2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 4: Atlantis and End Game


It is pitch dark. Indy's eyes will slowly get used to and you will be able to see a little more. But it is still useful to provide more light yourself. If you came here via the Sophia scenario, Sophia is still with Indy now, but she will be kidnapped in a moment. If you came here via the Thinking scenario or the Fighting scenario, Indy is only.

Move your cursor to the bottom center of the screen. There's a Wooden Thing. Walk to the wooden thing and pick it up. The wooden thing turns out to be a ladder. Continue to the right and move your cursor over the dark black screen again. You are looking for a place with stone rubble. Continue to the rubble spot. Place the ladder on the stone rubble

At the top of the ladder is a Stone Thing. Walk to the Stone Thing. Don't go there but click "Open", or "Pick up" on the stone thing and ....

If Sophia is with Indy, Sophia will now be kidnapped and you will see a door that goes open.

Click "Open stone thing" again. Indy opens the stone thing and a Metal Rod  comes out. It is slowly getting lighter now. Pick up the metal rod.

In inventory, combine an Orichalcum Bead with the Metal Rod and ... you have a flashlight and now plenty of light. Indy stands on a stone podium in front of a closed golden door. To the right of the door is a statue. On the base of the statue is the Spindle.

Place the Sun stone, Moon stone and World stone on the Spindle. Read again in Plato's Lost Dialogue. Now read the piece that starts with "To approach Atlantis ......". You read that the final entrance to Atlantis can only be opened by opposing spirits. This means that you now have to turn the 3 discs, so that what you first had to put at the top under the Tall Horns, at position 1, now you should put it at the bottom, at position 5. So if you first had full sun at the top at position 1  at the horns, for example, you should now set full sun at the bottom at position 5. Similarly for the symbols of the Moon stone and the World stone, so you have to reverse it now.

So click Use on the stones and turn the correct symbol of all 3 stones to position 5. Then click on the Spindle and ..... The statue's mouth opens.

Take an Orichalcum bead from your inventory and place it in the opened mouth of the statue and ... the Golden Door will open. Wait ... do not walk through the now opened door because you can not go back and you will need the ladder and the 3 stones later. So pick up the 3 stones from the Spindle and pick up the ladder again. Then walk through the opened door. You end up in:

The Maze of Atlantis:

You see the maze of Atlantis from above. This is a circular maze and it is divided into 4 sectors. Each sector is therefore a quarter of the circle. There are rooms in the maze that you can enter. Rooms where you can enter are indicated with a yellow question mark when you place the cursor on them. Once you are in such a room, the room gets a name on the map

There are German soldiers walking around in various places and you should avoid them. If you are unable to outrun a guard, you must fight the guard to knock him unconscious. These soldiers always walk back and forth along a fixed route in their sector, so it is not very difficult to avoid them. Just enter a room if a soldier gets too close to Indy or walks in his way. 

First enter all rooms where you get the yellow question mark. If a room has a grid / grate, you can crawl through the grid / grate to the next sector. The layout of the rooms in this round maze varies from game to game, so I can't guide you through a particular route here to get to the right rooms. Many rooms are located in different places per game. However, the location of some rooms are the same in every game. So what you have to do first is to look in all question mark rooms so that all those rooms have been given a name.

You start in Sector 1. The screenshot below lists all rooms of interest and I have numbered them 1 to 19. However, some rooms in your game may be different rooms.

Room 0 1 = Airlock.
Room 0 2 = Taurus / fish head room.
Room 0 3 = Crab room.
Room 0 4 = Machine room (in every game).
Room 0 5 = Robot parts with the Bronze Gear. Also grate to room 9.
Room 06 = Grate to rooms 7 and 8 in the closed part of section 2.
Room 07 = accessible via room 6 grate.
Room 0 8 = accessible via room 7. Here I found the Bronze Spoke Wheel.
Room 09 = Grid/ grate to room 5.
Room 10 = grid / grate to room 11.
Room 11 = Eel statue.
Room 12 = at the end, at the collapse it says de cart with the skeleton / ribcage.
Room 13 = Grate to bottom shaft in prison.
Room 14 = Statue Room where you will find the Cup.
Room 15 = Sentry Room and prison entrance ,.
Room 16 = Grate left side prison at the Robot.
Room 17 = Lava Room.
Room 18 = grate to room 19.
Room 19 = grate to room 18.

Again ... it may be different in your game, so what you need to do is first walk all the way through the circle maze and then enter all the rooms you can enter. Also crawl through all the grates you find in some rooms. If you have been in every room then you know where which room is. I will continue to pretend that the rooms in your game are exactly as I indicated above.

We start in Section 1 at the Airlock. If you don't have a Submarine Sandwich (from the Sophia scenario) with you now, you will have to fight with the soldier walking around here in Section 1. This soldier has a Bratwurst and Indy needs that bratwurst. Do you now have the Submarine sandwich, or any other type of sandwich, then there is no need to fight. I will now give you a brief description of the rooms as they were found in my game.

Room 2: Fish Head Statue:

There is a statue in the wall niche. Examine the statue and examine the statue's head. Indy tells you that the statue is a cross between a bull and a fish and the head is a fish head. Grab the Fish Head.

Room 3: Crab room:

The Crab room has a small round pond and red crabs crawl out of holes in the walls. 

The crabs always take a bath in the pond.

Room 4: Engine room:

This engine room can always be found in the same place. It is a large high room with a pyramid structure in it. Take a look around. You need to find some items before you can do anything here. You will soon be manufacturing these yellow Orichalcum Beads here.

Room 5: Robot parts room:

In this room, a broken robot is on the wall. On the left is a Bronze Sprocket on the wall. Grab the Bronze Sprocket because you need it in the Engine Room. You can go to room 9 or another room via the grate.

Room 6 and room 7:

In Room 6 you open the grate and then you crawl through the hole to Room 7. Walk out of room 7 and ... you will see that Indy is now in the closed part of Section 2. Enter room 8.

Room 8: Robot parts:

Here is the Bronze Spoke Wheel on the broken robot. Grab the Bronze Spoke Wheel because you need it in the Engine Room. Return to room 6 through room 7. Walk out of room 6 again and follow the corridors of the maze a screen to the right (Hallway) and .... Indy is then in section 2:

Room 9:

Room 9 has either a grate to room 5 or a grate to room 13.

Room 10:

Here you will find a grate in the right wall. Open the grate and then crawl through the hole. You end up in:

Room 11: Eel statue:

In the wall niche there is an Eel statue. Take the Eel statue. Crawl back to room 10. Leave room 10.

Corridor 12:

At room 10, enter corridor 12 and then follow 12 down to a collapse. You are then at the train car. There is a Skeleton on the train. The rib cage of the skeleton is the Rib cage.

Grab the Rib Cage (Pick up rib cage). In inventory, combine the Sandwich or Bratwurst with the Rib Cage. Indy stuffs the sandwich, or bratwurst, into the rib cage and now serves as bait to catch a crab in the Crab Room. Walk behind the train back to the right (walk to hallway) and follow hall 12 then back to the entrance at room 10. Go back to the:

Room 3 Crab room:

In the crab room, place the Rib Cage, into which you have put either the sandwich or the bratwurst, in the pond. Then wait for a tight catch in the Rib Cage. Then pick up the Rib Cage again. In the Rib Cage there is a red crab. Go to room 14.

Room 14: Statue room:

In room 14 there is a large statue against the wall. the statue has a Cup in his hands. However, there is a deep gap in the room that Indy can't get over. Fortunately, you still have the ladder. So use the ladder on the gap (use ladder with hole) to lay the ladder over the gap.

Then walk over the ladder to the statue and grab the Cup. Walk back over the ladder. Pick up the ladder again because you may still need the ladder. Leave the room and proceed to Section 3

Room 15: Sentry Room.

The 2 large doors are the entrance to the prison where Sophia is held captive. Now look around here and then leave the room again. Walk through section 3 all the way to the left and you will arrive in section 4.

Room 16:

Room 16 has a grate. Open the grate and then crawl through the hole and .... You are now looking into the Prison. Sophia is in the right cell. Under the left cell is also a grate.  Indy is behind the left grate.

A soldier walks back and forth. In the left corner, in front of the grate where Indy can be seen, stand a Robot. You have 1 Orichalcum bead left. Use your last Orichalcum Bead on the robot and .....

The robot is activated and knocks off the guard, but also himself. The robot has broken up into parts, but to enter prison, Indy must open the doors in the Sentry room. To the left of the left grate, click "Walk to tunnel" to return to room 16. 

Leave room 16 and go to room 17:

Room 17: Lava Room:

This is more of a cave than a room. There is a kind of fountain of lava in the cave. In the side of the lava fountain there is a recess (Plaque). Below the recess is a pedestal

Place the Cup, from room 14, on the pedestal. Then place the statue head in the recess (use statue head with plaque) ..... and the cup is filled with lava. Indy automatically takes back the cup and the cup. You have now filled the cup with Lava Leave the Lava room and return to the:

Room 4: Engine room:

Walk to the pyramid. The pyramid is the Orichalcum machine. You can go up the stairs on the left and right. In the center of the pyramid is a statue. The statue has a flat scale. Behind the statue you see a pipe. To the left of the pipe is a spoke wheel. To the right of the pipe is a Peg which should also have a Spoke Wheel.

So place your bronze Spoke wheel on the peg

At the very top of the pyramid you will find the Funnel. Walk up one of the 2 stairs and then use the Lava Cup on the Funnel and ......Indy pours the lava into the machine via the funnel and ..... the lava makes the machine come to life and the statue spits out 3 beautiful yellow Orichalcum Beads in the bowl. So walk back down and take the Beads from the bowl.

The machine has made 3 beads, but that is not enough. You need more beads for the rest of the game, so go back to the Lava room about 3 times and fill the cup with lava again and empty the lava cup here in the engine room back into the Funnel. If you have made beads 4 times then you have enough of those things. 

Then take the right spoke wheel back because you will still need the spoke wheel. Now go back to the:

Room 15: Sentry Room:

The large double door is guarded by 2 huge statues. In front of the door is a semicircular water pool. On the edge of the water hole stand a Fish statue. The large double door is the entrance to the prison and through the prison you can go to the Atlantis Canal. The fish statue has its mouth open.

In inventory, combine an Orichalcum Bead with the Eel statue. This makes the eel hot and Indy throws the hot eel into the water pool and ... the heat evaporates the water. Then put an Orichalcum Bead in the mouth of the fish statue and ..... the big door opens. Go through the opened door and ... Indy is outside the sentry room again.

The room that was previously the Sentry room is now called Dungeon and is therefore the prison where Sophia is imprisoned. Indy now stands in front of the entrance to the channel. Now go to the:


Sophia is in the right cell. You can talk to Sophia but it is not really necessary. You can't free Sophia from her cell now. In front of the left cell is the unconscious soldier and in front of the soldier is the debris of the robot. You need a certain debris part from the robot and that debris is at the front called Statue part and it is the mouthpiece of the robot.

Grab that Statue part, so "Pick up statue part".

 Let Sophia sit in her cell and walk back outside and go to the Canal, Indy will end up at the:

Atlantis Canal:

A raft floats in the canal. The raft has the shape of a crab. Unfortunately, there is also a huge squid living in the channel and that squid prevents Indy from reaching the raft. Use the Rib Cage, containing the crab, on the squid / octopus and ...

The squid is satisfied with the crab as a snack and swims away. Jump into the canal and ... Indy climbs out of the water again. Stand on the raft. The raft has a mouth. Use an Orichalcum Bead in the mouth of the raft and ... you can now sail with the raft.

Left and right are closed gates. Above the gates you see a spiral lamp. There is always a Spindle below the spiral lamp. You can sail left and right. To open the gates you must use either the Sun stone, or the Moon stone, or the World stone, on the Spindles.

Click on the left gate and Indy sails towards it. So the gate is closed. Use the Sun stone on the Spindle of the left gate and the gate will open. Sail through the now opened gate. You will enter the next section of the channel. Continue to the left and then use the Moon stone on the Spindle of the gate and continue through the gate.

You end up in the 3rd segment of the channel. Here is a staircase going up to a gate. Place the raft against the bottom bank and then get off it. Walk up the stairs upstairs and disappear through the gate at the top of the stairs. Indy ends up in a room.

In the wall niche is a Crescent-shaped Gear. On the left you see the door of a niche, because the niche is actually a cupboard. Take the crescent-shaped gear. Close the niche, so click "Close" on the door and .... you will see a drawing on the closed door. 

View the drawing via "look at". You get a large picture of the drawing. It is an indication of how to activate a robot to open a door for you. Return to the raft and continue to the left. Now use the World stone on the Spindle under the spiral and then sail through the open gate again. Indy then sails into the 4th section of the channel. 

Here's a gate. Moor the raft at the gate and then walk through the gate. Indy ends up at the:

Golden Doors:

Repair the Robot

The Golden gate is closed tightly. To the right of the Golden Gate is a Robot. There is a pillar in front of the Robot and there are iron rings and chains on the pillar. There is also an iron ring at the Golden Gate. The robot holds the ring of the Golden Gate with his right hand. You now need to unlock the Golden Gate with the help of the Robot.

The robot has a chest plate. Place the Ladder against the Chest Plate of the Robot. Then click "Open" on the chest plate and .... Indy climbs up the ladder and opens the chest plate.

Then look at the chest, so click "Look at chest plate" and .... you end up in the close-up. At the bottom of the screen you will see the 5 parts you need to move the robot's arms. These 5 parts are: The mouthpiece, the Spoke Wheel, the Crescent Wheel, the Bronze Sprocket and an Orichalcum Bead.

In the middle of the chest you see a round gray plate. In that gray plate are 5 pins. Number the 5 Pins, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. To solve this puzzle you need the drawing you saw on the cabinet door in the room where you found the crescent gear. Here is that drawing.

You must first get the left arm of the robot forward because Chain B must be attached to the left arm. The drawing at the top right shows how to move the left arm forward. At the bottom right you can see how to get the left arm back. So you solve this puzzle in 2 steps.

Step 1: Bring the Left Arm forward:

Place the Spoke Wheel on Pin 5. Also place the Mouthpiece on Pin 5, ie on the Spoke Wheel. Place the Crescent Wheel on pins 2 and 3. The Crescent will automatically turn in the right direction. Place the Bronze Gear on pin 1. Pin 5 is now the Mouth. Put the Orichalcum Bead in the Mouth and ....

The robot comes to life. You hear Click and then you are out of the puzzle. You can see that the robot's left arm has now come forward. Descend the ladder. The chains A and B 2 hang from the pillar in front of the robot

Step 2: Move the left arm back again:

Attach chain A to the ring of the Golden Door, which the robot holds with his right hand.  

Then attach chain to the ring of robot's left arm.

Now do "Look at chest plate" again to get back into the puzzle. In the drawing you see at the bottom right how to move the left arm backwards. All you need to do is pick up the Bronze Gear from Pin 1 and then place it on Pin 4. Then stop the Orichalcum Bead in the Mouth and ....

With a lot of force the left arm moves back and the right arm comes forward and the Golden Door is pulled out of the gate.

An Iron Bar falls to the floor in front of the ladder. Stay on the ladder and do "Look at chest plate" again to zoom in on the chest plate again. Now take all 4 parts from the pins and put them back in the black part of the screen. So pick up the Mouth piece, Crescent Bronze Gear and Spoke Wheel from the pins and drag them to the bottom black border. You will need these parts later and then have them back in inventory. 

Zoom out by clicking anywhere on the screen. Descend the ladder and pick up the Iron Bar (hinge pin) and also take the ladder back. With the Hinge Pin you can free Sophia from her cell.

You don't have to free Sophia. You can also choose to leave Sophia in her cell. Even without Sophia you can finish the game, but if you do liberate Sophia you will end up with a nicer ending. So you have to decide what to do here. I'm going to free Sophia. 

So do not go through the now opened gate but walk a screen to the left and Indy is back at the raft. Step on the raft and now sail 3 screens back to the right, so back to section 1 of the channel.

Place the raft against the bottom bank and then go back through the gate at the top of the stairs and back to the:


Walk to the left and then via the left stairs to the cells. Give the Hinge Pin to Sophia. Stupid Sophia asks what to do with the hinge pin. You really start to doubt whether you really want to free t Sophia. But ok .... it is not in your nature to abandon a fellow human being in his / her times of need. Click "open" on the gate of Sophia's cell and ... Indy succeeds in lifting the gate a bit and ...

Darn ...... whether it is safe Sophia ask. So say "I've got a plan" and then "Brace the cage with the hinge pin" and ... finally Sophia understands the meaning and ...... Sophia puts the Hinge pin under the fence and then crawls out her cell. If you thought that Sophia is grateful to Indy for her liberation, then you are wrong because she immediately starts arguing with Indy again, but it ends, as always, in cuddling. You still need the Hinge Pin so you have to take that Hinge Pin back. Click "Open" again on the gate of the cell and ... The Hinge Pin then falls on the floor at Sophia.

So pick up the Hinge Pin again and leave the prison. 

Indy and Sophia return to section 1 of the Channel. Step back on the raft and sail with the raft 3 screens to the left again and then disappear through the gate to the Golden Door room. Then walk through the destroyed Golden Doors. Indy and Sophia end up in the:

Round corridor:

Sophia says that Nur-Ab-Sal is nearby. Give Sophia some answers, but whatever you say the final result is that Sophia will walk away. Then follow Sophia, so go one screen to the left. Sophia is waiting for Indy and calls to follow her. Sophia then enters a room.

So follow Sophia into that room. You are then in the

Lava Pit Room:

You now discover that Nur-Ab-Sal has taken over the body of Sophia. Sophia then continues to the other side of the lava pit. Walk to Sophia and talk to her.

Say, "Come on, Sophia, Let's get out of here". But Sophia doesn't want to leave. Sophia wants to stay here close to Nur-Ab-Sal. Then ask, "Sophia? Is that you?". No ... Sophia is no longer Sophia ... she is now the Queen of Atlantis. Say, "Sorry, your highness" and then "Take it easy while I look around."

This conversation is then over. Now click "Look at" on Sophia and .... Indy asks if he can see the necklace that Sophia wears around her neck again and you end up in the close-up of the amulet again. Put an Orichalcum Bead in the "Mouth" of the Amulet and ...

The amulet gets hot and Sophia takes the thing off. Indy tells Sophia to drop the amulet but Sophia cannot do this. Use the Golden Chest on the Necklage quickly and ....

Indy puts the chain in the chest and throws the chest in the lava pit and .... this is the end for Nur-Ab-Sal. Walk up the left stairs and ... at the top of the stairs are a few skeletons. In front of the skeletons is a Scepter. Take the Scepter

Walk back down and then exit this lava pit room through the doorway on the right side of the lava pit. We are then back in the Round Corridor. Follow the corridor another screen to the left. You will then see a gate.

Go through the gate (walk to door) and .... you will arrive at the:


Walk to the back of the excavator. Indy can then climb on the excavator via a ladder. In the back you see 3 slots, left, center and right. On the right is a Mouth.

Click on the Mouth or on the slots and ... Indy climbs up the ladder. Insert the Scepter in the left slot and the Hinge Pin in the right slot . Then put an Orichalcum Bead in the "Mouth"  and ... the drill of the machine will now start running. Now you have to move the machine by clicking the Scepter and the Hinge pin up into their slot. So click "Push" on the Scepter in the left slot and then click "Push" on the Hinge pin in the right slot and .... "Its working" Indy calls out and ...

After Sophia has also climbed on board, the excavator drives away. You then drive the excavator through the round corridor and if you do nothing, you will now continue to drive through the corridor  forever

Take the Scepter and the Hinge Pin out of the slots. Then place the Hinge Pin in the left slot and the Scepter in the Middle slot

Then, via "Push" or via "Pull", click the two levers to the middle position in their slot and ...... 

the excavator will now turn around and then ram through the corridor wall and ..... the machine crashes and disappears into the Lava. Fortunately, Indy and Sophia jumped off the excavator just in time. Indy and Sophia ended up at the


Indy and Sophia are in a large hall with walkways over a deep lava pool. Indy and Sophia are now at the bottom right of the top bridge. The bridge goes to the dome and there is a gate in the dome. Bottom right you can see the lower bridge, which also goes to a gate. 

Walk across the bridge to and through the gate in the dome. Indy and Sophia end up on bridge 2. Walk over bridge 2 to the right and disappear through the gate and ..... We end up in:

The Gates Maze:

We are in a large cave. Indy and Sophia are standing on a brick wall. You will see 7 gates in the wall. This is part 1 of the maze.

 However, there are 3 parts in total and there are 26 gates. Name the gates in this 1st part, from top left to bottom right, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Indy always comes out through gate D via the bottom bridge. You then have the choice to exit through gate C or gate E. You have to make sure that Indy finally exit through gate F. If you go through a gate, Indy comes out through another gate. The gates are therefore connected to each other. However, it is different in every game through which gate Indy comes out again when you enter a gate. So I can't give you a route to follow. So you have to find the right route down. Indy goes through the gates alone. 

Gate D brings Indy back to bridge 2. 

When I go through gate C I end up in the 2nd part of this gate maze and here you see the gates, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P , Q.

In my game Indy exit to part 3 of the maze via gate E and here you see the gates: R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

Some gates are one-way. You can only enter it from one side and not go back. Indy will indicate this by "I can't climb back up, the passage is to steep".

I can't help you here now. I can't give you a route to follow to get out of Gate F to get to the lava lake. You will have to figure this out all by yourself. As you struggled through the gate maze you should also notice a large drawing on the walls of the huge cave. This drawing shows you the correct settings for the Sun stone, Moon stone and World stone, which you will have to set again later. You can see this large circular drawing in the 2nd part of the maze. Well .... do your best. Wander through the gates and eventually you will find the right route through with which Indy will come out of gate F.

When Indy comes out of gate F, first climb to the left, via the stairs all the way up. The staircase then ends at the circular drawing and on this you will see the settings for the 3 Atlantis stones. Draw it over because this drawing is different every game. So it doesn't have to look like the picture below in your game.

For me, the drawing indicates that Volcano should be at 1, Noon Sun at 3 and Full Moon at 4.

Then walk back down. Sophia has also arrived downstairs. Walk down the last set of stairs to the brown crust of the lava. You are now in the:

Cross over the Lava Lake:


Indy has to cross over the lava lake, from the left bank to the right bank, and you have to do that via the brown round "tiles". Unfortunately .... the tiles disappears 1 by 1 so you have to be quick. If you are too slow, Indy will not make it and you have to make sure that he quickly goes back to the left before he disappears into the lava. The route over the "tiles" is also different every game, so I can not help you here . Run quickly from tile to tile and find the correct continuous route to the other side. Once Indy has made it to the other side, Sophia follows automatically.

Once on the other side walk further to the right and then down the stairs and .... Indy and Sophia finally arrive at the Central Tower

The Central Tower:


The central Tower is surrounded by Lava. Indy and Sophia are standing in front of the bridge. Walk across the bridge into the Central Tower. Indy and Sophia end up in a round room. There is a statue between the 2 windows. At the entrance is the Spindle where you now have to place the Sun stone, Moon stone and World stone.

So place the Sun stone, then the Moon stone and then the World stone on the Spindle. Then click "Use" on the Spindle to zoom in on it and solve the puzzle. You now have to turn the 3 stones back into the correct position and those are the positions you have seen on the wall of the Gates Maze Cave. If you didn't take a good look at that back then, and possibly copied it,  you now have a big problem. I had to click the Moon Sun at 3, the Full Moon at 4 and the Volcano at 1.

You put the right symbols on the right positions and then press the Spindle and then you have activated the Machine and ... Kerner and the mad professor come in

By solving this last Spindle puzzle Indy has helped the professor and Kerner because he has started the Atlantis machine. Kerner and the wacky professor explain a few things and then the conversation options appear. 

Kerner and the Professor hope to become Gods through the Atlantis Machine which granted Infinite life. It is now very important that you use the right conversation options, so that you give the right answers. If you give wrong answers then it is Game Over. 

These are the answers you should use: (at least that I had to use)

  1. Central power station?
  2. Do you really believe in this God-Hood business?
  3. You're talking suicide, gentleman. 
  4. Didn't you notice how the skulls here all have horns? 
  5. Maybe they were all too human, like you.
  6. Godhood sounds good. I'd like a crack at that.

Klaus Kerner and the professor are now arguing. Kerner wants to try the Machine on his own and forces the professor to activate the machine. The professor thinks he should put 10 beads in the machine. But then Indy shouts "Wait" and Kerner asks what the problem is. 

Now go on with saying:

  1. What about Plato's Tenfold Error? 
  2. I think Plato prescribed an orichalcum overdose.

Kerner now orders the professor to put only 1 bead in the machine and .... The professor does that and ....

The machine does its job, but Kerner doesn't survive.

The professor now wants Indy to become a guinea pig. So go on with saying:"You don't need orichalcum. You need a miracle".  The professor is now forcing Indy to take a seat on the podium and he now wants to put 10 beads in the machine. "Wait a minute ....." Indy exclaims in desperation.

 Now proceed with these answers:

  1. Okay, let's get it over with. 

  2. Yes, I'm ready. 

  3. No beads, you crazy old man!

  4. Listen, what if Plato's error went the other way? 

  5. If I'm going, I want to go all the way. 

  6. No beads! Forget your stupid obsession

  7. For your sake, I hope this doesn't work. 

  8. Once I'm a god, I'm sending you straight to hell. 

  9. Ever hear the term angry god? Wait till you see me

Well .... this does the trick ..... The mad professor is now going to doubt whether it makes sense for him to make Indy a God. 

The professor now fills the machine with 100 beads and he goes stands on the podium and ....well .... look at the ENDING

The mad professor turns into Nur-Ab-Sal and ....... bursts apart.

The whole volcano starts to collapse and Indy and Sophia run away. Over the bridges, through the round corridor and the Atlantis Maze to the Airlock

Indy and Sophia manage to reach the submarine just in time. While Indy and Sophia sail away in the submarine, you can see the volcano erupt. The submarine emerges and ...the volcano disappears underwater. Again, all evidence for the existence of Atlantis has disappeared.


Okay.....I'm not going to do a walkthrough for the Fighting Scenario. If you want to play the Fighting scenario then you have to figure that out on your own. It's a lot of fighting with the Nazi's and I do not like that. To play the Fighting Scenario you first must go through the General Chapter 1 and at the end you must make the choice to do the Fighting Scenario. 

2020: English Walkthrough by: Louis Koot