrance to the wharfmaster's office. The gate door is locked with a chain and a padlock.

Zap the padlock with "Electric Bolt", or shoot the padlock and the gate will open. Watch out because another Freak will show up as soon as the gate opens.

Kill the Freak. On the left you see the stairs over which you have to go further up, but don't do that yet because there is a security camera at the top of the stairs.

In the niche, near the stairs, a so-called "Bot shutdown" hangs on the wall. At the stairs is a "Circus of Value" machine and there is also an Audio Diary.

De "Bot shutdown"

If you now go straight to the "Circus of Value" the Security camera , which hangs at the top of the stairs and which you cannot see from here yet, will spot you

If you are spotted by the security camera, all alarm bells will ring again and a few security bots will be sent to you. If this happens to you, you can turn off the alarm and the Securitybots via the "Bot shutdown". Go to the "Bot shutdown" and then press your "E-key" to activate the "Bot shutdown and the alarm will turn off and the Securitybots disappear. A "Bot shutdown"only works when the alarm has been triggered.

The staircase consists of 2 parts. The 1st security camera hangs above the bottom staircase, but a security camera is also mounted above the top staircase. However, the 1st Security camera is too high to reach to hack it. The best you can do is to quickly zap the 1st Camera with "Electric Bolt" and then quickly destroy the thing with your Shotgun or 1 of your other shooting weapons. Again ... if you are too slow, the alarm will go off and a few Securitybots will appear. Then quickly run to the "Bot shutdown" and activate the thing to turn off the alarm again, making the Securitybots disappear. Once you have destroyed the Camera, you can pick up and listen to the Audio Diary at the "Circus of Value".

In the "Circus of Value" you can then replenish your ammo supplies for your various weapons. 

If you want to do this again at reduced prices, you must first hack the device again.

You can buy off the hack again, do it yourself or use an Auto-Hactool if you still have one.

Now go up the 2 stairs and then quickly switch off the 2nd Security camera, which is at the top of the 2nd stairs.

You can hack this 2nd camera if you want, but that is a lot of effort and takes a lot of time and in the meantime the alarm will go off and you will have to deal with a number of Securitybots. So if I were you I wouldn't bother but just destroy the camera.

Whether you hack or destroy the camera ... first zap it with "Electric Bolt" and then hack with your "C-key" or destroy with 1 of your firearms. When you are done with the camera, turn around and ..... you look into a long corridor. In the back of the hallway you see a window and you also see, on the right, a deep niche where the gate is closed with a fence

Walk into the hallway and ...... Atlas reports again and wonders a bit about the Research Camera that you are still looking for. Walk into the right niche. In the niche hangs again a "Bot shutdown", which you can use when the alarm goes off. I have to warn you ..... Behind the closed gate are the various rooms of the Wharfmaster and in each of those rooms there is a Turret and there is also a Security camera. You will take a lot of damage from all those Turrets and it is very possible that you will die a few times here. When you die, it is not GAME OVER, but then you end up in the nearest VITA CHAMBER and you can continue from the VITA CHAMBER as usual. The gate is locked with a padlock, so zap the lock with "Electric Bolt" or shoot it. The gate will then open. Don't run in right away, just take in the situation first.

Standing in the now opened gate, look straight ahead through a corridor. In the back of the hallway you will see another closed gate and by that gate is TURRET 1. Turret 1 will fire at you when you step inside. You see a desk on the right. Behind the desk is also a corridor and in the back of that corridor is a granate turret. You also see a few boxes against the wall and there is a deep corner in front of those boxes. In that corner you are safe from TURRET 1. You can not stand here forever, so run into the corner by the chests. You are safe in that corner. Standing in the corner, look at the desk.

Turn right and peek down the hall again to turret 1 and then run to the chests. Quickly hide behind the chests. Then peek from behind the boxes at turret 1 and quickly zap it with "Electric Bolt" and then quickly destroy the thing with a few bullets from the Shotgun or 1 of your other weapons.Go back to the desk and then, carefully, peek into the hallway behind the desk. At the back of this hallway is turret 2 and that is a granate turret. Halfway down the hall, however, is a turn to the left and in that room turret 3 is under a security camera. Turret 3 is also a granate turret.

walk carefully towards turret 2 but keep "Telekinesis" ready. Stop just before the left turn and ..... turret 2 fires grenades at you, so catch the grenades with "Telekinesis" and fire them back at Turret 2. 2 or 3 grenades will take care of Turret 2. Peek then carefully into the left room and .... in the back hangs a security camera and below that camera is turret 3.

Well .... repeat the procedure here to disable the Security camera and Turret 3. So use "Telekinesis" to catch the grenades from Turret 3 and throw them back, first against the security camera and then against Turret 3. Then continue down the hall to where Turret 2 is

The hall turns left and in the back is Turret 4. Take cover behind the chests and then zap Turret 4 with "Electric Bolt" and then destroy the thing with 1 of your other weapons. Then continue and at Turret 4 turn left and now continue, past Turret 3 and the Security camera, to the locked gate, where the destroyed Turret 1 is located.

Don't open the gate yet. In the corner you see a gray door, but that door is slightly off plumb and you cannot open it any further. However, to the left of the door you can see a ventilation shaft. It could be that the grille has already been shot out of the ventilation shaft by the Turret. If the grid is still in place, you can ram it away with your wrench or blast it away with your Shotgun.

Crawl through the ventilation shaft into the narrow office and .....in the top right corner hangs a security camera and that thing immediately raises the alarm. Quickly zap the camera with "Electric Bolt" and then smash the thing. However, the camera raised the alarm anyway, so a few Securitybots are popping up here now. Quickly stand up and run to the desk, then stand in the back of this narrow office. Then turn around and quickly activate the "Bot shutdown" to disable the alarm so that the Securitybots disappear.

On the desk is the "Have My Badge" Audio Diary. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it while you pick up the Grenade Launcher that lies at the Safe.

If you feel like it, hack the Safe open, but I'm afraid this will turn out to be somewhat wasted. 

Crawl back through the ventilation shaft and go back to the gate. Zap the padlock off the gate with "Electric Bolt" or just smash it and the gate will open.

Crawl through the hole in the next wall and you're finally in the Wharfmaster's Office. ”Here is a desk, a Gene Bank and a VITACHAMBER.

If you want, activate the Gene Bank to exchange some of your active Plasmids for Plasmids you previously saved. I have now exchanged the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" here for my "Winterblast" Plasmid that I had previously saved. That "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid was of no use to me anyway. Behind the desk, follow the short hallway to the "Interigation Room".

Interrogation Room:

Enter the "Interrogation Room" and ..... Hip Hip Hurray ..... You have finally found the Research Camera. The thing is shiny at you on the desk.

A Spider Freak is trapped behind the large armored window.  Go get the Research Camera.

When you pick up the Research Camera you will see a screen that briefly explains what you can do with the camera.

De Research Camera:

With the Research Camera you can take photos of the Freaks, Big Daddy's, Big Sisters, Security Cameras and Securitybots. With every photo you take you increase your Research Level for that particular Freak, Big Daddy, Big Sister, etc.until you have reached the highest Research Level for that particular Freak, etc. The Research Camera works in the same way as your firearms. Aim the viewfinder / lens exactly at the Freak / Object you want to photograph and then press your fire button, which is the left mouse button for me. The photo will then be taken and you will see a "Research in Progress" screen

The screenshot above shows a recording of a "Leadhead Spicer". After the "Research in Progress" screen you will usually see a "New Research Level Reached" screen. In these types of screens you often also read with which ammo you can best disable the relevant Freak. If you have reached the highest Research level for a certain Freak Species, Big Daddy, Security and later also the Big Sisters, you will automatically receive your reward in the form of a Bonus Plasmid or Gene Tonic. Oh ..... you can also kill the "enemy" first and then take a picture of the corpse. But this gives you fewer Research points at a time, so you have to photograph many more Freaks to reach the highest Research level. And this does not work with security cameras and security bots.

The Security camera is not a digital camera. It is a kind of polaroid camera, so you need rolls of film for it. From now on you will also have to look for the rolls of film for the Research Camera, because if you run out of film, you cannot use the Research Camera for a while. From now on you can also buy rolls of film in the "Circus of Value" machines.

After you have photographed a Spider Freak 3 times with the Research Camera, you no longer need to use the Research Camera. As with so many things in Bioshock ..... You have to decide for yourself whether you are going to use the Research Camera. However, if you also want to earn all Research Bonuses, you just use the Research Camera on every Freak as standard from now on before you kill them. I'm not going to tell you this with every Freak, Security camera, Big Daddy ..Just do it 

C: Photograph 3 Spider Freaks with the Research Camera:

The Research Camera is immediately active and works just like your firearms. Peach Wilkins instructs you to take a photo of 3 different Spider Freaks. Well ... your first Spider Freak is trapped behind the armored window. Before you photograph the Spider, take a good look at the Spider so that you know how to recognize a Spider. Spider Freaks have sickle-shaped knives instead of hands and they climb walls and hang from ceilings.

Aim the viewfinder / lens of the Research Camera well at the Spider Freak and then press your Fire key to take the photo and .....

 You will then see a "development screen" in which you can see how the photo is "developed". An then you will see the "New Research Level Reached" screen.

You have now taken 1 photo of 1 Spider Freak. You still have to photograph 2 Spider Freaks with the Research Camera, but from now on use the Research Camera on every Freak, Security camera, Big Daddy and the like until you have reached the highest Research Level for each of these different "enemies". Again ..... I assume that you do this by default from now on. Exit the "Interrogation Room" again and follow the hallway back to the office with the VITACHAMBER and the Gene Bank and ..... BOOM .... A wall explodes and a Freak storms in. Take a picture of the Freak and then finish it off.

The wall between the office and the next room has now disappeared. So walk straight ahead and then look to the right and ...... you will see a fallen "Gatherer's Garden".

A large hole has been punched in the wall at the fallen "Gatherer's Garden".

Stand in the hole on the edge and look down. On a wide ledge just below you is a red Plasmid.

Below you is the area behind the fence that you could not pass when you entered the Upper Wharf. In the corner you see a "Circus of Value" and there is also a Freak ranting and raving. A security camera hangs above the "Circus of Value". Crawl up the wide ledge to the Plasmid and ....... I will tell it one more time ........ First, from your high position, make a Research Photo of that Security camera and that Freak standing on the floor.

Then destroy the Security camera and kill the Freak. You can hit "2 birds with 1 stone" here when you fire a Grenade at the Freak via the Grenade Launcher because the exploding grenade will kill the Freak as well as disable the Camera. When this is done grab the red "Security Bullseye" Plasmid

Store the Plasmid in the Gene Bank or swap it immediately with 1 of your active Plasmids.

Turn right and crawl to the ledge and drop down to the lower ledge and pick up the Machine Gun there.

Then turn around and crawl back to the edge and now jump down to the floor. To the right, at the 2 conveyor belts, you can find an Audio Diary in the chest.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it while going to the "Circus of Value".

If you want then hack the "Circus of Value" first. You can also buy off the Hack or use an Auto-Hack tool if you still have one. Then go through the "golden" door. 

You are then in a short hallway. There is another Audio Diary in the pipe niche. Pick it up and listen to it.

Get out of the niche and turn right and ...... Atlas reports again. Let Atlas go and go through the next door and ..... You end up in a glass tunnel.

The first thing you will encounter in the tunnel is a "Bot Shutdown" and it is not here for fun. 

After the "Bot shutdown" there is a security camera, above a bench with an Audio Diary on it. The camera is on the right.

Photograph the Camera to take your Security Research Level back to the next level, then quickly destroy the camera before it sees you and sets off the alarm. 

If you have "Winterblast" then you freeze the camera first and then you smash the fucking thing.

If the alarm does go off, you quickly run back to the "Bot Shutdown" and use that thing to turn the alarm off again. 

When you've dealt with the camera, go and grab the "Fontain Smuggler's" Audio Diary that's on the bench.

There will be 2 Leadhead Freaks here in the tunnel and so I completed my Leadhead Freak Research with the Research Camera and as a reward I received the "Scrounger" Gene Tonic. So now I no longer have to photograph those Leadhead Freaks with the Research Camera. The tunnel splits here. To the left it goes to "The Fighting McDnaght Tavern" and to the right to the "Jet Postal" post office. We will now first go to the Post Office.

So go straight ahead, down the stairs, and then turn right and then disappear through the "golden door" at the end and .... You end up in:

Jet Postal Post Office:

The post office consists of 3 rooms. You enter the front room. On the left is a "Circus of Value" but you will not get the opportunity to go straight to it. The door to the middle room and the back room opens almost immediately and from there you will be bombarded by a piece or 2 Leadhead Freaks. Run through the door and kill the Freaks ......

You are then in the narrow middle room. If you have killed the Freaks here, and possibly photographed  them with your Research Camera, then you go to the back room. 

Watch out because there is a Security camera and ..... your 2nd Spider Freak shows up.

Photograph the Spider Freak and then kill the bitch.

You will be notified that you have now photographed 2 of the 3 Spider Freaks. Deal with the Security Camera and if it triggers the alarm you can turn it off again with the "Bot Shutdown" that hangs in the back niche. You have now photographed 2 of 3 Spider Freaks. You will encounter the 3rd Spider Freak in "The Fighting McDnaght Tavern". But first you can score some useful items here in the post office. In 1 of the compartments of the mailbox you can pick up a film roll for your Research Camera.

In the middle room you can loot a cash register and score some other items. In the front room you will find a Film roll on a table and an Audio Diary.

The Audio Diary is on the table to the right of the entrance. It's the "Death Penalty In Rapture" Audio Diary.

In the "Circus of Value" you can replenish your ammo and now also buy rolls of film for the Research Camera. If you want to do this at discounted prices, hack the "Circus of Value" first. When you are sure that you have completely ransacked this "Jet Postal" Post Office, exit the Post Office and follow the glass tunnel straight ahead and go through the door at the other end.

The Fighting McDnaght Tavern:

The stairs will take you to the "Ryan Club" bar of the "The Fighting McDnaght Tavern". 

On the left is a "Circus of Value" and on the right a Gene Bank and the VITACHAMBER. Probably 2 Freaks will pop up right away.

Unless you really urgently need to replenish your ammo supplies or exchange Plasmids, leave the Gene Bank and the "Circus of Value" alone for now. 

Go up the stairs and ..... you will enter the 

  Ryan Club  bar.

There are a few Freaks roaming around the bar, so find those Freaks here first and take them out. You won't find your 3rd Spider Freak down here in the bar yet. There are also 2 Audio Diaries down here and there is a cash register on the bar counter that you can loot. By the windows you will find the "Working Late" Audio Diary on a table. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it.

Then go back to the entrance and then turn around again because on the table near the pillar you can still find the "Smuggling Ring" Audio Diary.

When you are listening to the "Smuggling Ring" Audio Diary, look to the right. You will then see the passage to the rear of the Bar counter. Go behind the bar counter.

Behind the bar counter is the door to the basement. The door is locked but the electric door opener has a short circuit.

Zap the door opener with "Electric Bolt" to open the door, then step into the basement.

A Healthstation hangs on the wall and right in front of you you see the door of the "small cellar". Immediately turn clockwise.You then look into the "large cellar". 

In the "large cellar" there is water on the floor and 2 Freaks are in it. Zap the water with "Electric Bolt" to take out those 2 Freaks in one fell swoop.

Do not enter the "big cellar" yet, but turn left and go first through the gray door into the "small cellar".

Then walk all the way back to the desk and grab the "Rapture is Changing" Audio Diary and listen to it.

While listening to the "Rapture is Changing" Audio Diary, turn around. There are boxes on the wall and behind those boxes is a crawl space.

When you walk towards those boxes you hear the crackling of a Turret and .......The entrance to that crawl space is shot open.

It turns out that a crazy Freak in the crawl space has activated the Turret and that Freak paid dearly. Pop or kick the box in front of the hole. Then duck and look into the crawl space and quickly take out the Turret that is in the crawl space and you are going to fire. Then crawl into the crawl space and hack open the safe and then loot the safe. You can score an Auto Hack Tool in this Safe.

Crawl out of the crawlspace and exit the "little cellar" and now go to the "big cellar". So there is water on the floor of the "large cellar" and there is a Healthstation on the intermediate wall. However, there is a security camera on the other side of the dividing wall, so be careful.

Zap the security camera with "Electric Bolt" or with "Winterblast", if you want to hack the camera, or smash the damn thing immediately.

When you have dealt with the Security camera, turn around. In the wall you can see the grate of a drainage channel.

Go to the grate and remove it and then crawl into the sewer. Crawl through the sewer until you can't go any further and then turn left into the next sewer channel.

At the end of the 2nd sewer, the "Meeting Ryan" Audio Diary floats in the smelly water.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it as you crawl out the sewer. So you end up at the VITACHAMBER, the Gene Bank and the "Circus of Value".

Go up the stairs again, into the "Ryan Club Bar". Walk in front of the pillar and the bar arch to the windows and then look to the right and .... 

........you will see the entrance to the toilets and the stairs to the 1st floor.

Go up the stairs and ...... 

When you get to the top you will probably have to take out 1 or 2 Freaks, including a Nitro-Freak that crashes down from the 2nd floor.

 At the back of the hallway you will see the gray door of Room 5. Enter Room 5.

In Room 5 you can hack and loot a Safe and pick up some ammo and an EVE hypo.

Then go back outside and ........ your 3rd Spider Freak will now show up in the hallway.

in order for this 3rd Spider Freak to appear, you must have entered Room 5 first. If you then leave Room 5 again, the Spider will appear. Visiting Room 5 is the "trigger" to make the Spider appear, but you don't necessarily have to open that safe.
Photograph the Spider with your Research Camera and then skillfully send the jumping cock to Freak Hell. You will be informed that you have now photographed 3 Spiders and that you must now return to Peach Wilkins in "Fontaine Fisheries". Atlas will also be nagging you. However, you are here in The "The Fighting McDnaght Tavern" and here is also the hotel room of that Mariska Lutz, who lost her daughter Masha. So go up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

The sad story of Mariska and Masha Lutz:

On the second floor you will find a Healthstation and rooms 6 and 7. Room 7 is Mariska Lutz's room and the door has a code lock.

 Luckily you heard and noted the code for room 7 through the "Masha Come Home" Audio Diary. The code is 7533. Enter the code on the code lock and room 7 will open.

So enter room 7. It is dark in the room, but there is just enough dim light to see that there is a nice piece of Freak Corpse on the bed. 

The "Saw Masha Today" Audio Diary is located by the body. Take the Diary and listen to Mariska Lutz's sad account of what happened to her missing daughter Masha.

Masha was "caught" by Tennenbaum and "turned" into a Little Sister. As a reward for finding and listening to the 2 Mariska Lutz Audio Diary, a board blows out of the wall in the room and a hole in the wall becomes visible. In the wall hole you will find the "Shorten Alarms" Tonic

Grab the Tonic and decide what you want to do with it ... Activate immediately or save it in the Gene Bank. If you want to activate the tonic right now, you will have to exchange it with 1 of your already activated Tonics because you no longer have an empty slot. Exit Room 7 and go to Room 6 door. Zap the room 6 door's electric strike with "Electric Bolt" and enter. Oops ...... Kill the living Freak, who is feeding on the chained corpse by the bed.

I hope that I don'thave to tell you  again that you can still use the Research Camera on the different Freaks etc. for which you have not yet reached the highest Research Level? ..... You know that, don't you? Near the bloody chained body is the equally bloody "Arresting Fontaine" Audio Diary, so pick it up and listen to it.

You are now all set to return to Peach Wilkins in the "Fontaine Fisheries:

D: Back to Peach Wilkins in "Fontain Fisheries":

Leave Room 6 and ..... Well ..... Kill all Freaks and also use the Research Camera on Freaks of which you have not yet reached the highest Research Level. Go back down to the "Ryan Club Bar" floor and kill the Freaks along the way. You will now also be dealing with a new Freak and that is the Securitybot Freak. This Freak controls a red flying Securitybot and you can recognize the Freak by the red circle on both the Bot and the Freak.

Kill the Freaks as you exit the "Ryan Club" using the same route you entered. At the bottom of the stairs you can still use the "Circus of Value", if you had not already done so. Go back through the "golden" door into the glass tunnel and then follow the route back to the "Upper Wharf". In the Glass Tunnel, a Freak is busy installing a Turret, on the spot where the Security camera was ...

Quickly take out the Freak and then the Turret (remember the Research Camera) and follow the glass tunnel back and then down the short hallway to the "Upper Wharf" area.

The gate, which was previously closed, is now open so kill the Freaks and continue. There may be a lonely Big Daddy roaming around here right now and if so, use the Research Camera on it, but otherwise leave the Big Daddy alone. You shouldn't waste time and precious ammo on Big Daddy's without Little Sisters. Then disappear left through the door and follow the staircase back down and return to the large balcony where the Gene Bank and the Gatherer's Garden are.

Back on the large balcony you see, on the ledge, your reward is in the form of a Plasmid, but before you can grab the reward a chick Spider Freak will jump on your neck. This is your last chance to film your 3rd Spider Freak with the Research camera, in case you missed the Spider in the Tavern.

Well ..... Fuck with the Spider Freak Bitch until she dies by it, but she is tough and will not be "satisfied" just like that, so come up with the best working strategy for yourself. When the bitch is dead you go and get the Plasmid that stand waiting for you on the edge of the balcony all this time.

Then go down the stairs to the corrugated iron shed and climb back on the roof of the shed via the round beam ...

Jump from the shed roof again on the iron plate that is on top of the stack of boxes and then jump again to the door on the left. 

Then enter the front hall of "Fontain Fisheries" again and tickle the Witch between the legs.

E: Fontain Fisheries:

Go past the thick pillar again to the Fontaine Fisheries door and knock on the door again by pressing your E-key and ........

...... Mad Peach Wilkins opens the hatch again and starts pissing at you again. .

You also get the "Goal Completed" screen. Wilkins talks to you for a while and Atlas also has something to say, but eventually Wilkins opens the door anyway. So step inside. You end up in a front hall and Wilkins reports again. Wilkins doesn't want you to take your firearms inside, so he wants you to put all your firearms in the "golden" trash can.

Atlas also reports and says that you have another option than to hand in your firearms. But Wilkins cannot take your Plasmids from you.

So continue to the "golden" trash can and then press your "E-key" to deposit all your firearms in it.

The red Pipe Wrench is now your only weapon, besides the Plasmids you have active in your left hand. Now that you have relinquished the firearms the next door will also open. Look to the left. You will see a Gene Bank here and a free Gene Tonic, which is half in the ice. You also get your new assignment and that is to find the Submarine Base.

For the next part you will need at least the "Incinerate" and the "Electric Bolt" Plasmids and it is also useful if you have activated the "Telekinesis". If you do not have these 3 Plasmids active on your left hand, I advise you to dive into the Gene Bank here to activate these 3 Plasmids now. I've already explained how to do that, so I'm not going to do that again.

With "Incinerate" you melt the ice, which contains the yellow Gene Tonic and then you pick up this Gene Tonic. It's the "Focus Hacker" tonic

Save the Tonic in the Gene Bank, or activate it immediately ...... your choice ...... and then continue through the door. 

You end up in the middle hall and here you can pick up an Auto-Hack tool that is in the ice. First melt the ice again with "Incinerate".

You are almost there but not quite yet and in a moment you have to fight a hard fight with Peach Wilkins and his army of Freaks. Unfortunately you don't have any firearms anymore, only the wrench and your Plasmids and you will have to do with that. Continue through the next corridor and ......

You end up in a big room and it gets foggy for a moment ..... You hear Peach Wilkins and you understand that you are screwed because ..... 

.....Wilkins wants to kill you ........ After a few seconds the fog goes away  and ..... you are immediately get attacked from different sides:

 Kill Peach Wilkins:

You face a "Circus of Value" and a "Bot shutdown" and Freaks are firing at you.

Run around this room and use the puddles of oil floating on the floor to lure Freaks in it and then zap the oil with "Electric Bolt" and / or "Incinerate".

There is also a deactivated Securitybot somewhere that you can hack so that it turns green and then starts attacking the Freaks for you.

Both left and right there are 2 round metal doors, which are blocked by ice. If you melt the ice with "Incinerate" then those 4 round doors will open and you can also enter those 4 side rooms. But the Freaks will follow you. Between the 2 round doors on the right side of the room is a security camera that sounds an alarm, causing red security bots to appear.

You can zap the red Securitybots with "Electric Bolt" or "Incinerate" so they fall to the floor and then you can Hack them to make them green so that the Bots will target the Freaks for you. In the back is the exit but it won't open until you've killed all the Freaks here, including Peach. To the left of the exit is a Turret in a deep recess and you cannot reach that Turret. To take out that Turret, pick up a nice fat Freak Corpse with "Telekinesis" and then throw the corpse at the Turret. If you aim well, the Turret will explode

I don't have more tips for you ....... survive this big Boss Fight and when everyone but yourself is dead, the exit will open. You can then pick up some things in the 4 side rooms, which are hidden under ice. So use "Incinerate" to keep melting the ice. In 1 of the 4 side rooms you cannot go through because of the cupboards, but you can melt the ice behind the cupboards and then pull a lot of dollar bills towards you with "Telekinesis".

Then go through the exit and to the "golden" trash can and take all your weapons out again.

G: To End  this level:

You have all your firearms back but you will find that you now have very little ammo for each weapon. This is not a Bug in the game, but this is how it is intended. You can go back to the "Circus of Value" in the room to see if you can buy new ammo supplies there, but I don't believe this is possible. 

At the trash can, go further to the "basement" and ..... you will see your 1st "Power To The People" machine ......

Power To The People

In a "Power To The People" you can choose 1 Update for 1 of your firearms completely free of charge.

Activate the "Power To The People" to enter the screen.

You can only use each "Power of the People" once and you can only choose 1 Update for 1 weapon. So choose which Update you want for which weapon to receive the upgrade from this first "Power To The People". Again .... You may only choose 1 Update .. To the left and right you see a round door that has been frozen by ice.

Melt the ice at the 2 doors with "Incinerate". First go through the left round door into the left side room. In the left side room, kill a few Freaks and melt the ice.

Walk to the back. There is an Audio Diary on the chest of drawers and there is also a Safe here. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it.

If you want, hack open the Safe and then get the stuff out. Exit this left side room and go to the right side room. There are cupboards in the right side room and in the back you get to see a scene with 2 ghosts. When the 2 ghosts have disappeared again you will see a lot of ice in the corner.

Melt the iceberg in the corner and ........ a hole in the wall becomes visible ....... and that hole is the "exit" from this chapter ....

So crawl through the wall hole into the narrow pipe tunnel ...... Atlas reports and says you're almost there .....

So walk on and ... after a few steps and the long Loading you will end up in ......

Chapter 4: Smuggler's Hideout

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot