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Before Svensson and Fay are allowed to walk around the station, they have to undergo a medical examination. Svensson is declared healthy. Fay doesn't feel like doing the examination because she doesn't trusts the doctor, whom she thinks is just a "quack". Fay closes the curtain and sends Svensson away.

You are now Bent Svensson again and we are in our time

Leave the infirmary through the blue door and .....You end up on an overview screen of corridors. You see 3 corridors one above the other.

The infirmary is on the middle corridor and Svensson has a meeting with that Barney who asks if Svensson has already received his health certificate from the doctor. Svensson does not yet have a health certificate and he must be able to show it, otherwise Barney will not let him pass. 

Talk to Barney and use all conversation options and then say goodbey and Svensson will automatically return to the infirmary. The infirmary has 2 beds and between the 2 beds is the doctor's desk. There is a computer monitor on the desk and an ink pad. There is a green box in front of the desk and on that box is Svensson's health certificate. Open the "Medallion" on the health certificate and choose "Read" and.....

...... Svensson reports that the card still needs to be stamped by the doctor. Well .... the doctor is still busy with Fay so Svensson does not want to disturb the doctor. Touch the ink pad/stamp via the "Medallion" and .......... Svensson reports that the ink on the ink pad has dried up completely.

To the left of the entrance door is a large brown cupboard. The right part of the brown cabinet has 4 drawers. Open the middle drawer in the brown cupboard via the "Medallion". In the drawer are the files of everyone onboard Atlas II, including Svensson's file. Open the "Medallion" on the drawer again and now choose "Search" and .....

...... Svensson reads his own file which states that he had to leave his research 2 years ago due to a burnout. Close the drawer again via the "Medallion". To the right is a gray filing cabinet against the wall with children's drawings hanging on it. Look at those children's drawings via the "Medallion" and....

..... Svensson reports that his son Duve made the top drawing. The bottom drawing is not made by Duve. The drawer under the 2 drawings is already open a little bit, so open that drawer further, via the "Medallion". In the drawer are tubes with Blood samples. Take 1 tube of blood from the drawer and close the drawer again.

Walk back to the desk. Take the Tube of Blood from inventory and click it on the ink pad to pour the blood on the ink pad.

Now take the Health certificate from the green cupboard via the "Medallion". 

Immediately take the Health certificate  from inventory and click it on the ink pad and ....

...Svensson now puts a bloody stamp on the pass and he has a stamped health pass. Leave the infirmary again and .....

......... in the hallway Barney asks for the pass again, so say: "Here, Barney. That should be all. May I enter now?". Barney thinks it's ok and both men now go to the presentation room where son Duve is just trying to placate the group of investors to invest their money in algae research.

Presentation room:

Svensson is somewhat nervous because he has not seen his son for two years and the relationship between father and son is not very good. Duve is also nervous and when his father enters the conference room, he speaks up. Svensson corrects Duve a few times during his talk. The algae process is called hydrogenesis. The algae needed to power an entire household can even be grown on a balcony in a simple installation process. Indez is also at the table and wants to know what profits can be made for investors. He also wants to see those blue-green algae. Barney, who sees Indez as an innocent businessman, is willing to discuss this further with Indez, but Svensson does not trust Indez. The meeting is then paused. Indez and the Arab continue talking on the balcony. The boy in the yellow vest disappears, but the older couple stay patiently siting at the table.

Go talk to Barney, who is leaning against the wall by the door. Use all conversation options here again.

Barney explains who the potential investors are and also tells that  Indez made an appointment to come here, immediately after hearing about the blue-green algae at the Oslo conference,. The older couple that  isstill sitting at the table are the Wagners from Vancouver, Canada. Those Wagners are full of money, but according to Barney they are not really interested in investing their money in the algae project. They probably see this trip to Atlas II as a welcome trip from their holiday home in the fjord. The Arab's name is Sayd Yanzir and he is the bookkeeper of a filthy rich oil sheik. The boy in the yellow vest is called Mike and he walks around like a kind of intern. Barney suspects he's taking notes to write a novel.

When the conversation with Barney is over, move Svensson backwards. You will then see that there are 2 green tables next to Barney. 

On the front table are bottles with water and a bottle opener and on the back table is a bowl with nuts.

Via the "Medallion", take a Bottle of Water, the Bottle Opener and the Bowl of Nuts. The nuts are pistachios. 

 The Wagner couple is still sitting at the large table. Go talk to the Wagners, but not separately. 

On the couple you also get "Conferee" as a click spot, so open the "Medallion" on this and then choose "Talk" to talk with the couple.

 Then talk to Mrs Wagner separately.

Ms. Wagner has found the helicopter flight to Atlas station spectacular, but she says she will only invest money if she also gets to see a good show after the break. But it shouldn't take too long, because they also have a whale watching excursion booked that afternoon.

In front of Mr. Wagner is a pointer on the table. Take the Pointer via the "Medallion".

Indez and Arab Sayd Yanzir are talking to each other outside on the balcony. Svensson would like to hear what this Indez and the Arab are discussing. At the window, behind Mr. Wagner, is a lever that opens and closes the skylight. To the right are the balcony doors and there is also a slatted curtain that allows the windows to be slid. There is a button on the back wall that controls the slats. Open the "Medallion" on Indez and then select "Eavesdrop" to try to eavesdrop on the conversation between Indez and the Arab.

However, Svensson hears nothing because the window is closed. 

So now open the "Medallion" on the window lever and choose "Pull" to open the skylight.

When the skylight is open, open the "Medallion" on Indez again and choose "Eavesdrop" again and  .......

......... Svensson still doesn't hear anything because of the twittering of the bird that apparently has made its nest near the window. Open the balcony doors (French window) via the "Medallion" and then step outside and Svensson hears the conversation between Indez and the Arab . You now also see that a bird has made a nest on the air conditioning device

Indez tries to convince the Arab not to invest any money in the blue-green algae project. Indez also says that he is only here to take out an annoying annoyance, but he wants to tell more about it when they are alone. Indez and the Arab then stop talking when they see Svensson. Take the pistachios from your inventory and click them on the bird. The bird will then stop chattering.

Go back inside quickly and when you are back inside open the "Medallion" on Indez again and choose "Eavesdrop" again and ...... Svensson can now listen in on the further conversation, but the Arab sees this and warns Indez that they are being evesdropped. So again the men are silent. So on the right hangs the Curain. The slats are therefore slid open. On the back wall hangs a large presentation board and to the right of that board there is a Button on the wall.  That button is the button to open and close the slats electrically.  Open the "Medallion" on the slats and then choose "Close" and .....

Bent goes to push the curtain button but .....Unfortunately ..... Svensson reports that he cannot close the slats because the button does not work. Now look at the rail where the slats hang in ....just in front of the slats there is a Stopper in the rail that ensures that the slats stay in place. 

Open the "Medallion" on the Stopper and then choose "Remove" and .....Svensson then wants to climb on a chair to remove the Stopper, but Mrs. Wagner does not think that is a good idea and because Svensson does not want to upset a potential investor, he has to come up with something else to get that stopper off the rail. In inventory combine the Pointer with the Bottle Opener and then take this combo from inventory and click it on the Stopper and .........Svensson removes the stopper.

Open the "Medallion" on the Button again and choose "Push" again and.....,..the slats now slide closed.

 Open the "Medallion" on the now closed slats and choose "eavesdrop" again and ......

........ now Svensson can continue eavesdropping on the conversation between Indez and the Arab unseen .....

Indez tells the Arab that if biogas can actually be grown from algae, this will not be good for his plans with the nuclear power plants. But Indez also has a solution for this problem and that is to simply buy the research station, then throw the algae into the sea and close the whole thing. The break is then over and Duve continues with his presentation. But daddy Bent now wants to take over from his son. After all, Bent has been working on the project for 30 years and it is actually his baby. In front of the large conference table is the demonstration set-up consisting of a Generator and a glass container containing the algae.

The glass container is connected to the generator via hoses and there is also a weight between the generator and the glass container. The generator has a light.

 Via the "Medallion", look at the Generator, the light of the generator, the Weight and the glass container. You experience that the generator does not work properly because the weight is on the hoses, which is why the light of the generator does not light up at full strength. The algae in the glass container need light, fresh water and oxygen if they want to produce enough energy. But the algae now doesn't get enough light, water and oxygen now. 

Take the Bottle of Water from inventory and empty the bottle into the glass algae container.

Then open the "Medallion" on the cart with the glass container on it and choose "Move" and .....

Svensson pushes the cart to the right, to the still open balcony doors. The algae now have fresh water and it gets sufficient light. But the algae isn't  yet getting enough oxygen because the generator is not yet working at full power and that is because the weight is pressing on the tubes. So open the "Medallion" on the Weight and choose "Take" to take the weight to store in inventory and....................

......The lamp in the generator lights up brightly and the algae in the tank are now getting enough oxygen. However, this small demonstration makes little impression on the Wagners. Indez offers to buy the algae, but Svensson says the demonstration isn't over yet. So Svensson is not giving up yet and he wants to increase the energy output of the generator to make the demonstration a little more spectacular.

Dive into the inventory and look at the weight that you just picked via the "Medallion". The "weight" turns out to be a rechargeable battery and Svensson thinks someone has deliberately put the thing on the generator's hoses to sabotage the whole demonstration. Combine the Rechargable battery with the Plastic Net, which Fay once gave to Svensson, to put the battery in the net. Then take the Net with rechargable battery from inventory and place the thing on top of the generator

The energy of the algae now causes an "overload" of the generator and  the Wagners are very impressed by the "power" that the algae can generate and they are now willing to invest money in the project. .We are now switching to Fay

You are now Fay again.

Fay now also had her medical check-up, but she is quite pissed because the doctor has sent her to her room to rest, and the she has absolutely no interest in that. Fay then receives a message from Devlin via her transmitter, but the connection is extremely bad. Fay hears from Devlin about Indez and about an attack where everyone will die.

Fay thinks the connection with Delvin is so bad because Oggy has been messing around with the antenna, which he should have place on top of the helicopter, so Fay wants to check that antenna. Behind Fay is a window and there is a low cupboard on the wall and on that cupboard is a note. Opposite the blue room door is the bathroom door.

Via the "Medallion", look at the note on the cupboard. It turns out to be a welcome note from Barney and Fay reads it aloud. Open the bathroom door via the "Medallion". You won't get a white arrow to let Fay walk into the bathroom, so click with your regular cursor in the doorway to let Fay walk into the bathroom. 

You then look straight through the wall into the bathroom. There is a beautycase on the sink. 

Search the beautycase and Fay takes out a Nail File

Then leave the room through the blue door.

You get the overview screen of the 3 corridors again. Fay is in the lower corridor in front of her room 24 and she wants to go to the upper corridor.

So double click, with the white up arrow, in the upper corridor and ..... as if by magic, Fay appears on the far right in the upper corridor.

On the far right is the door to the roof of the Atlas II station, so double click with the white arrow in that doorway and ......

..... Fay ends up outside and stands on a platform at the Radio House.

Oggy's Heli stand on the roof  and Oggy is sitting in the door of the Heli. Go to talk to Oggy ........ Fay first contacts Delvin and then she talks to Oggy. 

Use all the conversation options you get here and you will learn that:

Oggy has built up  the antenna of the time transmitter all by himself and he really thinks he did a good job. If, despite this, the range is still too weak, it is because radio waves from other devices are interfering with the antenna. Oggy advises Fay to investigate which devices are causing the interference and then turn them off. Oggy also thinks that the antenna can be amplified by connecting it to a larger antenna and he lays a thicker, but short cable, next to Fay on the floor.

The Time Radio Antenna stand under the tail rotor of the Heli and there is also the thick Cable, which is already connected to the Time Radio Antenna.

Open the "Medallion" on the Cable and then choose "Connect" and .......

Fay picks up the Cable. So your Cursor is now the Cable

 Click with the cable cursor on the Upper rail of the gangway, over which Fay walked up to the Heli, to attach the cable to the railing.

The Time Radio antenna is now connected to the railing via the cable. On the right side of the Radio House, a long rod antenna sticks out into the air and under the yellow triangle sign, a chest stand against the house. Walk down the gang plank again to the radio house and then open up the chest that is against the radio house via the "Medallion". Then move your cursor in the opened chest and you will notice that there is a Cable in the chest. Take the Cable from the chest via the "Medallion".

Immediately take the Cable that you just took from the box from inventory and click it on the long antenna, which is attached to the radio house on the corner.

Fay attaches one end of the cable to the antenna. The cable then hangs on the ground.

Pick up the cable again via the "Medallion", and chooce "connect" and.....

....click  with your cable cursor on the lower railing of the gangway, to which you also attached the cable of the Time Radio antenna, but at the upper railing

The range of the Time radio antenna should now be amplified by the large antenna of the radio house, at least.....that's the theory.  Let's test this theory right away via a practical test. Walk upstairs again and take the Time Radio from inventory and click it on the Time Radio antenna and ........

..... unfortunately ..... still no contact possible with Devlin. It seems that Oggy is right ...... there must be jammers on board and Fay will have to find them to turn them off. Walk back down via the gangway and now open the door of the radio house via the "Medallion" and ....... Fay meets the Radioman of Atlas II. The man asks what he can do for Fay, so talk to him through the options and use them all again.

It is noticeable that Radioman is very curious about the relationship between Bent Svensson and Fay. Radioman is talking, over the radio, with Lou, who is on a nearby oil rig. So Radioman's station is interfering with Fay's time radio station, but Radioman has no intention of stopping, even though it's actually his lunch break now. Radioman is too lazy to go to the cafeteria. 

So end the conversation and double click on the stairs to return to the top of the 3 corridors.

 Then double click in the middle corridor and Fay ends up there. 

The cafeteria door is open a crack, so enter the cafeteria.


Walk to the counter and talk to the cook, who isn't exactly friendly either. 

Ask the cook what he has to offer and it turns out to be apple pie and Rakvis. Ask for both, so say "I'd like to have this Rakfish" and then "I'd like to have some apple pie". Kokkie takes a cold piece of apple pie and says that if Fay wants, he can heat the pie in the microwave. Now you have to remember that Fay is 400 years from the future, and so she doesn't know what a microwave is, so don't talk to Kokkie anymore, but say "Bye". To the right behind the cook is the microwave. Look at  the microwave through the "Medallion" and ........

Fay then continues talking to the cook about the microwave and she learns that such a thing radiates radio waves and thus this microwave is also a jammer that interferes with her Time Radio antenna and that thing must be switched off. In inventory combine the nail file with the apple pie in inventory to put the metal file in the apple pie. Then talk to the cook again and now ask him to warm up your apple pie in the microwave, so say: "The pie is still cold" and .......cook puts the apple pie into the microwave, which immediately gets a short circuit because of the metal file Fay has hid in it. That is 1 jammer disabled.

Walk back to the left and leave the cafeteria again. Go back to the upper corridor and through the roof door to the Radio House. Open the door of the radio house again and tell the Radioman "I brought you something to eat" and ..... Fay gives the delicious Rakfish meal to Radioman witch turns out to be Radio Man's favorite dish so he immediately stops his conversation with Lou. Jammer 2 is now also off, so click again with the Time radio on the Time radio antenna and ..... 

...........CONTACT ......... but it is not Delvin who  Fay gets contact with but it's Sadi.....and...we switch back to:

Bent Svensson

The Wagners are willing to invest in the research project, if independent researchers can reproduce Svensson's experiment. Fay then wants to come in but is stopped, Fay yells that she has to talk to Svensson. Svensson suspends the meeting and goes with Fay to her room and you talk to Fay through all the conversation options.  Fay says that she has been in contact with Delvin and that he said something about an attack on the rig, but she remains silent about the contact with Sadi. Svensson, in turn, talks about the Wagners and that someone manipulated the generator and supplied weak algae to the presentation. However, he keeps silent about his own contribution to the demonstration. Fay and Svensson both feel that the other is hiding something. Svensson leaves to find out who is trying to sabotage the algae research. Fay wants to find out more about the planned attack and contacts Sadi. She says Sadi must be wrong and we become Bent Svensson again:

Bent has gone to the living quarters to visit his son Duve, but Duve is not exactly happy to see his father. 

Apparently there is a lot of old pain between father and son. Talk to Duve via the "Medallion" and use all the conversation options here.

Duve is still angry with his father because Bent was always so busy with his work that he never noticed that his wife, Duve's mother, was seriously ill. Duve succeeds his father here, but hates the work. Bent wants to know what was wrong with the algae, but Duve claims that he had a very good algae during his demonstration.

If you've had this talk, then take a look around Duve's living quarters. Just before Duve there is a round tube in the floor through which you can descend to the lowest room, but don't do that yet. On the left you see a green door. To the left of the green door is a cupboard and to the right of the green door is a bulletin board. There is a Statistics form on the bulletin board and also an red button of the Intercom. Try to open the green door via the "Medallion" and ......

 Duve then protetst and screams that Bent has nothing to do in his sons private rooms, so Bent closes the door again. 

Read the Statistics form, which hangs on the bulletin board.......

Bent reads that the algae has been giving off less and less energy lately and he wonders what the hell is going on here. On the right is a blue refrigerator and in front of the refrigerator is a faded red kitchen cabinet. On the side of the refrigerator hangs a Oven mitt and on the kitchen cupboard is a Knife. Take the Oven Mitt and the Knife. 

Now descend, via the round tube, to the lower compartment. 

To the right of the ladder is a washing machine and in front of the washing machine is a console. Look at the washing machine via the "Medallion" and Bent reports that it is Lisa's old washing machine and that the thing still works fine. You can also open the washing machine and then do "Search" but Bent finds nothing of interest in it. In front of the washing machine is the console that opens the green door to the airlock. The airlock is located in the glass cube. On the left you also see a green door, but Bent cannot open it. On the left there is also a balcony attached to the house and on that balcony is a satellite dish. Walk onto the balcony and open the "Medallion" on the satellite dish and then choose "Check" and .....

..... Bent notice that the dish is a bit loose and he corrects this problem immediately. Walk back inside and now try to open the green door, but that isn't possible because the door is locked. Now open the "Medallion" on the Console (Controls for the lock) and choose "Operate" and ..... the door of the glass cube will open. So now double click with the white arrow on the open hatch, in the cube, and ......

Bent descends the ladder under the hatch and is then all the way down, under the leg of the station. Here you see 2 glass tunnels and a Pump.  Both tunnels have a round iris door. The rear tunnel goes to the H2 lab and the front tunnel goes to the lab of Dr. Lissa Hinrichs, a former colleague of Svensson. Examine the large Pump Machine and the two Iris doors via the "Medallion". The door of the rear tunnel is locked, so open the door of the front tunnel via the "Medallion". Bent presses the red button of the iris door to open the door of the front tunnel. Then double click with the white arrow in the tunnel and ......

 via an intermediate screen we enter the lab of .........

Lissa Hinrichs:

Lissa Hinrichs greets Bent warmly. Continue to talk to Lissa through all the conversation options you get.

Hinrichs dodges all questions about the underperforming algae, saying that Bent is imagining it and that it is the lack of money. Hinrichs does not want Svensson to investigate further. It becomes clear that Lissa Hinrichs has something to hide regarding algae research.

When you've finished talking to Lissa, take a look around here in the lab. To the left of Lissa's desk are 2 large lockers and to the right a large refrigerator. Open the left locker via the "Medallion", which is located to the left of Lissa's desk. In the locker hangs a white Lab coat. Look at the lab coat via  the "Medallion" and then take the lab coat

Bent now recognizes the jacket as his own jacket. 

Open the inventory and then "Search" the Lab Coat and Bent will find a dry Algea sample in the pockets of the Coat.

 In inventory open the "Medallion" on the Algae sample and then choose "Read" to "read" the sample

Bent tells that it's a D-54H sample and that it's the most potent algae the lab has developed when Bent was still in control here. Bent is surprised that Duve did not use this algae for the demonstration. Walk back to Lissa and now search the Fridge, which is to the right of Lissa and .........

.... Bent finds out that there is not any D (Delta) algae in the refrigerator and he finds that strange. Now walk all the way to the left. 

On the left side of this round lab, Bent will find a filing cabinet. Search the Filing Cabinet via the "Medallion" and ......

...... Bent searches the filing cabinet for the D-54H file but does not find this, and that is strange. It seems that the D-54H algae never existed. Walk back to Lissa and talk to her again and now ask her: "Have you seen the delta algea file?".......Lissa replies that she hasn't that  file and she says again that Svensson should let the matter rest. Say hello and double click the white arrow in the open round door to return to the tunnel's iris door. Continue to the Pump Machine and then click back up the ladder to the bottom compartment.

Back in the bottom compartment you see that the washing machine is shaking violently. Open the "Medallion" on the washing machine again and choose "Turn off" to turn off the washing machine.  Then open the washing machine again via the "Medallion", and then search the washing machine, again via the "Medallion"  and ......

........ Svensson takes a gold-colored towel from the washing machine. The Towel turns out to come from a five-star hotel in Barcelona. Svensson wonders who can afford such an expensive hotel at the research station. Go back to the research lab. Walk back to Lissa. Take the D-54H algae sample from inventory and click it on Lissa. Bent shows the monster to Lissa, who is now getting a little scared. Lissa tells Bent to get rid of the monster. Store the monster back in inventory and then take the gold colored towel from inventory and click with it on Lissa, who then tells you that the towel belongs to Duve. 

If Bent wants to know more, Lissa says that he should talk to Duve. So put the towel away again and now go back to Duve, in the top compartment. Talk to Duve again and ask him about the D-54H algae file and about the 5-star hotel. Duve doesn't want to say anything and even becomes a bit aggressive. After this "conversation" you click on Duve with both the Algae Monster and the white Lab Coat and ......

...... Duve repeats in both cases what he has just said.

 To the right of the green door there is an Intercom on the notice board. Open the "Medallion" on the Intercom and choose "Use" and ......

 ........Duve screams that Bent must stay away from the intercom because he expects an important phone call. Go through the lock in the lower compartment and the front tunnel, back to Lissa in the Research Lab. Above Lissa's desk hangs a large microscope monitor. There is also an Intercom to the left of the microscope. "Use" the intercom here,  via the "Medallion"  and....

......a list appears in which you have to choose who Svensson wants to call up. Choose  "Call Barney's office" to call that Barney and Bent gets Barney on the line ....Barney wants to know how long Bent plans to stay, so that he can make arangements for Bent's the return journey , to wherever Bent wants to go. You will then be given options.... Use the option "About my return trip....." and then say "Please make a reservation at a hotel for me" and ...... Barney then recommends a number of hotels in Oslo, but Bent doesn't want to hear about that. So say: "Please make a reservation at the Hotel Le Comte Du Roi in Barcelona" and ....... Barney has to laugh a bit because the Barcelona hotel is a "special" hotel for men and Bent wouldn't really feel at home there. Duve does, but Bent will have to talk to Duve about that himself.

So the Barcelona hotel is a meeting place for gays and Bent now understands that his son is a gay. Say hello to Barney and then use the Intercom again and now call the Radio Room and Bent gets that Radioman in the radio house on the line, who thinks Lissa is calling him. Ask the Radioman: "I want you to page someone" and then "Page my son" and then "Tell him to come to the radio room" and then "......his friend called". Lissa interferes for a moment and then the Radioman reports that Duve is on his way to the radio room. Duve has now left the private rooms, so this is the chance for Bent to investigate his son's rooms more closely. So return  to the top compartment. Back in the top compartment, open the "Medallion" on the green door again and choose "Open" again to open the door. 

Bent then looks into his son's bedroom. Put Svensson a little to the right, so that you can look freely into the bedroom. You will then see a bunk bed.The top bunk is from Lissa and the bottom bunk is from Duve. Well .... Duve is gay so it must not be a problem for Lissa to have to share her sleeping place with a man. And who knows...maybe Lisa is also gay. Search Duve's bed via the "Medallion" and .......

Bent finds the D-54H algae file under Duve's mattress and to his surprise, nothing more about the algae is mentioned in the file from February 20. And that while the D-54H was generally the best product to date that this research station has produced. Go back to Lissa in the research lab and talk to her about the date February 20th, so ask: "What happened on February 20th?"....

After some hesitation and insistence from Bent, Lissa now tells that on February 20th there was a fire in the algae nursery where all the D-type algae had been burned. Unfortunately, Duve and Lissa forgot to take a D-type sample to keep that day. Lissa tries to convince Bent that the fire was an accident, but Bent doesn't believe it and wants to investigate. Bent disappears and we now return to:


Fay has radio contact with Sadi, who we thought was dead. Sadi is quite in a panic and is  coughing and she screams that "They made a mistake". Continue to talk to Sadi through all conversation options. Sadi is stuck in the time her team ended up in and the rest of her team are dead. Poor Sadi is all alone in an otherwise utterly desolate world. Sadi says that the Phoenix plan has not been a good plan because everyone who has come in contact with the the time travelers dies. Sadi concludes that they cannot save the world. In the time she is in, Sadi has found a research report that says that Svensson's algae is too weak and that Svensson's method cannot save the Earth. In a newspaper article, Sadi read that the algae energy research was halted. Fay must leave the research station immediately.

Then the connection with the coughing Sadi is broken. Is there something wrong with the connection again? Leave the room and go, via the upper corridor, to the Radio House on the roof and ...... Fay screams that the cable that she had attached to the rod antenna has come loose. The cable is still attached to the bottom rail of the gangway, but the other end of the cable is now on the floor in front of the radio house door. So pick up the Cable again , via "connect"  and then......

....... attach the cable to the rod antenna again.

 As soon as Fay has attached the cable to the rod antenna again, a door opens, one floor below,  and a bald man steps outside.

The bald man talks to a worker, who is still standing in the doorway and whom we do not get to see. That worker almost had an accident with a machine when his arm got caught in it and he is dissatisfied with his work at the station. The bald man has hired the worker to  destroy all algae. The bald man throws a piece of paper away, and that piece of paper flutters in the wind one floor below. The bald man then goes back inside to further discuss the details for the sabotage with that worker.

Fay wants to get her hands on that piece of paper, so go down the stairs and back in the corridors you go to the middle corridor. 

Between the infirmary and the canteen is the corridor through which people can go outside.

 Double-click with the white arrow on the door at the back of the hallway, and Fay ends up outside on a metal walkway. Further on the walkway is the Doctor and just in front of the doctor is that white Scrap of paper on top of the walkway. Under the walkway you see pipes and the windows of Fay's room. Open the "Medallion" on the scrap of paper and then select "Take" and .....

Fay tries to get the paper. But it is a stubborn piece of paper, so the paper blows away again and lands on the pipes, under the window of Fay's room, near the pigeons. Go talk to the doctor and use the conversation options... The doctor wants Fay to go back to her room to rest. Now we hear that Fay spit up blood during her "medical" and that she is seriously ill. The doctor also doesn't allow Fay to go any further over the walkway. On the other side of the walkway are the workers' rooms and the lab. Fay is therefore not allowed to continue here, so return to Fay's room no 24, on the bottom floor. Back in Fay's room, open the window via the "Medallion". Then climb out through the open window and .......

..... Fay is then standing on the thick pipes. Well ...... pick up the scrap of paper via the "Medallion". 

It turns out to be a dirty tissue paper with the imprint of Kellerman and Parker advocates on it. The doctor sees Fay from the walkway and gets a little mad at Fay. Climb back in through the window. Leave Fay's room again and return to the walkway and see .... the doctor is now gone. So walk across the walkway to the other side and .....

 Fay then ends up in the overview screen via the overview screen she ends up in the.....


Fay stand at the top of a staircase and at the top left is the door to the Lockerroom and the Foreman's office. Down on the floor a Welder is listening to the music splashing from his Ghettoblaster (Music player). At the very left edge of the screen you see a thick piece of pipe (Filter chamber) with a glass door in it and which also has a red turning wheel (Valve) on it. Open the "Medallion" on the Welder and choose "Talk" and ..... 

Fay walks down to talk to the Welder, who thinks Fay is one of the investors. Continue to talk to the Welder through the conversation options and use all of them. This Welder is not exactly your stereotypical manual worker ..... he has a lot of spirit and does not really feel like doing his job at the moment. He's been sitting here all day listening to his Ghettoblaster hoping to get "in the mood" to do his job, but that "right mood" just doesn't come because the music from the blaster isn't his taste.

Close the conversation and then try to turn off the Ghettoblaster via the "Medallion" ......

....but the Welder doesn't want Fay to turn the thing off because he can't work without the music. Walk to the left, towards that pipe where the window and the turning wheel are and ..... The Welder screams that Fay is not allowed to come there. Fay reports that she has to get rid of this Welder if she wants to do something here. Now double click with your white arrow in the doorway, at the top left of the stairs and ...... Fay ends up in the::


The foreman has his office here. On the right are the 4 metal lockers. The lockers are numbered "Locker 1 to Locker 4". Between the exit and the door of the office is a red Toolbox. Try to open the 4 Lockers but they are all locked. Open the toolbox and then look in it (Search) and ...... the toolbox is empty. Open the foreman's (Overseer's) door and then go inside and then go talk to the foreman (Overseer). 

Ask the Foreman: "Why doesn't the man in the machine room work?". The foreman replies that Magnus, that is the Welder, is his best welder but that Magnus does not like to work alone. Magnus likes company but his colleague was on night shift and is now eating in the cafeteria. Ask: "The welder doesn't like to work alone" and the foreman advises Fay to go and ask Magnus' colleague in the canteen. Say "I'll be back later" and then double-click your white arrow in the exit doorway to return to the stairs. Then double-click in the doorway halfway up the stairs to return to the Walkway and then double-click the white arrow on the far left to return to the middle corridor, at the Canteen. Enter the cafeteria again.


When Fay has entered the cafeteria you will see the coat rack hanging on the left wall. 

There is a coat on the coat rack. Open the "Medallion" on the jacket and then choose "Read" and .....

.... Fay reads the name Apollo Langlo on the label of the jacket, which is probably the name of the owner of the jacket ...... If you choose "Look at" Fay will see that there is a key in 1 of the jacket pockets. If you choose "Search" to search the jacket, the screen scrolls to the right and Apollo yells that you must not touch his jacket with your dirty fingers. So walk to the right and talk to that Apollo Langlo, the colleague (Worker) of Welder Magnus. 

Use all conversation options in this conversation. The most important thing you get from Langlo is that he has a lot of things in his locker that he can use to get Magnus in the right mood to go to work. But unfortunately Lango doesn't want to give his closet key to Fay. Say goodbye and leave the cafeteria again and go back to the upper corridor. The door to Barney's office is open in the upper hallway on the left. Enter Barney's office.

Barney's office

Continue to the desk. There is a fax machine on the desk and a pen in front of the fax machine. Next to the desk is a trash can and next to the trash is a wad of paper on the floor. Take the Paper, which is next to the trash can on the floor, via the "Medallion". Also take the Pen, which is on the desk. in Inventory "Read" the Paper. The Paper is an instruction for the radio operator in the radio house to call a man named Eric Harkonen and send him to the storage room. Combine the Pen with the Paper in inventory and ....... Fay changes the name Eric Harkonen on the paper into that of Apollo Lagno. Take the Paper from inventory and click it on the Fax machine and ........

.... Fay faxes the instruction to the Radioman in the Radiohut and he then calls Apollo Lango, via the intercom, to go to the storage room. So go back to the:


That Apollo is now out of here, but he left his coat on the coat rack. So open the "Medallion" on the jacket again and choose "Search" again and ......

..... Fay fishes the key to Apollo's locker from the jacket pocket. Leave the canteen again and return via the footbridge to the:

Engine room:

Double-click in the top doorway again to return to the locker room and the foreman's office. Continue to the 4 lockers. Take the Keys of Apollo from inventory and click with them on Locker 1 to open Apollo's locker. Then store the keys again (right click) in inventory. Then open the "Medallion" on the opened cabinet and choose "Search" and ......

..... Fay searches the cabinet and sees a music cassette (Tape) on the bottom shelf. 

Open the "Medallion" on that Tape and choose "Take" to take the music cassette.

 Go back to the engine room and descend to the floor and go to Magnus's Ghettoblaster. 

Take the Cassette (mini-video) from inventory and click it on the Ghettoblaster to put the tape in the thing and

 ....Magnus goes to work it no longer pays attention to Fay ........ 

Now walk to the left again and then continue until Fay is at the Filter chamber. Look through the window and .....

....... Fay reports that the filter is clogged by a piece of fabric. 

Open the "Medallion" on the red wheel and select "Turn" to pump out the water from the filter chamber. 

Then open the "Medallion" on the window again and choose "Open" to open the window door. 

In the now opened compartment is that Scrap of cloth. Take the cloth from the compartment through the "Medallion".

Fay reports that it is the sleeve of a jacket and that the initials M S are on it. 

Examine the piece of cloth via the "Medallion" in inventory to have Fay tell you that the saboteur mentioned an accident where he nearly lost his arm. 

Go back to the locker room and re-enter the foreman's office. Talk again with the foreman and now say: "Someone's planned an attack on the oil rig. And one of the workers is going to carry it out". The foreman doesn't believe Fay and ask her a trick question. The foreman asks if that worker was wearing a wipe for one eye. Fay doesn't know that because she has never seen that worker, so say "I don't know". The foreman then has a hearty laugh and then says that Fay has to come up with hard evidence, because he doesn't believe her story about an attack. Now say "I found this ripped off sleeve" and Fay shows the foreman the torn sleeve you just found in that filter chamber. and......

Fay then tells the foreman what she has heard about the near miss that the saboteur allegedly had. The foreman now briefly discusses Fay's story and muses about a great industrialist who would not be too happy with Svensson's algae invention. But this turns out to be a joke of the foreman because ...... the Algae are not that good at all and ..... It is Bent Svensson himself who has sabotaged the presentation. Fay is stunned but we will have to wait to see Fay's reaction further as we are now switching back to:

Bent Svensson:

Svensson stands on a large outdoor platform and the "Algae Nursery" is directly below the platform. On the other side of the platform is a console with a red button that can be used to operate the crane to lift the "Algae Nursery" from the water. So walk down to the console and then open the "Medallion" on the red Button and choose "Press" and ....

....... the platform with the "Algae nursery" on it is hoisted up. 

At the round iris door is a lever to open the iris door of the glass "Nursery". So pull the lever via the "Medallion" and .....

...... the iris door of the glass container opens. So step inside through the open iris door. Immediately to the left of the iris door are 2 brown "suitcases". However, they are not suitcases but Algae Filters (Algae filter). Open the "Medallion" on the right briefcase and choose "Open" to open the right "suitcase". 

You will then see the round Algae filter, which is made of cork, in the opened "suitcase". 

Take the Knife from inventory and click it on the filter to take a sample of it. 

You then have a Cork sample in inventory and Svensson wants to investigate this in the lab. The "Nursery" contains 3 thick glass tubes and the left tube has a large hole (Opening). Look at  the hole in the left tube.  Svensson suspects that the hole was caused by an explosion in the tube, but what was the cause of the explosion? ..... Open the "Medallion" again on the hole in the tube and now choose "Inspect"  to look into the tube and ......

..... Svensson reports that there is something in the tube but he also reports that it is too far away. 

In inventory, combine the Pointer with Oven Mitt and take this combo from inventory and click it into the hole of the tube and ...

.... Svensson fishes a Bottle cap out of the tube. Look at the Bottle cap in inventory and sniff it too. The cap is metal and smells like chemicals. Svensson has smelled this before. So also sniff the lab coat and............the cap and the right sleeve of the lapcoat have the same smell, but Svensson wants to do some tests on it to be sure.

So click in inventory with your Knife on the Lab Coat to cut a piece of fabric out of it. Put all your items back and close the inventory. At the back of the screen you see a staircase ..... Double click the white arrow on the stairs and .... Svensson returns to the living area where his son has his rooms. Double click on the hatch in the lower compartment and Svensson is then again at the Pump and the 2 glass tunnels in one fell swoop. So go through the front tunnel again to the:

Research lab:

Lissa isn't here now. On the left is also a workplace, near the 2 windows. T

here is a large device there between the work table and the file cabinet. It is a Mass spectrometer. At the bottom of the machine is a Shutter. 

Open the Shutter via the "Medallion".

 In the opened compartment is an empty test tube . Take the Cork sample from inventory and put them in the empty test tube. Svensson automatically closes the door again. Now open the "Medallion" on the spectrometer and choose "Activate" to start the device and the test and ......

Your screen goes black for a moment and then Svensson reports that the analysis of the cork pieces shows that they contain a fire accelerator. Open the Shutter again, via the "Medallion" and then open the "Medallion" on the Test tube and choose "Empty" to empty the test tube again.

Then take the piece of white fabric (Cloth), which you cut earlier from the lab coat, from inventory and now put it in the test tube. 

Then start the machine again to start the test of the piece of fabric and ...

... again your screen goes black for a while and then Svensson reports that the cloth coat contains the same fire accelerator as the cork and that Duve sometimes wore the cloth coat . It will now go on by itself..... Svensson automatically leaves the lab and goes to the living area, where he confronts Duve and Lissa with what he has discovered. Svensson accused his son of being a saboteur. Duve, however, has to laugh, somewhat hysterically, at his father's accusations. Duve maintains that the fire was an accident. Lissa says that after the fire they cleaned the algae nursery with methylated spirits and that methylated spirits are a fire accelerator.  Bent wants to believe this and wants to leave, but then Fay storms in and reports that there is indeed a saboteur at work because at this moment someone places a bomb on the H2 tower.

 Bent follows Fay to the H2 tower where we see the saboteur activate a bomb. 

The saboteur runs away when he sees Fay and Bent. Bent will try to defuse the bomb while Fay has to get that guy.

H2 (Hydrogen) Tower:

You're Fay again:

Follow the circuit, via the white arrow, to the right. Fay will come to the next screen near a metal door. Unfortunately, there is a hole in the track that prevents Fay from reaching the door. Walk back to Bent and the bomb and then follow the ramp to the left, via the white arrow, and keep doing this until Fay has gone all the way to the left around the tower and has reached the metal door again. 

Then open the door via the "Medallion" and .... Fay is shocked because this door is not an exit but the door of a fuse box ..

. So where the damn saboteur has gone? Close the door again via the "Medallion" and .....

....... The saboteur shows up and throws himself on Fay and ...... Fay and the saboteur fall down through the plank in the orbital hole and ......

.......we end up back at:

Bent Svensson:

Svensson is not aware of Fay's problems. Bent wants to defuse the bomb and you automatically end up in the close-up of the bomb mechanism. You see 10 squares with numbers. Numbers are scratched above the top boxes and numbers are also scratched into the metal on the left. The number boxes are therefore located above and to the left of the Electric Circuit screen.

At the top left is a piece of paper with a 1 and a 0 written on it. Under that paper you see 2 trays. The top tray has yellow connecting pieces and the bottom tray has red connecting pieces. The number boxes should contain the numbers that are scratched into the metal above and to the left of it and you have to do this by placing red and yellow connecting pieces in the big screen. So you take a red or a yellow connecting piece from the boxes and you then click it on the white metal parts in the circuit screen.

The yellow connecting pieces have a Minus sign and the red connecting pieces have a Plus sign. A Plus piece is "worth" more than a minus piece. However, there must be "balance" between Plus and Minus, so more Yellow Pieces must be placed than Red Pieces.  When you place a connecting piece, the number above, or to the left, of the row you place the piece in changes.

It is a matter of "Trial and Error" ...... Not only how many Yellow and Red pieces you have to place is unknown, but also were in the screen you must place the pieces is a matter of trying out yourself. The red AUTO-SOLVE BUTTON also appears with this puzzle, so you can also have the puzzle solve automatically by the game. But here is the solution as it was in my game. However, I am not sure whether this solution works for you.....

If you've managed to defuse the bomb, you'll automatically switch to Fay. Fay and the saboteur are hanging under the H2 Tower and they both threaten to fall down. 

Fay manages to save himself by clambering up through the saboteur's body. 

Fay then tries to save the saboteur as well, but that saboteur goes into the depths. Then Svensson calls out that the algae fields are on fire and we now end up in:

Chapter 6: Atlas; Part 2

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot