2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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You are Svensson and Fay is will cheerfully hopping along with you ... well not so cheerfully ....

Bent and Fay went to the living area of ​​the research lab. Svensson wants to see if an algae sample can still be found somewhere, because that would allow them to continue breeding. Open the "Medallion" on the Intercom and select "Use" and Svensson will contact Barney. 

Svensson yells that Barney has to get everyone off the rig, but Barney reports that the evacuation has already started. 

On the long table, which is mounted in the right part along the windows, is a pack of Cereals.Search through the pack of Cereals and ......

  Svensson finds a Clamp in the cereals pack. 

There are 2 monitors hanging from the ceiling. First look at the left monitor and then the right monitor via the "Medallion". The left monitor is connected to the Breeding Laboratory and Svensson thinks that, as a last resort, he can still find an algae sample in that lab. The right monitor is connected to the H2 lab and Svensson sees a bald man fumbling at the lock. Svensson wants to go after that bald man so descend to the bottom compartment. The door of the glass cage is closed. 

So open the "Medallion" on the Controls for the lock console and choose "Operate" to open the door of the glass lock

 But unfortunately the pressure in the glass cubicle is too high so the door will not open. 

To the left of the glass loft is another green door. Try to open the left green door via the "Medallion".......

....but this door is also locked tightly and a square socket wrench is needed to open the door.

The satellite dish is still on the outside balcony. Look again at the satellite dish through the "Medallion" and Svensson reports that the dish is mounted on a square pole. Open the "Medallion" on the Antenna again and now choose "Disassemble" and .....Svensson demolishes the antenna and puts the pole in inventory

Immediately take the Iron rod from inventory and click it on the left green door and vensson pries open the door. It turns out to be a deep cupboard and you see 2 silver colored pressure hoses. Take the Clamp from inventory and click it on the silver-colored hoses to clamp the top hose.

Walk back to the console and "Operate" the console again via the "Medallion" and ..... the door of the glass shed now opens. 

The round hatch in the glass house is also closed, so open the "Medallion" on the hatch and then open the hatch and ....

.... Svensson and Fay descend the ladder and end up at the pump and the 2 connecting tunnels

The door of the rear tunnel, to the H2-Lab, is now also open and in front of the tunnel there is a Necklace on the floor.

Take the Necklace via the "Medallion".

 It turns out to be Lissa's necklace and Svensson wonders if Lissa put the necklace here on purpose. Inn inventory look at the necklace. The necklace contains a dry sample of the very first Algae that Svensson and Lissa "bred". Open the "Medallion" on the necklace again and now choose "Remember" and.....

.....Svensson then remembers that Lissa gave this algae monster a name, but Svensson has forgotten that name.mGo through the front tunnel again to the Research lab. Lissa is not here and Svensson discovers that all the algae samples in the fridge have been destroyed. Svensson and Fay are then standing in front of the closed Iris door of the breeding lab.You can look at this door or try to open the door, but.....

... you need a Key card to open the door and Svensson doesn't have one. So go back to the Pump Room and then go through the back tunnel to the:


Arriving in the H2-Lab, Fay automatically continues to the left and disappears from sight. Fay is now having heavy coughing fits. So move Svensson to the left as well, until you reach the closed round door. A magnetic card is also required for this door, so Svensson cannot open this door either. 

Continue to the left and ....... We reach the end and we discover a Blood trail on the ground. There is also blood on the round iris door (Lock). Examine the trail of blood through the "Medallion". Open the "Medallion" on the round iris door (Lock) and then choose "Open" and ..... Svensson presses the button and the iris door opens and ..... We discover the body of Lissa. Fay moans that it is her fault that Lissa is dead, but Svensson does not want to hear about this .Fay's coughing fits are getting worse now. Investigate Lissa's body and .......

..... Svensson finds  Lissa's Key card. Walk back to the right, to the large round door. Take the Key card from inventory and click with it on Card reader of the door and .......

.....Svensson gets an error because the card reader does not recognize the magnetic card. Svensson reports that he has to go back to the research lab. Store the key card back in inventory and walk to the right again and then double click the white arrow in the open round doorway and we end up back at the large pump. Go back through the front tunnel to the research lab. Back in the research lab, follow Fay to the right and then click with the Key card on the card reader of the closed round door of the breeding lab and ....

This door will now open and Svensson and Fay will automatically end up in the:

Breeding lab.:

Bombs have been placed all over in this lab. Fay immediately wants to leave here, but Svensson doesn't want to hear about that. Fay doesn't like it anymore and she coughs more and more. Fay has continued downstairs and is standing in front of the breeding  lab house. Svensson is still standing at the top left at the entrance. There is also an entrance/exit at the top right. Also walk down to Fay. The door of the breeding lab is locked, but on the right is an Alpha Terminal. Open the "Medallion" on the Alpha Terminal and choose "Operate" and ......

..... the damn thing asks for a password .... You end up in the screen where you have to enter Lissa's password but .... ..Svensson doesn't know the password. Perhaps it is the name Lissa gave to their first cultivated algae, but Svensson cannot remember the name. Double click the white arrow to exit this screen and then double click the white arrow in the upper left tunnel to return to the:

Research lab:

The large electron microscope hangs above Lissa's work table.  Take the Necklace from inventory and click it on the microscope and ...... Svensson places the necklace under the microscope and an image appears in the monitor. Open the "Medallion" on the monitor of the microscope and choose "Zoom in" to zoom in on the monitor and .... ELVIS appears on the monitor........

 .....Elvis is therefore the name Lissa gave to their first algae. So go back to the breeding lab.

 "Operate" the Alpha Terminal again, via the "Medallion". You will return to the password screen. 

Click on the keys 3, 5, 8, 4, 7 to make the word ELVIS and.........

...... the irritating female voice reports that it is correct and you automatically go out of the screen but ......... the voice then screams that Safety procedure B is now enabled. Svensson then says to Fay that he needs her help now, but Fay no longer sees the point and wants to give up. So talk to Fay, using the conversation options you now have, to convince her that all is not lost. Ultimately, Svensson manages to convince Fay.

Svensson and Fay walk upstairs. Fay goes to the top left and Svensson to the top right and they operate the 2 terminals that are at the 2 round exits. This opens the door of the breeding lab and Svensson and Fay end up in the breeding lab. Svensson is then busy filling a container with stem algae when ..... the bald man shows up. The bald man threatens Svensson and Fay with a revolver because he wants the stem cells. The bald man is employed by Indez and he plans to blow up the drilling platform and he has help from .Duve .... Svensson's son. Ben tells his son that bald man killed Lissa and Duve didn't know that. Bald Man and Duve disappear and they lock Fay and Svensson in the breeding lab. Duve blocks the door with the container and Bald Man shoots a hole in the glass door, also smashing the cryotank's drain cap.

Escape from the Oil Rig:

Breeding lab:

 There is a bullet hole in the window to the right of the door. In front of that window is a cryotank and the top of that tank is level with the bullet hole. The doorknob pillar is in front of the left pane. Open the "Medallion" on the bullet hole in the right pane and choose "Touch" or "Look at".

Svensson reports that the bullet hole is too small to even put his finger through. Svensson can therefore not reach the container that is clamping the door on the outside. That bullet hole must therefore be made wider. On top of the Cryotank is a  Hood. Take the Iron Rod from inventory again and click it on the "Hood" of the Cryotank and ....... Svensson puts the rod through the "hood" and through the bullet hole. Now open the "Medallion" on the Cryotank and choose "Activate" and...

...... the green algae tube comes up from the tank and because of this the rod makes the hole in the window bigger.

Take back the Iron Rod via the "Medallion" to store it back in inventory

Also take the "Hood" of the Cryotank. 

Now  "Touch" the bullet hole and..... Svensson's now puts his finger through the bullet hole and he now manages to remove the tank on the other side. 

Open the "Medallion" on the red doorknob and choose "Push" to open the door now.

Walk out through the now open door and then pick up the empty Alge container (Algae generator) via the "Medallion".

Walk back inside. The Filling station is on the right. Take the Algae generator  container from inventory and place the thing iin the filling station.

There is also a cryotank next to the filling station. Open the "Medallion" on the Cryotank next to the filling station and choose "Activate" and ...

....... from the Cryotank the container with stem cells slides up. Take the Hood from inventory and place it on top of the green stem cell container. 

Take the Iron Rod from inventory and put the thing through the Hood. 

pen the "Medallion" on the Cryotank again and choose "Activate" again to lower the green container back into the tank.

This will cause the rod to break the top of the green container. Svensson automatically puts the hood and the Rod back in inventory.

 Activate the cryotank again to raise the green container again. 

You will then see that the top of the green container has been broken. Behind Fay is another filling station and 2 hoses are hanging from that station. 

Open the "Medallion" on the left hose and choose "Take off" to tear that hose off.

Take the hose from inventory and place the hose in the broken green container. Svensson automatically puts the other end of the hose in the contact of the filling station. On the right you see a "Control pad". Open the "Medallion" on the Control Pad and choose "Siphon" to activate the pad and .....

The algae from the green container is pumped into the portable container. 

Then take the Algae container (Algae generator) from the filling station again and..........

......Svensson and Fay leave the breeding lab but......the bombs explode and Svensson and Fay have to run for their lives as the tunnel begins to sink rapidly.

They don't make it and the tunnel is now standing upright in the ocean.


You are Fay again

Fay and Svensson are standing in the, now vertical, tunnel on a closed round hatch. At the top right is the open hatch through which Fay and Svensson can leave the tunnel. So Fay and Svensson have to climb up. There is a huge pile of rubbish on both the left and right. The music is menacing but don't worry.....there is no time pressure, so make sure you find all the "Hotspots" first.

Above Fay and Svensson is the round ledge and on that ledge is a blue metal Shelf. To the right of the blue shelf is a reddish heater control cupboard and that is the cupboard to turn off the hot heating pipe that you see at the top right . Behind the blue cabinet is a round metal Rod sticking up. That heating pipe runs from the cross to the Power Switch with which Fay has to turn off the electricity. But that Hot Pipe is too hot to climb over. So the heating must first be turned off via the "Hot Pipe Cabinet". On the left side you see, from bottom to top, a lot of junk, then a Filing cabinet and above that a red Cable. Fay must first get to the Cross via that red cable.

Open the "Medallion" on the Junk and then choose "Climb" and ......

Fay walks to the junk and then asks for Svensson's help to get higher. Fay then stands on the cabinet that is under the filing cabinet.

Open the "Medaillon" on the filing cabinet and choose "Open" and ..... Fay opens all the drawers of the cabinet.

Open the "Medallion" on the chest of drawers again and now choose "Climb" and..

Fay climbs on top of the chest of drawers through the open drawer. The red cable hangs above Fay's head.

Open the "Medallion" on the red cable and choose "Swing" and ....

Fay swings to the Cross via the red cable. Fay is now standing on the cross. Below Fay is the blue shelf and the reddish heater control and the rodis sticking up. Svensson now has to climb up the ledge, but how?. Open the "Medallion" on the top end of the metal Rod and choose "Move" and.......

... Fay manages to make the blue shelf fall down with the rod and ...... Svensson climbs up, via the blue shelf,  to the round ledge.

Open the "Medallion" on the reddish Heater control and choose "Turn off" and Fay asks Svensson if he wants to turn off the heating and Svensson does so.

Open the "Medallion" on the heating pipe and choose "Climb" and Fay climbs through the heating pipe to the Power Switch and turns off the electricity.

Fay and Svensson climb out of this tunnel via the exit at the top right.....but....they be met by the bald man with his damn gun.

Svensson wants to know where his son Duve is and the bald man says that he shot Duve and that he is now wounded with the dead Lissa. The bald man escapes with the algae sample Svensson and Fay descend into the other tunnel tube, which is now also vertical.

Bent Svensson is on top and has landed a bit wrong. Bent is busy switching some hoses. 

Fay is at the bottom with the injured Duve and the corpse of poor Lissa. Just in front of Fay's feet is a metal rod. Talk to Duve through the "Medallion".

 Duve isn't very charming but ok.....you wouldn't be either if you were shot down. Continue talking to Duifje using all conversation options. Duve has broken his leg and so Fay will have to splint Duve's broken leg somehow. Now pick up the metal rod via the "Medallion". Then "Search" Lissa's corpse and Fay takes the Scarf from the corpse.

Combine the Scarf with the Rod in Inventory and then click on Duve with this combo to splint his broken leg and Bent has then found a way to escape from the drilling platform because he has reconnected the hoses, through which H2 gas flows, to the breeding lab. H2 gas is lighter than water and as a result the entire cultivation lab is now propelled to the surface. 

While the drilling platform explodes, Fay, Bent and his son Duve are picked up by Oggy's helicopter and we end up, 3 days later, in Brazil and thus in........

Chapter 7: Bent Svensson is Dead

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot