2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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Bioshock is a first person action/Shooter game series with some role playing elements and Bioshock 1was released in 2007. In 2010 they released Bioshock 2, in witch you then play as a Big Daddy and in 2013 they released Bioshock Infinite witch plays in a totaly different univers then Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. I have played and finished Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2 but I have never been able to finish Bioshock Infinite because that game realy makes me dizzy and so I couldn't finish it


Bioshock 2 is a "Games For Windows" game and that means that you have to create a "Games For Windows LIVE" account during the installation of the game. For this you need an active internet connection to register the game at "Games for Windows". Once logged in and registered, you play the game via the Off-Line account, so locally and without an internet connection. That "Games for Windows LIVE" is Microsoft's Steam counterpart and if you ask me it is just as SHIT as Steam. But it doesn't bother you and you can't play the game without an account. But via "Microsoft Games For Windows LIVE" you can download the FREE add-on game "The Protector Trials" for Bioshock 2. But you must have a legal version of Bioshock 2.


The game does not have a Cheat console that you can type cheats in. To cheat you can look for a CHEAT TRAINER for Bioshock 2. There are many CHEATTRAINERS for Bioshock 2 on the Internet, but such a Cheattrainer is dangerous and some also contain viruses. However, there is another, and safe, way to CHEAT in Bioshock 2 and that is to "Bind" certain CHEATS to keys on your keyboard in the game's USER.INI file. For example, you can bind the "God" cheat to your F10 key. If you press your F10 key in the game, the "God" cheat is enabled and you will, in principle, not die. This way you can also "bind" other Cheats to a key on your keyboard.

I play the game in 2011 with Windows 7 and then  the "user.ine" file of Bioshock 2 was for me in the following location:

Windows \ Users \ Louis (your name) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bioshock2

The "user.ine" file file is then in the folder Bioshock 2.

Right-click on the User.Ini file and choose "Open with ..." and open the file with Notepad. Notepad is an EDITOR that allows you to safely open these types of files and make changes to them. Make sure you don't open the file with Word or another word processing program because they are not Editors. So you open the "User.ini" file with notepad. Scroll through this text file until you see the keys for your keyboard. You can now "bind" Cheats to keys of your keyboard in this "User. Ini" file.

For example, I tied the "God" cheat to my F10 key. I tied the "Give Adam" cheat to my "F" key and the "Give Health" cheat to my "G" key.  So after the key of your choice, type the cheat you want to bind to the key and then save the file again. Here are some more Cheats that work in the game that you can "bind" to a key in the User.Ini file.

ghost = You can go through wallswalk = To undo the ghost and fly cheat

fly = you can fly

GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ADAM

igbigbucks = Gives you $ 500 at a time

givebioammo = Gives your EVE

god = God Mode = you will not die anymore

killpawns = Kill all enemies in the level

givehealth = refills your health meter

In the game, press the appropriate key to activate the Cheat.

 It may be that the Cheat no longer works after each Loading, but then you just press the button again to activate the cheat again.

About the game

In Bioshock 2 you are Delta, a Big Daddy. Delta was the very first Big Daddy of the Alpha series to be attached to a Little Sister and her name was Eleanor. So you don't play the game as a Human, but as a Big Daddy. However, in 1958 you were left for dead in Rapture and Lamp took Eleanor from you. Now, 10 years later, you regain consciousness and you go to Rapture to find your "daughter" Eleanor. Bioshock 2 is set 10 years after the events of Bioshock 1, meaning it is set in 1970.

When you start the game you always get the "Load" screen first. While you wait for the "loading" to finish, you will get some gameplay tips in this screen.

The "loading" is finished when a message appears on the screen that you have to press your Space key.

I assume that you have played Bioshock 1 and are therefore already familiar with VITA CHAMBERS, EVE, ADAM, PLASMIDS and GENE TONICS and what you should and can do with it. I am not going to explain all of that because it will be much too complicated. You can play Bioshock 2, just like Bioshock 1, in many ways. You can worry about getting as many new Plasmids and Gene Tonics as possible, but you can also just forget about that and only try to make it to the end with your Drill. 

I will try to lead you to Plasmids and Gene Tonic machines as much as possible, but you always have to decide which Gene Tonic and / or which weapon you want to buy or not. Furthermore, I am not going to explain too much about the controls of the game. The game comes with a nice booklet with explanations, so you should read it.

Bioshock 2 is a first person action / shooter game, so you can die and die in many ways. If you die, the game will automatically bring you back to the last VITA CHAMBER that you had reached from where you can start again. However, you can also SAVE your game at any time and you can do that as much as you want and when you want. Because Bioshock 2 is an action game, you control the game with your keyboard and mouse. Via the OPTION SCREEN you can set which keys you want to use for which action. With your ESCAPE key you pause the game and you will then also see the Dollar meter and the ADAM meter.

On the main menu screen you can go to OPTIONS where you can change all kinds of settings, such as the controls.

In the "Customize screen" you can set which actions you want to bind to which keys of your keyboard. You can of course also continue to use the "Default" settings

All over in the game you will find items that can maintain your health, so always search everything you can search. Loot the Corpses and loot chests, cupboards, ashtrays and bins. Things that keep your health up are: First Aid Kits, cans of meat, cigarettes, water and so on and so on. It's impossible to lead you to every item of interest in a walkthrough, so again ...... take a good look around every room and hallway. When the game starts your only weapon is the Drill, but along the way you will find other weapons and then you can switch between your weapons. Each weapon needs its own ammo and the ammo can also be found here and there in the game. So keep your eyes open and stay alert to find the ammo.

Plasmids give you special "abilities" that you can use with your right mouse button. In the game you get the 1st Plasmid in Chapter 1 as a gift and then you have the "Electric Bolt" that can give your opponent an electric shock so that they can not move for a moment. Each Plasmid gives you a different ability, but Plasmids cost money and EVE. Plasmids can be bought at the so-called Gatherers Garden's, the orange "petrol pumps". In-game you can get a little help from the HELP SCREEN. You open the HELP SCREEN with your "M-key".

In the help screen you always see the map of the area where you are. The map also shows where the nearest "Little Sisters" are, where you can score "Adam", and where the "Gatherer's Garden" is to buy Plasmids. In short, on the Map you can see where all the important points are that are important to you. Via the question mark button you can get more specific explanations about all kinds of things that are important in the game.

Kies "New Game". Je krijgt dan het LOADSCHERM te zien. Je moet even wachten tot de game klaar is met laden en ondertussen krijg je allerlei gameplay mededelingen voorgeschoteld.Wacht dus tot het scherm zegt dat je op je spatiebalk moet drukken en doe dat dan om de game te beginnen.  

De game begint met een Intro in 1958, toen het verval van Rapture nog niet begonnen was. In de Intro is het dus 2 jaar voordat de gebeurtenissen in Bioshock 1 gaan spelen.  De genetische manipulatie, het geknoei met "Eve" en met "Adam" hebben hun sporen al getrokken in de populatie van Andrew Ryan's onderwater stad Rapture. De onderwaterstad is bevolkt door allerlei freaks en creeps van diverse pluimage en niemand is eigenlijk zijn leven nog zeker. Ene Sofia Lamb heeft de macht gegrepen en die Lamb oefent een waar schrikbewind uit dat gestoeld is op een of andere obscure religie.

Choose "New Game". You will then see the LOAD SCREEN. You will have to wait for the game to finish loading and in the meantime you will be presented with all kinds of gameplay announcements, so wait until the screen tells you to press your spacebar and then do that to start the game.


The game begins with an Intro in 1958, when Rapture's decline had not yet begun. So in the Intro it is 2 years before the events in Bioshock 1 take place. The genetic engineering, the tampering with "Eve" and "Adam" have already left their mark on the population of Andrew Ryan's underwater city of Rapture. The underwater city is populated by all kinds of freaks and creeps of various backgrounds and no one is actually sure about his life anymore. One Sofia Lamb has seized power and that Lamb is wielding a true reign of terror based on some obscure religion.

Big Daddy Delta walks to the tube where his "daughter" Eleanor has to emerge from.

Delta gives a few heavy thumps on the tube and ..... Eleanor comes out of the tube.

Eleanor has a present for Big Daddy, a Big Daddy doll.

Delta picks up Eleanor and puts her gently on the ground and together they set off to score some "Adam".

In the reflection of the windows, Big Daddy sees Delta himself and Eleanor.

Eleanor soon finds a corpse, an Angel as she calls corpses.

Eleanor rams her big syringe into the body to drain the blood, aka the "Adam," and she takes a good swig of the red stuff.

Eleanor "smells" that there are more "Angels" for her to harvest the "Adam" with, so Eleanor runs off and Delta goes after her and ends up in the bar

A party is going on in the Bar and we hear Eleanor screaming, so Delta runs on to see some Splicers attack Eleanor.

Delta jumps down and immediately crushes 1 of the Splicers. Splicers and Big Daddy's don't go through 1 door together and a Big Daddy's main mission is to protect his Little Sister. So Delta launches the attack with his Drill and manages to pulverize another Splicer into a bleeding mass. However, one of the remaining Splicers injects itself with a Plasmid and then fires an Elictric Bolt at Delta.

Just as Delta threatens to crush the Splicer with its drill, the Splicer throws a greenish bomb at Delta and Delta falls down.

When Delta slowly regains consciousness, the Splicers have disappeared but then Sofia Lamb shows up.

Lamb says Eleanor doesn't belong to Delta, but belongs to her. Lamb orders Delta to kneel and take off his helmet. A Big Daddy has no choice but to obey people, so Delta kneels and takes off his helmet. Then Lamb hands Delta a Luger pistol and she tells Delta to put the pistol to his head.

Lamb orders Delta to pull the trigger and ....... Well ...... Delta puts a bullet in his head itself. The game will now start withChapter 1: Find Tenebaum

Chapter 1: Adonis Luxury Resort,    

Chapter 2: The Atlantis Express, 

Chapter 3: Ryan's Amusement.   

Chapter 4: Paupers Drop.   

Chapter 5: Siren Alley. 

Chapter 6: Dionysus Park.  

Chapter 7: Fontane Futuristics.    

Chapter 8: Persephone and the Ending

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

This is my English Translation of my very extended Dutch Bioshock 2 walkthroughs from 2011.

The Dutch walkthrough has been made while playing the ORIGINAL Bioshock 2 game in 2011.