2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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We are in the 20th Century and in Norway at 1 of the Fjords for which this Scandinavian country is famous.

Bent Svensson tries to get his red Smoke Machine (Frogger) to work, but it turns out to be broken.

The game now treats you to Pencil, who asks if you would like some help getting to grips with the controls of the game.

If you don't want Pencill's help then click on the X. If you want some help, click on the V. Pencil will then guide you through your first few actions.

Practice with the "Game Medallion"

Well.....do what Pencil tells you to do to familiarize yourself with the game's interface. Together with Pencil you will now solve the Frogger puzzle. Do you still not understand how it works ..... Well ..... luckily you still have me ......... Find with your cursor the Shutter that is at the top of the red Frogger. When you have found that Shutter, press and hold down the left mouse button. The "Medallion" then pops op.

Hold down your left mouse button. In the "Medallion" you now get 2 options....."Look at" and "Open". While holding down the left mouse button, slide your mouse to the right to select the "Open" option. The "Open" option will then be greyed out. Now release your mouse button and ..... the shutter will open. In the opened compartment is the engine of the Frogger. Place your cursor on "Motor" and then hold down your left mouse button again to open the "Medallion" again and keep your mouse pressed. Then slide your mouse slightly to the left so that in the "Medallion" the option "Look at" is selected. 

When "Look at" is selected, release the mouse and ..... you get into the close-up of the Motor.

You will see a drive belt (V-belt). The drive belt is broken. Left click on the V-belt and hold down your left mouse button to open the "Medallion" again. Hold down your left mouse button and slide to the right to select the "Take" option. Then release your mouse button and ..... You take the broken V-belt and put the thing in your inventory.

Your inventory is located at the bottom of the screen and is not visible by default. Right click to open the inventory. In inventory you now have the broken V-belt. Left click in inventory on the V-belt and hold down your mouse button to get the "Medallion". Keep your left mouse button pressed and slide to the right to select the  "Tie" option and then release.

You now tie the broken ends of the V-belt together and you hope that you have repaired the V-belt. Left click in inventory now on the knotted V-belt. The V-belt will now stay attached to your cursor. Now drag the V-belt from inventory to the motor screen and then left click with the V-belt on the largest, so the left, axis to put the V-belt on both axes again.

You don't go out of the close-up screen automatically, so look to the left or right, the white double arrow and then click to get out of the close-up. Now left click on the front of the Frogger to open the "Medallion" again and then select the "Activate" option and release your mouse buttonand.........

Unfortunately..... the repaired V-belt does not hold. You will have to find or buy a new drive belt. Via your spacebar you can make all the so-called "Hotspots" visible on the screen. Those spots remain visible as long as you hold down the spacebar. Behind Bent Svensson you can just see the roof of his holiday home. That house is a lot lower and can be reached via the stairs, of which you can see the white banisters behind Bent. Place your cursor between the banisters. Your cursor will then become a down arrow. Double click with the down arrow between the banisters and ....... Svensson walks down the stairs and ends up on the balcony of his holiday home

On the corner a fishing rod leans against the house and under the balcony hangs a fish trap and you can see the green cellar door. At the bottom left is a boat upside down. A lot of garbage floats in the water. Take a look at the red house and you'll hear that Bent's wife, Meta, has passed away. Open the red front door and then go inside. When you're inside, close the front door again.

 Look around the house ...... Above the round table hangs a bookcase on the wall and it is full of books. There is a TV on a cabinet by the door and 2 photos hang on the wall. 

Look at  everything you can and listen to what Bent says to get some more background info. You experience that Svensson is apparently in therapy with a Dr. fear. Bent Svensson was quite a "workaholic". Svensson was once a scientist who was very passionate about his research and efforts to save the world from a climatic disaster. The bookcase is full of "self-help" books that Dr. Anxiety are advised. If you choose "Read" in the "Medallion", Svensson lists the titles of the books.  Svensson mentions the titles of about 4 books that are in the bookcase. Turn on the TV, so left click on the TV and then choose "Turn on" in the "Medallion".

On the TV Svensson then sees a news broadcast about a demonstration against nuclear energy, at the parliament building in Oslo. The demonstration got a little out of hand. Svensson watches the broadcast for a while, but then turns the TV off automatically. Bent Svensson is apparently quite a grumpy guy and no longer interested in what is happening in the rest of the world.

Look at those 2 photos. The photo on the right shows Bent and his wife Meta, on vacation in Italy. You can also click on the people in the close-up of the photo. The photo on the left shows your Svensson's Team, with whom he worked on AtLAS-11. In the foreground you see, from left to right, Barney, Lissa, Bent and Duve. Take a closer look at these 4 people and listen to Bent's commentary. Duve is Bent's son. At the bottom right you see a bulge in the photo.  Left click on the bulge to open the "Medallion" and then choose the "Rip open" option and .....

Svensson picks open the bulge and finds the Cellar Key, which he once hid here in the photo.

Well ..... open the "Medallion" again and now take the Key.

Then get out of the close-up and continue to the kitchen. There is also a kitchen cupboard on the wall.

That cabinet has 2 doors and an open shelf. In the open shelf of the cabinet is a bottle of Oil.

Look at the bottle of Oil. It is Rapeseed oil and Svensson reports that this oil is now not only used in food but also as a bio-fuel.

Apparently there is an energy crisis in the world. Take the Bottle of Oil.

You can continue further to the left to view the sleeping area of the house, but this is of little use. So open the front door again and go back outside. 

Back outside on the balcony, open the inventory (right click) and then left click on the key you just have found in the photo. Then drag the key from the inventory to the cellar door and then left click with the key on the cellar door and ..... Svensson then walks down the slope and opens the cellar door. Right click again to close the inventory and then enter the cellar.

In the basement you see a slatted door. To the left of the slatted door is a niche containing items that are covered with sheets.

Take those sheets off, so in the "Medallion" choose "Remove". Svensson automatically switches on the light in the niche.

This was apparently the workplace of Svensson, his home laboratory. On the right is a (Dresser. Open the "Medallion" on the dresser and then choose "Open" and ..... Svensson then opens the top drawer. Open the "Medallion" on the dresser again and .... now you get the "Search" option in the "Medallion".

Keep your left mouse pressed and then move your mouse clockwise to select the "Search" option and then release and ....... Svensson searches the drawer and takes a Screwdriver from it. Now open that slatted door. When Svensson has opened the slatted door, walk him back into the niche so that you can see what is behind the slatted door. Behind the slatted door is Svensson's Bicycle, upside down.

Open the inventory and take out the Screwdriver and then click with the screwdriver on the front Bicycle tube to remove the tube and .......

While Svensson is busy taking of the tire of his bicycle, a helicopter lands next to his house. A young woman, in a strange uniform, gets out of the helicopter and she calls Svensson. Svensson walks out to talk to the young woman. The Dialog screen will now open and the various talk options will appear in the Dialog screen. Click on a question/option to use it. Always use all the questions / conversation options in conversations. Start with the top option and then go through the whole list

The young woman, who's  name is Fay,, says that she needs Svensson's help but she does not want to say what is going on. The girl is quite evasive in her answers. She doesn't really want to say who she is and what kind of organization she works for. She does say she is familiar with Svensson's work and that is why she needs his help. Finally you say "Please wait a second. I am buzzy right now", because Svensson really wants to get his Frogger working first.

The conversation is then over. At the top left, behind the house, are the stairs to the Frogger. Place your cursor on the stairs and then double click and ...... Svensson returns to his Frogger. The red shutter of the engine is still open. If that is not the case, first open the shutter again. Check out the engine again to get a close-up view of it. 

The broken V-belt is still on the largest reel so remove  the broken V-belt again. 

Then open the inventory and drag the Bicycle tube to the left reel  and then release your mouse button and .... Svensson places the bicycle tire on both 2 reels, but then complains that the tire is too long.  Because the bicycle tire is too long, there is no tension. At the bottom right, a rusty Screw sticks up. Remove those screws, so choose "Remove" in the "Medallion".

Then take the Screwdriver from inventory and click it on the screw hole  and ....

..... Svensson puts the screwdriver in the hole and because of this he tensions the bicycle tire, which is now under tension. Now "look at" the large reel. 

Svensson reports that the reel is rusted. So take the Bottle of Rapeseed Oil from inventory and click it on the large reel (Impeller) to lubricate it with oil. Right click to close the inventory and then go out of the close-up. Open the "Medallion" on the front of the Frogger again and choose "Activate" again to see if the Frogger now wants to start....

.......but.....unfortunately.... ..Because of the vibration, the screwdriver vibrates loose and so the Frogger will still not start. Someone has to push the shutter down and hold it so that the screwdriver doesn't pop out of the hole. So go back to the house. Fay now sits on the rickety scaffolding. Open the "Medallion" on the young woman and then choose "Talk" and ......

........Svensson walks to the woman to talk to her. Say "I could use your help" and........

Svensson and Fay walk back to the Fogger where Svensson explains that the he needs the Frogger to smoke out the harmful insects from the trees so that he has enough fire wood in the winter. Fay then holds down the shutter and Svensson turns on the Frogger. Unfortunately ........ the Frogger has an unexpected and unintended side effect because ....... the smoke also kills birds and a bird falls dead from the branch. Fay gets completely upset about this and she picks up the dead bird and walks away. Fay buried the dead bird under the house. Go talk to Fay again and ........... During the conversation Fay gets a terrible coughing fit and she spits blood. Fay screams for water. 

So double click on Svensson's front door to go back in and ........ Svensson's phone rings and he answers. It's that Dr. Angust calling. Svensson reports that he has a visit from a woman and that the woman is ill. Angust doesn't believe it and she wants Bent to repeat her words.... You now have to repeat the words of that crazy Angust bitch because otherwise she will continue to whine so say "I am not resposible for the whole world"

Meanwhile Fay has also stumbled in and she gets some water and then she tells who she is and where she comes from and why she is here. Watch and listen

Fay tells that she is a time traveler and that she has come from 500 years further in the future. In 500 years from now, the Earth's surface will be uninhabitable, with only a handful of people living in bunkers underground. Because of his algae research, Svensson is the only one who can prevent this. Fay must convince Svensson to help her prevent certain events that are happening here and now. Fay then shows a photo of her team. 

Click on each person in the photo, with the question mark, and Fay will tell you more about her team members. 

Whenever Fay tells about the person, his / her name appears in the photo.

Salvador traveled with Fay and is now also in Norway. Quadi is the bunker commander. His job is to keep people alive. Nigel has been Fay's mentor since the death of her parents who were killed in an accident. Delvin is the tech guy of the bunch. Josep and Dina are researchers. Josep studied history and Dina wanted to go to Europia to look for and see art. Sadi is Fay's best friend and she has left for South America. Hardy has gone to Zweizelburg to talk to the heads of government. So the whole team consists of time travelers who went back to the year 2050 to try to stop the climatic changes and thus prevent the destruction of the Earth. If you have the names of all 8 people in the photo, you can get out of the close-up via the arrow under the photo. Fay then continues and .... she is now going to tell Svensson about what she experienced in 2050. We then end up in Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Leaden Air

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot