2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

You can download this free game here

After downloading and unzipping the game you can play the game directly because there's no install needed.

 But before you start the game I strongly advice you to first set some things up via the Winsetup function in the game folder

Day two

Day two start with a lengthily conversation with daughter Patricia, so sit  it through or click it to speed it up. 

Richard wants to see if  Blake has done with translating the symbols. Get out of the house and go back to the university: 

University: Blakes office

Go through the swing doors and talk to Blake again. 

Blake says that he has not yet finished the translation and that he has it at home and cannot give it. Richard doesn't believe him, so he has to get Blake out of his office to search the office. Get out of the office. Go to the electrical breaker box, that's on the right wall. Left click on the box.....it's locked...Take your knife out of inventory and click with it on the box to force the box open. Then left click in the open box to rip out a loose red wire

There's a new message on the bulletin board. Go read that new message

It's  a new message from Dr. Blake. He is unable to do his lecture but has found a substitute willing to do his lecture the 

Blake's phone number is on this message. Take Richard's phone out inventory and then click with the phone on Blake's message and.....

Richards calls up Blake and Richard lures Blake out of his office. Blake comes out his office but he locks the swing doors.

Walk to the swing doors and use the red wire on the door to force the lock and then enter Blake's office. 

On the right corner of Blake's desk lies the translated symbol paper. Take the paper

Look at the symbol paper in the inventory and you will see that the symbols has been translated.

Take the picture frame with a young woman in it, on the left of the desk. 

In inventory right click on this picture and.....Richard finds a Key that was hidden in the back of the picture frame

On the right examination table stand a microscope and there's a blood and skin sample too. Take the blood and skin samples

Richard cannot operate the microscope so he has to find another way to analyze the samples.

Open the door on the left with the key you found in the picture frame and  then go through the door.

Richard enters a small room. Left click Blake's Notebook, that's  on the table. 

Blake's notebook contains a lot of information about Metaphobia, a phenomenon that the brain gets too much pressure from telekinetic frequencies and gets confused. Patients with Metaphobia are often diagnosed with schizophrenia. Blake writes about Reptilians, lizard humans, mutants with telekinetic powers that control humans and seem to make schizophrenics. A secret society uses telekinesis to enslave people. Blake also mentions an Iranian museum where an old book is located. Information about the secret group can be found in The Draconium. Blake also writes about a former patient Stuart Winkelstein who has been missing for years. Richard takes the notebook  (Blake's personal journal) with him.

Leave this room and then leave the office and the university and go back to Judy or your Home


Show the photo of the young woman to Judy. Judy doesn't recognize the girl in the photo. 

Show the blood and skin samples to Judy, but she can't help Richard with this either.  Richard needs help with analyzing the blood and skin samples but Judy can't help him with this and also the librarian can't help him with this. In day one you have read the message of Kosloff on the bulletin board of the university. Kosloff offers biological research for a fee and his phone number has been stored in Richard's phone. So in inventory right click on Richard's phone and call up that Kosloff guy. 

Kosloff will be in the library, waiting for Richard. So go back to the:


Kosloff is already here so go talk with him and give him the Blood and Skin samples and......

....... then pay him his hundred bucks. 

Kosloff will call Richard tomorrow Immediately afterwards, Judy calls to report that Blake has been murdered.  

Richard has to be careful and wants to go home. So leave the library and go home and Richard goes to sleep.

Day three

After a conversation with his daughter, Richard is called by Kosloff who wants to meet in the library. So go back to the


Talk to Kosloff.  Kosloff doesn't want to have anything to do with Richard anymore, because he thinks Richard is experimenting with people. The DNA is half of human origin and half of lizards. The skin had scales like fish and reptiles on it. Kosloff gives the samples back to Richard and then he leaves

If you didn't listen to Richard when he read Blake's green notebook then you can get a short version of what's in that book by right click on that green book in inventory. Richard wants to book a flight to Iran to search for that Draconium Book. It's the only lead Blake gave in his notebook,

So use the library computer and Richard will automatically book a, very pricey,  flight to Iran. 

Leave the library and .......Richard will call Patricia to inform her that he will be gone for a few days. Then go to the airport.



Richard has arrived in an Iranian town and he's a bit lost. He must find out where the museum is. A boy stand in the street and further on is a gateway.

Talk to the boy, who will immediately start brushing Richard's shoes.

The boy does not want to give information about where the museum is without payment. The boy does not accept dollars, only rials witch is the local currency. So go through the gateway on the right and Richard arrives at the market. On the left is the greengrocer  who sells fruit and vegetables and on the right is the butcher. First talk with the greengrocer and use all topics

The greengrocer doesn't know the way to the museum but he can change your dollars for rials but Richard first has to help him to get rid the butcher. Offer your help. Richard must discredit the butcher by somehow tamper with his meat. Try to talk with the butcher, but man does not speak English.

Look at the right side of the gate. Green stinking Mold is growing on the wall. Scrape some mold off the wall with your knife.

Use the mold on the meat of the butcher. 

Then go  talk to the fruit and vegetable guy and.......he sends the butcher away.

Give your dollars to the greengrocer and he will change them for Iranian rials and  Richard also gets a cheese bar .

Look at  the cheese bar in the inventory......Richard find it strange. Leave the market through the gateway and you are back in the street.

 Give the shoe shine boy the rials and he will tell you where the museum is. Richard keeps the remaining rials.

Leave the street at the bottom of the screen and Richard will then be in the luxurious hall of the museum.


Talk to the guy who sits on the couch. Use the 'Himself' topic several times and then use the "Reptilians" option. 

The guy says that he is a member of the 'World Order Club' and that he wants to prove that Reptilians exist. The guy believes many of our world leaders and celebrities are Reptilians. Reptilians are Aliens that can affect the human mind and have taken a human form to make people obedient slaves. The guy has a brand new camera

On the white table is a museum brochure that is free to take. 

Take a brochure and view it in inventory. The brochure has the translation of some of the Sumerian word symbols. If you combine the symbols for BIG and SNAKE you get DRAGON. And the symbols for MOUTH and WATER make DRINK. Put your hand in the fountain and Richard will find an Iranian coin in the fountain.

Now go talk with the receptionist, who stand behind the counter. Ask him about the 'Museum'. 

Then Click with your Iranian money on the receptionist to by a ticket and then enter the exhibition room.

Get The Draconium Book

A guard is on watch here and there are other visitors who are looking at the exhibits. You can't talk with the other visitors. There are 4 relief's hanging on the left wall and 3 relief's are on the other wall. Behind the guard is an alarm box with a key pad on the wall. 3 pedestals are standing at the right wall. On the middle pedestal is the Draconium Book. There's also an empty shelf on the right wall.  Between the left and the middle pedestal you'll see a little hole in the plinth of the wall......View that little hole.....Richard thinks it's a mouse hole. Go view all of the 7 the relief's on the wall and also vie the statue on the right pedestal. The 4 relief's that are on the left wall are Sumerian and Richards find them very interesting

Left click the Draconium book, that's on the middle pedestal and......... the alarm goes off and the guard steps in. 

The  Guard then turns off the alarm by typing in the code on the alarm box.

To steal the Draconium Book Richard must find out the code for the alarm box and he must distract the guard. Go talk to the guard, but the guard refers Richard to the receptionist for questions. Go back to the reception hall. In the right corner of the reception hall stand a cold drinks machine. Go to the cold drinks machine and put your Iranian Coin, that you have found in the fountain, in the machine and.....Richard buys a Bottle of Water.

Go talk to the American guy on the couch again and ask him about his camera. 

Richard can borrow the camera and the guy gives it to him. Go back to the exhibits room

Place the camera on the shelf, near the code box,  but do this when the guard is looking away from the shelf

 When the camera is on the shelf then left click it to start it recording. 

Then left click the Draconium book again and.....The security guard enters a code to disable the alarm. The camera records this.

Take the camera from the shelf and go to the reception hall. 

Back in the reception hall open up the inventory and right click the camera....The camera has recorded the code for the alarm box and it is 6556

Give the camera back to the American guy. 

Go back to the exhibits room. When the guard is looking the other way left click on the alarm box and.......

Richard enters the code.....You have to be quick to be able to do this because the guard will only look a few seconds the other way.

The alarm is no turned off. Now to distract the guard. A woman is standing at the left pedestal and she has a bag.

 Walk to the woman. Take the Cheese Bar from inventory and put it in the bag of the woman

A mouse approaches the woman, who jumps over the mouse, gets help from her husband and the guard.

So the guard is distracted now so now steal the Draconium book and quickly go back to the reception hall

View the Draconium book in the inventory.

Some parts of the book are written in German or English and are not old. There are also two floor plans in the book but you will not get to see those plans . One  floor plan is from an old temple nearby and the other plan is from an island Dr. Blake mentioned in his log. The book tells that ancient people worshiped the Reptilians.

Leave the museum and..... Richard immediately arrives at the temple.

Iran: Temple entrance

On the left side and the right side of the gateway stand a large upright stone. Right click the left upright stone and....Richard says that there are symbols on the stone but they are difficult to see because the stone is dirty. So take the water bottle from inventory and click it on that left upright stone to clean the stone....You must click the bottle on the darker part of the stone. 

You then can read the symbols on the stone, so right click on those symbols and listen to what Richard says about them.

Then take the large symbol paper out inventory and click with the paper on the symbols that are on the stone and......

You enter the close-up of the symbols and you now have to solve the 

Symbols Puzzle.

Left you see the symbol paper with the translation of the symbol. On the right you see the symbols that are on the stone. You must press the stone symbols in the right order, but what is the right order?  Left click on one of the symbols on the stone and Richard says that he must have a method to click the stones in the correct order.

While in the puzzle close-up you can open up the inventory. Stay in the puzzle but open up the inventory. Take the brown Draconium book from inventory and click it on the stone symbols and........

Richard will know what to click on because beneath the stone symbols you now see a bit of text from the book. The book says: 

God's hand created water,
          mountains and the sun. People
are the cattle of the gods.

All these words are also on the paper with the translated symbols.

Most of the words consist of one symbol, but some other words are  a combination of symbols. So you must click the symbols on the stone in the right order according the text in the book. Compare the symbols on the stone with the translated symbol on the paper and you know in what order you must click the symbols. Number the symbols on the stone, from top left to bottom right, as 1 to 10

Then left click in  this order on the stone symbols:

God = symbol 1

Hand = symbol 8

Create = symbol  7 and symbol 6

Water = symbol 3

Mountains = symbol 9

Sun = symbol 2

Man =  symbol  10

Cattle = symbol 4 and symbol 5

God = symbol 1

When you have done this right then you go out the puzzle and......A hidden hatch in the ground opens. 

Go down and.......Richard goes underground and enters an underground room. On the wall are symbols and a large alcove and a smaller alcove.

There's a piece of parchment in the large alcove Left click in the large alcove and Richard takes that parchment and  automatically puts it in his bag. 

Right click in inventory on the just taken parchment. The parchment is a poem and Richard reads it out loud but he doesn't know what it means, but some of the words are also on the large symbol paper. Right click the symbols that are on the wall. You see effigies of lizard people who are being worshiped by ordinary human people. 

You automatically go out this close-up. Leave this underground room. Richard will be upstairs again. Leave this ruins by clicking the left arrow and.........


"a friend"

Richard automatically takes a plane home and discovers that his home has been ram shackled and that Patricia's  is missing.......

Patricia has been kidnapped and Richard calls Judy but she doesn't answer his call

Right click the red letters that are on the wall. The letters are written in blood. At de room door lies an envelope on the floor. Left click the envelope to take it. 

 Right click in inventory on the envelope to take the letter out and then right click the letter to read it

The letter is from someone who offering his help and it  has and it mention the place where Richard can meet him. The letter is signed with "a friend".

So go out the door and Richard....... will go to the specified address to meet with that 'friend'. 

The meeting is in a dark alley and a long conversation follows. The man doesn't say his name but says he is in the same situation as Richard. They have kidnapped his son and told that he will he is held on an island, just like Richard's daughter right now. On that island is the headquarters of the Reptilians. Richard is the man's last hope to find his son. Dr. Blake was murdered because he was about to make  his knowledge about Metaphobia public The man gives Richard the key for his boat with witch he must sail to the island.

When this conversation is over Richard automatically goes to a dock where the boat is moored.

The docks

At the docks are 3 men blocking Richard's way to the boat.  If you walk up to the 3 men Richard is stopped by them and they are aggressive and will not let Richard go to the boat.  Talk to the men again to find out that they want drugs. Take the Hyporine pills bottle, from Proctor, out of inventory and offer them to the men.....

......but they don't want the pills.  Offer the bottle of Hydrogene Peroxide to the men.....One of the men will take a drink of the peroxide but he doesn't like it. 

In inventory mix the peroxide with the hyporine pills and........

 then offer the bottle to the men and.....

........ all 3 men drink it and.....the  go 'out'

Walk on to the boat and then take the Boat Key from inventory and click with the key on the boat and........

.......Richard sails to the island and land in a cave.

The island:


The cave seems a dead end, but there are symbols on the wall. Right click those symbols to hear Richard's comment. 

Then left click the symbols and.....You go into the close-up of the symbols. 

Symbols puzzle 2

These are the same kind of symbols as at the temple ruin and as on the symbol paper. Take the large Symbol paper out inventory and click it on the stone symbols. 

The symbol paper will be left and the stone symbols are on the right.  Take the Poem parchment from inventory and click it on the stone symbols and..........

The poem is then placed beneath the stone symbol. There are 18 stone symbols now and you must click them according the words of the poem.

However, you will notice that the words Dragon and Drink are not on the symbol paper. You can find out with witch symbols you must make up the words Dragon and Drink in the brochure from the museum Go out of the close-up and then take the museum brochure out inventory and click it on the symbols on the wall.....

Listen to what Richard says....Richard says that If you combine the symbols for BIG and SNAKE you get DRAGON. And with the symbols for MOUTH and WATER you make DRINK.  Right click to put the brochure away and then left click again on the wall symbols to go back into the close-up

Well.....you must press the stone symbols again in the right order, according the words of the poem. Now there are 18 symbols. Again you must click the stone symbols in the correct order, according the text  of the Poem parchment. Compare the symbols on the symbol paper with the stone symbols and then click the correct stone symbols in the correct order.

Here is the solution. Click the symbols on the wall in the 1 tot 19 order, as you see on this screenshot. You start with clicking symbol 1 TWO times in a row. 

If you do this right the secret door goes open. If you go wrong along the way then go out the close-up and then left click the wall symbols again to try again. Go through the now open door

Richard enters a kind of machine room.  A gray-haired man is tied up between the big gears..

Talk to the desperate man. He does not want to hear Professor Blake's name and he is very suspicious.  

When the talk option appear then use the  'Be Friendly' option first and then use all other options you get

Richard understands that the man has been imprisoned here for about ten years. Blake used him as a guinea pig to test his Metaphobia project, and as a result he saw green humanoids and heard voices. When Richard tells him his father's name, the man tells his name. This is Stuart Winkelstein, about whom you have heard before. He knows Richard's father, whom he thinks is a good person. Stuart is occasionally visited by the reptile people who always have a different human face. Their voices are in his head.

When you're done talking with Stuart  Winkelstein you right click on the big steel door, that's in the back wall. 

The door has a round lock and a input panel. Left click the round lock, but it won't budge. Left click the  panel and.....

you'll enter the close-up of the panel. You see 9 buttons. On each button you see a symbol. 

Take the small symbol paper from inventory and click it on the buttons and.......

The symbol paper will be left in your screen. You must now press the 9 buttons in the right order to copy the drawing that's on the paper......

Number the buttons, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 9

Press the buttons in this order: 1, 2, 8, 9, 4, 5, 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 5 and.....the door goes open. 

Go through  and.....


Richard meets  a man who speaks to him. It is a reptile man 

Talk to the Reptile Man about Blake, Patricia and Judy and all other options you get

The reptilian man says Blake was a danger to him and his species, because he was about to prove that Reptilians exist and would reveal their method of telepathic communication. Other people who believe in reptiles are generally thought of as madmen and not taken seriously, but Blake was a great scientist and so was dangerous.

Patricia and Judy are in the city and their memories will be adjusted. The reptile man says that human lives are not important and that the reptilian people are the gods of men. The reptile people don't want to stand out. They used to be worshiped, but today a different image of gods has emerged, so they hide.

Richard's father was killed because he wanted to improve the lives of the people in the city and that was against the plans of the Reptilians, who want to maintain a certain order in the world. Richard's father was a danger that would disturb the balance of the world and thus he had to be eliminated.

The man who helped Richard with the boat was a slave to the reptile man. His DNA was changed to become an accomplice and he killed Richard's father. Richard was lured to the reptile people by him. Richard's brain is valuable to them. The reptile people would rather not kill people. They want Richard's cooperation. Richard has to finish his dad's job, job his dad wouldn't do.

The reptile man takes on a different form, and reptilian guards arrive to take Richard. A blood ritual takes place

Richards is forced to drink the blood of the reptilian god 

A month later, Richard plans to complete his father's work.

Richards appears to be a businessman and intends to bring order to chaos, as the divine plan of the reptilians command. 

Richard is now completely under the influence of the reptile people and he thinks that is fine.


2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot