2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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So Fay, Salvador and Devlin are still in 2050, on Earth and in San Francisco. They have taken refuge in the ruins of the house where Fay had been before and where Fay's time travel pod is located. You get a series of conversation options that you just go through 1 by 1. So listen to what Fay, Salvador and Devlin say and take notes. Fay gives Salvador the Data Crystal, which Nigel gave her, and she tells him about the computers in the library.

Salvador is a stubborn bastard and he walks away to the balcony to climb via the neon sign to the library. 

Fay and Devlin have a chat, but then you have used the last conversation option and the conversation has finally come to an end.

Follow Salvador to the library, so walk to the right. Fay ends up on the balcony again. Climb via the neon sign to the other side, to the library. 

So open the "Medallion" on the neon letters again and then select "Scale" again and ..... 

Fay crawls over the neon letters again to the:


That stubborn Salvador is sitting at the right table studying the data crystal on the monitor. You probably saw it the 1st time Fay was here, but the door on the left is blocked by a pile of rubble. Look at that debris via  the "Medallion". Salvador has placed a large suitcase on the floor and in that suitcase is a Plasma Drill and a "Probe". Look at  the "Probe" and also look at the Plasma Drill that are in the suitcase. When you look at the Plasma Drill, Fay asks Salvador why he brought that drill. Salvador's answer shows that he doesn't like Fay very much. The "Probe" is used to explore tunnels with it. Go talk to Salvador, so open the "Medallion" on Salvador and then choose "Talk". Then use all the conversation options you get. In short ...... use all options. 

It doesn't matter what Fay asks ..... Salvador always orders Fay to drill away the debris in the doorway with the Plasma Drill and then send that "Probe" through the doorway. When the "conversation" has ended, take the "Probe" and the Plasma Drill from the suitcase, via the "Medallion".

Then walk back to the left, to the barricaded door. Take the Plasma Drill from inventory and click it on the debris and .....Fay drills a hole in the rubble and through the door with the Plasma Drill. Salvador is not impressed. Then take the "Probe" from inventory and click with it on the Debris and ......... 

Fay initially drops the Probe, much to the dismay of Salvador, but then she pushes the Probe through the hole she just made in the debris. Fay automatically takes her time transmitter and you end up in the close-up of the time transmitter screen. At the bottom left you see a "Light button" and at the bottom right you see 4 arrow buttons. Click on the "Light button" and ..... for a moment Fay sees a man in the screen.

You go out of the close-up and Fay tries to tell Salvador that she saw Nigel ......according to Fay Nigel is still alive,  But big mouth Salvador doesn't believe it and "orders" Fay to go take a nap. Fay, however, does not intend to be commanded by bastard Salvador. Go, via the left window and the neon sign, back to the balcony and then back inside. Devlin is now working on the laser at the top of the stone stairs so walk up the stairs and have a chat with Devlin and then ask him "I need your help......"

Fay then enlists Devlin's help to "boost" the plasma drill to shoot a larger hole in the rubble in the library. Devlin thinks a capacitor membrane could amplify the plasma drill's energy. But he only has one such membrane left and he needs it himself to keep the light from his laser blue. Red light is too strong and would destroy the laser.

Close the conversation and then open up the Plasma Drill in inventory via the "Medallion".

Fay then removes the Blue Filter from the plasma drill. Give the Blue Filter to Devlin.........

Devlin immediately tries the filter in his laser and ..... it works and Devlin then gives Fay his Condenser Membrane, which looks like a net. Devlin explains to Fay that she has to place an energy source, such as a battery, in the membrane and then put the membrane in the plasma drill. Devlin thinks that there is still a full battery in the room downstairs. Close the inventory and descend the stone stairs again. Down again click on the desk so that Fay walks into the room. Then walk slightly to the right. On the floor are the 2 green sleeping bags of Devlin and Fay. Search Devlin's sleeping bag, via the "Medallion", and ........ Fay finds a Battery.

In inventory, combine the Battery with the Membrane to put the battery in the net and then combine the now "Charged Membrane" with the Plasma Drill. Now the drill should have enough power to drill a larger hole. So go back to the balcony and climb back to the Library via the neon letters. Back in the library, take the Plasma Drill from inventory and click with the thing again on the Debris)........ unfortunately .... The drill does not have enough power yet. Think back to what Devlin said about a too strong red light ....... Go through the left window and the balcony, back to the balcony on the other side. Stay on the balcony. Back on the balcony, Fay is again at the neon letters, from which the O is already missing. The first neon letter is a nice red L and that red L is flashing. Take the Plasma Drill from inventory and click with it on the flashing red L and ......

Fay cuts a nice red shard out of the neon letter. So, in inventory, place the red Shard in the Plasma Drill and climb back to the Library. Back in the library you use the now "Optimized Plasma Drill" again on the Debris and ...... finally ...... Fay now blows the debris and the door out of the game. Salvador is not very fond of a stupid Fay hopping around with a life-threatening plasma drill, so he takes Fay the drill but she may keep the membrane and the battery. Now walk through the doorway and Fay ends up in a round room with a deep abyss.

 In front of Fay is a fallen terminal and 2 thick concrete beams hang down over which a stream of water flows. On the left concrete beam is the 2nd Data Crystal. Below the left concrete beam is another Terminal on a balcony. Walk to the left, under the 2 concrete beams and then stand still there. Try if Fay can get the green Data Crystal.

Fay can't reach the data crystal. Stay where Fay is now and take the Oar (Paddle) from inventory and then click with it on the Data crystal and ....

...Yes .... with the paddle Fay manages to reach the crystal, but she pushes the crystal off the beam and the thing falls further down into the abyss. Now look into the abyss and ....well ... it's at least 15 meters deep and Fay does not see the crystal, but she does see 2 stairs and 2 display cases. Take the piece of Soap from inventory and click with it on the water stream that flows down via the left concrete beam (Runnel) and .....

Via the stream, Fay also throws the bar of soap into the depths. The soap will foam in the water, where the data crystal also ended up. Now click on the terminal that is on the balcony and Fay walks to that termin al. Then continue to the right, until Fay is all the way on the right side.

 A Twine is tied to the railing here and that vine is walking over the rubble. Take your Knife from inventory and click with it on the Twine, where the twine is on the ground and .....

Fay climbs up to cut the twine on top of the slope. You then see the twine coming down and it then hangs in the abyss and Fay comes back down. 

Place your cursor on, or just next to, the twine and then double click the white down arrow and .....

Fay climbs down the twine and ends up at the bottom of the abyss. On the left you will see the foaming water under the debris.  

At the right hand side of the stairs are 2 displaycases and the entrance to a control room

The water has started to foam because of the bar of soap that Fay has just dropped down. Open the "Medallion" on the foam and then choose "Inspect" and .......

Fay finds the Data Crystal and she immediately brings the thing to Salvador but he is not impressed because the data on the Data Crystal can no longer be read, but the ID chip of the crystal is still ok. Salvador discovers Nigel's password on that ID chip and that is "bluegreen algea". Fay might be able to download the data Nigel put on the crystals again, if she can find a working terminal, using Nigel's ID chip. Salvador returns the crystal to Fay. Walk to the left again and go through the debris door again to end up at the round abyss again. Fay is then again in front of the fallen Terminal. 

Open the "Medallion" on the fallen Terminal and choose "Search" and ...... Fay finds a Chip, which may still work.

Click on the terminal that is on the balcony and Fay walks to it again. 

The terminal has a screen (terminal) and a hatch (Maintenance gate). There are slots in the floor and in one of those slots is a lamp

 Open the "Medallion" again at this 2nd Terminal and choose "Use" and Fay informs you that this terminal has no "Power". Below the screen of the Terminal is a cover (Maintenance gate), which Fay cannot open with her hands. So take your Knife from inventory again and click it on the "maintenance gate" to pry it open.

 Put your knife away again. At the bottom of the Terminal you will now see a Fried chip.

 Look at that chip and Fay reports that the chip has burned out. 

So, via the "Medallion" and then "Remove", remove the Fried chip from the terminal.

Then take the chip, from the fallen terminal, from inventory and place this chip into slot of the terminal and then "use" the terminal again

Fay tells that the Terminal is still not working. Fay then discovers the cable that's going down from the Terminal to the generator and she makes the suggestion that the  generator might not work. There are slots in the floor at various places where small signal lights should be inserted. On the left corner there is another lamp in the floor. Take that lamp from the floor slot.

Then walk to the right again, where the twine hangs in the hole, and then double click, at the twine, the white down arrow again to descend to the bottom again.

 Down again you can look at the 2 display cases. In the left display case is a television and in the right display case a vinyl gramophone record is displayed.

Then go through the illuminated doorway, under the stairs and .......... Fay ends up in the control room

Walk to the right, to the stairs with the thick metal door ....... Fay takes a step or 3 further into the room and ..... that thick metal door (Heavy reinforced door) pops above the stairs shut with a loud bang. That door didn't close by itself.....is there anyone else here? There is a glass window in the thick metal door ..... Open the "Medallion" on the glass window of the door and then choose "Peek" to peek through the window. Fay reports that she sees a pitch dark room through the window but also an illuminated elevator. Take the Time Transmitter from inventory and click with it on the heavy door and .........

 Fay then looks into the transmitter and she says she has contact with the Probe, which is in the dark room behind the heavy door . 

Click again on the Light button, at the bottom left, and ...........

Fay sees herself  and we then see the shadow of a man ..... You then get conversation options, so talk to the man and use all options ..... The man is rather difficult because he says that he does not know his own name, but that he "lives" in the warehouse, behind the heavy door. The man wants to be left alone and goes on to say that he does not know Nigel.

Well.....this is not working. Look around here in the room. Behind the large glass window is the Turbine Room. At the bottom of the glass window is a Terminal with a Shutterwith a red Switch on it. On the left is a soft drink machine with a padlock. Look at the Turbine via the "Medallion" on the large window. The turbine supplies the entire building with power, but is now turned off. So Fay finds it strange that the Heavy Door room is now getting power. Open the "Medallion" on the shutter control panel and then choose "Open" and Fay opens up the shutter. 

Open the "Medallion" on the control panel again and then choose "Operate" and ...... you end up in the:

Turbine terminal puzzel:

You see a large panel. At the top left, the red switch is the Reset button to reset the puzzle. At the top right you see the red Auto-Solve Button with which you can solve the puzzle automatically.

  • At the top of the panel you see 5 lights. The left light is now green, but the other 4 lights are now orange. 

  • The aim is to get all 5 lights green. On the far right you will see a Floater. 

  • The height of the Floater is indicated by the 9 blue lights, which are to the left of the Floater. 

  • At the bottom of the panel you see 5 black rotary knobs. Each rotary knob has an arrow on the left and right. 

  • Number the 5 lights, at the top of the screen, from left to right 1 to 5. 

  • Number the black rotary buttons, at the bottom, as: A, B, C, D, E.

  • At this moment orange light 1 is green and button A is to the left and the 5th blue light is on at the Floater. 

  • The orange lights correspond to the black buttons right below them. 

  • The 5 black rotary buttons A, B, C, D, E make the Floater move up or down a bit.

  •  Button A raises the floater 1 position. Button B lowers the floater 3 positions.

  •  Button C raises the Floater  2 positions. Button D raises the floater 3 positions

  • Button D brings the floater down 8 positions, on the blue light scale.

So the idea is that you manage to make the 5 orange lights, light up green at the same time and you have to do that by clicking the left or right arrows on the 5 black rotary buttons in the correct order.  You can have the puzzle solved automatically by clicking the red  Auto-Solve Button but here's the solution in case you want to do it "yourself".

Start by first putting the puzzle in the starting position by clicking on the red RESET switch at the top left. All 5 orange lights are then off and the 5 black rotary knobs are all turned to the right.

Now you can solve the puzzle in this way.

Step 1: Click once on the right arrow side of the rotary buttons A, D and E. 

The orange lights 1, 4 and 5 are then yellow.

Step 2: Click once again on the right arrow side of the rotary buttons A, D and E. 

The orange lights 1, 4 and 5 are then green

Step 3: Click once on the right arrow side of the rotary knobs 2B and C

The orange lights 2 and 3 are then yellow.

Step 4: Clock once again on the right arrow side of the rotary knobs B and C and 3 and 

All orange lights are now green

You automatically exit the puzzle and Fay will automatically pull the red lever of the panel down and ....... The Turbine starts to start up but ...... unfortunately ..... there is a short circuit because there is a fuse has blown. But where?.

Go back through the doorway on the left to the room with the stairs and the 2 display cases. Behind the left display case you now see an electrical cable that sparks. Via the "Medallion" look at that sparking electrical. Fay reports that the cable is exposed and in a pool of water. This cable is therefore the cause of the short circuit. Open the "Medallion" on the cable again and now choose "Follow" and ........

Fay follows the cable to a metal door plate in the wall. Fay then stands in front of the metal  Cover. 

Open the "Medallion" on the door plate and choose "Open" and ..... Fay rips the plate from the wall. 

You have opened a cable cabinet that contains the cables for the power of the 2 display cabinets. 

At the bottom right there is a plug. Open the "Medallion" on that "Plug" and choose Drag to pull the plug from the "socket" and ......

Your screen goes black for a moment and then we see Fay back at the control panel of the turbine and Fay pulls the red lever again and ..... "Yes .... Problem Solved". The large Turbine is now "running" like a charm again, the power has been restored. You can take a look at the soft drinks machine and also the padlock, which sticks to the drinks machine on the right side. 

Then go back to the display cabinets area and continue to the stairs. The vine hangs in front of the stairs, on which Fay has climbed down. Double click with the white up arrow on the vine to climb back up. Again on top of the circular walkway, you walk to the left, to the terminal that is on the balcony. On the screen of the terminal, open the "Medallion" again and choose "Use" again and ...... 

The terminal now has power and the screen therefore flashes. Quickie appears on the screen, who says that Fay insert a Data Crystal into the terminal. So take the Data crystal from inventory and click it on the screen (Terminal) and Fay puts the thing in the terminal. However, nothing happens, so open the "Medallion" on the screen again and choose "Use" again and ...... 

Quickie appears on the screen again and he now asks you for the password. A list box appears in which you have to click on the correct password. 

Fay has heard from Salvador what Nigel's password is, so click on "The password is 'blue-green-algia'? and......

Quickie accepts the password and he welcomes "Nigel". All kinds of options will now appear at the bottom of your screen. Fay wants to download the data that Nigel already downloaded yesterday. Click on "I want to download the same data as yesterday" and....Quickie then bemoans that he can't fulfill this request. So say again "I want to download the data from yesterday"  and..........Quickie then gives you a list of topics he can tell Fay more about and will repeat this over and over. However, keep saying that you want to download the data.

So say in sequence: "But I just want to download the data"  and then "I don't understand any of this. I just want the data" and then "I just need the data, and nothing else!" Now Quickie will try to retrieve the data and upload it to a new data crystal. Unfortunately ...... Quickie doesn't succeed and he advises Fay to talk to someone from the staff, but that is of course not possible because everyone is dead.

So now continue with the following answers: "I don't want to stand in line for my data"  and then "I'm not thirsty and I want my data right now!!!" and......now Quickie has finally figured it out and will upload the requested data to a backup data crystal. But again something goes wrong  because the new data crystal is in 1 of the data safes, but the crystal can only be found if 2 lamps are lit on the safe and unfortunately 1 of the lamps is broken.

Quickie thinks he's done enough for Fay now, so he disappears and the terminal shuts down. Now, from the terminal, walk to the left and ..... you will see 3 flat Pedestals (Sockets) on the floor. These 3 pedestals are the safes where the backup crystals are kept. Open the "Medallion" on the middle pedestal and then choose "activate" and .....

 ........a cabinet with Data crystals slides up from the pedestal. Inside the cabinet are 16 Data Crystals, 4 on each of the 4 shelves. Quickie said that Fay can only find the right crystal if 2 lights in the cabinet are lit. At the top of the cabinet you see 3 contacts (Slots) in which such a flat light fits. Only the right ignition has a light. On the right side of the cabinet are also 4 contacts that fit a light. Number the 4 right contacts, from top to bottom A, B, C, D. Then take the oval floor Lamp  from inventory and click it in slot C

Then draw an imaginary line for yourself, from the top lamp, straight down and one from light C to the left. At the intersection of both lines you will find the desired Data Crystal.  The Data crystal is therefore the 3rd crystal on shelf C. Open the "Medallion" on that data crystal and then choose "Take" and .... 

........Fay takes the Data crystal from the cabinet. Also take the oval lamp from contact C. So open on the lamp the "Medallion". 

Then choose "Take" to take the light back and store it in your inventory. 

Walk to the back and then walk  under the 2 concrete beams to the right, to the fallen terminal. 

At the fallen terminal, look for the white slanting arrow, on the collapse. Double click the white  arrow to return to Salvador in the library. 

Take the Data Crystal from inventory and give the thing to Salvador and .........

..... Salvador then reads the info on the crystal and he calls Fay to view the info too .... . 

In the rainforest of Brazil, a certain Emilio Indez has built about 10 very large nuclear power plants.

The international environmental movement protested against this during the energy summit in Oslo. Because, according to the government leaders, there were no alternatives to the energy shortage, Indez was nevertheless given permission to build its nuclear power plants. Then we see that one of the nuclear power plants explodes and this explosion has destroyed the entire tropical rainforest. 

The result of the blast was a nuclear winter and a massive increase in global warming from nuclear pollution and a catastrophic increase in global warming. As a result, within a few years the polar caps started to melt and the ultimate result was the total destruction of all life on Earth by 2050.Fay gets into a discussion with Salvador, because Fay wants to go back in time, to that conference in Oslo. Fay hopes to convince the heads of government that there is indeed an alternative to nuclear energy, namely the blue-green algae, which Svensson has researched. But Salvador does not agree with Fay because he wants to go to Brazil to prevent the explosion at the nuclear power plant. Salvador  pushes through and orders Fay to see how far Delvin is on the repair of the time travel pod. Meanwhile in the 20th Century, Svensson still doesn't believe Fay's story and he and Fay discuss what exactly will be the cause of global warming.

You will then regain control of Fay. So dive out through the left window again to get back on the balcony and then go back to Devlin. Talk to Delvin, so open the "Medallion" on Delvin and then choose "Talk". Delvin immediately gives Fay her daily portion of Food pills. Fay tells Delvin what she and Salvador discovered and that they should "jump" to Brazil. Ask Delvin: "We only need a magnetized atom from that time, right?" and Delvin reports that information was recorded on videotapes in ancient times. If Delvin had the videotape of the catastrophe in Brazil, he could get the special "atom" that he needs to set the correct year. So go back to the library. When Fay has crawled back into the library through the balcony and the neon letters, Salvador tells her that the video tapes are probably in the archive and that each tape has an ID number. According to Salvador, Fay has to look for the tape with ID number 2110-8311-00.

Go back down through the "debris door" to the circular walkway. Fay is then again in front of the 2 concrete beams and you see the "Quickie terminal". Immediately open the "Medallion" on the "Quickie terminal" and choose "Use" again and Fay walks to the terminal and turn the thing back on and Quickie appears again and asks what "Nigel" wants this time .... ...

Fay asks for the original recording, so for the videotape. Quickie then asks if he should organize the data for Fay. However, say: "Uhm....no, that won't be necessary. I want to order the tape". H owever,Quickie first has doubts  about the identity of Fay. Say you are really Nigel, so click on: "Yes...I am Nigel"  and .......Quickie reports that Fay can pick up the tape at a service desk tomorrow. But of course Fay can't wait until tomorrow, so say: "But I need the tape now". But Quickie repeats that the tape won't be available until tomorrow. Carry on, so say "Looks like I have to get it myself". But Quickie reports that visitors can't access the archive. So ask: "Where is the depot?" and Quickie then reports that the archive is downstairs in the basement. Fay automatically ends this "conversation". 

Well ..... the archive is located downstairs in the basement, behind the Heavy Door, where that mysterious man is located. So walk to the right and then double click with the white down arrow on the vine to descend back to the cellar. Back down you go again into the room where the softdrink machine is,  and the Heavy Door. Open the "Medallion" on the heavy door again and then choose "Talk" and .....

 Fay calls the man who is behind the heavy door in the archive. The man answers, so say "I need access to the media archive". The man asks if Fay has anything to eat for him, so Fay offers him her food pills. But the man wants Fay to prepare a real meal for him. So end the conversation with "Okay. I'll leave". Fay needs something to eat to be able to offer to that guy. Take another look at the soft drink machine and also the electronic lock that hangs on the side of the machine. Then take the Membrane from inventory and click it on the electronic lock. Fay hangs the membrane on the lock. Then take the battery from inventory and click it on the lock/membrane combination (Membrane) and ....... 

Fay considers herself very smart because she uses the battery to extract the energy from the electronic lock, which then explodes. Unfortunately, this also destroys the membrane and the battery. A hole has now been punched in the side of the machine and the cash drawer of the machine (Coin chute) sticks in that hole. Open the "Medallion" on Coin chute and then choose "Reach into" and ....

Fay steals the coins from the machine. Top right, above the red buttons, in the machine is the coin slot (Slot). 

So take the Coins from inventory and put them in the Coin slot. 

Now open the "Medallion" on the front of the machine again and choose "Operate" and .....

Fay presses the buttons and ...... a bottle rolls out of the machine. Move Fay slightly to the right and you will see that bottle at the bottom of the machine. 

Open the "Medallion" on the Bottle and choose "Take" to take the bottle from the machine. 

In inventory Fay has the food pills (Chicken a L'Orange), which she got from Delvin. The bottle she obtained from the vending machine contains Red Curry Cola. So combine the Food Pills (Chicken a L'Orange) with the Bottle of Red Curry Cola and ........ Fay molds the whole into a creamy heap of Chicken Curry (Curry Chicken). Take the Curry Chicken from inventory and click it on the Heavy Door and ..... 

Fay screams at the guy that she has prepared a meal for him and .......... The man screams that Fay the Chicken Curry gunk on the steps in front of the door and then has to disappear. If he has liked the "meal" he will let Fay in. So Fay disappears back to the stair room for a while. Wait a few seconds and then go back and see ...... the guy apparently liked the Chicken Curry because the Heavy Door is now wide open. So go through the now opened heavy door and ........ Fay ends up in the archive


You see Fay standing in the lit doorway, but the Archives itself is dark. Walk into the room and .....

. that strange man then turns on the light and asks what Fay wants. Talk to the man through the conversation options.

The man does not have much to say and says to almost every question from Fay that he knows nothing. So you can also stop this "conversation" after 1 or 2 questions via "Okay. That's all" or you just go through the conversation options in order. Anyway, if you have had this "conversation", take a look around. The archive is a glass "box". A computer terminal hangs on the wall to the right of the man. Open the "Medallion" on the computer screen and then choose "Use" and ..

..... Quickie appears and greets Sean Rattold. 

Fay asks Quickie for the article with the ID code 2110-8321-00. Quickie then reports that there are 3 objects that more or less match the code specified by Fay and that are a Manuscript, a Specular Reflection camera and the Videotape of the catastrophe with the nuclear power plant of that Indez figure. Fay wants the videotape, so click on "I need the video! ID 2110-8321-0091"  and .........Quickie reports that he cannot find the videotape and he again lists a number of objects that he can deliver. Now choose the SLR camera, so say: "If there's not other way. I'll take the camera" and ......... a container delivers the camera to Fay, in a glass box . Open the "Medallion" on the glass box  and choose "Take" and Fay takes the Camera from the box and looks at the camera in close-up. 

Immediately leave the close-up via 1 of the white arrows, because you cannot do anything with the camera in this close-up. Open the inventory and then open the "Medallion" on the camera in inventory and then choose "Activate" and .............. Fay sets the Timer of the camera's self-timer to 1 minute. Then take the camera from inventory and place the camera back in the glass box 

Fay then tells Quickie that he has to put the camera away again and that is what happens. Activate, via the "Medallion" and then "Use", the computer terminal  again and ask Quickie for the Camera again, so say again: "I'll take the camera" and ..... The camera is delivered to Fay again . Take the Camera from the glass box again, via the "Medallion" and ...... The camera has taken a photo and Fay now sees a small box with the wanted video tape in the screen of the camera and she also sees a larger empty glass case that bears ID number 3476-8970-9987

Get out of this close-up screen again and place the camera back in the glass box. Again Fay automatically tells Quickie that he can put the camera away again."Use" the computer terminal again and ask Quickie now: "I want the artifact with the number 3476-8970-9987" and ........Quickie meld that that glass box is empty and asks if Fay wants it anyway and Fay says wholeheartedly "YES". The large empty glass box is then delivered to Fay by the system. Open the "Medallion" on the glass box and then choose "Look at". Fay then reports that the box is so big that she would fit in it. Open the "Medallion" on the chest again and now choose "Get in" and ....

....Fay then tries if she does indeed fit into the box and ...... that succeeds and Fay crawls out of the box again. Go talk to the man again, who is therefore called Sean Rattold. So open the "Medallion" on Sean Rattold and then choose "Talk". Then ask Sean, "Can you ask Quickie to send the box back, please?" and after his answer you say: "I will even cook something for you and your friends"  and.............Sean wants to help Fay and he also promises that he will get Fay back after 10 minutes. So crawl back into the large glass box, so open the "Medallion" on the box again and choose "Get in" again and ........... Fay crawls into the box again in. While Fay is in the box, open the "Medallion" on Sean again and now choose "Sent away" and ........... 

Sean tells  Quickie that the box can be sent back and ... ...... Fay then ends up at the place where she saw the box with the videotape in the photo. The videotape is in the top glass box and that box is closed. Take the Screwdriver from inventory and click it on the top box to open the box.

There are 2 tapes in the box. Open the "Medallion" on the 2 tapes and then choose "Take" and .............. Fay takes both tapes. 

One tape is from the nuclear power plant accident and the other tape is from the conference in Oslo. Crawl back into the glass box, via the "Medallion" and ........

 Well ...... Sean does not intend to get Fay back and after half an hour Fay crawls out of the box again.

It looks like Fay is trapped here, but then Fay hears her time transmitter beeping and she grabs that thing and hears a radio transmission. But Fay also hears himself say something about Bent Svensson..... A moment later Salvador reports, who wants to know where the hell Fay is. Talk to Salvador through the conversation option and just walk through them all and ........ in the end Salvador makes sure that Fay ends up back in the archive, where Fay gives him the video tapes.

Salvador got rid of that Sean and when Fay tries to convince him that they should travel to that conference in Oslo, 1 week before the nuclear power plant accident will happen, Salvador still doesn't agree. Fay then gets the conference tape back. However, Fay does not give up yet and tries to convince Salvador that she is right and .... after a while that Salvador becomes curious about Fay's arguments.

You will now get a series of arguments at the bottom of your screen with which Fay has to convince that bastard Salvador that it is better to time travel to that conference in Oslo ...... use all the arguments. Salvador pretends that he has been convinced by Fay, but in reality he wants to get rid of the annoying bitch. There is only room for 2 people in a time travel capsule, so Salvador decides that he and Delvin will go to the nuclear power plant in Brazil. Fay can travel alone to the conference in Oslo, but then she has to repair Salvador and Delvin's time travel capsule. Salvador then gives the videotape of the Oslo Conference back to Fay but he keeps the other tape for himself and he smears it to Delvin.

Fay has followed Salvador to Delvin and the time travel pod. Fay doesn't agree at all. Fay has absolutely no intention of staying here alone to spend the rest of her life here in 2050. Fay therefore wants to change the destination of Salvador in the Oslo Conference, which took place 1 week before the nuclear disaster. But in order to do this, she has to quickly swap the tape from the nuclear disaster with the tape from the conference.

Front right on the table, where Delvin is still working with the laser, is the Videotape of the Nuclear Power Plant disaster.You can try to steal the videotape via the "Medallion" and then "Take" but that doesn't work because Delvin will notice it.So open the inventory and take out the Videotape of the Conference and then click with the Conference Tape on the Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Tape, which is on Delvin's table and .. .........

Fay switches the tapes and Delvin, unknowingly, programs the Time Travel Capsule to travel to the Oslo conference, 1 week before the nuclear disaster. 

Delvin and Salvador then realize what Fay has done and Salvador becomes furious.

 Delvin tries to stop the process but it is too late ..... Fay dives into the capsule and ....... The capsule with Fay and Salvador disappears ....... and ...... We end up back with Bent Svensson and he still doesn't believe a word of it. Fay then gets angry. Svensson has had enough and he wants this fucking babe disappear from his life again. 

Svensson wants to go outside and ........... a new person appears .............. this unknown person clearly belongs to Fay and he knocks Svensson unconscious ....

We end up in chapter 3: Rude Awakening

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot