2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 2: Sophia Scenario

Part 1

To play this chapter, you must first play the General Chapter 1 and then choose "I'd rather tackle this together with you" at the end of that Chapter . 

Some things can be different in your game than I tell in the walkthrough.


Market Square:

Indy and Sophia has ended up on the market square of Algiers. We are looking for Al-Jabbar. On the right it goes into town but if you try to go one screen to the right Indy will not do that. On the left a Knife thrower is juggling his knives. Walk to the left to the knife thrower.

Talk to the knife thrower and ask, "Do you know where to find Omar Al-Jabbar?" The knife thrower says that Omar Al-Jabbar's shop can be found behind the market square. Say "Nice Knives". The knife thrower then says that he is looking for a volunteer who wants to stand against the big plate, so that he can show his knife throwing skills. The conversation will then end. Then walk further to the left. Beyond the vegetable stall is the entrance to an alley. Walk into the alley and .... At the end of the alley Indy and Sophia ends up in Omar Al-Jabbar's Antique Shop.

Omar's Antique Shop:

There is a banner with Artefacts written on it in red letters. Right below the banner hangs a Mask. Check out that mask. Indy thinks the mask resembles Nur-Ab-Sal's ghost. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask: "Are you Mr. Omar Al-Jabbar?". However, the shopkeeper does not want to give his name. Ask further: "Do you ever deal in antiquities from Atlantis?".

Omar, because this is indeed Omar Al-Jabbar, doesn't want to say anything about Atlantis. Indy must first prove that he has serious intentions. Say, "I'm not sure I know what you mean". Omar then tells that it takes 3 Stone Discs to open the Gate of Atlantis. If Indy can show him one of those 3 stones, Omar wants to talk further about Atlantis. Give Omar 1 more of the two answers and the conversation is over.

Talk to Omar again and ask him now how much that Mask costs through "How much for that mask". Indy can have the mask for free because according to Omar it is worth nothing and it chases the customers away. So pick up the Mask. Then walk back to the left to return to the market square through the alley:

Market Square:

Walk back to the knife thrower. Indy wants one of the knives from that knife thrower. The knife thrower needs a volunteer. Well ... you're not lugging Sophia around with you for nothing, so talk to Sophia and say, "I think you should volunteer to help the knife-thrower." Sophia doesn't want this at all so you have to convince her now. Try it with: "Please? It's perfectly safe". Sophia is not convinced and Indy then says that she should take a closer look at the knife thrower. Sophia then walks over to the knife thrower to stand and watch him.

Quickly now .... When Sophia is close to the knife thrower, and looks at the knife thrower, you give her a push, so click with Push on Sofia and ....

well ... take a look at what Sophia has to endure now.

As a thank you Sophia gets a Knife from the knife thrower. Sophia then hands the knife to Indy.

NB: You can only push Sophia when she looks at the knife thrower. If you wait too long, Sophia will look at Indy again and you will not be able to push her. You then have to talk to Sophia again and tell her to look at the knife thrower again. When you have received the Knife then walk to the right, to the entrance gate of the market square. Then disappear through the gate to the airport. The map appears. Now travel through the map to:

Monte Carlo:

Find Alain Trottier:

In Monte Carlo, Indy and Sophia end up at the hotel where Alain Trottier is staying. Sophia also booked a room here. 

Talk to Sophia through all conversation options.

 While you're talking to Sophia, people are constantly going in and out of the hotel. Sophia never met Trottier. She has only dealt with Trottier through the mail. When Indy finds that Trottier, he has to take him to Sophia's hotel room. Sophia wants to subject Trottier to one of her sťances to trick the Atlantis Sun stone from him.

After the conversation, Sophia disappears into the hotel to wait in her hotel room for Indy and Alain Trottier. Men and women always enter and leave the hotel. So Indy has no idea who this Alain Trottier is. To find out who Alain Trottier is, so what he looks like, you have to ask the people going in and out of the hotel. Click with "Talk to" on different passers-by. Each passer-by then gives you an indication of what Alain Trottier looks like.

So click on the passers-by with "Talk to" and ask them "Can you tell me what Monsieur Trottier looks like?".

A lady then tells you that Trottier always wears a flower in his button hole. Another passer-by says that Trottier has a big nose by which you could recognize it. As soon as you have heard these 2 clues from the passers-by, a man in a brown suit will always walk in and out of the hotel. This man has a flower in his button hole, so this is Alain Trottier.

So address the man in the brown suit and ask him, "Are you Alain Trottier?". The man wants to know who you are first, so say, "I'm Dr. Indiana Jones or Barnett College.". The man has heard of Indy and says that Indy is the famous archaeologist. Say, "Actually, I'm just a simple professor." The man now introduces himself as Alain Trottier and now wants to know what you want from him. Say: "Madame Sophia is in town and wants to meet you".

Trottier is afraid of the Nazis and wants to test whether Indy has any understanding of Atlantis. Trottier gives you a quiz question about Atlantis to which you must give the correct answer. The quiz question that Trottier asks Indy is always different, but the answer to the question can always be found in Plato's Lost Dialogue.

So you have to choose the correct answer from the list of possible answers. If you give an incorrect answer, Trottier disappears. If you give the correct answer, you can continue talking to Trottier. I was asked "When were the many freaks of nature created". The answer to this question is: "When the celestial spheres were well aligned".

If you give an incorrect answer to Trottier's question, he disappears. You then have to wait for Trottier to reappear and then speak to him again quickly. Trottier then asks you a question about Atlantis to which you must give the correct answer. This is most likely a different question from the first question.

Trottier has a lot of different questions that he can give you as a quiz question. It is impossible to give you the right answer for every possible question. For all questions, however, you can find the answer in Plato's Lost Dialogue. Here's a suggestion on how to get through this:

Write down the question that Trottier asks you, and then give him an answer even if you don't know the right answer.

Then, in Plato's Lost Dialogue, find the piece of text that corresponds to Trottier's question, and then write down the answer.

Then speak to Trottier again and invite him again to come with you to Sophia.

Trottier will give you another quiz question and it will likely be a new question that you don't know the answer to

Then give Trottier an answer, which will probably be wrong again. Trottier then disappears again.

Then look up the answer to the new question in Plato's Lost Dialogue.

Repeat this thing until you know the answer for at least 4 questions.

Then speak to Trottier again and continue to do so until Trottier gives you a question that you know the answer to

When you have finally given Trottier the correct answer to his quiz question, you can continue talking to him. You now have to make sure Trottier goes with Indy to Sophia's hotel room. It doesn't really matter here which option you use because Trottier doesn't go with Indy right away. So give Trottier an answer and he disappears again.

Now enter the hotel yourself, so open the hotel doors and then walk in and .... Indy ends up with Sophia in her hotel room.

Sophia wants to know where Trottier is going. Say, "I've tried, and that fool wont come up here." Sophia suggests that Indy should mention the name Nur-Ab-Sal when he talk to Trottier again. Click "Open" on Sophia's room door and then walk outside. Indy is then  right outside the hotel again. Wait for Trottier and speak to him again as soon as you see him reappear. Now say to Trottier: "I just want you to know I work for Nur-Ab-Sal" and ....

Trottier walks away again to think about what you have put. When Trottier shows up again, you speak to him again. Then say, "Follow me, and Madame Sophia will read your fortune."  Trottier is hesitant though, so continue with: "Come on, take a chance. She's right here in the hotel" and ..... Trottier finally goes to Sophia:

We will then be back at Sophia in her hotel room. Trottier has taken a seat at the large round table and Indy and Sophia are standing to the left behind the wall. Say to Sophia "Keep him busy. I'm going to try something". Sophia then keeps Trottier busy for a while and this gives Indy the opportunity to prepare for his role as a Nur-Ab-Sal ghost.

Sophia goes to talk to Trottier. Trottier then puts the Atlantis Sun stone on the table. 

You have to act a bit fast now. If you are too slow, Trottier disappears again. Indy has to dress up as Nur-Ab-Sal and he needs some stuff for that. There is a purple bedspread on the bed. Behind Indy there is a gray cupboard on the wall and there is a cupboard with a mirror .. 

Click "Pick up" on the purple bedspread. Indy opens the bedspread and then takes the white bed sheet from the bed. Open the cabinet below the mirror. There is a Flashlight in the cabinet. Grab the flashlight.

Open the fuse box. There is a lever (circuit breaker) in the fuse box. Click "Pull" on the lever and ...... Indy turns off the light. It is now dark. Click, in inventory, "Use" on the white sheet and then "Use" on the Mask and then "Use" on the flashlights and ........

You really need to click on the sheet, mask and flashlight in this order. If you do it in a different order, such as  sheet, flashlight, mask, Indy refuses to do it. 

Indy then dresses up as Nur-Ab-Sal and is "summoned" by Sophia. 

Trottier is startled and flees the room, but he forgets the Sun stone. Indy then turns the light back on and grabs the Sun stone from the table. Sophia says it's time to return to Algiers.

When you were too slow in this part, Trottier does not wait for the sťance, but disappears prematurely .. If this happens then talk to Sophia first and ask what to do. Sophia will then tell you to try again. Then go outside and talk to Trottier again and tell him Sophia wants to do a new sťance. 

Leave Sophia's room again. Indy first puts the sheet and flashlight back and then is outside the hotel again. 

There is a purple Taxi in front of the hotel. Click "Use" on the purple taxi and then return to:


Market Square

Indy and Sophia are back on the market square. To the right of the gate is a notice sign pasted on the wall.

 A staircase goes up to the roof behind the wall where the notice sign is stuck. On that roof you come to the Hot Air Balloon.

In front of the gate a beggar sits at the blue / red house. View the sign. It is a statement about a balloon flight. Talk to the beggar and use all options. The beggar has a special offer. If you feed the beggar you will receive a free balloon flight ticket from him.  Walk left again to the alley. The vegetable stall is at the entrance to the alley. The greengrocer  is standing under the roof of his stall. Talk to the greengrocer and ask, "What looks good today". The greengrocer says that he has a special offer today because his "Squab-on-a-Stick" costs only 20 dinars today.

Indy doesn't have 20 dinars, so ask "Do you accept US currency?", But the greengrocer doesn't accept dollars.  Say "So long" to end this conversation.

 We will come back to this greengrocer later. Walk down the alley to

Omar Al-Jabbar:

Give the Sun stone to Omar. Indy does not really give the Sun stone to Omar of course, but he only shows the Sun stone. 

Omar now tells about an excavation in the mountains. Omar is convinced that this archaeological Dig site was an Atlantis outpost. Continue talking to Omar through the conversation options and use them all.  Omar says that the excavation is being carried out by the Germans. Omar also says that he made a rough map of this Dig site and the route to it. Omar does not dare to go into the desert to go to the Dig site. Sophia then screams that she and Indy want to go to the dig site. Omar then tries to convince Indy that it is too dangerous to go to the Dig site. But ... well ... you're Indiana Jones, so say "We'll never give up". Omar then gives his rough map to Indy and he is also willing to borrow Indy and Sophia 2 from his camels.

It goes on by it self now for a while

Indy, Sophia and Omar  run away to get the camels. You will see that, after a few minutes, Omar comes back alone because Indy and Sophia have left on the camels to find the Dig site. After a few more minutes, Indy and Sophia, , return to Omar, without the camels

Omar asks how the journey was. Say, "Okay, except our camels died a mile out of town.". Omar feels guilty and wants to make amends and then asks if you still have the mask. Say, "Yeah, I've got it right here. Why do you ask?". Omar's proposing an exchange. He wants to exchange the mask for something else you need. Ask: "What'll you give me?". Omar then offers you a white baseball, with the signature of a famous baseball player, for the mask Say "I'll take it" and ... Indy swaps the mask for the white baseball ball

A Trade with the Greengrocer:

Go back to the vegetable stall and talk to the greengrocer again. Indy wants that Squab-on-a-Stick so now say "A squab would sure hit the spot ". The greengrocer says again that the squab costs 20 dinars. Now ask, "Maybe we can make a deal.". The greengrocer is interested in a trade and you will now receive a list of items from which you can choose 1 to exchange for the Squab. Choose: "I'll trade this autographed baseball for a squab". However, the greengrocer does not want the baseball. The greengrocer says that he never takes presents for himself and certainly not in the colour white. Now say "Hold the squab .... I'll be back later".

The greengrocer wants to have a specific item for his Squab. But he does not say what exactly he wants. You must now offer the greengrocer another item for his Squab. Whenever you offer the greengrocer an item for the squab, he will give you a clue about the item he accepts for the squab. It has to do with the colour of the item. This is another piece in the game that is different every time because the item that the greengrocer finally accepts as payment for the squab is different every time, so I can only explain what to do but can not tell you which item the greengrocer will finally accept in your game

You now have to return to Omar to exchange the baseball for something else and then offer that new item to the greengrocer. You have to do this a number of times. Every time you offer the greengrocer a new item, he tells something more about the item he actually wants. You already know, through the baseball, that it should not be a white item, nor an item that the greengrocer can use for himself

So go back to Omar. Return the white baseball to Omar and ask, "Can I trade my baseball for something else?". Omar will offer you another item in exchange for the baseball. Go back to the greengrocer. Talk to the greengrocer again and say again that you want to trade the squab. Offer the greengrocer the new item you got from Omar for the squab.

The greengrocer will not accept this new item either, but he will give you a new clue. So back to Omar and exchange the item for a new item that meets the directions the greengrocer has told you. Continue to exchange items at Omar in this way and always offer the new item to the greengrocer. Eventually you will receive enough hints from the greengrocer to get the right item from Omar that you then can then exchange with the greengrocer for the Squab. I had to get a RED item from Omar and this was the Red Fez. With the red Fez I got the Squab-on-a-Stick from the greengrocer. But it is very possible that you need a completely different item to get the Squab-on-a-Stick from the greengrocer.

When you finally get the greengrocer's Squab-on-a-Stick, walk back to the Beggar. Give the Squab-on-a-Stick to the beggar and he will give you a ticket for a free balloon ride as a thank you. To the right of the gate is the staircase to the roof of the gate (walk to roof). Click "Walk to roof", at the top of the stairs  and .... Indy and Sophia walk up the stairs and now end up at the Balloon.

Give the Balloon ticket  to the balloon man and then click "Use" on the balloon and the man will lift the balloon upwards. The balloon is therefore attached to the rope and cannot go anywhere and that is not the intention. So Use blood-stained knife with rope and ..... Indy cuts the rope and the balloon floats away. You are now in the:

Hot air balloon puzzle:

Keep calm and make sure you don't have anything to throw through your computer screen. I guarantee that in a few hours you will be completely insane with this puzzle and that you will lie on the floor crying with misery. So you are looking for the Dig site and you will do that in the hot air balloon. However, you cannot really control the balloon. At the bottom of the screen you will see 2 possibilities to control the balloon: VENT HYDROGEN and DROP BALLAST.

By clicking with your left mouse you activate the VENT HYDROGEN and the balloon descends. You will see the balloon shrink, so the left mouse button will shrink the balloon. The balloon then descends in circles and drifts to the left. By clicking with your right mouse you activate the DROP BALLAST and the balloon rises. You will then see the balloon expand. As you right click the balloon expands and rises and this also happens in circles and the balloon floats away to the right.

At the bottom right is the compass. If you left click or right click you will see the arrow in the compass shift to another direction. So what you need to do is, by left-clicking or right-clicking, point the arrow in the compass in the right direction. The balloon will then float in that direction. So, for example, if you want the balloon to go to the Southeast, make sure the arrow in the compass points to the Southeast (between E and S). Then let the balloon float that way. The balloon then automatically floats to the next screen. The direction in which the compass arrow points will cause the balloon to move up, left, right, or down a screen.

On various screens there are tent camps of the nomads (Nomad camp) that roam the desert. 

You have to look for those nomad camps and then land there and then ask the nomad where the red X is, which is on Omar's map. 

The nomads give you clues on the direction to take the balloon ... They tell you if you are close to the X or far away. Or they tell you whether you must fly south, north, east  with the balloon. To land at a nomad camp, you must use the VENT HYDROGEN, so you have to click left in quick succession. However, the balloon must land exactly on a nomad camp. So you have to aim the balloon exactly at a nomad camp and that is not exactly easy.

When you have landed at a nomad camp, you talk to the nomad who is standing near the tent. Then ask the nomad "What do you make of this map?" Indy then shows the nomad the map and the nomad gives you a hint about where the red X is. So the nomad tells you in which direction you have to fly further from his encampment. For example, if a Nomad says that the X is to the South and to the East, this means that you must fly to the Southeast. Then take off again and then fly with the balloon in the direction the nomad has told you. Go to all nomad camps in this way until you find the camp where the nomad tells you that you are very close to the X site.

As soon as you have found the nomad who says that you are near the Dig site, the RED X will appear on your screen and you have to go there.

As soon as the red X has appeared you have to send the balloon to the red X and make sure that you descend exactly on the X.

When the balloon has almost landed on the X, you will hear shots because .....

.......a German soldier bursts the balloon but that German is then crushed by the balloon.

You made it. You have landed near the dig site. Walk one screen to the left and you are at the

Dig site: Atlantis Outpost:

Sophia senses the presence of Nur-Ab-Sal and walks behind the army truck. Sophia then sinks through a hole in the ground and is gone. The dig site is therefore a big hole in the ground. On the left you can go down the ladder to the bottom of the hole. Walk to the ladder and ..... Indy descends through the ladder and is down at the bottom of the huge hole. It is pitch dark. Indy needs light, but there is no light.

Now, slowly and carefully move the cursor over and through the dark screen. In the bottom centre of the dark screen you read "Walk to long, tubular thing". 

Click "Pick up" on this spot and .... Indy walks over to it and picks up a Rubber Hose.

A little more to the right is a Pot of Clay (Clay thing). Click "Pick up" on that Clay thing and Indy picks up the clay pot. Click on the ladder again and Indy climbs back up the ladder. Walk back to the army truck. Above the left rear wheel is the cap of the gas tank. Open the gas tank. Then use the Rubber Hose on the opened fuel tank to insert the hose into the tank. Then use the clay pot on the end of the hose and ..... 

The clay pot is filled with petrol from the tank. Indy picks up the full pot again. Go back down the ladder. It is still dark, so search the dark screen again. Somewhere on the left is a Metal Thing. Click "Touch" on that Metal Thing. Indy walks over and touches the thing and then tells her it's a generator.

Now carefully move the cursor back and forth over the generator until you read about a "Little metal thing". Then click right and Indy tells you that it is the on / off button of the generator. Just above this on / off button you will find the "Metal Cap". Right click and Indy tells you that it is the gas cap of the generator's gas tank. Now "Use gas-filled jar with gas cap" and ... Indy fills the generator with the gasoline.

Now find the on / off button (switch) again and then click "Use Switch" and ..... the generator turns on and ... you have light.

In front of the generator is the wooden skeleton of a ship. You see a mural painted on the wall. Take a look at the mural. Indy says it portrays a Chest or an Arc and also that he has seen this before. The ship's skeleton consists of a number of curved wooden ribs. Take the right up ship rib (Pick up ship rib). Walk to the right. On the right is a wooden table with a Wooden Peg. In the right wall, between the two wooden support beams, you see a circle in the wall. That circle is a piece of crumbling wall.

Take the Wooden Peg from the table. Use the wooden ship rib on the crumbling wall and .... 

Indy smashes away the plaster with the wooden rib and this creates a mural.

View the mural. It turns out to be a map of Crete and there is a hole exactly in the middle. Indy says that he has read about this in Plato's Lost Dialogue, so first read the information about the Sun Disk in Plato's Lost Dialogue. In inventory click "look at" on Plato's book to open it and then click on the first paper clip on the right.

Read the text about the Outpost. You read that for an outpost only a Sun stone is needed and you also read how to set that Sun stone. On the right page you will learn about the Moon stone and the World stone. In all these 3 pieces of text you will read a clue on how to set the 3 Stones.

However, these clues are different for each game, so how to set the Sun stone, Moon stone and World stone is different in each game. In my game it says about the Outpost that the door opens as "Sunset made the tall horns red", so when the "evening sun turns the big horns red". In your game, however, you can read another clue. For example, the book might say, "When the Midday Sun covers the big horns." 

Close the book again. Take the Wooden Peg from inventory and place the peg in the hole of the mural (use wooden peg with mural). 

Then place the Sun stone on the wooden pin (Use Sun stone with peg in hole).

Then click "Use" on the Sun stone and ..... you will come to the close-up of the round Sun stone.

The Sun stone puzzle:

You must now set the Sun stone. Above the Sun stone are the Tall Horns. You will see 4 symbols on the Sun stone. Those 4 symbols are  Darkness, Rising Sun, Noon Sun, Setting Sun. By clicking on or between the symbols you turn the Sun stone 1 turn counter clockwise. You can spin the symbols on 8 positions. Position 1 is above, below the Tall Horns.

So the Spindle is in the middle. Every time you have turned the stone one click, click on the Spindle to see if something happens. You must now turn the Sun stone so that the correct symbol appears below the Tall Horns, at position 1. Which symbol you should put below the Tall Horns depends on what you  have read about the OUTPOST in Plato's Lost Dialogue. So my clue was "Sunset made the tall horns red," so if the "evening sun turns the big horns red," so I have to put the SETTING SUN below the Tall Horns, at position 1.

So read the hint in Plato's Lost Dialogue about the OUTPOST and then put the appropriate symbol below the Tall Horns and then click on the Spindle.  If you don't know English, then click each of the 4 symbols one by one below the Tall Horns, at position 1, and then click on the Spindle. Was it the right symbol then you have solved the puzzle, if nothing happens then it was not the right symbol.

NB: When you have turned the for you correct symbol below the Tall Horns, then write down which symbol this is because you will have to set the same sun symbol on position 1 when you are on Crete and in Atlantis. 

Click on the Spindle and .... if you now have turned the Sun stone in the right position then you go out of the puzzle and .... part of the wall slides open and .... Sophia steps in.  Sophia gives Indy a Distributor cap an a Amber Fish on a string, which she has found. Indy tells that they have to go to Crete now because there is a Greater Colony of Atlantis.

Take back the Sun stone and the Wooden Peg because you'll need them on Crete. Walk back to the generator. Open the front of the generator. When Indy has opened the generator you have to move him a little so that you can clearly see the opened front of the generator.

In the opened generator there is a Spark plug. Take the Spark plug from the generator. However, Indy tells you to turn off the generator first. So use the on / off button of the generator. It is then dark again.

Move your cursor over the generator until you find the click point of the spark plug again. This plug is now called "Ceramic thing" so you are looking for the "Pick up ceramic thing" spot. Once you find this spot, click and ... Indy takes the spark plug from the generator Click on the ladder again to climb back up.

Walk back to the army truck. View the Engine of the truck. Indy says that the Engine is missing a Spark plug and a distribution cap. Well ... you now have both items, so use the Spark plug with engine and then use the Distributor cap on the engine. Then close the hood and remove the green rubber hose from the fuel tank. Then close the cover of the gas tank. Then click "Use" on the truck and......

You will get back on the map. Click on the map on CRETE  and Indy and Sophia drive back to Algiers and then fly on to:

Crete: Greater Colony of Atlantis:

2020: English Walkthrough by: Louis Koot