2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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In 2013 I had the European / North American Digital version of the game and because I'm Dutch I played it with the Dutch language selected. So all the text on the game screens that you see in this walkthrough are in the Dutch language. Also all text that I have wrote on all the screenshots are Dutch. I have put about 5.000 (Five thousand) screenshot in this walkthrough and it took me about 1 year to finish the game and the Dutch walkthrough. This is the English translation of my Dutch walkthrough and it will give you 100% success. I have made seperate walkthroughs for all levels of the game and you can access them here via the hyperlinks. There's also an explanation about the game and how you play it and you can download a Cheat Trainer that has workt for me in this game.

I don't want to be a pain in your as, but to avoid confusion I tell you that I have played the PC-version of the game and that my walkthrough is based on that. So all reference in the walkthrough about how you controll Lara are based on the KEYBOARD and MOUSE control of the PC-version and not for the X-Box and Playstation version or game controler

NB: I  also did extensive Dutch walkthroughs for Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Underworld, but unfortunately I no longer have these walkthroughs. Despite repeated requests to my Dutch visitors in the past if they still have these Tomb Raider walkthroughs in their archive and want to return them to me, no one has response to this request to date, so I suspect I should consider these 3 Tomb Raider walkthroughs as beeing lost

Tomb Raider 2013 is yet another attempt to revive the Tomb Raider series and to interest a new, and especially younger, group of gamers in Lara Croft's adventures. With this game Crystal Dynamics goes back to Lara's early years. We get to "play" a very young, and still inexperienced, Lara, a Lara who is about to experience her very first adventure. 

I think that Crystal Dynamics has looked very closely at the popular TV series "Lost" for this new Tomb Raider ..... you will recognize a lot of "Lost" in this game because ......... A group of people, stranded on a totally unknown island, but an Island that turns out to be inhabited. But those inhabitants are not friendly .... on the contrary ... they are life-threatening. Lara, mostly on her own, has to survive the island and escape ..... and that is not going to be easy .....

Explanation and  Cheattrainer

With download option of the cheattrainer

Extra Content: Adventurer Tomb Intro and Level 1: Coastal Forrest
Level 2: Mountain Temple

Kill the "Russian"

Level 3 Mountain Village part 1

Including the Tomb of the Unworthy.

Level 4: Mountain Base

Lara's first Big fight with multiple Solari's

Level 5: Village on top of the Cliffs

The crazy run through collapsing Huts

Level 6: Mountain Village part  2

On route to the Smoke Signal. Including the Secret Tomb: Hall of the Ascension

Level 7: The Monastery part 1

Ending with the Run for your life through the collapsing coridor

Level 8: Mountain Village part  3

Finishing the Enlightened Challenge. Ends with the wild river and parachute race

Level 9: Shanti Town part 1

Rescue Helicopter and including the secret Tomb: Well of Tears:

Level 10: Shanti Town part 2

The Windmill and including the Secret Tomb: Hall of Judgment

Level 11: On route to the Palace

The Bridge and the crazy run through collapsing huts

Level 12: On Route to the Palace:  Geothermal Caves Level 13: Palace: Fortress Solari

With the big fight against Nicolai 1 and Nikolaides the 2nd

Level 14: Fortress Tower and the death of Roth

Explosive Race to the Roof of the Tower:

Level 15: Swamp on the Top

Stealth level at the Haunting Lodge and Secret Tomb: Stormguard Shrine

Level 16: Gondola Transport

This is crazy

Level 17: Shipwreck Beach part 1: 

Spanisch galleon and Watchtower

Level 18A: Shipwreck Beach part 2:

Beach at Watchtower and Secret Tomb: Flooded Vault:

Level 18B: On route to the  Endurance:

The Flooded Vault and then to the Bunker on the Cliff:

Level 19: The Bunker on the Cliff

Not to difficult

Level 20: Back on the Endurance:

Big fight with Little Johnny and Kiss of Death for Alex

Level 21: Back to Shipwreck Beach

Including Level 21B: How to get the 13th GPS of Shipwreck Beach

Level 22: Shipwreck Beach part 3: 

 TheTomb of the Servant

Level 23: Shipwreck Beach part 4:

 The climb to the research facility

Level 24: Research Facility

The Lift puzzle


Level 25:Tomb: The Last resting place of the General

Level 26: Monastery Revisited. 

Bye Bye to Whitman's 

Level 27:Monastery: Great Hall and Corridor

Level 28: Through the Storm Guard Fortress

Big Battles with  Storm Guard s

Level 29: Sanctuary: 

The Cage Puzzle

Level 30A: Ziggurat: Part 1
Level 30B: Ziggurat: Part 2: Ending: Game done at 100% 

Walkthrough door: Louis Koot