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Chapter 8:

The Bathysphere has delivered you to the arrival hall of Hephaestus. 

Walk up the stairs while listening to Atlas and receive your main objective of this chapter and that is to break into bastard Andrew Ryan's office and to kill Ryan.

A: On route to Ryan's Office:

Continue through the hall and you will get another message from Ryan about Sander Cohen. At the exit is a "Circus of Value" and also a VITACHAMBER.

Go through the Securis door and then follow the glass tunnel. 

The tunnel then splits, but it doesn't matter if you turn right or turn left because both sides will bring you to the same point.

So follow the "Office of Andrew Ryan" signs and go through the next Securis door and then down the ramp and through the "Ryan Industries" door.

You end up in a kind of factory hall. To the right is the gate to the next hall and a Freak will appear and start shooting at you. However, that Freak disappears again.

Under the big "Ryan" sign is a corpse against the wall and you can pick up a "Chemical Thrower" next to that corpse.

Go back right up the steps and then peek left into the next hall. 

There is a Turret and that Freak, who was just shooting at you, is fucking with that Turret. In the back right corner is a "Circus of Value".

That Freak is in the process of demolishing the Turret. It would be useful if you could keep the Turret intact, so quickly kill the freak and then go Hack the Turret because you have the chance that more Freaks will show up and then the hacked Turret will do you good services. The "Circus of Value" is behind the 2 thick slanting pipes.

 It is not convenient to crawl under the front pipe because you will burn yourself at the flames. If you want to use the "Circus of Value" you walk to the back wall and jump over the thick pipe. However, it hardly pays to hack this "Circus of Value" because it doesn't contain much stuff. So turn around. You can use the Gene Bank if you wish, but your route to Ryan's office continues behind the "Office of Andrew Ryan" door. So go through the door. You end up in a larger "factory hall".

When entering, look straight to the left. In the left corner is a VITACHAMBER and a "Circus of Value".

There is an Audio Diary on the floor between the "Circus of Value" and the VITACHAMBER.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it as you hack and loot the "Circus of Value" if you need to. 

This "Circus of Value" does not have much to offer you either. In the middle of this hall is a table with a Grenade Launcher that you can pick up.

Search the hall further for any other useful things, such as EVE hypos and then leave this hall to the hallway at the back of the hall.

BEWARE ..... Above the next "Office of Andrew Ryan" door is a security camera .....

Zap and destroy the Security Camera. At the back of the hallway is a U-Invent

So if you have collected Junk you can look in the U-Invent to see what you can get for it .... Of course you have to hack the U-Invent first. .

Disappear through the "Office of Andrew Ryan" door and follow the short hallway and ..... you end up in the front porch of Andrew Ryan's Office ....

Andrew Ryan's voice gives you a warm welcome. At the back of this hall is the entrance door to Ryan's office, but Ryan has "booby-trapted" that door. Left and right, Ryan has impaled 3 corpses ... they are the corpses of 6 of his former employees, who have done the foolishness of opposing Ryan. Ryan had them murdered and impaled the bodies on the pillars like trophies. You can loot those 6 corpses. The 1st and 3rd corpses, hanging to the right, contain an Audio Diary that you should definitely listen to.

The 3rd corpse on the right is Anya Andersdotter's corpse and this corpse has the "Going To Heat Loss" Audio Diary that you absolutely must listen to ...

Anya Andersdotter basically tells you how to open the door of Ryan's Office ......... and that is to create a "Sympathetic Overload" in the "Harmonic Core # 3". However, Anya was a women's shoe designer and not a technician, so she has no idea how to create such an Overload. That's why she wanted to ask it the "guys" in "Head Loss Monitoring".

 If you continue to the back you will see that Andrew Ryan has blocked the entrance door to his "sanctuary" with some power device. 

You will also hear Ryan and you will receive your new assignment ...

In front of the Office door is a so called "Circuit Breaker" and that thing is connected to the door with power cables. So you cannot enter Ryan's Office because to open the door you have to cause an "Overload" in the "Core" of the city. To cause such an "Overload" you must now go to Paplo's Workshop in Heat Loss Monitoring.

B: Overload the Core:

1: Find the Core:

Turn around and walk back to the pillar where Anya's body is hanging. Behind Anya you see a door of a side room.

Several Freaks will attack you, so deal with the Freaks and then enter the side room. 

In this room there are 2 desks, in an L-shape. On one desk is an Audio Diary and on the other desk is a free Tonic,

Get the Audio Diary and then get the Gene Tonic. Under the desk, where the Audio Diary was, is also a Safe that you can hack and then loot.

Exit this side room and walk back through the corpse hall. You entered through the right gate, so now disappear through the left gate, the Hephaestus Gate ...

The short hallway takes you to a hallway with a layer of water on the floor. There is a Big Daddy corpse in the middle of the hall. There are some Freaks popping up here ..... But you can easily bonjour the Freaks out of the game if you zap them with "Electric Bolt" while they're in the water. When the Freaks are killed, wade through the water and disappear through the door on the opposite side. You end up in a long glass tunnel again.

Follow the tunnel and at the end you go through the door and ... you end up on a balcony with a view of the Core ....

The Core are those revolving glass tubes and it is the heart of Rapture ..... Go through the door and ... Well ... you are on the top of a series of walkways that surround the Core. We now initially go follow the signs "Heat Loss Monitoring" because you want to go there first. Watch out because there are Freaks and a Big Daddy with his Little Sister here ....

2: The Core:

Stay out of the way while the Big Daddy handles his business with some Freaks trying to grab the Little Sister. However, be careful because if you hinder the Big Daddy he will also focus his attention on you and the Freaks will also focus their attention on you. So you could decide to give the Big Daddy a helping hand. When the Big Daddy is ready you could decide to "take possession" of the Little Sister, but you can also wait until later.

You really have to know for yourself, but if you decide to fight the Big Daddy here and now, you have to make sure that you come out of it as the winner. Then decide what you want to do with the Little Sister .....If you decide to save the Little Sister,Tenenbaum reports again that a Teddy Bear will be waiting for you at the next "Gatherer's Garden" you will encounter. This top turn is short and ends at a VITACHAMBER. Fortunately, the creators of this great game have provided for you the possibility to go down a flight of stairs. But before you go down, you can pick up an Audio Diary at the VITACHAMBER and listen to it ...

Then walk back and then descend the stairs to the next circulation. At the bottom of the stairs, turn around and look into the distance along the stairs .....

So you must follow the signs "Heat Loss Monitoring"signs so walk to the desk. 

On the desk you can score some items and, on the left, there is a "Bot shutdown" on the wall here .....

Walk carefully along the left wall until you see the "Workshops" door .....

Right in front of the "Workshops" door is a deep niche with a security camera that keeps an eye on the "Workshops" door.

In the camera niche you can score an Audio Diary, so Zap the Security camera and destroy the cooler thing and then go and get the Audio Diary .....,

While listening to the Audio Diary, turn around and walk on. You can start using the Gene Bank if you feel the need to replace any of your active Plasmids and / or Tonics with stored Plasmids and Tonics, but you have to know that for yourself. A little further up you will come to the stairs again, which you can use to descend to the next floor, but first continue to the end because there is a corpse where you can pick up a crossbow.

So grab the Crossbow and loot the corpse and then walk back and descend the stairs. You end up one floor lower and you now see the "Heat Loss Monitoring" door. Opposite the "Heat Loss Monitoring" door is a "Circus of Value" .... However, a Houdini Freak is sabotaging the "Circus of Value".

Kill the Houdini at the "Circus of Value" and then walk towards it .... Don't use this "Circus of Value" because it will only spit bombs that will explode in your face. However, to the right behind the "Circus of Value" is a corpse and you can pick up an "Auto-Hacktool" at that corpse.

Before we go through the "Heat Loss Monitoring" door you first walk back to the stairs.

 Behind the stairs is a pile of huge tractor tires and to the right behind the tractor tires you can go one floor lower via a staircase.

Go down the stairs behind the stack of tractor tires. You end up on a kind of balcony with another "Circus of Value".

Er staat ook een paar bureaus en mop van de bureaus ligt een Audio Diary.

There are also a few desks and on one of the desks is an Audio Diary.

Grab and listen to the Audio Diary and then go hack and use the "Circus of Value" and then go back upstairs. At the top again you walk up the slope, past the "Heat Loss Monitoring" door. At the top there is a "Power To The People" on the left and a "Gatherer's Garden" on the right.

Use the "Power To The People" to get 1 free Upgrade for 1 of your weapons again and then walk to the "Gatherer's Garden. 

To the left of the" Gatherer's Garden is an Audio Diary. Tenebaum has kept here word because a Little Sister delivered another Teddy Bear for me.

If you also have a Teddy Bear at this "Gatherer's Garden, then you have saved enough Little Sisters since the last Teddy Bear.

Loot the Teddy Bear and grab and listen to the Audio Diary

You hear Anya again. You will have ADAM again, so use the "Gatherer's Garden" to spend your ADAM on various Slots and possibly Plasmids and Gene Tonics. I bought the "Electric Bolt 3" here and some empty Slots so I could activate some of my saved Gene Tonics again. When you are done with the "Gatherer's Garden then you could follow this floor even further but I will not do this yet. I will now continue to" Heat Loss Monitoring ".

3: Heat Loss Monitoring:

So now go back to the "Heat Loss Monitoring" door and now go through it and follow the glass tunnel ... and you will end up in Heat Loss Monitoring.

Corpses are lying on the floor in the first corridor ... but are they realy corpses? Walk to the back of the hallway and .... your screen goes black for a moment and while your screen is black you will be "bitten" by one of those corpses, which are therefore not corpses. In the back of the hall, in front of the end door, there are 3 corpses, but when you get closer those 3 "corpses" wake up and attack you.

survive this again and then disappear through the door and you are in a larger hall.

You can go left or right to the back of this hall. Go left because there you can hack and use a "Circus of Value"

When you have finished the "Circus of Value" turn around and go to the other side of this hall via the steps further on.

In the sunken part, between the steps, is the entrance to the corridor where you have to continue, 

But first cross to the other side because in the corner is an important Audio Diary .....

Grab and listen to the "Kyburz Door Code" audio diary ..... you will hear Pablo Navarro and he will tell you the code for the door of Kyburz office.

Navarro says the code for Kyburz office is the date of "Australia Day" but he does not specify what that date is. I don't know either, but we might find out later in the game. There is also a Little Sister / Big Daddy roaming around here and you may already meet them here.

You have to decide for yourself whether you want to "take" the Little Sister now or whether you want to wait with it until later ......

Anyway .... go, in the deepened part, into the corridor and walk to the back and .....

At the end a Freak is asleep but he wakes up and immediately starts to taunt you a bit ..... 

You can not handle that very well ... so hand out the correct punishment and then turn around and go through down the stairs ...

When you get downstairs you will first hack or destroy the Healthstation, so that the Freaks who will show up here will not be able to use it. Further on there is a body near the machine and you can pick up an EVE hypo from that body. There's also a Gene Bank. There are 2 sunken side rooms, left and right. First go left. The left side room is a bit underwater and also has an electricity problem. So do not go down the stairs, but walk up the side balcony .... and ......

You will be shown a ghost scene. Keep looking .... Ghost 1 will first look down and then he will walk to the "Breaker Switch", which is hanging on the wall. Well .... now you know what to do to solve the electrical problem. But before you can flip that switch, you'll probably have to survive a few Freaks now, so do your best. Then go to that switch and activate the thing.

The electrical problem has now been solved here, so turn around and then go down the stairs. At the back left, near the left window, is an Audio Diary on a desk.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen after it while you go back up in the meantime. Now go down to the right sunken room ....

There is also a desk in the lower right-hand room and on that desk is another important Audio Diary and a free Tonic.

So grab the Audio Diary and listen after it while you also grab the "Security Evasion 2" Tonic in the meantime. 

You will then receive the "Goal Completed" message and immediately you will also receive your new assignment and that is to go to Kyburz's Workshops now.

So you're done here in "Heat Loss Monitorung", so now retrace your steps, bypass the Core. So first to the top and then through the corridor and the glass tunnel back to the Core. When you are back on the Core circulation you go right and via the stairs, at the large tractor tires, up 1 floor ....

Upstairs again you walk to the "Workshops" door and then you go through this door and through the glass tunnel .... You end up in:

4: Kyburz Workshop:

These Workshops consist of several rooms on 2 floors and there is a Big Daddy with his Little Sister strolling around here. 

You enter on the top floor. At the back left, at the "El Ammo Bandito" is the stairs to the bottom floor.

You can also first go to the right here, but I prefer to do that later. Continue to the "El Ammo Bandito". The Big Daddy and Little Sister may be coming up the stairs. This Big Daddy and Little Sister keep walking around here, so if you don't want to "fuck" the Little Sister right now, you can always do that later. By the way, it is more convenient to leave the Big Daddy alone for now because he will take out quite a few Freaks for you while you are doing it downstairs. Hack and then use the "El Ammo Bandito" and when you're done with it, turn right and see ... there is also a "Circus of Value" here.

So you can also replenish your stock at this "Circus of Value". Then go down the stairs to the ground floor and immediately run right down the stairs into the room where the Gene Bank hangs. In this room there is also an Audio Diary on 1 of the desks.

Grab and listen to the Audio Diary as you walk back to the entrance of this room.

You will see that there is a corpse and an Audio Diary and some other items under the stairs. However, you cannot reach it and with "Telekinesis" you cannot get anything from under the stairs. Peek out of the doorway to the right and ..... You will see the door of Kyburz Workshop and ....... Well..... Kyburz door is protected by 2 Turrets .....

You have to know yourself how to do it, but you have to zap the 2 Turrets and Hack or destroy them ... Hacking is a better option because the 2 Turrets can help you to throw some Freaks out of the game. So run to the Turrets, zap them and then hack them .....

Under the left Turret you see a dark hatch in the wall. When you're done with the two Turret, open that dark hatch and crawl into the crawl space..

Follow the short crawl tunnel under the stairs and then pick up the Audio Diary and listen to it ..... This "Market Maintenance Code" Audio Diary tells you the door code of the code door in the Farmers Market, but we have done that door already. Crawl back to the hall and .......... it could be that the Big Daddy wants to dump his Little Sister down here into the "Little Sister shaft" ....

If you now see the Big Daddy and the Little Sister down here, the Little Sister will disappear into the "Little Sister shaft" ..... Don't worry because the Big Daddy will continue to walk his route here and always come to pick up the Little Sister, so you don't have to fight the Big Daddy yet ....... but of course you can...it's up to you. Do not enter Kyburz Workshop yet, but walk straight ahead. Beyond the "Little Sister shaft" you can then crawl into a crawl space. There is a corpse in this crawl space, but it is hardly worth the effort. On the left is the entrance to a workshop.

Enter the workshop and walk to the table, but beware of the hot steam. Take the "Chemical Thrower" from the table and then go hack the Healthstation.

Turn around and see ..... in the middle of the room is a fairly intact corpse on the floor. Walk to the corpse and loot the corpse ....

This corpse contains the "The Dream" Audio Diary .... Listen to this Audio Diary .... you will hear Kyburz talking about the device connected to Ryan's door.

Turn around again to the Healthstation and see ..... next to the Healthstation you can continue and then up the stairs to the balcony.

In the corner is a Big Daddy corpse behind the fan.

Go up the stairs to the "balcony". You will then see a few boxes against the wall.

Behind the chests you see a wooden hatch in the wall . That wooden hatch is the entrance to Kyburz secret "workshop".

Walk to the hatch and open it, then duck and then crawl into the pipe tunnel and ..... 

you end up in Kyburz secret workshop where he was busy making a bomb to "Overload" the Core.

You can stand upright here again. On the table is an Audio Diary and a free Tonic.

Grab the "Assembling The Bomb" Audio Diary and listen to it ..... you'll hear Kyburz tell you what stuff you need to make the Bomb.

So you have to find items to finish Kyburz BOMB, but first you grab the "Damage Research" tonic

Once you get the Tonic you will get a Mission update. Turn around and see ..... right in front of you is the BOMB .......

The BOMB is not ready yet and you can not take the thing with you yet. The "Assembling The Bomb" Audio Diary has told you what items you need to finish the bomb. So you need the following items: 4 "R-34 Wires Clusters", 2 "quarter bottle of Ionic Gel" and 1 "Nitroglycerine Charge". Kyburz has reported in the Audio Diary that he has a Nitroglycerin Charge in his office. So the Nitroglycerin Charge you'll find in Kyburz's office, R-34 Wires you'll find on Big Daddy's corpses.

So you will have to kill and loot 4 Big Daddy's in this chapter to find R-34 Wire 4 times. The 2 Ionic Gel bottles can be anywhere in this level.So the next part of the Walkthrough tells you where I found the 2 bottles of Ionic Gel and the 4 R-34 Wire Clusters .... It is of course very possible that you will find these items elsewhere. The bottom line is that you have to kill and loot Big Daddy's to get the 4 R-34 Wire Clusters and that you have to look everywhere for a bottle of Ionic Gel. You will always find the Nitroglycerin in the Kyburz Office, but to get to the Kyburz Office you need to know the date of "Australia Day".

Crawl back out of the crawl space and go back down the stairs. In my game there's now a Big Daddy Corpse at the bottom of the stairs and that Big Daddy Corpse is now glowing gold, indicating that this Big Daddy contains something important. I don't know if this Big Daddy is now also in your game here ....... But if it is then you loot this corpse and ..... you have your first of the 4 R-34 Wire Clusters.

The "Assembling the Bomb" Audio Diary has told you that in Kyburz office you can find the "Nitroglycerin Charge". Unfortunately Kyburz door is locked with a code lock. However, in "Heat Loss Monitoring" you found the "Kyburz Door Code" Audio Diary in which Paplo told Navarro that the code for Kyburz door is the date of "Australian Day". So you first have to find out what exactly the date of "Australian Day" is. Now leave this room and go back to the top floor. Back upstairs you now go through the gates to the right part of the top floor .....

You'll have to kill a few Freaks and you'll likely run into the Big Daddy with his Little Sister up here again.

In the right part of the top floor hangs a large Banner and on this Banner you can read the date of "Australia Day".

The date is January 6, so the code for Kyburz door is 0-1-2-6 ........

 I have killed the Big Daddy and screwed the Little Sister ...a .... resqued her here  ...

If you've killed the Big Daddy here too, and rescued or harvested the Little Sister, then you'll plunder the Big Daddy corpse and ... you'll have your 2nd R-34 Wire Cluster 

Look around these rooms further. On the left is a "U-Invent" and if you look to the right you will probably see a blue / yellow Bottle on a table in the back room.

Go to that blue bottle and ..... it turns out to be your first "Quarter Can of Ionic Gel".

it is very possible that you will not find this Ionic Gel bottle here, but that you have to look for the bottle elsewhere. Take this Ionic Gel bottle if it's here now... and ... you will get the message that you have to find another bottle like this. But you will not find that second bottle here in the Workshops. You now know the code for Kyburz door, so now go back down the stairs at the "El Ammo Bandito" and go to the door of Kyburz Office, where you hacked the 2 Turrets earlier.

Enter the date of "Australia Day" in the number code slot and then click on "Done"

The door opens and ....... Step inside very carefully because Kyburz office is booby-trapped with a lot of "Trapwire Spears".

Make sure you have "Telekinesis" active in your left hand. You use "Telekinesis" on the Spears to draw those from spears towards you and then fire the spears with your fire button. So go step by step through this office and keep cleaning up those "Trapwire Spears". So first the few spears up here and then the spears at the bottom of the stairs ...

And then  remove the spears down in the office. When you have removed all spears, go to the right part of the office.

There is an Audio Diary on the table and a "Power To The People" on the back wall.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen as you continue to the "Power To The People". Use the "Power To The People" again to get 1 Upgrade for 1 of your weapons again. 

Then turn around. In the wall on the other side you will see a niche containing the "Nitroglycerine Charge".

However, the wall niche is closed off with a glass door. In the front of the desk you see 2 red buttons. Activate the 2 red buttons and the Nitroglycerine niche will open. Unfortunately, this also causes a Turret to rise from the floor at the top of the entrance and that Turret will take you under fire if you try to walk to the wall niche ....

So first take out that Turret and then go to the wall niche and grab the Nitroglycerine Charge from the niche ...

But we're not going to do that just yet because you still have to find a few R-34 Wire Clusters and 1 more bottle of Ionic Gel ...

Again ..... I can only tell you where and how I found the 2 remaining R-34 Wire Clusters and the 2nd bottle of Ionic Gel .... If you don't find these items where I found them then you will have to look further yourself. Now I left these Workshops, back to the Core Circuis were I previously killed a Big Daddy at the "Heat Loss Monitoring" access when I came back from "Heat Loss Monitoring". This Big Daddy Corpse is now there and it's shining golden

So I found my 3rd R-34 Wire Cluster on this Big Daddy corpse.

At the stairs, when you turn around, there is a box and behind that box I found my 2nd Bottle of Ionic Gel .....

I believe that this Bottle of Ionic Gel can always be found behind this box, but it is very possible that it will be your 1st Bottle

For me this is the second bottle of Ionic Gel that I find and that is why I now get the message that I have now found both bottles. If you have not already found a Bottle of Ionic Gel in the "Workshops" then it is quite possible that you will have to find your 2nd Bottle in the "Geothermal Control" area, which you will find past the "Gatherer's Garden".

So now I have the "Nitroglycerin, the 2 Bottles of Ionic Gel and 3 R-34 Wire Clusters. So I have to  to kill another Big Daddy to score 1 more R-34 Wire Cluster.  There are plenty of Big Daddy's walking around the Core courses and in “Heat Loss Monitoring” and in the “Workshops.” So if you haven't scored a single R-34 Wire Cluster yet, you will now have to kill and loot at least 4 Big Daddy's to get possession of 4 R-34 Wire Clusters.

Assemble the BOMB:

When you finally have all the items for the BOMB in your possession, witch are the Nitroglycerine, the 4 R-34 Wire Clusters and the 2 Ionic bottles , you return to the Workshops. via the stairs at the "El Ammo Bandito" and back to the BOMB, in the crawl space of the rear workshop .......

Now walk to the BOMB and then press your "E-key" 3 times in a row to place the "Nitroglycerine", the 4 "R-34 Wire Clusters" and the "Ionic Gel" in the BOMB.

The BOMB is then ready, so press your "E-key" again to grab the BOMB and store it in your pockets

Now take the BOMB to the Core because you must now go to "Geothermal Control" to  "Overload" the Core that will allow you to enter Andrew Ryan's Office. So crawl back outside and then go up the stairs at Kyburz office and then exit the Workshops. You may have to kill a few more Freaks along the way and if you haven't already, you can kill the Big Daddy here now and then save or kill the Little Sister. Go through the Glass Tunnel back to the Core bypass and descend back to the floor where the entrance to "Heat Loss Monitoring" is.

Now follow the "Geothermal Control" sign. So walk up again at the "Heat Loss Monitoring" to the "Power To The People" and the "Gatherer's Garden" and then walk down, past these 2 machines, and you are at the entrance door of "Geothermal Control" ..

5: Geothermal Control:  Overload the Core:

Go through the Securis door. You end up in the front hall of "Geothermal Control".You may have been to this front hall of "Geothermal Control" before to find your 2nd Bottle of Ionic Gel. You can then continue left back or right back. It doesn't matter which door you choose because both will take you to the same room.

I take the right door, so I now go right up the steps and ....... There is a "U-Invent" in the niche and you receive a message from Atlas. Watch out, a Freak can come out through the Core door. At the other Core door, so the left Core door, hangs a Gene Bank. It doesn't matter if you enter through the left or the right Core door, so I'll take the right door. So enter the Core Room and ......

You will be "welcomed" by the bullets of 2 TURRETS ..... Quickly HACK the 2 Turrets because you will need these 2 Turrets badly to keep the Freaks off your body. So run ahead and Zap the first Turret in the meantime and then quickly hack the thing ..... Buy out the Hack or use an "Auto-Hacktool". Then run across the stage to the other Turret and Hack that one too. In the meantime you will receive a few announcements from Atlas ...

There is a STEERING WHEEL on the Podium and that thing is now gold colored. There are also 2 elevators, but they are still closed.

Atlas just told you that Ryan will probably send an army of Freaks at you to prevent you from "Overloading" the Core. The 2 Hacked Turrets are now both aimed at the entrance doors, so the Freaks will come in soon, but you better also place some booby traps ...... You can place "Trapwire Spears" with the Crossbow on strategic places and you can also place Proximity mines and some other mines too.

So do what Atlas advised you ..... Set up a line of defense in front of the 2 entrance doors that will allow the Freaks to enter in a moment. Then go to the Golden Steering Wheel. The pipes hang above the Steering Wheel through which the Magma flows to the Core. You must now change the flow of the Magma. Press your E-key and THEN HOLD YOUR E-key pressed to keep the Wheel spinning continuously until the middle part of the pipe, the connector  is loosened .......

However, while you are turning the Wheel, Freaks storm in through the 2 entrance doors ..... You cannot interfere with the Freaks now, because you CANNOT LET THE WHEEL GO. You have to keep holding the Wheel until the connector is completely released ..... Luckily you have Hacked the 2 Turrets and you have set up a defense line and that will keep the Freaks from reaching you. So stay in front of the Wheel and keep pressing your "E-key" until the connector has come loose and the hot Magma flows down from the pipes.

Now let go of the Wheel and turn around and see .... the left elevator is now open ..... Atlas says that you have to go back to the Core

Run into the now opened elevator and in the elevator press the elevator button and ..... The elevator will take you down to the "Boiler Room".

Get out of the elevator and follow the path to the Securis door and go through the door and down the next hallway. You hear some bullshit from Ryan again. Go through the next door. You are then in a short hallway where a Freak Corpse is lying on the floor. At the Freak Corpse you can pick up an "Auto-Hacktool" and a Tonic.

So pick up the 2 items and disappear through the door. Run up the stairs and ..... You are then on the elevator that you have to bring up again to the bottom Core Omloop.

Stand in front of the "Core Lift Control" and press your "E-key" and ....

The elevator will take you up to the bottom, right in front of the "Geothermal Control" door. However, you cannot get out of the elevator yet ...

Turn around ....... You now see a number of "bells" and above the "bells" is a plateau that is gold colored.

On this plateau you now have to place the BOMB so press your "E-Key" to place the BOMB on the plateau ....

You will receive the "Goal Achieved" message. Turn around again and ..... Oops ..... The Core is now "Overloading" ......

When everything is calm again, the elevator gate opens and you get the message that the Core is "Overloaded".

Atlas reports and ... you are instructed to go back to the hall where the entrance is to Ryan's office.

The elevator is now open but Ryan is not going to let you go without a fight. 

Freaks and Securitybots are now attacking and will continue to do so until you get back to the hall where the 6 bodies are impaled on the pillars.

So defend yourself and try to Zap some of those red Securitybots right here at the elevator and then Hack them to make them work for you. I hacked at least 3 of those Securitybots and took them with me. So get out of the elevator, kill Freaks and Zap and hack some red Securitybots. Follow the circulation back to the left .... So now just follow the signs back to the "Office of Andrew Ryan".

So follow the ramps and the stairs back to the top one and go back through the door.

You are then back on the balcony where you have a view of the revolving glass Core tubes, which are now "Overloading" ...

Go through the door and follow the glass tunnel back and then through the room with water on the floor to the Morgue ......

In the Corpses Hall you still have to deal with some Freaks and Security Bots, but your own green Bots will help you with this.

Go up the stairs at the back of the hall to the "Circuit Breaker". Stand right in front of the "Circuit Breaker" and then press your "E-key" and ......

The "Overload" of the Core now causes the "Circuit Breaker" to destroy the 2 devices at the door and .......

The Door will now open ......

Ga dus door de nu geopende deur en dan de Luchtsluis in en activeer de "Bulkhead to Rapture Control" en......je beland na de Loading in:

So go through the now opened door and then into the Airlock and activate the "Bulkhead to Rapture Control" and after the Loading you are in

Chapter 9:Rapture Central Control

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot