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Chapter 7

Arival Hall

The Bathysphere has delivered you in Chapter 7 and you have landed in the main arrivals hall.

You will immediately receive a few notifications from Atlas and then you will receive the new goal.

Atlas reports that the Bathysphere that can take you to Andrew Ryan is nearby. Ryan has his residence in Hephaestus and you have to go there too. But it will be a while before you can take the Bathysphere to Hephaestus because the big boss in this chapter is not going to let you leave without a fight. Atlas tells you a thing or two about the big boss of Fort Frolic, one Sander Cohen, and that doesn't seem to be a sweetheart.

Fort Frolic is the Artistic Center of Rapture and you will find theaters, expensive bars and expensive shops. The door to the Hephaestus Bathysphere is across the street from this arrival hall. Here in the arrival hall you can waste some dollars in the slots, which are directly on the left. Or you can have your future predicted for 10 dollars by the "Fortune Teller", which is on the right by the windows. To the left are 2 niches where you will find a VITACHAMBER, a "U-Invent" and a Gene Bank.

If you feel the need, you hack the "U-Invent" and see what you can get there. Of course you can exchange your active Plasmids and Gene Tonics in the Gene Bank for Plasmids and Tonics that you have stored. At the back left is a deep niche where you will find the Pharmacy. However, the pharmacy is closed, so if you thought you could buy some Viagra first, you will be disappointed.  You can find some health items in the 2 windows of the Pharmacy, but then you have to break the 2 windows with your Wrench first. But remember ..... if you break the shop windows then the alarm will go off and you will have to survive several red Securitybots.  Walk to the "Rapture Metro" door at the back of the room. To the left of the door you can waste $ 10 in the Juxebox.  Before you go through the door you first look to the right ...... The arrival hall is L-shaped and you will see the entrance gates of "Fort Frolic".

The doors of "Fort Frolic" are closed, but don't fear ... Your friendly host Sander Cohen will open Fort Frolic for you in a minute. Now go through the "Rapture Metro" door and walk to the end of the hall and .... At the bottom of the stairs you will see the Bathysphere that should take you to Hephaestus ..... but ......

Sander Cohen has put it in his head that he wants to shake hands with you personally so ....... The Bathysphere disappears under water and the gates close and ....... Okay ..... This is Weird .......... You can hear Sander Cohen and 2 huge red curtains are being rolled out ..... Cohen turns this Bathysphere station into a big theater .... Listen to Sander Cohen ..... that you don't see but  onlyhear .....

Your new assignment is to find that crazy Sander Cohen and to convince him that he must bring the Bathysphere back up. So you can't do anything else here now. Prepare yourself because you will now get various Freaks on your neck in the arrival hall. So turn around and leave this hall, back into the arrivals hall and .....

The large part of the arrivals hall is now full of "Trapwires". Cohen wants to test you and so he now sends a wave of Freaks at you.

Survive the crazy Freaks and make sure you don't run into such a "Trapwire".

The left part of the hall, to "Fort Frolic" has no "Trapwires", so you could run to the left to get a little more freedom of movement. Cohen sends about 6 to 8 Freaks at you, but some Freaks immediately end up in the "Trapwires" so that won't bother you. Also, don't forget to research the Freaks with your Research Camera to earn Research bonuses. When you've killed all the Freaks, Cohen will report again and open the entrance doors to Fort Frolic for you.

Cohen is in the "Fleet Hall" and he invites you to come and shake his hand there. So now go, via the stairs, to:

Fort Frolic:

When you have walked up the stairs you have ended up in the front hall of the large Atrium. On the left there are some slot machines that you can try out and on the right is a "Circus of Value", which you can hack and then loot. Then walk into the Atrium. The Atrium is the large distribution square of Fort Frolic:

A: Atrium:

The Atrium is the main hall of Fort Frolic. Via the stairs you can go up, to the Fleet Hall where Cohen is staying. 

But we are not going to do that right away. Keep walking around down here and in the meantime listen to crazy Sander Cohen ......

When Cohen has finally shut up, we can move on. We are not going up the stairs yet. We will now first go down here to the South Hall. When you are at the entrance, look to the right and .... you will see a passage to the southern circulation. At the passage are 2 petrified white dolls ..... or are they not dolls? Go through the passage to the circulation.

You bump your noise against the closed doors of the "The Seahorse Bar" but it is closed so turn right and walk further.

A little further up you will come to the stairs that lead up to the entrance door of the "Poseidon" wing.

We don't go up to "Poseidon" yet, so turn right again and walk straight ahead.

Watch out because there is a security camera further up, behind the wall where the "Eat At" poster hangs.

The security camera hangs above a "Circus of Value" and the thing covers the entrance to the South Hall. So peek carefully around the corner at the Camera. Research the SecurityCamera first with your Research Camera. Then zap the Camera with "Electric Bolt" for example and then smash the fucking bitch. Hack the "Circus of Value" if you need it and buy the things you need there. Then turn around and walk through the gates into the South Hall ... You are then in:

B: South Hall:

To the left are the toilets, in where there is not much to get except a Turret in the "Ladies". A little fire is burning here and a few Freaks emerge from the corridor. They are Freaks of various backgrounds, who are keen on each other but are also not afraid to come and squeeze your crotch for a moment. So deal with the Freaks. On the table there is an Audio Diary .....

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it. Then walk to the toilet doors and then turn around. 

You look into the hallway. At the back of the hallway you see a Gene Bank.

Walk down the hall, but not all the way to the end. 

On the left you see the "Employee Only" door of the Cocktail Bar and on the right is Sophia's fashion store, the "Sophia's Salon".

Go through the "Employee Only" door. Watch out ..... you end up behind the bar of the Cocktail Bar and there is a SecurityCamera ...

Quickly zap the Camera and then destroy the thing. There is a cash register on the counter and a Safe under the counter.

Loot the till and hack the safe and then get the stuff out.

When you have looted the safe, turn right because there is another Audio Diary on the bar.

Walk back up the stairs and disappear into the hall again and now enter Sophia's

Sophia designed her own clothing line, but her customers were not so satisfied with it ........ 

On the counter there is also a cash register that you can loot. In the back left corner is the passage to the office and a back room ....

Go to the office and loot the desk and then go through the door into the back room. 

The back room served as a sewing studio and the seamstresses are still there, but they are rather petrified. 

Behind the white dolls there is an Audio Diary on the floor ...

grab the Audio Diary and play it via your "T-key", following the way back out of Sophia's. 

Continue to follow the hallway. A Freak appears, so take care of it.

The corridor then turns right, but on the left is the Cocktailbar, where you just went behind the bar. The Cocktail Bar has a "U-Invent", so if you feel the need ....., ..

Follow the corridor further. The corridor then turns left.

Kill the 2 Freaks on the way and then the corridor ends at an "El Ammo Bandito" and the entrance to the "Marquis D'Epoque Tobacco Store".

Hack the "El Ammo Bandito" and take advantage of it. Then turn around and enter the "Marquis D'Epoque" tobacco shop:

Marquis D'Epoque Tobacco Store".

Watch out ..... behind the pillar is a Turret ....

Zap the Turret and hack the thing because a green Turret will do you good services in a minute ...

Behind the Turret is a passage and a staircase to the ground floor. At the bottom of the stairs is a "U-Invent" ...

Go down the stairs and at the "U-Invent" through the doorway. You will then see that you could also have gone down the other stairs. You are now at the pantry, so go inside and enjoy the wonderful scents that arise from the package of the finest Tobacco. Here in the pantry is a corpse and a "Power To The People" hanging.

Loot the corpse and take the Audio Diary that the corpse has lying against his dick. Be careful not to get your hands dirty because the corpse has peed in his pants. Behind the body is a piece of paper on the floor and on that piece of paper is a Code. Make a note of the code because you will need it later ....,.

So the code is 7-7-7-4 ... Make a note of it. You will now  hear that Freaks has enter the tobacco shop, However, the owner of the shop refuses to sell the Freaks cigars and cigarettes, so those Freaks are getting even crazier than they already were. But your Hacked Turret is already treating those Freaks to blue beans. But the Turret won't last long on its own. Use the "Power To The People" here to choose 1 free Upgrade for 1 of your weapons again .....

...... and then go back up 1 of the 2 stairs and help the Turret to deal with about 5 Freaks. There are Houdini Freaks and Splicer Freaks and Nitro-Freaks included, so if you want to earn Research points, you can also photograph the Freaks with your Research Camera first. When it is finished here again, you will leave the tobacco shop again. You are then back in the hallway.

Follow the hallway back to 

C: Atrium:

we're going up here now to the Fleet Hall. But first take a look around the Atrium.

Behind the central staircase are 2 large display cabinets and there is a Healthstation.

Hack the Healthstation so that the Freaks can no longer use it. Take a look at the 2 display cabinets. The left cabinet is locked with a large padlock and the right cabinet has a code lock. You can't open the 2 cabinets yet, so we'll save this for later. Now go up the central stairs. Before you go up through the gate, grab the Audio Diary, which is on the floor to the left of the overturned trash can.

Then go through the gate. You are then in front of the glass entrance door of the Fleet Hall.

However, don't go through the glass door just yet. You are now in the circular gallery corridor and you can walk all the way around. You can turn left and right. Now follow the surrounding corridor to the right. You will then come to a "Gatherer's Garden". If you have ADAM you can buy some Plasmids, Tonics and / or empty Slots in the "Gatherer's Garden". Walk through and you will come to the "back stairs" and the entrance door to "Poseidon Plaza". On the left is a "Gene Bank" and on the right a "Circus of Value".

You cannot go through the "Poseidon" door now. If you run into the "Poseidon" door, it will not open, but you will hear Sander Cohen for a moment telling you that you are not allowed to go to Poseidon Plaza yet. If you wish, use the Gene Bank and / or the "Circus of Value" and return to the top. Follow the surrounding corridor further to the left and .... you have walked almost all the way around and you are at the door of "Cohen's Collection of Fine Arts". Enter here.

Continue through the gate and turn right. At the table are 2 petrified figures and further on is an Audio Diary.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to the pointless banter from, I believe, Andrew Ryan. Above your head is a long balcony that you can reach via the stairs. 

On the balcony there are 3 Safes in the wall, but those safes are guarded by a Turret.

If you zap and hack the turret, or destroy it, you can hack open and loot those 3 wall safes. However .... the hacking and looting of these 3 safes is a "trigger" causing a fairly difficult Houdini Freak to appear and that Houdini is difficult to kill ...... Don't know if you have noticed .... but as you progress through the game the Freaks also become stronger and harder to kill ....... Those 3 Safes don't really contain any important items, so you have to decide yourself if you think it's worth it . Leave this artistic shop and follow the circulation back to the glass entrance of the:

D: Fleet Hall:

Now go through the glass door and up the stairs. You end up at the Ticket Office.

The Fleet Hall is a large theater. To the left and right of the ticket counter you can continue through the gates to the Lounge bar. However, be careful because there is a security camera in the bar. It is best to take the left gate because then you can quickly zap and destroy that security camera.

So Zap and then destroy the Camera, or hack the thing. Then walk further down the stairs. You are now in the Lounge bar of the Fleet Hall theater. The bar consists of 2 parts and in front of the bar you see the entrance gate to the Foyer, but it is closed by a glass door. On the left is an elevator, but it doesn't work, even if you press the elevator buttons hard. You see stairs on the right.

If you look through the glass door into the Foyer you will see a "Circus of Value" there, but the thing is currently unreachable for you.

You first have to reach the large theater hall, but the elevator has to be activated for that.

First go up the stairs to an upstairs room. There is a Gene Bank halfway up the stairs.

Enter the upstairs room. This is a storage room and the shelving units contain boxes and film boxes.

As soon as you enter you can pick up an Audio Diary, which lies on the floor by the guitar.

Against the back wall of the room is a "U-Invent" and if you turn around you will see the room where Sander Cohen is staying.

You can't go into that room right now and Cohen doesn't want to talk to you either. So go back to the Lounge Bar via the stairs and press the buttons of the round Elevator again and ...... Turn around quickly because from the stairs you will now be attacked by about 3 Freaks .....

Survive these 3 Freaks and ..... the elevator will open ...... Get in the elevator and press the elevator button in the elevator and ...

The elevator takes you up and in the meantime you hear that completely insane Sander Cohen, who is taunting someone. When the elevator has stopped you get out and, at the end of the corridor, through the glass door and ..... you have ended up at the top of the large theater hall.

Complete Sander Cohen's "Masterpiece":

1: Fitzpatrick:

On the big stage Fitzpatrick is playing the piano. Walk down to the stage and listen to Sander Cohen ....... That Fitzpatrick is not playing the piano of his own free will .... No .... Fitzpatrick is forced to do this by Sander Cohen. Apparently there is a battle for supremacy going on here in Fort Frolic between Sander Cohen and 4 other Freaks. Cohen wants to get rid of those 4 other Freaks, but he needs your help with this

Stop at the edge of the stage and see what happens to pianist Fitzpatrick. Well ....... this piano concerto ends in an Inferno ......

When Fitzpatrick is dead, Cohen wants you to take a picture of the burned body, so pull out your Research Camera and shoot a picture of Fitzpatrick's body ...

As soon as you have taken the photo, Cohen tells you to place the photo in his "Masterpiece", down in the Atrium.

Turn around and walk up again to the glass door. However, do not leave the theater just yet.

 Like any good theater, this Fleet Hall Theater Room also has a series of balconies.

If you are standing at  the glass door, you can now enter the corridors left and right of the balconies. Enter the right balcony entrance.

Near the end of the hall is a Healthstation, which can be hacked or destroyed. The door of the last balcony is locked, so enter the second last balcony.

From the second last balcony you look at the last balcony. On the balustrade of the last balcony is a Gene Tonic.

Behind the chair, climb up the railing and then jump over to the railing of the last balcony

You will receive a compliment from Cohen for your successful jump. Well .... get the "Alarm Expert" tonic and do whatever you want with it. Turn around so that you look through the main hall from the balustrade. Catching the Tonic is a "Trigger" which now has brought a few Houdini and other Freaks popping up here and there. The Houdini Freaks in particular are hard to kill, so don't wait but jump down to the theater floor. Landed on the floor, turn around and see ..... the Foyer corridor, under the balconies, is now open ..... So quickly enter the Foyer.

Follow the Foyer corridor and have the Grenade Launcher with Heat Seeking Grenade ready. The Foyer corridor turns left around the corner and .....

 At the end of the corridor there are 2 Turrets and those 2 Turrets greet you warmly with a "friendly" salvo ......

Don't bother zapping and hacking those 2 Turrets ... you won't survive that ..... Quickly fire a few Heat-seeking Grenades at the 2 Turrets to destroy them quickly. 

Then run to where the Turrets are. In the back in the corner you can then Hack and loot a Safe ...

The Safe does not contain that much, so you have to know for yourself whether you think it is worthwhile. Walk back to the wide middle part of the hall.So here you are in the Foyer, which you also saw from the Lounge bar. To the left is the glass door and it is now open. On the right is the "Circus of Value".

Do whatever you want with the "Circus of Value" and then go back into the Lounge Bar and now go back to the Atrium, while you listen to the whining of Sander Cohen ......


Back at the top of the stairs of the Atrium you now see that a kind of stage has been set up downstairs. 

On that stage Cohen has made his "Masterpiece". There are 4 empty Picture frames held by 7 Plaster figures ...

So go down the stairs to the "Masterpiece" and walk up the stairs of the stage. Listen to Sander Cohen.

 That frame will then turn blue ..... You will immediately receive new assignments ....

So you have to find and kill Cohen's other 3 opponents and take a picture of their bodies and then place those pictures here in the other frames here.

 Look to the right ... As a reward for the picture of Fitzpatrick, Cohen now offers you the Crossbow .....

Grab the Crossbow and do it quickly because the plaster figure with the crossbow will only sit here for a short while and will sink back onto the stage if you delay too long. So you have to find and kill Cohen's other 3 opponents and take a picture of the corpses. So the other 3 opponents are: Martin Finnegan, Hector Rodriquez and Silas Cobb. First we go after Martin Finnegan

2: Kill Martin Finnegan:

Martin Finnegan can be found behind the "Poseidon Plaza" door. 

So walk down the stage stairs again and then go back into the back corridor to the left of the stage.

 Cohen then report that the Poseidon door is now open ...

So go up the stairs in the back hall to the "Poseidon" door and indeed ... the door will now open. You end up in an ice-cold freezing tunnel ...

Make sure you have "Incinerate" or "Incinerate 2" active in your left hand because then you can melt the ice here. 

Just before the bend in the tunnel there is a Trash can on the right and a frozen Audio Diary on a frozen pipe on the left.

Defrost the pipe with "Incinerate" then grab the Audio Diary from the ground and listen to Martin Finnigan's insane drivel. Follow the tunnel further and go through the Securis door and .... you have arrived in the Ice Hall. Right in front of you you will see the entrance door to "Poseidon Plaza". Turn left so that you look through the hall and ..... at the back of the hall  that Martin Finnigan Freak appears for a moment. Finnigan is a Houdini, so he quickly zaps himself away again ...

Walk to the back and ........ There are several frozen figures in this narrow hall and when you have come about halfway then ..... YOU FREEZE STIFF ..... This is supposed to happen. So you can't do anything for a moment and through your frozen eyes you suddenly see Finnigan standing in front of you.

Listen to Finnigan. Finnigan then disappears and you "thaw" again and look back down the hall. 

1 of the frozen figures is therefore Martin Finnigan and he is standing at the back and is then the left figure .....

So run to Finnigan ...... Finnigan "thaws",  so set Finnigan on fire with "Incinerate" and then shoot him with the Shotgun for example. If you were fast you kill Finnigan before he zaps away. If you were too slow, Finnigan zaps himself away, but he will reappear behind you. Finnigan cannot leave this ice hall, so if it happens that Finnigan survives your first attack, you will have to fight him further here in this hall. When Finnigan is dead, photograph his body with your Research Camera.

Also loot Finnigan's corpse because, through the photo, you have again earned Research points and perhaps a Bonus Tonic. Everywhere in the hall you see icebergs. Use "Incinerate" to melt the icebergs to get the items hidden in the ice. The "Poseidon Plaza" door is also blocked by ice, so the ice at the "Poseidon Plaza" door is also melting, because we have to go to "Poseidon Plaza" to look for Hector Rodriquez. But now let's go back to Cohen's "Masterpiece" to put Finnigan's picture in it. So go back through the ice tunnel to the:


When you come out of the ice tunnel, you descend again via the down stairs to the rear corridor and enter the Atrium square again. 

A Little Sister is now roaming around the square with her Bouncer Big Daddy. The Little Sister is attacked by Freaks.

Help the Big Daddy clean up the Freaks and then attack the Big Daddy yourself and make sure you survive. This is a new strain of Big Daddy and this strain is stronger than the Rosie Big Daddy's from the previous levels. Do your best and kill the Big Daddy and then have fun on the Little Sister. So "resque" or "harvest" the Little Sister. If you save the Little Sister, then Tenebaum reports again that you have earned a Teddy Bear.

When you are done go back to Cohen's "Masterpiece". Walk up the stairs again and ...

 The bottom left Painting frame will turn gold, so press your "E-key" to place Finnigan's picture in the bottom left frame.

As a reward, a Present comes up from the podium. Loot the present ... Well .....you have to commit 2 more murders for Cohen. But first we will pick up that Teddy Bear. Above, in the circular corridor, is a "Gatherer's Garden". So go up again via the central stairs to the entrance of Fleet Hall. Then follow the walkway to the right again, to the "Gatherer's Garden". You may encounter a lonely Bouncer Big Daddy above. If so then you best leave him alone .....

As Tennenbaum promised, there is another Teddy Bear waiting for you at the "Gatherer's Garden". So loot the Teddy Bear ...

You get 200 ADAM again and now also the "Hypnotize Big Daddy 2" Plasmid.

Decide what you want to do with the Plasmid and then follow the hallway back to the "Poseidon Plaza" door.

Go through the icy tunnel to the Ice Hall again and then go in the Ice Hall through the "Poseidon Plaza" door and through the short tunnel and .... you end up in:

Poseidon Plaza:

3: Kill Hector Rodriquez

You have arrived in the Central Hall of Poseidon Plaza. Across the street is an "El Ammo Bandito" and a "Circus of Value" at the Central Staircase. However, immediately turn clockwise and look up at the ceiling because almost immediately about 6 Spider Freaks will come at you through the ceiling.

So those Spider Freaks jump down from the ceiling and then come at you. If you are fast enough you can zap the Spiders with "Electric Bolt" or "Incinerate" while they are still crawling on the ceiling. Then you finish the job with your firearms .....

You may be triggering the Alarm during this fight because you smashed 1 of the display cabinets. If that happens, you will also have to deal with a number of red Securitybots, which come from all over. However, at the back of the Central Staircase there is a "Bot shutdown" with which you can make the alarm and those Securitybots disappear again.

There are also a few Little Sisters with Bouncer Big Daddy's roaming around here in Poseidon. It could happen any time that you run into those Little Sisters. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to immediately attack the Big Daddy to grab the Little Sisters. You can also wait until you get hold of Hector Rodriquez and then Silas Cobb.

If you survived the attack of the Spider Freaks then you can hack the "El Ammo Bandito" and the "Circus of Value" here to replenish your supplies ..... But those macines doesn't have a lot of stuff that you can use. Go to the 2nd hall through 1 of the 2 gates behind the Central Staircase. In the 2nd Hall you will see the entrance doors to the "Sinclair Spirit's" Bar. You also see a side hall and ..... the entrance to a cellar, but it is closed with a gate .....

Sinclair Spirits: 

The basement entrance is locked so go through the "Sinclair Spirits" door first.

 In the hallway a few plaster figures are set up and there is a security camera ... Zap and destroy the camera and then continue into the bar.

Walk to the back. At the back wall is a lone plaster doll and there is also the entrance to the cellar of the bar, but it is closed.

Look behind the bar and .... you will see a button .... Activate the button and the cellar door will open.

So go down to the basement. When you go down the basement stairs you will see a plaster figure in the corner of the basement. That sitting plaster figure is a Spider Freak and it will come to life in a moment, so keep this in mind. Go left into the 2nd basement room because there is a "Power To The People" and to the right of it is a safe.

In the "Power To The People" choose 1 free upgrade for 1 of your weapons and then turn around again and ...... 

Oops .... that plaster Spider Freak has come to life and is now attacking you.

Kill the plaster freak, but that is not easy because the plaster bitch is quite athletic. However, killing this Spider Freak is the "trigger" to open the basement below the Central Hall. You can hack and loot the Safe and then go back up and exit the "Sinclair Spirits" bar, back to the Central Hall. Because you crushed that plaster Spider bitch in the basement of the "Sinclair Spirits" bar, the basement has now also been opened in the Central Hall. But before you can go down here you will have to get a few of those plaster freaking Spiders off your body.

When everything is more or less quiet again, you can also go down to the basement. In this basement you can pick up a free Gene Tonic in the back right.

So walk over to the Gene Tonic and take the thing and decide what you want to do with it.

In the basement are a number of mannequins here and there. 

As soon as you take the Gene Tonic, some of those mannequins turn into plaster Spiders who then come to life and attack you.

Well ... survive the attack of the plaster Spiders and then go back upstairs and enter the side hall now.

In the side hall you will find the "Robertson's Tobacco" shop and the "Eve's Garden" Striptease joint. You can enter the "Robertson's Tobacco" to score an Audio Diary.

There is also a Gene Bank and a closed room for which you need a number code to enter. You found that  7-7-7-4 number code earlier in the Marquis D'Epoque Tobacco Store. In the closed part, however, there is also a security camera and you will not find much, at most a corpse and a fewdollars. Anyway .... if you are someone who really wants to get the most out of a game then for you so enter the code 7-7-7-4 on the number code lock of the door and .....

......the door opens. Go inside and immediately switch off the Security camera, which is hanging in the top left corner. If you are too slow, the camera will see you and the alarm will go off and you will have to survive a whole series of Securitybots. Loot the loft and then go back to the side hall and now enter the "Eve Garden Stroptease"

Eve Garden Striptease Bar:

As soon as you enter you will see a spooky scene on the striptease stage. You see Stripper Jasmine Jolene ...... 

Jasmine was one of the favorite girls that Andrew Ryan liked to put his horny dick in and Jasmine was happy with it too. 

Behind the stage is a small corridor that leads to Jasmine's tendon room, but don't go there yet. On the right is a Gene Bank and a "U-Invent" and on the left is the bar and you see the back door. Behind the bar you will see a "Circus of Value" and also a "Fortune Teller".

If you need it, hack the "Circus of Value" and then replenish your ammo stocks. You can also waste 10 dollars in the "Fortune Teller" and you can loot the 2 cash registers on the bar counter. Before we continue, it is useful to hack 2 Turrets that are set up in front of the top entrance of this whore's joint...... It will save you a lot of trouble later on. So go out of the room through the "back door" and then up the stairs ....

You end up on top of the balconies of the strip tent and at the top entrance .....

Walk to the door and then step outside very carefully. You are now in the upper side hall of "Poseidon Plaza" and......

 Both left and right there is a Turret here and there will also be a Bouncer Big Daddy with his Little Sister walking around here ......

Quickly ....Zap the two Turrets and then hack them so that they are both green and start working for you ..., .......

The green Turrets will not harm the Big Daddy, unless you are going to attack the Big Daddy ....... You have to know whether you want to attack and kill the Big Daddy now and here and then "entertain" his Little Sister ...... You don't have to do it now it can also be done later ..... Turn around and enter the "Eve Garden Strip" again and return to the bottom bar.

I hope for you that you have plenty of Eve and Ammo and that you have access to Plasmids like "Electric Bolt" and "Incinerate" and "Telekinesis" ...... You will need it all as soon as you go hunt that crazy Hector Rodriquez. Now climb on the stage. There are a few Dollars on the stage, so if you can still use them, take the bucks. Go into the hallway behind the stage and ... watch and listen to Jasmine ....

Apparently Jasmine was not only be fucked and maintained by Andrew Ryan but also by Ryan's enemy Fontaine and ........ Well ..... Ryan apparently didn't like that and so he had his revenge ...... When this scene is over, the door at the back of the hallway opens and you look into Jasmine's room ..... Enter ........ Jasmine's lifeless body is on the bed ..,. .....

To the right in the corner is a Safe that you can hack and loot and at the bottom left of the bed is an Audio Diary

This Audio Diary tells you the sad story of Jasmine, who got pregnant with Fontaine and therefore was killed by Andrew Ryan. 

Now take a deep breath and prepare for the insane hunt for Hector Rodriquez. Go back through the hallway to the stage room and while you do this you hear the rambling of Hector Rodriquez. When you are back on the striptease stage you quickly look to the right, and ...... Hector Rodriquez is at the bar listening to an Audio Diary. Hector sees you too and he knows that you have come to kill him for Sander Cohen ..... Hector runs off and you must now chase after him.  Hector is a Nitro-Freak, so he carries such a box from which he will always throw his nitro bombs at you during this crazy chase. So run after Hector and try to zap him with "Electric Bolt", "Incinerate" or catch his bombs with "Telekinesis" and then throw them back at him and In between you keep shooting bullets and grenades in his back.

I'm not sure wheter it's in your game the same as  for me butut Hector takes me on a crazy run, back to the Fleet Hall and through the hallways of the Theater and the theater itself ... .

Then we go up again to the upper corridors of the Atrium and I finally got hold of the fucker at the Poseidon Plaza Door .....

So I can't tell you where you'll be when you finally kill that bastard Hector Rodriquez ..... It could very well be that Hector is running you back and forth between the Fleet Hall and Poseidon Plaza. But if you killed Hector, you quickly take a photo of his body with the Research Camera, as Cohen also tells you to do. When you've taken the photo, head back like a rocket to Cohen's "Masterpiece", down in the Atrium. Place the Hector Rodriquez photo in 1 of the 2 remaining empty picture frames and ......

Instead of thanking you for killing another opponent for Cohen, Cohen is now getting pissed off with you. Cohen doesn't like your facial expression and he's going completely crazy for a moment. Cohen closes the Atrium and now sends a large horde of Spider Freaks at you ...

You will have to survive this ... You cannot leave the Atrium until you have killed all the Spiders Cohen is now sending at you ..... 

The game will automatically notify you when you are done .....

1 bastard to go and then of course the "Showdown" with Cohen.

4: Kill Silas Cobb:

Silas Cobb also has his residence in Poseidon Plaza, so exit the Atrium and go back to the "Eve Garden whore joint" in the lower side hall of Poseidon Plaza. The Audio Diary, which the late Hector Rodriquez was listening to, is still there. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it.

Go through the back door and the stairs to the top floor again and then exit this strip joint through the top door. You are now back in the top side hall of Poseidon Plaza. Here you have hacked the 2 Turrets before, at least ... if you follow this walkthrough. It could be that those 2 Turrets have already been destroyed by a Bouncer or by Freaks.

But perhaps the Turrets are still intact and they can now do you good services here, because the game will now send those white Spider Freaks at you. So keep this in mind .... This white Spider Freaks often come down from the ceilings and they also come in groups. I'm not going to point them out to you all the time, so stay alert for those Spiders and deal with them when they show up.

Walk through the side hall to the main hall. Across the street you will find the "Pharao Fortune Casino" where you can enter to find an Audio Diary and some other items ..... You can also try your luck with the many "One-armed Bandits" that stand there ..... Be careful because there is a security camera in the casino. You have to know for yourself whether you think it worthwhile to enter the casino.

Pharao Fortune Casino:

As soon as you enter here you are standing right in front of the stairs that go to the top floor .....

 Watch out .... There is a security camera hanging from the ceiling of the stairwell and that thing also looks down ...... ...

So carefully walk up to the bottom step of the stairs and then quickly look up and spot the camera. Zap the camera and then quickly destroy the thing. 

Then go up to the top floor. On the top floor you will find an Audio Diary on 1 of the billiard tables

You can also use the slots here, the "One-armed Bandits. Each slot will cost you $ 10 but some slots can get you $ 250 and others can get you $ 25. When you're done above, go back down where you can also get some items. and try out the slots. When you have had enough, exit this casino. Back in the main hall, continue to the left ..... You will then pass by the "Record Shop" where Silas Cobb resides .. ... You can hear that Silas Cobb too, but do not enter the "Record Shop" yet but cross over to the other side of the hall where you will find a "Circus of Value" and the "Sir Prize Game Hall".

Again ..... you have to decide for yourself whether you think it is worthwhile to enter the "Sir Prize Game Hall" .... 

You can find a Crossbow and an Audio Diary  again, but there is also a Bot Freak. which you then have to fight.

Sir Prize Game Hall:

When you enter here you will see that there are 2 "Trapwire Spears" hanging through the room. Use "Telekinesis" to defuse the 2 "Trapwires".

Then walk to the back. In the left corner is a crossbow that you can pick up and there is also a booby trap grenade.

Turn around and ...... Before you can go down the stairs to the lower hall, a Bot Freak will now appear .... 

you know ....it's  such a Freak with a red circle that also controls a Securitybot  ....

Kill the Freak and zap and Hack her bot, if you can. Doesn't matter if it doesn't work. Then go down the stairs to the downstairs hall.

Behind the stairs is a small bar and in the corner is an Audio Diary in a box ....

Behind the bar you can hack a Safe and then loot.

Go back up the stairs and then exit this games hall.

Back in the main hall, now go to the "Rapture Records Shop" because it's time to start squeezing that Silas Cobb in his balls.

Rapture Records:

When you are inside, first go to the left, behind the counter. There is an Audio Diary under the counter.

Grab and listen to the Audio Diary. You are here in the top floor of the store. There is also a ground floor, but the stairs to it have disappeared. 

Walk to the edge of the floor. Below you see a Corpse sitting in a chair, in front of the billboard.

Watch out ........ Silas Cobb has placed a bomb near the sitting corpse ..... Jump down and walk to the corpse but immediately walk away from the corpse again because Silas Cobb detonates the bomb .. ... Turn around and then look up and ..... Above you is Silas Cobb .....

Cobb is also a Nitro-Spider so he also has a box from which he will drop his bombs at you. But Cobb has another surprise for you first ... 

Cobb runs away but he will send a few Spider Freaks at you ... Look up at the ceiling because those Spiders are coming down from the ceiling ...

about 5 of these Fire Freaks will come down, so survive this bit. When everything is calm again you have to get back up, but there are no stairs.

To the left, however, you see the entrance to a crawl space ....

Crawl into the crawl space and crawl out on the other side.

You are then back at the top of the store. Exit the Record Shop again and .... You bump into Silas Cobb who gives you a whack and then runs away .....

Hunt down and kill Silas Cobb:

Silas Cobb runs away and you have to go after him because you have to kill him. However, Cobb stays here in the main halls of Poseidon Plaza and will keep throwing his bombs at you. Cobb also gets help from Spider Freaks and you have a chance that the alarm will go off, causing a constant stream of Securitybots to make it even more difficult for you.

So run through the Poseidon Halls, chasing Silas Cobb. Cobb will also go down the Central Stairs to the halls and back up again. You will lose sight of Cobb every now and then, but don't worry about that ....Cobb will know where to find you. Essentially, you should deal with Cobb the same way you did with Rodriquez, so I'm not going to explain that again. Once you've killed Cobb, quickly take the photo of his corpse with your Research Camera and head back like a rocket to Cohen's "Masterpiece" in the downstairs hall of the Atrium:


Walk up the stairs again and place the photo of Silas Cobb in the last empty painting frame and ....Turn around to the Central stairs and ....

.... TATATATA ...... Sander Cohen comes down the stairs and towards you .... DO NOT kill Cohen NOW !

Onderdruk je neiging om Cohen te vermoorden.....Je hebt meer aan een Levende Sander Cohen.......
Cohen gaat zijn "Masterpiece" bewonderen terwijl hij vertelt dat de ie de weg naar Ryan nu weer voor je geopend heeft. Dan loopt Cohen weg. 

Suppress your urge to kill Cohen ..... A Living Sander Cohen is more useful .......

Cohen is going to admire his "Masterpiece" while he tells us that he has opened the way to Ryan for you again. Then Cohen walks away.

Follow Cohen. Cohen takes you to those 2 glass showcases and he then opens the right display case, which contains the Gene Tonic

Cohen does not open the left display case. You will also hear Atlas again.

You need a living Sander Cohen if you want to get all the so-called Achievement points in the game. There are several achievements on Cohen and you already got the first of these because you completed Cohen's "Masterpiece". But through Cohen you can get even more Achievements in the coming Chapters and also the last "Power To The People" of the game hangs in Cohen's apartment and you need a living Cohen to get into his apartment. However, this doesn't happen until Chapter 10 Olympus Heights. So now leave Sander Cohen a live and kicking

You can now go back to Cohen's office, at the top of the Fleet Hall. So go up again via the Central Stairs and then enter the Fleet Hall again ...

Enter the Lounge Bar again and kill an idiot Freak for a second. 

Then go up the stairs to the storage room, where you previously found the "Musical Insult" Audio Diary. 

Cohen's office door is now open, so jump over the barrier and enter the office.

In the office you can pick up an Audio Diary and a free Tonic.

Grab the Audio Diary and then the Tonic and see what else can be scored here.

Go back to the Lounge Bar .... Kill some more guys a lost Freak and return to the floor of the Atrium. Cohen is once again admiring his "Masterpiece".

On the left, the exits are open again, so you can now leave Fort Frolic to take the Bathysphere to Hephaestus. But if you haven't yet done everything you could do here in Fort Frolic, you can still do that, such as harvesting the 2 or 3 Little Sisters. You decide this  your self. I'm done here, so I'm now moving on to Chapter 8.

So now go back to the arrivals hall through the Rapture Metro doors and then through the Hephaestus door

Walk to the back again and see ..... Sander Cohen turns out to be a man of his word because the Bathysphere has risen again.

So dive into the Bathysphere and pull down the lever and ...

....... In the destination screen choose to go to Hephaestus and .......

........ After the Loading and Saving you will end up in:

Chapter 8:Hephaestus

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot