2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Chapter 9:

This is basically a short level ....... All you have to do is ........ KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH ANDREW RYAN ..........

Get out of the airlock and follow the hallway. You can pick up a machine gun from the body. The hallway takes you into a huge hall and ..... 

.......Andrew Ryan appears on the monitor and he starts to fuck you off  for a while. Ryan also turns off the lights in the room, so it gets dim.

Listen to Ryan ..... the fucker has a lot to say. You can wait for Ryan to turn the lights back on, or you can search this huge hall in the twilight.

 Ryan will turn the lights back on at some point. In the left corner is a VITACHAMBER and to the right of it is a table with an Audio Diary.

As you can see I did not wait for Ryan to finish, which is why the pictures are now somewhat vague. However, you'd better stand in front of the monitor and wait for Ryan to stop talking and turn the lights back on. Ryan has no intention of letting his life's work, Rapture, fall into strange hands, so he turns on the "Self Destruct" because he wants to destroy the underwater city. As a result, the city starts to shake and tremble and you notice that because your screen will also shake. Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it as you explore further down the hall. You also get Atlas on the line again. The hall contains a "U-Invent" and a Gene Bank and a "Circus of Value".

At the Circus of Value you go into the small hall. The door in the hall will not open, so go via the left stairs up to the balcony.

On the balcony you can see the opening of a ventilation shaft.

Crawl into the ventilation shaft and crawl to the other end. Ram the grate with your pipe wrench and crawl out of the shaft and .... .

......you fall down and end up on the floor of the room of which you could not open the door in the hallway.

On the "photo wall" you read "WOULD YOU KINDLY" ....... Against the wall is a long table with an EVE hypo and 2 Audio Diaries. 

Grab the EVE hypo if you still need it and then go grab the 2 Audio Diaries and listen.

On these 2 Audio Diaries you will hear Dr. Suchong, the man who will soon become important to you in Chapter 10.

Exit this room through the door near the blackboard and then follow the hallway and the hallway will take you to the front porch of Andrew Ryan's headquarters ....

Andrew Ryan now appears in person, but he is behind an impenetrable glass window. Ryan is now going to talk to you for a long time, from behind the window. 

Walk until you are standing with your nose against the window and listen to Andrew Ryan ....

Ryan tells you a lot ... the bottom line is that the plane crash that landed you here in the hell of Rapture wasn't an accident but ... Sabotage. You also experience that you are "brainwashed" from the moment you have ended up in Rapture .... You no longer have YOUR OWN WILL. Ryan shows you in various "flashbacks" that he knows everything about you.

At some point, Ryan is finish talking and then he invites you in. Ryan then walks away to the left where he then opens the door. 

Turn to the left and see ... the entrance door to Ryan's shrine is now open

So walk in through the gate and ... you really meet Andrew Ryan and the game now takes over for you through a video

Ryan pushes you back into the front hall while he talks to you and constantly screams "WOULD YOU KINDLY" at you. Ryan also shows you in Flashbacks that he knows exactly what you have done in Rapture so far, on behalf of Atlas. Ryan wants you to kill him ..... he really wants you to kill him and for that he gives you his walking stick and ......

... you no longer have a will of your own ... 

you are completely under the influence of Andrew Ryan and you take the Walking Stick and you smash Andrew Ryan horribly to death with it ......

When Ryan is dead on the floor, Atlas screams that you have to take his "Genetic Key" and take that thing off the "Self Destruct" ...

So you automatically take the "Genetic Key" out of Ryan's pockets and ..... you regain control of the game.

So go back into Ryan's office through the gate and walk to the back room.

In the back room is a large machine that resembles a large church organ.

At the top of the machine is a monitor and in front of the "organ" is the "Self Destruct Override" console ...

Stand right in front of the "Self Destruct Override" console and then press your "E-key" to insert Ryan's Genitic Key which will destroy the "Self Destruct" and ........

.....Oh man ..... YOU ARE FUCKED ..... FUCKED ... FUCKED and again ..... FUCKED ......

Atlas is very grateful to you, but ...... Atlas is not Atlas ...... Atlas does not exist ...... 

From the moment you ended up in Rapture, you appear to be manipulated by Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan's worst enemy.

You did Fontaine's dirty work and he is very grateful to you for it. But Fontaine no longer needs you, so he wants to get rid of you too. 

The door will open again and Fontaine will now send a number of Securitybots at you. Your new assignment is simple ...... Escape and stay alive ....

2 Little Sisters show up and they scream for you to follow them. Quickly ..... Run after the 2 Little Sisters and follow them back to the hallway.

The 2 Sisters quickly take you to an opened Ventilation shaft and 1 of the Sisters already crawls into the shaft ....

crawl into the Ventilation shaft and ..... The other Sister beckons you in the shaft to follow her now,

So crawl on and ....... OOPS ...... You get hit on the head and become unconscious and when you regain your senses you are in:

Chapter 10

Walkthroughs door: Louis Koot

A: Tenenbaum's Little Sister Crèche

You slowly regain your senses. You hear a voice talking to you and you see a lot of nice little girls playing together. So apparently you managed to escape the attack of Fontain, but you don't really have much memory of it. It is Tenebaum talking to you because you are here in the Little Sister shelter of Tenebaum. You now have no weapons, no Plasmids and no Tonics and you can not save the game now .......

The Little Sisters collected here are the Little Sisters you've SAVED in the game so far. Listen to what Tenebaum tells you

You also see Tenebaum ... it is the woman who walks back and forth in the room behind the window. You cannot approach Tenebaum so just stand and listen to Tenebaum. Tenebaum says that your arrival at Rapture was entirely the work of Frank Fontaine ...... No plane crash ... but intentional ...... Fontaine made you come to Rapture "To Save His Ass" .. ... to kill Andrew Ryan, which is what you've done in Chapter 9 by now.

Tenebaum tells that your brain has been manipulated and that Fontain controls your brain to a large extent via a "Mind Control Plasmid". However, Tenebaum has managed to undo much of the damage done to your brain. But Fontain still has the ability to manipulate you. Tenebaum says that you must go to Dr. Suchong must go, in the Mercury Suites area of Rapture. So you immediately receive 2 assignments. Your main task is to free yourself from the hold that Fontain has on you and to do that you must first go to Dr. Suchong.

Walk to the stairs and ...... 1 of the Little Sister screams that you must follow her.

So follow the Little Sister up the stairs and then further to the door ... where another Little Sister is waiting.

The large golden door is locked but at the bottom of the door is a "Little Sister hatch" and the Little Sister crawls through that hatch to open the door from the other side.

B: Sewer

You are free to go, so walk up the stairs and ..... you will get all your weapons, Plasmids and Gene Tonics back .....

You are in the sewer but it is only a small piece of sewer. Follow the sewer to the right and .........

Frank Fontaine comes in and he's pretty pissed off that you're not dead yet. Fontain thinks he can still completely manipulate you, so he orders you to commit suicide by having yourself trampled by a Big Daddy. Well ..... thanks to Tenebaum's interventions in your brain, Fontain no longer has full control over you and Fontain will find out now.

But unfortunately for you, Fontain has other options to make it damn difficult for you and he immediately gives you a demonstration of this via "Code Yellow" ....... 

Your screen turns red because Fontain tells your brain to stop your HART with beating .......

Fontaine's "Code Yellow" ensures that your MAXIMUM HEALTH will periodically decrease ..... Fontain also explains it to you .....

So Fontain tells that he, through the "Mind Control Plasmid", has instructed your brain to stop your heart, but that this will happen gradually. Your heart does not stop immediately, but you will always, at set times, experience such a red screen as a sign that your heart has become slightly weaker again. Every time you get a red screen your Health meter will be able to contain less Health again and ...... eventually you will die ... UNLESS you break Fontaine's grip on your brain. So now you must first go to Suchong's apartment in Mercury Suites because, according to Tenebaum, you will find the medicine that can free you from Fontain.

when Fontein finally leaves you alone for a while, you search this small piece of sewer. The exit from the sewer is shut tight.

At the back right you see a "glowing" niche. Go to that "glowing" alcove. You will find a Corpse and a golden Wheel.

The golden wheel is the "Gate Crank", the turning wheel to open the gate with it. So take the Wheel and take it to the closed gate.

The "Gate Crank Socket" glows on the pillar.

Stand in front of the pillar and then press your "E-key" to place the wheel at the "Socket". Then press your "E-key" again to spin the wheel.

Keep holding your "E-key" pressed until the gate door is lifted all the way up.

Walk up the sewer gutter and ..... you now end up in:

C: Olympus Height:

1: Find Dr. Suchong's Apartment:

You are in a wide tram tunnel. The tunnel is blocked on 1 side and 2 Freaks are at that blockade.

Go kill those 2 Freaks first .... you will notice that it is not easy to get a Freak "down". Well ... that's how it will be from now on ...... Freaks are just a lot harder to kill now.  In this chapter you can complete the Research, if at least in the previous chapters you have faithfully used your Research Camera on the Freaks, the Big Daddy's, the Cameras and the Turrets. There are 2 Big Daddy with Little Sisters roaming in this level. Turn around and follow the tunnel the other way to the "News" kiosk.

Past the "News" kiosk you end up in a hall. On the wall there are posters with the text "Who is Atllas". The left passage is blocked with sandbags. Peek carefully around the corner into the right passage and ... You will see the entrance to the square where there is a Bistro and there is a Turret. Run towards the Turret while Zapping the thing with "Electric Bolt" and then Hack it.

There is a "Bot shutdown" at the Turret, so there will have to be a Securitycamera somewhere here. Behind the Turret you will see a "Gatherer's Garden" and the stairs to the basement are completely submerged. There is also a Turret at the "Gatherer's Garden", but that Turret has not yet caught you..... Do not go to the "Gatherer's Garden" yet, but turn right so that you look through the right corridor. You can see the exit from this chapter and there is the airlock to "Apollo Square" and "Prometheus". There is a security camera above the exit

Now first turn off that security camera. Watch out because there is also a Nitro-Freak roaming around here who will throw his Molotov cocktails at you. There is also a Big Daddy and his Little Sister waddling around here. Catch the Nitro-Freak's Molotov cocktails with "Telekinesis", then throw them back at the Nitro Freak.

At least you have now turned off that Camera here and that will save you some misery when we are done here and have to enter the airlock here to go to Apollo Square. Opposite the Airlock is one of the entrances to the Bistro ..... However, do not enter the Bistro here because you will end up in the firing range of the Turret, which stands in front of the "Gatherer's Garden". Go back to the turret you just hacket and then walk carefully towards the "Gatherer's Garden". Zap the Turret in front of the "Gatherer's Garden" and then hack the thing.

NB: It may be that a Bitch Freak shows up at the "Gatherer's Garden" and it may also be that the Big Daddy and his Little Sister are already at the "Gatherer's Garden". You may also encounter the Big Daddy further on. I advise you to immediately fight the Big Daddy and then save the Little Sister again. You will receive a Teddy Bear as a reward here at the "Gatherer's Garden".

Anyway ... If you have ADAM then you can use the "Gatherer's Garden" to buy some empty Slots and some new Plasmids. I bought the "Incinerate 3" and the "Winterblast 3" and several empty Slots to be able to activate some of my stored Tonics again.

Opposite the "Gatherer's Garden" you can enter the Bistro. There is an "El Ammo Bandito" in the Bistro and an Audio Diary on the bar counter.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it and if you feel like it, go crack the "El Ammo Bandito" and then buy the items you need and can afford.

 Leave the Bistro again and walk through and behind the Bistro you will arrive at the "Mercury Suites" gate.

There is a Gene Bank on the wall and a "Circus of Value" to the right of the gate. So do whatever you want with the "Circus of Value" and the Gene Bank and then continue, left or right of the Gene Bank, and you will be at the beginning of the long Tram Street that goes up to "Mercury Suites".

On both sides of the middle path are the tram rails, which are a bit underwater. Follow the tram track up. You will encounter a few Nitro-Freaks and other Freaks here. So have "Telekinesis" ready to catch the Nitro's Molotov cocktails and throw them back. If a Freak ends up in the water, you quickly zap the water with "Electric Bolt" because that is an effective way to kill a Freak quickly. Halfway through you come across a "U-Invent" and a Healthstation.

At the end of this tram track you will pass through the next "Mercury Suites" gate, but beware ..... you will be attacked by about 4 Freaks, including a few Nitro-Freaks. Watch out .... There is also a Security camera in the left corner .... switch the Camera off quickly because otherwise you will also suffer from a few Securitybots ...

There's a "Bot shutdown" on the wall that you can activate should the Alarm go off, but you'll have to survive those Freaks first.

 When everything is calm again, continue on the left or the right side. So you are now in:

Mercury Suites:

Stand in the gate for a moment and then wait for what is to come. Ahead, a Big Daddy will appear who will get into a fight with some Freaks.

Continue to the tree. You are in the main hall of the "Mercury Suites" and here are the apartments of some of the "Hot Shots" of Rapture. The tree is in front of the elevator that takes you to Frank Fontaine's apartment, but the elevator has a code lock and you don't know the code yet. A corpse hangs in the tree.

You can kill many Freaks of various backgrounds here and in the various apartments. I am not going to describe every apartment for you in detail. If you have not yet completed the Research with the Research Camera for a number of Freaks, I recommend that you try to do it here. As you know you can also use the Research Camera on corpse. Here in Mercury Suites I earned the Invisibility Plasmid with Research and activated it immediately. This Invisibility Plasmid ensures that you are invisible, but only if you remain standing still

On the left is a "Circus of Value" but beware ..... on the left side of the elevator column is also a security camera.

You will probably be fired on by some Nitro-Freaks and other scum here, who will also throw their Molotov cocktails at you from the balconies. Behind the wall against which the Circus of Value stands is Dr. Suchong's apartment. Behind the security camera is the door of Anna Culpepper's apartment. At the back of the elevator column, right in front of Culpepper's door, hangs a "Power To The People."

You can now go straight to Suchong's apartment, but you can first do some other, optional, things here ..... For example, you can now go kill that half-cooked Sander Cohen to achieve the "Irony" Achievement. You can also search Anna Culpepper's apartment and you can go and kill the Big Daddy and then Save or kill the 2nd Little Sister of this level ... 

First go and photograph that security camera and then destroy it. 

Hack and then use the "Circus of Value" and then walk to the door of Anna Culpepper and then turn around and you will see the "Power To The People".

Use the "Power To The People" and choose 1 Upgrade again for 1 of your weapons.

Then go to the hallway to the left of the "Power of the People" and ..... you will see the door of Sander Cohen's Apartment .....

Kill Sander Cohen:

Enter Sander Cohen's Apartment . Cohen welcomes you warmly when you enter, but you don't see him yet because he's on the top floor.

The door to Cohen's top floor is closed and you can't open it. You have to lure Cohen down to kill him. 

Walk to the back and ...... On the dance floor, 2 Freaks are dancing to the music that is being played on a record player.

..Kill the dancing couple and ........ 

Cohen doesn't like it that you have killed his dancing couple and he will now also descend from his "sanctuary" to deal with you once and for all ....

Sander Cohen is a Houdini Freak, so he keeps teleporting himself away and then pops up in a different place, but always close to you. Well ..... there is nothing mysterious or difficult about ..... KILL SANDER COHEN. I got hold of this bastard outside the apartment when he fled outside for a moment. When you have killed Cohen you take a picture of his corpse with your Research Camera ... This will earn you the "Irony" Achievement. Then loot Cohen's corpse and you will receive the "Sander Cohen's Muse Key".

The "Muse Key" fits on the lock of the display case, in the Atrium of Fort Frolic. The display cabinet that contains the Musicbox. So you can later travel back to Fort Frolic to pick up that "Music Box" as well. If you also killed Cohen outside his apartment, you can re-enter Cohen's apartment. You can now search the downstairs rooms at your leisure, but you will not find many.

Go up the stairs to the top floor and also loot the top floor. There is a "Power To The People" above.

Entering the upper rooms of Cohen's apartment will earn you the "Found Cohen's Room" achievement

Leave Cohen's apartment when you are done with it and now return to the door of Anna Culpepper's apartment. Go in there now.

Anna Culpepper:

Anna Culpepper is already dead. She was horribly raped and then murdered by security chief Sullivan. In the front room is a Freak corpse leaning against a pile of rubble. Put the body a few bullets in the head ..... you never know if it really was a body. Walk through and then look to the right because there is an Audio Diary on a table.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it while looking around ... You hear Sullivan proudly telling what he did to Anna Culpepper.

You immediately decide to deal with that fucking bastard Sullivan too, should you run into him.

You can now search Anna Culpepper's apartment further, but beware ..... Further up there is a security camera, which protects the stairs to the top floor. There is also a Nitro-Freak in this apartment. I'll leave this to you ... Destroy the security camera and then search the rooms below first. There is a Healthstation in the kitchen. Then go up to the top floor and see in the bathroom what Sullivan has done to the once beautiful and seductive Anna Culpepper. When you are done here go back to the main hall because it is time to visit Dr. Suchong's Apartment.

You will find Suchong's door behind the wall with the "Circus of Value" against it. Go inside...

Suchong's Appartement:

You end up in the living room and Fontaine chatters in your ear about Tenenbaum. While trying to ignore Fontaine's drivel, look to the left. 

You see a hallway that leads to a back room. Go down the hall to the back room and kill the Freak who is looting the place there.

Via the Research Camera, this Freak gave me the invisibility Plasmid.

When the Freak is dead, look behind the pile of rubble. Behind the pile of rubble you will find an Audio Diary.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen to it. You hear Suchong about his experiments on the children of Rapture. While the Audio Diary is playing, go back down the hall to the living room and straight ahead to the kitchen. In the kitchen, a Freak is busy doing something unclear with a Freak corpse lying on the cooking island

Kill the Freak and loot all the dead bodies in here, then go back to the living room. Back in the living room you walk to the back,  behind the planter .... There is a layer of water on the floor of the rear part of the living room and large bookcases in the left part. Go to the left part, so to those bookcases. When you are there you will see a Tonic and an Audio Diary on the long work table.

The Audio Diary is the "Mind Control Antidote" Audio Diary and the Tonic is the "Clever Inventor" tonic.

First, grab the Tonic and decide what you want to do with it. The screen tells you that this Tonic ensures that you need fewer items in the "U-Invent" machines.

Then take the "Mind Control Antodote" Diary. This Diary plays automatically and you hear Suchong.

Listen carefully to Suchong and what he says aboutFontaine and about "Lot 192" ....

So "Lot 192" is the Antidote, the medicine you need to disable Fontain's Mind Control Plasmid, with which he constantly manipulates your brain. 

When the Audio Diary ends you will get a "Goal Completed" because you have now found what you were looking for in Suchong's apartment.

Tenenbaum then reports and she tells you that "Lot 192" has stolen Antidote and hidden it in her apartment.

When Tenenbaum is finished you will get the new assignment and that is to find that "Lot 192" medicine.

 terug naar de grote hal, waar de lift is naar Fontaine's appartement. Kijk wel uit want in de hal is nu een Freak bezig een Granaatturret neer te zetten en er kan ook een Big Daddy rondlopen.

... you are done here in Suchong's apartment and you have to go to Tenenbaum's apartment now, because Tenenbaum has just reported to you that she has "Lot 192" put away in her apartment. So leave Suchong's apartment and return to the main hall, where the elevator is to Fontaine's apartment. Watch out because a Freak is now setting up a Grenade Turret in the hall and a Big Daddy can also walk around.

Deal with the Turret and the Freak. It would be nice if you could hack the turret because this grenade turret can save you a lot of trouble if you hack the thing.

Get into Tenenbaum's apartment:

Tenenbaum's apartment is located here on the 1st floor and the apartment has 2 floors. The door of the apartment is on the 1st floor.

to the right of the lift you can go up to the corridors of the 1st and 2nd floor via the "ramps".

Walk up to the 1st floor via the "ramps". You will then see the front door of Tenenbaum's Apartment .....

Here is a problem now because the front door of Tenenbaum's apartment is locked from the inside. There are 2 ways to enter Tenenbaum's apartment, one is the "easy" way and the other is the "hard" way. I'm going to do the "easy" way.
If you want to try the "hart" way, you now walk through to Tenenbaum's front door and then you run into it. You experience that the door does not open. So turn around again and .... Oops ..... Out of nowhere a lot of Freaks will appear. Defeat the Freaks and survive this and ...... when you have killed the last Freak, the door will open when you bump into it again.

Again ....... I don't do this way .... I do the "easy way" and it goes like this:

Continue along the elevator up to the 2nd floor, but beware ... on top of the 2nd floor there is a security camera .....

Deal quickly with the security camera and then continue. To the left, the circulation is blocked by a sandbag barricade. Behind the sandbags you see a large hole in the wall and through that wall hole you can enter Tenebaum's bathroom. But then you have to follow the circulation to the right.

Volg de omloop dus rechtsom. Aan de rechter zijde kun je dan eerst nog een appartement binnen gaan. 

So follow the corridor to the right. You can first enter an apartment on the right side.

You have to know for yourself if you want to enter that apartment .... You won't find many, but you can photograph and kill a few Freaks. However, it is a lot of effort for very little "yield" and I will not help you with this. Follow the crridor further and .... you will come to a "U-Invent" and a little further on you will see a Research Camera on a tripod and an Audio Diary on a crate. Fontain also pisses at you again.

If you feel the need, hack and use the "U-Invent" and walk through to the Camera and the Audio Diary.

Take the Camera from the tripod and then take the Audio Diary, which starts automatically ....

You hear a "Paparazzi" and he tells you via this Audio Diary the code for the Elevator to Fontaine's apartment

You now know the code for the elevator. Follow the circulation further and ...... Kill the Freak who jumped through the hole in the wall from Tenenbaum's bathroom .....

Go through the wall hole and ..... you are in:

Tenenbaum's Apartment:

You have end up in Tenenbaum's bathroom. A Healthstation hangs on the wall .... Beware .... the bathtub is protected by a few "Trapwire spears". There is a corpse and an EVE hypo by the bathtub. If you want to have the EVE hypo and / or loot the corpse, without having to remove those Trapwires, get the corpse and the Hypo to you with "Telekinesis" and then press your "E-key" ....

Go to the left side of the bathroom and through the large hole in the wall into Tenenbaum's bedroom. Walk past the four-poster bed to the windows and then turn right.

You look into a hallway and here is also the stairs to the ground floor. Walk past the stairs and then quickly look right and ......

A Freak is looting Tenenbaum's bookcases .......

Quickly ..... Zap and Kill the Freak and then go into this Library corner and ...... On the wall "Whore" has been chalked and you can hear Tenenbaum .....

So Tenenbaum reports that Fontaine and his pigs have looted her apartment and also stole "Lot 192". Tenenbaum suspects that "Lot 192" can now be found in Fontaine's penthouse, which can be reached via the elevator in the hall. Fortunately, you now know the numerical code for the elevator. There is nothing else to do here, so go back to the hallway and now go down the stairs to the ground floor of this apartment.

On the way, Fontaine also reports ..... Downstairs, in the side room, you can hack and loot another Safe ... but be careful because there is a Turret there and it is actually not worth the effort. Leave the apartment through the door and you are back on the 1st floor.

you can now follow the circulation to the other side because you can then enter an Apartment there. It is an "Abandon Apartment", but it is not so deserted because it houses some Freaks. There is not much to be found in that apartment, but if you still want to do Research then you should not leave it. However, I will skip this in my WT here, so you have to find out for yourself.

Go back up the ramp, to the left of the elevator column, to the ground floor and then enter the code 5-7-4-4,........

which you obtained from the Paparazzi Audio Diary, in the Number code lock of the elevator.

The elevator will now open, so dive into the elevator and press the elevator button in the elevator, via your "E-key". 

The elevator takes you up to Fontaine's Penthouse and in the meantime you hear Tenenbaum ...

Fontaine's Penthouse:

Lot 192

The elevator will deliver you to the Sculpture Room of Fontaine's Penthouse. Fontaine lives like a God in Rapture ..... no wonder he doesn't want to give it all up 

Watch out .... There are at least 2 horny Freaks roaming around here and there is also a Turret. Above the door, at the back of the room, there is also a security camera ....

Deal with the Turret and the Freaks and also quickly deal with the Security camera, which hangs above the next door ... 

If you die, you end up in a VITACHAMBER from which you can stumble back here ...

if you've survived everything again, go up the door and then up the stairs. You are then in the downstairs hall of the Penthouse and Fontaine offers you a warm welcome ....... On the next staircase is an Polar Bear, but first go right into the smoking room ....

In the smoking room there is an Audio Diary on the low table.

Grab the Audio Diary and listen after it as you walk back to the hall.

 Walk up the stairs to the Polar Bear and then go up the left stairs and disappear through the door.

Continue down the hall and then enter Fontaine's mundane bedroom ....

There is absolutely nothing going on in the bedroom .... so if you expected to find Fontaine here while he is busy fucking Tenenbaum in all kinds of positions on the spacious four-poster bed ..... well ... then you are unlucky. Go left through the door into Fontaine's office.

On the desk is a free Tonic and on the side table it says "Lot 192" .. However, there are 2 "Trapwirespears" in the way. If you think you are athletic enough ..... and you certainly are after activating the "Sport Boost", you can jump over the 2 "Trapwires". Otherwise delete the "Trapwires" with "Telekinesis". Then stand behind the desk and grab the "Electric Flesh 2" tonic.

Decide whether you want to activate the Tonic right away or store it in the Gene Bank and then turn to the table on the wall. 

In the corner you can score a Grenade Launcher or a Chemical Throuwer, but the most important thing is of course the "Lot 192" bottle on the table .....

the end of your red screens and Fontaine's grip on your brain and your heart is almost over ......... Grab the "Lot 192" and ....... You will be healed ..... Fontaine no longer has a grip on you but ...... You do pay a nasty price for this, as Tenenbaum will explain. You are now going to see BLUE before your eyes ....... and Tenenbaum explains ....

Your red screens are now a thing of the past, but you will now always get these Blue Screens because ........

........ Your Plasmids no longer work ..... The Game treats you with a warning .....

So it turns out that . "Lot 192" has the annoying side effect of making your PLASMIDS unstable.

You have lost control of your Plasmids. Just listen to Tenenbaum explaining it further ....

From now on you can no longer select and activate your Plasmids yourself ...... In fact ..... In your left hand, a different PLASMID keeps appearing every few seconds, even Plasmids that you don't even have yet. . You can fire the Plasmid that appears in your left hand, but you no longer have control over which Plasmid becomes active. Because your Plasmids have now become unstable, you can no longer use the "Gatherer's Garden's" to buy new Plasmids. Tenenbaum tells you that to counteract this effect you need to find and take another dose of "Lot 192" and she thinks you can find that 2nd dose in Suchong's lab in the "Artemis Suites" and they can be found at Apollo Square,

Okay...it is what it is.... you don't have  control over your Plasmids anymore. The Plasmids appear randomly in your left hand and each time you will experience such a blue screen and you have another Plasmid in your left hand. These blue screens will follow each other up  faster and faster. To solve this problem you have to go to Apollo Square now to look for the 2nd dose of "Lot 192" there. You will also occasionally see a strange white transparent man running in front of you ....... well .... that man is you .......

Lleave the office through the other door. You will then end up on the balcony, above the staircase. Watch out because a few Freaks have also crept into the Penthouse and you can not use your Plasmids now. So use your other weapons, so it now comes down to your reaction speed and firepower. There's a Gene Bank hanging here, but that's pretty useless now.

Enter the billiard room through the door and .....  immediately to the right there is a TURRET behind the bar. Since you now have no control over your PLASMIDS, I recommend that you immediately destroy every Turret and Camera with your firearms, so do that now with this Turret too.

Then go hack and loot the Safe and then exit the Penthouse via the Polar Bear stairs and the other stairs and walk through the sculpture room back to the elevator. Dive back into the elevator and activate the elevator button again to descend to the main hall. Well ... you're done here in "Mercury Suites" and this chapter. So now follow the route back to the beginning, to the Bistro Hall. Along the way you have to deal with a number of Freaks and you can not use your Plasmids

Back on the Bistro square, turn left, to the airlock in front of "Apollo Square"

Dive into the airock and activate the "Bulkhead" door and ..... after the Loading you will end up in:

Chapter 11: Apollo Square

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot