May 2022: Wallkthrough by Louis Koot

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Meridian Chapter 1 page 2

You are in the basement and you have solved the puzzle on the blue door and have entered the basement storage room.

On the left stand a rack where you will find a pack of fertilizer for the lawn. This contains the potassium nitrate you need to make Diy fuel, so take it

On the right stand a mobile blackboard with a riddle written on it. Go look at the blackboard . You see five matrixes of 4 by 3 boxes. The question is....."What's the next step in the sequence?" Some of the boxes in those matrixes are colored black. The top three matrices belong together. The third (rightmost) matrix of the top 3 is the sum of the two previous ones, which means that  the black boxes in matrix 1 and 2 also appear in matrix 3. The requested matrix 6 (in place of the question mark) is therefore constructed by repeating all the black boxes in matrix 4 and 5, like I did in this screenshot

Step back and go to the workbench at the back of the room. There is a wrench on the workbench in the back. Take the wrench. 

There is also a hacksaw stuck in the jaws of the vise. But the lever to release it is missing so you cannot take the hacksaw from the vise now.

Now use the back arrow until you're all the way back in the arrival hall, where the fan is on the left side

Zoom in on that fan again and now use your Wrench to unscrew the cover and then take the Fan Blades, and then also take the Timing Belt that's on the spindle of the fan

Step back and then go through the door on your right to be back at the corridor that's under water. Fill your cooking pot with water here

Now go back to the bar in the living room and now zoom in on that panel that you see in the front side of the bar

The panel has a 12 boxes in 3 rows of each 4 boxes. 

You can press every box but you must only press in the boxes 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to make then turn darker

... according the 6th matrix that you constructed via the blackboard in the storage room of the basement

The panel opens en inside it stand a bottle with liqueur, take it with you because you need it to make Diy Fuel

You now have all the things to make that Diy Fuel so go back into the kitchen and zoom in on the stove again. Put your cooking pot filled with water on the stove and then put the sugar, the fertilizer and the liqueur into the pot. Then click one of the round knobs of the stove to heat op the pot and when the heating process is done take back the pot and you'll have a pot with Diy Fuel

Step back and go to the fridge. Zoom in on the fridge and use the key on the padlock to get rid of the chain and padlock. The open up the fridge

Inside the fridge is a pack with eggs. Zoom in on the eggs. The top right egg is the white cue ball of the pool billiard. Take the white Cue ball.

Use the back arrow to go back to the corridor and then enter the Game Room again. 

Look at the 10 ball pool setup instructions again to see where you need to put the cue ball on the pool table

Step back and click the pool table again and place the white cue ball on the correct spot on the pool table. 

At the side pocket of the table a secret drawer slide out. Zoom in and take the Hex Key from the drawer.

Now go back to the TV in the Living Room

Zoom in on the dials of the TV and use the Hex Key on the screws to get rid of the dials and then take the good Fuse out of the TV.

Step back a few times to be back in the corridor and then go down to the basement again. Walk on to the yellow generator and zoom in on it again

The fuel tank of the generator is open so empty your pot with Diy Fuel into the fuel tank. 

Then use the cable on the outlet of the generator to connect the generator with the wall panel

Zoom in on the wall panel and put the TV Fuse in the fuse compartment

The generator now gets power but the pump still isn't pumping. Zoom in on the pump and put the belt from the fan on the two axels

Put the lever on the wall panel down and.......the pump is working and the water gets pumped out of the flooded corridor.

Now use the back arrow until your all the way back in the start corridor, where the fan is. 

Then go through the door on your right again and see....the water has been pumped out

Go down a The corridor and the big yellow pipe turns right but on the left are 2 bedrooms.

 Around the corner are the toilets and the shower.

Bedrooms, toilets / shower

Bedroom 1

Enter bedroom 1. Bedroom 1 has a bunk bed with a ladder and a desk. Go to the desk

Pick up and read through the diary of Sandie W. Open the right top drawer and take the yellow flashlight that's in it. 

Also take the iron broom that stand against the wall

The ladder of the bunk bed could be use full to you but you need a tool to get it of the bed

Leave bedroom 1 and enter bedroom 2:

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 is a bit untidy. On the right wall is a blackboard with colored letters on it. Go to the metal case that stand on the table and look at the lock of the case

The lock of the case has 6 sliders that you must slide to the correct positions but you need more info for this puzzle. Look at the blackboard. 

On the blackboard are colored letters that makes some kind of equation.

You need more info to solve the blackboard equation and to open up the metal case. 

So leave bedroom 2 and follow the corridor around the corner to the door of the toilet / shower room. 

Try to open the door but it's jammed

You need some leverage to open up the door, so yank the iron broom on the door handle and then click the door again and you go in

Toilets / Shower

There are 2 toilet cubicles, 2 wash basins and a mirror and on the right is the shower

First zoom in on the wash basins. The left sink HAS a number A:529. The right sink is full of black water

Look in the mirror. You see the 2 toilet doors in the mirror. Three red squares are painted in ascending height on the mirror.

Step back and go to the toilet doors. Open the left toilet door. Inside is nothing special to see but the inside of the door contains an image of 9 squares. Leave the door open and go look in the mirror again. The red squares in the mirror are now coincide with the bottom, top and middle of three squares in a row on the left toilet door.....take a picture of it

Step back and go to the toilet doors again. Close the left toilet door and then open the right one. Pick up the plunger that's on the toilet. This toilet also has 3 rows of each 3 squares on the inside of the door.  Leave the door open and look in the mirror again. The red squares now coincide with the middle, bottom and top of three squares in a row......again...take a picture of it.

Step back and look at the 2 wash basins again. Use the plunger on the right sink to get rid of the black water to reveals the code B:810.  The left sink has the code A: 529. Where did you see the A and B locks?.....on that box that's on the table in the living room.

Examine the shower cubicle. There's something under the drain grille that you can't reach. There is a fan grille in the ceiling that is too high to reach.

Use the back arrow to get back at the 2 bedrooms and then enter  bedroom 2 again

Bedroom 2

Zoom in on the case that's on the table again. 

Zoom in on the lock of the case and now slide each of the 6 sliders on the correct position, according the red squares you saw in the mirror of the toilet room

The case goes open and in it you find a musical sheet.

 Pick it up and examine it closely to find that 4 of the musical notes on this sheet has a strange symbol attached to it. Take a picture of it.

Step back and keep doing this until your back in the corridor with the fan and then go forwards to the living room again.

Go to the metal box that's on the table. The box has 2 locked with padlocks, A and B

In the wash basins of the toilet room you saw the codes A: 529 and B: 810.

Zoom in on lock A and put 529 on the tumblers. Zoom in on lock B and put 810 on the tumblers

The case goes open and inside it you find a magnet......take the magnet

You must know the drill by now, so get your lazy but back into the shower cubicle of the toilet room downstairs

Zoom in on the floor drain and use your magnet on it to fish a metal handle out of the drain

Now get back to the storage room of the basement, opposite the game room.

Enter the storage room an go the vise that's on the work table. 

Use the metal handle on the vise and click it to get the hacksaw out of the vise. Then take the hacksaw

Go back to bedroom 1 and zoom in on the ladder of the bunk bed

Drag the hacksaw from your inventory to the top rung of the ladder and click to cut the ladder loose from the bed and then take the ladder

Go back to the shower in the toilet room and place the ladder in the back right corner against the wall

Click the ladder or click the ventilation grid in the ceiling to climb up to the grid. 

Click the grid to open it up and then use the yellow flashlight in the dark ventilation shaft to have light in the shaft

Go forwards to a fan. The fan is turned of so crawl through the fan and........

You can then go left or right. Take the right shaft and at the end of it click the grid and then go out the shaft to be in the Ventilation Room 

Ventilation room

This ventilation room has the ventilation control. A red battery lies on a blue tabletop that's on the left wall. First take that red battery

The doorway in the back corner is full of debris from the collapsed tunnel, so the only way in our out this room is the ventilation shaft. The door itself lies on the floor and on the fallen door is a "pocket" that contains a swipe / key card Next to the door is a console. 

Go take a look at the little monitor on the wall....There's nothing to read on the screen because there's no power.

 Step back and then zoom in on the fallen door and take the swipe/key card from the door. 

Step back to turn around to the ventilation shaft and take the crowbar that's on the left crate, Then dive back into the ventilation shaft.

The blue battery of your flashlight has had it, so remove the blue battery from your flashlight and put in the red battery and..... have light again and.....oooops.....a black shadow creeps up but it disappears quickly again........

 ...go forwards and at the fan go right an forwards and you will enter a wider corridor. 

Go through the yellow door that's in the right wall and you are in the tunnel past the collapsed part. 

The yellow door is the door you just went through. A blue cupboard is on the wall

Zoom in on the blue cupboard and force it open with the crowbar.  Inside are four differently colored electrical wires. Take the wires

Go back through the yellow door to enter the wide corridor again and follow the corridor left around the corner and......

.....then forwards to enter the Power Room

Power Room

The room  has a whole row of steel cabinets along the wall. 

On the left is a red light at a lever. If you zoom in on that lever you read that it is the main switch and that is in the OFF position.

 If you click the lever to the ON position it will go back to the OFF position because there's no power. 

In the back left corner of the room are consoles with five windows marked A, B, C, D and E

 If you look at the A, B, C, D windows you'll see that the contain colored threads, but the E window doesn't have those wires.

 Do you remember the equation that you saw on the blackboard in Bedroom 2. It had a red A , a blue B, a yellow E, a green D and it says that A + B + C + D = E

So in Window E you must put your colored wires the same way as you see them in the windows A, B, C, D. 

So first zoom in on Window E and click your colored wires into this window. 

Then place the red wire in window E on the same position as it has in window A, so the red wire comes at the very bottom. 

You can pick up the wire by its ends and drag that end to the correct position. 

Do the same with the other wires, so put all wires in Window E on there position that they also have in the other windows.

When done step back and zoom in the right back corner where a small safe stand on a yellow drum. 

To the left of it hangs a wall cabinet with five red sliders and symbols that you recognize from the music sheet. 

Therefore set the sliders to the positions that corresponds to the lines of the staff for the same symbols.

 A green light will illuminate. Go back to the main power lever and click it to the ON position and......

Now the lever will remain in the ON position. The red light will glow green and you will hear the system reboot. 

The small safe has opened, so go back there and click in the safe to take a wire cutter out of it.

Step back until you have turn around to see the ventilation shaft entrance again. Climb into the shaft again and follow it back to the ventilation room

On the way you see that the fan is now working, so you can't go through the fan now to go back to the shower / toilet room

Go to the little monitor that's on the wall at the doorway

The monitor now says that the fan is working but the button to switch of the fan is gone. 

So use your wire cutter on the cable to cut it and the fan will be turned off

Dive back into the ventilation shaft and follow it back to the fan. 

The fan is switch off now so crawl trough the fan and then go down and you'll be back in the shower cubicle of the toilet room

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May 2022: Wallkthrough by Louis Koot