2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Chapter 5:

Freaks are "mobile" in this game, that is, they roam within their environment. Freaks also react to what you do. I will only point out Freaks who are really important to you. For the rest, you just have to keep your eyes open and decide for yourself how you want to deal with the Freaks, depending on the options you have. Don't forget to use the Research Camera on Freaks, Big Daddy's, Turrets, Cameras of which you have not yet reached the highest Research level. It will get you free Bonus Gene Tonics and sometimes a free Plasmid. I'm not going keep saying this to you.

At the end of Chapter 4, you activated the "R" door in the airlock and that door is now open. So get out of the airlock and .....

Stand still and listen to Atlas and then to Andrew Ryan and then to Atlas again .....

Collect as much stuff as possible for the "U-Invent" machines:

So Atlas says that you have to go to the "Rolling Hills", but your new assignment is to reach the Metro Station first ....... Further down the hall is a stack of crates. Continue to the boxes. They are Smugglers' crates and the crate on the ground is open and you can loot and you should definitely do that ...

From now on I advise you to loot these smugglers' crates and also to grab everything you come across here and there. Most of what you take out of the crates and find on the ground is junk and at first glance doesn't seem to matter, but from now on you will also encounter the so-called "U-Invent" machines. In these "U-Invent" machines the junk that picked up here and there are transformed into usable items. So always loot the crates and boxes you come across and always pick up the things that are scattered on the floor. Also loot the Corpses and any other chests you come across for useful items in the "U-Invent" machines.

So immediately start looting the one crate that is on the floor in front of the stack of crates. You take an empty Hypo from the chest

Then jump on the crate and jump off the other side to get past these crates.

The next crate does not contain anything of interest, so proceed to the crate next to the wall and loot that crate.

I got a can of kerosene from this crate. Continue and then crawl under the pipe and then run up the stairs ...

The crates on the stairs didn't hold anything on me, so run further up and then break the padlock of the door with your Wrench to open the door ....

The Tea Garden:

This Tea Garden consists of 3 rooms and you are now in the front room, which turns out to be a cemetery. There is a building in the middle and behind the building you see a door with 2 torches of which only the left torch is burning. Go to the "Torch door". The "Torch door" is closed and will not open when you push it. The left torch burns but the right torch doesn't burn. So set the right torch on fire with "Incinerate" and ..... The door will open.

Go in and loot the Smuggler's Crate ...

I took a rubber hose and a tube of glue from this box. Then go behind the chest and pick up some Proximity Grenades from the floor. 

A tank with kerosene leans in the wall niche and there is another crate.

Grab the Kerosene and see if there is anything of interest in the crate. 

Go back outside and then, past the building, right back through the gate and you will end up in the 2nd room of the Tea Garden.

You are standing in front of a bridge in the path. Do not cross the bridge but look to the left. There is a body in the stream and some bottles.

Jump into the stream and wade through the water to the body. Loot the corpse and pick up all the items you can pick up from the stream. Then go to the right bank and ..... You will see a camera lying in the grass. There is also a film roll at the camera. Ahead, in the corner, an Audio Diary is waiting for you by the overturned chair

Grab the Audio Diary and the film roll if you have  run out of film rolls. Then walk towards the overturned chair and then look right, at the "Arcadia Glens" door. 

A Lady Ghost will appear at the door, so watch the scene at your leisure ...

The ghost disappears right through the door. Turn left and now pick up the Audio Diary, at the overturned chair in the corner ...

Listen to the Audio Diary as you walk back to the "Arcadia Glens" door. Go through the "Arcadia Glens" door.

You are then in the 3rd room of the Tea Garden. Right in front of you is a bench and an Audio Diary next to that bench. But first 2 ghosts appear on the bench.

The female is the ghost you just saw. She has a date here with her boyfriend Dieter Sonneklab. 

Dieter is horny and luckily for Dieter the female is also looking forward to it. When this scene is over, walk to the bench and pick up the Audio Diary.

While listening to the Audio Diary, follow the path further to the right. Halfway through you will see that the entrance door of "Arcadia Glens" is completely blocked.

So walk further and in the corner you can pick up another Audio Diary, at the yellow seat.

Also pick up the EVE hypo, if you can use it, and continue through the doo,r back to the middle garden.

Continue to the Tree and then to the left and go through the "Rapture Metro / Arcadia Glens" door

You end up in a kind of mine corridor and for a moment you see, right in front of you, your 1st Houdini Freak, who immediately teleports itself away.

However, you will soon see the Houdini again.

Houdini Freaks:

Houdinis come as males and as females and they are fast. Houdini's can make themselves invisible and they will teleport themselves away and then reappear behind you. Houdini's shoot with fire. Just before a Houdini really becomes visible you see a gray "cloud" and they disappear again as a gray "cloud". So as soon as you see the "gray" cloud you just start shooting at it. You also have to use your Research Camera on the Houdini's because Houdini's also give you research Bonus. It is best to zap Houdini's with Electric Bolt or with Winterblast. While they are paralyzed , take the photo with the Research Camera and then quickly finish the job with your fire arms.

You are still in the Tea Garden, but now in a kind of mine. That Houdini Freak has teleported himself away. If you look to the right you will see the stairs to the top but do not go there yet. First go to the left because there you can pick up some Ammo in an "watery" room. If you then walk back to the stairs, the Houdini pops up again ......

You don't get a chance to kill the Houdini again because the bastard zaps himself away again. Continue to the stairs but do not go up right away. Behind the stairs is also a room where you can also pick up some things. Then go up the stairs and it is very likely that you will encounter Houdini on the stairs. When you got upstairs you end up in a spacious attic and here you can start killing that Houdini ........

So kill the Houdini ....... So when the Houdini is visible, quickly zap him / her with "Electric Bolt" to paralyze the Houdini and then blast him / her some blue beans through the body. Loot the corpse and then continue to search this attic. To the right is a spacious cove with a Gene Bank hanging on the wall. At the windows you can pick up and listen to an Audio Diary.

This attic has 2 crawl spaces where you can find some stuff. One crawl space is open but the other has a hatch that you must open first.

In the already open crawl space you can pick up an Auto-Hacktool, among other things. 

There is a corpse in the closed crawl space that you can loot. You have to open the hatch first.

Be careful ..... entering the closed crawl space is a "Trigger" causing a Freak to appear in the attic, so keep this in mind when you crawl out of the crawl space. When you are done in this attic you disappear through the door and you end up on the passage, above the Tea Garden where you were just before.

Kill the Freak that comes running towards you and also kill the Freak that appears on the opposite side of the balcony.

There is nothing else to do here, so keep walking and disappear through the next door to the next attic.

BEWARE ...... FREAKS and a TURRET "welcome" you warmly and invite you to join them in the celebration. 

Thank the Freaks by killing them quickly and competently. 

To the left is a closed door with an electric door opener. On the right is a "Circus of Value" and there is also the Turret.

Zap and Hack the Turret and then Hack the "Circus of Value" and then buy Ammo.

Then go to the closed door and zap the door lock with "Electric Bolt" to open the door and then loot the deep cupboard.

You can then continue to leave this attic via the hallway, but you can also hack a Safe here that is in a crawl space.

On the right is a Healthstation and there are also a number of plants. Behind the Healthstation you see a hatch in the wall.

Go to the hatch and then duck and open the hatch. Then crawl into the crawl space and hack open the safe and take the items out.

Look to the right and .... you will see another hatch in the wall. Open that hatch and ..... wait ........ You look into a side room and see a Freak.

You also see that 2 Electric "Trapwires" have been placed and those things are deadly ....

If you're lucky, that stupid Freak walks through 1 of those 2 "Trapwires" and you see what those bitches do. So the Freak kills himself. There is another "Trapwire" at the table and you can remove those things with "Telekinesis". Later in the game you will get the Crossbow with which you can place this kind of "Trapwire" Spears yourself. Well ..... crawl out of the crawl space and loot the Freak  corpse and search this room and then go out through the door again.

Follow the "Rapture Metro" signs, so go down the stairs and kill another Freak below.

At the back right you continue through the corridor and ..... you will reach the "Arcadia Glens" door.

So here you are now on the other side of the pile of rubble. Go through the Arcadia Glens door

Arcadia Glens:

As soon as you enter you see how a Freak bitch gets "cooked" ....

The Freak chickie will not survive. Also walk up the steps. You can then turn left and right. Your route continues to the left but first turn right.

The corridor is a dead end, but in the distance you can now see your first "U-Invent" machine at the back wall.

Just before the "U-Invent" a corpse is lying on the floor. Loot the corpse because this corpse has usefull things that you can use in the "U-Invent".

Do not go to the "U-Invent" yet, but turn around. Behind you is a staircase that goes down to the underground canal. Go down the stairs to the canal.

The water in the canal is not deep so you will not drown. Turn around at the bottom of the stairs. You will then see, behind the stairs, the semicircular entrance to a crawl space.

Just before that entrance, a corpse leans against the stairs.

Loot the corpse and then go a little further to just before the semicircular arch entrance. Beware ..... the arch entrance is protected by such a "Trapwire spear".

Use "Telekinesis" to remove the "Trapwire" then crawl inside. There is a crate in the right corner. 

There is a Pistol on the crate that you can take. Also loot the crate because then you score a number of items that you can use in the "U-Invent".

Crawl back to the canal. You can then first explore the underground channel, but I am not doing this yet.

I now first go out of the canal via the stairs and now to that "U-Invent" machine ....

Hack the "U-Invent". You can do the Hack yourself or you sacrifice 1 of your Auto-Hacktools for it.

When you've hacked  from the "U-Invent" then press your "E-key" to get to the "U-Invent" screen.

U-Invent machines:

During your wanderings through Rapture, you loot corpses and crates to remove items such as glue tubes, rubber tubes, etc. 

With this kind of stuff you can make useful stuff like ammunition for your weapons in these so-called "U-Invent" machines.

In the "U-Invent" screen you can see which Ammo you could make. You also see which items you need (Requires) for each type of ammo and you see how much of each item you have (Inventory). If you do not have the right items for a certain type of Ammo, or not enough, you can not make the ammo. Well ... the screen seems clear enough to me, so find out for yourself. If you don't like this hassle with the "U-Invent" machines, then skip these machines in the future, but that's up to you

When you are done with the "U-Invent" click on the "Close" button and then turn around. Now just follow the hall all the way to the back.

Access to the "Farmers Market" is blocked, so you can not enter it.

The corridor then turns right and you will see a number of direction signs and .... On the left is a VITACHAMBER and a Healthstation.

Quickly look to the right and ........ you will see a "Gatherer's Garden ....

At the "Gatherer's Garden" a Big Daddy and his Little Sister are busy. Probably the Big Daddy is in a fight with Bitch Freak, who is quite tough. So wait a while until the Big Daddy has dealt with the Bitch. In the meantime, you could hack or destroy the Healthstation here, to prevent the Freak Bitch from using the Healthstation. This will allow the Big Daddy to deal with the Bitch faster. It is also possible that the bitch flees into the "Waterfall Grotto". The Big Daddy and his Little Sister will then go after the Bitch.

Anyway, once the Big Daddy has taken care of the Bitch, you can go ahead. Attack the Big Daddy and kill him. You have to come up with the best tactic that works for you to deal with the Big Daddy. When the Daddy is dead loot his corpse and decide whether you want to "Harvest" or "Rescue" the Little Sister. Again ............. I save all the Little Sisters in this game, but you have to know it all for yourself.

However, rescuing the Little Sister will earn you another Teddy Bear as a reward, from Tennenbaum. If the Teddy Bear is not immediately here at the "Gatherer's Garden" then you walk back to the "U-Invent" and right back and ..... a Little Sister will then put the Teddy Bear at the "Gatherer's Garden" for you.

Loot the Teddy Bear. You now have ADAM again so you can buy stuff right now in this "Gatherer's Garden", or you don't do this yet ....

 Again .... you have to decide it all for yourself. But at this "Gatherer's Garden" I bought several Plasmids and Gene Slots and also the "Electric Bolt 2" Plasmid.

As you can see, this "Gatherer's Garden" has several Slots for sale. They are Plasmid Slots, Physical Gene Tonic Slots, Engineering Gene Tonic Slots, and Combat Slots. Each of the slots is for a certain kind of Gene Tonic or Plasmid. You can immediately activate the Tonics and your Plasmids that you have stored in the Gene Bank in the empty slot that you buy here.

If you decide to buy the "Electric Bolt 2" your "Electric Bolt 1" will automatically be upgraded to "Electric Bolt 2".

So spend your ADAM here in the "Gatherer's Garden" as you wish and then enter the "Waterfall Grotto" ...

Waterfall Grotto:

You end up in the front hall of the Waterfall Grotto. In the back left corner is a "U-Invent" and there is also a dead body there.

 At the bottom of the "U-Invent" are a pair of "Heat Seeking Grenades" for your Grenade Launcher.

If you have collected enough items for use in the "U-Invent" then you can see what you can get out of this "U-Invent", but I will wait until I have looted the entire Waterfall Grotto. Also loot the corpse and then turn up and continue. Under the "Waterfall Grotto" sign there is an Audio Diary on the bench.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it. To the right of the bench is the passage to the rest of the Waterfall Cave. So walk carefully down the stairs and ..... Stand still .....

The passage is blocked by some "Trapwire Spears", so you can not go down the stairs. Stand on the ledge and look down, but be careful because there are 2 Turrets here. Turret 1 is on the top left and Turret 2 is on the bottom right. So look down ..... At the bottom of the cave is a layer of water and a Freak is running around.

Zap the water, or the Freak, with "Electric Bolt" and finish the job with your fire arms if necessary. On the other side you see a staircase. Jump down and then run quickly to the stairs because the 2 Turrets will take you under fire. Run up the stairs and then quickly run to the back and ZAP the Security camera, which is hanging in the back corner and shoot the thing right away.

Don't try to hack the security camera because you won't survive because of Turret 1 on the left.

So Zap the Camera and then destroy the thing and then run to Turret 1, while also Zapping Turret 1 with "Electric Bolt". 

While Turret 1 is "zapped" you Hack the Thing, so hit your "C Key". You can do the Hack yourself or you buy the Hack or you use 1 of your Auto-Hacktools.

The Hacked Turret 1 will then be green and will then target Turret 2, which is directly opposite Turret 1 but below. Turret 2 in turn will then target Turret 1, so quickly go back to the corner of the hallway and then down 1 flight of stairs and then turn back so that you are looking again at the corner where the security camera was hanging.

On the right you see a closed door that has an electricity problem. Zap the door lock with "Electric Bolt" to open the door and then enter the deep pipe cupboard.

The "cupboard" turns a corner and there is an Audio Diary on the floor. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it. There is also an EVE hypo and some ammo here and there is a crate somewhere with "U-Invent" stuff.  Go back out of this deep closet and then descend back down to the watery bottom of the cave and ..... Immediately look to the left and Zap Turret 2 with "Electric Bolt".

You have to decide  yourself if you're going to destroy Turret 2 or if you're going to hack the thing. However, I recommend that you also hack this Turret 2 because you will come back here again and then the 2 hacked Turrets will do you a world of good here. To the right of Turret 2 you see a "Little Sister shaft" and to the right of that "Little Sister Shaft" there is an Audio Diary on a stone by the wall.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it, then look to the right, at the huge Water Wheel at the right wall.

At the Water wheel you see a large Rose Bush and there is also a chest with an Audio Diary on it.

So go to the Roses and grab the Audio Diary and listen to it and also loot the chest.

 Remember that here is the Rose Bush because you will come back here to pick a Rose. Turn around and ..... you will see a passage to a side cave.

There is a Gene Bank in the side cave and there is a chest that you can loot, as well as a "Fire-spitting Turret". So you have to know for yourself whether you think it worth while to enter the side cave. Anyway, now go back to where Turret 1 is, because that's where the stairs to exit this cave are. However, the trap is blocked by 2 "Trapwire Spears".

Use "Telekinesis" to pull the front "Trapwire Spear" out of the wooden stair post, then shoot it against the rear "Trapwire Spear". Both spears explode and you can then safely go up the stairs, back to the front hall of this "Waterfall Grotto". If you want, use the "U-Invent" and then go back outside to the Gatherer's Garden. Back in the hallway where the Gatherer's Garden is located you can now continue to follow the Rapture Metro signs but you can also search the underground Canal first and that is what I will do first. So go to the VITACHAMBER and the Healthstation Right behind the Healthstation is an entrance to the Canal .....

Go via the "Canal Access" down the stairs to the underground canal.

Down in the channel you turn left but beware..... there is a Houdini living in this channel, so ..... Research the bastard with the camera and then Kill it ....

Loot the Houdini corpse and continue following the canal. The canal then turns left with a right-angled bend and then down via a waterfall ....

Keep following the canal, so jump low at the waterfall and follow the canal further to the end.

Climb the stones at the end and then look left. There is a "Circus of Value" here.

Hack the "Circus of Value" and then buy the ammo you can afford at reduced prices. Turn around and walk over the stones to the hall.

There are 2 binoculars at the large windows, which you can do nothing with. A "Bot shutdown" hangs on the wall in the left side hall. 

Go left into the side hall and then turn left again and walk to the "Little Sister shaft" and then go through the door.

In the "watery" room you quickly kill the Houdini (first research with your Research Camera). On the left is a Gene Bank and on the right a "U-Invent". 

Go to the "U-Invent". On the shelves is a machine gun and there is also a body.

There are also a few boxes here that may contain some useful junk for the "U-Invent". Hack, if you want, the "U-Invent and see if you have accumulated enough junk to factory some stuff here again. When you're done here, go back to the hall. Another Freak might show up. at the exit. 

Go through the door and the next and follow the hallway and you will come to the entrance of the Rolling Hills.

The "Rolling Hills" door is on the left. The "Tree Farm" door is blocked and on the right it goes back to the Gatherer's Garden and the Waterfall Grotto.

Atlas reports again ....... Watch out ..... there is a security camera hanging here and you see that damn think when you turn around and look up.

Zap the camera and hack the thing or smash the cunt thing to pieces right away. For me the 2nd Big Daddy and Little Sister of this level shows up here.

The Big Daddy and his Little Sister came from the right, from the Waterfall Grotto.

Decidefor yourself the best working strategy for killing the Big Daddy

When that is successful again you loot the Big Daddy Body and decide again whether you want to "Harvest" or "Resquen" the Little Sister.

You will have ADAM again, so you could go back to the Gatherer's Garden, at the Waterfall Grotto, to buy some more Slots, but why would you ... 

You are bound to come across more Gatherer's Gardens . So go through the "Rolling Hills" door ...

The "Rolling Hills" Forrest:

You have to endure the bullshit of Andrew Ryan for a bit, telling you something about this "Rolling Hills" forest. Turn left. Beyond the thick tree you see another tree ..... 

eware .... behind that 2nd tree is a Grenade Turret and a Freak is also hopping around.

Make sure the 2nd tree stays between you and the Turret as you run towards the tree. Then quickly zap the Turret with "Electric Bolt" and then Hack the Turret. The hacked Turret will then take care of the Freak, so once you've hack the Turret, retreat strategically for a moment and watch the Turret take care of the Freak from a distance.

Behind the Turret your route to the Bathysphere then continues. There's a lonely Big Daddy roaming around here in the woods.

The Big Daddy always walks a fixed route between 2 "Little Sisters shafts" and then he always pounds on those shafts to call his Little Sister. All the time I was here in the "Rolling Hills" forest, that Big Daddy kept walking back and forth and a Little Sister never came out of 1 of the 2 shafts. You can, if you want, follow the Big Daddy for a while, but this is of no use. It is also not useful to attack a Big Daddy who does not have a Little Sister because that will get you nothing ..... it only costs ammo and Eve. So just leave the Big Daddy alone and he will leave you alone. Below the "Rolling Hills" sign is an Audio Diary on a stone.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to Mariska Lutz as you go down the stairs to the left to the bottom hall of the forest.

When you have gone down the stairs, turn right into the lowest room of the forest.

At the back of this room is the passage to "Rapture Metro" and on the left is the passage to a Laboratory.

Walk to the tree in the middle of the room and ........... You feel a wind and the "Rapture Metro" door closes ..... 

Atlas reports and he tells you know that  the filthy bastard Andrew Ryan has released some poison. All trees in Arcadia are now effectively dead.

This is a problem because the trees in Arcadia provided Rapture's full oxygen supply. No oxygen ... no life. Atlas tells you about Julie Longford. Julie Longford is responsible for the trees and plants in Arcadia and Atlas thinks she will want to save her trees. So your new assignment is to find that Julie Longford.

 Julie Longford:

Julie Longford's laboratory is nearby. So go through the "Research Laboratories" gate, but watch out .... In the right corner hangs a security camera.

Take care off the security camera. To the left this hall is blocked, but there is an "El Ammo Bandito" that you can chop and then replenish your supplies. Go through the "Professor Longford" door. You end up in the front hall of Longford's lab. Continue to the closed door and ..... Julie Longford will appear on the 2 screens.

Julie Longford is "pissed" on Ryan for killing all of her beautiful trees. 

But Longford thinks she can repair the damage, but she needs a certain Rose for that, the "Rosa Gallica". Such a rose can be found in the "Waterfall Grotto".

A Rose for Longford:

So you have to get a Rose for Julie Longford and that rose can be found in the "Waterfall Grotto", at the large Water Wheel. So now you have to go back to the "Waterfall Grotto". So go back to the bottom "Rolling Hills" hall and when you step back in there, about 3 Freaks will jump at you.

Kill the Freaks and cross the hall to the other side and into the hall where the stairs are. Because you spoke to Julie Longford, 2 hidden caves have now opened up in "Rolling Hills". There are 2 Houdini caves that house a Houdini. One cave is down here and the second cave is upstairs.

I advise you not to enter these 2 Houdini Caves yet, but to wait until you have dealt with Julie Longford ....... Go up the stairs again to the hall where the Turret is where you found the Mariska Lutz Audio Diary and then continue to the top hall and then exit the "Rolling Hills" to "Arcadia Glens". You will see that the "Tree Farm" is now also accessible, but you will not go there yet. Walk straight ahead and then turn right to the "Waterfall Grotto".

In the "Waterfall Grotto" 3 Freaks are dancing with a Gene Tonic ......

Research the Freaks with your Research Camera, if still needed, then Kill the Freaks ..... Then get the Free Gene Tonic .... It's the "Security Evasion" Tonic

I have no more empty slots so I store all tonics in the Gene Bank. Go to the large Water Wheel and pick 1 Rose and ...

.... Once you've picked the Rose the cave will fill up with Freaks, but the 2 Turrets you have hacked here earlier will deal with most Freaks. So run up the stairs and out of the "Waterfall Grotto". On the way you may also have to kill a few Freaks yourself. Return to the Rolling Hills and to Julie Longford's front hall .....Longford reappears on the 2 screens and tells you to put the Rose in the Pneumo. which is below the left screen

The Pneumo will turn gold, so press your E-key to deposit the Rose in the Pneumo ....

Longford then opens the door and invites you to come over to her laboratory ...

Bye Bye Julie Longford

So go through the now open door. You end up in the reception area of Longford's lab.

There is a free Tonic on the desk. It's your reward for finding the Rose, so go get the thing.

Rechts in de hoek ligt een Audio Diary op de grond bij de kasten.

In the right corner is an Audio Diary on the floor near the cabinets.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it, then go to the doors in the short hallway. There is a "Bot Shutdown" and Longford reports.

Longford says that you will not be bothered by the Turrets that are set up in her lab because she has hacket those 2 Turrets. However, there is also a security camera somewhere in the lab and you will have problems with that. So go through the doors. You are now in the actual lab, but not yet in Logford's lab. There is an Audio Diary on the work table

Take the Audio Diary and listen to it and then go to the other side of the wall. There's a Turret in the corner, but it won't hurt you now.

Go through the gate to the next room. In this room there is a Tree in a glass case

On the right is another Turret and here is also the Security camera and a Gene Bank hangs on the back wall.

First go left, into the side room where you will find a "Circus of Value" and a "U-Invent".

Do whatever you want with the "Circus of Value" and the "U-Invent" and then go back into the "tree room".

At the steps to the back room is Turret 2, but it does nothing now. The security camera hangs on the wall on the left.

Destroy or Hack the Security Camera then proceed to the Securis door in the back room.

Go through the Securis door and then follow the glass tunnel up and at the end disappear through the Securis door again.

You have reached Julie Longford's lab but you cannot enter it yet because the doors are locked. You can see Julie Longford through the window. Push your nose against the glass and take your time to see what's happening with Julie Longford ..... Andrew Ryan doesn't want Longford to "fix" Arcadia, so Ryan floods Julie's Lab with poison gas. Julie can't escape and she dies ....

With her very last breath, you manage to "write" the code of her safe on the window, but you see the code in mirror writing ...., Julie Longford then dies....

Atlas has lost it and screams that Ryan is always one step ahead of you. The gas is disappearing from the lab and the doors are now opening ...

Well .... enter Longford's Lab and search the lab ....

Longford's body is on the left, at the window. 

On the window pane you now also read the code for the safe and that is 9-4-5-7. Memorize the code and loot Logford's body.

Longford's corpse includes the "Lazarus Vector" Audio Diary, which you can hear right away. While listening to Longford, turn around and walk to the table.

On the table is a new weapon in front of you ... it is the "Chemical Thrower". Get the Chemical Thrower.

The "Chemical Thrower" needs liquid Nitroglycerine and such a tank is also on the table.

You see a flower painting hanging on the back wall. Go to that flower painting

Press your "E-key" and ..... Longford's wall safe is hidden behind the flower painting. 

Press your "E-key" again and then enter the numeric code 9-4-5-7 and press "Done".

The safe will open, so loot the safe with your "E-key".

From the safe you get the "Lazarus Vector Formula" Audio Diary, which is also played immediately.

You also get the "Market Key" from the safe. Hear what Longford says about the Lazarus Vector Formula .

So Longford invented a formula that allowed her to grow the trees and plants in Arcadia. Longford also lists what it takes to recreate the Lazarus Vector. So this is your new assignment ..... You have to find the stuff for the "Lazarus Vector Formula" and then come back here to manufacture the formula in the "U-Invent".

Find the "Chlorophyll"

So now you have to look for the following ingredients: "Chlorophyll", "Distilled Water" and "Bees Enzyme". You need 7 bottles of "Chlorophyl". Only the "Chlorophyll" can be found here in Arcadia. You will find the other 2 ingredients in the next chapter. The Houdini Freaks have "Chlorophyll". So if you have already killed several Houdini's here in Arcadia and looted their corpses then it is very possible that you have already collected some "Chlorophyll". But you will not have collected enough of the "Chlorophyll" yet.

Exit the lab and go back through the glass tunnel to the other rooms of the lab. As soon as you come out of the glass tunnel, quickly kill the Freaks.

So there is a Turret at the bottom of the left staircase. Hack the turret so it turns green. It will do you good service later when you come back here.

A Houdini will appear here and that Houdini will likely be killed by the hacked Turret. Or you kill the Houdini yourself. 

Anyway ..... Loot the Houdini corpse.

The Houdini owns a bottle of "Chlorophyl" and as you can see this is the 4th bottle of "Chlorophyl" that I have found. I had already obtained the first 3 bottles through previous Houdini corpses, but I didn't know at the time that this would be important. Continue to follow the route back to "Rolling Hills", but in the front room of this lab hack the Turret first

As soon as you walk back into "Rolling Hills" Atlas reports, who then tells you to go to the "Farmer's Market" now.

The "Farmer's Market" is Chapter 6, so we're going to leave Arcadia in a minute but we'll come back here later. 

However, you must find the missing bottle of "Chlorophyl" here and we find it here in the 2 "Houdini caves".

So now enter the Houdini Cave 1. Right in the entrance of the cave is an Audio Diary on the ground.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it as you walk deeper into the cave. The "scarecrows" will light up as you go deeper into the cave. 

In the back of the cave is a kind of altar. Go to the left behind the altar because there is a bottle of "Chlorophyll" on a chest.

Grab the "Chlorophyll". This is the 5th bottle for me ... so I have to find 2 more bottles. This cave is inhabited by a Houdini and that bastard will also pop up here. So wait here for the Houdini and then kill it, but be careful not to kil it with grenades from your Grenade Launcher or you won't be able to loot the corpse. So kill the Houdini with Plasmids and bullets and then loot the body and you have another bottle of "Chlorophyll". Exit Cave 1 and go up the stairs and then enter Houdini Cave 2.

Right back in Cave 2 I found my last "Chlorophyll" bottle on a box.

So you can see that I have now found 7 bottles of "Chlorophyll". If you don't have all 7 portions of "Chlorophyll" yet, you will have to wander around Arcadia to kill some Houdini's and then loot the corpses. This cave 2 also has a Houdini, so kill it and you might get all 7 portions of "Chlorophyll". Anyway ..... I have now fulfilled the "Chlorophyl" assignment and so I can now leave Arcadia and that is what I will do now ...

Exit Cave 2 and exit the Rolling Hills through the Arcadia Glens door. Then immediately turn left and enter the Tree Farm hall through the "Tree Farm" door.

Tree Farm:

Beware ..... there is a Securitybot Freak in this hall. You can recognize this Freak by the red circle above his / her head. 

Kill the Freak or destroy his / her Securitybot to achieve the same effect. Right in the front you can score an Audio Diary. You will hear that Longford again ..

Go to the other side of the room and then turn left up the stairs and through the "Farmer's Market" gate.

You do not end up in the "Farmer's Market" because that is in Chapter 6. You end up in a front hall and in the distance you see how a Freak is "roasted". 

Immediately turn left and ..... there is a "Power To The People" on the wall here.

Activate the "Power To The People" and then choose which free Upgrade you want for 1 of your weapons. As explained before .... you can only use each "Power To The People" once to choose 1 Free Upgrade. So choose wisely. Continue and down 1 of the stairs to the lower hall. On the left wall there is also a "Circus of Value".

It might be that hat another Houdini will appear, which you then remove from the game. Continue to the next hall. In the left side you can then plunder a Safe heel, but it is really not worth the effort. Continue to the back hall and then immediately turn left and pick up the Audio Diary that is on the landing.

in the back of this last hall is the airlock to the "Farmer's Market ......

Enter the airlock and activate the rotary wheel door and .......

...... after the Loading you will end up in ......

Chapter 6: Farmer's Market

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot