2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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Svensson and Fay moor the boat. According to the time transmitter, Salvador is nearby, across the river. Fay says the explosion will take place that afternoon. You are Fay again Fay and Svensson stand on the right bank of the river, near a fallen hollow tree that spans the river like a bridge. 

On the tree you see 4 branches sticking out. Across the river you'll see an Electric Gate, on top of the high bank. 

Open the "Medallion" on the bottom of the 4 Branches (Branch) and then choose "break off" and ......

Fay walks through the hollow tree to the lower branch and then breaks the branch.

Immediately take the Branch from inventory and click it on the Electric Gate, which you see on top of the left bank, and ....

Fay continues through the hollow tree to the other side and she makes a hole in the fence with the branch. 

Double click on the fence with the white arrow and Fay and Bent crawl through the hole in the fence and end up at:

Salvador's camp:

Salvador has encamped on top of  a high rock overlooking the Nuclear Power Plant. Salvador isn't here. Fay thinks Salvador entered the nuclear power plant through the "back entrance". Salvador's camp consists of a tent, and he's set up a rather futuristic pair of binoculars to watch the nuclear power plant. It makes no sense to search the tent because the tent is empty. Open the "Medallion" on the Binoculars and choose "Use" and ....

Fay looks through the binoculars and she explains what you can do with them. The binoculars not only allow you to zoom in on an area, but also leave video messages on it. You immediately see a video message from Salvador in which he reports that the site resembles a fortress. Fay must  trie to repeat his steps to find out where Salvador is.

The Coordinates Puzzle

After a few seconds the Auto-Solve button will appear at the top right, so you can let the game solve this puzzle again automatically.

The screen is divided into 176 small squares that you can select individually. If you click in a square, an up arrow will appear at the top right, in the 2 gray arrow buttons, with which you zoom in on the area of ​​the selected square.. In each of the 176 squares, a video message from Salvador can be hidden and you must find and listen to video messages.

At the top right you see the coordinate display, which currently contains the number 9316. You also see the Speaker button and the Auto-Solve button at the top right. On the right edge you see the 2 arrow buttons, which light up when you select a square. At the bottom left is a cross in the gray left border and also in the bottom edge of the screen is a cross with the number 14.95. These 2 crosses are your first clue.


The cross in the left edge is Cross A and the cross in the bottom edge you is Cross B. Now draw an imaginary line from cross A to the right and from cross B up. Then click in the box where the 2 lines intersect. This box will then turn white and the up arrow button will light up at the top right. Change the numbers in the Coordination box to 1495, the coordinates of the selected box, and then click the Up Arrow button in the right edge and .......

The viewer zooms in on the selected area and Fay reports that a message from Salvador about this area can be heard. The Speaker button will blink so click on the Speaker button and you hear Log 2 from Salvador in which he reports that he wants to take a closer look at the watchtower of the complex 

At the top left of the screen you see 3 sets of coordinates. At A: 14.95 you are now zoomed in. B: 35.91 are the coordinates of the watchtower. In the screen you also see 2 outlined boxes and Salvador has also hidden an audio log  with those squares. Click on the 2 outlined boxes and Fay reads Salvador's message, one reads "The pipes are sealed, so it is impossible to enter through the pipes" and the other one reads  "All access roads are within sight of the watchtower". You are done with this 1st screen. Click the Down arrow button at the top right to return to the main screen.


Now enter the Watchtower coordinates 3592 in the coordinate box.Then find the box in the screen where you see the Watchtower's tower.

 It's the 3rd box at the top left. Select that box and click the Up Arrow button to zoom in on that area.

Click on the Speaker button again to listen to Salvador's Log 3. Salvador reports that he wants to take a closer look at vehicles in the parking lot. 

The coordinates of the parking lot are C:28.97. There are 3 boxes selected on this screen, so click in each of the 3 squares to have Fay read Salvador's notes. From top to bottom, Fay reports that: "The guards are in constant communication with each other via radio. That the watchtower is manned 24 hours a day and that the entrance is too high and too steep to be reached without being seen". Click the Down Arrow button to return to the home screen.


Now enter the numbers 2897 in the coordinate box and now find the parking lot and then select the middle box of the parking lot. 

It's the 5th square from the right in the 6th row from the top. 

Click on the Up arrow button again to zoom in on the parking lot.

Click the Speaker button again to hear Salvador's log 4. Salvador reports that Emilio Indez has arrived by boat. Indez went through the garage to his office. Indez's office is exactly at the intersection of 2 buildings. Salvador suspects Indez is carrying the Algae Monster. The coordinates of the Indez office are: D:11.52.  In this parking lot screen, 2 boxes have been selected. Click again in the two selected boxes to have Fay read the 2 notes of Salvador again. You will hear: "Indez and 2 assistants in 2 boats have arrived and the helipad guards are guarding the boats". Click the down arrow button to return to the main screen


Now put the coordinates 11.52 in the coordinate box. Then find the box where the Office of Indez is.

 It is the 8th square from the right in the 3rd row from the top.Check this box and click the Up Arrow button again

You end up in the Office screen. Click the flashing speaker button again to listen to Salvador's Log 5. 

Salvador reports that he has finally found a way to get into the plant. It's in a building half in the jungle, near the main entrance to the reprocessing plant. Click on the 3 outlined boxes to hear Salvador's notes here. You hear that "His days are numbered" and that the container with the algae is in Indez's office. And you hear that the elevator is not suitable for a surprise attack". Salvador encrypted the coordinates for the entrance he found. You see them top left and they are: E = AB.CD. Click the down arrow button to return to the main screen


To find the back entrance that Salvador used, you have to "translate" AB.CD into numbers. 

The coordinates you used were: A: 14.95, B: 35.91, C: 28.97 and D: 11.52. 

Now take the 1st digit from A, from B you take the 2nd digit, from C you take the 3rd digit and from D you take the 4th digit and ........ 

you then have the Coordinates for the entrance and that is: 15.92.So put 1592 in the coordinate box. 

Now find the correct box in the screen.It's the 6th square from the right in the 3rd row from the bottom.

Select this box and click on the up arrow button again to zoom in on it and .......

...We see Salvador going in through the back entrance and Fay yells this at Svensson and we end up at the back entrance.

Radioactive cooling water flows out of the building from 3 huge pipes. Above the left water pipe sticks a thinner pipe from which no water comes out. Try, via the "Medallion", if you can open the door. Unfortunately ..... the door is locked or has been barricaded on the inside by Salvador. There is only 1 other way to enter and that is through the thin pipe from which no water flows. 

So open the "Medallion" on the thin pipe and then choose "Climb in" and ....

.....after a short conversation with Svensson, Fay climbs into the pipe and through the pipe she ends up in the:

Water Towers:

You can skip this whole puzzle by clicking the Auto-solve button which will reappear in the top right corner after a few seconds

Fay has landed at the top of the left Water Tower. There are 3 Water Towers. The middle tower is the largest. The left and right towers each have 3 floors. In the left tower the 2 lower floors are under water and in the right tower the bottom floor is under water. Unfortunately for Fay, the door she has to go to is down in the right tower and that's door O

In the middle of the middle hangs cubicle M where you see a red turning wheel. Cubicle M can be reached via door K in the right tower. At the bottom of the middle tower is the Floating Bridge. At the top left  in the middle tower is Bridge Handle G and at the bottom left is Bridge Handle H. 

At Fay, on the top floor of the left tower, you see the doors B and F and pipe A. Through door F (Bulkhead) Fay can reach the top bridge lever G and through door B Fay can reach the control room. Now double click with the white arrow on door B and Fay ends up in the:

Control room:

On the wall you see a red Valve wheel and you see a diagram of 3 Water Towers. The red lights between the towers are the connecting doors between the towers. The blue lights in the towers indicate how high the water is in the towers. With the red valve Wheel you can control the water level in the towers. Fay now has to raise the bridge in the middle tower all the way up, so that she can go from the left tower to the right tower. To do this, she now has to turn the Rotary Wheel 2 times clockwise. 

Open the "Medallion" on the red valve wheel and choose "Turn right" and do this 2 times.

The lights in the left tower are then all 3 off, but the 3 lights in the right tower are lit. 

The left tower has now been pumped empty but the right tower is now full of water.

Go back into the left tower. Now double click with the white arrow on pipe A to crawl back out.

Back outside you see that water no longer flows from the bottom left pipe. 

Open the "Medallion" on the bottom left pipe and choose "Climb in" again and .....

...Fay comes back from pipe C in the left tower but now on the middle floor.

Climb down ladder E to the bottom and then, via the "Medallion", open the lower connecting door D to the middle tower and walk through the door into the middle tower. 

Open the "Medallion" on the lower Bridge Lever H and choose "Move" to disengage the floating bridge.

Leave the bottom door D, between the left tower and the middle tower, open because then water can immediately flow into the middle tower... Double click with your white up arrow on the ladder in the left tower to take Fay back to the middle one. level to climb. Then crawl out again through the pipe C.

Back outside, crawl back through the top left pipe to the top level of the left tower and.....

...... then go back to the Control Room through door B

Open the "Medallion" on the red valve wheel again and choose "Turn left" and do this twice again to turn the wheel counterclockwise 2 times. 

In both the left tower and the right one, the water is 2 floors high, while in the right tower the water is now 1 floor high. Go back to the left tower and see ..... The Floating Bridge now floats at the very top of the middle tower.

Open the upper connecting door F via the "Medallion" and then walk through the door to bridge lever G Open the "Medallion" on the top Bridge Lever G and choose "Move" to raise the lever to secure the bridge on top level.

The bridge is now anchored and will stay here when you pump the water out of the middle tower. Go back to the Control Room. Now turn the Red Valve Wheel 2 times clockwise again(Turn right) and ....

...... the right tower is full of water again, but the left and the middle tower have been pumped empty. So go back to the left tower and crawl back out through the pipe A and this time Fay immediately ends up on the middle level in the left tower. Climb back to the bottom via the ladder and now close the lower connecting door D again via the "Medallion".

Climb up the ladder again and double click on the pipe C and ... Fay ends up at the top of the left tower again. Go back to the control room and turn the Red Valve Wheel  again 2 times to the left and ..........

...in the towers the water is back to the way it was when Fay started here. Back into the left tower and see ....... The middle tower is empty but the bridge is hanging above. In the left and right towers the water is 1 floor high. Open the upper connecting door I to the right tower via the "Medallion" and.....

...... then climb down the ladder J to the middle floor in the right tower.Then open the middle connecting door K and walk through the door to the middle tower. Open door L of Cubicle M and........

Fay then automatically walks into the cubicle. Open the "Medallion" on the red wheel and choose "Turn" and ........

All 3 towers are then empty. Now Fay can go down to the bottom of the right tower, so now go to the bottom of the right tower. You need to open up the doors L and K again via the "Medallion" and then climb down ladder N to the bottom ...Fay lands on the bottom of the right tower.

Double click with the white arrow on the bottom right door O and ............Fay ends up back outside at Svensson. 

Fay and Svensson enter the building, where they see the corpses of several guards, who were killed by Salvador. Then Indez approaches and calls out for Kellerman, the bald man. Kellerman has captured Duve and Oggy. Indez orders Kellerman to kill Duve and Oggy. Svensson gets too angry but Fay tells that Duve will not die. After all, Duve helped to realize the algae energy. So if Duve would die here and now then in the future, where Fay comes from, there would be no algae energy at all. Svensson will be busy freeing the prisoners and Fay will try to get the container with the algae.

Office building:

Fay has then ended up in the entrance hall of the main building. Indez is in his office upstairs and has telephone contact with his secretary who is behind the counter. Indez does not want to be disturbed for the next half hour and also wants the temperature in his room to be turned up a bit. In front of the huge window you see a ladder and you also see an elevator. The secretary can't see Fay, as long as Fay doesn't walk closer to the desk.

At the bottom right of the ladder is a wedge. Pick up the Wedge via the "Medallion"

Then climb up the ladder, again via the "Medallion", and Fay ends up outside on the walkway of the Glass Dome in which Indez's office is located.

Indez is sitting at his desk and to the left of the desk you see the Algae Container, on a round hatch. Continue to the balcony doors (French windows). Look at the French windows via the "medaillon". The balcony doors are slightly open. Take the wedge from inventory and click it on the balcony doors to clamp the balcony doors with the wedge. 

Indez can't escape through the balcony doors now.

 On the left edge of the screen, directly opposite the balcony doors, grows a huge green plant with a few branches hanging over the balustrade (Branches). Open the "Medallion" on the plant (Branches) and choose "Break off" to break off a few branches. The ventilation system hangs below the circulation and on top of the ventilation shaft you see a square opening. Take the Branches from Inventory and click them into the opening of the ventilation shaft to throw the branches into the shaft. 

Double-click the white down arrow on the round ladder hatch to go back down the ladder to the reception hall and see ..... 

The branches that Fay has thrown into the ventilation shaft are causing a mess down here and the secretary is now busy collecting the mess 

Now walk to the counter. The telephone is on the corner of the counter. Take your knife from inventory and click it on the phone and ..... 

Fay cut the wire of the phone. The buttons for the air condition in Indez's office are on the wall near the elevator. 

Open the "Medallion" on the Air Condition and choose "Readjust" and .....

Fay turns off the air conditioning and it gets freezing cold at Indez. Because Indez can't get his secretary on the phone, he goes downstairs himself. Fay has climbed back up the ladder and is back on the outside course. Open the "Medallion" on the balcony door and choose "Open" and Fay opens the balcony door.

Now open the "Medallion" on the Algae container and choose "Take" and .....

Fay runs in and grabs the Algae Container and ........

... we switch to:

Bent Svensson:

Svensson stands in a large storage hall. Behind Svensson you see a yellow door that is open. Double click the white arrow in the yellow doorway and ..... Svensson ends up in a side hall. In this second  hall we see the handcuffed Duve, Oggy and Salvador who are sitting by the boxes and at the entrance is the bald Kellerman. The fence wall prevents Bent from reaching his son. A glass Pane leans against the concrete edge of the gate wall and there is a red Emergency button under the gate. Take the glass pane via the "Medallion". 

Look at the red Emergency button via the "Medallion". Svensson says that the red button is used to make the magnetic crane, which runs along a rail on the ceiling, make an emergency stop. Double-click the white arrow in the yellow doorway again to return to the storage hall. The rail where the magnetic crane hangs starts in the storage hall and that magnet now hangs above a wooden box that is on the floor. You will also see the control console for the magnet. On the left side of the hall is a blue container. Search the blue container via the "Medallion".

Svensson takes a Board and a metal Lid from the container. Take the Board from Inventory and place the plank on the chest.

Then take the metal lid from inventory and place it on the shelf. Then place the glass Pane on top of the lid.

Open the "Medallion" on the Control panel and choose  "Lower" to lower the magnet.

The Magnet sticks to the glass plate.. Open the "Medallion" on the console again and now choose "Raise" and ......the magnet, with the glass plate and lid attached, goes up again. Open the "Medallion" on the console again and now choose "Move" to set the magnet in motion.

The magnet with the glass pane and the metal lid sails along the rail to the shed again Kellerman and are imprisoned. Go back to the red Emergency Stop button through the yellow doorway. You can now see the magnet with the glass plate and the lid hanging above Salvador. Open the "Medallion" now on the red Emergency button and choose "Push" and ..........

...The magnet releases and the lid and glass slide down and Kellerman sees Svensson and shoots at him but Svensson can take cover. 

Salvador was able to free himself and he stabs Kellerman to death and frees Duve and Oggy.

A long conversation follows in which Bent Svensson finally learns the truth. 

During this conversation you, as Svensson, have to ask questions to Salvador to keep the conversation going.....

Salvador tells Svensson that Fay lied. Fay and Salvador indeed come from the future, namely from the beginning of the 26th century. But in the early 26th century there is only nuclear energy and there are only a few hundred people left in the world and those few hundred remaining people will also die in the next solar storm. So from an ecological point of view, that future is a disaster, but it has gradually grown that way. When the people finally came to their senses, the process was irreversible. 

Fay and Salvador have just traveled back in time to cause the nuclear power plant to explode. This plan was christened the Phoenix Plan. The intention is that this will wake up humanity and start listening to people like Svensson to develop alternative energy, such as that of the algae, while that is still possible. So that the future will look different. Salvador then runs off to the reactor core to carry out his plan. Fay approaches and admits the lie. But she believes in Bent and now wants to help him stop Salvador. Svensson and Fay then run into the hall and to the reactor core, which is suddenly hoisted up on a large crane. At the last moment, Fay and Svensson jump on the reactor core, which then takes them up.

The Reactor Core:

Fay and Svensson are on the top balcony, in front of the closed door of the room where Indez is sitting. The reactor has stopped again.

Open the "Medallion" on Indez and choose "talk" to talk to Indez.

Indez says the reactor above cannot be cooled and will explode. Fay and Svensson have to reactivate the tap on the middle floor and they have to cool the reactor again, via the emergency system. This is only possible if the valve on the bottom floor is open. Svensson and Fay enter Indez's house. Svensson stays inside while Fay goes outside again and stands by the right door on the top balcony. 

The Crane Control Lever is on the middle balcony. On the lower balcony is the "Flooding Controls Valve". Fay is on the right on the top balcony. To the left of the large window is the door to descend to the middle balcony. Double click with your white down arrow on the left door and ...

Fay ends up on the middle balcony. Open the "Medallion" on the Crane Control Lever  and choose "Move" and .......

....the Reactor core starts to sink down again and Svensson screams that Fay has to come back up but then Salvador appears and he stops the crane again. Salvador points his gun at Fay and yells that he wants the algae. Open the Inventory and take the algae container and give the thing to Salvador and .......

Salvador then says that he needs both the algae and Bent Svensson. Salvador yells at Bent that he wants to give Svensson enough time to escape the plant before detonating the plant. Svensson comes out and is standing on the top balcony. Fay addresses Svensson from the middle balcony. Say "Don't listen to him" ..... When you have control again, double click with the white down arrow on the right-hand door, near Fay, to descend to the lower balcony.

Salvador shoots atFay, but he misses Fay ends up on the lower balcony. 

Open the "Medallion" on the "Flooding Controls Valve" and choose "Use" to let the cooling water flow in and ......

While Salvador is still negotiating with Svensson, go through the door back to the middle floor.

Quickly open the "Medallion" on the Crane Control Lever again and choose "Move" again to set the tap in motion again and .......

...........Watch the ENDING.......

Fay sacrifices herself and Salvador to save Svensson.....Indez is of course also saved, but he has no intention of keeping Svensson alive.

 But then Svensson gets saved for the 2nd time

In a television talk show, Dr. Leiff Oggersund, who we know as Oggy, interviewed about his book in which he recounts the climatic demise of the Earth and all Humanity

In the meantime Svensson has made peace with his son Duve and both are working hard on the algae energy on the Atlas oil rig.

The Credits will then roll across your screen ..... Sit this out because at the end you'll have a surprise waiting .....

The END.

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot