2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Chapter 6:

The airlock will open, so step out through the open door ......

Just in front of the "Farmer's Market" door there is a corpse on the floor and also an Audio Diary. Loot the corpse and ...... You have then scored your 1st "Enzyme Sample" 

Well .... for this you came to the Market ... to find 7 "Enzym Samples" and 7 bottles of "Distilled water". So loot all the bodies and all the boxes etc. that you come across because it can all contain such an "Enzyme sample" or a bottle of distilled water. Take the Audio Diary and listen to this Audio Diary

You hear a Tasha Denu arguing with Julie Longford about his bees.

This is an important clue about those "Enzyme Samples" and you are now also instructed to find 7 of those "Enzyme Samples". Well ...... 1 "Enzyme Sample" you already have, so you have to find 6 more. Go through the Securis door and then through the tunnel and through the next Securis door and ..... You finally end up in the:

Farmer's Market:

Watch out ........ A Freak attacks and right around the corner is a Grenade turret ....

Kill the Freak and loot his corpse and then go right, zap and hack that Turret .....

.you are in the first street of the market. However, do not follow this street now because you will have to deal with a security camera that is difficult to disable.

 Now, here at the Turret, go down the stairs ...

Downstairs is a "Circus of Value" and a "U-Invent" and ..... there is a Gene Tonic on the floor

Grab the "Eve Link 2" Tonic and loot the corpse. If you want to hack the "Circus of Value" and the "U-Invent", but you have to know that for yourself.

Follow the street further. Halfway there is a corpse on the ground

Loot the corpse and then walk on and ... you will end up on the main Market Square. Watch out because a few Freaks will rush towards you from the left .....

So get rid of the Freaks. This is a large open space with a staircase that goes up to the top floor and there is also a large tree here. To the left is a counter and behind that counter see a closed door and an open pantry. There is a cash register on the counter that you can loot. At the stairs there is a "Bot shutdown" hanging on the wall and you will also see a room that is closed by a gate with a number code lock. First go behind the counter and then into the open pantry.

Watch out because there are 2 "trapwires" in the front room and a Freak in the back room.

Those 2 "Trapwires" don't have to bother you, so you can leave them. 

Quickly kill the Freak and then go and get the bottle of Distilled Water, which is on the left of the table.

You still have to find 6 of these bottles. If you feel the need, hack the "U-Invent" machine here and then go back outside. 

Now go through the "Employees Only" door.

You end up in another pantry. A dead Rosie Big Daddy leans against the wooden pillars and in the corner is an Audio Diary on the floor near the 3 crates.

 Loot the Rosie corpse and then go pick up that Audio Diary.

There is water on the floor behind the Rosie. Continue to the left back because there you can score another Audio Diary, which is on a table.

go back to the square and ..... A Freak walks to the tree .... Kill the Freak and loot the corpse ....

Maybe this corpse will give you another "Enzyme Sample" ..... but if you already had 7 "Enzyme Samples" then this is not that important anymore. Before you go up the stairs to the balcony, you can open that gate with the code lock on the left. You won't find the code for that gate until much later in the game, but I can give you that code now or you just Hack the code lock. The code is 0, 5, 1, 2.

So enter the code on the lock, or Hack the lock to open the gate. You then end up in a narrow pump room and you can find some Nitroglycerine and Napalm there. Go back to the square and now go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you immediately turn left. You see 2 doors. The right door is an "Employees Only" door.

Go through the left door and .... 

On the left there is immediately a "Circus of Value" but you don't get the time to use that thing now because in the "Butcher shop" in front of you is a Security camera .....

Quickly ... before the Camera sounds the alarm .... Zap the camera and then shoot the thing with a few well-aimed shots from one of your firearms. Turn around and go back outside ..... to the balcony. Now go through the "Employees Only" door. You are then in the right "shop".

Loot the corpse on the floor and grab the machine gun too. In the wall you see a wooden shutter. Open the wooden hatch and then crawl inside and get the Audio Diary.

Listen to the Audio Diary and stand up straight. Above the boxes you can see the grid of a ventilation shaft.

Smash the grid and then climb up to the top chest. Then duck and crawl into the shaft.

Crawl through the shaft and break away the grate on the other side. Oops .... The butcher sells a nice piece of meat ....

Drop out the shaft and open the wooden hatch and then crawl into the "Butcher's Shop".

This is the "shop" where the security camera hung. There is a safe here that you can hack and then loot.

So hack and loot the safe or you don't. Exit this Butcher Shop. Now you can possibly hack and use that "Circus of Value"

If there is a Big Daddy with a Little Sister walking here, you better leave it alone for now.

Follow the corridor to the right. At the next exit you will have to deal with a Freak bitch for a while ... ... Don't forget to use your Research Camera first ... 

We will not turn left here because we are now going to the "Silverwing" first. So you go up the steps on the right and .......

In front of the Securis door is an Audio Diary and ...... a bottle of Distilled Water. Grab the Distilled Water.

This is the 2nd Bottle of Distilled Water for me and probably for you too. So we still have to find 5 bottles. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it.

This "Water in Wine" Audio Diary tells you that the wine seller has filled his wine bottles with Distilled Water.

So we have to look for the Winery. Go through the Securis door. You end up in a Glass Tunnel again.

There is an exit to the left halfway through the tunnel. There is also an Oil puddle on the floor and a Freaky bitch will introduce herself. Blow the Freak bitchout of the game. To the left is the "Silverwing Apiary" where the Bees are kept and there you can find all the "Bee Enzyme" you need. Straight ahead is the "Worley Wineries", the winery where you can find the remaining Distilled Water. It doesn't matter what you do first .... Either you go to the "Worley Wineries" first or you go to the "Silverwing Apiary" first. I will first go to the Bees.

Silverwing Apiary: The Bee Enzyme:

Have "Incinerate" ready ..... Turn left and open the Securis door and ....... A Freak thinks he can steal honey from a beehive .....

 but. ... the bees do not want to give up their honey and they let that Freak know in a satisfactory way

The Freak does not survive the bee attack. The bees will notice you and will attack you and such a bee attack is deadly. So run back into the tunnel and run past the oil puddle ...... The bees will follow you .... Quickly .... Set fire to the oil puddle with "Incinerate" and ........ The bees don't like smoke and will disappear back to their hive. Go back and through the Securis door again and ..... everything is quiet now. You are in the front hall of the Bee hall. There is an Audio Diary on the counter. On the left is a "Gatherer's Garden" and on the right a Gene Bank.

Loot the Freak corpse in front of the beehive. Do not loot the hive or you will wake the bees again.

 However, take in what the hive looks like so that you can recognize them later. Grab the Audio Diary from the counter and listen to it.

Access to the Bee Grow Room is through the door behind the counter ... but don't go through that door just yet. In the previous chapter you undoubtedly obtained the "Scounger" Tonic. I stored this "Scounger" Tonic in the Gene Bank. If you have too, now is the time to start using that "Scounger" Tonic. The "Scounger" ensures that you can plunder boxes, crates and also beehives a second time. So if you have already ransacked a box, crate or Beehive once, you can use the "Scounger" to loot that same box, crate or Beehive again via your "R-key". And this is important because you will soon have to raid the beehives at a hellish pace and then it is wise to have the "Scounger" active. So activate the Gene Bank and exchange 1 of your active Gene Tonics for the "Scounger"

Now that you have the "Scounger" active you can try to defy the Bees. So go through the door behind the counter and ...

You are then in the front room of the "Bee hell" ..... In the 2 niches is a SMOKER ...... Left and right in the corner you can go through the passage to the large Bee room, which is full of Beehives. The bees buzz happily around the hive room. Bees don't like smoke. Before you can go into the bee room to loot the beehives to see if they contain beeswax, you must first chase the bee colony into the hives and you do that by filling the hive room with smoke and then run into the hives room to loot the Beehives. But the smoke only lingers for a few seconds and then disappears and then the bees reappear. You also have to deal with a whole horde of Freaks, of various backgrounds, who want to prevent you from looting the Beehives. So what you have to do is to always activate 1 of the 2 SMOKERS to fill the Bee Room with smoke.

Then you quickly run into the Bee Room and to the Beehives. Loot a few beehives as soon as possible because the smoke will disappear quickly.

Hordes of Freaks will try to kill you, so devise tactics to survive the Freaks .....

Run to a hive and then press your "E button" to search the hive. The hive is empty or contains an Enzyme Sample ......

While you are at it you will hear the ticking of a Timer and when the Timer stops tapping the bees will come out of their hives again. The Bees are deadly for you but also for the Freaks. As soon as you see the Bees reappear, quickly run back to 1 of the Smokers and activate the thing again to fill the bee room with smoke again. Then quickly run back into the Beehive Room and continue searching the Beehives and killing Freaks. Keep repeating this until you get the message that you have found all 7 portions of Bee Enzyme.

Not all Bee Hives contain the Bee Enzyme and the game itself determines which hive contains Bee Enzyme or are empty. So you have to Loot each Hive and repeat this until you have found all 7 Enzyme Samples. If you have activated the "Scounger" you can also plunder a Hive that you have already looted once before, via your "R-key" (Search Again). To make it even more difficult for you, you also have to survive a horde of Freaks of various backgrounds. Well ... do your best to survive this piece and to get the 7 Enzyme Samples from the beehives.

When you have the 7 Enzyme samples then you are done here and you can leave this bee room. You can then loot the corpses and replenish your supplies at the "Circus of Value". If all goes well, you now have 7 Bee Enzyme and 7  "Chlorophyll". However, you also need 7 Distilled Water. You have probably already found 1 or 2 bottles of Distilled water and the rest you will find in the Winery. So go back to the Glass Tunnel and then turn left to the:

Worley Winery:

Atlas reports again. You can go left or right to the upper room of the Winery. I have taken the longer hallway, where there is a Healthstation

Beyond the Healthstation you will end up in the wine tasting room. However, be careful because behind the counter is a security camera and a Turret.

Quickly zap the camera and then shoot the camera and then quickly zap the turret and then go hack the thing because the turret will soon be able to do you good services on your way back. Hack open the safe and then loot the safe and you might get 2 bottles of distilled water from this safe

Now continue to explore the room. On the floor of the room I found another bottle of Distilled Water.

NB: It is not at all certain that you will find 2 bottles of Distilled Water here in the safe and one on the floor.

The game itself determines where it places the bottles of Distilled Water. Don't worry ... you will find plenty of bottles ... more than you need.

Further on is a "Circus of Value" on the wall and also a table with an Audio Diary on it.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen after it and possibly hack and loot the "Circus of Value". Then look up the stairs to the cellars .....

At the top of the basement stairs there was another bottle of Distilled Water for me on one of the beams. 

If that is also the case in your game, use "Telekinesis" to get the bottle to you. Then press your "E-Key" to take the bottle.

Go down the stairs to the basement, but beware ..... there is another "Trapwire" stretched over the stairs.

Remove the "Trapwire" with "Telekinesis" and then descend further down the stairs. You end up in the top cellar. Follow the cellar corridor and then continue to the left .....

Kill the Freak. On the right is the stairs to the lower cellar and on the left in the corner is a "U-Invent" and at the "U-Invent" I found my 7th Bottle of Distilled Water .....

I'm actually done here now because I now have all my 7 bottles of Distilled Water. But it is very possible that you don't have 7 of those bottles yet. If you still need bottles, you have to search the cellars further. You really won't have any trouble finding the bottles. But even if you have already found 7 Bottles of Distilled Water, I still recommend that you continue to search the cellars because you can find many more Bottles and also a free Gene Tonic ..... Of course there  are also a lot of Freaks here in the cellars. There is also a Big Daddy with a Little Sister roaming around here in the cellars and a Big Daddy without a Little Sister. Just wait here at the "U-Invent" until the Big Daddy comes up the stairs with the Little Sister and then go take out the Big Daddy .....

If you have killed the Big Daddy you can again satisfy your pedophile lusts, or your motherly feelings, by Resque or Harvest te little girl

Then go down the stairs to the lower cellars. You can then go to the right and to the left.

I first searched the left side of the lower cellars. You will have no trouble "spotting" the Bottles of Distilled Water. 

Be careful because there is a security camera somewhere. Near the stairs is a small passage where a "Power To The People" hangs half in the water.

However, you can still activate the "Power To The People" to get 1 Upgrade for 1 of your weapons again. There is also a Gene Bank hanging somewhere

You will also find a "Hut" in the left part of the lower cellars where you can find 2 Bottles, Napalm, Nytro and a Gene Tonic .....

Grab everything you can grab and especially that free Gene Tonic ....

As soon as you get the Gene Tonic here, Freaks will pop in a few "Trapwires" and you have to survive a horde of Freaks.

Well ...... come up with the best working strategy for you to get out of this in one piece. If you die, you will end up in the nearest VITACHAMBER from which you can proceed. When you have completely covered the left side of the lower basement, go back to the stairs and from there also investigate the right side of the lower basement.

The right side is full of the wine stills and here you can also find various bottles of Distilled Water, but of course also some Freaks. When you have had it all and you have scored at least 7 Bottles of Distilled Water, you can go back up the stairs and go back to "U-Invent" in the top cellar.

You will receive a message from Atlas that you now have all the components to create the "Lazarus Vector".

 So Hack the "U-Invent" and then activate the thing and ..... In the "U-Invent screen" click on "Lazarus Vector" and this will be created

You can then check whether you have collected enough items to make some of the other items and then close this screen. Atlas then reports again and says that now you have to go back to Arcadia in a hurry to feed the "Lazarus Vector" into the system that is in Julie Longford's lab.

Back to Arcadia:

So go back to the upstairs room, the wine tasting room. A few Freaks are being kept busy by the Turret you Hacked here earlier.

Give the Turret a helping hand and then go back into the Glass Tunnel. Houdini Freaks and other Freaks will keep chasing you though, so deal with them.

You can spend your hard-earned ADAM in the "Gatherer's Garden" in the front hall of the Bee Room, but you can also wait until you come across another "Gatherer's Garden". So follow the tunnel back to the Farmer's Market. Back in the Farmer's Market, turn right immediately and through the "Employee Only" door.

You end up in a shop and ..... Oops ..... Zap and quickly destroy the Turret ......

Then hack and loot the Safe and proceed. At the counter, go into the "street" and then follow the "street" further to the Arcadia Exit.

On the way you grab the Audio Diary that is on the corner of the counter, and on the left there can be a security camera.

              Follow the Arcadia signs to the exit and go through the Securis door .... 

Follow the short tunnel. You end up at the Airlock again between the Farmer's Market and Arcadia


Kill the Bitch who is demolishing the VITACHAMBER and run into the Airlock .......

Activate the rotary wheel door and ........ after the LOADING you are.....

Back in Arcadia:

Get out of the airlock and ......... Well ...... Andrew Ryan is quite "pissed" at you now and he wants to stop you from reaching Longford's Lab with the "Lazarus Vector". So Ryan immediately sends a large number of red Securitybots at you. Try to hack at least 1 of those Securitybots and it would be even better if you could hack 2 of them. So zap a Securitybot with "Electricbolt" and then run over to it and hit your "C-key" and hack it.

If you have enough Dollars you can buy the Hack, or if you still have "Auto-Hacktools" then use it ... Don't try to do the Hack yourself because it takes too long. A hacket Securitybot will turn green and be on your side and will also go with you. If you've hacked 1 or 2 of those red Securitybots and you're alive, run to Longford's Laboratory.

Leave the lonely Big Daddy alone along the way. The red Securitybots will follow you, so try to Hack 1 more. I managed to hack 3 Bots and I took all 3 of them to the Longford Lab. It would be nice if you succeed too, because you will soon have a lot of fun with 3 green Securitybots in Longford's Lab. Run through the Tree Farm to "Arcadia Glens  and to the" Rolling Hils "......

Go through the "Rolling Hills" door again and down to the entrance doors of Longford's Lab .... Enter the Lab again and notice the "Lab door Seal" in the front room, which is to the right of the desk. You can't do anything with it now, but in a minute you have to close the entrance door of the lab with this device

Run to the room where the Tree and the Gene Bank are located. So there is still a lonely Big Daddy wandering through the rooms of the lab and this Big Daddy can do you good services in a minute, provided you have activated the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid. If you have not activated that "Hypnotize Big Daddy" Plasmid then I advise you to dive into the Gene Bank here to exchange 1 of your active Plasmids for the "Hypnotize Big Daddy". 

Run to the back room and go through the Securis door and then through the glass tunnel to Julie Longfords lab room. Kill a Houdini Freak in the Lab room ...

At the windows is the large Misting Machine Console. A device is attached to the console on both the left and right. Go to the left side of the console and ....

The left device is where you have to put the "Lazarus Vector" in, so press your "E-key" to put the "Lazarus Vector" in the machine and ...... You will get a message from Atlas........ The Machine now takes some time to cook the "Lazarus Vector" but you can't wait here until the machine is ready. If you stay here you can wait until eternity but then nothing else will happen. while the machine is cooking the "Lazarus Vector" you have to survive hordes of Freaks.

Start by leaving Longford's lab and going back through the tunnel. Along the way you will receive all kinds of announcements from Atlas and Andrew Ryan.

Run all the way back to the Lab entrance door. 

You have to close the entrance door, so stand in front of the "Lab Access Seal" and then press your "E-key" to close the entrance door

The entrance door closes and you have bought some time for yourself ...

But you don't have much time because the Freaks Ryan sends at you will burn the door open. Well ... this is what you have to do now here in the lab rooms ... ... survive the attacks of the Freaks, which will soon invade from all sides. Keep this up until you get the message that the "Lazarus Vector" is cooked.

You can place proximity grenades here and there via your Grenade Launcher. Also the 2 Turrets, which you have already hacked here, will help you in the fight against the Freaks and also the hacked Securitybots will help you. Once the Freaks have burned through the entrance door, the battle will begin. The faster you kill the Freaks, the faster the machine in Longford's room will process the "Lazarus Vector".

The doors that were closed before will also pop open and in those 2 rooms you can find some additional ammo. The game tells you how far the machine has progressed and eventually you get the message that the machine is ready ... With the "Hypnotize Big Daddy" you can, for a short time, hypnotize the Big Daddy so that the Big Daddy will kill some Freaks  for you.

as soon as you get the message that the machine is ready, and that you have to activate the "Lazarus Vector".......

......you run back to Longford's lab room and now to the right side of the large console ....

Press your "E-key" to spray the "Lazarus Vector mist" into the "Rolling Hills" and ......

 Congratulations ..... you saved the Forest and Rapture is getting oxygen again .... ..

Atlas is "over the hill" with joy and screams that you have to go to the metro station now. 

Well ..... leave the lab and back in the "Rolling Hills" go to the "Rapture Metro" door ....

The Rapture Metro door will now open, so go through the door. You end up in a hallway where you have to listen to a sermon by Andrew Ryan. 

Go through the next Securis door and ... you will end up in the large Metro hall ...

Immediately to the right there is an Audio Diary and a Gift Package on a sofa ....

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it again, while you also check whether there is something for you in the gift package. 

Continue down the hall and then down the stairs to the Bathysphere ...

Dive into the Bathysphere and activate the lever and the "Select A Destination" screen will appear.

So if you want you can now travel back to "Medical Pavillion" and "Neptune's Bounty".

But why would you want that? So click on "Fort Frolic" because you want to go there now. After the Loading you will end up in:

Chapter 7:  Fort Frolic

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot