2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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You are Bent Svensson again


Fay and the unknown guy have Svensson tied up in some kind of bathroom. You hear the sound of a helicopter, so would we be in a helicopter? Svensson is tied to a wall bracket (Handle) by the shower. Behind Svensson hangs the Shower Curtain on a curtain rod. Behind the shower curtain you can see the orange door of this bathroom. You also see a window, a sink and a toilet. Above the window there is a screw in the wall and there is also a fan. Above the toilet is a toilet cabinet that consists of 3 cabinets. The left cabinet and the middle cabinet are closed with a door and in the open right cabinet is a red nail clipper. 

Svensson needs to free himself. The shower curtain hangs behind Svensson. Open the "Medallion" on the shower curtain and then choose "Drag" and .........

Svensson pulls down the curtain and the curtain rod. The rod is then behind Svensson.

Open the "Medallion" on the curtain rod and then choose "Use" and .....

The rod is then attached to your cursor. 

Drag the rod cursor to the handle where Svensson is tied to and then left click with the rod cursor on the Handle and ....

.... Svensson frees himself from the handle.

Open the "Medallion" on the orange door and then choose "Open" ...... but ... the door is locked. 

Open the window, so open the "Medallion" on the window and choose "Open" again and Svensson opens the window. 

Then open the "Medallion" on the open window again and then choose "Look out" and .....

Svensson peeks out the window and sees that the helicopter he is in is flying over a Norwegian Fjord. Right above the window there is a screw in the wall and on the left is a fan. Look at  the Screw above the window via the "Medallion". Svensson thinks that screw is holding something that's attached to the heli on the outside. How to unscrew that screw? The cabinet, above the toilet and sink, has 2 doors. Open the left door of the cabinet via the "Medallion". In the left cabinet is a blue bottle of Aftershave.

Take the bottle of Aftershave from the cabinet via the "Medallion".

Then open the right door of the cabinet.You have then opened the middle box and Svensson will find a red Comb in it.

Take the Comb from the middle cabinet. Then move Svensson slightly to the left, so that you can see the right cabinet again.

Then also take the nail clipper from the right cabinet

Open Svensson's inventory and then look at,  via the "Medallion", the red comb and ..... Svensson reports that it is a metal comb.

Open the "Medallion" on the Comb again and then choose "Break" and ......

Svensson breaks the comb into 2 equal halves. Pick up 1 half of the comb and click it on the other half of the comb and .......

..... Svensson makes a cross of the comb (Com cross) and this is a kind of screwdriver.

Immediately take that comb cross thing from inventory and click with it on the screw, above the window, and ..........

......... Svensson unscrews the screw and this causes a cable to come loose on the outside and the end of that cable now hangs in front of the window.

Open the "Medallion" on the cable and then choose "Drag" and ......

........Svensson pulls the cable in. An antenna arm is attached to the cable and that thing looks a bit like a crowbar. 

Open the "Medallion" on the antenna arm and choose "Take" to grab the antenna arm from the cable. In inventory you then have a Crowbar.

Immediately take the crowbar from inventory and click it on the orange door and Svensson pries open the door with the crowbar. Close the inventory and then step through the now opened orange door and ...... Svensson ends up in the "Bedroom". Open the "Medallion" on the orange door and choose "Close" to close the door.

On the right is the doorway to the cockpit of the heli, so click with the white arrows in that doorway and .......

...... Svensson peeks into the cockpit and sees the guy who knocked him down.

That guy's name is Oggy and he's the pilot of the helicopter. At the left edge of the screen, find the white left arrows and then double click to step back out of this close-up. Back in the "bedroom" you continue to the left, until you see Fay sitting in the "living room".  Double click the white arrows to see Fay in close-up.

Fay is on the couch repairing her time transmitter radio. Further to the left you see the "radio room" of the helicopter and Svensson notes that if he could reach that radio room unseen he could send an S.O.S with the radio. So Svensson has to get Fay out of here. A loudspeaker from the intercom system hangs on the wall above Fay. Look at that "Intercom" through the "Medallion" and Svensson reports that it is connected to the cockpit but also that the thing is turned off. Go back to the "Bedroom" via the white arrow. To the right of the bunk bed is the pillow and under the pillow is a Dictaphone. Take the Dictaphone from under the pillow via the "Medallion".

Svensson reports that there is a plastic net on the earplugs of the dictaphone and he also stores that net in inventory. Open the inventory and then open the "Medallion" on the Dictaphone and choose "Play" to listen to the messages that's been recorded on the thing.

You  hear pilot Oggy, who seems to be quite horny about Fay. Close the inventory and walk further to the right and go back into the close-up of the cockpit. To the left of the cockpit opening there is a fuse box in the wall. Open the inventory again and open the "Medallion" on the Dictaphone again and now choose "Record" to turn the thing on.

Then open the "Medallion" on the Fuses and choose "Shake" and Svensson messes with the fuses, which makes the helicopter fly a bit sullen.

Pilot Oggy does not like this and starts cursing and cursing at his helicopter and this is recorded with the Dictaphone. Check whether the dictaphone has actually recorded Oggy's swearing and swearing, so open the "Medallion" on the dictaphone again and choose "Play" again and ..... you hear what Oggy just said. Get out of the close-up. Walk a little to the left again, until Svensson is about halfway in front of the bed. Above the bed is a bookcase with 6 compartments.

 In the top left box you will find encyclopedias. In the top right box are a few notebooks. In the bottom left box are Albums and in the bottom center box are Novels. Open the "medallion" on the Album box, so the bottom left box, and then choose "Look at" and ...... Svensson briefly lists which albums are in the box and then .... he sees that there's a cable hidden behind the albums. Open the "Medallion" on the Albums again and now choose "Put away" and .....

..... Svensson removes a number of books from the compartment and puts them on the bed. Now you will see a red cable in the Album box. Look at the red cable via the "Medallion" and Svensson reports that it is the intercom cable. Take the Nail Clipper from inventory and click it on the red cable to cut the cable. Look at the Dictaphone in inventory again ....... Svensson reports that the earplugs have cables sticking to the Dictaphone. Combine the Nail Clippers with the Dictaphone in inventory to cut the Earplug cables from the Dictaphone. Then take the Dictaphone from inventory and click it on the cut red cable in the Album box and ....

...Svensson connects the intercom cable to the dictaphone, which he then places in the album compartment.

Open the "Medallion" on the Dictaphone and choose "Play" again and ......

...Svensson switch the dictaphone on and ........ you hear nothing ...... Of course you hear nothing because the loudspeaker at Fay is not switched on. The books that Svensson had taken from the Album section are on the bed. Open the "Medallion" on those books and then choose "yank out" and ...... Svensson tears a few pages from 1 of those books.

Open the "Medallion" on the Aftershave bottle in inventory and then choose "Read" or "Sniff" and....

.....Svensson reports that the aftershave contains alcohol and is therefore flammable.

Combine the torn pages with the Aftershave to soak the pages with aftershave fluid.

Now walk back to the orange door and open the door again via the "Medallion" and then walk back into the bathroom.

So there is a Fan at the top left of the window. Take the alcohol-soaked pages from inventory and click them on the Fan.

Svensson stuffs the pages into the fan's grille. That cable is still sparking under the window. Open the "Medallion" on the sparking cable again and then choose "Use" and ....... ...Your cursor is then the sparking end of the cable. Click with the Cable on the Pages that you have just crammed between the ventilation grille and .....

The pages catch fire and create a thick black smoke that exits through the window, past the helicopter. Fay sees the smoke coming through her window and she peeks outside. Exit the bathroom and continue to the "living room". Make sure you are in close-up of the "living room" again. Fay is now on her knees, peeking through the window. Open the "Medallion" on the speaker of the intercom again and choose "Turn on" to switch on the speaker.

In the Album section of the bookcase, open the "Medallion" on the Dictaphone again and choose "Play" again and ........

Now Fay hears Oggy's recording over the loudspeaker and she thinks Oggy is talking about her. 

Svensson quickly hides in the bathroom again. Fay gets pissed and heads to the cockpit to gently tell Oggy what she thinks of him.

When you regain control over Svensson, open the orange bathroom door via the "Medallion" and leave the bathroom. Fay and Oggy then notice that the bathroom door is open. Svensson pushes against the door to prevent Fay or Oggy from leaving the cockpit, but Svensson can't keep this up for too long. Talk to Fay through the conversation options and use them all.

When you regain control of Svensson and he has said it is time for Plan B....

..... you quickly take the Crowbar from inventory and then click it on the inside of the orange door and .........

........ Svensson clamps the bathroom door shut with the crowbar.

There then follows a short conversation between Svensson and Fay in which Svensson briefly makes his "feelings" known.

Walk back into the "living room" and then walk through the "living room" to the "Radio room" and ......

.............Svensson uses the radio to send a distress call.....but he gets in touch with Delvin in 2050.

Delvin shows Svensson that Fay's story is true.

Then Oggy takes over Fay's story for a moment ......... Oggy's name is actually Leif Oggersund and he is a freelance journalist.

Oggy was in his helicopter covering the demonstration in front of the conference building in Oslo when, to his horror, the time capsule manifested itself in his helicopter. 

We then end up in

 Chapter 4: The Conference

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot