2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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Fay tells this chapter to Svensson in the 20th Century. You should now know how the controls work, so how it works with the "game medallion" The team of time travelers, including Fay, has traveled back to 2050. Fay is linked to her mentor Nigel. You have to talk to Nigel through a few conversation options and then that Nigel disappears

Once Nigel has walked away, you take control of Fay who is standing at the Time Capsule. Take a look in Fay's inventory, so right click somewhere in the screen to open the inventory. Fay has a Knife  and a Time radio transmitter in her inventory. Look at  the Time Transmitter in inventory and then listen to Fay. With the Time Transmitter, Fay can reach the other members of the team, but first she has to set up the Antenna. In the "Medallion" choose "Use" on the Time transmitter ..... Fay reports that the thing is not getting power ....Open up the "Medallion" on the time transmitter again and then choose "Open" to open the transmitter and ........ Fay reports that the battery of the time transmitter is empty. Fay removes the empty battery from the transmitter. 

Close the inventory. Fay is standing in front of the Time Travel Capsule. The capsule lid is open. Double click with the white arrow in the capsule and ......

You will then see the capsule in close-up. In the rim, under the open lid, you see 2 "cylinders".

Between those 2 cylinders is a so-called "Svensson Unit". At the bottom of the capsule, between the two seats, is a Shutter.

Look at  1 of the two Cylinder, which are at the top ....... Fay reports that those 2 cylinders are the energy cells for the time travel capsule. Look at the "Svensson cylinder". Fay reports that the "Svensson" produces energy from blue-green algae and that energy is the power for the time travel capsule. Place your cursor in the middle of the "Svensson Unit", and open the "Medallion". In the "Medallion" choose "Pul out" and ....

Fay pulls the Svensson Unit forward. Now open the inventory. 

Then drag the Empty battery from the inventory to the "Svensson unit" and click it on the Svensson Unit and ....

After some hesitation, Fay decides to charge the battery with energy from the Svensson Unit. However, something goes wrong with the blue-green algae in the Svensson Unit ..... So check the Svensson Unit and you will experience that the algae in the unit are now dead. So there is no more energy for the time travel capsule. In inventory combine the now Recharged battery with the Time transmitter to place the battery back in the time transmitter. So pick up the battery in inventory and click it on the time transmitter. The time transmitter is now working again, but to be able to use the transmitter, Fay still has to set up the antenna. Close the inventory. 

Now open up the Shutter that is located at the bottom between the seats. The compartment contains a suitcase. Take the Suitcase from the compartment.  

The antenna is in this suitcase, but Fay has to find a good location where she can put the antenna. Get out of the close-up of the capsule. In front of Fay you see a slanting Steel beam and at the bottom of the screen you see a stone staircase. Open the "Medallion" on the steel beam and choose "Scale" and...

Fay climbs  up via the steel beam and ....... we now see that we are in San Francisco because we see 1 the 2 pillars of the famous Golden Gate Bridge .. .... Unfortunately ..... the whole city is in ruins ...... the city is completely destroyed ........ Fay concludes that she and her team are too late to prevent the disaster . Have they traveled back to the wrong time? Stay here and open the inventory. Take the Suitcase from inventory and click it on the plateau and ...

...Fay puts the suitcase down on the plateau and you automatically get into the close-up of the suitcase.

On the lid of the suitcase is a manuel. Look at that manueal to see how you must set up the antanne

Left click briefly on the handle of the suitcase to open the suitcase.

 Antenna Puzzle: part 1:

In the suitcase are the parts of the antenna. You now have to take the various parts from the suitcase in the right order and then put them together. The monitor (Reciever) is located in the lid of the case. From top left to bottom right you see in the case: 2 orange cables, the Pedestal (Foot), the Antenna, the T-piece, the Fuse, a Coupler.

Take the Foot piece from the suitcase and then place the it in front of the suitcase on the Plateau. 

Then left click on the foot to unfold the legs.

 Take the Antenna from the suitcase and place the antenna on top of the foot (Ring)

There is already an orange fuse in the antenna tube, but you see that another fuse has to be placed. Take the fuse from the suitcase and click the fuse into the empty hole in the antenna tube.

At the top of the antenna is a switch. Click on the Switch and ..... the Antenna extends further.

The antenna is now extended and no longer fits in your screen. Moving your cursor up and down will scroll the screen up or down. The round red Auto-solve button now appears in the top right of the screen. If you find the puzzle too difficult, or if you don't feel like solving the puzzle yourself, click on the Auto-Solve Button and ..... the game will then solve the entire Antenna puzzle for you in one swoop.

Scroll up the screen so that you see the top part of the antenna. In the middle of the top part of the antenna is a tiny hole

Scroll back down and then take the Coupler from the suitcase and scroll the screen back up. Then click the coupler in the tiny hole in the top part of the antenna.

In the coupling piece you see 2 holes (Plug socket) Scroll down again and take an orange cable from the suitcase. Scroll up again and click the orange cable in 1 of the 2 holes in the coupling piece. 

Then take the other orange cable from the suitcase and click it into the other hole of the coupling piece. Both cables then hang down loosely.

Now take the Receiver from the suitcase lid and click it onto the coupling piece.

Now take the T-piece from the suitcase and click this T-piece all the way on top of the antenna. 

There is a button in the middle of the T-piece. Click on that button to unfold the arms of the T-piece. There is a hole at the bottom of both arms (Plug socket)

Scroll down and then grab hold of the end of the left orange cable and scroll back up with it.Click the end of the cable into the plug socket of the left arm.

Do this also with the end of the left orange cable, which you click into the hole of the left arm. A thin rod slides out of the 2 arms, where then, both left and right, 3 contact points (Slot) are inserted. Number those slots, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Fay now explain to  you what the further intention is. So you have to place 3 cubes in the locks on both the left and the right. Scroll down to the suitcase.

Antenna Puzzle: part 2:

In the lid of the suitcase you now see 6 small cubes

You are now in the 2nd part of the Antenna Puzzle and this gets quite complicated, but you can always use the red Auto-solve button to automatically solve the puzzle. Those 6 cubes, which stick in the lid of the suitcase, must  be placed on top of the antenna, in the 6 contact points, but this has to be done in the right way. 3 cubes together make 1 big cube, so both left and right you have to place the right 3 cubes in the correct contact points.

Number the cubes, in the suitcase, 1 to 6.

You have also numbered the slots in the arms of the antenna from 1 to 6.

Take Cube 1 from the suitcase and then scroll up with it, to the top of the antenna. Then place cube 1 in Slot 1 and ........ In the T-piece a small button will light up for a while.

There are 6 small buttons in the T-piece, 3 on the left and 3 on the right.They are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Each button is for 1 cube lock.

Click on button 1 and ...... Cube 1 now opens and button 1 is green.

Make sure your cursor stays on button 1. If you remove the cursor from button 1, the cube will close again. In the expanded cube 1 you now see that panels in cube are missing. Those missing panels are the yellow panels. 

So you now have to find out which of the 5 other cubes contain the missing panels of cube 1. Panels from one cube may not overlap with panels from another cube.

Scroll back down and take  Cube 3 from the suitcase. Scroll up again with Cube 3 and place the cube in slot 2. Button 2 lights up, so click on button 2 and ..... Cube 2 expands. You can see that there are still other panels missing. Scroll down to the suitcase again and take Cube 6 out. Scroll back up with cube 6 and place the cube in Slot 3. Click on Button 3 and see .....

All panels in the cube are now correct. With the cubes 1, 3 and 6 you now have the left side of the antenna correct. Now we go do the right side and we'll do that a little faster ...... 

Take Cube 2 from the suitcase and place it in Slot 4. Click on Button 4 and view the unfolded cubeTake Cube 4 from the suitcase and place it in Slot 5. Click on Button 5 and then look at the unfolded cube. Finally, take Cube 5 from the suitcase and place it in Slot 6. Click on Button 6 and ....

the right side is now also done and the red main switch on the Receiver now lights up.

So click on the flashing red main switch and the 6 partial cubes in the arms now slide into 1 large cube, on both sides.

You will now automatically exit the Close-up. Fay can now start sending.......

Open the inventory and take out the Time Radio and then click it on the Antenna and .......

Fay makes contact with her own Century and with the power station, where General Quadi sits.  unfortunately the connection is very bad. The General just keeps coming in flashes But it's clear that something is terribly wrong. The General also connects Fay with the other teams, but Fay only gets a good connection with Dina's team.

You are then in the close-up of the Time Radio. The screen contains 12 screens and in screen 8 you see Dina.

Click on Dina to talk to her. Dina is in London, because you see Tower Bridge, and in the middle of a deluge. 

Josep then reports and he appears in screen 11. So click on Josep and .... 

Oops ......... Josep is in Paris and is in the middle of a tornado. So Josep reports that 2050 is the wrong year because the destruction of the climate is now in full swing here. Poor Josep ...... You end up in the screens of the Time Radio again. More screens are now available, but first click in screen 8 again to switch back to Dina in London.

However, Dina has drowned in the deluge ........ Now click in the other screens, where you now see a stable connection, to take a look there as well. In every location you can see that a natural disaster is going on . In some screens you see the time traveler die. Finally, click in screen 10 and ..... Sadi appears and says that the source of all misery is a nuclear power station. Sadi also dies.

Fay concludes that all other time travelers have died in 2050, except herself and Nigel.  Maybe it's time to go find that Nigel? Crawl back down to the time travel capsule via the steel beam, so open the "Medallion" on the steel beam and then choose "Descent". Back at the capsule you double click, with the white arrow, on the stone stairs and ..... 

Fay walks down the stairs and sees no trace of that Nigel. Find the arrow, right next to Fay, and then double click and Fay continues to the right. 

Fay hears Nigel screaming and then she ends up on a balcony and she sees a neon sign and hears Nigel screaming and then ........ oops ...... the floor of the balcony gives way under Fay's weight and she falls down and ends up on a lower balcony. How does Fay come back up? This balcony is above water. Above Fay hangs a ladder to get back on the top balcony. You can try to fold down that ladder but Fay can't reach it. To the right of the balcony are two clotheslines. Take your Pocket Knife from inventory and click it on the Clothesline to cut the clothesline loose. You then have a piece of rope in inventory. 

Enter through the doorway. Fay is then standing in the hall and the stairwell. Continue to the stairs. The stairs have collapsed so Fay cannot go up via the stairs but part of the iron banister is still standing.  Open the "Medallion" on the corner post of the railing (Iron rod) and then choose "Break off" and ...

...... Fay breaks the iron rod loose and stores it in inventory.  Try to open the door behind Fay. to open. The door is locked. 

Take the Iron rod from inventory and click it on the door to pry the door open .... well .... Fay demolishes the entire door from the frame. 

Then walk into that room. Fay then stands in the doorway. You will then see a piece of wall that still has some wallpaper on it. Open the "Medallion" on the wallpaper and choose "Break off" again and ..... Fay rips the wallpaper from the wall.That wall is then bare and turns out to be a damp Ramshacle wall. Smash that wooden wall with your Iron Rod. Fay rams a big hole in the wooden wall.

You then get the white arrow on Fay, so double click with the white arrow and ........

 Fay steps through the wall hole and ends up in what must once have been a kitchen. In the left corner is a narrow cupboard. 

Open the narrow cupboard via the "Medallion". In the cupboard is a Broom and a dust can with a bar of Soap.

Take, Via the "Medallion", take the Broom and the Dust Can. Fay automatically takes the bar of soap as well. Double click again with the white arrow in the wall hole to return to the previous room and then go back to the outside balcony. Back on the balcony, take the Broom from inventory and then click with the broom on the ladder, above Fay's head, to pull that ladder down with the broom. Open the "Medallion" on the ladder and then choose "Climb" and ......

Fay climbs back up via the ladder and then you are on the top balcony. 

There is a neon sign that goes diagonally up to the building opposite. Open the "Medallion" on the neon sign and then choose "Scale" and .......

Fay climbs on top of the neon letters and crawls through the neon letters into the building on the other side. Due to the weight of Fay, 1 of the O-letters of the neon sign opens. Fay ends up in the Library. Via the "Medallion" look at the bookcases. Also try if Fay can read the books in the shelves by choosing the "Browse" option in the "Medallion". There are computer monitors (Reading device) on the tables. Look at  1 of those computer monitors via the "Medallion" .....

Fay says she doesn't see a button anywhere to turn on the monitors. She does, however, discover a cylindrical hole, into which something apparently needs to be inserted. Fay reports this when you choose "Activate" in the "Medallion". Continue to the right .... the screen scrolls with Fay and at the doorway you will get the white arrow. Go through the doorway and..........

Fay finds Nigel desperately clinging to the edge of the floor ....... Nigel knows he will not survive and he warns Fay not to come any closer. Nigel tells Fay to find the 2nd team that has landed in San Francisco. That 2nd San Francisco team consists of Salvador and Delvin. Nigel has also found out that they are to late, here in 2050, to prevent the disaster.

 A new time jump must be made to an even earlier time. Nigel has discovered what is responsible for the worldwide catastrophe and that the disaster can be prevented if Humanity starts to use the discovery of Bent Svensson, making use of energy via the blue-green algae. Nigel has put all the data on two data crystals. However, one of the crystals has fallen down but he gives the other data crystal to Fay. Nigel still says that the bacteria is the key and then .......... Nigel falls down and falls dead to the ground.

We then return briefly to Bent Svensson and Fay in the 20th Century. Svensson doesn't believe a word of Fay's story about the Svensson Unit and the blue-green algae. However, Fay does not give up and continues with her story..... Fay then receives, in 2050, an emergency call from the other San Francisco team.  Salvador and Delvin are about two miles away from Fay. Fay, however, needs a boat to reach that Salvador and Devlin ..... after all ...... San Fransico is completely under water.

Walk back into the library room. Then double click in the leftmost window to go back to the balcony across the street via the neon sign.

Back on the balcony you walk in and continue to the left. 

Fay then enters the room where there is a desk. The desk has a cupboard. Try to open the desk cupboard via "Open" in the "Medallion". However, the door is locked.  Take the Knife from inventory and pry open the cupboard door with it. Then store the knife again (right click) and close the inventory (right click). Fay finds a nice red Screwdriver in the desk cupboard. Take the Screwdriver via the "Medallion". 

Left click in the hall, near the stairs, and then double click again with the white right Arrow and Fay ends up outside on the balcony again, at the neon sign. The letter O has  been folded open and is now a half Sphere and hangs on a hinge . Say .... would that O be useful as a "boat"?. Take the Screwdriver from inventory and click with it on the hinge on which the O-sphere hangs and .......

........Fay climbs again on the neon letters and unscrews the sphere and ..... the sphere falls down. Fay climbs back onto the balcony. 

Close the inventory and double click, with the white arrow, on the ladder to climb back down to the lower balcony.

 Well ..... the half Sphere is now bobbing on the water, but too far away from the ladder. In inventory, combine the Iron rod with the Sweeper Can and then combine the Rope with the Rod/Sweeper can combo to tie the Sweeper can to the rod. Fay has then made an Oar . Then click with the Oar on the hemisphere (Globe) and ...

..........Fay climbs over the fence into her "boat" and rows away in search of the other team

After rowing for a while, Fay reaches the:

Golden Gate Bridge:

Just as Fay threatens to crash, she manages to dock her "boat" and get out. According to her transmitter, the other team must be somewhere close by. Fay is standing next to a truck, which is still on "dry" land. At the end of the bridge, the water plunges down like a waterfall. Place your cursor just to the right of the "waterfall" (Abyss) and then open the "Medallion" and choose "Look at" and...........

.......Fay walks over the "bank" to the extreme edge and looks down and sees .........Salvador and Devlin dangling halfway in their capsule.

Use the conversation options and ask: "Everything okay with you" and "How can I help You" and ............. the 2 men then shoot a rope with a harpoon, which Fay must use to to lift up the 2 men.Unfortunately, the rope ends up on the "bank" on the other side of the bridge.

Cross over to the other side:

Fay is now standing at the left red pillar and she has to go to the lower "bank". To the left of Fay is a short Board on the "bank". 

In the water, just before the edge, is a long Board on 2 car tires. In line with that long board, 4 stones float in the water.

Via those stones and the Short Board and the Long Board Fay could reach the other "bank" and the Rope. Try if Fay can grab that long board, via "Take" in the "Medallion". Unfortunately ........ Fay cannot reach stone 1 because it is too far away from the "bank". Take the Short  Board on the bank via the "Medallion". 

Walk back to the truck. The loading area of the truck is covered with Canvas and Fay cannot remove it. So take the Knife from inventory again and click it on the Canvas of the truck and ...... Just behind the cabin Fay cut a hole in the canvas and because of this she sees that the truck is full of empty wooden barrels.

Open the "Medallion" on the Barrel and then choose "Pull out" and ...... Fay pulls the wooden barrel out of the truck and ...

...the barrel then floats at high speed to the long plank and gets stuck there between stone 1 and the car tire.

Walk back to the right and then stand on the bank in front of Stone 1. Open the inventory and take the short board and click on Stone 1  and ....

Fay puts down the short plank and she can now walk over  it to the Long Plank. Left click on the barrel and Fay walks over the short board to the barrel.

On the short board, open the "Medallion" and choose "Take" to pick up the short board again.

Continue to the end of the long board Then open the "Medallion" on the long board again and choose "Take" again to pick up the long board

Immediately take the long board from inventory and click it on the Stone that is further up in the water and Fay then connect the 2nd stone with the 3rd stone. 

Walk over the long board to the end again, so to stone 3. Now take the short board from inventory again and click it on stone 4 to finish your makeshift bridge and.........

...Fay now walks on and ends up on the lower "bank" and at the Rope.

Look at  the rope through the "Medallion". Fay wonders how on earth she is supposed to hoist those 2 men up with this rope. Don't pick up the rope yet.

Pull Devlin and Salvador up:

On the left are 2 car wrecks. Walk to the 2 car wrecks. Via the "Medallion" look at the car (Vehicle) that is still on its wheels.

Fay reports that the ignition key is still in the ignition of the car and she thinks she can still start the car. The left rear wheel of the car is stuck in a heap of mud. Take your Oar (Paddle) from inventory and click it on the Heap of Mud to dig the rear wheel out of the mud using the oar. 

You will then see the rim of the rear wheel (Wheel rim). Open the "Medallion" on the Wheel rim and then choose "take" and ..........

........Fay rips the rim from the wheel axle and the Wheel rim ends up in your inventory. 

Where the rim was, you now see the rear axle. On the ground is also the left end of the Rope. 

Via the medallion pick up the left end of the Rope, and then click with the Rope on the Rear axle.

At the far right, at the end of the "bank" you see the number 45.  Behind that number 45 is a short, curved Steel beam is sticking up . 

Walk to that curved beam. Take the Wheel rim from inventory and then click it onto the  steel beam.

Now pick up the right end of the Rope and then click with the rope on the Steel beam.

The rope is now attached, on the left, to the rear axle of the car wreck and, on the right, to the wheel rim on the curved steel beam.

Walk back to the car wreck and open the "Medallion" on the car wreck again. Now choose "Activate" to start the car and ......

..........The two men are hoisted up via the rope and ...... we end up back in the 20th Century, with Bent Svensson and Fay

Svensson still doesn't believe Fay's story....At the bottom of the screen a screen appears with conversation options/questions

Klik nu steeds op een vraag en......Fay en Svensson ruziŽn even wat maar uiteindelijk gaat Fay dan door met haar verhaal en beland je in Hoofdstuk 2

Chapter 2: A Night in the Global

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot