2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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Fay and Salvador get out of the pod and end up in Oggy's helicopter. We are in Oslo, exactly 1 week before the fatal disaster with the nuclear power plant. Fay continues to tell the story now. Fay wants to go to the conference to talk to the people. Salvador doesn't believe in diplomacy, so Fay has to do it on her own.

Fay is in the "living room". Walk into the radio room, where Salvador is sitting behind a computer. To the left of Salvador you can see the trap door of the helicopter. Continue to the left. You will also see the time travel capsule. To the left of the helicopter door is the button box with which the door can be opened. Open the "Medallion" on the button box (Door opener) and then choose "Push" to open the door.

the helicopter door is open now, so step outside and ..... Fay ends up at the building where the conference is held. Protesters and a bouncer "welcomes" Fay. To the left of the bouncer (Door man) is a notice board and on the left side of the building is a black/yellow striped panel (Partitions).

Double click in the open doors and ...... Fay asks the bouncer if she can go in. Fay is not allowed in because she has no invitation and she cannot show the bouncer a press card. Look at the black/yellow striped panel,  which hangs on the left side of the building. 

Fay reports that it is the entrance to a ventilation shaft. Unfortunately, Fay cannot crawl into the ventilation shaft here. Walk back to the right and then go talk with the demonstrators Fay will talk with the woman in the red dress who also has a megaphone. 

Use all the conversation options here and just go through them in order..... 

The protesters have been standing here all day and they are cold and they are hungry. Fay promises to see if she can do anything for the protesters. 


The helicopter is on the far left, so double click on the helicopter with the white arrow to return to the helicopter. Go through the "living room" to the "bedroom" and then try to open the orange door of the bathroom. Oggy has locked himself in the bathroom, so Fay can't get in. There is also a "Busy" sign on the bathroom door. Open the "Medallion" on the bathroom door again and now choose "Talk" to talk to Oggy through the door. Fay then knows that Oggy is a journalist and that he probably also has a press card. There is no further talk with Oggy, so walk back to the "living room". On the table is a coffee mug and to the left of the window is a steaming pot of coffee in the coffee maker. To the right of the coffee maker is a small can.

The coffee mug is empty. Take the coffee mug via the "Medallion".

Immediately take the coffee mug from inventory and click it on the coffee maker to fill the mug with steaming coffee.

To the right of the coffee machine is a small Can. Look at that can via the "Medallion" and Fay reports that it is a can of sugar cubes.

Take a sugar cube from the van via the "Medallion".

If you try to put the sugar cube in the coffee mug, Fay doesn't want to do this for fear that she will ruin the taste of the coffee. Above the window hangs a cupboard of which the middle compartment is open. Spices are in the open compartment of the cupboard. At the bottom left of the cupboard compartment is a colored can. Look at that can via the "Medallion". The canister contains hot Zulu condiments. Take the Zulu spice can from the cupboard.

Walk back to the radio room and then exit the helicopter again. Go back to the bouncer at the front door of the building. Continue to the right, towards the demonstrators. Take the coffee mug from inventory and click it on the woman in the red dress to give her the nice hot coffee. As a thank you, Fay may borrow the woman's megaphone.

Go back into the helicopter and back to the orange bathroom door. Click with the Megaphone on the closed bathroom door and .....

... Fay manages to get Oggy to open the door via the megaphone.

Continue to talk to Oggy through the conversation options and use them all. You'll get follow-up options, choose to explain everything to Oggy too, so don't say "That's much too complicated to explain....", because it's important that Fay tells Oggy about Bent Svensson and that she and Salvador have traveled back through time to prefent the catastrophe. Fay then tells Oggy that in a week's time the Indez nuclear power plant in Brazil will explode and Oggy then gives his Press Card to Fay on the condition that she will tell him everything she will hear at the conference.

Fay then has Oggy's press card in inventory, but Oggy's photo is on it. So Fay has to change the press card if she wants to use the card to enter the conference building. Walk to the bed. The cabinets hang above the bed and in the bottom right cabinet is Oggy's photo camera. Open the "Medallion" on the camera and then "Use" the camera

...... Fay takes a "selfie" photo of herself and you then have a Polaroid photo of Fay in inventory. Walk back to the radio room. The desk where Salvador sits has a chest of drawers with 4 drawers. Open each of the 4 drawers, from top to bottom, via the "Medallion" and then "Search". Fay will find a pair of scissors in the 3rd drawer that she automatically takes from the drawer.

In inventory, combine the Scissors with Fay's photo and ..... Fay cuts the photo to passport photo size. Walk back into the "living room" and continue until Fay is standing just before the passage to the "bedroom". At the bottom right is a cooker with 4 electric burners. The left front burner is still hot. Take the sugar cube from inventory and click it on the hot burner to melt the lump of sucar. There is then  a puddle of melted sugar on burner. Immediately take the Knife from inventory and use it to scrape the melted sugar from the burner

NB: if you are too slow to scrape the melted sugar off the burner with the knife, the sugar will evaporate.

 If this happens to you, take a new sugar cube from the sugar canister, which is next to the coffee maker, and then you try again.

In inventory you then have a knife with a little melted sugar sticks to it. Melted sugar is sticky, so combine the knife with the Press Card to smear the sticky stuff on the Press Card. Then combine Fay's photo with the press card to paste Fay's photo over Oggy's photo. Walk back into the radio room and then exit the helicopter again, to the conference building. Back at the bouncer, take the Press card from inventory and click it on the tough guy and ..... Although little Binky has his doubts, Fay can now enter. So put the press card back in inventory (right click) and close the inventory and double click with the white arrow in the doorway and ...... Fay ends up in the conference room where the climate conference is already in full swing.

Inside the Conference Building:

In the conference room, one Dr. Burghart the highest word. Burghart is against nuclear power plants, but unfortunately he is not a gifted speaker and cannot convince the panel with strong arguments. The chairman then announces the next speaker and that is.......

.....Emilio Indez who succinctly claims that his nuclear power stations are clean and safe and that there is no serious alternative for the growing energy demand.

Fay interrupts Indez, from the balcony, and shouts that Svensson's energy from the blue algae proves that hydrogen can be extracted from blue algae.  However,  Indez, has no trouble at all dismissing Fay's interruption as nonsense. Fay then is confronted by a guard  who asks her to keep her mouth shut otherwise she will be evicted from the room.

There is then break and after the break a Dr. Braun will do the talking.

Dr. Brown:

Fay stands in the circulation, above the conference room. On the right is a door and on the left you see a door. The right door is the exit to the outside. Walk to the left and you will see that there are 2 doorways there. The left doorway is the entrance to the Control Room of the conference building. The right doorway is the entrance to the Foyer.

Double click the white arrow in the right doorway and ...... 

...........Fay ends up in the Foyer and meets Dr. Braun, who thinks Fay is a staff member at the conference complex.


Braun stands at the buffet and feasts on the free snacks. Talk to Braun through the conversation options.

Braun is an inspector of the Atomic Energy Agency and in that capacity he has given the Indez plant in Brazil a "clean bill of health". It doesn't matter what Fay says here..... Braun does not give interviews and is not willing to talk about his report with Fay. Braun simply doesn't want to listen to Fay, not even when she says that one of the Indez plants will explode within a week.

There are snacks and drinks on the round buffet table. Look, via the "Medallion" at the drinking glasses, which are on the table. 

Fay asks what's in the glasses and Braun reports that it is Bowl (Wine cooler), and that the stuff is not drinkable.

Grab a Glass of Bowl via the "Medallion" and then leave the foyer through the back doorway and Fay ends up in the hallway near the elevator and the toilets.

Elevator corridor:

At the elevator, Fay is summoned by Salvador. Fay reports that she also doesn't know what to do now. Salvador  wants to have a word with that Dr. Braun, so Fay has to smuggle Salvador into the building without the bouncer at the front door noticing. Salvador has already had a small disagreement with the bouncer. The only way to smuggle Salvador into the building undetected is through the ventilation shaft, but where is that shaft inside the building?

Fay is standing at the elevator. To the left are the toilets and the door of a storage room, which Fay cannot open on this side. On the corner is a guard guarding the entrance to the conference room. In the foreground is a sitting area where a man is sitting on one of the benches. Fay does not want to enter the toilets and Fay cannot open the door to the right of the toilets. The guard won't let Fay pass and the man on the couch won't talk to Fay. So there is not much to do here, so open the "Medallion" on the elevator door and then choose "Use" to open the doors. Then double click the white arrow in the elevator and ....... Fay ends up in the parking garage.

Parking garage

Walk to the left and take a look at everything you can look at. The roller doors of the entrance and exit are closed and a pass is needed to open the roller shutters. Such a pass must be inserted into the box in front of the roller doors. On the right is a separate garage, which is also closed with a closed roller door. At the right roller door there is a red button on the wall, which requires a key. Fay can't do anything here either, so walk back to the right and dive back into the elevator and Fay ends up at the top of the corridor near the toilets. Immediately go left ,back to the Foyer and.....

...... then, via the right exit, back to the balcony. 

Back on the balcony, go through the left doorway and Fay ends up in the Control Room upstairs.

Control room:

An electrician is sitting at the control panel. 

Go talk to the electrician and use all the conversation options you get and if there is nothing new to ask then close this conversation.

The electrician is responsible for lighting the podium in the conference hall and it is also his job to make video recordings of the speakers. However, the man also keeps an eye at the entrance of the underground parking garage, via the right-hand monitor, because he does not trust the demonstrators, who are standing outside the entrance to the garage. The electrician has his super fast car in the closed part of the garage and he is terrified that the demonstrators are going to destroy his beautiful car.

Behind Fay are 2 cupboards on the wall. Look at the right-hand cupboard and ..... Fay asks the electrician what is in the right cupboard and he answers that the cupboard contains the controls for the partitions in the ventilation shaft. HaHa ....... so here Fay can open that ventilation shaft ..... Open the "Medallion" on the right -hand cabinet again and now choose "Open" and .....

The electrician kindly request if Fay will  keep her hands off everything. That electrician guy must therefore disappear here for a while, so that Fay can open that ventilation shaft. Look at he contents of the left -hand cabinet and ...... Fay recognizes 1 of the devices in the cabinet as a video recorder (VCR). Exit the control room and go back to the:

Foyer: On the balcony

The left side of the Foyer is a large glass front with a glass door in it. Go out through the glass door and...

.... You see Fay standing on the outside balcony of the Foyer and in the foreground the mob of protesters is screaming.

Take the Megaphone from inventory and click with it on the demonstrators and ......... Via the megaphone Fay yells to the demonstrators that they should listen to her for a while and ......... You now you get a number of options from which you have to choose the right one...Click on: "No reactor in the rainforrest!! Stop the clear cutting" and......the whole group of demonstrators agrees with Fay and they take her yell over. Click, right next to Fay, the double white arrow to go back inside.

Immediately leave the Foyer  through the right exit, back to the walkway,  and then exit the building through the door on the right. Go talk to the bouncer, who is still standing at the front door. The bouncer takes off his earplugs to be able to hear Fay and ..... the bouncer now hears the protesters shout Fay's cry and he thinks the protesters are trying to ridicule him because of his bald head. The bouncer takes a threatening stance towards the protesters.

Go back into the conference building and back to the:

Control room:

Talk to the electrician again and ...... the electrician then sees on his monitor that the demonstrators are becoming more aggressive and he now stares very intently at his monitor, for fear that the demonstrators will try to enter the garage. Near the electrician's right elbow is his car key. The electrician stares at his left monitor and thus does not pay attention to his car keys.

Quickly open the "Medallion" on the Car keys and then choose "Take" to steal the car keys.

Quickly leave the control room and go through the Foyer back to the elevator and take the elevator back to the:

Parking garage:

Walk to the closed part of the garage. Take the Car keys from inventory and click with them on the red button and .... the roller door opens.

In the separate loft is the red car of the electrician. Take the car keys from inventory again and click with them on the car to open the passenger door of the car. Fay is shocked by all the switches and levers that she sees on the dashboard of the car. Now open the "Medallion" on the car and choose "Operate" and ......

...... Fay starts the car and the car shoots out of the box and rams into the wall and is now a total loss.  Go, via the elevator and the Foyer, back to the:

Control room:

The electrician has seen everything on his monitor and so he has now disappeared here and is now somewhere mourning the loss of his beautiful car. So open the "Medallion" in the right cupboard again and choose "Open" again and ..... Fay opens the cupboard compartment where the controls for the ventilation shaft are located. On that box (Controls for the partition) open the "Medallion" and now choose "Use" and..

.... the partitions in the ventilation shaft open and ...... Fay contacts Salvador and screams that he can now sneak into the building through the ventilation shaft. Exit the control room and go back to the elevator through the foyer. Back at the elevator, Fay is called by Salvador, who is now in the storage room, next to the toilets.

Storage room/hallway

Salvador unlocks that door and Fay goes in and has a short conversation with Salvador.  Salvador wants Fay to bring Dr. Braun here. 

She'll have to figure out how to do that herself. Behind Salvador is a low cabinet. Open the cabinet and then take out the orange juice bottle.

Dive into the inventory and then combine the bottle of orange juice with the glass of wine (Wine cooler) and you then have a glass of spoiled wine. Leave the room. To the left of the door is the sign for the storage room on the wall. Take the Screwdriver from inventory and click it on the sign to screw it off the wall. There is also a sign on the wall next to the toilet door. Also unscrew the toilet sign from the wall.

You then have the 2 signs in inventory.

Take the storage room sign from inventory and click it on the place where the toilet sign was. 

Take the toilet sign from inventory and click it on the place where the storage room sign was. 

You have then switched both signs. Go back to the:


Braun still stands patiently at the buffet table, grabbing a bite from the platter that's on the table in front of him. Continue to Braun. Take the can of hot Spices (Blend of spices) from inventory and click it on the bowl of snacks (Canapés) to season those snacks nice and hot.

Braun then takes another bite and ...... well ... the snacks are now nice and hot and Braun has to cough violently

Now be quick and take the glass of spoiled wine from inventory and click it on Braun while he is coughing.

NB: If you are too slow with the glass of spoiled wine, Braun will empty his own glass, which is on the table in front of him. If this happens, sprinkle the spices over the snacks again and try again to give Braun your own glass.

Fay exchanges Braun's glass for the glass of spoiled wine and Braun becomes nauseous and runs off to what he thinks is the toilet.

But Braun ends up in Salvador's storage room and Salvador takes care of Braun rather roughly.

Salvador then poses as Braun and addresses the conference.Meanwhile Fay has gone back to the control room.

Control room:

Fay has to support Salvador's arguments with evidence, so take the video tape from the nuclear power plant from inventory and put the tape in the VCR recorder, which is in the left cabinet and ........

We will see Salvador again, who addresses the meeting as Braun ......

but Salvador behaves rather silly and is exposed as an impostor and arrested. We are then Fay again and Fay has to free Salvador. Perhaps the demonstrators can help Fay with this. Exit the control room and go through the foyer back to the elevator hallway and re-enter the storage room.

Storage room:

Brown is gone. There is a pool of blood by the large closet and Braun's briefcase is on the table. Search Braun's briefcase via the "Medallion" and ....

....... Fay takes a Key card for the garage from the briefcase. So take the elevator to the:

Parking garage:

Continue to the magnetic card box. Take the Key card from inventory and click it on the cabinet and ......

........the garage doors will open and.....it will now proceed automatically to the end of this chapter............

The demonstrators enter the conference building through the parking garage to occupy the place. Fay tells the conference that Salvador is right and she promised to come up with evidence within three days and to show the alternative to nuclear energy, the blue-algae energy. The chairman is prepared to suspend the conference for three days.

We return to our time where Bent Svensson has now been convinced. Fay says that Salvador immediately went to Brazil to try to avoid the accident with the nuclear reactor. Fay himself immediately set off for Svensson, who rightly assumes that the helicopter is now on its way to Atlas 11, Svensson's research station that was built on an oil rig off the Norwegian coast.


Svensson is now ready to help and we leave for the Atlas II research station. The helicopter lands on Atlas 11 and the party is greeted by Barney, the current director of the research station. Duve, Bent's son, is also at the station. However, Duve is not so happy with the arrival of his father. Barney says that the Norwegian government has pulled the financial plug on Atlas II, and thus on Bent's research, but that he will speak to a number of potential private investors later today.

We belanden nu in hoofdstuk 5: Atlas; Part 1

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot