2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 2 of the walkthrough:

Bowl Pits

Carol has again ended up on a dirt road near a lamppost. Behind the lamppost is a rock hill. Go forward 2 times, up the rock hill.

There is an iron flame on the rock hill. Click with your magnifying glass on the Flame to see the thing in close-up. 

Behind the flame 5 circles are painted on the rock .... 3 red and 2 green circles ......

Get out of the close-up and then turn left. A metal ring protrudes from the rock. 

Underneath the ring you can see several painted circles again ..... zoom in on the metal ring

There are a lot of red circles but also 3 blue circles ....... the hint you saw on the tablet was a green flame and a blue circle ..... here on the hill you see 2 green circles and 3 blue circles ..... so green is 2 and blue is 3. Get out of the close-up, turn left and walk down the hill to the road and then find the EXIT and go, via the map, back to the:

Sun Cannon Tower:

Walk up the hill to the tower and enter it again. Take the tablet out of the shoe box and turn the thing on again via the orange button ..... the green flame and the blue circle appear again. Well, on the hill you saw 2 green and 3 blue circles. So now click twice on the green flame and then 3 times on the blue circle and ........ .the next clue from Morty appears on the Tablet ....

Apparently Morty has sent Black a map, with a new clue on it .... an object is also needed and that object can be found not far from where Morty hid the arm .... the arm that he has amputated from the corpse of the young woman. When the arm is found you have to stay close to it. 

Ok .... this was all for the tablet. Get out of the close-up and ..... Carol is now getting an SMS from Albert Edison ....

Albert listened to his voicemail ... a woman has asked about Gerald Black several times. Edison mentions the telephone number of the woman.

Click the phone away. Right-click in inventory on the phone and then call that number via "Call the woman who's asked for Gerald Black" ......

We hear a recorded message from one Mistress Allegra Dungeon and she mentions her address and this location is now available on the map.

Put the phone away and leave the tower and head down the hill to the EXIT. Now go to:

Mistress Allegra:

Carol ends up in a hall of a chic apartment building and she is standing in front of the beautiful brown oak front door of Mistress Allegra. Click on the door bell and ...... well ...... wish that I had put on my cyclists' pants with chamois leather lap, then I would like to "spanked" with the whip  Mistress Allegra turns out to be an aged whore and her "customers" are completely in SM. The whore thinks Carol is her next customer ....

Carol of course doesn't  feel like being "flogged" by such an old whore .... So quickly use the conversation options to change the old whore's mind. Allegra changes roles and will change her professional uniform for a somewhat easier outfit. Continue to talk to Allegra via the conversation options about Gerald Black.

It is a bizarre story that Allegra tells ........... 

Allegra tells Carol about a strange guy she has had as a customer ..... that guy sedated her and handcuffed her and taken her to Black's parental home, where he left her to die, so that Black would sniff the smell of her rotting and smelly flesh. But Allegra was able to free herself and managed to escape. Allegra does not know exactly where the location of the house is, but it must be somewhere in a suburb. Allegra also can't recognize the guy but he left something behind and Allegra took that item with him. Carol may have that item if she first picks up Allegro's handcuffs, from Black's parental home ..... well ... there is nothing else for Carol to say Yes, so do that.

You immediately land on the map. Would Edison know exactly where Black's parents' house is? Go ask Edison, so return to:

Albert Edison:

Edison, too, does not know the exact location of Black's parental home, but he gives Carol a few clues .... It is a chimney house and is southwest of an Observation Tower, close to Fiskeby Station. Carol does need binoculars, but she now has them, because you brought them from the Tree House. The Observation Tower is put on the map as a new location, so go there now.

Observation Tower 1st time:

Follow the forest path up 2 clicks, then turn left and walk to the Observation tower. Climb the 2 stairs to the top of the tower ....

Edison has told Carol to look southwest, but Carol does not know where the southwest is from the tower. Turn around and .......

Carol receives another text message from Albert Edison in which he tells that Black has an office in the same building as Edison's office and that Black's office waste has not yet been collected. Edison has stored that waste in the basement. Edison will lock that cellar. 

Put the phone away and descend the tower. 

Turn left down, forward 2 times, right, forward 2 times and click EXIT. Gerald Black's office is now also on the map, so go there now.

Gerald Black's Office:

Enter the room and immediately go into the close-up of the low cupboard. Open the top drawer and take the compass out. 

With the compass Carol can soon determine where the southwest is Also read the letter that is in the drawer. The letter is from a certain Johannes B ..... you read that Gerald Black has flushed his military badge down the toilet. You also read that Black's father had to go to jail. Get out of the close-up when you've read the letter. Turn left to the round table. A white board hangs on the wall and there is a computer on the table. A magnet is stuck on the white board.

Zoom in on the white board and then grab the round magnet ...... turn the magnet over to be able to grab it and store it in inventory.

Get out of the close-up and turn around to the tall cupboard on the back wall. Zoom in on the drawer .... the drawer is locked ..... Carol has to find the key.

Get out of the close-up, turn right and leave the office to the corridor. You cannot enter the "Myst room" and to the right is the EXIT. But Edison has said that he has stored things from Black's office in the basement ..... so there is a basement here ..... turn left and go through the door at the end of the corridor. Stairwell ..... descend the stairs and ......

Carol ends up in the basement and it is full of brown bags .... Turn left immediately ... the upper middle bag is wide open ......

zoom in on that pocket and then take out the shreds of paper ......

Paper snippets puzzle:

You have to puzzle the snippets together. Left click on a snippet to grab it and drag it. If you have a snippet attached, you can right-click to rotate it. Puzzle the pieces together, within the frame. You have to make sure that you turn the pieces just right ..... a piece that is turned too obliquely does not click. If you move the cursor to the top right corner of your screen you will get a "Bypass" to skip the puzzle ........ click the "Bypass" if you do not want to solve the puzzle yourself. The puzzle is not difficult, so why not try it yourself?

When it is ready you will see 4 Drops in the colors Green, Purple, Black and Blue ......

He ...... where have you seen drops in these colors before? Yes ... in the tree house ...... the Christmas tree lamp !. Click the drop paper to the inventory.

Turn right and walk forward and then turn left again .....

Behind the bags is a rack on the wall. A Rod with wooden handle leans against the rack ..... Zoom in on the Rod and then grab the thing .... 

it is a "Pulling rod" for moving curtains and the like. Store the thing in inventory. Ok ..... done here .... 

Turn around and walk back to the stone wall, turn right and climb back up the stairs and then click EXIT to leave the building. Go back to the:

Observation Tower:  2nd time:

Climb up again to the top of the tower and ..... you will now get the compass in your screen ..... click with your magnifying glass on the compass and ..... Carol then says that the southwest must be a screen to the left. So turn left .... the compass does not turn with you, but the landscape you see now is southwest ..... you get the gear cursor in the screen ..... take the binoculars from inventory and click it in the screen and .......

Carol peers through the binoculars ..... move the binoculars over the screen .... approximately in the middle of the screen you see a chimney protruding above the bushes and you get, in the binoculars screen, the magnifying cursor .... .Click then and ..... the new location will now be placed on the map .......

move the binoculars to the bottom of the screen and then click the exit arrow to exit the close-up.

Leave the tower and look for the EXIT and ...... Gerald Black's parental home is now on the map, so travel there now:

Gerald Black's Childhood Home:

Another forest ..... dive 2 clicks forward into the forest ..... you can go even further ahead but don't do that yet ... turn left and you will see a house.

Go forward and then click the slanted right arrow to end up on the veranda ..... The house is a ruin inside ..... Step inside ........

Do not go up the stairs to the floor yet ..... we will first examine the rooms on the ground floor. Turn left and enter the left front room. Turn around ..... on the left next to the doorway you see that there used to be a painting / poster or photo on the wall ..... Click on that piece of wall with your magnifying glass ..... Carol wonders what hung here

Turn left .... you see the passage to the left back room and you see, in the corner, a circular fireplace. Click with your magnifying glass e on the rickety grill of the fireplace and then open the grill with your hand.....but...nothing of interest in the fireplace ..... close the grill again and get out of the close-up and then continue to the left back room. Immediately turn back to the passage to the previous room ...... on the left is a flowerpot on the floor. Zoom in on the flowerpot ..... pick up the flowerpot and ...... .there is a Key in the flowerpot .....

If you try to take the key out of the pot, Carol screams that the key is glued to the bottom of the pot. You can't take the key out of the pot now. Get out of the close-ups. Turn left and enter the corridor ..... turn left and ..... through the window you see a red barn behind this house .....

Turn right again and enter the right back room ..... nothing to do, so continue to the right front room. Then turn around again and zoom in on the open fireplace .....

in this fire place are a few long matches ..... grab a long match and click it to the inventory

.Get out of the close-up, turn left and step through the doorway back into the corridor. 

Turn right and now click on the stairs to climb up to the floor.

2nd Floor:

Turn left immediately and enter the left back room.

Turn left ....... A pipe sticks out of the floor and the handcuffs of Allegra lie next to that pipe. 

On the white wall, above the pipe, is a light switch and a chain hangs on that switch.

Zoom in on the light switch ...... the chain has 2 clamps .... Take the clamp chain and click it to the inventory.

Then zoom in on the floor pipe and grab the Handcuffs and click them to the inventory.

Turn left and go back to the hall and then straight into the room ...... turn all the way ..... you look back to the hall ...... in this room the round fireplace has disappeared, only the round base is still in the corner here ..... a metal bar leans against the round base ..... Zoom in on it and then grab the metal bar and click the thing to the inventory.

Turn left and then enter the next room. Turn to the left .... you can look out the window, but that doesn't bring you anything.  A large piece of wallpaper is on the floor, in the corner. Something blue is sticking out under the piece of wallpaper, So zoom in on it ..... it appears to be a notebook ......

take the notebook and click on the blue cover to open it. It appears to contain notes from murderer Morty. Via the yellow arrow you browse to the next page. On the 2nd page you can read that Morty thinks that  Black is hiding in the Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite and this location will now become available on the map.

Click the exit arrow a few times. Carol does not want to take the notebook with her. Turn left 2 times and then walk 2 clicks forward, to the last, back room and then turn left. On the bottom wooden beam is a roll of tape. You can pick up the tape but Carol doesn't want to take it.

Turn 2 times to the left ..... near the wooden wall is a wooden curl figure on the floor ..... 

you can see the curl figure in more detail, but Carol does not want to take this thing either.

We're done here for now. Go back to the hall and then back down the stairs 

.Leave the house through the porch, then turn left, 1 click forward, turn left and go forward 3 times, through the dense forest, to the

Red Barn:

The barn has 4 doors. Number the doors, from left to right, A, B, C, D.

Open door D. behind door D is a cupboard. The cabinet has 2 drawers. On the middle shelf lies a chisel. Zoom in and grab the chisel.

Get out of the close-up and then open the left drawer and take the knife out. The right drawer is locked.

Step back outside and then click on door C. Door C clamps and does not open ..... a little brutal force has to be deployed. Take the long metal bar from inventory and click on door C with it. Carol wiggles open the door. A loft full of junk .... in the middle of all junk a ski pole sticks ..... grab the ski pole and click it to the inventory.

Step outside again and open door B. In loft B there are 2 wooden tables. On the front table is a wooden box ..... Pick up the wooden box .....

in the lid of the wooden box you see the numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 5 and 4 empty circles and a small round button. In the 4 empty circles you have to click the correct number, but which 4 numbers are that? We do not know yet. Step back outside and then open Door A ..... the latrine .... open the wooden lid of the toilet and then peek into the stinking hole ........ Carol screams that there is a metal object in the hole ..

Metal is magnetic and Carol has a magnet, but if you click into the hole with the magnet like that, it will not work. 

Combine in inventory the round magnet with the clamp chain. Take the chain with magnet then from inventory and click with it in the toilet hole and .....

Carol fishes a rusty military "dog tag" from the stinking hole .....

It is the identification token from Black ....... there is a number on it ...... 235 ...... 65 .... the rest cannot be read. Are these the numbers that are also on the wooden box behind Door B? To see all the numbers, Carol will have to remove the rust from the token. Click the token to the inventory, step out of the close-up, close the lid of the latrine and step back again.

Turn right 2 times and go forward 3 times, right and 1 time forward, back to the porch of the house. Go back inside and go to the back left room, on the ground floor. Here is the flowerpot where the key is glued in. Zoom in on the flowerpot again and look into it again. Take the chisel, which you have taken from the cupboard behind Door A of the red barn, from inventory and use it to remove the key. Then click the key to the inventory.

This is the key for the right drawer, of the cupboard behind Door A of the red barn, so run back to the barn and open door A again and then open the right drawer with the key. Steel wool is in the drawer. Take the steel wool from the drawer and click it to the inventory.

In inventory, combine the steel wool with Black's "dog tag" and ..... you can then read all the numbers on the tag ..... 235 .... 65 ... 7986 .....so  the last 4 digits are 7986 ..... Exit loft A and open loft B again and take the wooden box from the front table again ..... click in the 4 empty circles to put in the numbers 7, 9 , 8, 6 and then click on the small round button and ..... the lid slides open

The box contains a Durmer Black business card and a glass ornament. Take the business card and then turn it over .....

Drummer wrote the code for the safe on the back of his card to his son Gerald ..... the safe code is 5449, but where is that safe? Click the business card to the inventory. You can pick up the glass ornament to take a look, but Carol is not taking the thing.  Were are done here now...... turn right twice and go to the EXIT via 5 clicks forward and then right. Click EXIT and go, via the map, to the The Salsa Silver Mine Suite.

The Salsa Silver Mine Suite:

Carol has ended up at the friendly, yet elderly, receptionist of this hotel. Talk to the receptionist via all conversation options.

Carol poses as Gerald Black's niece, because otherwise the receptionist will not tell her anything about Black, who has rented a suite here. Carol is told that Black has paid for the suite in advance and that the niece may use the suite for her wedding night the following weekend. Carol does not want to wait until next week so she is lying that her wedding night is already today. The receptionist does not think that is a problem and will order that the room will be put in order. In the meantime, Carol can read through the brochure of this exclusive hotel ..... So do that and then get out of the close-up and ..... the receptionist then announces that the room is ready and that Carol must pus the 155 meter button in the elevator.

Carol is then outside and looks at the red building, the entrance to the Silver Mine. 

Go forward and open the doors of the building and ....Carol is then in the hall and in front of the elevator doors.

Open the elevator doors and then click in the elevator with your magnifying glass to get into the elevator ..... Carol is then in the elevator in front of the elevator button panel ...... It is a mine elevator, so we have to go deep underground ..... The receptionist said that Carol should descend the elevator to 155 meters below the ground ..... so press the lower button 1 and .. your screen will be as black as the elevator descends down to the mine corridor, 155 meters deep underground.

Mine corridors:

From the elevator you go 2 clicks forward. At the top left you will see a 2nd, but blocked mine tunnel. 

Continue 2 clicks forward. Carol is then in a wider part of the mine corridor and there are fences here .....

The corridor continues straight on but turn to the right ...... a brick wall with a wooden door ...... this door is the entrance to the Suite. Turn left again and go forward 1 click again and ...... Carol does not want to continue because the tunnel is too dark elsewhere ...... light is needed .... turn around and walk 1 step back ....... on the left a torch leans against the tunnel wall.

Take the Torch and click it to the inventory. Turn left and go through the wooden door


There are a few dining tables in the front part. Turn around ..... 2 doors .... You entered through the left door and that is the exit again.

The right door is locked and a key card is required to open the door. Turn back and walk one step further and then turn left ... a wall light ... 

Zoom in on the wall light and then take the key card out. Click the map to the inventory ...

Get out of the close-up, turn right and go 2 steps forward ... turn left again and ...under the wall lamp a mini flashlight is inserted in the wall .....

Zoom in on the flashlight and then grab the flashlight ....... Carol says that with this light she cannot illuminate the dark tunnel, but perhaps that she can use the batteries of it. Click twice on the light and then unpack the batteries and click it to the inventory.

Get out of the close-up, turn right and go 1 click forward again ........ the "sitting room" and, on the right, the "bedroom". On the left a mirror and a small semicircular table. Standing in front of the blue table you turn to the mirror and the small table, Look in the trash can and then take a brochure and a note from it ...... 

On the note you can read where the key card was hidden, but we have already found that key card. The brochure tells interesting facts about the mine. On the back of the brochure you can read something about drawings of dead relatives of the mine workers ...... the mine workers did put drawings in a water bucket, that's in the chapel.

Get out of all the close-ups and turn around ..... Carol is now looking into the bedroom .... on the right are 2 chairs and on the left 3 candles.

Go 1 step forward, to the bed, then turn clockwise to the seats. In the left seat is a mini recorder ..... Take the mini recorder and click on it. 

The recorder has no batteries ..... so take the batteries, you took from the flashlight, from inventory and put them in the mini-recorder ..... in the screen of the recorder you can read that you need to press the Reset button ..... click with your hand again on the recorder and .... the thing now turns around and you see the backside ...... you see the Reset button .....

Click with your magnifying glass on the Reset button and listen to Carol .... it is a small round hole where Carol's finger does not fit ...... Carol needs something thin with a point .... .Combine the rusty knife with the long match in inventory to cut a point on the match ...... Then take the now pointed, long match from inventory and insert it in the reset hole of the recorder and ...... You then hear the recorded voice of Gerald Black, who says that he has the feeling that Morty is watching him here too and that he has hidden something in the crystal lamp.

Still standing in front of the chairs you turn around completely and.... you look at the 3 candles ...... Click with your magnifying glass on the 3 candles. You come in close-up of 1 of the candles. There is a small metal object in the candle holder ..... Take that object ........ it is the top part of a Phillips screwdriver ....... click it to inventory

Turn clockwise to the bed and click forward, to the table behind the bed ... below the left point of the table cloth you see a green object ...... Zoom in on it, click with your hand to fold the table cloth and then take the green handle of the Phillips screwdriver and click it to the inventory.

NB: It is possible that Carol will now screw the screwdriver tip and the handle together by herself, if not, you can do this yourself by combining the handle with the tip, in inventory. You then have a whole Phillips screwdriver.

Turn around and walk back to the mirror and then turn clockwise again to the blue table. Above the table hangs the crystal chandelier ..... through the mini recorder you have heard Black who said that he has hidden something in the lamp, so take a closer look at the Chandelier. In the close -up click with your magnifying glass on the crystal, that's under the right light ..... 

there is a camera bag on the lamp......

Click on the bag to take it and hen click on the flap of the bag and then on the zipper and then take the camera out of the bag.

Click the red on / off button. The camera contains no photos. Click on the camera again with your hand ....... Carol turns the camera around and you see the narrow bottom. .... On the left is the slot that can hold a memory card. Click on the slot and .... the camera does not contain a memory card. Step 2 out of the close-ups. Carol leaves the camera hanging on the lamp.

Turn around and walk all the way back to the 2 doors. Zoom in on the right door. Take the key card from inventory and click the card on the screen sticking on the door and the door opens .... it appears to be a cupboard where the electrical installation is hanging. On top of the clear plastic boxes is a safety lighter ..... grab the lighter and click it to the inventory.

In the brochure, which is in the trash, you have read that there must also be a chapel in these tunnels ...... let's go find that chapel. Get out of the cupboard twice and then leave the Suite through the left door. Carol then looks into a tunnel that goes deeper into the mine ..... you can't enter this tunnel. On the left is the tunnel that goes back to the elevator. Turn right and go forward 1 click ......Carol is again at the dark tunnel ..... n inventory combine the lighter with the torch to light the torch. Then take the lit torch from inventory and click with it in the screen and ..... the tunnel is then lit.

So walk further, via the slanting left arrow. On the left there are 2 wooden benches and there is a fence. The tunnel continues to the right.

 Behind the fence is an underground lake and a jetty. Turn left .... a glass door and a wooden door on the left.

A Key is stuck in the wooden door ...... the glass door is locked and Carol thinks she must open this glass door somewhere else. Click on the Key in the wooden door ..... Carol takes the key out of the door, click the key to the inventory and then click again with your hand on the door and ...... the door goes open and it turns out to be a shallow cupboard with an electrical box hanging in it.

Zoom in on the electrical box ...... The upper part of the box contains a lock with which you can open the door in the front, but it requires a separate type of key and Carol has not found it yet. Get out of the cupboard, turn clockwise to the 2 benches and then click the slanted right arrow to continue your way through the tunnel. The tunnel is getting dark again, but keep walking and Carol ends up in a cave with water ...

Carol is now in the real tunnels of the silver mine. Continue 5 clicks forward .... Carol walks against the wall .... turn to the left and .....

 a small round table .... there is a cover on the table. Take the cover and then click on it again to remove a "suppository" and the Chapel key from it ....

Click the suppository off the key, because Carol does not need it, and then click the Chapel key to the inventory. 

Turn left and then follow the tunnel 7 clicks back. Top right a "Net" hangs on the wall ..... turn right here and see ..... you are back at the glass door and the wooden door.

Open the wooden door again and zoom in again on the cupboard. Take the Chapel key from inventory and put the key in the lock ...you hear "click" .... 

get out of the cupboard and click on the door in the glass door again and ........ this door will open and Carol will be now in the:


Look around the chapel. Immediately turn left .... you will see a wooden door, and a wheelchair ..... 

behind the wooden door is another, narrow, mine tunnel in which Carol does not dare to set foot. 

Turn back and walk 1 click to the altar. Carol is still between the chairs ..... 

Turn right and...you'll see a well at the wall. Zoom in on the well and you will see a rusty bucket and in the bucket lies the memory card of the camera .....

Take the memory card from the bucket and click it to the inventory

You came to the chapel for this memory card and I have no desire to pray. 

So leave the chapel again, through the glass door, then turn right and go back, via 2 times ahead and then left, to the:


Walk back to the blue table and zoom in again on the chandelier and the camera bag. Click the camera bag again to take the camera out. 

The camera now comes with the narrow side in your screen. Click on it again to open the memory card slot and then put the memory card in there and ..... 

you can now view the photos in the camera screen. Press the arrows to see the next photo .... These are photos of furniture, made by Durmer Black and his son Gerald Black. If you have the photo of the Norrköpping Furniture Museum in the screen then this location will be put on the map.

Get out of all close-ups, turn around and EXIT the suite through the right door. Back outside you turn left and follow the tunnel, back towards the lift, 2 times forward .... in the distance you see the lift .... turn left here and ..... Hey ..... a toilet cabinet ... the door is locked, so open the door with the key from the wooden door...

Carol enters the toilet, but she does not "need" as necessary ..... but still click the toilet seat up and ...... there is an Map in the toilet ... it is Blake's map ...... Click on the Map to pull the thing out of the pot ..... But Carol does not feel like grabbing the filthy map from the toilet  with her hands. So use the long ski pole to fish the map out of the pot .....

 Carol is still not satisfied because she screams that she should give the stick a sharp point ..... the stick is made of iron, so with the rusty knife it will not work to sharpen a point ... a file is needed and ..... where have we seen another file? Exactly .... the Eco Lodges shed has a file between the empty bottles. Click the toilet seat down again and Exit out of the toilet. Turn left and then run to the elevator. Open the elevator doors and zoom in again on the elevator buttons and press button 4 (0 meters) ....

your screen will turn black again for a moment while Carol goes up in the elevator. 

Click on the wooden doors to step outside and then cross the road straight ahead. Then turn left or right and click EXIT and travel via the map back to the:

Eco Lodges:

Follow the route back to the red barn. Look in the Barn again and take the file again from the bar and click the file to the inventory.

Combine the file with the ski pole in inventory, to make a sharp point on the ski pole 

Then place the file back on the beam, because Carol does not want to take the file. Exit the shed and run to the EXIT and travel back to the:

Silver Mine:

Enter the red building again and then take the elevator down again. Back down below you walk 2 clicks through the tunnel, then turn left and dive back into the toilet cabin Click the toilet seat up and now fish the Map out of the pot with the pointed ski pole. In the middle of the map you see a gray spot.

Click the map to the inventory. We're done here. Leave the mine and when Carol is back on the road, she gets another text message from Albert Edison.

Edison reports that the police have found the murdered young woman's arm, near the Rhodondendron Valley, not far from the gazebo, where the corpse lay ... 

the location will become available on the map. Find the EXIT and go to it now: Norrköpping furniture museum

Part 3 of the walkthrough

2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Translation by: Louis Koot