2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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 Simon's Jungle Bar:

Three days later, the helicopter flies over the rainforest of Brazil. Fay, Bent, Duve and Oggy arrive at the last stop before the Indez nuclear power plant, which is Simon's Junglebar. Fay emerges from the jungle and walks over to Bent Svensson, who is taking a nap. But Fay wakes Svensson and a conversation follows in which you just use all the conversation options you get. Fay disappears and you are now Bent Svensson again:

Behind Svensson is the red Truck and in the back of the truck is a toolbox and the Antenna. Look at the antenna and the toolbox. The antenna is broken.

Take the toolbox from the back of the truck via the "Medallion". Then, in inventory, search the toolbox and .... 

.......Svensson takes out a long Screw that also has a nut attached to it. Open the "Medallion" on the Antenna and choose "Break off" and ...... Svensson breaks off the antenna and you have the thing in Inventory. Walk down to the stack of crates. On the front left crate is Staple gun........take the Staple Gun.

Now walk to the right, into Simon's Bar, and ......

 Duve and Oggy are sitting at the only table, accompanied by a guard from the Nuclear Power Plant, to hoist beer and play a card game. Oggy and Duve are quite drunk but the guard is still remarkably sober. Oggy addresses Svensson because he and Duve plan to get the guard drunk to get his uniform. Unfortunately, the beer and gin has run out. Svensson sees absolutely nothing in Oggy's plan. You can talk to Duve ...... Father and son then make an attempt to settle their quarrel ..

Walk back a little and now go talk to Simon, who is standing behind his bar counter. Also notice the phone that is on the corner of the bar counter. Simon thinks Svensson and his team are the new Tech Team for the Nuclear Power Plant. Continue talking with Simon through all the conversation options you get and ...

Simon tells that there's no coffee, beer and ginl , but Simon expects fresh supplies later today. Simon also tells that the employees of the Nuclear Power Plant are relieved that it has been decided in Oslo not to put Svensson's algae theory into practice. The bar and the whole valley is owned by Indez Industrie. Simon explains that the road to the nuclear power plant is littered with mines, electric fences and patrols. The best route to the Nuclear Power Plant is via the river. Simon would like to call the switchboard's boat to pick them up, but Bent quickly declines this offer. Simon then reports that Jorge and Benicio's patrol boat is moored at the jetty because the boat has engine trouble. A mechanic has been called to repair the boat's engine.

When you've get all the info out of Simon, say goodbey. Walk back to the table and now go talk to that guard, whose name is Benicio and whose patrol boat is moored further down with breakdown. Benicio doesn't like a scientist whose name is Bent Svensson, so Bent doesn't say who he is. Continue the conversation using the conversation options...

Benicio tells that he, Duve and Oggy have to guess what color the card is in the card game they are playing. The loser must always drink a glass of beer or gin. Duve and Oggy are completely drunk because they keep losing. You also experience from Benicio that Indez has a private army to guard the nuclear power plant. Benicio's friend Jorge guards the boat while they wait for a mechanic. When Svensson says that he is a mechanic, Benicio doesn't believe him, because a real mechanic wears overalls with oil stains and has tools with him.

When you've discussed everything with Benicio, say hello and follow the path further to the right until you get the white arrow. 

Then double click with the white arrow and .... Svensson ends up at the:

Swamp boat and the shed

Benicio and Jorge's airboat is here and there is also a shed with supplies. Continue to the left and ..... Svensson meets the extremely friendly looking Jorge.  Jorge takes his job as a guard very seriously because he is armed with a USI. You can try to talk to Jorge, but Jorge won't talk to Svensson. Take the Toolbox from inventory and click it on Jorge and ...

..... Svensson tries to convince Jorge that he is the mechanic Jorge is waiting for. But Jorge does not believe it and demands that Svensson briefly tell us what kind of engine is in the boat. Every airboat has the same engine, so if Svensson is really a mechanic he should know which engine it is. So give Jorge an answer, it doesn't matter which answer, because the correct answer is not there anyway.

The boat has a couch and under the couch you see a plaque with "C-600" written on it.

 Look at the "C-600" sign and Svensson will know that the boat is an "Amazon Buggy C-600" type. Jorge stands in front of a crate and on that crate lies a Book  and that is the Owner's Manual for the boat (Book). Look at that "Book" via the "Medallion" and ..... Svensson reads the phone number of a service and he decides to remember this phone number.

Walk back to Simon's Bar. On the bar counter is a telephone .... Use the telephone and ...  

Unfortunately ... Simon reports that Svensson has to pay if he wants to use the telephone. Walk to the 3 card players again and talk to Oggy again and now ask him: "Can you lend me some money?" .....and Oggy then gives a handful of coins to Svensson. Then click on "I'm not going to watch this any longer" to end this conversation. Walk back to Simon and give him the coins you got from Oggy and Svensson may use the phone. 

So use the telephone again, via the "Medallion", and ..... Svensson calls the service department, whose telephone number he saw on the cover of the manual. Svensson gets a girl on the phone. Say: "I have a question about one of your engines". The girl then asks what type of boat it is, so say: "It's an Amazon Buggy C-600". The girl then wants to know what type of motorcycle it is. From Jorge, Svensson understood that every Swamp Boat has the same engine, so now say: "It's a serial engine". The girl tells Ben there is a "Drifter TTX motor" in the airboats. Well...that's what Bent wanted to know so he hangs up now.

Walk back to Jorge at the Swamp Boat. Talk to the grumpy Jorge again. Jorge still wants an answer to the question which engine is in the airboat, so now say: "You are using a Drifter TX" and .... Jorge is satisfied and now tells that the exhaust of the boat is clogged and that the fuel line is  leaking. There are also holes in the "wind rudder" of the boat. The "conversation" is then over, but Svensson still wants to know a few things. So speak to Jorge again and ask: "Something wrong with the exhaust?"...... You experience from Jorge that someone has put something in the exhaust, so that the exhaust is now clogged. Also ask all other questions and then say "See you later" last to end the conversation.

You now have to find various parts on the airboat. At the back of the boat is the huge round propeller and the Wind Rudder is attached to the propeller. The round propeller is attached to the engine and the Exhaust pipe protrudes from the side of the engine. Under the exhaust you will see the Fuel hose.

Look, through the "Medallion", at the Exhaust pipe.... Svensson reports that something is stuck in the exhaust. 

Open the "Medallion" on the Exhaust pipe again and now choose "Reach into" and......

...Unfortunately.... Svensson's arm is too thick and does not fit in the exhaust.......... 

Open the Inventory and then open the "Medallion" on the broken antenna and choose "Twist" to bend the antenna.

Then take the bent antenna from inventory and click it on the Exhaust pipe and ......... 

Svensson fishes a green poisonous snake from the exhaust with the bent antenna. 

Svensson shows the snake to Jorge, but he appears to have a frantic fear of green snakes. Look at the fuel hose.

Svensson reports that the fuel hose has come loose from the fuel tank coupling. Look at the Wind Rudder. Svensson reports that the wind rudder sail is completely broken. Walk to the storage shed. The shed is partly "closed" with a piece of transparent canvas. Open the "Medallion" on the Canvas and then choose "Take" and....

Svensson rips off the canvas to store it in Inventory.  Walk back to the boat and then take the Canvas from Inventory and click it on the Wind rudder and Svensson hangs the piece of canvas on the Wind Helm but says he still has to attach it. So take the Staple gun from inventory and click it on the Wind rudder to staple the canvas in 3 places.

Now something to reattach the fuel line to the coupling. Walk back to Simon's Jungle Bar and stand by the table but make sure you can see Benicio. Above Benicio's head hangs an elongated Tin plate on the wall. Also there are 2 colored Hearts, a Cross and a Mirror. 

Open the "Medallion" on the tin plate and then choose "Take" to tear the sign off the wall.

The tin plate covered a Hole in the wall. Look through the hole .... 

Through the hole Svensson can look into the storage shed. Go back to the Swamp Boat. Back at the Swamp Boat, open the Inventory and then the "Medallion" on the Tin Plate. Choose "Look at" and Svensson reports that there are 2 screw holes in the plate. Open the "Medallion" on the tin plate again and now choose "Bend" and ........

Svensson thinks this is a good idea but he does not bend the tin plate yet. Now combine the Screw with the folded Tin Plate and ...Svensson now bends the plate double and secure it with the screw and you now have a screw clamp.Immediately take the Screw Clamp from inventory and click it on the fuel hose of the Swamp Boat and ........ 

Svensson attaches the hose, with the homemade clamp, to the gas tank again, Go talk to the roguish Jorge again and tell him that you have repaired all 3 defects on the boat and then you say "The boat is readdy" and .... Jorge sends Svensson away. If you didn't ask Jorge everything in a previous conversation, talk to him right now and ask if he and Benicio also take passengers to the nuclear power plant. Of course that's not the case, so Svensson has to figure out another way to get his hands on the boat. Go back to the 3 card players in Simon's Jungle Bar. A Key Ring is on the table in front of Benicio. Look at the key ring through the "Medallion".

Svensson reports that there is a bottle opener on the key ring. Try to get the Key Ring but Benicio won't allow it.

 In order to get the Key Ring, Benicio has to be become completely drunk, but since Benicio is always winning, he gets very little alcohol inside him. Svensson therefore has to ensure that Benicio loses a few laps. Above Benicio there is that hole in the wooden wall and there are also a Red and a Purple Heart, a Cross and a Mirror, and these objects have lights. Maybe Svensson can use those objects to signal the color of the cards that Benicio is holding to Duve and Oggy?

On the other side of the wall is the storage shed. So walk back to the Swamp Boat and go back to the shed. In the middle of the wall of the shed is a vertical bar and in the middle of that bar is the Hole, so Svensson can look at the 3 card players in the bar through that hole. There are also 4 sockets plugs on ​​the wall and the plugs of the lights of the objects hanging above Benicio stick in those sockets. Number the 4 Plugs as Plug 1, Plug 2, Plug 3, Plug 4. You will also find 2 Screws in the wall. At the bottom right is a crate of Beer.

VIa the "Medallion" look through the hole via 'Peek' and ....

Svensson reports that through the hole he can see  the cards that Benicio has in his hands. But because the 3 players aren't playing at the moment, it's no use to Svensson. The 3 card players don't play because they've run out of beer. But hrough the hole in the wall, Svensson could signal to Oggy and Duve which color cards Benicio has in his hand, but first Svensson has to make some preparations for this.

Take the Coins from inventory and click with them on the 2 Screws to screw them out of the wall

Then go back to the other side, so to the Bar, and see what has changed in the objects hanging on the wall above Benicio. Because you have removed  the screw of the mirror, the mirror has tilted and now looks like a diamond. And because you have removed  the screw on the purple Heart, the purple Heart now looks like a Spade.

Go back to the shed and open the "Medallion" on each of the 4 plugs and then select "Use" to remove the plug from the socket.

Do this with each of the four plughs but do it one by one. First take plug 1 out of the socket and then go back to the bar to see which of the objects has the lights off. Then go back to the shed and put plug 1 back into the socket. Then remove plug 2 and go back to the bar tro see witch of the objects has the lights out. Do this with all 4 plugs and......In this way you find out which plug is for which object. Always put the plug back in the socket before you remove the next plug from the next socket.

Plug 1 is for the Purple Heart.  Plug 2 is for the Red Heart. Plug 3 is for the cross. Plug 4 is for the Mirror. When you have determined with which plug you switch witch object on and off, make sure that all 4 plugs are back in their socket. Then open the "Medallion" on the crate of bear and choose "Take" to take 3 bottles of beer from the crate.

Go back to the 3 card players and give the 3 bottles of beer to Benicio and .........

... the players continue with their card game. Quickly go back to the Barn and look through the hole again via the "Medallion" (Peek) and ......

Svensson sees through the hole which card Benicio has in his hand and then he says the card. So you have to pull the plug from the plug that belongs to the card/object that Svensson mentions. The order is different in every game, so pay attention. These are the cards that Svensson can call out......Hearts, Spades, Clubs,  Diamonds.  Spades is Plug 1. Hearts is Plug 2, Clubs is plug 3, Diamonds is Plug 4. So if  for example Svensson says  "Spades" then you pull plug 1 out of the socket again, via the "Medallion".

You then hear Duve or Oggy give the correct answer and Benicio loses and has to drink a beer. Keep repeating this until Svensson says Benicio is drunk enough.... When you have correctly guessed 3 cards in this way, Svensson will say that Benicio is drunk enough. Then go back to the 3 drunken card players. Open the "Medallion" on the bottle of beer, which is still at Benicio is on the table and choose "Open" and .......

Svensson asks if he should open the bottle for Benicio and Svensson can do that with the bottle opener. 

So open the "Medallion" on the Key ring again and choose "Take" again and ......

Svensson now takes the Key Ring. 

Quickly take the Car keys from inventory and click them on Benicio (Guard) to put the car keys on the table instead of Benicio's.

Benicio is too drunk to notice the mix-up. So Svensson now has the Boat Keys, but where is Fay?

Walk to the left, to the boxes and ..... Fay is behind the  crates and is talking to Salvador, via the time transmitter .....

Fay tries to persuade Salvador to move away from the nuclear power plant. Salvador says the guards claim that Svensson is dead, but Fay vehemently denies this. Salvador has meanwhile found a back entrance to the nuclear power plant and wants to go inside to prevent the explosion. Svensson then tells Fay that they have the boat and he and Fay then walk to the boat. The drunken Duve and Oggy remain in the bar. At the boat, Svensson tells Jorge that he needs the boat, but Jorge has no intention of handing over the boat without a fight, and he points his USI at Svensson and Fay.

Quickly .... Open the Inventory and take out the green Snake and click on Jorge with the Snake and ......

Svensson throws the snake at Jorge and he thunders into the river and Fay and Svensson sail away, on their way to the nuclear power plant.

We end up in:

 Chapter 8: The Phoenix Plan

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot