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May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 1: Arrival

Page 1

A: Get inside the House

So you have arrived at the farm. Your car is outside the gate and you are looking at the farm house. All the buildings of the farm are situated around a large pond. If you want, you can first wander around the yard to look around here and there. But because you'll end up everywhere during the game, I think it's better to go to the house first.

Turn left, forward and then turn to the right.

You now are looking at the big barn on the oppiste of the pond, go 2x forward and turn left.

You are now standing in front of the blue/yellow front door of the house. You hear the sound of a galloping horse. Go forward to the front door.

Turn right and you see a bag of cement, you cannot take it with you, but later in the game you can

Turn left again and click on the door. The door is of course locked, but Jennifer has told you in her email that she put the key to the front door under a flower pot. 

Turn left and then look down via the slanted down arrow and.......

.......... then click with your finger on the flower pot, which is on the tile path. You lift the flower pot slightly and then you see the key.

Grab the key and then click on it to store the key in your inventory. Look up again via the up arrow. 

Turn right to the front door. Open your inventory and take out the "Front Door Key"

Click with the key on the key hole of the door and you will enter the farm house

B: Inside the House: Ground floor rooms


It is dimly dark in the hall. Go forward through the hall to the stairs and then zoom in, with your loupe cursor, on the white light switch.

Click on the buttons on the light switch, but the light does not turn on. 

Oh yes .... that is true .... Jennifer has told in her email that she has switched off the electricity.

 So zoom out again, via the magnifying cursor above, left or right next to the switch.

Then turn around. You then look back at the still open front door. On the left you see a box hanging on the wall. 

Go forward 1 click and then turn left and you are standing in front of that box.

Click on the button of the box door to open the door and then click on the red switch and .... the light turns on.

Close the box door and turn around. Then look down via the down arrow. 

There is a rolled-up newspaper on the floor. Get the newspaper.

You hear the gallop of a horse again. Read the "Phantom Horse Causes Accident" article. You read that the delivery van of contractor Tommy Harris has crashed because a white Horse suddenly appeared in front of his car. That white horse seemed to come out of nowhere. Click the newspaper away and an advertising poster will appear. It's an ad from "Alberth Artisans" furniture makers. Click the ad away again and get up again via the up arrow.

Turn right and now go 2 clicks forward to the stairs and .... you hear a voice that whispers everything to you. 

You also hear the front door slam shut and you automatically turn around to the front door. You will now see a yellow note hanging on the slammed front door.

So go back to the front door and click on the yellow note. "Chris" is written on the note. Read the note. It ‘s from Malcolm and he tells you that he locked the study but that he hid the key somewhere. Malcolm won't tell you where he hid the key for the study because he thinks you won't need it anyway. Store the note in your inventory.

Turn around again and go 2 clicks forward to the stairs again. However, do not go up the stairs. 

On the left is the door of the sitting room and on the right the door of the study. However, you cannot open the study door. 

So turn left and enter the living room.

Living room

You hear beeping. Immediately turn right and .... you see where the beeping comes from. 

The telephone is placed on a small round table and it is this telephone that beeps because there is a message on the answering machine.

Zoom in on the telephone.

You will see in the display of the telephone that there are 3 messages. Click the forward arrow button and then listen to the 1st message. 

You hear the contractor Tommy Harris say that his people have become a little nervous about all the weird things that are happening on and around the farm. Harris has therefore halted construction. Harris has left a ladder that he wants to pick up once his car is repaired. Harris' car was rammed by a stray horse, and since this happened in the farm yard, Harris will pass the repair bill on the Malcolms .

 Click the phone's double arrow key to listen to the next message. 

The 2nd message is from Jennifer. Jennifer asks if you want to feed the cat and she tells you to make a fire to get hot water. The 3rd message is again from Harris who says that they have found a pile of old clothes under the tiled floor of the dining room. Harris put these clothes in the kitchen.

When you have listened to all these 3 messages, zoom out of the phone via the up arrow. 

Turn left. You look into a deep niche that contains a piano. Go 2 clicks forward into the niche.

You are then right in front of the piano. On the right lies a lighter, take the lighter and put it in your inventory.

2 pieces of sheet music are lying on the left, click on the sheet music.

You then see the name of the song on the sheet music: The Ash Grove.

Put the sheet music back and turn right, walk past the telephone to the big bookcase.

Open the glass doors of the cabinet and then search, carefully, on the top shelf, for the only book you can take out of the cabinet. 

It's an orange book and it's titled "A Pocket Guide to the Native Trees of the UK".

Browse through this book and you will know everything about the various tree species that grow in England. To browse through books, click with your finger on the bottom corner of the pages. Take special note of the various types of leaves, because on the basis of the leaves you will later have to be able to recognize some trees/leaves. Click on the book with your magnifying glass to close it and to place it back in the bookcase.

Close the doors of the bookcase and then turn right. You will now see the TV and the stereo system. Go to the TV/Stereo.

Zoom in on the TV.Then click on the little button on the middle component of the stereo, you a message on the TV. 

Then click on the little button on the top component of the stereo and you hear the song “The Ash Grove”. 

You can keep listening until you have enough and then switch off the music.

Then zoom out via the magnifying glass. Turn right. You are now looking at the coffee table and the 2 sofas and the fireplace. Go forward 1 click. Then turn left. You stand in front of the right sofa and look at the left sofa that is under the window. Find the down arrow and then click to sit on the right bench.

Sitting on the right bench, look at the table and the left bench. On the table you get the gear cursor, but you don't know what to place on the table. 

There is a red book on the left bench. Click with finger cursor on the right cushion of the left couch.

Under the cushion is the user guide for the PersoVox MP3 player.  Click on it and read it through.

Click the manual away again and get up again via the up arrow. Turn clockwise to the fireplace. Jennifer has told you, over the phone, to make a fire in the hearth. But first you need stuff to light the fireplace. Turn around and go back to the door by TV. This is the door to the hallway. Turn left and go to the door by the phone. Go through this door then to the Dining Room

Dining Room

Look around in the dining room. The dining room is currently being renovated. The brown wooden door, opposite the door to the sitting room, is the door to the kitchen. To the right is the brown wooden door to a pantry. Turn left. You will see a window and a red closet door. In the corner, to the left of the window, is a ladder. It's the ladder that Tommy Harris talked about in his phone message. You can pick up the ladder but not take it with you, so that is of little use now.

Go forward to the window. Standing in front of the window, place the cursor in the left corner of the window sill. Your cursor then becomes the finger. Click with your finger in the left corner of the windowsill and ... you move the loose windowsill up and down a few times and, on the right, a photo appears, which then protrudes under the windowsill. Grab the Photo.

 It is an old photo on which you see the house of the farm. In the photo you can see that the house was almost completely destroyed by fire. 

Store the photo in your inventory.

Turn right. You are standing in front of the red closet door. Open the top door panel. On the middle shelf is a box.

Click on the box to slide it to the right. There you find a flashlight, grab the flashlight. Click on the flashlight and .....

..... well .... you cannot store the flashlight in your inventory yet. Keep in mind, though, that you can find a Flashlight here in case you need one later.

Pantry / Supply room

Close the red door. Turn clockwise. You will then see the kitchen door on the left, the door to the pantry in the middle and the door to the sitting room on the right.

Go through the middle door to the pantry.

There is a can of Caviar in the window sill that you can click on, but you cannot take the can with you. The freezer is against the right wall. Zoom in on the freezer. Open the freezer and see that the chest is full of frozen food. You can't do anything with it now. Close the freezer and zoom out. There are a few shelves on the left wall. Turn left. You are standing in front of the left window. There is a rod on the ceiling with various frying pans hanging from it. There is a blue chocolate fountain pan on the windowsill and a box of Zap Firelighter in the right corner. Pick up the Zap Firelighter box and then put it in your inventory.

Turn around, you will then be standing in front of the right rack. On the top shelf is a green bowl. 

On the middle shelf are 2 green baskets. Click on the left green basket.

This left basket is full of light bulbs. Grab the Light Bulb from this basket and put it in your inventory. Put the basket back in the cupboard.

Click on the right basket. On the left in this basket is a bottle of Arberth Breweries Ale. Check out this bottle.

 There is a warning on the label of the bottle about the yeast used to brew this beer. Store the bottle, then the basket, again.

Turn right and go forward 1 time, back to the door. Turn right. You are now standing in front of the shelves that hang on the wall to the right of the door. On the bottom shelf is a box with batteries that you can click on. You can't take batteries with you now. Turn left again and go back through the door to the dining room.

 Back in the dining room, immediately turn right and go through the kitchen door to the Kitchen


In the kitchen you immediately turn right. You stand in front of a wooden door with a latch and a cat flap. This is the back door to the outside.

Unlock the latch and you go outside, turn around and go back inside.

You are looking through the big kitchen.

On the round kitchen table is the bundle of clothes that Tommy Harris's people found under the floorboards of the dining room. Zoom in on the clothes. If you click on the bundle of clothes with your finger, you move the bundle to the right and back again. However, you cannot open the bundle. Zoom out again

Go forward 1x.

Turn left and zoom in on the refridgerator, open the door and in the door is pack of Daisy Cream Butter.

You cannot take it with you.

On the top shelf is a jar of Tomato Ketchup, take the jar and open de lid.   Inside you find a key, store the key in your inventory.

Close the refridgerator and turn left, you are in front of the lockers on the wall on the left side of the refridgerator.

On the bottom shelf on the right side of the lockers, you find a book.

Read the card with a recipe of baking bread.

Zoom out and then zoom in on the top closet on the left side.

Open the left door. There are 2 frames on the inside of the door that you can zoom in on. The top list is a list of E-number substances that occur in food and beverages as preservatives. The bottom list is a list of E-number substances that serve as coloring agents in food and beverages On the top shelf of this cabinet is a can of Tiddles Cat Food. Grab that can of cat food and put it in your inventory

Zoom out and turn to the table with the microwave, click on the down-arrow.

The cat's food bowl is on the floor in front of the table. There is a dead mouse by the food bowl. Zoom in on the cat's food bowl. 

Then take the can of Cat Food from your inventory and click it on the food bowl to put the cat food in the food bowl.

Then grab the dead Mouse and put the cadaver in your inventory. 

Look up through the up arrow and then go to and through the door, next to the counter. You end up in the:


It's just a small bathroom. Go straight to the toilet. Then turn right, look down at the toilet bowl. 

Take the dead mouse from your inventory and throw the mouse into the toilet. You will automatically flush the dead mouse down the toilet.

Look up again, turn right and go 1 click back into the bathroom. 

Then turn right and go through the light gray glass door and you end up outside on the patio which is located on the left side of the house.

Outside: Boiler Room

Turn right. You see the gray door of the boiler house.

 Go to the door and enter the Boiler Room.

Inside, immediately turn clockwise to the right wall. On the wall you get the gear cursor. Move your cursor up until you get the up arrow. 

Then click to look up. You then see the attic, but it is too high. You will probably need the ladder to get to the attic.

Look down again, turn right and go back outside.

Get some Fire wood

Back outside on the patio you now go forward 2 times. You are then back on the path that runs around the large pond. Turn right.

Go 2 times forward and you are then at the Chopping Block with the Axe. To the right of the chopping block are some chopped firewood.

Grab the Firewood and put it in your inventory.

Get back inside the house through the bathroom

Go through the kitchen and the dining room back to the living room.

Living room

Light up the fireplace

Go to the fireplace and zoom in on it. Open the door of the fireplace.

Take the Firelighters from your inventory and put them in the fireplace. Then take some kindling from the basket that is left in front of the fireplace.

 Put the Kindling in your inventory. Then immediately take the Kindling from your inventory and put it in the fireplace.

Then take the Firewood from your inventory and put it in the fireplace. Then light the fireplace with the lighter.

Zoom out of the fireplace and turn to the right.

Now you can see a hidden door in the wall next to the piano, maybe you have seen that door the first time you were in this room.

Probably you only can see this door once in the game.

Turn right again and exit the sitting room again through the door by the TV. You are then back in the hall and standing in front of the study room door. 

Open the door with the Key, which you got from the ketchup pot in the refrigerator, and you go inside.


Look around. A bulletin board hangs on the wall to the right of the stove. Under the bulletin board is a printer on a table. On the left wall is a low bookcase. Above the bookcase hangs a map of Wales. On the bookcase is a round Golden Plate. There is a calendar on the door of the room and on the right, by the right window, is the desk with Malcolm's computer on it.

Turn left and go to the low bookcase.

Zoom in on the Golden Plate, which is on top of the bookcase. Pick up the Plate.

The Golden Plate is an award that Malcolm won at the 20th Earth Science Conference.

Click the Plate away again and zoom out. Then zoom in on the books in the bookcase.

 In the top left box is an orange book that you can pick up and continue reading. It's the "The Legends of Pryderi" book.

Take that book, then open it with your finger and then read through the 4 stories of the "Four Branches of the Mabinogion".

Between the pages of the 3rd story you will find a letter with "Daddy" on it.

Click on the "Daddy" note and read it through. 

The note is from Rhiannon and she refers in the note to highlighted sentences in the book. Rhiannon tries to convince her father that she is in danger. She tries to convince her father that there is a dangerous Ghost roaming the farm. The ghost's name is Llwyd. Llwyd is out for revenge and has taken Pryderi and also Rhiannon. Llwyd has been killing every Rhiannon who comes to live in the house for generations.

Click on the note to store it in your inventory. Now you see words highlighted in purple on the pages of the book. On the right page you read the sentence: "She too became trapped by the bowl's magic". Continue scrolling through the book until it is closed again. Then click on the book with your magnifying glass to put it back in the bookcase. Zoom out of the bookcase and turn right again. Zoom in on the table where the printer is located.

To the left of the printer is an MP3 Player on the table. Get the MP3 player. The thing will appear on your screen.

It is a Persavox MP 3 player. Press the on/off button, bottom right and ... in the screen you will see that the battery of the MP3 player is empty.

 Click on the on/off button again to turn off the MP3 player and store it in your inventory. 

Look at your notes at the bottom of your screen and you see the next task: charge the MP3 player.

Click the notes away and zoom in on the bulletin board. The top left letter is from Jennifer and in it she asks Malcolm for new business cards. Jennifer is doing something in Homeopathy There's also a "To Do" list that lists what Malcolm needs to do. There is a sketch of Ty Pryderi and surroundings in which you notice that the forest is divided into Area 1 and Area 2.

There is a description of the Mekavox Pro BC1000 grass trimmer with a separate note that reads: "20:I, Oil in First!". The bottom letter is an explanation of how to search for water with a Hazel twig, the so-called "Water Divining". It has a note from Malcolm suggesting this might be worth a try, rather than having a new well dug. You read that the new well should be close to the house, but not too close to the other buildings. And that the well must be easily accessible, so close to the walkway.

Zoom out of the bulletin board when you have viewed and read all announcements. 

Turn clockwise to Malcolm's desk. You can zoom in on the desk drawers and on the desktop. Zoom in on the desktop, to the right of the computer screen. To the right of the computer monitor is an MP3 battery charger. Take the MP3 player from your inventory and place it in the charger. The MP3 player is now being charged. You will have to wait until the MP3 player is fully charged. Only then can you place the MP3 player back in your inventory.

While the MP3 player is charging, zoom out and zoom in on the 2 desk drawers. Open the top drawer and then click on the papers that are in the drawer. You will get a report about Ty Pryderl's Forest in your screen. Read it through. The report consists of 2 sheets. You read that the forest is divided into 3 areas, Area 1, 2 and 3. Specific trees can be found in each area. Click the report back in the drawer and then take the next letter from the drawer. This is a list of work that contractor Tommy Harris will perform on the farm.

To the left of the desk is a full trash can. Click in the trash can. You remove a letter from Malcolm to the Arberth and District Water Board from the wastepaper basket. Malcolm is against the water company's idea of adding fluoride to drinking water. That's why Malcolm plans to dig his own well.

Above the desk you see 2 bookshelfs, zoom in on the shelfs.

Click on the left ordner to open it, inside you find a description of the farm.

Zoom out and turn to the door, check the calendar on the door. Zoom out and leave the room, turn right and you are at the staircase. 

Click to go up but it is to dark and you hear a voice again. Check your notes and you see your next task: find a flashlight.

Click the notes away and turn left, enter the living room. Leave the room through the door on the right next to the telephone.

Dining room

Turn left and click on the top door of the cupboard, open the cupboard and now take the flashlight.

Click the flashlight to your inventory and zoom out. Click on the ladder and put it in your inventory.

Go back through the living room to the hallway, turn left to the staircase and use the flashlight to go up.

The ghost Llwyd throws you back and after every thing is normal again you go back to the staircase.

Take the flashlight again and go up.

Chapter 1: Page 2: Inside the House: 1st Floor Rooms

May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot