2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Bioshock is a first person action/Shooter game series with some role playing elements and Bioshock 1was released in 2007. In 2010 they released Bioshock 2, in witch you then play as a Big Daddy and in 2013 they released Bioshock Infinite witch plays in a totaly different univers then Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. I have played and finished Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2 but I have never been able to finish Bioshock Infinite because that game realy makes me dizzy and so I couldn't finish it

Freaks are "mobile" in this game, so they roam within their environment. Freaks also react on to what you do. In these Bioshock Walkthroughs, I'm not going to point out every Freak you encounter because that is really impossible. I will only point out Freaks who are really important to you. For the rest, you just have to keep your eyes open and decide for yourself how you want to deal with the Freaks, depending on the options you have.

For a detailed description / explanation of what Bioshock is for a game, I refer you to my Bioshock 2 walkthrough, because almost everything in Bioshock 1 works the same as in Bioshock 2. So I assume that you know what kind of game Bioshock is, that you know what PLASMIDS are and what to do with them and how to get them. That you know what EVE and ADAM is and how to "Harvest" them....... In short ..... I'm not going to explain everything very extensively in thisBioshock 1 walkthroughs. Cheating can also be done in exactly the same way as in Bioshock 2, so by "binding" certain keys on your keyboard to a certain cheat.

Bioshock has 2 possible endings. There is a Good Ending and a Bad Ending. Which Ending you will experience depends on how many LITLLE SISTERS you "Harvest", so Kill, in the game. If you "Harvest" more than 1 Little Sister, you will eventually experience the Bad Ending. You will experience the Good Ending if you don't kill more than 1 Little Sister. So if you "Rescue" all Little Sisters you will see the Good Ending and you will also see that Good Ending if you only kill 1 Little Sister but leave the rest of these little girls alive.

Cheating in Bioshock:

Bioshock does not have a Console that you can open for cheating. So if you're struggling to stay alive in the game, you'll have to find another way to cheat anyway. A large number of so-called "TRAINERS" for Bioshock can be downloaded via the Internet, but there are a number of objections to use of such a trainer. First, you need to have exactly the right Trainer for your game version number. Second, most modern virus scanners, which I hope you do have, see a Trainer's application file as a VIRUS, usually a Trojan Horse virus. My Norton Internet Security suite 2011 does not allow me to download Trainers because the exe file in the Trainer is seen by my Norton as a Virus. In order to download and use such a Trainer, you have to switch off your virus scanner and that is not recommended. You have to decide this yourself but I would only use a Trainer if there was no other option.

Fortunately, there is another and much easier way to still be able to CHEAT in Bioshock and that is to make a few small changes to the "user.ini" file of the game. So find that "user.ini" file. Where to look for this "user. Ini" file on your computer depends on which operating system you are using. This is different with Windows XP / Vista than with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. 

I have run the game under Windows 7 in 2011 and I use 2 hard drives of which the C drive is my Windows drive. I install all my programs, including my games, on my D-drive. But Games also usually create a folder on my C-drive in which, for example, the Save Games of those games are stored and also the so-called configuration files, such as a "user.ini" file.

So my "user.ini" file of Bioshock was at the following location: C: \ Louis \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bioshock:

When you have found this "user.ini" file on your computer, right-click on it and choose to open this text file in NOTEPAD. Notepad is an EDITOR with which you can make changes to these types of files. Make a copy of the original file first so that if things go wrong, you can restore the original file.

Once you have opened the "user.ini" file in notepad, scroll down until you see the F-key and number-key indications of your keyboard. There are then F-keys in the list that are not yet "bound", and are therefore "free". You can now "bind" these "free" keys to a cheat. As you can see in the picture below I have tied the God cheat to my F1 key. The Igbigbucks ($ 500) Cheats to my F-3 key. The givebioammo (Eve) to my F-4 key and the givehealth Cheat to my F-5 key.

ADAM is an important article in the game. You get ADAM by "Harvesting" the LITTLE SISTERS. In effect, you kill the Little Sister and as a "thank you" you get all the ADAM that the Little Sister had "harvested". You can also choose not to kill the Little Sisters but to save them. You will then only receive 80 ADAM per Little Sister and that may not be enough for you.

With the following Cheat in your "user.ini" file you can always get 9999 ADAM. I've tied this cheat to my F11 key. F11 = GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ADAM. Don't forget to put the the spaces and the period because without the spaces and the period the cheat does not work. Of course, you need to know for yourself which keys you want to tie to which cheat. There are even more cheats available such as a cheat for obtaining Plasmids and Tonics in the game, but that is a bit of nonsense.

So after you have "bind" an unbound F-key to a certain Cheat,  save the  "user.ini" file again. Then start the game and press the appropriate Key during gameplay to activate the cheat, but please note that after each LOADING the cheats may be disabled, so after each LOADING you may need to reactivate a cheat by pressing the corresponding key again.

The game starts with an extremely short Intro:

You are on a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean, bound for the United States of America. You smoke a cigarette and think about your wife and children ....

You consider yourself quite a special person and you are quite satisfied with yourself, but then ....... out of the blue suddenly everything breaks up ........ without any warning the plane explodes and .... your screen goes black for a moment and then you are in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You realy must be special because you are the only survivor of the plane crash, all other occupants of the plane did not survive the explosion.

Body parts, luggage and large chunks of the plane sink around you to the bottom of the ocean as you try hard to swim up as fast as possible. 

You manage to resurface and you suck your lungs full of oxygen. But .....HELP ... the whole damned ocean is on FIRE........You are now in control of the game ......

Okay.... you have to be a little quick because the jet fuel from the plane is on fire. So swim ahead but make sure you don't end up in the flames, so follow the "path" between the flames. After a number of swimming strokes you will then see the remains of the plane floating. Keep following the "free path" and at the fragments, swim further to the right and then you will suddenly see a high stone LIGHTHOUSE, which stands on a small artificial island ..

Swim quickly to the Lighthouse and you will then automatically climb out of the water by the stone stairs.

Climb the stairs and then go upstairs through the half open door.

It is dark in the tower, but through the open front door a streak of starlight enters ...

Dus loop iets door en......WHAM.....de voordeur slaat dicht en......de lichten gaan aan.

So walk through and ...... WHAM ..... the front door slams and ...... the lights go on.

You are in a round hall and you see a large red banner. Above the red banner Andrew Ryan's ugly face stares at you.

Behind the red banner are stairs to go further down. So walk on and with every step you take, lights will come on again.

Follow the stairs down and also the next 2 .... and ......... you will reach a mini submarine ...... the Bathysphere

Well ...... there is no alternative ...... no way back and no other option ..... so walk into the Bathysphere and pull down the golden lever and ...... ..

The Bathysphere closes and you automatically turn back .... The game will now take over again, so take it easy ........

The Bathysphere descends through a deep shaft and in the meantime you get a message from Andrew Ryan

..... Then the advertising message disappears because the Bathysphere comes out of the shaft and ..... you see ........ the futuristic underwater city RAPTURE ....

..... Sit back and enjoy your ride and the fantastic view over RAPTURE ........

The Bathysphere takes you to the "Docking station" of Rapture and in the meantime you hear a conversation between one Atlas and one Johnny

So that Atlas has noticed the explosion of your plane and also seems to know that you are now in the Bathysphere and on your way to the "Docking station".

Atlas wants this Johnny to go to the "Docking station" to greet you there. But Johnny doesn't seem to like it that very much .........

The Bathysphere then reaches the "tunnel" of the Docking Station and then goes up again via a long shaft and .....

The game is now really about to start for you with Chapter 1: Welcome To Rapture

Chapter  1: Welcome To Rapture,          

Chapter 2: Medical Pavilion

Chapter 3: Neptunes Bounty

Chapter 4: Smugglers Hideout

Chapter 5: Arcadia, 

Chapter 6: Farmer's Market, 

Chapter 7: Fort Frolic, 

Chapter 8: Hephaestus, 

Chapter 9: Rapture Central Control and Chapter 10: Olympus Heights

Chapter 11: Apollo Square, 

Chapter 12: Point Prometheus

Chapter 13: Proving Grounds, Chapter 14: Fontaine  and Endings

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

This is my English Translation of my very extended Duch Bioshock 1 walkthroughs from 2011.

The Dutch walkthrough has been made while playing the ORIGINAL Bioshock 1 game in 2011.